Drawthread: Babydoll Edition

Drawthread: Babydoll Edition

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Anchor post for deliveries!

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Requesting these women kissing and masturbating with each other.

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Requesting this cute shota getting raped in a public bathroom pls

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>>828052060Fuck off instead.

Please draw regular female Leela teaching female Fry how to apply makeup. Both naked or semi-naked. Someting like this old Naruto pic.

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>>828052086requesting her roped to the anchor post in peril.write b on the anchor somewhere.

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>>828052060Can someone draw Sophia, as shown at the top left of this pic, masturbating with whatever she's holding similar to what the other character is doing? Thanks! :)

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Requesting XTAN titfucking a guy

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>>828054054Reference 2

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>>828054054>>828054101>>828054185Ayy X-Tan user, did you ever get your delivery fro, this request?

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Requesting date night Frankie Foster getting fucked by a tentacle monster

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>>828054514Not yet

Requesting a cup of coffee

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>>828054588Ah alright, I hope someone takes your request. I too want that to be delivered.

>>828054514I got my gangbang request though

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>>828054918Sweet! Good for you, man!

[Verse 2]I'm mad (he mad)Yeah I'm mad boyI go pee pee and the pee pee hurtI broke my headset I didn't break my headset (mind games)[Chorus]I mad (he mad)Yeah I'm mad boy (unh he mad)Yeah yeah (ooo, ooo, ooo)[Outro]Genius dot comRap lyricsMy n****erUnhMixtape dropping, July 48thBe there, be squareIt's all up to you my *igge*CaptchaPlease select all images with BOATSAnyway you want it my nerggi

>>828055577>Captcha>Please select all images with BOATSKek

Requesting you draw me something furry and female with a close up of a deep hole in her soiled diaper, creating a fleshlight of filth that ends at her dirty tight butthole, beckoning the viewers to stick his dick in. Heavy focus on her 4K HD dirty anus within please.

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>>828055783Hi red, sleep well?

>>828055783Eat shit you weirdo


Requesting Tharja getting a cumshot in the face

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>>828055968Tharja reference

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>>828056117Fuck off

>>828052086I want this request of mine to be anchored as well. Thanks! :)>>828053371:(

>>828056157Wait a second, does fuck off user only waste space in these threads when avatar posters put something on here? Is he simply opposed to breaking anonymity on these threads?

>>828056681don't over think it man

>>828056681No. Even deliveries with no attributions get a “fuck off” so it isn’t an anonymity thing.

>>828056719That's good advice, but I was wondering why he was silent until rider posted. I just curious about his formula and reasoning.

>>828056759Hmm, so he's just opposed to deliveries flat out then? Interesting.

>>828056819Sometimes, on my reqeusts (which tend to be more normal), he hasn't said "fuck off".So possibly he only says fuck off to degenerate shit

Does anyone have any lewd requests? Stuff that hasn’t been posted on the thread yet. Not even just an existing spin on something that’s been posted. And no repeat requests, actually.

>>828056886I’ve done deliveries that are g-rated and have gotten a “fuck off”

>>828056904Kotori from love live in a maid outfit getting fucked

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>>828056965Oh yeah, cool man. That sounds like a great lewd request. I hope somebody does it.

>>828056936>>828056904>>828056886>>828056819>>828056775>>828056759It's just two words, why are you trying to debunk this shit?

>>828056936Then they were (to him) most likely cringe

>>828056904Fuck off

>>828057040>debunkDebunk is not the right word.


Requesting her giving a blowjob to user, but her hair keeps getting in the way because she didn't get her haircut.

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>>828057053>to himSo it’s arbitrary.

>>828057138yea ofc, just someone being bored and saying fuck off to things he doesn't like. ez.

>>>Holla Forums115110451

>>828056681Butthurt requesters who don't get deliveries tend to just waste posts out of spite rather than requesting something new.

>>828057750>requesting something newThis is what keeps threads alive and healthy

>>828056681Any delivery that isnt a delivery to his request gets a fuck off. Hes really bitter and salty.

>>828056904Requesting Rin Kokonoe raping a guy in front of his wife who is chained to a radiator.

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>>828057821>Hes really bitter and salty.Like cum

>>828057933Oh hey cool. Someone has to draw that.

>>828057800He wants his fetish porn and revenge against everyone who doesnt draw for him. It's all his remaining 2 autistic brain cells care about.

