Post pics and vent about your frustrations with wife or gf or women in general. Not an incel thing...

post pics and vent about your frustrations with wife or gf or women in general. Not an incel thing .for me:married 12 years. we are both 37two kids , 7 and 16 year old live In 2 bedroom condo, about 1000 sq ftnot rich or poor, but average less than $2k in savings at any time wife is 5'6" and always been between 220 - 245. her lowest was 216. surprisingly Carries weight ok, mostly in her ass and thighs which I find hot in women sadly she also has most stereotypes of obese people : poor hygiene, laziness, rarely cooks or cleans , barely helps with the kids chores or homework unless I ask, very insecure about body so doesnt dress up and reacts negatively to sex unless very drunk, and doing something like doggy style sex is considered hardcore for her .been begging for anal for years and likely wont get it .pros : gets pussy waxed once a month which is nice . wears tiny thongs. tends to walk around house in very skimpy shorts or nightgowns, likes playing with my ass while giving me hand jobs (probably less work for her than sex), 3 or so years ago convinced her to go out and have sex with 3 random dudes which spiced up our life for like a month .I'm just bored and frustrated. I keep myself in decent shape and work out and do martial arts and before I met her had a very wild sex life, I'm talking meeting a different whore every day and having sex in clubs and adult stores and cars and going to nude beaches etcmy wife wants none of that. just having missionary sex 3 or so times a month is enough for her . she does give me handjobs often but not really enthusiastically. she is more fun when super drunk but I risk having her pass out too quickly I know I picked her and at the time she was a cute young chubby girl who was super sweet compared to the endless rotation of whores I was hooking up with at the 13 years later I miss the excitement. anyone else in the same boat ?

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>>828055300>Kids>Married>Probably highschool sweetheart.Same boat bro...i met my wife when i was 14 she was 13 and i never met anyone else.Now 17 years together married and one kid ... she is becoming less and less interested in looking good and having sex for pleasure...if its sex it's for having kids....kek i can't remember the last time I got a random bj without asking.The worst part is that I know one day i would start making her feel like a piece of shit.And she will go "we need therapy" .Having sex with my wife feels like necrophilia.Iam tired of asking.

>>828056011I wonder what it is. I don't want to say men are perfect but at least for me even as I'm getting older I'm working hard as ever to work out and look good, even for her.I'm open minded to anything sexually. if she makes a hint she's horny I'm enthusiastic even if tired . with her she doesn't care. she's just lazy. do all women do this years into a relationship?

>>828055300> Me 38 wife 34 married 10yr> Was pure filth when we was dating> Now regular sex but samey > Meet 21yo hit it off bang nothing serious > Wife finds out he'll breaks loose > Decide try but now sex is even less constantly brings up affair > FML

>>828056011btw your correct about eventually making her resent you.when I met my wife , she just got divorced and was depressed . she still has bad hygiene, but back then she would literally walk around with her panties smeared with shit.eventually I told her , and since then 13 years later she still resents me for even saying it. says I called her disgusting and dirty. If anything i was very understanding and patient .to this day she sometimes smells like she doesnt wipe too good but I dont say anything anymore. there is nothing worse than a woman scorned, they hold a grudge for years

Same here. Wife was built like Gianna. Now she's much heavier and no fun in the sack, all the fat girl problems. Now I spend most of my evenings jerking off with other dudes, and sharing porn while I chat about what a white I wish she was. At least she has monster tits though, not quite as fun when attached to a starfish.

>>828056233I honestly don't wife keeps asking for more than just things now and the problem is that i don't think I can go further without sacrificing my health and wellness. I have to work out for my daughter and dog.I am the only one who keeps the dog in top shape and keeping the house clean.One of the things I notice is that she became very annoyed that my female co-worker was talking to me and ignoring my wife.After that party she started to dress up a little more...but it only lasted for a month.I think they need too feel challenge by other females.That they need too know they can and will be replaced by someone else

>>828056541*White = whore. Fucking autocorrect.

>>828056356op here how long was the affair? how was the sex ? how did your wife find out?I had an affair with an older 50 year old from 2013 to 2016, right after son was born. it was a.crazy time. very long story but eventually realized she was a sociopath who fakes everything and funny enough as soon as I broke up with her and went back to wife I felt relief. wife never found out.

>>828056541pics of tits ?

>>828056011Was in this boat a few years ago. My wife is really very beautiful and sexy to me, but she had (still has to some degree) this tendency to hibernate sexually for a period of time and then awake for intense spurts of craziness. I didn't enjoy the hibernating. Talk with her. Start the conversation. It may not go perfectly the first time, but continue and maintain the dialog. I sat my wife down and explained that I was not happy with that. I didn't attack her, I just told her what I was thinking and how I was feeling. I also told her, and this is the important part, that I was responsible for some of it for letting it go and for not making her feel sexy and myself desirable. I told her I expected insolicited blow jobs, but truth is I had not earned it. I told her I would do my part, but she could no longer recede into her sexual slumber and leave me hanging around wondering when she was going to wake up. Was weird at first. She tried to immediately give blow job, but I stopped her and said, no, I will make her want to suck me off without asking. She was sort of confused and hurt, but I worked on it for some time. Talk with her.I started getting up before her and doing some work outs and running. I changed my approach to make her feel sexy all the time and to make myself more desirable.It's been on since. I've collared her, cuffed her, dp'ed her and have her telling me dirty stories in my ear most nights now. There's ups and downs, but take control of YOUR household. Make her feel comfortable being your slut. Encourage it.

>>828056570If you got kids, she knows she's got your shit locked down. Previous generations had it right. Wives for Lovin and homemaking, side pieces for fucking.

>>828056570well my wife doesnt give a shit and is too lazy to get jealous so at least you have that .

>>828056743We worked together, just naturally got on. She was tight as fuck, just made her laugh and boom, before you know it I'm balls deep. Sex was amazing! she'd only been with one guy, they split as we started working together she was inexperienced but eager to learn could do anything to her she had issues too. Wife found email on works phone cause I was a tard

>>828056835I've done and am doing exactly all of that too. I work out in front of her all the time. went to gym every day . communicated till I was blue in the face. told her I am to blame too (even if not true), always lead by example . if anything she gets defensive and makes fun of people who work out or dress up etc not a single shit given..some people are just too lazy. and laziness is one of the worst disabilities you can imagine. it takes energy to care after all.

>>828056998any pics of mistress and or wife ? no face needed obviously

>>828056835You are right about the "let's talk" the problem is that she is very sensitive and probably will make the situation about how bad of a person I am.We had a discussion about how she dresses and how she talks about me too her friends like I am nobody important.Before having my daughter i gave her all the time she needed. Like traveling with friends and supporting her life choices.Now she complains how little time she has for herself..The amount of ignorance is just crazy.I would probably just wait it out

>>828057146Non of mistress lol I'll have have a look for wife ones

>>828057216There is no waiting it out. 20+ years and you will be jerking it with Rando's online to pixilated tits.

>>828057289would love to see !

