People who were more redpilled than Hitler

One problem that seems to be rather prevalent on this board is how far some anons take the Hitler-worshipping. Now, Uncle Adolf knew his stuff, and he certainly deserves nothing less than our utmost respect and admiration, but we must be careful to focus solely on him, and we must realise that were others who were ideologically more redpilled than he was.

This thread, therefore, is for anons to post some of these people. Hopefully the newfags who should be lurking and not posting (that's a hint) will have their sights broadened, because to be truly redpilled, you must cast your net more widely than Hitler.

Other urls found in this thread: Writings - by Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera.pdfız Taliesin.pdf

You are already redpilled.

Trump comes to my mind


Dan Burros of course! Go-fellow nazis!

I don't quite understand the theme here. A "more Holla Forums than Holla Forums" or "Holla Forums before Holla Forums existed" makes sense. But in this case you're either asking people to present a group more anti-Semitic than the Reich. That, or you think we can read Hitler's mind from beyond the grave, or speculate as to what he didn't know by virtue of dying prior to 2016.

What are you driving at?

Kinda seems like mutual masturbation to some extent. We can all read books.

Any good books on Fascism that you recommend?

I'm talking about a more redpilled philosophy. Has this board become so uncultured that hating Jews is all that matters?

Political discussion is what this board is for, no?

Scroll down until you get to books:

Not apart from what is seeding in the canonical readings torrents from pdfs and, I believe, what is still embedded in a thread that is still in the catalogue still. There are a ton of books there.

Other than NS books, I think we're talking about Catholic thought. But we've probably also read E. Michael Jones' stuff.

There are other topics besides, but the pattern here is NS, Pagan mythologies, lightly sprinkling Catholic and Christian works. That's the routine.

Redpilled philosophy? Like Donald Davidson, Wittgenstein (a homosexual), Heidegger, and so on? Or are we just talking about Marcus Aurelius again? Maybe some Schopenhauer, or the Greeks?

This is basically what I'm on about. We have some very good pastebins that make a lot of general threads obsolete.

Yes, we need babby tier threads for newfriends, but my only objection in the OP was that it was somewhat non-specific.

I was referring more to political philosophy, but if you want to bring others in that's fine. Apologies, I guess this should have been cleared up in the OP.

Because and are alt right cucks who want to slide nazis off the board. They want to take le communists and le muslims to le helicopters, but also have qt Asian or traditional trap gfs and see no problem with based niggers and faggots.
Last I checked, Trump was not redpilled on:
1) race
2) homos
3) morals, marriage, family
4) israel
Trump is a very moderate civic nationalist. He just seemed extreme because of how far the overton window had been pushed left. If we just stop with Trump, le Pen, AfD, UKIP and so on, we're still going extinct because they will do NOTHING to deal with the shitskins already present. They will not address the fact that tens of millions are already here and breeding exponentially.

No sweat. I'll see if I can contribute something.

I honestly can't think of anyone more redpilled than Hitler.

That's on me, I should have been more specific. Political philosophy is what I was asking for, but I'm not concerned if other kinds get brought in.

Anyone who unironically thinks Trump is redpilled needs to be gassed. Appreciate it, friend.

Hitler wasn't as extreme as we are - while we want a holocaust, he just deported the jews - it doesn't mean he wasn't redpilled. I'd put money down you're a newfag confusing the two things.

Maybe if you believe in ayylmaos or you're purplepilled, you can see he didn't know something you do, but otherwise, he knew all about the jews, race, degeneracy, art and economy. What is he missing? What better society and government can we hope for, barring radical technological change, than following in Hitler's exact program? Maybe he wasn't pagan/ironpilled, I guess. Or woke to the hibernian conspiracy

Why do we even have to explain this shit?

Goes without saying, really.

Redditor newfags refuse to lurk.

I'm not implying that Hitler wasn't redpilled, just that he wasn't the most redpilled individual there has ever been. Who is, that's up for debate, which is what this thread is for.

Thanks for your time guys

You're welcome.

