No rekt thread?

No rekt thread?

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>>828065283Skilled labour isn't cheap. Cheap labour isn't skilled.

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>>828065330fuck you. goddamn degenerate. you deserved to be hanged

>>828065677that's some nasty nerve gas


>>828065991no. it's nerve gas

>>828065330why americans like this?


>>828066173This video is from the uk faggot


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>>828067442Lil nigglets growing up to be upstanding citizens

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>>828067596Classic video"Oh you wanna play with sticks, let's play with sticks then"

>>828067596Damn the dude in blue and red rolled a crit

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>>828067886what the hell am i even looking at?

>>828067936It's her birthday.

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>>828065677smoking is really bad for you

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>>828067983Lost his shoe, must be deadThat's the rule right?

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>>828068554WTF kind of retarded chimp shit is this?


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Where do you guys find this shit?

>>828065330dogs are so fucking disgusting.

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>>828069158Yeah. They'll eat anything. Even niggers.

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>>828067312i hope this piece of shit is murdered

>>828069281This one too.

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>>828068554we wuz kangs n sheeeeit

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>>828069414whoever does something like this needs to die on the streets...

>>828069867This cunt got busted.

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>>828069281what did the kid do to you?

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nothing manlier than a black woman. no maternal instinct. beats her kids within an inch of their lives because words are too hard.


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>>828068407>>828068554>>828068126>>828067886>>828067730>>828067442why always are the fucking niggers? just why? please kill em all

>>828066173It's from the UK, but you knew that right?

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>>828070172somebody doesn't want to have to share her foodstamps.

>>828065677nerve gas under the waterthe more you know

>>828067312Just got the sickest boner


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>>828069414baby jogger deserves that just for existing

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>>828068710Black friday?

>>828070453see this shit just infuriates me. why go through 9 months of pregnancy and hours or days of labor just to treat the baby like this? just have a fucking abortion and save everyone the pain. it would be the best thing for humanity. but i guess even a one time payment of $500 is far too much for them to afford.


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>>828070219If you wanna be a fucktard why don't you come here and say it to my face so i can answer you with a swift fist to the nose.

>>828070746fucking savages, worse than wild animals. even a mother gorilla wouldn't do this to its own baby.

>>828067730>first time getting stone>yaah dude whole crew was there

>>828064875who has the video where a dude with a gun yeets a baby

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Everyone here is fucking sick. Iā€™m literally crying for all these babies.

>>828071124lol i want to see that

>>828071409cry for this one

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>>828071409maybe this make u feel better

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i can't belive this shithis heart still working out of the boddy

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>>828071127Using each other a shields. They don't even have honor amongst themselves

>>828071427its a video where a dude tryes to rob something and fails, but b4 leaving grabs a random baby and YEEEET

>>828071797oh yes i remember that little bastard flying

>>828069813Train em young. I get it, this is in a rekt thread because these kids will rekt our society

>>828071475hah, no

>>828069615Mob mentality, ur fucked m8

>>828071409its basically late abortion nothing else

>>828069414Why the fuck is she filming this?>earingThey just think of babies as cute accessories. Not literal humans that they have to raise. Filth.

>>828069227>but p-pitbulls are just m-misunderstood

>>828065283Daaaaaaaaaayum niggaaaaaaaa

>>828065677Rekt but he lived. Doesn't count.

>>828067135Unga bunga get female

>>828071338What a hero

>>828070073Filthy niggers

>>828065283I feel bad for this one, dude was just doing his job

>>828065165so is the spray on the first shot skull/brains/blood or is it debris somehow? Anyone have a guess?

>>828070671>Black friday?Racist fuck, that was genius.

>>828072461bullshit, proof?

>>828072038This is technically child porn, simulated sex but this is also 4chan. So...

>>828072480Yea if I remember right he was retired military/law enforcement.