>>828057146Some titties

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>>828055300me:married ~5 years both mid 30s with a kiddecent sized suburban home and doing decently financiallypros: wife's above average looking although still has a mom bodysame boat, likes to wear thongs and panties and sometimes walks around the house in underwear or nice shorts, lets me take a bunch of pictures of her still. has a flirty/cheeky personalitycons: financially wants more in life even though we're doing just fine as is, ie get a better job, do more investing, get more rental propertiesvanilla sex life and more about making babies, BJs are few and far betweencan sometimes be hotheaded/hard to talk to and has a defensive personalityoverall: still think she's attractive and we're doing just fine in this current environment, wish she was a little more physically active and active sex wise

>>828057216dude are you me ? wife gets so defensive too when I try to communicate even If I go out of my way to criticize myself too and take part of the blamefor example , she doesn't wash her butt too good so she gets pimples on her ass. I offered to literally help her wash her butt in the shower but she refuses to do anything about it. it's just apathetic laziness and nothing more I'm afraid pic related so you can see pimples

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>>828057444You on discord

>>828055300Love gf to death she's very good for me keeps things orderly and helps me stay organized. She is also pretty self sufficient and can handle complicated tasks. Rarely have sex like ever, I have to do lots of emotional labor chronic complainer has unresolved issues that manifest often. I'm trying my best, l'm not perfect either. I just always feel like I'm the one doing most of the work and not having sex has really dragged my mood down and is causing motivation issues. I wish prostitutes where legal where I live so can just nut and be done

>>828057452dude she looks hot. what are you talking about ? nice clear pale skin, big tits. an actual dress. hows her pussy? is she clean ?

>>828057452Fucking solid. Look amazing to fuck, I would not be able to keep the comments to myself if we were bros.

>>828057569sadly no. but feel free to email me [email protected]

>>828057601sounds weird you say you love her to death but have all these serious issues. how do you avoid resentment?

Living with gf and she's a good person and wants sex everyday.Problem is its just OK sex. Can't put my finger on it, but I've been with a girl with a magic vagina, and would nut in minutes. I've been with girls with wicked hoover blowjob skills. Plus I just feel programmed to want to fuck different women all the time. Feels badman, she talks and wants to do more and try more. But it just doesn't seem like there's a big fix

>>828057615Pussy shaved, clean nothing to do with hygiene

>>828057895more pics ? she looks pretty hot

>>828057941Full bod

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>>828055300Just get her on the BBC breeding program

>>828056570I had something like this happen went to a wedding with my gf. She was part of the bridal party so was off with them most of the night was sat with a group of girls some of their bfs where in the groomsman's party. One girl in particular talks to me a lot and we hit it off. Her bf was a boring and kinda uncaring guy and didn't even seem to care I was talking to his gf. She was like my mirror image had similar interests wanted similar stuff we just clicked. My gf would be a good match for her bf. So wedding happens, end up doing shots together finally gf comes around in her normal sour mood. She literally stands in-between us conversation dies down and the spark that was lit now extinguished. My gf changed for maybe a week after that

I love my wife and kids but also go to tranny whores pretty often. I think I may be a sex addict. 4chan doesn’t help.

>>828057216it's weird, I used to have a similar issue with wife about her being sensitive and hard to talk to, she still kind of is but think i've mellowed out over the years and it seems to be doing alrightgranted i'm now a dood online jerking off and talking about the wife when i used to think i wouldn't be doing this

>>828055300Wife used to be hot. Dressed like a slut and did her makeup like a whore so the time. Was a huge turn on. Now she’s a mom so she dresses like a slob and wears sweatshirts every god damn day, even in the summer. We fuck like once a week and it’s boring and repetitive. I literally hate her. I fuck hookers and college girls on the side, and if I ever feel bad for even a moment I just remember that it’s her fault.

>>828057737Ok Mark.

>>828057823She helps me and my life has improved greatly we are slowly working through issues she gets very defensive. I just remember that we are both human and it doesn't grow to resentment

At this point I would just be happy with another buddy who was in the same situation to jerk my cock off with. Be hot chatting about how we wish our fat titty wives were whores with each other and getting off. Be nice to have someone elses hand on my cock.

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>>828055300>average less than $2k in savings at any timeYou are poorfag.

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>>828057561Shame. Looks like she has a nice ass too

this thread makes me not want to get marrid ever

>>828059591ups and downs to everything, though i think i've seen that marriages in general were trending downthe idea of having a life partner can be a good and a bad thing depending on how you view iti'll bitch and moan about the wife but i still like her company and presence and the other good things that she brings with her

>>828058415Hell I would feel LUCKY if me and my wife had sex once a week. I am lucky if I get it once every three months! Even luckier if I convince her to do anal once a year. Also I have mostly the same issues as the other guys here. Wife used to be a dirty slut always eager and wanting me, now she’s a slob with no motivation and is over 200 lbs. Very rarely showers and then uses the excuse that she needs a shower before we have sex..... but then she literally WILL NOT take a shower. I work out regularly and have had the opportunity to cheat with some very attractive women. She refuses to work out and even do yoga. The wife used to literally be a slut. Been with over 25 guys, too bad she’s not like that now. We are in our early 30’s and have kids. I agree with other people here. Once they know they have your kids to hold over your head, they just stop trying and caring.

>>828057895>Pussy shavedShe's having sex, just not with you.

>>828059591I used to say "just make sure you pick the right one" but not even sure anymore.just sounds like women stop trying after marriage?I guess it might help if you share a few strong interests. like for me I love the beach but my wife hates it. if we had that in common might have been awesome

>>828058720You're not married. You're just a gay pedo trolling for boys on discord.

>>82805959175% of these posts are larp.

>>828059988I wouldn't mind be pretty hot tbh

>>828059891OP here so much of what you say is so true. especially the shower thing. she takes a shower maybe every 3 days on average and she drags her feet so much. so for me to even hope for sex:has to be a day she takes a showercant be too late since she falls asleep her knees or head cant hurtshe is not tense or stressed outshe is not on her period which is like a 2 week of a month thing she has to be in the mood she cant be gassy or bloated she doesnt need a 1 hour massage that may just put her to sleephope she doesnt start a fight if I hint I want sexjust a ton of obstacles to overcome for basic missionary sex

>>828060216I assure it is NOT a larp for me. We and my wife have had issues since my son was born and it has not got any better whatsoever. It’s only gotten worse. I used to blame my father when him and my mom got divorced. He cheated on her. Now I can relate. If their as life was ANYTHING like mine right now, what other choice did he have?

>>828060318Yep. Sounds about right. My wife literally takes a shower like once every month and a half and I AM NOT exaggerating.

>>828060318oh that's a laundry list of excuses she's gotwonder if your wife is depressedfeel for you but fortunate i'm not experiencing that

>>828060247op here end of 2017 in the hope of reigniting our sex life I encouraged my wife to go have sex with random guys. she did with 3 all within a month and our sex life for the month after was AMAZING. literally anal every night . was so hot. she loved the dirty talk and she loved how slutty she was and I guess feeling attractive by men other than me .?didnt last. now trying to push her again to do that but she has zero interest.

