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>>828051117this meme is badway too fucking many jpeg artefacts, seriously what the fuck, did you copypaste the pic on itself 50 times?and the "whale" word makes the other brand unreadable, which defeats the purpose of ridiculing lardwhale-loving leftistsbad


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>>828051076I‘ve been searching for the video for ages but forgot her name. Someone please help

>>828050817Somebody wake up Chairman Kim... Dennis Rodman looks like shit and appears to be self harming!

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>>828051117They are chubby not whales. Id fuck all the white women in the bottom, gladly

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>>828053552whal fuker

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>>828050842>cropping out “free smells”Fag

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>>828053747>>828053769>>828053798>>828053813>>828053817>>828053850>>828053877>>828053900>>828053916Same faggotEvery threadWhatIsWrongWithYou?

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>>828050817ATTENTION: you are now thinking of your mother while looking at this pic

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>>828054102Thanks, i just came buckets

>>828053850chloe camilla is the sauce

>>828053692>>828053710>>828053729>>828053747>>828053769>>828053817>>828053850>>828053877>>828053900>>828053916>>828053940Retard, you're supposed to post funny bullshit, not your useless pieces of utter shit. Drink bleach.

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>>828055448>cricket phone>vincent oceann igTop KEK

>>828050817Even if I understood you, I'd say no.

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>>828054606How is that even remotely funny poor fag ?

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>>828055734You're too stupid to get it

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>>828050842Inferior version

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>>828056302nibba you what?????????????????

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>>828056105Sadly not, you're simply too retarded this utter piece of shit makes you laugh or even smile. Go to the vet and ask to be put down poor fuck. And bring your lame fat cow with you.


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Actual true story inbound>be me>17 at the time>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me>have a younger sister, 16 at this time>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone>announces that she's "seeing someone">father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.>few days later, brings the dude home>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses>visibly nervous>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom">discuss for a few minutes>they go out>dad tells me "it isn't going to last">sis comes home>announces it was "fun">around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother>"We're not a thing anymore">tryingtoholdbacklaughter.jpg>tell my father this>laughs uncontrollably>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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>>828056690U mad

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>>828050864God damn Gordon Ramsey looks fuckin weird these days.

>>828056105Wish I knew who this dude is you're all so gay for/

>>828051117I'd take the bottom ones over the top ones any day tbqh

>>828053264whats going on there?



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Hope you faggots like shitty phone OC

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>>828058225Fine I'll post actual humor then

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>>828050817Which Dark Souls end boss is this?

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>>828057566>>828058144Here, faggots. It's Fatrick. encyclopediadramatica.fyi/index.php/Patrick_S._Tomlinsonhttps://kiwifarms.net/threads/patrick-sean-tomlinson-stealthygeek.65412/

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>>828056666Damn checked.

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>>828055244Shit that could be in a horror movie

>>828057014>be me 17>dad>sister>relationship>end>haha


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>>828058623Fusion of Ceaseless Discharge and Gaping Dragon

>>828053813here.youre the fag >>828054019

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>>828058024Tased her own vagoo.

>>828058918That elevates it a lot for me, but I'm sick of seeing that damn photo posted every hour of the day. It's a like a hit song that no one likes.

>>828054952welp, that one did it

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>>828057508don't mess with Gordon you fucking donkey!



>>828054606Well I know where YOU used to post...


>>828053021Melissa Lauren

This is the best YLYL thread on 4chan right now. If something makes you laugh, do 10 pushups. If you even can, lol quarantine atrophy plebs

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>>828056495fuck, lost

>>828057150Is this a Native Murican joke, or is it a basic white bitch joke?

>>828057166that's just racist

>>828062225do pushups.

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>>828055024Eat a bullet Trumpanzee faggot.

>>828058930>Implying historians claim the concentration camps cremated all the bodiesNot when I went to school

>>828056070[this is what Q-tards actually believe]


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>>828055172but the guy literally wasn't a robber.

>>828064653not from here are you

>>828064567Holy kek what a moron

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>>828064653True.Burglary and robbery are different things.

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>>828064653He was on probation for being caught stealing TVs from Walmart. He was an actual thief

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>> He was an actual thiefYeah, but they were actual Republicans. What's your point?

>>828050817What the bill cosby does this mean son? I have all of the ips that posted here. Anyone who is involved with drugs I will send the police to your mother.


If you reply to this post your mom dies.

