The money wasted on immigrants could be used to help boost our birth rates

Yes, this is a simple statement of a simple truth. I'll repeat it and expand on it:

The amount of money wasted is insane. Consider that our countries actively send boats to fish the vermin out of the sea. Consider that they get free food, free medicine, free housing, and once in get welfare. It seems like an almost trivial thing at first glance but the more you consider it the more plain it is that we're burning money to kill ourselves.

Our goverments are all treasonous goverments. There is no other way to say it. They do not work for the people or exist for the people. Any and all taxes paid are pure robbery that only makes the good goyim and their masters richer, and to feed, house and clothe these worthless brown abominations. And their numerous offspring.

All that money could be used for GIGANTIC incentives to white couples. Don't have a home? Have four kids and you will - for free. Can't buy a new car? Have two kids and it'll be cheaper to you. Food is expensive? The more kids you have the less you pay. Diapers? State provided via taxes. That sorta thing. Tangible real life benefits for marriage and childrearing. It is not only doable but extremely easy. The money is clearly there, but instead of using it for ourselves the traitors use it to further our destruction.

The main point to be understood here is this - you owe nothing to your country. You are not obliged to follow its laws or regard them as valid. Stop obeying. Stop obeying. Stop obeying. Learn from the Slavic experience in which the goverment was always the enemy. It is now your enemy too. Why in God's name should you regard it with anything but antagonism? Understand that all Europeans are now de facto slaves. You work and live only for the benefit of immigrants, nothing more.

Thus you can see that the time has come to abandon any and all illusions about the rule of law or democracy, or even peace.

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I agree with you, OP.

It doesn't offer any incentive for 3D to be less PD. Immigration should just be cut off though the worrying about a aging population is just a meme used to import shitskins, automation is going to replace the jobs regardless.

I thought we were the alt-fuckin' right! Where are our cloning chambers and bio-wombs?!

Ya bu we nees dees keyds ta pay are penshins nigga. Get dat retiahmen paper dawg. Hoverround game propuh knowatimsayin?

Alt-right is a meme.

We'll be seeing your idea in Trump's America soon.
Mark my Words.

The dankest meme

Praise Kek

Thus you can see that the time has come to abandon any and all illusions about the rule of law or democracy, or even peace.


Abolish no fault divorce and overturn Roe v. Wade.

I think that'd go a long way toward de-PDing the 3D, tbh fam.

That would at least help with the older ones.
We are trying to get RIDE of the shitskins though.

One step at a time m80.
Probably best to also outlaw contraception.

We are trying to get RID of the shitskins, aye, and what has history taught us again and again and again?
The best redpill on race is contact with other racial groups.

So, yes, abolishing Roe v Wade WOULD result in about a 50% increase in niglets… But it would also restrict young white women from starting down the road to Degenerate Whoredom via murdering their first child.

If the trade off for a few hundred thousand White children NOT being murdered by their mothers, for the entire societal concept of mothers murdering their children out of convenience being rescinded, is that we get more niggers, well shit son, that works out great for me - more White people AND more racially-aware White people.

And more White people + more racially-aware White people is the path that leads us to racially-aware White people acting racially-aware to the point of seeking exclusion of non-Whites in their communities.
And that's what I want.

You gotta look at the big picture.

Don't forget the Bradley Amendment.

I have come to some of these conclusions already (and you pretty much took your ideas from the NSDAP) but I don't live in a European country which has a long history and may be worth fighting for. I'm one of the more ethnically rootless ones and until recently wandered about aimlessly, looking for home. Home is far away, on the other side of the world, like at opposite ends of the universe, but the attraction despite distance is strong. Home is where she is and I want to return to her so much.

There will always be problems and birth rate decline is not even the worst of it; there will always be a pathology as long as the pathogen remains. Money spending is not the pathogen, government is not the pathogen either, those are tools and when used against you they are symptoms of a greater disease. Democracy is shit, naturally; the rule of law works as well as gun free zones do; peace is an ideal but war of one scale or another is what is commonplace and you cannot prevent it by institutionalized brainwashing of baseless nonsense like equality. Understanding at least this much is a step towards displacing the pathogen, for they uphold the above. You will know them by their banner.