>>828060216not a larper here, but one of the few types of threads i like to post in, but i don't want contribute pictures anymore because that shit could backfire

>>828060559what ?month and a half ? thay cant be true. she would be cacked in a layer of dirt and no one will come close to her within a yard.

>>828060649she probably is but so am I. just cant take antidepressants becuase I get bad side effects to all of them. so just have to live with it

>>828060700I would love that

>>828060877what about her taking them? it sucks that you both are living like that but you guys probably need to find a healthy way to get yourself out of the depression you both are in

>>828058150strangely enough she's not into black guys at all. I remember 3 years ago when she slept with 3 other guys and our sex life briefly improved wr went to adult store and this black guy tried to make out with her but she wasnt into it. told me after she's not into black guys

>>828060796No I’m serious. Unless she is showering when I am at work, (which I doubt) it is on average a month to month and a half between showers. That’s not to say she’s not using baby wipes and such to take a (whore bath) however. But that’s no substitute for a real shower. I’m not exaggerating.

>>828055300>3 or so years ago convinced her to go out and have sex with 3 random dudes which spiced up our life for like a month .When the divorce happens, she'll get the kids and you'll just die alone lol

>>828061074if you at least trust each other suggest it for her. make a joint email account, and agree not to give out real names etc. with my wife we also agreed she csnt sleep with same guy more than once. it worked out great. I honestly believe most women have slut fantasies but dont act out on them unless encouraged. just set rules and boundaries and I dont recommend this unless you trust each other completely.feel free to email me if you want to talk about this off line anonymously [email protected]

>>828060700I have pushed for something similar in the past with my wife. She wasn’t up for it sadly.

>>828061228is she really fat ?

>>828061448I’d love that as well. Used to talk with my wife about me and another guy DP’ing her.

>>828061251if divorce happens it will be by me. there is no way in hell she will ever file. she's pretty happy with me and that's the issue : she doesn't even see the problems in our marriage plus I cook and clean and take care of kids so I cater to all her laziness

>>828061076she cant even take her 3 daily weight Loss and prediabetic pills consistently. I'd literally run after her and wr had huge fights over it but she's so apathetic and lazy even taking pills thah might save her life . I cant add another pill to the pile

>>828061660Yeah I enable my wife’s laziness to an extent as well. I am literally about to do all of the grocery shopping for this week.... just as I have done for years due to my wife’s “anxiety”. Same here. Wife WILL NEVER file for divorce. Maybe I should use that to my advantage and just look elsewhere for sex. There in lies the issue. I just want her. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

>>828061854I am going through something similar. Wife refuses to even try to quit smoking. Despite being obese and unhealthy and probably prediabetic.

>>828061879that's the thing too: I've had a 3year affair and it was more stress than anything. having an affair while married is a lot fo work and stress. and after I had sex with my mistress I just wanted to be home with wife and kids and just relax

>>828061956to her defense I had a horrible time quitting smoking 9 years ago. fyi it probably keeps her weight down too

jesus this thread is depressing. Only been dating gf for a year and starting to think longer term. Questions for anons, did your wives go to college? have a job? come from an alright family? Just curious if the misery is from low class women

>>828062683yup to all of that, but i'm this guy >>828057472not miserable

>>828062683Wife is from a lower class family than my own to an extent. Your hypothesis may be correct. Could just be a lower class issue.

One thing I will point out in all this depression. At some point you realize that having a good partner is more important than just good sex. But it never stops being a need for you. I used to look down on cheaters, but now I get it. Also all those guys that turn gay when they are older..a mouth is a mouth.

>>828062974>>828063015yea im currently a grad student at a good university and can't imagine these issues from the girls around me but waht do i know about long term behavior

>>828063072it might not be too bad if her laziness didnt turn into selfishness. she wont even go to the beach with me which is my favorite place in the world.

>>828061660There is literally NOTHING she brings to the table then. You have nothing to lose at this point. Pay the ticket and get the fuck out of there. Be happy. See the kids every other weekend, more when they get older and away from her. There's FAR too many fatties out there who don't reek and love sex. This is the only life you get bro... don't piss it away and live it in misery.

Bumping so I can share this with the wife.

>>828064077not the OP you're responding to, but if it ever came to it, divorce doesn't sound like a bad option even if i have to pay alimony or child supporti barely spend anything as is and only need a few things to get by and still enjoy life

37 doing very well financially big house, suburbs. 3 kids and a nanny. Wife used to be petite now has gained 45lbs. She basically smokes cigarettes all day while the nanny plays with the kids. Sexy life is ok, once a week or so. Her pussy is just not the same after the kids.

>>828064077op here she brings a few things. she's extemely loyal. she's pretty submissive and run our finances. I had a 3 year affair and she probably knew but never did anything. at home she walks around in skimpy clothes which is nice. she gets a Brazilian wax once a month which is nice even if I just rub her pussy . she wears thongs and in bed she always takes her underwear off. she seems to really like fingering my ass which is weird as otherwise she's pretty prudish. so I guess a few things are ok

>>828055300Thank you all anons for solidifying my belief in not getting married. MGTOW all the way and also good luck to all of yous, hope everything works out in your favor.

>>828064517EXACTLY. Fuck the money. Get a girl you want to be with that does it all. My new girl is total freak. 215 currently but is down from 245 with 175 as the goal. She knows what soap is, wears mostly dresses and nice dressy shoes. Total whore in bed. Likes anal and BJs. Will do random sexy shit like take off her cloths in the car and just start playing with herself. Those chicks are out there, and worth the sesrch. Grab life by the balls!

IttLow self esteem beta males

If you tolerate sexually unsatisfying relationship you're a simp and you deserve to suffer

>>828065454it's not quite that simple. you could end up with a woman who has great sex but is unfaithful, demanding , self absorbed, or has other issues . it's not all black and white if all of us complaining in here knew 100% we will find someone else that provides good sex AND has good character wr would do it in a heartbeatproblem is it's a high risk

>>828066338Same problem I deal with now...

>>828055300>young chubby girl They grow up to be morbidly obese cows. What the fuck were you thinking? Your wife weighs 235 lbs. The same as an NFL linebacker. And she's five foot 6. What the fuck. Why would you marry and have kids with this disgusting trog? I feel sorry for the guys who's wife is actually kind of hot and suddenly decides after kids she doesnt want sex anymore. Guys like you...what the fuck would you want to bang that tree sloth for anyways? Probably have to give yourself a huge mix of viagra and LSD in order to get it up for sticking your dick in that cheese smelling dolphin blow hole anyways. Just go cheat on her with something that doesn't attract flies when it spreads you dumbass.

>>828057561she probably can't reach that far back. maybe take her to the car wash and pressure wash and scrub her rump down. Maybe go visit a cattle farm and use their livestock cleaning equipment.

>>828063199Yeah you may be correct. I have two female cousins that both have husbands that do well for themselves, and they both have degrees. They workout on a regular basis and stay trim. They have an older sister however that just doesn’t give a shit and married a Mexican.