8 year cross-board lurker
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So you're saying you are a newfag? You tell others to post people who were more redpilled than Hitler yet you don't know anyone yourself. Fuck this shitty reddit-tier thread, also, anyone posting Trump is a fucking retard since he's extremely pro-Israel and no, the fact that he cancelled that one trip to Jerusalem doesn't change that.

The Jews. They are the reason why..
Every fucking kiddo feels like their opinion is the shit and needs to be heard. Everyone is always encouraged to "speak their mind" and thus they never even consider the possibility that what they might say has been discussed to death, and maybe they should listen a while first.

My bad, that post was meant for OP, not for

What info do you want?

the only reason I'm bumping this is so that newfags see why they're retarded

Even the most seasoned Holla Forumsacks don't know much about Hitler's true role and ideals.

You could say that Himmler was more redpilled than him (based on his activities), but they all knew what they were doing, and Hitler was their leader for a reason.

There are none. Hitlerism is the perfect worldview for the Aryan people.

All I want is to have a quality thread for once. I don't see a proper intelligent discussion here often enough.

I know more than you think. I know Primo de Riveral, Codreanu, Ljotic, Quisling, and many more. I'm just trying to get a thread going where we can discuss and examine these people, and Hitler too, in comparison. Reddit tier, my arse.

Lurk more is good advice, but that doesn't mean we can't have any of these threads. Are you saying that we shouldn't have philosophical discussion threads? If you are, fuck you.

True. Most Holla Forumsacks know less than they'd like to admit. Though I'd steer shy of holding Himmler up as the most redpilled guy in the NSDAP, I'd say Rosenberg has that honour.

Himmler was a god-tier administrator but you need to be more than that to be consider the most redpilled. I honestly can think of anyone other then Hitler that cover such a broad range in the redpilled spectrum.

Hitlerism is suited to Germany, though. Are you German? If the answer if no, then I encourage you to broaden your horizons. In fact, this goes for Germans too.

Intellectualism is bad for your health

checking those hitler dubs

I'm not saying we do what the Marxists do, we are men of action after all, but we cannot neglect proper ideological foundations. Otherwise you just end up LARPing as Hitler.

I'm addressing the idiots who claim Trump is redpilled. I have nothing against philosophical discussion, though if you want to get one going you're going to have to make a higher effort OP than this one.

I agree that the OP wasn't great, and that's on me.

Someone has to do it.

Li Si
Marcus Aurelius

Rosenberg is a good candidate, but i feel like he lacked leadership skills and he was also a bit to intellectual. You need that balance. I also feel like he lacked in his knowledge of the material world/real world (not sure how i'm going to write that so it makes sense).
But he is definitely up there

Don't sweat it, try again in a day or a few. A good start would be defining how you can compare redpill-ness and making your own ideas known.

Most redpilled is time dependent so old philosophers don't have the title im

Good candidates.

Rosenberg was philosophically very redpilled, and Hitler trusted him to run the NSDAP in his absence, which says something. However, his flaws led to him being passed over for higher posts in government. Ideologically though, he has to be one of the best.

Thanks mate.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner

My point was that they were all redpilled as fuck, and that their goals were much more than mere German nationalism or national-socialist economy, or gassing the Jews for the sake of it or because they are very, very evil.

They just had different roles to fulfill. NSDAP was a knightly order that didn't start out of thin air. There were also people behind it that most of you never heard of. The rabbit hole goes quite deep here.

Hitler is the ultimate red pill. He found how to beat the jews. He is the savior of the white race. He is the messiah and is rightfully worshipped as an incarnation of vishnu.

sage isn't a downvote you fucking retard

I'm not denying that one bit.
I dont have any sources on this but i feel Hitler chose Rosenberg to run the NSDAP while he was gone because he was knew that he would keep the NSDAP the same while he was gone if you know what i mean. If NSDAP was food, Rosenberg would be a fridge, if that make what i mean any clearer.

Crispin Sartwell's two books "End of History" and "Against Theory" are good from the enemy's point of view. We definitely don't spend enough time criticizing the work of Shabbos Goyim.

But I also wish Holla Forums knew a little more about philosophy and that Edmund Burke's "Reflections on the Revolution in France" was talked about more. It's an important book.