A fattened parasite sits on top of the world, sucking it dry while hypnotizing its victims with lofty ideas, into fratricidal wars, and endless simulation and distraction. All the while it gets fatter and fatter. "Jewry" and "Bolshevism" are the worst diseases to come upon us and have ultimately been around for thousands of years, adapting ever so slightly to remain in existence. The worst onset was not too long ago and it's still ongoing. Now they are ravenous. May they choke on their meal.

The world's greatest problem is a matter of hygiene. Filth thrives in filth. It compounds upon itself and becomes a nest for more diseases. If you want to heal what ails you then you need to break out the proverbial gas and not merely mask symptoms with painkillers. Like all great things, it starts with the individual.

Saged for slide thread.

Are you retarded?

May Kek bless you my son, for your words are golden.

Holy shit, Praise Kek, I am unworthy.

I have been saying this for a while. I made a fairly long thread indicating that it makes sense why trump/pence would be against abortion - they want the master race to breed.

It makes sense that trump is trying to buddy with the Russians and nationalistic Japanese who fucking HATE foreigners. Did you know that they only granted TWENTY FUCKING FIVE asylum seekers in the last year? Meanwhile, Americucked brought in thousands, Canadurr tens of thousands, and Japan has a NEGATIVE BIRTH RATE.

You can't convince japan to allow shitskin foreigners in the country, they're racist as fuck - it's considered weird to be NOT RACIST in Japan… Unless you're talking about glorious NorthEasternEuro+French white people.

They fucking LOVE us. They love us so much that when they go to Paris and see the horrible things that have happened to France they go home with a form of CLINICAL DEPRESSION. They IDOLIZE WWII German culture.

Every Japanese girl I've met says that white "halfu" girls, especially people who can trace back to Jomon are much more beautiful then "pure" Yayoi ethnic Japanese, even without makeup, to the point where they end up models and celebrities. All Japanese girls do their makeup to appear Jomon and halfu, and japanese men idolize brute strength: Just look at "jojo" - half japanese/british hyper intelligent god among men.

What needs to happen is ethnic whites and the japanese need to get it on among themselves, and each other.

We have the highest intelligence of every race on earth. Halfu Japanese people even more so, which is why early investors in the 80's in huge companies like Nintendo and Sony all have halfu kids running the companies now.

Our destiny is with each other, and with them. We can uncuck America and Japan before it's too late. I've given up on Canada, and I'll be joining my brothers in the south soon, with my beautiful swiss/french wife and my blonde haired, blue eyed snow white princess of a daughter.

Goyim we have too many whites. We need to help the poor meixcan into America. Why would we help them in mexico??? Who going to mow my lawn????

My sister is with a half-irish, half-Japanese man. In a POZed state. I reluctantly conceded. The male chromosome is Irish on the guy.

It's the minimum I'll accept for close fam. I'll be much pickier.

I don't understand, you encourage one thing but have something else. Are you a hypocrite? Other than that I would agree that our destiny is with them (at least mine is in this life) but how far does that go?

No, what we need is to stand together.
We are the Princes of the Universe.
If we stand together, none will topple us - the Gods themselves will stand at attention.

That two things are good does not suggest the product of the two together will be even better.
That's all I'm saying.

Trump is starting to scare me user.
I am beginning to think we might have to fight after all. Its looking like the Neo-Cucks are fully invading the new administration. I just wanted to MAGA damn it…

Right. That's also what I mean.

Finally someone that sees it.
We are half-way there with Trump, hes pro-life and will reduce taxes that hurt families with more than two kids. Rest would require a more conservative society and bingo.
Shit like this can works very well, while whites are still the majority and no time gets wasted.
Its about time to learn with mistakes, finally after fifty years.time to go back

Obviously you don't understand how ponzi-schemes like social security work. There aren't enough people to pay into the benefits of these old fucks so as time goes on they keep importing more and more people so more people are paying in, but there are no fucking jobs so it doesn't work.

