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Waifu threadPrevious: I'm much too lazy for that.The rules:>Choose your waifu/husbando >Discuss yours and others' choices>Keep RP/ERP to a minimum>Refrain from posting porn

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Hmm. Hopefully that doesn't become a regular occurrence. One of the rule-nazi managers has been hanging out and chatting with me while i babysit the robots, so i can't just sit on my phone. Two days in a row. I apparently need to make myself less interesting.

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>>828054957Sleep is less interesting.

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>>828054890try starting the thread with a question next time

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>>828053227oki>>828054957lole! I hope you shake them off again xDstart acting cringe maybe that'll help?

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shut up schizo


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Hirasawa Yui is a girl i like>>828054890thank you for the thread. i keep forgetting about image limit...>>828055284cute baby doot

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>>828055284weeeeeeeeh >~

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>>828052245I see, that's a good length for cruising the convertible.must be nice, I've only had a truck my whole life.I should cut the roof off~don't tempt meyeah I wanna live in beautiful naturenot a concrete junglecute cirno!>>828052456yui was the best thing about k-oni loved it because I'm a fan of music and cutiescute bear~

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>no qottI'm not gonna bother...

>>828055007Are you telling me to go to sleep?>>828055117Eh, i'm sure i'll figure something out.

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>>828055461what the fuck I forgot to most the selfie >.< this wasn't supposed to be a cirno pic.... oh well sorry for the confusion there was actualyl gonna be my hair from last holidaytruck sounds dope! I bet you can fit in a lto of stuff... I have some space but not like.. like I can't fit in a chair or other stuff, which would be convenient sometimes.. like when I got my TV I had to go with my dad cuz he has like a biggg family car and it would fit in there at leastnouuu~ don't! °-°though.. there is this military jeep you can take the roof off and on ^^>>828055534I hope so! seeing shizu here is always heartwarming. such happy pictures :)especially this one

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>>828055461she's very cute, but i think K-On would be a lot worse without the rest of the cast.music and cute things are good together, yes. except kpop.cute cat

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>>828055393Large ahoge doot>>828055457Bleh...Geh.What's up?

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>>828056786not much just relaxing and searching for new maps to do :3 then later beat saber and maybe some warframe before I go to bed °w°hope equally chill day too my fren!

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got crazy for a while, but slowed down now>>828055929hah ok I wondered what happened there.no prob!the truck has been good to me since I was young.many good memories with her~there's a really nice Chevy SSR truck with convertible hard top.if only I was filthy rich!>>828056327yeah the chemistry of them all together felt nice and comf.really enjoyed when they switched instruments that one time, and were teaching each other new ways to play~and ofc, Azu-nyancute group pic

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>>828056934God please please shut the fuck up

>>828057678fuck off

>>828057535I just forgot... doing stuff on the sidecool! :D and convertible trucks? didn't knew that existed xD I thought with trucks it's always just either off or on and no putting it back on while driving and stuffI wil lgo do beat saber things now :3I hope it's slow for the rest of your day me fren so you can take it easy =w=

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>>828057678>God please please shut the fuck up

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>>828056786baby doot go baby toot in baby trumpoot>>828057535the nicest and cutest and comfiestAzu-nyan!cute wizard. or something.

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>>828057940>>828058050so to a different thread.


>>828058050aki loser

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>>828057839have fun with the videos and enjoy the music>>828057987did yui and azu-nyan have like a bromance thing going on?cute metalhead Yui, I liked when they tried their hands at some heavy stuff !,,!, ^w^ ,!,,!

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here at the waifu-zoo we have a strict "don't feed the trolls"policy.thank you for your time.

but people reply to bc all the time bro...

For a second there the OP made me think we'd gotten an Akane

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>>828059127Go to work already.

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>>828059127Nah, i just like to use the other Rewrite girls in my OP lately.Was using Lucia on occasion when you weren't here.

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>>828059220Tomorrow!>>828059577Ahhhhh, fair enough. Shame, I was getting excited at the concept of finding other people who like Rewrite

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>>828059826I did recommend it to some user the other day. Who knows if they'll pop back up.

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>>828059826Right fucking nyow!