>>828055300>>828056011stop being ugly and work out. She'll initiate more if you two didn't look like shrek. Once you start working out, pester her to work out as well.

It's a sad time for you fellas. I love fucking and sucking my husband. Most likely, your wives have lost their sense of self worth and don't feel sexy. I am boring too sometimes. It happens to all of us especially those with young kids or tons of stress. Make her feel wanted. Tell her she makes you hard. If she's dirty, run a bath or shower, pamper her, then fuck her.

>>828065454You are a fool if you think it’s THAT simple. My wife used to be a freak in bed, sex was amazing. At that time her weight was like 145 and she did her makeup everyday and she took care of herself. Now 10 years on and we have kids, a house, a mortgage, and she knows that I can’t just walk away from the son I would give my life for.

Imagine being so brainwashed by religion that u think a relationship is the bane of your existenceLmao

>>828067251We're to busy blaming women for all our problems to be bothered with any of this

>>828067320And what have you done to try to address this problem? Not tolerating it doesn't automatically mean getting up and leaving

>>828067251While we appreciate the advice. I’m sure all of us have tried that and continue to try that constantly. I know I have down this countless times. My wife knows she is wanted and loved and needed. She still acts the same. She’s just checkout out.

>>828055300what a cuck. just leave and be a man

>>828067454I have talked to her. I have encouraged her to workout. I even bought an elliptical because of her bad knees. I have been honest with her about how I want her to start taking better care of herself. Nothing has worked. Now I have a son that I love more than life and divorce is not an option.

>>828055300>been begging for anal for years and likely wont get it .Fuck her ass, by force, rape her if you need to. She'll do nothing. Stop asking, take everything you want.

I'm almost the same age as OP. For some reason I thought marrying an older girl was a good idea. Don't do that. If you can bag a decent girl that's ten years younger than you f'n do it. Don't have kids would very much like to have a kid or two. Wife has gained alot of weight since we got married. I'm not that attracted to her now. I'm attracted to girls that are on the knifes edge of being hot and ugly at the same time. She's still sweet and kind, but she doesn't do anything besides take care of the dogs in a very minimal way. I cook. I clean more than her, but I don't like to when it seems like it doesn't matter with in a day or two. I do the laundry. Right now I'm the one working. We haven't had sex in months because she needs to see an OBGYN and we've been fucked with having health insurance for about a year now. In the works changing that though. I get head pretty often, but she doesn't let me cum on her face. She's never once gotten on top of me. She's just so lazy in bed. If she wasn't so nice I'd probably leave her. And find someone younger. And no that doesn't mean I want her to get mean.

i want it so bad but i haven't been able to convince my wife to get fucked by a guy with a bigger cock than minei bring it up every time we have sex because her obvious disgust at me makes me bust in seconds

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>>828067766Dude... you need to get therapy/counseling. Nothing ends relationships faster than that cuck shit.

>>828056430>.to this day she sometimes smells like she doesnt wipe too good but I dont say anything anymore.America, everybody.

>>828067584You sound very effeminate

>>828057561dude just leave em

>>828067868be honest though... would you pump her mouth and fill it with cum?

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>>828067185op here. pic is me. for 37 year old I'd say I'm in decent shape. I ask her to even just go on walks with me and it turns into a fight

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>>828067868U didn't even realize that every relationship in this thread is about to end...

>>828067875I know plenty of people that wipe until they bleed. I did that and then I got a hemorrhoid. Then I learned very quickly how to never get another one of those ever again. And thankfully I haven't.

>>828058415nice larp

>>828068015>I ask her to even just go on walks with meMaybe ur unbearable to be around.

>>828058720she ugly bro

>>828056430Gross fucking creature you married>>828056356Yeah no shit hell breaks loose, retard>>828056011You can control whether to be a dick to her. Why don't you try communicating with her like an intelligent person? Tell her what you want and need and she may just fulfill those needs

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>>828067766just wear a sleeve faggot

>>828059588hahaha nah

>>828057561Fucking disgusting beast women. You guys are fucking beta bitches

>>828067251if only it were that simple .I CONSTANTLY compliment her looks. ALL THE TIME. her reaction is negative. she gets annoyed and only gets passionate when I say anything even remotely bad. I've offered to bathe her and rub her back in the shower. buy her a ton of dresses and semi sexy stuff. been doing that for years .no effect


>>828067251Tits? Asking nicely since u replied so nicely.

>>828068110how am i supposed to eat another man's cum out of her used pussy if i wear a sleeve?

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>>828067999Who, Kathy Griffin from thirty years ago? She's not exactly awful, but no. Not my type.

>>828058720Fucking fags detected

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>>828060247get a divorce cuck

>>828067068sounds like the type of girls that are capable of getting through college with the plan to work (so actual degree not a bullshit one) will be willing to take care of themselves and have self discipline while most of these others gave up on life a long time ago

>>828068168just eat your own, if you want, damnI really don't get the cuck shit.Like we'll switch and sub sometimes, but cuckshit just seems lame in a marriage

>>828067999That's a trap

>>828067895Yes me not wanting my son to go through what I went through is effeminate.

>>828061074cuck loser. your wife isn't attracted to you

>>828068089cant be that since plenty of people hang out with me just fine.

>>828068226no interest in eating my own cumi would honestly pay $5000 if it meant i got to eat another guy's cum out of her used holes thoughi can assure you she has a sweet tight pussy with soft well groomed ginger hair on top

Attached: 7.png (1004x829, 1.43M)

>>828068269Ya. Ok bud

>>828068321I mean I'll wear a sleeve and fuck her if that makes you feel betterI'd fuck your wife

>>828055300Been together for a few years now and she’s boring at sex. No fetishes, nothing interesting, nothing spontaneous. It’s so fucking boring. I’m literally down for any fetish possible including scat and she still has no interests

>>828068309Sure thing kiddo>My wife don't want to be around me and it's everybody else's fault.Rofl

>>828068321Dude, get some therapy. If you're that well off you need to find a way to make your life work. Go find a Church. Something. Don't do what you're talking about on here. It's simply self destruction and nothing more.

>>828066874LOLOLOLOL exactly. she had bad habits when she was young. THE DUDE STILL WIFED HER UP!!! AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

>>828068392Why are u so obsessed with sex?Maybe there's something wrong with u

>>828068106im assuming your not into bigger girls or bbws?

>>828068471Because sex is essential in relationships. I just want something fun

>>828068352skip the sleeve pleasei want you to go raw and pump your cum inside herthen i want her to sit on my face and make fun of my little dick while the cum drips out of her pussy and into my mouth

Attached: 3.png (795x824, 1018.8K)

>>828068471>Why are u so obsessed with sex?Woman detected...

>>828068548Ok retard. Good comeback

>>828068406well I'm not denying maybe SHE doesn want to, but she seems more than happy to go to conventions and restaurants and other places with me that SHE likes, it's only things I like to do like the beach or walking or running or the gym she refuses .plus i had a 3 year affair and that women did everything with me just fine. so do my gym buddies and friends.

>>828067766dude stop with cuck shit

>>828068504Thanks for not answering the question.