We do look at the big picture. The only white women who are not having children and utilize abortion are liberals. Their birthrate is 0.9. Children often inherit the political stances of their parents. Numbers are meaningless if a large segment of whites are born traitors who will flood your nation with shitskins from the 3rd world. Blacks already outnumber whites 3:1 in world population. Your strategy is no longer viable. When blacks are 50% of the world's population at the end of the century, whites will be 5%. The only way forward is to create white ethnostates with people who are more willing to adopt doctrines that focus on survival rather than feelings. Redpill more people, convince them to have many children, and let the liberal doctrine die.


Jomon genes, man. Jomon genes.

You're absolutely right, but we know from experience that the product in this case is superior.

https:// Mr. World Japan 2016.

(also a halfu, btw)

nonono don't outlaw contraception
instead outlaw all forms of contraception except castration/tube-tying/etc and female birth control pills and condoms; then raise the prices of birth control pills and condoms to 5 dollars per condom minimum, and 10 dollars per pill minimum
half of the money made from selling those would go to the government, excluding sales tax

if they don't like it, they can just stop doing meaningless depraved stuff in bed unless they wanna have kids

furthermore, women who are known to have abortions can be fined for up to $5,000.00 immediately and then be subject to substantial taxes for the rest of her life unless the baby would've died or is already dead anyway, and if it can be proven that she killed the baby before getting the abortion, she gets the fine and the tax anyway

now if you could just get the blacks on welfare to move to canada or somethingand the prisoners to move to canadian prison

Do you want to ban birth control is well because most women don't use abortion as a contraceptive.

If you are a true accelerationist I trust you voted for Hilary right?

You make that sound like a bad thing.

I think we should let Japan loose on the rest of Asia. Let them rebuild their economy through a NatSoc-esque labor backed currency and military revival. Since they're our buddies they can help with naval bullying in the Pacific Islands.

They could also become Australia's enhanced trading partner and boat-people sinker.

I don't condone racemixing if it's your wife that's Japanese, but I mean if you already made 4 white kids and you wanna make some halfwhites with a Jap I can't really fault you.

Unless you are a Chinamen I don't think you get to make that call.

You're preaching to the choir fam

How are taxes done in Europe? In US we have tax season every april. If Trump hadn't won, next year would have had a MASSIVE tax strike from working class Americans.

Can European countries do something similar? How are taxes handled there?

My wife is swiss/french.
She's bi and very redpilled, and respects and digs the Japanese for not letting America and the rest of the world walk all over them even after unleashing the nukes. She wants an intelligent Japanese girlfriend we can get good and pregnant to further our ideals. For some reason she believes my genes are superior, my daughter is 7 and speaks two languages fluently already (English and French) and has already taken to scripting. I knew something was up with her when she started mastering puzzles at age 4. I work in hard sciences and psychopharmacology and genetics, but I honestly think the smart comes from her.


All women technically are

All women like other women. It's great and it's normal. There is evolutionary pressure for women to like other women because great men can make babies with many women daily - and previously males would die in hunting, fighting among themselves, or war.
Great men should have many worthy women, and women are bi to prevent infighting in harem and concubine situations. There is a long tradition of this in nordic and euro AND japanese history.

Alright Abdul, it's chamber time.

Western governments send absurd amounts of cash overseas in the form of "aid". Those primitives are wholly dependent on it and will literally die out if it is taken away. Imagine if we took money that props up other entire nations and spent it on ourselves. Even if you don't believe in the (((monetary system))), giving them access to our money such that it is means essentially giving them our resources when they send our money back to us. In any case the result is that we lose.

Soon the government will no longer be elected. They have themselves chosen instead to elect a new population. A primitive, compliant population that will ensure the rule of the (((elites))). They don't even care if we simply stopped existing. No emperor, tsar, king, or dictator has ever fucked up this badly.

A Western government that doesn't put it's true population, it's white population, ahead of every other concern has no right to exist.

