Dick rate thread

Dick rate thread

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>>8280487272/10Horrible dick to start a thread


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Morning dickfrens >>828049092Nice softie

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>>828049417nice small clitty


Hello anons

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>>828049774That’s a really big peehole. Looks like a cats pupil.

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Not as big as some of you

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never get any rates in these

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Why are dicks so much more aesthetically pleasing that pussies? I think I'm becoming a giant faggot.. I'd literally suck every dick in this thread...

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>>828052468Jesus H. Christ!! Is that thing real? Post more pics!

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>>828052535>>828052468Not real. That's why his hand is right at the beginning of the shaft

>>828052623Figured as much.

>>828052623>>828052468 no it's real, here's soft

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>>828052468Whys there a hole in his dick?

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ExWifes boyfriend on the left, me on the right. She eventually started only boning him and lying to me about it. She was probably right

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>>82804872710/10 Looks perfect! Would love to gag on it and slobber all over those tight balls. Fucking hottest body I've seen in a while. Oh and yes, I would definitely tongue your asshole. You get to pick where you want to come!

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Semi chub

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>>828053778Please slide that down my throat immediately

>>828052491Kek that's my dick on the bottom right, I just posted>>828053778

>>828053852I love your enthusiasm towards my dick

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>>828052753he was very clearly bitten by a one toothed snake

am i a good twink?

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>>828055600Nicest one so far. I like when the big ones stick up like that. And those veins are really cool.

>>828054771Tommy gun

>>828052491Lol good meme. I agree about the aesthetics. For me pussies are meant to be smelled tasted and played with. Dicks are for admiring.

>>828055799thanks user!

>>828056421Anytime! Post a new pic next time.

>>828056471will post new if there's a thread later tonight

>>828054361Too hairy to be a twink

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I would get into so much shit with my parents if they ever found out I posted this, but rate mine plz.

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>>828052967Oof. What a whore

>>8280580727/10 decent length and width

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>>828049774>>828049903I want to put my tongue in it

>>828058940If you live around Houston I could help that for you :P

>>828059836I live. Where are you?

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>>828060425very nice

>>828059966South near lake Jackson

>>828060838I'm eating

>>828060425That is like the perfect dick

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>>828060425any pics of her tits?

>>828062775Same vibes as this guy who I’m a fan of >>828055600Great stuff user. Try better lighting next time.

>>828064013thanks, older pic but with good lighting

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>>828052491Because you’re probably gay

>>828064107Yeah that’s a nice dick

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>>828049417Moar? Have kik?


Get your own board faggots

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Been a long time since I dropped into one of these threads

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>>828053923I would literally suck your dick all day everyday. It is absolute perfection

>>828066892Welcome back user. Looking good.

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>>828067269Looks dirty. Take a bath.

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>>828067393Literally stood in the shower with water droplets on it. Wow you really are retatded

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>>828067642>being this shook about thisYeah I’m the retard. Ugly little sperg dick.

>>828067771Lol faggot

>>828067083I need someone like you around, glad you like it

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>>82804872710/10love the body as well


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>>828064832Holy crap nice dick 9.5/10

>>828048727R8 m8

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>>828048727Is the average cock 7'' or something? Lots of big dicks itt

>>828070331The overall average is roughly 5.5 inches. I’d say the average itt is about 6.25.

>>828070331People with above average sized cocks are more likely to post pics of them

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>>828071156This is also a good point.


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Whatcha think?

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>>828072578probably not as bad as it looks. The flash and bad angle makes it look gross

>>828072578Head looks unnatural on the skinny shaft.

>>828071216Damn. Got anymore of that monster?


>>828072657This. Taking flash pics in the dark is a rookie mistake. Everyone looks better in natural light.

>>828069254Honestly the first pic was much more impressive. The penis rarely looks it’s best from the owners POV. Probably why so many guys are insecure about theirs.

can someone be sexually aroused by a picture of their own cock?asking for a friend


>>828073355Sure why not?

>>828073355Of course! You’re supposed to be excited by your own body to be sexually functional. People with body dysmorphia struggle with this because they can’t look at and appreciate themselves objectively.


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>>828073707That looks like a fun cock to suck

>>828069308Thanks my man im also this cock >>828067761

>>828075110It's disgusting, and can also clearly see you're overweightStop samefagging yourself with compliments

>>828052690That is a nice cock! 10/10

>>828075227Hahahaha you know nothing

>>828070331It's all about the angles

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r8 me fagits

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Awful awful thread. Nearly all of you have absolutely repulsive dicks.

>>828060425fuck that's nice!

Any thoughts on my thing?

What about my thick 6'?

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>>828067497Another view

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>>828077403>Another viewexactly the same view, just different lightingStill disgusting

>>828077473Let's see yours, princess

>>828077592I'm just here admiring, yours isn't one of them

>>828077650Fine by me. Enjoy your micro penis, faggot.

>>828077809>faggot.Sya the guy posting his dick pics for other guys to rateBut can't handle it when one of they says his little dick is nastyI hope that closet is comfy, I think you'll be there for a while