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>>828056904Requesting this guy getting tentacle raped while a girl watched excitedly

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>>828058098Oh damn, cool. Hope a drawfriend picks that up for you.

>>828056904Shemira fingering herself upon a sacrificial altar

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>>828056904Sylvie from Teaching Feeling screaming as shes set on fire post sex

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>>828058229Dude! A drawfriend should totally get on that!

>>828057933Requesting this with Rin

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>>828056904Batgirl with her design from The Batman, but she's not wearing pants and panties. Otherwise fully clothed.

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>>828058410>>828058425Those are really great requests! I sure do hope that no one delivers.

>>828056904Naked big dick Soos running away from a horny yandere

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>>828058495>>828058339>>828058180>>828057971stop shilling faggot

>>828058495>I sure do hope that no one delivers.Drawfriends are called drawfriends for a reason.

>>828058570Drawfags are only friends when they deliver for you.

>>828058508Well that’s new. Pretty sure a drawfriend is looking into your totally original request right now.


Requesting LEWDS

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am no ones drawfriend you freaking losers

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>>828059037Fuck off


>>828059037Taking request?

Requesting Blake Belladonna getting beheaded by Jon Snow

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>>828059037you are no drawfriend, you are my drawmommywhy have you forsaken me

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>>828059626Fuck off

>>828059037Beatrice afterhours fuck only wearing the unbuttoned pajama shirt please?

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I remember this huge stretch of time when anons used the word drawfriend almost exclusively. Gdoc-lists of known drawfriends were posted in every OP.

>>828059798Shut up newfag, you don't remember shit.

>>828059835Oh, I remember a lot of shit. That was around the time tuba guy spammed his shit parades.

>>828052086>>828054054Hello anons

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>>828059135so sad can when get 10k (you)s>>828059245nope>>828059626ur alright dont come to school tommorow>>828059734sorri ill pass am not taking reqs

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>>828060287>>828060086Fuck off

>>828060287I love how so off-model you went on her face. Comedy!

>>828060086Please draw this>>828053099

>>828060086Yo. How are you?

>>828060086Oh my God this is hot as fuck, thank you very much! I Definitely enjoy this one

Requesting monster girl getting a massive cjm facial.

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>>828060086>>828060218>>828060464Don't call me a fuckin newfag, but how do I post pics not-sideways>>828060427im doing a different one right now but after sure>>828060475enjoy faggot

Can someone draw me a cool looking fetus?

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>>828060734NEWFAG. I dunno. I go into my photos app and edit there. Usually it’s where the crop options are. If you’re posting on a pc, you can use windows photo viewer to rotate.

>>828060734By cropping a bit of the pic. I did that once.

>>8280607344chan rotates images counter clockwise when taken on cameras, have to edit the photo on an or program to get it to post right

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>>828061080Fuck off

>>828061094You're just mad nobody will draw for you

>>828061080*app or program

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>>828058229Lmao afk arena

>>828061651Fuck off

Requesting Sex Dungeon Summer on her knees in a bukkake

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>>828060734>im doing a different one right now but after sureThanks i can wait!


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>>828061906>>828052086Oh crap

I have the distinct feeling that I'm neede- Piece of cake.

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>>828057115requesting she has to succ off a merman to gain access to the real treasure, her hair being so long she constantly has to swoosh it out of the way.

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>>828061651Who’s this for


>>828062092>her hair being so long she constantly has to swoosh it out of the wayThis is such a specific fetish to have. Is this a dead or ex girlfriend type of thing?

>>828061906>>828062079Fuck off

>>828062203It’s a wave!

>>828062079leave quietly and shoot yourself in the head.

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>>828062272No because its underwater and its floaty but still long enough it needs to be pushed or swooshed out of the way cause its getting in her face.

reposting this from last thread

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>>828057115>>828062092Requesting her drowning at the bottom of a pool as her hair got caught in a pool drain.

>>828062334I can post birbs instead.

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>>828062506None of us want you or your furry shit here you disgusting animal rapist.

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HAHAHAHA! Guys I feel pretty happy right now. I like how silly you "drawfags" are in these threads! :D It's good to see people being a little creative too. These are my favorite threads, lol! xDIf I had to make a request I would just say draw whatever you want! I'm sure it would come out great, ha! xD

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Attached: rider.png (626x774, 219.93K)

>>828062848Are you an autist?

