How does this image of bestiality make you feel?

How does this image of bestiality make you feel?

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Jealous : (

>>828062255The fact that someone drew this and was probably all hot and bothered while doing so gave me a nice hearty chuckle! Thanks OP!

female animals are boring

>>828062255I wish my mares would suck dick like that.But they don't.

Something is really wrong with you

>>828063504Holy hell, retard! Something is Really Wrong with you too! Bitch!

>>828062640Prefer stallions?

>>828062255Someone please shoop this to be shaggy and scooby


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>>828065544nowrongit's "ever get your dick sucked by a horse?"don't ruin a nice drawing by projecting your disgusting desire to drown on horse cum


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>>828066239the hero we need

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>>828066791Stupid sexy mare.


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>>828066791Oh God, she is freaking leaking milk and love mare juices, I bet she is pregnant, damn she is hot.

>>828062255I wish I could be screwing that guy right now

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>>828066239>mlpHAHA, do you actually watch that? XD

>>828064916what are the lines above her ass supposed to represent? I half expected her to turn into a mare

>>828066239>MY BOARDkek>DEGENERATESredundant>FUR IS NOT OKUnless it's faux>AUTISTIC FAGGOTSMore redundancyTop reee, nice mad, cry hard

>>828062255>How does this image of bestiality make you feel?Like it's a dumb fantasy representation of real beast

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>>828062640hard disagreealso you're a faggot

>>828062255>ponyposting>outside of /mlp/

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>>828069929The list goes like this:Male Dog>Mare>Female Dog>Stallion

>>828070074ftfyMare>Female Dog>Male Dog>Stallion

>>828070074>>828070251Stallion>Mare>Male doggo>Bitch>BitcoinThis is not an opinion

>>828070690Just like you being a faggot.

>>828070776And just like you being a suicidal fuck!

>>828069959U can't even post best on /mlp/

>>828070690Agree with this list.>>828070776>>828070819Enough you two.

>>828066071Oh my goodness thank you Fucking lazy asshole make ur own damn gay comic horse

>>828070690Don't get me wrong, stallions are really cool, but out of all the others, loyal guard dog breed male dogs are the most protective and loving and extremely affectionate, mares are cool because they are big affectionate dopes, female dogs I really don't have any experience with, and stallions are cool, but they can't really fuck you and aren't that affectionate compared to the others, so it's just you jerking/sucking him off, which again, is amazing, but if I had a night alone in a barn and could choose between a large breed dog, mare, large breed female, or a stallion, I will always choose the large breed dog.

>>828070920>Enough you two.Why?

>>828066884If ur a newfag

>>828062255I'm confused, why would the horse need reins if its self-conscious/intelligent?

>>828062255i need more of this

>>828071021>but they can't really fuck youSomeone isn't practicing his anal game.

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>>828062255>How does this image of bestiality make you feel?frightenedHave you ever actually fed a horse by hand?

>>828071237Big teeth are big.

>>828071223lolMy point is that stallions are all about sex, really no bond that forms. I'm sure when I eventually get to be with a female dog they will rise above mares, but for now mares are pretty high on my list because the mare I love to death is super affectionate and I love being around her. Nothing beats my King Shepherd boi thoughMale dogs are best because of their emotional attachment along with the amazing sex

>>828071440do you listen to yourself? you should be locked up in a mental asylum

>>828071440>My point is that stallions are all about sex, really no bond that forms.Try harder.>>828071549Stop trying to recruit.

>>828071440The sex is not great if you're not gay.

>>828062255It's a drawing so indifferent

Eh? Oh, Doggy

>>828071815What do you mean, "Try Harder"?

>>828072443I mean that you probably aren't trying hard enough.


This animated film was horsefucking propaganda.I approve.

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so anyone is gonna post drawn mares being fucked ??


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How about my mare after being fucked instead.

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>>828073168Imagine dozens of mares "ambushing" you, taking turns riding your cock.

>>828073220real beast is banned, thats why i asked for cartoon and drawings

>>828072626What is this? and how do i get my filthy hands on it?

>>828073559Never understood why some of you get so worked up over rules.nobody follows the rules.

>>828073559Banned? since when?

>>828062255I've always wanted to be knotted by a dog. I don't know why, and doubt it would feel good, but I want it.

>>828064916>...ballsack full of cumIllusion ruined. Everyone knows pee is stored in the balls.

>>828073647>>828073662i never cared for the rules, but the threads get deleted fast

>>828073575Spirit Of The Cimarron. At one point, it's implied the Native American and Rain are fucking (hence Spirit's jealousy).They're rather....."intimate" with each other. They even run around and casually play together, like lovers.

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>>828073662Well we just had a 14 hour thread today with those types of pictures

>>828073701Not really.threads still here.

>>828073679>Balls bloated with pissLewd.

>>828073220Got Kik or some shit?



>>828073860>>828073909No, she never kicks when we're having sex.

>>828073972Any account where you will share?

>>828074009I never share my animals.Its really not that hard to have your own.

>>828073220>Relatively small mare?


>>828074156I assumed your horses were much bigger

>>828074058Where you will share pics?

>>828074324Shetland is an island.Things get smaller on islands. Like the dwarf mammoths that would be totally fuckable.