Keep encouraging this, fam. Any one white man who can convince two white women to be redpilled and make many glorious master race babies is great.
We're already a minority, and women are easier to sway then men.

fuck off shill, is our master plan scaring you?

forgot to attach ebin 2hu slut

No shit, moefag
Want to tell me obvious shit and slide the catalog some more?
You know an info thread died for this piece of crap.

But there aren't even 20 stickies right now.

All of ZUN's daughters are pure.

Abdul, please get into the chamber.

The end goal was always Her. But while we are here we must do what we can to adhere to the Truth, and we must fight with everything we got. To do otherwise would discredit us.

I don't think racemixing would be a good policy even in this case. Undoubtedly the Japanese have proven themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is impossible not to recognize that the same spirit animates us and that there is a deep resonance of values and longing. But I cannot but wonder if we'd lose more than we'd gain by becoming one. The only way I see this as viable is through a massive but well organized experiment - a new people for a new country. Perhaps in some suitable african location, or some other unclaimed or savage territory, where mixed White/Japanese people would be the norm and they could essentially create themselves freely. This would either be a disaster or a success, and if it ends up as a success they would be a new race of people with friendly ties with both of us. I think this must be considered as something on the "to do" list or at least warrants a discussion.

Simply put when I see the way anime depicts white culture and white girls within those settings it is obvious that their attraction isn't based on envy, hate or self-loathing. They recognize and worship beauty as we do (or did, sadly) and they apply the same standard to themselves as well. The attraction a japanese guy has for a white girl is not offensive. Naturally I'm first and foremost operating in the field of pure fiction, the idea space, the softness of dreams. To illustrate, we may feel the same attraction towards Sailor Mercury or any distinctly japanese waifu like say Reimu from Touhou etc. A japanese guy will feel the same towards say Alice or Remilia (again Touhou).

We FEEL the same things, and I often think that in some vastly different place and time, or even outside time-space we came from the same Root. The emotional and spiritual qualities are exactly the same, though the expression and nuances vary. They're the only race of people on this planet for whom I can say that.

Likewise, I do not think that the similarity of issues facing us and Japan is a coincidence. I believe it has a deeper, metaphysical source. Which is to say both the white race and the Japanese are under attack from the same Evil. It may be due to our longing for transcendence and awareness of things greater than mere flesh. We both have that nostalgia and that drive for the great beyond and outer heavens.

We will see. We were here before Trump, now we are with him for as long as he is with us, but if he fails or proves himself false we will continue and endure. I feel that Trump may be just an introduction, just like in the old days. Mussolini came first. Hitler came second, and the rest of the story is known.

JP Prime minister at trump tower right now.

We are prophetic.

in what way is suggesting we reduce the male population cucking?
go back to halfchan.

Chamber time.

Nationalist Socialist policy which gave newlywed's a big loan to get the woman in the house and the man to work. Having children took out 1/4 of the full loan amount, so after 4 kids there was no more to be paid. It was paid for by taxing non-married people.

Incentivises marriage, incentivises childbirth, disincentivises staying single.

This is wonderful. Japan could use such a policy as well.

After they liberate Manchu from the Korean-Chinese mongrels. They can't even feed their own nation right now without imports.

No, actually poorer people make more babies, but the poor people in the white countries have already been replaced by non-whites, so the problem is, in fact, elsewhere, O.P..

Please elaborate. You're sliding a thread in favor of making more natural citizens of both countries after the reduction of shitskins, especially males, who are destroying our race.

They're probably depopulating intentionally you know. The amount of people there already is completely stifling. And it would explain why they've been deflating their currency for so long. They're compensating pre emptively.

Or more kids. That's the issue. We could help them, and they could help us. Without confidence between the two most technologically advanced nations on earth, we can't succeed.


Are you kidding me? The amount of people in japan isn't even enough to keep schools open, fill people retiring, or take care of the elderly. It's so easy to get a job in japan you could take 5 of them and nobody would notice.