>>828067875lol eurofag spotted. your woman are trash

>>828068643That’s the answer you absolute inbred idiot. I’m assuming you’re asexual or maybe your hormones are off wack from trans therapy that you can’t understand the need for sex. Either way, you’re mentally fucked

>>828068471Sex is about half of what it means to be alive as a human being. At least to a man that is. Think about that. Really think about that. He didn't choose that mentality. Nature and his ancestry did. Be thankful that our fetishes derived from rape have been domesticated.

>>828068617Are u retarded by chance?

>>828068611kinda have to agree with him though. what kind of question is that ? men are literally hard wired to do everything in life just to get laid

>>828068536I mean, I do have a thing for redheads. you gonna watch though?location?


>>828068726>nature and his ancestry didWhat?

>>828055300 so you never cheated ever? Why don't you just find a fun girlfriend? Or just cut your losses and divorce her before you get too old? Kids can sense a bad relationship and you end up doing more harm

>>828068321this dude larping. honestly man you just might be a faggot. its okay just kys so your wife can get on with her life.

>>828068746yeah the deal is i get to watch and clean up with my mouthwe're in texas, you?

Attached: 2.jpg (1536x2048, 228.89K)

>>828068718Why are u so obsessed with sex?Why are u so defensive?What happened to you as a child?

>>828068732ok guess you're just trolling . I was actually entertaining your suggestions so as to keep an open mind

>>828068751way too much of a small dicked cuck for her to ever give me nudes

Attached: 11.jpg (1210x1613, 802.72K)

>>828068737Prove it

>>828068800Sorry, I forget that not everyone is secretly a eugenicist.

>>828068842oh hey, dfwAnd you can cleanup, sure

>>828068856Not trolling. U don't seem to have a firm grasp on how humans operate

>>828055300American wife, knows she doesnt have to try anymore.

>>828068928>>828068842Also, why not have her dom you?It's pretty great too

>>828068928you cucks all need to die. fucking weak men.

>>828068843Typing like a child so I’m assuming you were abused as one and love to infantalize. Maybe your micropenis adds to your role play

>>828068831I had a long affair from Sept 2013 to June 2016. it was more stressful than not. she got me addicted to painkillers. did a ton of kinky shit but she ended up being a sociopathic pathological liar so got fed up. it was amazing the first 2 years or so then last year started unraveling i remember when it ended I felt relief. genuinely missed my down to earth and easy going and loyal wife and for a few months I was content. then just got bored again

>>828068920Guess not but you’re openly an autist

>>828068868... Are you hard? You don't even look that over weight. Still though I think you're trying to make your self look small.

>>828069007So many excuses for why u can't answer a simple question

>>828057452Free those titties!

I've been with one girl for 11 years. It was good for first 4, than it turned toxic. I felt that I was dying inside, unhappy, depressed to a point of suicidal thoughts. But for some fucking reason I felt that I was responsible for her. I lost all my friends, nothing I was interested in made me happy, I started gaining weight and felt more like shit each day. Finally I found strenght to end it. I felt even worse. I feelt guilty and bad, hated myself. It took me few months to start doing something with my life. I still isolated myself from others and focused on spending time with myself (during relationship we sepnt nearly 24/7 with eachother). After year I lost weight, from 120kg to 85, started to feel better again and met a different girl. It has been 2 months since I met this new one. It was great at first but last week it started to feel similar again. I'm startig to think that it is impossible for me to feel good with anyone. I feel like I have PTSD or some shit, every sign of something not going well makes me anxious. I feel bad, angry, stressed. This makes no sense. I have a good job, ear good money, I look good now, and I don'tthink about my ex of 11 years anymore, but the feeling when something goes wrong now is the same as it was back then. I don't wan't to talk with anyone about it, so venting here is my only option. I don't blame girls for that I blame myself.

>>828068989because she's completely turned off by me being sexually submissive>>828068928for real? dfw? she's never going to go for it but hit me with your discord

Attached: 13.png (729x746, 1.07M)

>>828069057i'm not overweight, that's just how big it is. 3.75" hard

>>828068951well i answered your questions as honestly as I could and explained why you might be right but here are some examples that show you might be wrong . you're not really saying anything of value just throwing out meaningless insults

>>828069013Sounds like YOU have some mental illness to deal with

>>828068842Post tits

>>828069039It is possible, but I've never gotten to experience any privilege from it. I was always screamed at to try harder. Which I probably should have tried harder. Since I could pass and even excel at just about anything in school with out trying in the slightest. Sometimes being smart can lead to bad habits.

>>828069177yep, right off 121damn, that's a tough one...we'll see what can happen but can at least tell you how i'd fuck your redhead, as long as the gf is cool with itBobdole1167

>>828069105he did you illiterate retard he enjoys sex and wants more of it. like vast majority of men do. just becuase you have a low sex drive dont expect other men to as is extremely important in a relationship

>>828069157>. I have a good job, ear good moneySo strange that this never fixes anybody's problems.And btw. You will do the same things over and over and over until you know why you do the things you do

>>828069206Oh I'm sorry. I forgot we only badmouth and insult women here. Especially the women were married toHahahahahahahaha

>>828069157>I don't wan't to talk with anyone about itThat's your problem. I have that too. It's hard to recognize.

>>828069279yes the thing that turns her on most is knowing other men are attracted to heri'll show her everything you talk about doing to her, i'll add you

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Listen to all of you whiny cucks.The truth is those who have poor wives have poor character themselves.

Attached: 1573105099318.jpg (229x343, 20.8K)

>>828069298No he didn't. Maybe ur the tard

>>828069279nothing but queers in texas it seems

>>828069217if anything having that affair showed me the complete opposite of my wife isn't that great either. the mistress was seductive , attractive, extemely intelligent, driven, aggressive, very sexual, and extremely clean........ but she was conniving, lying, fake, and ultimately dangerous. my wife is literally the opposite of all that. it made me hesitate even more to leave her and find someone else becuase I could very well end up with someone like my mistress

>>828069447So true.

>>828069506how is it gay for a man and a woman to fuck?

Attached: 5.jpg (960x640, 76.6K)

>>828069343Maybe it depends on the people's problems. I don't feel free when I'm in debt. When I don't feel free I'm not me. Do you get that?

>>828069541meant to tag >>828069485

>>828069447weak men

adultery is one of the 10 commandments enjoy hell you closet faggot heathens

>>828069468well a real man wouldn't even ask that dumbass question at all. it's a dumb question so except people to call you a dumbass

>>828055300You should look up Jordan Peterson or Tony for marriage advice. Save this one or the next but it's necessary advice to have.

>>828069427During my 11 year relationship i stopped talking about what I feel because it always led to a fight, and now I can't tak with anyone about any of my feelings. Peaple around me mistake me for someone calm and that's not true, I just keep everything inside.

>>828069580you're a cuck and so is the spineless fag who wants your cum in his wife so he can eat the jizz. sounds like some fag shit to me.

>>828069595Nobody is going to hell over just adultery. Learn what god actually hates. Over what he dislikes.