>>828062893Yeah, I guess so! c:

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Requesting something drawn with these characters from a German comic. Clean or smutty, your choice.

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>>828062848wholesome.or trollsome?

>>828062848Did you get your dick sucked or something

>>828052840any other references? like a frontal or 3/4 side view?

Greetings, gents. Hope you're all doing well.

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Requesting this colored. Her eyes are green and her hair is light brown. Skin is tan

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>>828060287... I don't go to scol...>>828060405cool, aint it?

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>>828063492Fuck off

>>828063114[[[Keking]]] HARD right now dude! xDI genuinly like how some of you interact with one another. As a matter of fact, that's why I visit this whole site! I wasn't joking about the creativity either. I genuinly enjoy some of the drawings posted here!

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>>828063513Fuck off

>>828063513Put on some clothes whore.

requesting an edit for some proper female nips as its a bit cunt boi.

Attached: 1589850807692 weav1.png (879x892, 18.58K)


>>828063381Lol, I wish! :cMaybe it's these tunes I've been listening to. :)



/r/pic related, getting pulled into the water and fucked by some sort of tentacle monster.

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>>828064271Seconding if she drowns

/r/ we see the other photos from her, showing the rest of the "goods".Maybe cut scene to her showing these pics to Buster...or Bugs.

Attached: porn_audition.png (365x368, 321.03K)

Requesting the cat and octopus gettin lewd.

Attached: catopie.png (1396x1428, 1.5M)

>>828063447Hopefully this will help drawanon

Attached: die_schule_der_kleinen_vampir_oskar_ref-1.png (1980x678, 1.05M)




Attached: Untitled54_20200513151620.png (768x768, 16.63K)

>>828064271Requesting that shitty 1 line slit spread into an actual detailed pussy

>>828063029Is it just me, or does the sauce on that pepper look really unappetizing?


>>828064952fuck off red.how about some lower legs showing a bit so she doesnt looked ammpd?

Requesting Rin Kokonoe getting fucked missionary style

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Attached: tan.jpg (900x900, 137.51K)

Requesting poverty girl w/o her coat winded and abused

Attached: B5BB3412-E64C-4E3C-876C-62067CE4DC24.jpg (1024x1024, 88.11K)


Attached: Screenshot_20200520-113325_Gallery.jpg (1103x718, 492.33K)

>>828065569I said tan not a fucking nigger.

>>828065522Requesting Rin forcing the viewer to give her dirty anal, threatening to call the cops on him if he doesn't raw dog her shitter.

>>828063710Could you record yourself reading this? I think your voice would be really fitting, for it.

Attached: sotostool3.png (457x6874, 1.88M)

>>828065569I like it thanks a ton!>>828065635Eat shit

>>828065578>>828065569Fuck off

>>828064954Naw man, you can't be the only one. At least the old guy is enjoying it, right? :D

>>828065759Yeah, yeah... I'll do that.

Attached: 1589999889925.png (856x594, 511.17K)

>>828065947Fair enough.

>>828054624Here ya go....though I am an amature...

Attached: received_2751994251696000.jpg (754x1032, 75.64K)

>>828066154Oh hell yeah someone did this one!!!I assume good practice? :). Thx btw

>>828054556>>828052086never done tentacles, i think it came out alright>>828061897>>828053099sorry user i need to leave for a while, i promise i'll try yours next when i have time, i got the request screenshotted

Attached: frankie_tentacles.jpg (2828x2258, 1.29M)

>>828066836>>828066154Fuck off

Requesting maor panda cousins in the ocean.

Attached: superlewdandwet.jpg (3508x3508, 590.79K)

>>828066773>>828066773You're welcome!! And I've been doing art as a hobby for a few years now, but I cant afford actual classes. I loved your request! So refreshing in a whole thread of smut hahhaa!