Are you thinking of the economic miracle in the 80s? I Think you are. Japan is completely fucked right now. They're in a negative birth rate, their debt is through the roof, and the biggest demographic for increased crime right now is the elderly.

oh my god shut the fuck up if you can't make an argument.


Do you have a better explanation for why the price of every good is set in stone leading to artificial deflation?

Kill yourself, mudskin. Only race traitor white women will ever care about you, and only with the most passing purely emotional reasons.

Loli Girls Nude poi Forum:
xfun. cc/yohebe

Filter and ignore him. He's a fucking idiot libcuck trying to slide this glorious plan probably because he has some shitskin in him and he realizes those of us who are superior will reduce his chance to be with women.
How do you feel about the fact that I'm sleeping with two women at once and they're happy about it? KYS.

I do. It's absolutely necessary, becuase without it they would crumble even faster. The debt in japan is huge, and unlike America, they have a goods and services tax. The higher they keep things, the more tax they bring in on regular goods. Their income tax is insanely high as well. This is because the welfare state is supporting millions of people who often live to be 100+, but no kids to replace them or take care of them.

It's clear now you have no idea what you're talking about. Make more white kids first. The japanese can make more as well, but they have far less then we do, and we could benefit from giving them more children, as could they.


I'm CTR actually

The Valkyrie (waifu) watches and inspires her chosen hero upon the battlefield… you and a few others seem to understand.

The price of goods are staying artificially low, so the sales tax would be lower than otherwise. And even if they go "backwards", that's only a bad thing under capitalism. Capitalism demands endless growth to sustain itself, which is clearly absurd because there has to be an end to it. Communists know this and for decades they have just assumed they would one day casually waltz into power. They seriously didn't expect a bunch of highly upsetting Nationalists to gain a following again just by talking a bunch of sense.

All I want is a blonde haired Japanese wife that cosplays around the house, knows how to functionally operate a wide array of firearms, does all the housework, and always wants to cuddle/game with me. I would feel like a fucking god walking around my town with her.

Reminder that this doesn’t even cover everything they get for free

Fuck off

Let's hope others discover these things as well. It is through Her that we grow stronger.

This means the situation in Europe is probably even worse/more expensive.

If we weren’t actively having a genocide committed on us and the girl he wanted was pureblood Jōmon, I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with it.

As it stands, he’s a degenerate.

If you know it's wrong then stop day-dreaming about it. If you rely on something like how big your cock is to get a girl to love you (this is almost always what race mixing is about) then you shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

You realize at one point even Hitler himself stated the Japanese had a more rich, and vast culture than even his own, and considered them a "master race". He also probably would of supported us taking Japanese brides as an alternative to the monstrosities "feminism" has created. It's not miscegenation if they are of a master race dumb shit.

This doesn't mean you're not a wigger for wanting a Jap girl that will slobber over your cock just because it's bigger than most Japanese men's. It's totally backwards to want to racemix. It's not love, and it brings people into the world with broken racemixed bodies.


You literally just described my life. (except the ethnically Japanese part, but she does have a Japanese name, lol) She works at a gun restoration shop (swear to kek).
It's fan fucking tastic. You can have it too. They're out there.


Fuck off, race mixing degen.

With the way demographics are skewed at this point, making half white kids with a mistress while having a pure white wife and nuclear family may be our only way to beat out shitskins in the long run since a man doesn't require 9 months to make more kids. Course, the problem also extends to the fact that our women in general aren't producing enough kids to begin with thanks to a variety of factors, economic and Cultural Marxist in nature.

I don't get what you're angry about, he's not technically wrong in what he's arguing. In our early history, harems were common due to the lack of men as potential mates available thanks to wars and such. Jealousy would take root in such a situation and cause all kinds of strife within the home unless attraction to both the harem master and his many women was established.

IIRC, the Third Reich was having a discussion about the possibility of allowing Asian brides to various German men and women as part of an experiment to see how it would pan out and to further strengthen ties with the Japanese. Course, WW2 happened so it got put on the backburner fairly quick.

Creating more shtiskins, and subverting Aryan virtues is not the solution to shitskins, Schlomo.