>>828056011Have a black guy bang her, if you get a boner you stay with her. If you suck the black guy you're gay, but if mr pee pee doesn't move, then it means you should get a divorce and move to Thailand to bang hookers.

>>828069206Nvm the troll. Obviously user is trolling.I think just focus on being happy yourself. Lead by example. Maybe take an extra course of leadership or anything you might find interesting. Instead of trying to drag her up to your level you can lead her to follow.

>>828069431sounds good to me my manAnd yeah that works for me, would definitely fuck her raw for you>>828069485oh no, you got me

>>828068420nah i'm gonna get another guy to fuck her so i can clean her used pussy

>>828069597Why are u so defensive?

>>828069206Oh and your kids are old enough to take after you so try and involve the whole family. It's really important unless you want your kids to hate you for being a selfish douch later on. t. son-of-a-selfish-douch

>>828069541jeeesus fuck yeahcan I only cum inside or is her face alright with you too? Better to just put it where I want

>>828055300I doubt any of that is a new development.What made you stay with her in the first place?Sex is like, 50% of a relationship.

>>828055300Me, except I'm upper middle class, and my wife weighs less than she did when we first met. She is awful when it comes to sex and over the years it has made me awful too. She never has orgasms unless it is with her giant back massager, so sex is really just for me. So sex has turned into something she allows me to do to her rather than with her.Also fucking hygiene! She has the worst morning breath and never washes her pussy. She says it will ruin her pH and shit. All her undies have huge brown skid marks and it makes me disgusted. When she is clean enough for me to want to lick her pussy, she doesn't like it. She always stops me and says I'm tickling her, or going to rough, or to soft, whatever I'm doing is never as good as her massager. My solution? Hookers a few times a year. It gets the strange out of my system and doesn't risk the marriage. I used to cheat but that is way too risky and I know whatever replacement I got would just end up like my current wife.

>>828069766Can't tell if ur trolling or retarded

>>828069411>Speaking openly about things they see as hinderances and problems in their relationshipsvs. >Hurr durr, muh woman is shietRead the thread faggot. They're literally good husbands looking for help spicing up their life with the women they love.

>>828069836it's okay if you want to cum on her faceas long as i can lick it clean when you're done

Attached: 1.jpg (800x1094, 75.31K)

>>828069689I got that from my mother. I learned that behavior from interacting with her. It's never left me. And it probably never will. I just have to find breaks in the clouds to recognize something I actually need to talk to someone about. And usually that somebody is my wife. I still think talking is just going to lead me into more trouble, and when I do talk and it doesn't lead me into more trouble I find myself dumbfounded by it. You'd think it would stick. That I would learn, but so far I haven't.

>>828055300Yep. Same boat. My wife is even less into sex though.


>>828069766oh and don't forget the # between dole and the numberswant to see more of her in my DMs>>828069916go for it my man, ain't any skin off my back what y'all do with it.She on the pill?




>>828055300I'm 36, she's 32. Been together 8 years. We have one son, who's 1. He's my pride and joy, although he really fucked the life we had before. Sleeping in, reading, podcasts, even just watching shit on Netflix... My wife is a good person, truly. My only regret is that she was always so vanilla with sex and still is.Even when we first started dating, the sex was often... but very samey. Blowjobs were a big deal, and anal lol no. She is afraid of cum, and as soon as I start squirting she pulls her hand away afraid to get any on it, which half ruins it, despite telling her not to do that.Why?? Well I liked her in a lot of other ways, and I had gfs and dates before, but none really that sparked like her. So I figured that like most girls I had dated before, she'd loosen up sexually once she was more comfortable with me. Fast forward several years, she hasn't. Any dads will know what a young child does to your sex life, on top of it all. Used to get a handjob on my morning wood at least once a week or so, or morning sex, or sex in the shower. Sex at least 1-2 times a week on average. Since our son was born, we've had sex 7 times, total!I get a half-assed, short blow job if I almost beg. I am clean, groomed, weigh the same as I always have. I tell her when I going to cum, and have never cummed in her mouth or anywhere above the neck, so I find it a bit insulting. Yes, I go down on her and often, too. She can't cum from it, but it gets her wet and squirming.Once in a blue moon she'll surprise me by sucking me off unasked, but I could probably count on two hands total how many times that's happened. Basically, I am so sexually bored and I don't even want anything extreme. Through my job I meet a lot of women in their early 20s and could probably fuck some if I try. I've looked up hookers several times or fantasize about doing business trips where I can fuck random sluts I meet in a bar or on tindr or whatever. Don't want an affair, just want to fuck.


>>828069911>They're literally good husbands>On 4chanHahahaha

>>828069979which one? lmaoJust tellme in discyou can host too if you want to make it more personal. I take payment in shiner

>>828069870>giant back massagerThat's your problem. You have to somehow get her weened off the fucking thing. The deal is she's too used to clitoral stimulation over vaginal. Your marriage is being ruined by a back massager.

>>828055300You need a vacation, I know you said you're not poor, but 2k in savings is poor. You can withdraw your 401k penalty free right now due to COVID. Leave the kids with relatives and go to Mexico, Hawaii, Spain..... somewhere and just fuck the shit out of her. Plan like a year out so you have something to look forward to/plan for. Eat her ass in the shower, raw dog her, make her take Plan B like a whore. If that doesn't work then its time to move on. Your life if half over and it'll be downhill here shortly. I see so many people waste their lives, work til their 70 and die without having any fun.

>>828070072>together for 8 years>together for 11 years>together for 12 years>x kids Yea faggot. People stay together if they don't like each other. And they definitely get kids together and keep sticking together. Go put on another shoa somewhere in the desert you crawled out of.

>>828067051best advice

>>828062683I'm on my 2nd marriage - I have a 23 year old son living in another state/ My wife is 12 years younger than me.We had sex and she sucked me off all the time when we were dating. After marriage, blowjobs disappeared overnight and we've had sex twice this year - once on my birthday. We're both college grads and household income is over $200k a year. Bottom line - wish I'd stayed single after my first marriage. to Patrice oneal. This advice is timeless.

>>828070190>. People stay together if they don't like each other.Hahahaha

>>828070027The best thing you can do for near future life is set your child to have bed times. Start at 8:30pm and get them used to entertaining them selves and staying out of your hair late at night. VERY IMPORTANT

>>828070233>income is over $200kHahahahahaha. So much cringe

>>828067051lol'd hard for some reason. thanks for the image user.

>>828070305>get them used to entertaining them selves and staying out of your hairSo why have kids? Sounds like an inconvenience

>>828070133>You can withdraw your 401k penalty free right now due to COVID.WTF are you serious? What do you mean by that exactly? Do you still have to pay income tax on what was taken out?

>>828070414Inconvenience... yes that's most of life. Especially the parts worth living. Don't worry, I know I'm not the one to preach about such things. Look. Having kids is a pain in the ass, but it doesn't have to be that bad. You don't have to raise your kids like a fucking modern sitcom and have them run your house hold. People used to have kids to have more labor hands on their farm. Don't let the state tell you how to raise your child. It's not their business. It's not their place.