Mind linking to any of those individuals that I have never heard of?

Have you read this?

Political philosophy is one thing. People will tell you to read Hume and John Locke and others. But for me epistemology is so much more important than politics when you're dealing with a race of people who seek to destroy civilization through binary opposition.

What about Houston Stewart Chamberlain? Writings - by Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera.pdf

What's the punchline of that book?

You need to be very versed in philosophy and science along with politics if you want to counter kikery. Someone who doesn't know the true nature of reality is destined to be lead astray.

Steiner on the Essence of Jewry

Rudolf Steiner gave some decidedly racist and anti-Semitic lectures. I have translated one strikingly racist lecture [see "Forbidden"]. Here is my translation of a strikingly anti-Semitic lecture.

It would seem natural if the number of Jewish doctors in the different European countries was proportional to [the Jewish] the population. I am not saying — don't misunderstand me! — that we should fix this by law. I would never propose that. But in the natural course of things, one would expect to find Jewish doctors in proportion to the Jewish population. But this is not the case. Most countries have a far greater number of Jews who become doctors [than is proportional]. This traces back to the Middle Ages. The Jews are drawn to medicine because it is in suited to their abstract thinking. Abstract, Jehovistic medicine fits their way of thinking. Only Anthroposophy, which recognizes the diverse nature spirits, perceives the forces of nature in the different herbs and minerals, so [only Anthroposophy] can establish such knowledge on a firm foundation.


So the Jews have worshiped the one Jehovah and they did not stray into the multiplicity of spirits. Now it is of course true that the Jews have always been different from other peoples, and differences of this kind often cause dislike and antipathy — and indeed they evoked resentment and antipathy. Today we can generally recognize that [the Jews] have striven hard not to disperse — their culture does not allow this. Instead, for centuries they have tried to hold together. But in the future this must change and be replaced by true spiritual knowledge. [22] Then the relationship between the Godhead and the many spirits will be understood, arising from the [correct] consciousness of man. [23] Then no people will need to proceed without true spiritual consciousness. Therefore, I have found it wrong from the outset that the Jews, who no longer need to do so, have founded the Zionist movement. [24] To set up a Jewish state would be a major step backward, a wildly reactionary move, sinning against everything that is necessary today in this [spiritual] field.

You've piqued my interest. Please continue.

Where did I imply that it was? I know cuckchan and leddit migrants are cancer but you need to stop seeing shadows.

Interesting view, and I see the merit in this. Certainly others would've likely tried to change the doctrine of the party. Still, considering how redpilled Hitler was himself it still shows Rosenberg's merits.


That's Primo de Rivera and Codreanu. I'll keep looking for what I have on Ljotic.

As for Quisling, there doesn't seem to be anything on him that I've found. I can tell you, though, that he staged a coup to stop the socialist government of Norway from inviting the USSR into Norway.

Hitler was financed by them, but that's because they thought he'd create disruption at most. They didn't want him attaining power. And if it says that he was a Rothschild agent, that's just ludicrous, given how many times it's been debunked.

I have so much material left over from university. But people want spoon fed, or they want sensational anti-Semitism. I don't have the time or energy to put a bow on it, so it just sits there.
Here you go.

Agreed, this book is criminally underrated.

It is now sixteen or seventeen years since I saw the Queen of France, then the Dauphiness, at Versailles; and surely never lighted on this orb, which she hardly seemed to touch, a more delightful vision. I saw her just above the horizon, decorating and cheering the elevated sphere she just began to move in—glittering like the morning star, full of life, and splendor, and joy. Oh! what a Revolution! And what a heart must I have to contemplate without emotion that elevation and that fall! Little did I dream when she added titles of veneration to those of enthusiastic, distant, respectful love, that she should ever be obliged to carry the sharp antidote against disgrace concealed in that bosom; little did I dream that I should have lived to see such disasters fallen upon her in a nation of gallant men, in a nation of men of honor, and of cavaliers. I thought ten thousand swords must have leaped from their scabbards to avenge even a look that threatened her with insult. But the age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators has succeeded; and the glory of Europe is extinguished for ever.