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>>828059963Maybe one day... Difficult to get people into Rewrite though, it's unfortunate because it's really not one of those where you can tell them to watch the anime.>>828060111Did you just nya at me?

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>>828060221Yeah for sure. And not a lot of people are willing to read a 60+ hour VN.

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>>828060377And those that are often tend to be the kind that'll watch the anime first to see if it's worth it. It's just a real shame

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>>828060487Yeah. Guess we'll see what happens when the official release comes around. I imagine it'll get put on steam and that'll get a bunch of people to read it, like with Air. idk if that translates to any posters though.

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>>828060644Why this>>828060655Who knows if anything translates to any posters these days. Do we even get new posters or are they all just old ones?

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>>828060850I mean, to my knowledge Tulpanon is new.Otherwise, probably not. Just new personas.

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Sup, nerds. What's gamin'?

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>>828061088Why the nya?>>828061280Sounds about right. I've been guilty of it myself in the past.

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>>828061280it's eris cat, retard

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>>828062424NYA NYA NYA NYA NYA NYA NYA NYA youtube.com/watch?v=NLu0uhx_r5g

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>>828056934Ah, pretty good. Tell me what you find. It looks like you got a suggestion.>>828057881DUke>>828057987Eupho same size, smol gril>>828061330I think i need a real psp charger lulWhat's good boss?

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good afternyoon~

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>>828063327i want you

>>828061655I don't knyow what you're talking about...

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Endless Battle


>>828063509Why is makoto a cat bark>>828063327Fuckin lul, why?Nothin' much. Just woke up and for some reason decided to get on Assetto Corsa. I make bad decisions.

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>>828063727Why wouldn't she be?

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>>828063989Because she has a human body and that'd start a lot of questions

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>>828064062Like what?

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>>828063549sup sup>>828063989cute antenna neko

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>>828064263how's life going

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>A catgirl is a female character with cat traits, such as cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human body. Catgirls are found in various fiction genres and in particular Japanese anime and manga.>>828063717


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>>828063509Pls stahp

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>>828064278Gratzi. >>828064304Another day of hard work. :^)>>828064757Stop what?

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Remember to eat water regularly

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>>828065189The cat stuff

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>>828065189cute sailor

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>>828065559Are you feeling okay?

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>>828065189Judging by that smile, you ain't done shit?nice.me too

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comfy in here

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>>828066066I think you might be tripping...>>828065698I wonder how she managed to get oversized sleeves on a uniform. >>828065963We put a little pipe in, we got like, 4 more sticks left to do....which is like, 10 minutes of work. We have 2 hours to do it.

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>>828063549'Sup Jill?>>828063717youtu.be/Ji9qSuQapFY>>828063727My current one is a universal adapter that has a voltage selection slider as well as different connectors. The real PSP charger is rated at 5 volts. The slider has 4.5 as the nearest under 5. Above that is 6. Charging is super slow but I'm scared to up the voltage to 6How come that's a bad decision? Ass course is fun

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>>828066428figured there was a larger size fileright click: search google for image"welcome back mr epstein" is in search barkek wut

>>828066630Nah, no tripcodes here

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>>828066938I don't have an X big enough.

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>>828066630yeah I wondered that myself.specially made for her,or maybe other girls with extra long arms?!

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>>828067397But the rest fits fine, not oversized. A girl with arms that long while being Koumes size would be...jarring.

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>>828067563I think I read a manga about something like that... Or was it just a girl with a long neck?

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>>828067563haha yeah I can see it now.>>828067856ah kinda sounds like a Junji Ito manga.fucking love his stories.there was the one where the people were going into some cracks in the mountainside, and it was stretching their limbs out until they were like crazy looking spaghetti monsters.

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>>828066767I waited 18 minutes just to drive for 12 in 14 FPS with AI Traffic that sucks actual ass. Only for the game to crash on me when trying to render a screenshot.Fun, eh?Ah, really? Does it just charge really slow or...?>>828066630I'm confused as to what the topic at hand is.

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>>828068324Oh no, this one was cute, it was called Kanojo wa RokurokubiThat fucking story fucked me up so much when I first read it.