>>828074324The one I ride is much bigger, a percheron cross.This one is just a companion.

>>828074058>Its really not that hard to have your own.It is. Stop flexing farmfag.It costs a shit ton.

>>828074473OH, I rarely post pics of my animals. Hell, this one is several years old. I don't typically take pictures. I do occasionally share some in a private group of trusted zoo friends.I don't make porn though.

>>828073739Holy crap, I gotta watch this, thanks user


>>828066239Your just mad it’s not another Trap Thread

>>828074598No, it does not.People like you have wildly inaccurate ideas about animal costs.

>>828075116Veterinary care probably takes up the lions share of the budget, right?How many horses do you have?

>>828074821Welcome. It's pretty easy to imagine them fucking. It's the Old West. Lot of privacy, lot of time.

Horse - freeFeed - March--September - freeFeed - October - March - $3/dayHow is this too expensive?

>>828075483I think the cost of land is higher, as horses need a decent amount of space.

>>828075235I currently have 2 horses.They need no vet care unles injured, witch rarely happens. And most injuries can be cared for by you at home with no vet intervention.

>>828075709Is is true that horses cannot Heal properly from leg injuries?

>>828075483I want to live in this magical land where horses are free.

>>828075621Well, you have to live somewhere.Why spend 1500/mo on an apartment, instead of 1500/mo on horse property?I always find this a very weak argument.

>>828062255Lol faggy clothes and anime eyes on horses sucking a kids dick. You don't deserve comments, you deserve a padded cell where you can cry your problems out.

>>828075782Not true.It is however very difficult and yes any broken limb in a human, the bone needs to be immobilized so it can properly grow back together.It's extremely difficult to keep a horse off its legs.

>>828062255AOC voters itt

>>828075796Seriously?there are tons of free horses, you just need to look for them.Like any other common animal, there are always people who want to give one away.

>>828075839Because not everyone is independently wealthy or works from home? Most agriculturally heavy areas with open land don't offer high paying jobs.

>>828062255makes me feel Etheross should do more stuff

>>828075116Ballpark per year, per animal.

>>828075483Horses aren't free.1500 for an apartment is insane, i don't even pay 1/3 of this.The cheapest bit of land near me is 10k to buy outright. If i go homeless i might be able to afford it next year, assuming i don't get fired for smelling like a bum or get stabbed over a warm sleeping spot.

>>828076189Stop making excuses.Anyone can do it. If you want horses live where you can have horses. You don't have to be rich or have a high paying job.

anyone got the gif of the dog licking pussy?

>>828073679That's fine, I am into watersports.

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>>828076230I posted that already. I guess the math is too difficult.$3/day in feed. You only need to feed about half of the year, that's 180 days.180x3= 540/yrYou can round that up to say 1k/yr to more than cover all feed and other necessities.

>>828076361You can't make a mortgage payment on 10k?Now you really are just taking a piss.

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>>828076658So we don't need to keep the horse warm. Keep it's stall clean. Pay for land. Pay for medical care. Etc?>>828076827>a mortgage paymentOof, no thanks. I can find other ways to get raped. Also you need to own things for a mortgage. I've never taken a loan in my life and i don't plan to.>INB4 you shill that all your success is due to you taking a loan.

>>828077289>I can find other ways to get rapedLike paying rent?

>>828062255Wish I was the horse. That dude has a nice dick.

>>828077289You don't need to heat horses.They happily and comfortably live outdoors year round. A stall is not needed. And if you had one, cleaning it is free. What medical care are you thinking you need to pay for?

>>828062255honestly even as a furry I've never understood this shit.

>>828077560>You don't need to heat horses.You do where i live.>What medical care are you thinking you need to pay for?Loads of things can go wrong.>>828077416Paying rent is cheaper. And the 10k is a minimum. It was on an island in the middle of nowhere with no access to amenities. So the land would be worthless in a few decades at most seeing as it'd be flooded.

>>828076567It would be hot to see a woman peed all over by a stallion.

>>828078099Rent is cheaper than $70/mo?must be sweet to live there.There is no way you live in a shit hole frozen enough to need to heat horses.They can live in sub freezing temperatures just fine.No one heats horses. You can put a blanket on them if you want to, but it's not needed.But what do I, a horse owner know.obviously you, as a non horse owner must know more than I do.

>>828078561>Rent is cheaper than $70/mo?Keep retardingCheaper than 1.5k a month.>There is no way you live in a shit hole frozen enough to need to heat horses.Welcome to scotland. Soggy and cold is our summer. Have you seen our cows?Stop shillnig that it's cheap. Maybe if you already own land and a house but 99% of the world doesn't believe it or not.For those of us who don't, you're talking about a minimum 10k for land, if you go cheap and you know that's not a good idea. Most people don't have that spare either.Then you'll get cucked by mortgage if you go that way.So it might be cheap, if you inherited your land.

>>828078996You're unwilling to pay to buy property. I get that now. That's just being lazy and retarded.>ScotlandJanuary and February are the coldest months with an average of around 5 to 7 °C.Absolutely nothing wrong with temperatures like that for a horse.Seriously, all you are doing is making excuses.there is no reason you cannot do it.people make payments, that's how things are bought. You are unwilling to do that. That's your choice, not fate making horses and property 'too expensive'