Requesting casual nudity with Itobe, tits out in front of the boys and not giving no fucks

Attached: icc.png (594x749, 258.26K)


>>828066836Instantly saved, that's so hot

Requesting lewds of VPN Hub Girl

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wubba lubba bruh bruh

Attached: Illustration5.png (1000x1000, 273.6K)

Requesting him and the ghost fucking

Attached: BA850E5D-175E-4ECB-9561-DA88756AD262.jpg (1242x1211, 1M)

Requesting a draw of my Robot OCs, J-94 and his Robot dad, D-56. J-94 has an square/ rectangular head and top body, red eyes, rectangular mouth, human like arms, hands, and legs, a mid-section with groin (like the one in that Pop Tarts Commercial, vimeo.com/5936429), the top body should have some buttons, and a silver paint job. D-56 has a head with a jaw, a fat belly round body, human-like arms and legs, and a silver paint job like J-94. He's was also build in the 50's and runs on gears and clockwork, where J-94 was build from a computer. If it's too much, let me know.

Attached: J-94 and D-56 Reference.png (2165x871, 1.85M)

>>828066978I tend to request either anime girls doing mundane shit or horror. :)

>>828058229Requesting Shemira fingering herself on a sacrificial altar>>828067968

Anyone have a place for Kahl's old art?

>>828068279not doing nsfw atm, sorry bruv

>>828067968Fuck off

/r/ Lucy Wild ,in one of these 2 outfits, doing the pose in the pic related. choose between Face #1, #2 or #3 and Hand Position #1 or #2. you can make her nose smaller, but that's your choice. last but not least, cum or any other "liquids" are optional. Please and Thank you.

Attached: download.png (1552x1148, 1.32M)

Requesting a draw of Blake Belladonna in a tight black dress

Attached: 17201124_1313294725432078_8818071819202313628_n.jpg (780x779, 41.85K)

Requesting a trashy opossum chick spreading her pussy lips pissing into a piss jug.Pic for mil reference, try to create your own design.

Attached: e254e92116f3a56806062dce09c63e8f.png (1600x2300, 1.16M)

>>828069178>mil reference?

>>828069178>>828069645Sorry, mild reference.Not copy that pic, but something that looks kinda cute but also a bit redneckish.

>>828066836No worries user, i'll wait for it.. Please put something like Leela and Fry request in your post in case i have to search the archive.


Requesting a cactus plant monster swallowing a cat or some fuckin desert animal wholeThat's voreI'm requesting vore, aren't IShit

>>828062417Thirding cause that was my request lol

>>828071381Its only bad if you request it every day with reference spam while sperging under user about drawfags who broke your heart and avatarfags who make fun of you.

>>828069178This but without the piss

>>828071669So with shit instead

>>828069178Garbage request

Can somebody draw this thing getting throat fucked? Asking for a coworker.

Attached: 1590006380100.png (716x714, 485.95K)

>>828057115This with more tears

>>828071998I mean as long as there isn't crap in her pussy sure, piss is just gross and ruins the natural vaginal lubricants when fucking her and makes me go cross eyed if it intersects the vaginal canal.

>>828072180trubo virgin.drink alot of water and its almost the same coming out.

>>828072291Motherfucker. I know this because my ex liked to "squirt" for me AKA piss, and it always ruined her natural scent and gave me a fucking rash. Piss is horrible, I never had the heart to tell her I hated it along with the fake moans.

Requesting a cute draw of Kanna from Kobayashi and Kanna from Inuyasha

Attached: Inst-image-1-39.jpg (1080x1080, 100.23K)

>>828072409Kanna (inu)

Attached: unnamed (6).jpg (384x512, 29.02K)

>>828072402I just wanted an animal pissing into a jug cause its funny and reminds me of trailer park boys.

Requesting cleaner lineart & colors.

Attached: 1589421920359.jpg (870x1005, 285.95K)

>>828072520Reference & her eyelids are the same color as her skin.

Attached: Splat is pretty hot TBH.jpg (820x461, 110.78K)

>>828072520fuck off skylander fag

Any other Elites out there waking up in a cold sweat, pool of their own piss, trembling at 2 in the afternoon? Don't respond to this post unless you have an iq of at least what, 500 points? I don't want to conversate with simpletins.

>>828072619I only like this one, so I can't be a Skylander fag.

>>828072502>I wanna see the inside of her pussy and penetrate the vaginal canal with reproductive drive>you wanna see her pissing in a non-sexual manner I'm going to guess someone else called me the turbo virgin...

Attached: shitji.jpg (200x200, 15.82K)

Requesting this bird boy humanized and smiling :]

Attached: owell.png (265x278, 112.59K)

I request a feral Merfae Mammy looking back with her pussy being presented.