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>>828068324Enigma Of Amigara Fault was the story I was thinking of>>828068497ah I will have to read, long neck girls are cute~

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>>828058806I had fun! :3 but now I need to rest.. do something relaxing I hope you can be home soon ^^>>828063327I just had a one and a half hour beat saber session =_= rip my arms and that suggestion has shit map, sorry not ergonomic and also violates mapping guidelines for safety and frustration-free gameplay. like there are certain things you just shouldn't do, as you could imagine.>>828068497oh! hallo there :3I just returned from violently throwing my arms around and looking like a crazy person ^w< ...and how has your day been so far? heh...it's... like I think it's like 2pm for you? just guessing,9:30pm here

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>>828068862Yeah, it's another one of those cute monster girl kinda series iirc but this one is more about, like, Japanese ones and stuff>>82806907512:30. It's going alright. Haven't done anything I planned to get done, but that's kinda normal. Days off go too quickly and I sleep in far too much.

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>>828069125ah! I was close >.

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>>828069075cool glad to hear you had a good session of flailing wildly~>>828069125monster girls are all the rage in Japan right now eh?

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AGS Claim.

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>>828069283Haha, maybe. I'm just trying to practice some bass now so that at least I feel like I've done something with my day>>828069848I mean this one came out like 5 years ago so it's been a while, but I guess so.

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>>828069848wings? that's hot OwOdamn right I had! feels good just to lie here in bed now but ya.. gonna probably play warframe in a bit... I actually wanted to do that since I got home but somehow forgot >.>828069942o/pickup warframe again sometime fren :) it's fun... you'd like the new rail jack thing.. boarding other ships is fun and just flying around shooting thingsanyways, gud day so far?>>828070158!! >~< are you gonna like... get rid of me someday °-° oh noo...hey that's a cool thing to do :) wish you all the best I hope you improve a lot today~>>828070228relm.. more like.. mlem OwOayyyy how've you been hmmmm? always good weather here for a couple days now... I just don't like it's getting hotter again >.< I want rain and smell wet grass

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>>828070409I wouldn't enjoy it.I just woke up and showered so far, I need to go to the store soon. Hopefully before it rains again.

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>>828070409I have been fine, a little tired but fine.The weather here is always the same, hot, it's fun because we have 4 different types of summers.How is the weather there?>>828070425Beep.

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>>828070409Totally. Can't be more than one of us walking around

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>>828070708beep boop boop bop boop boop beep

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>>828070849youtube.com/watch?v=PDi1NCjbb0wAccess denied, please try another password.

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youtube.com/watch?v=w3WIa_Z35p0current jams before the journey home>>828069283i'm kinda jelly of those sleeves >828070158ah I looked it up, looks cool. I'm probably thinking of all the more recent monster girl hentai lolshit doesn't really do much for me, I need cutes, not horse-women>>828070228hai relms>>828070409I don't mind succubi/oni, that can be pretty hot~yeah the beat saber sounds like a workoutwarframe time now!!

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>>828071045Oh hey Koume, how is your day going? all good I hope.

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>>828070995cute angelyoutube.com/watch?v=mi20Dzmbaxs

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>>828070506that sucks.. well I can't force you :|oh that's good! a shower in the morning is really the only thing that truly has you waking up :)take an umbrella! I have a fancy one with a wooden thingy and like pistol opening mechanism.. I love using it feels kinda badass shooting it open and shut>>828070708dude... tiredness is a real problem for me as of couple weeks ago.. idk what it is but I fall asleep real easy and thus lose a lot of time v.vhuh? that sounds interesting! though I like it best when it's cold... then again, it's not nice to be driving top down when it's freezing outside.. >.< I saw a dude once also in a convertible but when it was really cold out.. he was sitting there with a jacket it looked so dumb xD probably closing mechanism broke or somethingweather is hot.. well not hot hot still kinda bearable, really sunny with the occasional wind gust grazing my cheeks>>828070806v.v plz I still have so many things I want to do in life ;-; don't be a bc>>828071045I have a hoodie that has kinda longer sleeves.. it's comfy just hiding your hands in there ^^me neither ;) loving it!it is gud cardio.. and like muscles in the back area.. like behind your neck, shoulder area I mean and it really is true I can feel me getting bulkier thereoh cool!!! dm me whenever you need assistance fren :3 it's easier to have a higher rank fren at the beginning

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>>828071403It only rains for five minutes at a time.I just need to determine what to eat.