>>828070233Think that'd probably be my plan if I ever divorced again, stay single, chill out and just do dad things. No guarantee that I'll have a sexy health life or relationship and feel like I could go without them at this point.

>>828070816>a sexy health lifeExactly.

>>828071082my brain did fail a me it did yeshealthy sex life

>>828071169Is there a difference?

Married, 2 kids.Wife has doubled in size since our wedding. Started plumping up before the kids, never lost the pregnancy weight she put on, so she's probably 250-300 lbs now.What's most frustrating is her refusal to prioritize her health and take care of herself at all. She won't go to the gym or get any exercise because she doesn't like to sweat, doesn't want people to see her sweat, and especially doesn't like to be around sweaty people. She tends to get caught up in her work during the day and forget to eat until she's starving, then pig out on the quickest, easiest, crappiest junk food she can find. She's also a full-blown sugar addict and can't resist eating sweet treats at every opportunity. Sometimes she goes on a 'diet', which usually consists of her picking a diet plan and rules-lawyering it so she can still work in her treats (i.e., "if I don't eat all day I'll have enough weight watchers points for a slice of cheesecake from cheesecake factory tonight") instead of following the spirit of the plan and eating healthy, then after a month or so she'll give up.When she's not working (or working from home) she's sitting in bed, working on her laptop and phone and/or watching TV. This messes with her sleep, so I'll often wake up at like 3-4am and find her awake and blearily looking at her phone or having a panic attack about something.She'll drop sexual hints all day long, but when nighttime rolls around and the kids are in bed, she's usually too tired, having some unexplained nausea and/or digestive issues, her neck / back / shoulders are too sore (probably from sitting on the bed hunched over her laptop for hours at a time), having too much anxiety because of some issue with her work or family, etc. So we only end up having sex about once a week. On the bright side, she likes it doggy style, which hides her big fat gut from me while I'm fucking her.

>>828070305Word. Unfortunately, sleeping has always been the thing most difficult about him. We've read books and asked experts, but shit is still hard.He's almost 1 now. It's a lot better compared to months ago, but just getting him to sleep takes an hour or so, sometimes more. (It used to take up to 3 off and on struggling). He will just not shut off till he's totally DONE and by then he's cranky as fuck. Not always, but usually. And by then my wife is tired and just wants to go to bed. Sometimes she'll hit the sack at 8:30 or 9. She also doesn't like her tits being handled right now since she's still nursing and I guess associates them with our son.. I guess once he's older and in a more normal routine it'll be another thing. (>>828070414 was not me)>>828070414My son is the greatest thing that's happened to me, and every day I wake up to him babbling and poking my belly button is a joy. If having him meant I'd never ever have sex again, I'd still do it. I have no regrets and I love the little guy. I'm just bitching in general.

Me and my GF have been together less than a year.Sex is great, most days when I pick her up at her parents place shes already wet. Pretty much fuck an hour a day at least, and atleast 6 times a week. Shes on the pill too so I dont have to wrap it up. Likes to be slapped around when we have sex. 5'9" Always clean shaven, always gives me a bj and swallows.She has a lot of emotional issues from past abusive relationships and sometimes she gets clingy, but it isnt too bad.She is slim and tall with a nice body, and she cooks and cleans for me. No real complains to be honest.

>>828071318Wow. Who molested this fatso?

>>828057830This one seems like it’s on you. She want so do more but you lack the enthusiasm.

>>828071662>emotional issues from past abusive relationshipsHahahahaha. Not how it works bud

>>828070049Why the fuck would I make that shit up?

>>828071963Care to elaborate?

>>828069431Just post her tits bro I'll jerk off to her

>>828070128I would say that's true, except she's always been tough to make orgasm. Hell I've only given her 4 or 5 orgasms from penetration only in the 16 years we've been together. I don't think it's me, I used to make other women cum, but it's been so long since I've really tried because she's just going to ask for her back massager.

>>828070816Yep - exactly. I've fucked enough women in my life to say it was a win, so hooking up with the occasional woman would be fine as a single guy. I was very happy being single after divorce, but thought I'd found someone to be with. I was wrong but at this point, don't want to go through divorce again.

>>828072146Damn. I'm glad I came to 4chan to hear this little bitches problems

>>828070233I caught myself telling my wife that if we split up I would NEVER fucking get married again. Then I was like.. nobody could ever replace you....hunny

>>828070816To be sure, my son is the best thing that ever happened to me - he's awesome. But after divorcing his mother, I should have stayed single.

>>828070326Totally not a big deal for two spouses working to make that. It's cringe that you find that cringe poorfag.

>>828072057No. Sorry.


>>828071318You just need to start dominating her. Call her a fat cow. Wake her up every morning at 5am for her workout. That shit is NOT okay, especially with kids watching and learning from her example

>>828072501Seriously. What does money have to do with blowjobs. You should be embarrassed that poor white trash gets more blowjobs than you ever will. Kys u worthless piece of shit

>>828072600Ok. I'm gonna share something with you . Any and every mental issue anybody has ever had always goes all the way back to their childhoods.

>>828055300Don't be such a pussy bro. I go through stretches of time when my misso doesn't want any. I learned pretty fast that all you have to do is stop trying to go to her. You have a hand fucking use it. Make her feel like she needs to come to you. Chicks are fucking strange, they don't want whats easy ever. You need to make it seem like you are doing just fine without her sexual attention, so she feels like she has to work harder for you to want her. Its backwards as fuck but trust me it works. Just be the man and sort it out for yourself instead of practically relying on her to do shit for you. She knows you want her sexually so she thinks she doesn't need to try. Make the bitch work for it.

>>828071546When my oldest daughter was little she refused to go to bed. I used to go in bed with her and have to hold her down while she flipped out and cried until she fell asleep. It hurt me too because I love her so much, but three weeks later, she was sleeping at her bed time.

Marriedfags, read this. "Making her your Slut." It is priceless and will yield fruit if

>>828068269My daughter is the only reason I haven't left. She wakes up and gives me a huge huge and kiss on the cheek before I head to work. Seeing her happy and the look on her face when I get home from the plant is what keeps me wanting to live. Only us truly loving dads will understand that. I know for a fact that that is why so many of us don't get divorced. Hang in there buddy.

She won't let me fuck her asshole

Attached: jen-spreading-for-a-look.jpg (1753x2093, 712.76K)

>>828071662Enjoy it while it lasts chief, women are all the same, you'll catch the short end the the stick some day. I give it 5 good years.

>>828056570Basically this woman need to feel the pressure of other woman wanting you . Been with my Gf for 3 years she's a solid 9/10 and If been cheating on her from day one not giving a shit about the relationship until I need to . Its low maintenance and works great . I know it's scumy but thats the only way it works

>>828072901She knows your little soldier wouldn't do enough up her shit chute for it to be pleasurable.

