Dolls forever...;-)

Dolls forever...;-)

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>>828055485Still waiting on mine. God damn Corona.

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>>828056468sweet doll


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>>828056708does she have a name?

>>828056898she is Hana

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>>828055485Damn she is hot


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>>828057248I love those long legs and ass peek, you got a great on

*staaaare*Afternoon doll peeps.

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>>828057313Yes, I am very happy to get her...This poor boy, who gave she up for a real girlfriend...:-)


>>828057436She is a hot girlfriend it looks like


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>>828055485Yass doll bread

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>>828055485You fucking sad pathetic cunt.

>>828058217You seem a little angry there fella.

>>828058278he semms to be in the wrong threat...

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>>828058981Great tits

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>>828059133TPE just feels better.. period

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>>828059625I use my Sili with an TPE insert..

>>828056468>>828056708>>828056933you should whore your doll out. I'd pay for 30 mins

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>>828060787i would never do that. you can buy your own doll

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This is the absolute purest highest distilled form of autism.

>>828061478You have only one?>>828060787we love our doll...:-)

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>>828061769cool huh?

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>>828061866no i have 8

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>>828061916very nice collection...:-)

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>>828061478>>828061916When are they going to make better hands for these dolls. So far great faces tits pussies asses and feet. Hands? Throw in a wire and let the fingers flop around on usually too big hands. Would it cost that much to make them more functional?

>>828061916Aww, such a cute family!

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>>828062200thanks, so is yours>>828062212the new silicone dolls have fingers with joints, but they are expensive and I'm not sure how well they will hold up >>828062252thank you

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>>828062212There's a lot of debate about this. Personally I say it would be easy and cheap but others don't think so. There are a few manufacturers now making articulated fingers, Sino and Gynoid iirc

>>828062342Yeah I am not convinced the finger joints will hold up well. its so easy to bash the fingers when moving the dolls and the joints would be so delicate, they would be damaged pretty fast in my hands. At least with wire its easy to just bend them back.

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Someone post the link for the trouble with being born torrent ive been looking

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>>828062658comes with dolls 5000+

>>828062505yeah that's my fear

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>>828062780Chrismas must be expensive for you...

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>>828062505>>828062780So no gentle handjobs from dollies ever?

>>828063030it wasn't too bad. I mostly just bought a few cheap things for them>>828063145i think you could do that, but i never have

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>>828062505It would be easy enough to make them bash-proof by using fairly strong springs, or spring steel, as the connection to the wrist, versus a solid plate, as in >>828062658But damn be more careful don't bash your poor dolls' hands >

>>828063145You can do that...but careful...:-)

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>>828063241it's hard to be careful all the time when moving them around and the material on the hands is already very thin and fragile so they can't really fit a lot of metal in there

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>>828063433Yes, i guess only for the big dolls...

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>>828063583Moar! Is this an Emma doĺl?

>>828063433It wouldn't take much metal, smaller the hand the less metal. If anything it would make the hand feel more realistic, the tight wound springs I am imagining being the metacarpalsOne day I shall revolutionize doll hands and feet and we will all rejoice!

Any resources?Sites to buy dolls, sites to buy clothes, people to comm, how to get the rare and kinky accessories, etc?

>>828063890i do really hope they find a way to improve the hands. I think detachable, replaceable hands would be nice

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>>828064049That's actually a really good idea. Something like a quick connect coupler would also serve as a breakaway point in case of bashing, and also allow the hands to be re-clocked into a position where the material of the forearm wouldn't be distorted in certain poses

>>828063856I dont know...i got this doll offered from my saller

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>>828064486exactly. i think fingers will break no matter what, so it would be nice if you could just replace the hands

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>>828064640I repair them sometimes.but its only possible with TPE---

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>>828064640I still think the phalanges could be made snap together ball-joint style with Nylon 66, it has a melting point about 100 degrees higher than TPE from what I've researched so farI should pick up some second hand dolls just to examine and tinker with the skeletons. Come to think of it, having some spare TPE around would be nice too

>>828064640are there People in US who repair dolls?