Dubs confirm Gyaru master race


Your memes are weak, Chaim.

How can someone be so fucking retarded?

Lefties and Semites can't meme.

lol it's so funny to see that this moron is still replying. I applaud your tenacity, but you clearly have read the historic works and know what I'm saying to be true. I'm a geneticist. The markers in the Jomon (which are still present in the Ainu) is R1a/b, which is the Y-type of the master race. The suspicions of the Nazi party that the Japanese were a master race turned out to be correct.

I have him filtered, I have no idea what he said.


You're absolutely right.
there are, by any even happy estimate of just under 250 million ethnically truly "white" women left on earth, around the entire earth. Of those, at least half are married to shitskins/kikes/etc or too old to have kids.
So, lets say maybe 100 million white women left on earth.

There are only 130 million total true Japanese people on earth, so roughly half is 65 million, and of those, the majority are seniors, so lets say, oh, MAYBE JUST MAYBE 30 million fertile Japanese women left on earth. ON EARTH. Let's be fair. And that number is shrinking. So… That's… less then the population of a single state in America.

I hope that number scares you. The japanese are the most intelligent race on earth. White nordic+europeans are second.

But we're dying out. ONE WHITE MALE could impregnate literally thousands of those women for fun in 1 year and double our race overnight, but you're calling me the degenerate?

Enjoy our destruction, because it's happening now unless you take multiple female partners. The cucked lefty bluepilled men need to die, the arabs and blacks have no problems making kids.

It's Japanese and white men that are dying out… and it's happening when they fuck our stock and make mongrels.

Read a book, nigger.

lose weight.

Nice try.

again, lose some weight.

Okay you little nigger loving goon, keep equating two completely different things to each other.

Hey moron: this is happening because of ((HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL)) which 99% of women take over there.
Nippon men like 2dpd because they are portrayed to enjoy the male gaze and enjoy the idea of sex. Do you realize that's why in anime it's the girls who are perverts 99% of the time and the men are like "OMG NO A GIRL IS COMING ON TO ME!?!" becuase regular men would fuck the shit out of a girl that so much as touched their shoulder given the chance.

Anime portrays the fantasy they want, not the reality they live in. Get the girls off birth control and watch what happens. This is why compensated dating with like, 14yos is so popular, they're too young for the hormones to have permanently fucked up their sex drives and they actually want to get laid.

I've met many Japanese women who are off birth control due to being in bad neighborhoods and undocumented or were formerly josai. they're horny as all fuck and can't understand what's wrong with society.

They get called "Bitchie" because they act "yankii" but it's their natural state.

They're chemically castrated.

Commit suicide.
A young swain falls in love with a princess, and the whole content of his life consists in this love, and yet the situation is such that it is impossible for it to be realized, impossible for it to be translated from ideality into reality. Of course, any other instance whatsoever in which the individual finds that for him the whole reality of actual existence is concentrated, may, when it is seen to be unrealizable, be an occasion for the movement of resignation. However, I have chosen a love experience to make the movement visible, because this interest is doubtless easier to understand, and so relieves me from the necessity of making preliminary observations which in a deeper sense could be of interest only to a few. The slaves of paltriness, the frogs in life’s swamp, will naturally cry out, “Such a love is foolishness. The rich brewer’s widow is a match fully as good and respectable.” Let them croak in the swamp undisturbed. It is not so with the knight of infinite resignation, he does not give up his love, not for all the glory of the world. He is no fool. First, he makes sure that this really is the content of his life, and his soul is too healthy and too proud to squander the least thing upon an inebriation. He is not cowardly, he is not afraid of letting love creep into his most secret, his most hidden thoughts, to let it twine in innumerable coils about every ligament of his consciousness–if the love becomes an unhappy love, he will never be able to tear himself loose from it. He feels a blissful rapture in letting love tingle through every nerve, and yet his soul is as solemn as that of the man who has drained the poisoned goblet and feels how the juice permeates every drop of blood–for this instant is life and death. So when he has thus sucked into himself the whole of love and absorbed himself in it, he does not lack courage to make trial of everything and to venture everything. He surveys the situation of his life, he convokes the swift thoughts, which like tame doves obey his every bidding, he waves his wand over them, and they dart off in all directions. But when they all return, all as messengers of sorrow, and declare to him that it is an impossibility, then he becomes quiet, he dismisses them he remains alone.
– Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


Nice nihilism, faggot.

plus the women don't want sex at all, because they're chemically fucked up.

it's a culture that forces hallucination and obesity.