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Requesting a drawing of Yang sucking cock

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>>828071149heya back~it's going pretty good now.the morning was little hectic but I overcame.about 30 minutes til I can go home!what about you, hope all's well>>828071403noice I need to up my sleeve game!I imagine you playing saber game with that jacket, could be dangerous!get ripped!!

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>>828071348Thats pretty nice music!Cute guitarrist.How do you feel today?>>828071403 For me it is the opposite, I have insomnia.Do you enjoy the cold more than the heat?

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>>828071820Oh, Are you an essential worker? I hope nothing dangerous happens to you in these times.Yes, I'm fine, I was a bit stuck, but now things are flowing better.

Attached: Square angels in VI V7.jpg (1200x923, 378.44K)

I'm craving unhealthy foods now for some reason... bbl gonna get some burgers ^v^o/ stay safe~ >>828071698strange but I guess that' better than hours :3yes.. what do you eat... maybe you should eat some ramen. Or maybe some baked goods... something savory would be awesome too>>828071807Illegal>>828071820yup get a comfy sweater or something ^-^actually.. that's really a problem I find... like I was playing fully clothed and it really holds you down I imho. so I actually play only wearing panties, it's easier like that, trust me.. I mean I live alone so no one to walk in on me so I'm safe so whatever ^w>828071838man... can we like.. can we switch? that would be so sweet I hate sleep =_= sleeps just time spent wasting time ;-;of course I do! sweating is ew... and when it's cold it's much easier to heat yourself up than cool down when it's hot and air also pretty humid >~

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>>828071045Yaaaaaa, I can get that. Really depends on the kinda monster girl for me though, I can dig a cute vampire girl for example.>>828071403Fine, fine, you can live... for now.

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>>828072275I don't really eat much ramen. I do like a lot of pasta dishes though.

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>>828071838thanks, i didn't make itcute artisti feel alright, but a bit disappointed. i'm kind of dumb about baking...

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>>828071807Odd request, but to each their own.

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>>828072183thank you buddy!so far it's been ok.everyone with masks on all day.tons of hand sanny.glad to hear you're doing better.hope you can get some rest~>>828072275see you fren.ah nice, only panties on allows for much movement.still haven't DL'd it but I will this weekend.ok sounds fun~I'm also about to head out and travel back home.fuck work!enjoy your foods

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>>828071698Robot >>828071820Horror loli>>828072302Who is this cute little lesbian and how tight is her pussy?

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>>828072533Whatever you are.

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>>828072275I'm afraid things don't work like that.Well, you're right, in that respect cold is better than heat.>>828072488Why do you say that? its hard for you?>>828072519It's good to see that everyone has a conscience and takes care of themselves, you know, living is important and all that.I try, I think I'm going to take a break from the computer for a couple of days, I have red eyes and I don't want to be blind, it would be horrible.

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>>828072533I... what

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It's Nako

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>>828073652Is it though?

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>>828072879no, i'm just unwise and lazy>>828073652she seems on her way to bake an egg cake. or something. i don't know.cluck cluck

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chicken funny

>>828074507Nobody starts being wise, that is achieved over time, and being lazy does not mean you are bad, keep trying! with effort you will surely improve!

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>>828073916Looks pretty Nako to me fam>>828074505Nako Sunao>>828074507You really held onto that chicken thing, huh? That being said eggs were involved

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>>828075278Ah, nice name, anime?

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>>828074910yes>>828075106right, yes, sorry. thank you. you're very encouraging>>828075278yes i did.what did she make?

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>>828075431I don't like people giving up when they can do their best, so I try to help where I can.

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>>828073652Person! Wow!or is it impostor again :::::::^)

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Requesting a cum edit of this pendragon hentai so that she has cum on her face too

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>>828076090i don't remember this thread being drawthread

I guess I can be awake now

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>>828076035How long have you been there? .-.>>828076338No, you cant.

