You could have saved her Holla Forums ;_;

You could have saved her Holla Forums ;_;

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>>828063850Fuck off faggot

Who is she?

Idk even know who she is, let alone care

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>>828063956Jennette McCurdy>she was so pure, why didn't you do anything?

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>coalburnergot what she deserved

>>828063850>fat white girl fucks a black guy, more at 11

>>828065036how did this make the news?

>>828065093race baiting articles always get a lot of hits

>>828063850Miranda will always be a million times hotter

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>>828064817If Janette sees this picture it will trigger her to relapse

>>828063850>>828064955>coalburnerhot af


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>>828063850Some people are not worth saving

>>828065298Sucks that she got aids from that nigger

>>828063850I would of came in her and left her for miranda.shes a niggerlover

>>828064817>she was so purePure? You serious? You do know she worked for Dan the Van right?There is no purity inside those working conditions, she was better off working for the Catholic Church.

>>828065399lol nah

>>828065338What was even the context for this in a kids show on nickelodeon

>>828065438This is the correct answer

>>828065203She looks like Michael Jackson tho

>>828065488Agreed. Dan has better lawyers than the Catholic Church could ever afford

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>>828065621Her mouth was made to be facefucked

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does dan make these threads to rub it in our faces man its a sick world out there people like epstein and saville go years without being noticed

>>828065438That is exactly what Dan did. You would make a fortune as a producer at nickelodeon

>>828065438>would ofShoot yourself. English is my second language and I know it better than you, disgusting nigger.

>>828065792>milk me Shaqueem


>>828065915Dan has been absent from these threads since corona but he mentioned his love for bragging on the chans before on his social. This shit has been going on since 05 or thereabouts

>>828063850>be far less attractive than co-star>have no range beyond "i'm funny because i'm loud and make faces">be boring off-screen, so you have to resort to slutty Miley antics for attention>blame all your problems on someone you can't prove molested youYeah, she never had a chance.

>>828065792Dan is a lucky fatass

>>828066185Miranda looks like Michael Jackson fag, and she gets trains ran on her in college. Let's not pretend Cosgrove has much more of a career than Jenn after Icarly.

>>828065954Bless you, foreign legionnaire.

>>828066401Pics of her train gangs

>>828066797That has been our grail for many a year.

>>828067401Dan recorded everything

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>>828063850So... nobody else has turned up suicided in Los Angeles? What was the name of the hitman.. Tony?

>>828066185Exactly this. She illicits zero sympathy because she was never the victim. By some accounts she was the aggressor

>>828065203I preferred Jeanette when I was a kid

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>>828067930The faggot that was giving you shit in that one thread a while back admitted to being a father who posts in Miranda threads and being attracted to his own daughter and her friends. He is probably in prison now. The rest of the anons posting came to your defense and made him admit he was a pedo.

>>828067985Have you seen her in any of her films

>>828067985I'll vote for Joe and think Trump is a fucking communist, but this was funny.

>>828064817still, who the fuck is this?

>>828067818Can someone post that pic of Dan at his fattest. Thanks. Dan at 600 pounds is fucking hilarious

>>828068274Girl that Dan promised a movie to at nickelodeon after two years of her sucking constant dick. Movie went to another girl instead of Janette

>>828067818Do you have the other pics from this set

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>>828065954I've would of written it in polish if I would of known polish.

>>828068274She was on iCarly. Before your time newfag.

>>828067938nigger, what accounts. You believe what you want to believe, is all.

saved her from what?

>>828068518Do you have any more of vintage Dan? Who knew back then he would turn out to be such a world class degenerate

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How do we know Dan is a massive Pedo? I've just always gone along with the threads

>>828068599How do you say....." a 500 pound slob assfucked a hot 14 year old girl"in Polish?

>>828068609Did you see her pics when she was dating Dan?

>>828068612Her shit life that she has now.... Broke and no friends. Miranda hates her and her nigger boyfriend stole her car when he dumped her and gave her aids

>>828068886She was underage. Season 5

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>>828063850Some trap who cut her dick off?Am I right? What do I win?


>>828065792Any more nudes?>>828067938elicits>>828068748He was on a TV show called Head of the Class from 1986-1991.

>>828069320Most of her fans wish she still had her dick

>>828069382She ended up getting a record per episode salary after this meeting. user posted the exact number but I forgot

>>828069430Fuck that's disappointing

>>828069386Please tell me that you can post pics now?

>>828069382Some autist did a body proportion analysis on pic. Apparently Miranda has an oversized head. Pictures of her sucking Dan's cock got verified somehow as her.

>>828065814Imagine her swirling your load around in her mouth and she swallows, then smiles sweetly at you.