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>>828065034fuck off faggot

>>828056485Holy shit its been a long time since ive seen that pict-

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>>828065208i had to go to a foreign news site to find that video.

>>828055887>Someone is so obsessed they drew thisGlad that art degree that they will be paying back the rest of their lives was worth it

>>828058623Not a boss, thats frampt the worm nigga

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Who’s selling drugs to my son I’ll have your heads own up to it

>>828058918You abandoned your daughter seriously dude? That is shameful, why did you abandon your daughter?

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>>828051117this is funny because they're clearly overweight

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>>828066292So the retarded Holla Forums subhumans think this is a "gotcha" when it has literally nothing to do with the initial request?You wannabe Nazis are some DUMB motherfuckers.


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>>828066399This is awesome.

>>828065514Cry harder, impotent little Trumpling.

>>828065208The surviving family of the victim is are the ones the reporters ask for a photo from. Not exactly rocket science you retard.

>>828066500nope, this is up there with the cookie iphone. the first time you show that to a cop, they'll give you a ticket and tell you to get a proper IDbut I checked them

>>828056302Supposedly that black guy is some celebrity wherever they are, thus the reaction, but I've never found out who he was

>>828066843It's still a picture of HIM though. People change their facial hair and hair styles. You can't cite or demand a retake for those kinds of things.

>>828066555Smells like reddit

>>828055662What's wrong with cricket?

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>>828067089Checking in! Oh wait...

Attached: kurtlooking-3.jpg (480x338, 36.24K)

Check 'em

>>828055887Like you have time to go out and provide for a family or friends and some one wasted countless hours doing this... Not first guy replying but shit man, get a life. Libs are so cringy and gay, no homo

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>>828064567is this why my sleeping medicine is giving me a dark tan?

why even make a YLYL thread and then fill it with all of this faggotry? Seriously why the fuck would you chose to spend your time like this?

>>828066843>Has his legal name>Has his legal dob>Has his legal hair and eyes color>Has his address >Can tell it's him from the ID regardless how "goofy" he looks.His ID is legal dumbass, he can't get a citation for it, nor can he be forced to be issued a new one.


>>828053692>>828053710>>828053729>>828053747>>828053769>>828053798>>828053817>>828053850>>828053877>>828053900>>828053916>>828053940>>828053975Can you post something original for once in your worthless life? You retarded piece of shit.

>>828058024Nerve gas

>>828067466Me likey.


>>828056495Probably also ugly as a foot.

>>828057501Post dick pic.

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>>828065371Fuck me daddy

>>828058918>kiwifarms.net/threads/patrick-sean-tomlinson-stealthygeek.65412/Wow that kiwifarms website sucks so bad my browser won't let me visit it. It's apparently chockfullo malware. Good jerb.


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>>828056495lostthe joke itself is subpar, but in a Beetleguise voice it works.

>>828056690>>828057501>>828057566Pretty sure it’s the thanks Lori guy and newfags think they’re oldfags and edgy for posting it

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>>828058510Well played

Attached: jurassicpenile.png (721x519, 574.56K)

Its literally all the same shit. Every ylyl thread, every day. Get a fucking hobby

>>828058918LOL'd now that I have background on it. Still posted too often

>>828057014why would you tell anybody that story, never mind tell them every day. it's like saying my mom opened the fridge to get some milk but there was no milk, so she went and got some. goofy fucking bastard

>>828065410You did it wrong you dumbfuck. You have to say candlejack first before anything actually happe.....

>>828056666Blessed Satan quads checked

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>>828056666Top kek and

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>>828056302Around blacks, never relax

>>828065350Hmmm, Trudeau. Gotta be.

>>828067387jews dont believe in hell. hell is a christian thing

>>828068291holy shit lost


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>>828065350>>828070359Nicholas Cage rofl. Built for bbc.

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>>828057166Why don't you throw rocks at Mexicans on bikes?>It might be your bikeWhy don't you throw rocks at niggers on bikes?>It might be your nigger

>>828067181Poor people should drink bleach

>>828066437Cum again Jew? Seems to be the only thing you’re spurting

>>828066437she's talking about hatespeech, but she calls white people disgusting. what is there not to understand

>>828066651Boy, that joke just flew right over your head, huh?

>>828067387You seem rather sensitive. You ok there little guy?

