Kansas thread

Kansas thread

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Bi curious 21 year old here in wichita

This thread is too young to die. Here's a model from outside wichita.

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>>828055609Cute as fuck


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>>828057744Holy shit

>>828057698Yeah she was posted on here I actually know her. Want to see more

shitty ass thread fuck you

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Emporia cougar tits

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>>828057829Yeah - got discord?


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>>828057925I don't it got nuked. I have kik or if you have more of her or from her area I can try to make another cord. Would prefer just kik tho

Anybody got chicks from Topeka?

>>828057925Have moar to share on cord?>>828057698


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>>828057925Just made one dmaster#5807>>828058015

>>828058350I’m in love

>>828058397>Just made one dmaster#5807What's your Kik and what part of KS is she from?


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>>828058529Mlanon 620


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I'm always surprised I've never seen my ex wife on a ks thread. Stripper turned 1st grade teacher. Huge whore.

>>828059044Post her


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Married, lesbo friend I gave my cum to cuz she wanted a baby.

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>>828055293get the fuck back to s

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>>828058236onlyfans.com/obailtheriffShe's from Topeka but her prices are too high to be worth it imo

>>828059200Damn! I would tear her up..

>>828059200i'm obsessed

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>>828059239nothing to brag about.

>>828059401>simping>thinking any money is worth a nude femaleBig fucking yikes to you niggers out there>inb4 poorfagNope, just don't waste money on something you'll never fuck.

>>828059596I can imagine sex with that goblin:“Don’t look at me, you know i can’t cum when you look at me.” “But...” “Pur the bag back on! Now”

>>828060174What a cool story

>>828060078I mean, its more than you've prolly done so...

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>>828060272I’m with that user, at least find a brothel somewhere and wear a condom. These camwhores aren’t a substitute for real human interaction.

>>828060366Even weirder logicImagine referring to hookers as "real human interaction"

>>828060278About 75 lbs more than anything I've done it looks like

>>828060278She's roughly 60 to 80 pounds heavier than my gf whom I fuck on the regular.But you sure told me incel.

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>>828059151Haven't seen her in over 10 years and proud of that fact.


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>>82806064860 to 80? Your girl chubby? If this chick is over 5'4" even with this build she over 200 lbs kek

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>>828061032My cock loves her. You got discord user??

Not enough niggers and meth heads to be a proper Kansas thread

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>>828061227Post the full sizes?

Keep them coming... hoping to see someone I know!!

>>828062240Just lerking or anything to share best way to keep these alive is sharing

I have a few from the Missouri side

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>>828060527At least there is a physical element. Imagine having romantic and sensual feelings for a hooker who has never and will never touch so much as your hand.

>>828062531Sucks about her face

>>828062956"romantic and sensual"Jesus what a fucking dork

>>828063013Me tooAnyone know how to shop faces?

>>828062956Do you cry when you watch porn or something?


>>828060830That guy is out of Topeka

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>>828063147Looks like she needs her body shopped too..

>>828063218Whoa nice more of her?

>>828063133Not that user but.He’s right. You simps fall in love with sluts sharing nudes on the internet. It’s pathetic. Kys

>>828063378Stop projecting your weird incel insecuritiesI like to pay normal girls to do degrading shit

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>>828064012Looks cute

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>>828064218Now that is a flat chest

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>>828064231>>828064274Continue these girls are great

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>>828061756Here's your druggy

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>>828065287That is a lovely ass

>>828057416Got more and or a name?

>>828057885Yo! Hold up. I live here, yo user she go to the local gym?!

>>828065540Idk I moved several years ago we just hooked up a few times havent spoken to her in years. Have a kik or other wins from area?

>>828065524Cassidy wheatley. Ig she's famous enough to have free nude modeling shoots now. Googling the name should get you your fill.

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>>828065233Hot! More!

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>>828065540Think you know her?


>>828066284Does she roll over?

>>828066341Should be able to find more Kenz ill find a link

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Any Hays or Salina girls?

>>828061822Kik? layacyac

>>828066493Know a couple sisters in area I wish there were wins out there of. Bump

>>828067190Honestly clothed pics are fine imo if you wanna post those

>>828066321Nah I think the lady I’m thinking of has tattoos.

>>828067370Don't have pics of them

>>828067511A lot? Again this is an old picture and she might have had a couple. Know initial of who you're thinking about? Any other emporia chicks?

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Keep them sluts coming

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Great bend

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>>828069402More of this one?

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>>828069504This is a great photographer for her boudoir shoot

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>>828069735>>828069758Loving the tattooed chicks

Topeka slut

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>>828070216This slut has been on every Kansas related site for years. Literally everybody has seen every single picture kek

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Yall just raiding boudoir sites?

>>828070345No shit, but still Kansas so she fits in

>>828070405It's out of Topeka

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>>828070538Shit I don't mind the chicks are hot was just hoping more wins would pop up

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>>828071272There ya go. Moar?

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Anyone got lawrence?

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>>828055620Doing God's workThese coomers deserve the rope

More more

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>>828072305Damn yeah

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>>828072936Wow great tits

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>>828072936Dem titties

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>>828073456Woohoa meth

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>>828074071That's clearly Missouri kek. Let's not get the 2 mixed up

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All the sluts I've seen thru out Kansas this is all posted so far.. kinda disappointed

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>>828075310Share some of the sluts then

What luck, I just moved to Kansas from Connecticut.

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>>828055293Kansass ghe ghe

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>>828075936Luck? Oh? Is Conneticut worse then?

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>>828055293her squat form is shit

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>>828076776Shes hella cute

Any western Kansas?

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>>828078511That tongue looks like a damn good runway for a deep throat