Boy butt thread. I can drop Kik if requested

Boy butt thread. I can drop Kik if requested

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>>828044518What I wouldn't give to be balls deep in that!


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>>828044518>>828044538>>828044693Would love to breed you! If I had access to that sweet ass, it would be filled with my cum on a daily basis.

>>828044538Try as I might, I can't gape to save my life. I want to take a pic like this so bad lol

>>828044783Get bigger toys

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Got horny at work, who would?

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>>828044783Or just stretch for longer.

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>>828045050spread those cheeks

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subb164 on Kik

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>>828045243Here you go daddy

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>>828045266Eat that ass out.

Kik: Fiendishboi67, if you want to fuck me send me dick pics.. cum tributes would be hot.

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>>828045054nice feet love em

>>828045304Cute hole~

>>828044538Kik send me those smooth sexy boy butt's to cock tribute

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>>828045728can i see your barefeet stud?

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>>828045635thank you :D>>828045728no kik, but do I have a chance?

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>>828046385what size are you near nj?

>>828046539hairy hills of horror

>>828046750germanfag. size is about 11.5 (us). :O

>>828046869i want to f uck u

>>828047217I'm asking for it ^_^

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Im horny text me 9256675222

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>>828047392Eat that ass out.


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>>828048189ill seed you n your feet

>>828047885You should clean your room, after I finish making that gape a little bigger

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Walk in.. see my ass like this, wwyd?

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My ass hurts

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>>828048621Steel toe boot kick straight to the balls and taint.

>>828048621I would drill that needy hole

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>>828048621Stick my face in and begin to eat out.

>>828048189Worship ass like that.


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>>828051646Would castrate and put on hormones. Boys like this need to be reclassified as girls and let them serve horny men.

>>828048189Tiny clit clearly not meant to penetrate.

Kik tryagaintryagain726Looking for a boy to castrate, pump full of hormones, and make into a full time girl.

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>>828052008>>828052061I prefer being a dude serving horny men ^^'

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>>828052226Obviously not what you want. Look at those petite titties already forming without hormones. You body is already so feminine

Kik:fiendishboy67 if you want to see more.

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>>828049083Good now turn to the other side and make that other cheek match

>>828052368Fiendishboi67* talk dirty to me @kik

germanfag why do you keep posting the saaaaaaaame pics every time zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

>>828052594Stop holding out then you small cheeked blintz cunt

>>828052368>>828052504May I add, would love to eat that cute butt out.

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Kik me that white ass at btrianon

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>>828052594Well, it's always me.. any suggestions? Plus: I look awful in panties, so in b4 "dress like a girl".

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kik dailyanon

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>>828056150>>828056187Perfect ass for face sitting.


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>>828056612I would love to to be the frist to taste that cute butt. :3

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>>828056612>>828057262Mmm wanna be the first to pound it too?

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>>828057420Oh god, would love to be the frist to feel the warm tight hole around my cock. :)But I'm sure you live far.

>>828057420>>828057523It's so tight. I'm in southeastern US

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>>828057656Look like it. ;3 love to get a good feel of that butt of yours. I live mid California):


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Quarantine has me hankering for a hot gay hookup. Would love to 69, frot and rim a random dude.

>>828057970sounds like fun, quarantine sucks


Get your tongue in there .. dont be shy

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>>828059005Oh man, I wish I could too. :3Abit shy too

>>828057305Butt for face sitting.

my boi butt

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>>828059749and plugged

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>>828059749>>828059781What's with all these nice delicious looks butts coming from?


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>>828059901My theory is sissydom is on the rise -- naturally, more and more boys with latent gay /bi urges are realizing it's OK to be girly thanks to the internet.Quick look at google trends shows ALL this stuff on the rise.No idea what happened in Jan 2016 with that hard dip, but you can see this shit is in kinda of embedding itself in the porn zeitgeist pretty hard.

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>>828060563I blame anime.

>>828060563That's interesting, Chasity needs to become far more common though

>>828060563If you have a thick ass its rude not to let men fuck it. Common decency

>>828060675I dunno. Anime has been around for fucking ages. This whole sissy thing sprouted up in the last decade.Interestingly, the upward trend on "BBC porn" search tears is WAY up as well. Not trying to make this a race discussion -- just find it interesting.

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What are your thoughts on my asian boy butt?

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This thread is shit/sage

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>>828060777Couldn't agree more! ;P

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>>828060944Yeah, when anime was good, but know it's all lame a sissy. And half the faggots I see on here showing off there assholes have anime posters in the back ground.


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>>828063641cute butt

>>828063950>>828064006Thanks, have another

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>>828060974Not bad, I like them more fem. But I wat you out and pound you.

>>828064205damn I bet that would feel so good

>>828063641>>828064100Let me eat you out.

>>828064398Happily, aslong as I could suck your hard cock after

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>>828064488Mmm...69. You sucking me off as I eat you out. Sound like fun times.

>>828044518>>828044538>>828044693>>828046385post feet/soles

>>828064385Love to please you. Make your cute butt moan.

r8 :)

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Took it last night. Anybody got a good technique for shaving without getting ingrown hairs? Wanna shave a bit further down the legs.

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>>828064858Approved for face sitting.


>>828065861thanks I guess?

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>>828064989Best I got for feet

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>>828069209Thank you (:

>>828068462have moar? c:

Looking for boibutt to fuck in cali. Any out there?

>>828070316Kik Ukboibutt for more

iron666maiden69 skype slave

>>828070652Where you at, Bay Area?

>>828059987Could you spread those cheeks for us?

>>828065156Needs a messy creampie/10

>>828064488That's a nice shade of pink. Would love to slip my cock in that.

Here's mine

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>>828071380cute dicc

>>828071023No the kern area.Kern county. You from the bay?

>>828052308nigger wtf are you indian?

>>828071380Fuck tastey look butt. Wish you had a foxtail buttplug.

>>828070874I don't have

>>828071408Thank you :)>>828071709I need to order one of those

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>>828072148I think it would look cute :3

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>>828072259Those are nice. Ill try it out :)

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>>828072739So you can wag your tail as you shake your butt. :3


That feeling when you just want to cuddle and spoil a cute boi.

>>828072422Shave some of that peach fuzz, and I'd fuck you.

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>>828074948moar gaped holes

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>>828074808God, I'd love for you to sit on my face.

>>828075742nut folder tier, nice

>>828076632My kik is kbenjacob

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What? Is there like no slightly femboys on here?

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>>828077976I want to really stick my face in that butt. :3

>>828077976afternoon fap, def tempting now.

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>>828079235Oh my, I'll worship your butt