Guess I'm one of the few people super happy in this thread?Started dating my wife freshman year of college, got married ~6 years after that. Been together a total of 10 years now. We're 30/31 now.I lost my virginity to her, she had sex with one person before me.Her fitness has been on and off, but starting about 2 years ago she's been seeing a trainer so she's in the best shape of her life.During the slow times we have sex once a week or so, other times it's closer to every other day, just depends on what our lives are like at the time.I make most of the money but she works, mostly buys things she wants with her own money. She does most of the work around the house. We don't have kids and decided we wanted one about 7 mo ago but we stopped trying once COVID hit.We basically never argue but we communicate well and we still hang out and do stuff together on the regular and generally enjoy each other's company.I guess if I had to complain about anything it would be that she's super introverted so she doesn't really like to go out and do stuff with groups of people or meet my newer friends (our old close friends from college and earlier she's always down to do stuff with when they're in town), but she never has any issue with me just going and doing my own thing.

>>828055300Your fault for settling. You couldnt better yourself enough to get a dime. You are now stuck with a 5/10.

>>828074484>5/10Dude, she's over 200lbs and does not give a shit. Easily a 3/10. Op should divorce and be done with it.

>ITT: dumbfucks that got marriedI was like you idiots once. I got married at 17. Guess what, I got divorced at 20 because she turned into a fat lazy fuck. Yeah we had a kid and I had child support, bit it was worth it. Now I'm 43. I've been engaged for 7 fucking years and Everytime gf brings it up, I just brush it off and say someday we'll get married. Which ofc we never fucking will will because the minute you do, bitches get complacent, fat and lazy and dont want sex. Tldr, get a fucking divorce you nutless, pussy whipped excuse for men.

Attached: boohoo.jpg (750x518, 300.07K)

>>828074766This. Getting divorced was the best thing that ever happened to me. Don't have child support though, because believe it or not I got 50/50 custody in a mom state.

>>828057561Gross. I’d go back to jerking off to porn if my wife looked that horrid.

>>828074331God damn. Right in meh feels. Ouch

>>828060318You are gonna end up caring for a morbidly obese woman after you hit 50+.Get ready to pay for endless healthcare and managing her endless needs, like washing her and giving her diabetic shots and just generally moving her about.My aunt is the same way and now my sister is going down the same route (genetics). I’ve given up on marriage at age 36. I’m fine with being alone, rather than living with all this baggage. Had a gf long term, but we drifted apart after we had a baby girl. Was willing to get married, but she saw my desperation to remain independent. Now she lives down the block and we both support the kid, while we both live in our own houses and have our own lives. Lucky about that.

>>828074357Maybe I am one of the happy people here too but I don't feel as happy as I should beBeen dating my girlfriend about 3 years, she is 30 I am 36. I am alright looking, she is better looking than me 8/10 without makeup to 9+/10 with. She also has an extremely high sex drive and we used to have sex 5+ times a day. We both make good money - she is in the low 6 figures and I am in the mid 6 figures. Importantly she has 2 kids from a prior relationship. We live togetherI feel like since we started together things have gone downhill a bit though. Nothing major, nothing terrible, just a slow decline.She used to want to travel all the time, now (even pre COVID) she isn't as into it. She used to be basically an elite level runner, now she jogs. She used to want to find women to set up threesomes, now we never find the time. She used to always keep herself absolute mint, now she skips the makeup in the morning. We don't have sex as much now, maybe once a day or every other day. And that's coming from my side becaue I feel less happy I think.For me I always hated being in relationships because I felt trapped and she seemed like such a flexible woman and a great catch that I went for it anyway. But I am starting to feel trapped again.

>>828060559If you’re not larping, then you need to move on from that cow. Can’t imagine the smell.....just ew.

>>828055300ugly ass


I recommend you guys try chastity and or femdom in general. Once the woman gets to feel like the active participant in the situation, she feels more motivation to seek it out for herself, and it will really spice things up.Just make sure to lay ground rules about what you guys are comfortable with; no cuck shit for example

>>828075666This sounds weird or too "clinical" to some people, but once a year my wife and I sit down and do a "relationship retrospective" where we talk about the past year in the context of our relationship and talk about things that went well, things that could be improved, and any changes or goals we have for the next year.It's great because it's the perfect time to have any hard convos that you might want to put off so as to not "ruin a day" or something.I'd highly recommend it to anyone in any sort of long term relationship.

>>828075945what if i want cuck shit

Well to be fair, we're all on 4chan so we're not that loyal either. Treat your wife amazing and she will return the favor. It's not going to happen instantly, but keep at it. It's worth it. There are not that many things more important than making your wife think you're the man.

>>828055300Not married but in a seven year relationship with my current gf. I really love her. We have a son together who makes me a really proud dad. Is 2 years old now.>she only cares for the child.>Never does chores like laundry or cleaning.>rarely cooks.>we have Sex like once a week when I’m lucky...>only casual sex. Even though I would let her fuck other guys, she refuses and has this sometimes casual sex with me..This is going on for the past 4-5 years now (except the child thing of cours) and it came like it has to Someday..I fuck my neighbors fiancé.She’s also frutrated. > he rarely fucks her.> if they fuck and he cums it’s over and she has to finish herself off.>etc.Overall: we meet all the time cause we are neighbors and friends. And if there is no one else home and the kids are sleeping or elsewhere, we fuck like animals!I always make sure she cums first! Sometimes I don’t even need to lick her to orgasm, like my gf, I just fuck her and when I’m finished, she already came twice. And if (never happened) she hasn’t cum, I would totally stand a man and make her. With everything! Fingers, tongue, dildos or vibrators.. Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I’m over there for breakfast.My gf is gone, her fiancé is gone and the kids are probably still asleep.. is going to be the best Father’s Day ever!

ITT people who communicate like children and won't be both direct and constructive in how they talk to their wives.Seriously, you should all be in couples therapy just to learn how to fucking communicate. You're all focused on nookie but don't know how and when to talk.

>>828068015Post dick

>>828077397honestly this. communication is the basis of any halfway decent relationship.

>>828070451100% serious, depends if its roth or traditional. Google COVID 401K withdraw and it'll explain it all.

>>828068321Has she ever cut you with her nose?

>>828069177Texas?If you're in Austin I'm sure there would be a line of freaks ready to take her on.

>>828071662All of that will change in time.Sex and blowjobs will disappear.She'll inflate like the Goodyear blimp and everything you say and do will be wrong and everything will be your fault.

I like reading threads like this because it reminds me that any complaints I have about my relationship are minor.Married 30 years, kids.She weighs less than she did when we met, up at 5am to run every day. Works hard, earns more than I do and I earn a lot.Sex pretty much every day, twice a day on weekends, 3 times a day if she's trying to kill me. All holes open. Sex in my office once a week. Nudes sent to me whenever she or I are out of town.Sure, there are some games I'd like to do that she doesn't want, sure we get in a rut sometimes where we do the same thing because she finds it comfortable. But damn, some of you guys are just sad.

My girlfriend stopped fucking me. Like, no initiative, no desire, no nothing from her. I'm getting so bored with this situation that I'm contemplating leaving her.I'm trying to get her to fuck someone else to see if she actually enjoys sex or she's asexual. She still doesn't want to. I feel like this is the only exciting thing that can happen in our bedroom. How can I get her to fuck someone else?

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