>>828065792Not her

>>828068938500 funtów slob w dupę gorącej 14-letniej dziewczynki

>>828069893Underrated post

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>>828070025Thanks My only Polish that I know is... Ya manyitz pinyennsaI have no money

>>828069570That doesn't mean anything. No way would dan pay that much for pussy even if it was underage and that's what he's into or not pussy is pussy, it's not like she had blonde hair and blue eyes either

>>828069628I don't have any, but if you search for his character's name (Dennis Blunden), you can find some on Bing/Google Images.

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>>828069282Who the fuck of a patato takes a picture like this

>>828066401Someone's butthurt that his attainable celebrity crush isn't in blockbuster movies these days because she looked like a used up trailer park mom in her teens.

>>828063850From the niggers or from Soda Can Dan?

>>828069788>verified>by some autist on the internet who said she "had a big head"lmao

>>828069386>>828070217Who had two thumbs and is old enough to have watched that show?This guy.

>>828070199Dan paid 2.1 million to Jamie plus all medical expenses. Miranda was a bargain compared to her

>>828070199>it's not like she had blonde hair and blue eyes eitheronly mutt incels care about shit like that, user.

>>828069941it was leaked by her nigger boyfriend

>>828063850impossible, she's a nigger lover.

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>>828070248Supposedly hidden camera. Dan had them everywhere

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>>828066185>>be far less attractive than co-starnigga what?

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>>828069386Oh damn...I never knew he was the fat kid in head of the class!

>>828063850Too bad Dan never got ahold of G. Hannelius

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>>828063850she didnt want to be saved

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>>828070515There are fakes of everything. Agreed. The girl is not enjoying it so that fits the narrative as well.

>>828070365This user gets it. Janette is garbage.

>>828070541Same here. I was a kid when it aired, and I thought high school was really like that lol.

>>828070446She would of had people actually rooting for her if it wasn't for the nigger and aids and her being a drug addicted whore

>>828068234Uhhh...are you sure you know what a communist is?

>>828070879Who is she? Disney whore or nickelodeon whore

>>8280706Look at the face>>828065792 not even close


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>>828070603Cope harder faggot

>>828071271Dog with a Blog star. pedos here prefer Francesca because GH is now over 18.

>>828070902whos this

>>828065203Why Miranda doesn't post anymore? I miss her clever posts.

>>828065792I want to believe

>>828071962She posted a The Cure song yesterday. Faith, a very depressing and sad song. I'm borried ;_;Stay safe, C!!

>>828071962I miss her calling Janette names

G spot Hannibal is fucking cute

>>828072269"Pictures of you " is the worst one for Miranda when she is black out drunk

>>828071478Last thread a scene of a 13 year old with peanut butter on her feet got posted from that show

>>828070025So that answer hows I would of answered that

>>828071962I miss all the Miafags. Where did they all go. There were tons of them

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>>828064817Post pics of that girl who got the sequels instead of Janette

>>828072553Miranda trying to act all innocent in this picture

>>828069386Thank you for forgiving her

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The Eric Andre show displays her feet at their most perfect.

>dat tit jiggle>dat apparent autism

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>>828073248Here. Take this

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Is she kill?>Didn't even know she was sick.Covid 19?

>>828073248you just know she got her cervix pounded by eric andre's footlong dick

>>828072553Hi, user ;)

>>828072269Catch me if I fall, I'm losing holdI can't just carry on this wayAnd every time I turn awayI lose another blind gameThe idea of perfection holds meSuddenly, I see you changeEverything at once the sameBut the mountain never movesRape me like a child, christened in bloodPainted like an unknown saintThere's nothing left but hopeYour voice is dead and old and always emptyTrust in me through closing yearsPerfect moments waitIf only we could stayPlease say the right wordsWe cry like the stone white clownAnd stand, lost forever in a happy crowdNo one lifts their handsNo one lifts their eyesJustified with empty wordsThe party just gets better and betterI went away aloneWith nothing left but faithI went away aloneWith nothing left but faith____Poor lost soul.

>>828073307Picture was posted last thread of Ariana waving her arms and hitting Janette and her tits giggling all over. Should of saved it but I hate Janette because she is trash. Clips were from Sam and Cat and they are searchable if you want to try that. Miranda is hotter but Janette does have the better tits.

>>828072553Did they?

>>828063850i would have to care enough first

>>828073404Aids from a nigger. He also stole her cell phone so she couldn't even call her doctor

>>828073307Besto girl.

She fucks niggers, leave the trash on the ground where it belongs.

>>828073624Miranda gangbang vid was hottest honestly.

>>828073473Mia and Miranda lesbian pics when?

>>828073724My fucking sides

>>828073724At least she never was passed around like a rag doll at college parties so hard, so often.

>>828073767Hopefully some day. Believe me, I'd fap for weeks.

>>828073237Peyton is perfect

>>828065523I'm sure Dan "The taste of loli feet is my #1 treat" Schneider thought of something wacky to get this past the censors.