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>>828076033thank you. i admire that a lot. i'd like to reflect that in myself>>828076338good morning Roro

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>>828076395But I have to work>>828076425Ehhhhhh

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>>828075278I don't even know what a Nako is>>828076338Nonono, you go back to sleep

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>>828076566Almost quads.Ok, I guess you can, but only this time.>>828076425I would like to say that it is attitude and that everyone can do it, but it is somewhat more psychological, not everyone has the will to help or try to help others, sorry.

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>>828076662But wooooork>>828076690What about tomorrow? Can I work tomorrow?

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>>828075391Hitoribocchi no Monologue>>828075431HehUm, i think it was actually pancakes.>>828076035I am my own impostor>>828076662This is a Nako

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>>828076806Are you an essential worker?>>828076939what is it about?

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>>828076395I've been here for a bit. Did you not see one of my 3 posts? >>828076939...shithe has a pointSo, how was today for you, man?

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And awake again...

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>>828076806No work, only sleep>>828076939I guess that makes sense.>>828077092Nonono, you sleep too

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>>828077032Uh... no? Did you post something I did not see anything.>>828077092Where do you live?

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>>828077310 Oi oi oi, i just woke up, the sleep is done for now. Don't go giving me laser eyes.>>828077383Western US. No this is not a normal time for people to wake up.

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>>828077092You slept, very good. Now sleep again!

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>>828076566are you alright?>>828076690what makes you say that?>>828076939sorrypancakes are cool. i bet she made them cutely.>>828077032woof

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>>828076338How unfortunate.

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>>828077426You must sleep more

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I am back from my errands. Hi all!>>828077426That is indeed late. I've been up for about 9 hours now. I think Sparky's been up even longer than that.>>828060850I'm new.>>8280623091. Schizos can't do tulpas.2. He's a eurofag while I'm on the West coast. 3. Nice try though.>>828077880I like this idea! :)

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>>828077468>>828077880mmmNo. Later.>>828078058>SparkyEh?

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>>828078146>Sparky: >>828077468:)>>828052456>try to make garlic bread!That does sound good. I may have to take you up on that idea. I flippin' love garlic! Maybe I can add in some fresh jalapenos, too.

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>>828078058Hi new I'm Lucia>>828078146Why later when you could sleep now?

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>>828078146Reeeeee>>828078312Moshi Moshi, sparky-dess

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>>828072302i agree.certain monsters I am fine with. it does depend for sure.it's gone kinda crazy tho but to each their own~>>828072533oh yeah! I love a creepy cutes~>>828072879I'm happy at least I still have some incomeat the expense of potentially exposing myself to this crap, I feel my chances are ok~yeah that doesn't sound too fun.rest up and relax.stay safe, happy and healthy>>828076035surfing a tank round?>baaaased

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>>828078312No no, that's honk honk.>>828078543Why sleep now when i can sleep later?>>828078560You linked the wrong person. Shouldn't you be pretending to work about now?

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>>828078574Someone claims ko, I like you already

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>>828078058Hi person! you exist! How you been?>>828077383bruh?refer to >>828061330>>828078574You trying to tell me you don't do that?bro...>>828077543twang

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>>828077426That was what I was going to say, you good? .-.>>828077543Is Yui naked in that picture? 7w7I've seen a lot of people say "I want to be a better person, but I just can't."So I interpret that it is not something for everyone.>>828078574Are you in your home yet?Yeah, just dont kill yourself.I will try.

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>>828078678Well, that was long before I arrived, since I arrived you had not responded.

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>>828078365Exactly!>>828078543Hi Lucia, I'm new! :)>>828078560¡SÍ! but I don't know what a Moshi is. Is it like a Yoshi?>>828078611Sparky honk honk! Or honk honk sparky?>>828078678I am great, how are you? I haven't seen you in like 10 years!>>828078736Hello FF6 octopus friend person.

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>>828076978Makin' friends>>828077032We're all our own impostors, I'm 14 and this is deepIt rained again so i refrained from going outside, heh. Staying comf i guess. You?>>828077543It's fine? What'd you do?That they are, and that she did. I liked that episode

>>828078736Good enough, all things considered. I work midnight shifts, so sleeping during the day is expected. I'm just annoyed how early i'm awake, actually.>>828078827Just Honk honk, because clown car.


>>828054957skinny is not always better