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Nazis and jews need to get the fuck off Holla ForumsLiterally no-one give a fuck about the holocaust anymore.The deniers are like the people who dun seen a ufo and the ones reeing over the deniers are like the dude who got probed that one time.Please stop

>>828071399Dang, can't believe you'd throw a political caption on an old family photo like that. You liberals really will stop at nothing to emotionally charge someone even if it means embarrassing yourself and your overweight transgender brother. Not to mention the numerous overlooked privacy laws. Tsk tsk.

>>828071642Deniers? You mean holobologne believers need to get the fuck out and go back to israel.

Attached: HoloCoasterTycoon.jpg (1548x1696, 401.49K)

>>828071154Drink bleach then you worthless faggot

Attached: 1589974637977.png (1200x1000, 40.52K)

>>828071697Awwww, its ok. There there sweaty.

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>>828058510Fucking lost

>>828071788is that a ben garrison's side project?

>>828071741I literally don't care what happened or didn't happen to jews, even less than i do about the mongols or the huns. You're the one spending all your time thinking about themHow would you like to here about the roman invasion of Britain and how there's been a consistent chain of rulership since caeser throughout history? How about the fact that they think everyone outside their pre-historic clans are subhuman and need to be eradicated and emasculated? Or their frequent genocides against problem groups and ethnicities?Do you want to hear about the caesars? The Kaisers? The Czars? There is actual evidence, they don't even try and hide it.Everywhere wants to become the "new rome" ever since it first fell. First paris and constantinople and then moscow.Suck circumcised penis.

>>828071993Naw, bank notes, sky and ground don't have labels

>>828065936He's one of these manchild faggots. His wife left because he spent all day playing with Star Wars models and arguing on Twitter (hundreds of times a day) and the guy agreed to raise her as his own so he signed all his rights away so he could Peter Pan his life away.He's a piece of shit.

>>828057014fag reposts shit greentext go back and be a robot


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Every race/religion seems to forget the rules of natural selection.No matter how hard you try to maintain your exclusive tribe, the only way it's going to survive is adaptability and convenience.

Attached: 1540501843271.jpg (2048x2048, 402.48K)

Attached: can opener.webm (720x896, 1.44M)

Attached: 1541376762165.jpg (670x644, 34.98K)

>>828066651ok mr nigger

Attached: Dot2Dot.jpg (1080x720, 64.01K)

>>828073222i was hoping her nose started running

>>828066033Looked at that dude's Twitter, all fake shit and cringe. Couldn't find that convo though. Couldn't even find account of the girl. Probably all fake

>>828065936what is that from?

>>828065208Amazing. The whites that shot him had no way of knowing this, so what they did was racist, and a crime. But because of God's wacky sense of humor, statistics kicked in, and sure enough, the black dude actually was a thief, had been arrested, and it was in a roundabout way, totally justified.White guys can't help themselves from killing black guys, but it's okay! Because black guys can't help being thieves and lowlives doing sketch shit at night! What a cosmic joke. All we needed was some chinky bitch to crash into their parked truck and a mexican to start grilling nearby and you'd have the full picture.Clownworld!

Attached: 1589884682328.jpg (121x125, 2.91K)

>>828060738Can I get a not broken version of this gif?

>>828056485Aaah yeah, the candlejack one, so nosta

>>828073222Why do you retards blow your cans? Can't you see how much beer is spilled?


Attached: Clownz.jpg (1137x387, 113.2K)

>>828051117bottom row is more fuckable than the top row

>>828053673God Gianna Michaels is amazing

>>828073744how is it racist? he was black so its like 100% guaranteed hes a criminal. its not racist, its just a fact...

>>828058930Those lazy italians...

>>828050817Kill it with fire!!

>>828074893>1% of total population commit crimes>50% of crimes committed by blacks>13% of total population is black>0.5% of population is black criminal>12.5% of population is law abiding black

Attached: gleek (395).png (480x640, 339.27K)


>>828056485Holy Shit! It's Candleja-

>>828050817honestly, not for a million dollars.

>>828073146Wha-How do you crash a car in 9 minutes of getting?

>>828051117The bottom row are far more attractive.The models on the top row are all skinny bony shapeless.

>>828076069Not only is that now how the math works, blacks still deserve the rope because every 1% of the black population we kill, the crime rate drops by 3% and then some


Attached: thumb_live-nacceptable-esles-510-306-109-skype-n-laping-best-jesus-54260511.png (300x169, 34.13K)

>>828076257Genius spotted.....