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>>828064899i tried repairing them before, but it's not easy >>828065017i always ask them to send some scrap TPE when i order a doll>>828065076yeah, Mishka has some good videos

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>>828065076I mean for business

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>>828065322not that i know of. most people just repair their own dolls. maybe some of the high end dolls like realdoll have repair services

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>>828065217this is very helpful

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>>828066036good idea! i should get one

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>>828058146Who is this Belfast cosplaying cutie?

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>>828067255she is a sino doll

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>>828058146Are Sino-Dolls worth it? Pictures I found on the internet look too good to be true. I have a silicon torso and I prefer it over tpe toys. I don't mind spending 3k EUR if they are well made.

A Doll learns walking...:-)

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>>828068550I haven't heard anything bad about them. I don't own that doll, but at least one or two anons that post regularly in these threads do, and iirc they only have great things to say about them

>>828068793ow >

>>828067830Very cute! Is this the same doll/yours? If so, how did you get the lips glossy like that? I really like that look.

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>>828067255ohhh she's an Azur Lane girl I see hmm

>>828068915This 2 did also learn walking later....

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>>828069262I haven't even tried to stand mine up yet, i like her feet too much >

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>>828069543Really like those pyjamas! She looks very cute in them.

>>828069010thanks. that doll is different, but it is mine. they add that coating to the lips. it looks nice will start to peel off over time

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>>828069820Thanks my frenShe loves them too, wears them all the time lol

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>>828069543if she do not have a plate

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>>828070154There's a partial plate but no boltsOne day I will try to stand her up Maybe ahahah

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>>828070616She is very beautiful...:-)

>>828070737Thanks my friend, I feel very lucky to have her

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>>828069982Wow, she is just perfect. Its a shame the coating wears off, the lips look so good glossy.

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>>828072588>>828072663Well hello there strangerWhat nice feet you have

>>828065972>mfw im actually considering moving to murika just to get a loli doll

>>828063241>someone who doesnt have a doll or any understanding of the materials and physics actually invovled

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guess im a bit late to the party

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>>828055485How to best dispose of a sex doll?

>>828073397yes, maybe better the dolls fingers are broken than the fingers can kill you...

>>828074109no... always wellcome....;-)

>>828074159they would end up broken either way, unless of course it just sits like a statue in the corner and never moves. then i guess the better fingers would be much better aesthetically.

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>>828073397I have a doll, why do you think my idea wouldn't work?Maybe I am the only one here that doesn't bash my doll into the wall on a regular basis o.o


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>>828074420complicated articulated fingers only work if the dolls hands never take any weight. the material and skeleton just arnt designed in a way on current dolls to support good finger design without all the weight ending on those joints. the xycolo skelly above looks nice, but those fingers are going to snap back the first time they even brush against something at more than a few ounces of force, and those dolls are even silicone and theoretically much more restive to the forces. as far as i have been able to tell(cause nobody who owns one has commented) the fingers also dont have any resistance to bending backwards, they just restrict where it can bend. On top of that, despite being a 160cm+ doll(about as big as they come) they STILL didnt articulate the pinky for some reason or another.

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>>828074806Yeah that pinky bothers me lol, and I haven't quite figured out how to work around the resistance issue. The phalanges only need to bend 90 degrees in one direction, that would be easy to limit. Ah but who knows, I may be wrong, I've been wrong before. I would just like to have a folded hand that looks like a folded hand, it's a minor thing

>>828075463I think the posing with just wires is alright, but cheaper made dolls will always end up with a few broken fingers unfortunately

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>>828074806going back on that a bit though, detachable and more durably created hands could be a boon for such things, if at the cost of a bit of aesthetics(seam and possible material variance). >>828075463design and liming is easy enough, but designing something that wont rip the hand or permabreak is where it gets difficult. think like the company, how much money do you throw at a problem and then how much more do you try to charge for it. do you think the BULK of your customers would pay for that? if not, is it still worth the research costs?there are a few ways i can think of to accomplish a lot of it, but the dolls themselves limit if a particular solution will be effective. mine for instance does have full hand plates and can support its own weight in a limited way(ie, on all 4s), but the arms can only hold up a few lbs of free weight on their own, and supporting itself means you have to position it in certain ways to shift the weight balance away from the palms as much as possible.