Attached: gggfdfghfgcyvvg.jpg (327x322, 30.02K)

>>828072705you request it frequently so yeah fuck off skylander fag

>>828072712Furries are mentally damaged subhuman, especially ones on b drawthreads. Don't expect anything they talk about to make sense

Suddenly the /trash/cunts are emerging

requesting this girl being fucked by the blond guy

Attached: request.jpg (1256x1300, 1.29M)

>>828072712>I wanna see the inside of her pussy and penetrate the vaginal canal with reproductive driveI never said that, friend.

>>828073434Yeah but we're Holla Forumscunts, we're on the same level

Requesting her looking at a cock ejaculating thinking the y'know is sugar. Exclude all accessories except her clothes & hair.

Attached: SCP-2396.jpg (640x789, 110.24K)

first ranked winpepepogs, iron l, here i come

Attached: NOICE.png (1000x1000, 335.06K)

>>828074343Fuck off

>>828074343and we care why?follow pic related.

Attached: 1589397094367.png (225x225, 3.56K)

>>828074343your art looks like a trannys

>>828074680i am sincerely happy that my artwork reflects my deepest hopes and dreamsnow i can be proud of myself for the rest of my summer holiday>>828074653because ppl like you give me replies -> free bumps for the good thread

Attached: leaning.png (281x367, 37.57K)

>>828074343What game?

>>828074803Fuck off

>>828074803Requesting vagina bones

Requesting a female feral Performapal Whim Witch with her pussy being presented while winking back.

Attached: Performapal_Whim_Witch.jpg (544x402, 86.22K)

>>828074894league of legends>>828074998>trust me, i've seen plenty of vagina bonesmy lil bro is applying for medical

Attached: vagina bones.png (1000x1000, 160.1K)

>>828075269Fuck off

>>828075269>lolNice, I'm not big on ranked team games, I usually stick to challenging singleplayers like Celeste and stuff.

>>828075438i play ranked only because people try 10% more than in normalsnormals tilt me because people try even less than in rankedtry to find the fun i once had back in 2012, i take it too seriously most of the times but playing with friends is always fun. big fan of the esports though, love the LEC casting and production

Attached: kayn.png (500x500, 120.67K)

May 20th.

Attached: shadow86.png (791x347, 13.87K)

>>828075215Haha what kind of mental illness does one need to beg for porn of this shit

>>828075724>>828075556Fuck off

>>828075556Closest thing I've got to competitive multiplayer is super smash bros, though I don't have a switch so I'm stuck with SSB:Brawl. I wish I could play online so that I could see how much there is to learn.

>>828075792Prolly the same one that >>828075724 has

>>828075724yeah so how many hours ago did you rape another animal?

Attached: shadow86.jpg (2000x800, 1.02M)

>>828075858never found fighting games enough engaging for me, i'm more about teamwork rather than competition, i'm a bad loser. i play supp mainly because i want to be useful for greater good, not to carry. carrying is overrated anyway, easy life if you let somebody else do it, lul

Attached: jap.png (323x333, 27.64K)

>>828075792>Kink shaming on 4chan

>>828075998Fuck off

>>828075215Requesting preggo POV fuck

Attached: 024.jpg (1050x1559, 271.52K)

>>828075998What if you're playing a support & you end up carrying?

>>828076034take your tumblr ass home

>>828076118I never went to Tumblr.

>>828075998Yeah, I'm the other way. I used to be a super sore loser (and still get discouraged if I'm smoked, and couldn't even tell what I did wrong), but now I see fighting games as kind of an art. Pretentious to say, but every single time I sit down to play, I learn or discover a new skill. It's awesome.On the other hand, I tend to feel really awkward in teams. It's a mix of insecurity and poor social skills, so I always feel weighty and out-of-place.

Give me stuff to draw

Attached: buuble.png (439x565, 35.55K)

>>828076034Get over it you crybaby. It's Holla Forums.

>>828075978Why in god's name would I want to keep track of that?

Attached: shadow86.png (822x347, 12.06K)

>>828075978>] 14798.3 hours........why ?

Attached: shadow86.png (822x346, 16.76K)


>>828076281Nudes of Shampoo

Attached: 749_450.jpg (332x450, 49.6K)

>>828076290>>828076326>>828076281Fuck off

>>828076281Requesting a drawing of Yang Xiao long slitting Blake Belladonna's throat

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>>828076290>>828076326you actually have a problem and i recommend suicide

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>>828075978Why would you do that, skit?Please tell me that there's any fucking reason why you would to this.>]You fucking shit.