>>828073615>Rape me like a child, christened in bloodJUSTICE FOR MIRANDA

>>828073682At least Miranda is super rich

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>>828063850let me break it down for you cock addicts as i have known janette for since childhood. she did not fuck andre drummond, there are no legit nudes of her anywhere. she is also the youngest person to ever have been published in the wall street journal and is using her quarantine time to learn ukulele.

>>828073663If you are asking about forced lesbianism... yes

>>828074049prove that you know her fag.

she was so perfect bros...

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>>828073952Just when I had my favorite nickname for Dan picked out... You just fucking topped it

>>828065792Dont care that its not her look at those melons


>>828074005That drugged out look is so fucking hot on her

>>828074189Which was the top spot before?

>>828074049Andre stuck that question.Andre's grandma is my housekeeper and wet nurse.she told me on her granpappys grave he flipped it and smack it and left it leakin'

>>828074049Hi, bro. Serious question here.Why Jennette and Miranda are not friends anymore? What happened?

>>828074049Tits or gtfo jen it's about time.

>>828074049What about her robbing Oxy from her own grandmother two weeks ago. If you know her so well why not include that. It's public record and the only family Janette has left

>>828074140This is before aids

>>828074261Slutty Miranda is the best Miranda.

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>>828074435>It's public recordLink it.

>>828074052What did they? Details, user.

>>828073952>Dan "The taste of loli feet is my #1 treat" SchneiderI don't think he likes his dog that much user.

>>828074263Hard to say but Dan "the hymen collider" Schneider was hilarious only because supposedly Jamie Lynn Spears was a virgin when Dan first fucked her. Also Amanda Bynes swore she was a virgin and that Dan took all three of her virginitys

>>828074228Miranda is the perfect bratty submissive

>>828070365Jenette always had a bit of a butter face situation going on but you'd have to be a 100% blind faggot to take Miranda over Jenette.

>>828074335Janette is garbage

>>828075034Why? They used to be great friends.

>>828074913Did Mia destroyed her asshole?


Anyone have jen pics or webms

>>828075452Fyi Dan the man is still obsessed with Miranda.

>>828075452The Ghost is pure.

>>828076228those NBC roles says different.

>>828074534she's a snack and a half

>>828073354Imagine the softness

>>828076357How so?

>>828075452Miranda is pure faggots.

>>828064068I jerk off at work thinking about sucking black dick with my gf

Is fixer here?

>>828076684no wonder you got fired from your job

>>828074984I agree with this

>>828074529Is it wrong that I think it's fucking hot that Miranda keeps her cocaine in that teddy bear

>>828063850Lol wut?


>>828076493Auditions for GameShakers. Last show at nickelodeon that Dan was hands on.

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>>828074529Do you have the other pics from this set

what was his name again?

>>828072269>>828072374Why she doesn't want to talk about sex anymore. I'm internally sad ;_;

>>828074002Hard to fully blame Dan

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>>828074005Fuck. Coked out Miranda is the best Miranda.

Not surprising child actors lives always go down the shithole.Burn the coal pay the toll.

>>828073724Best post in thread

>>828077242David Dobrick tryed to get her to talk on his gay utube channel but she was acting shy.

>>828063850I never saw the gun pointing at her stupid headSo...No!

>>828077245Mods hate this pic but fuck it. It strengthens your argument that Dan was pushed to insanity by these sluts

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>>828077301Reluctant whore Miranda is also the best Miranda

>>828074005With her coke habit she won't be rich for long

>>828074435BULLSHIT. Jennette is pure

>>828077746She is so fucking coked out in this pic. Should be disturbing but instead it's actually totally hot

>>828063850You guys are going to pay to see her one-woman-show when theaters open up again, right?

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>>828074621Obviously Mia is the dom

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>>828077133She was high probably. Loved it!!!

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>>828077835How much for jennette to suck my cock

>>828077835Any good?

>>828077835Oh shit, I didn't think that was real. lol. If she were coming to a venue within a 100 mile drive of me, I'd go.

>>828077835Of course. Janette has no car. She needs a ride back to her apartment after the q and a session. She is giving blowjobs out in trade for rides because she is broke

>>828077997I'd pay to see it.

>>828078056She has been murdering the coke since the quarantine.


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>>828070811THANK YOU Seriously how can u even type while ur so blind

>>828078056High as fuck sitting next to her teddy bear. This is why Miranda is the better whore. Janette can't come up with this shit

>>828078104A bottle of strawberry MD20 /20

>>828078385Wonder if she was fucked or gangfucked at her house.

>>828078740Did she take nude selfies?

>>828078816And Miranda?

>>828063850No1 SAVED her nudes... thats a shame, i guess we could of/ should of saved her...... nudes

>>828079278Jennette is pure. she has no nudes. Miranda is a coke whore.

>>828079278Did you see the latest young girl Peyton just helped?

>>828069941Its her but she was wearing lingerie. Anyone saying its not her is just retarded