>>828070867>fucking savages, worse than wild animals. even a mother gorilla wouldn't do this to its own baby.You call black ppl nigger everyday. Fuck off with your grandstanding. I agree this is savagery but not as bad as what whites have been doing to us, for the last 400 years.

>>828072798>child porn>porn>nudity>nudity.exe missingNot porn. Weird. But not porn.

>>828071127This is how they stick together.

>>828071555Oh my god that was fucked up

>>828072996Humping is considered sexual, in the case of children.

>>828072763>bullshit, proof?Reverse image search, Philippine news article. This isn't the entire vid anyway

>>828064875great quality.

>>828069414I legit fucking cried watching this. Yes I know I'm a faggot for that but unlike seeing some nigger in get shot or set on fire, you can actually fucking see the babies faces, their emotions and shit up close. I feel little empathy in general for niggers but fuck, it's just a baby.


>>828073367Sexual yesPorn? No

>>828066990>>828067135>>828067442>>828067730>>828067886>>828068011>>828068239>>828068407>>828068554>>828068710>>828069190>>828069414>>828069615>>828069813>>828069962>>828070073>>828070172>>828070325>>828070453>>828070625>>828071740Non-Aryans are, withour any kind of joking, subhuman animals. Wretched and aggressive by their very nature, it is absolutely crazy that the West has degenerated so as to allow these creatures within our borders, even miscegenate with them.I know for a fact that Holla Forums is mostly young people, a sizeable part below 18. Please realise that, if you qualify as young, there's a good chance you'll live to see nonwhites become a majority, only for the West to degenerate into what you see in these videos. The only way out of this fate is by violence. Get strong. Work out. Read, learn. Become a better man than you were every single year. Godspeed, fags.

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>>828073917>Sexual yesSo, is that a sexual display of children or do I have to call the mods to determine that?


>>828071671did he die ?

>>828066173We ran out of toilet paper


>>828072981nice b8

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>>828065724gross? yes. Did the dog enjoy it? Sure looked like it.

>>828069062Yo cuh,, fuk outta heer cuh?!Beach bee praygnant an shiiiieet?!?

>>828074790Just a typical day in ēŽ‰ęž—

>>828074158Lol there is no nudity in thsy clip so call whoever you want

>>828074169no he is already finein pices but fine

>>828072666Likely mostly blood and brain - it look white as it rushes toward the camera, but i reckon it's just the harsh lighting reflecting off the spatter.

Best rekt thread ever

>>828076362shit thread

>>828068239This is why they grow up to kill ppl. This is what they equate with love



>>828064875this thread is epic, thanks op, you just showed the world how niggers really are

>>828076516This isn't redditt faggot

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>>828073648Now think about what happens when no one's looking in day care centers that employ niggers.

>>828076362>>828076795Only one webm that I haven't seen before and why are the ones with the blacks "dancing" always included, they aren't rect.Very run of the mill rect thread

>>828077172I was mainly commenting on the fact that this thread has been very child rekt

>>828072250>niglet>literal humanPick one.

>>828073960uh okay.

>>828065283Poor guy.

>>828078095t. reddit fagget out of here child

>>828071555i heard "Bruh" when that happened

>>828074069shut up faggot, this has been posted in every rekt thread and the jannitors did nothing why would they do now?

>>828073960shut up faggot, fallow your leader and kill yourself, these videos are all from africa or United States, theese shit does not happen in other civilized countrys

>>828064875that ain't rektit's gorefigure it out for once, you fucking dipshit

>>828074790chinese BBQ looking good

>>828078522Niggers nig and do this shit wherever they are, retard. That's the point: you do not want these gorillas in your country, regardless of which it is.

>>828071671fake as fuck

>>828074790damm, i understand eating dogs but why they dont kill him already? why they prefer to make the lil fag suffer?

rekt be likedumb violence by black peopledumb accidents(generally childs) by white people

>>828071475Yeah, there's over if some Asian lady pulling a kid on a toy in a street. A bump or something kid falls, ran over. She was oblivious to it