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>>828076464This made me laugh more than it should have

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>>828076553take your meds schizo

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>>828076092i don't rly tend to acknowledge if i carry, if i start to think "wait should i carry" i go extra bazinga and will make use lose the game. i mostly play tank or AP supps. have had some juicy full AP plays and a few funny iron l tier blitzcrank baits. i also once talked Yasuo who were about to ragequit after giving a first blood to keep on playing, he got the item powerspike and hypercarried us to victory + remember one S+ all honors blitzcrank play.i like to consider supporting more of a mental strategy role, you have more time to keep up good mood and have a bit fun instead of focusing farming and trying to hardcarry>>828076261>as kind of an artyeah, i tend to think some gameplay decisions somewhat like "they had to think about the z too so this thing x isn't op", like indepth thought that how that decision had to be thought really hard so it would be in balance with the restbut that is missing in LoL nowadays, 200+collective years of professional game design takes its toll

>>828076700Fuck off

>>828076288I wasn't crying, I was implying that it is really low to judge most kinks on 4Chan because of the natural degeneracy.


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hey boys

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>>828077286why must you hurt us with reposts

>>828077286Enough talk, whip out the girldick

Requesting more big tiddy Madotsuki. Maybe getting a hug.

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>>828077647>>828077224Fuck off

Some feral of this red porcupine on a human cock with a face relief.

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>>828055968>>828056034Bumping my tharja cumshot request

>>828077647Das some good shit.


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>>828077286Lol I colored that req

>>828052060>>828052086 >>828052447 >>828052840 >>828052865>>828053099 >>828053326 >>828053371 >>828054054>>828054054 >>828054101 >>828054185 >>828054514>>828054556 >>828054588 >>828054624 >>828054629>>828054918 >>828055121 >>828055577 >>828055660>>828055783 >>828055855 >>828055896 >>828055926>>828055968 >>828056034 >>828056117 >>828056157>>828056565 >>828056681 >>828056719 >>828056759>>828056775 >>828056819 >>828056886 >>828056904>>828056936 >>828056965 >>828057015 >>828057040>>828057053 >>828057069 >>828057079 >>828057080>>828057115 >>828057138 >>828057180 >>828057360>>828057750 >>828057800 >>828057821 >>828057933>>828057948 >>828057971 >>828058007 >>828058051>>828058098 >>828058180 >>828058229 >>828058314>>828058339 >>828058410 >>828058425 >>828058495>>828058508 >>828058532 >>828058570 >>828058657>>828058821 >>828058919 >>828058953 >>828059037>>828059054 >>828059135 >>828059245 >>828059251>>828059626 >>828059660 >>828059734 >>828059798>>828059835 >>828059989 >>828060086 >>828060218>>828060287 >>828060369 >>828060405 >>828060427>>828060464 >>828060475>>828060646 >>828060734 >>828060792 >>828060860>>828061045 >>828061080 >>828061094 >>828061205>>828061273 >>828061651 >>828061736 >>828061746>>828061876 >>828061897 >>828061906 >>828062045>>828062079 >>828062092 >>828062117 >>828062137>>828062203 >>828062272 >>828062295 >>828062300>>828062334 >>828062395 >>828062417 >>828062490>>828062506 >>828062573 >>828062602 >>828062848>>828062887 >>828062893 >>828063029 >>828063041>>828063114 >>828063381 >>828063447 >>828063661>>828063500 >>828063513 >>828063517 >>828063528>>828063553 >>828063642 >>828063661 >>828063710>>828063934 >>828064045 >>828064232 >>828064271>>828064442 >>828064493 >>828064535 >>828064732>>828064846 >>828064905 >>828064919 >>828064952>>828064954 >>828064994 >>828065518 >>828065522>>828065569 >>828065578 >>828065620 >>828065635>>828065737 >>828065759 >>828065808 >>828065945 >>828065947 >>828065958LEARN

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Do you people have fun doing this?

>>828079100I think they do.

>>828078257Cool, now go dance in front of traffic.

>>828079100Yeah but you gotta be in the right mood for it.

>>828079100Do you mean sperging with retarded images like Wojak.