You realize they're some of the thinnest people on earth, right? Obese in japan is being 5 foot 6 and over 65kg

But it doesn't. Obesity is caused by McDonald's-tier food consumption.

Sumo wrestlers are not japanese then.

To be fair, I'm not saying it's an ideal to strive for. More like the situation has reached a point where expecting one man to only mate with 1 woman for the rest of his life to produce children is simply not going to sufficiently bring up our numbers to avoid becoming the new American Indians of the world where we are essential extinct by the end of the century.

Barring the opening up of artificial wombs to the masses, which is decades off from being technologically viable let alone affordable, the only other option is for men to use the fact they only need 15 minutes rest between fuckings before they're ready to impregnate another woman to their advantage.

Didn't Japan ban the use of female birth control pills because they wanted to keep a low rate of AIDS low by force people to use condoms?

You went too hard with the b8 on this one m8, you have to keep the idiocy believable.

that's literally someone who is heavy for their sport, and there's maybe like 200 of them on earth. Are you fucking retarded?

So, lets say maybe 100 million white women left on earth.


Or instead of figuring out a new way to spend the money we are burning on the illegals, we could start to pay down the debt… the productive and proud white middle class can buy their own fucking diapers, especially when the taxes get lowered. I agree overall.

How does this help people who want to come here?
Doesn't seem fair to me.

Seems like you're getting gassed to me.
Oops, I lied, you're getting cooked.

Why bother trying to increase birthrates when all of the mothers are progressive Euro-sluts with over 100+ partners (and no interest in having kids) and all of the possible fathers are nu-male faggots who let the refugees fuck their women to begin with?



That's why the uncucked have to take multiple white women and give them children. We can kill all the nu-males and shitskins.

The State is always the enemy of the People. This will forever be the case. Our Enemy the State

I like the way you think

You can have japanese girls too, becuase they need it - there's even less of them then white girls.

We need to save our race.

Go home (((Austrian School))).

I want to fill that ameriloli with my seed don't care if degenerate

Do it. Save your race.



Yeah but that method won't destroy the country with rape. As a leftist, you can never have enough rape in your country. Women deserved to be raped and murdered. t. leftist

Remember goyim, the only way to save the white race is by abandoning all virtue, and having sex with nonwhites.

Bring back the Mutterkreuz!

make the economy great again and less white babies will be aborted

That truly is terrifying. Incubation chambers when?
My brothers can't keep their dicks in their pants for "muh hafu waifu",so now we've got Elliot all over. Wake me up.

Firstly, we need to bring back the concept of a family wage. It's not quite the same as a living wage. Basically, a grown man ought to be able to get a job and earn an income with which he can be the sole breadwinner for a family (without requiring additional welfare or living in abject poverty.)
Being a full time mother ought to be considered a status symbol of sorts, as women really do just want to stay at home with their babies, instead of working full time and slipping into a janitor's closet every few hours to expel breastmilk for a baby she is paying someone else to raise. Women just need to be reminded of this.
The government should promote the heteronormative white family a ideal. The economy should reflect this. Culturally, large families must be depicted as the ideal situation.

No shit Sherlock.
Social Security is wealth redistribution.



Keep in mind that the people in pic related are the ones standing in our way.

Trump should make Clownpiece our national waifu

Flooding ALL & ONLY White countries with non-Whites and telling everyone to "assimilate" to create a "brown future" is White genocide.

Africa will still be full of Africans.

Asia will still be full of Asians.

Only White people will suffer from this.

Read the UN genocide conventions: It is genocide plain and simple!

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.



Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Where the fuck did this meme that Nietzsche was a nihilist come from? If anything he embodies the exact opposite of nihilism

Human sex ratio.

Put that up against QOL index and you won't be surprised.

Men should have several women partners, period.

50,000 dollars per white child.

50,000 * 150,000,000 = 7,500,000,000,000 dollars.


We need to legalise the polygamy for the white men to marry two white women.

Just killing feminism would give a huge boost to birthrates

And ban birth control for the white women.

I truly believe yuri/lesbianism doesn't exist as a 'sexual preference'. It originally was more of a sisterly love with a bit of play here and there which degraded into the case we're seeing in the west and a bit of the culturally enriched east. If you've noticed they can't live without penetration after being frustrated that her same sex partner can't fulfil that role without toys/drills.

Girls playing with each other to make me want to fuck them is fine with me tbh.


I'm not exactly sure about this but I'm willing to entertain the idea.

I agree on both accounts.

Same. I believe that if we remove feminism, dyke propaganda and so on sexual contact between women will amount to the things you said. I'm fairly certain this always occured but was a non-issue because women themselves never saw it as anything significant outside mere bonding or friendship. Japan understands that in most cases yuri is something kids and teens indulge in, meaning it's seen as what it is - learning wheels and an expression of love that has yet to find its footing. It is wholly harmless if left to its natural course. I as a man neither feel threatened nor aroused by this, I simply don't see lesbianism as actual sex.

The problem is the moment liberals get their claws into this they absolutely destroy everything and you end up with sad pitiful abominations.

That's what is done with a couple of people that carry out 'proper' polygamy families. As in not separating families from each other and living in the same house without malice towards each other.

This is already the case you dumb shit. It's just not restricted whites only. And aside from that, the people you WANT reproducing can pay their own way. The solution to a weak national character isn't more handouts.

Of course if you had any marketable skills and weren't an animefag larping as the minister of childbirth in your euphoric american national socialist role play this would be glaringly obvious.

Notice that something like that can only work if there's a sturdy and merciless social order in place. Otherwise we end up where we are now - dozens of women competing for a single man. Polygamy as you concieve it can only exist if being a slut means total social death and inability to get a job and so on.

Great, you're able to cobble up a few buzzwords and call it a sentence.
Get the fuck out, newfag.

Great, you were able to ignore the core of my argument because your autism flared up as soon as I said called you out for being an animefag.

Keep roleplaying, maybe you'll meme your virginity out of existence

You didn't have any.

It's very clear the shills hate it when we discuss how to bring more white children into the world.

Notice how they try to derail the thread by focusing on anime pics and fostering division between Anons. They're creating a conflict.

Sadly for them, our seed will be fruitful and multiply. Thus they only add more sin on themselves.

The trouble with that is that it would only make it difficult for the poor to slow their breeding and create a dysgenic selective pressure thereby

Totally worth it. Thats like 2 years of the us national budget but the price is tiny to save the white race and stop white genocide.

Well said.
t. German.

Please loosen the thumbscrews on us, Donald;_;

Oh, shit. Damn, you, too small GTK filepicker preview.
It's not translated, I forgot about that.

Germany is a problem, because Germans are more industrious, disciplined and talented than the rest of Europe (and the World).
This will forever lead to 'inequalities'.

This can be counteracted, however, by virtue of bleeding as much money as possible from Germany.

It does not matter at all for which reason this is done, it could just be wasted mindlessly.

The main thing is that Germans don't have it, anymore.
And that's how easily the world is saved.


I disagree. Unless there are not enough white men to go around, polygamy makes no sense. Each white man should marry one white woman, and they should have many children. One thing that might help is women marrying younger than men. At 18, a woman is old enough for motherhood, but few 18-ear-old men are quite old enough to marry and support a family. There are exceptions, but this is the general trend. What I see now is young women who deep down do want chuildren are waiting for men their age to be ready, and also trying to meet the societal expectation of being "responsible."


If they ended obesity and got rid of the soft kill poisons and focused on healthy living instead of health care we might be able to start.