Attached: 3ptiqb.jpg (309x310, 90.82K)


>>828074448I fucking love this story everytime I see it.



vm.tiktok.com/weA4Aw/Instant lose

>>828051117I'd fuck them all, apart from the black ones

>>828076569Sorry, but you're wrong

Attached: 1588316856855m.jpg (576x1024, 38.55K)

>>828071324So you're saying that white people can't be against white-based hate crime and hate groups?When people say "white people" in that context, they are referring to the neo-nazi, nationalist, overtly racist retards, not every caucasian in the world.

>>828071347There's no joke. Just a retarded racist trying to get chuckles from other retarded racists.

>>828071741Kill yourself. This is not a request. Do it.

>>828057014I lost.

Attached: received_588604282060816.png (750x790, 777.99K)

>>828054115Lost hard, ty user

>>828073547those are too advanced for him.

>>828063679Nnot dsaying it didn't happen but there are a LOT of bullshit in the Holocaust stories, largely due to the fact that it cannot be questioned, which is the law in many countries

>>828053916Ima need the sauce on this one

>>828053975Oh boy random funnies. You sure must be popular in class you middle schooler

>>828054115So this is the crap that Shadman watches to get inspiration


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Attached: 1540220638312.jpg (945x783, 51.99K)

>>828055725Aand this is one of the prime examples as to why shootings happen. Humans fucking suck

>>828066437Go snort Anne Franl's ashes and die you fucking heeb

>>828076569It's actually not

Attached: 41q362__01.jpg (497x847, 170.01K)

Attached: 1540228632500.gif (258x325, 1.92M)

>>828056105One of the first rules in comedy is that it's never the audience's fault when a joke doesn't deliver. This shit genuinely aint funny

>>828055067>white kid

Attached: 1540501942631.png (890x670, 88.36K)

>>828077903I hope the little fucker drowned

Attached: 1540747817673.jpg (620x386, 61.07K)

>>828065446sauce please

>>828077870oh yes it is

Attached: 02284002.jpg (960x960, 103.76K)

>>828073599Here's a (you) so that you at least earn one shekel for your post. Or is it more of a quota thing?

Attached: 1589453095097.jpg (1024x812, 155.51K)

>>828068790Wrong. It's Fatrick.

Attached: 5e8d58d76a907564312033.gif (498x367, 1.25M)

>>828078143Oh no it's not

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Attached: 1541083363974.jpg (640x608, 156.37K)

>>828065208You retards should look into why he was arrested in the first place. He got tased and arrested when he didn't do anything wrong and never got charged with anything. The cops just assumed he was doing shit and since he didnt comply (its your right) the cop tased him. Read up on shit before you listen to the dipshits on 4chan.

>>828065410>>828073902>>828076111CandlejackCandlejackCandlejackCandlejackCandlejackyou guys are faggots and this meme is retar


>>828072166right. his usual fans would be confused

>>828077963Nothing funnier than rules, says the guy with a doctorate in chucklenomics.

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>>828057501>be me>be user>be retarded redditor>hear about some hacker named 4chan and his private army Holla Forums>tell them to raid my school bully's Instagram account>they just call me retarded instead>get called a newfag>told to fuck off back to plebbit>idea>Google 4chan old fag stuff>find a couple of pictures of somr random guy I don't know shit about>spam them in a random YLYL thread in other to prove to The mighty armies of Holla Forums that I have the funny and make them accept me>gets called unfunny and retarded instead>tries to le epically troll them 2012 style in order to assert dominance>mfw I couldn't persuade hacker 4chan into helping me with my homework>mfw I don't have any authority over the army of Holla ForumsI wish your parents euthanized you

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>>828056495Gonna remember this one and use it on girls.I'm bound to lose my virginity any day now.

Do you guys realize that Holla Forums is the worst board

>>828078001what ever happened to the modulus operator

>>828060226Damn, that no u really showed them who's boss user

>>828073034She can change weight. Man lets will always be manlets.


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>>828056495Fuckin lost

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>>828065371She does eventually die anyway

>>828078823>prije 11 minutaGej

>>828078659D+, needs improvement. See me after class and wear something sexy

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>>828078962Hahah ne mogu uopce promijenit jezik, gej aplikacija

>>828078862hello Jesus


>>828058170I'm hard now

>>828076069statistic error m8