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>>828075463There's a doll poster on twitter that gave his doll "bionic" hands. But they aren't robotic or anything, just have joints. Look a little big imo.

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>>828074806I guess , if someone can solve that Problem in a realistic way, can get a lot of money...I found a syntetic material in internet, what can be moved 10000 times.. would be perfect... but this matireal would cost more than the rest of the doll...

>>828075950there is also one(i forget if it was Gynoid, Sinodoll, or XYcolo) that did like a half mechanical show doll that i totally would love to buy. pretty sure it was Gynoid and for one of their models with the detachable arms. >>828076080yeah and thats where the ideals get a giant dildo shaped wrench thrown into them. sure there might be materials and designs that could accomplish it, but aint nobody paying for them(least not enough people to be viable).

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>>828076222Oh yeah most likely Gynoid.They really like going for that bionic girl look lol. I think Gynoid are pretty cool but I have a Sinodoll right now.

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>>828076351ye, i do want to snag one of the gynoids at some point, but both the lack of elf options(and possibly seamless head) and you and your claims of nice softness on the Sinos make me wonder if i should go for them instead. at least i know the Sinos dont have seamless heads.

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>>828076582No Sino doesn't doesn't do seamless but they do a really good job where the neckline and the base of the head meet.Sinodolls are very soft, almost like TPE but not quite as squishy. My girl has been rocking no clothes the last few days because cuddling with that soft body after work feels amazing.

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A question to doll owners:I'm a full-time single father. I'm quite sociable and live in a small house, I have people over frequently like friends, family etc.. and of course my kid knows every single cupboard/wardrobe in my home. So the question is, to doll owners in a similar situation to me... how do you hide her? I can care for my doll and I would spend time with her when I'm free. I understand the commital side of ownership such as cleaning and maintenance. If my kid found it (why I just really wouldn't want) currently I could pass it off as "something for work" but my anxiety comes from someone else finding it, such as a family member say, helping me decorate or moving;dr how do you hide a doll when you have a kid and people over frequently whilst living in a small house?

>>828077222ihe only way is to create a secret room...downstays the house for example...

>>828077222Put a lock on a wardrobe and store her in there. Or get a lockable flight case. A lot of doll vendors sell them.

>>828077222secret partition wall in a not much used room...

>>828077430I wish there was some way a larger doll could be split into 2 so I could, for example, put her in a large suitcase. But I know that's impossible. I know I could get a smaller doll but I'm into the more mature appearing ones.

>>828077418>>828077772That (currently) isn't possible :(

>>828077916ok, rent a room for her...:-)

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>>828077222A locked cabinet in garage

>>828077860A 50lb suitcase is potentially more suspicious than a flight case imo, my vote is for flight case. Just hope your kid doesn't learn how to pick locks

>>828078206>>828078296rent a garage...

>>828077860Maybe a torso then if space is a big issue.

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>>828078527or a blow doll...


>>828078527>>828078571This is actually a really good compromise. Thanks.>>828078206>>828078521I know I'm awkward in this sense, but I want my experience with her to be comfortable in my own home. But this Akira Torso could definitely work!I just want to say thank you to all those who have responded, this website is the shitstain of the internet but you have all come through, actually, when I look at these threads, everyone is always so nice.

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>>828078746Not to be rude but I'd rather just use my hand. I've never tried one of these and never would, here they're sold for stag nights only..

>>828078875to blow up

>>828058217Femanon detected

>>828079104Yes i have had one...after the first test, i never tried it again...