Steiner spent years in Vienna as a live-in tutor for a hydrocephalic boy in a wealthy Jewish family. The relationship grew tense after Steiner published an article defending Hamerling's book "Homunculus" against charges of anti-Semitism. Steiner had written:

"Jewry as such has outlived itself for a long time. It does not have the right to exist in the modern life of nations. That it has survived, nevertheless, is a mistake by world history, of which the consequences were bound to come." [Toos Jeurissen, trans de Tollenaere]

This is good shit, user.

This book was written by the deceased husband of Ursula Haverbeck who was a priest in the Christian Community who was founded with the help of Dr. Steiner.

Dan Burros was one of the few good jews.

Sutton's thesis is addressed at some point in this.

Burke gives a great critique of the French Revolution, and understanding the French Revolution and why it inevitably ended as it did is one of the biggest redpills there is. However, I'm not sure I'd call him "redpilled" in the sense that most Holla Forums users would accept. Burke falls into the trap all classic conservatives encounter in that he does not really advocate reaction. Even if a conservative foils liberal attempts at change 99 times out of 100, the world is still worse off in the end, and Burke never accounts for this.

Glad you like it. If you are living in the USA you can consider yourself lucky. Dr. Steiner said that his next incarnation will be in the USA.

I know this is a newfag question, but who is the guy with the lightning symbol?

True, and he puts in such an eloquent way.

He wasn't Jew-aware, so there's that. He does offer good arguments for traditional values though, but if you expect any more than that you'll be disappointing.

They've been making the same mistakes for over 200 years. We shall rectify things now, though.

Brit, not American. But he'd be wasted here tbh.

Henry Ford, hard to say if he was more redpilled though.

One person that took me to "the next level" was Carl Schmitt, but he isnt even close to being the most redpilled.

You mean Mosley?

Ford was rather moderate on the JQ.

thank you.

That's Oswald Mosley, he was the leader of the British Union of Fascists, modelled on the Italian Blackshirts. He was a great orator, and he has since been proven right on many things, but fascism never gained much traction in the UK, and the BUF was banned and Mosley imprisoned before it could have a proper impact.

Pay closer attention to their symbols. Then do some research on which other groups have used those symbols in history.

Thanks. It doesn't start very promising with muh socialism everywhere and muh constitution (the next i expect him to write about Hitler wanting to ban muh guns), but i'm sure it has some merits.

Will do mate, thanks.

Fucking Brit Long Live Holla Forums!s. Seriously, has Britain ever been great? It seems all throughout history, all they've been is an annoying hall monitor that restricts everyone else's fun.

What the fuck? Since when do we have a word filter for
R u l e c u c k?

Long Live Holla Forums!

Hmm interesting

Our empire was the largest in the world.

We were the original ZOG, so blame the Jews, not the British people.

Now, no more d&c.


There's more to life than simply exposing Jewish lies, my friend.

Britain has made their fair share of work, but they do have tendency to fuck over other european countries for non essential reason.

Long Live Holla Forums! is a goon word.

over a year at least fucking newfag

We dont hate jews just for the sake of it. We hat'em because they oppose every thing we try to promote and they promote everything that we oppose. NatSoc would works just as fine is there wasnt a JQ.

Don't forget the boer war

That french guy that called Hitler a jewsih shill forgot his name.

There are plenty of books on American, European, and Australian nationalism and policies. Are there any good ones on Boer and Afrikaner nationalism? The only one I know is "Violence or Victory, story of the AWB"

Evola is really great. His evocation about the battle between the aryan and jewish spirits is the true background of the war we fight today.

Honestly l think Jim Jones was a bit redpilled. Or at least another Moon Man. He literally got hundreds of niggers to kill themselves with Kool-Aid and cyanide.

You could just look up the general history of South Africa, the entire thing is basically applied hyper nationalism. It hasn't really gone away either apart from a few cucks. I fukn guarantee south africa will be retaken nearly instantly if (((international influences))) were ever to weaken. If there were 20 million blacks and 10,000 whites the whites would still be able to seize power. It's difficult to overstate the pathetic nature of an african.

People who hate Jews as a phenomenon and not their values and everything they represent are doing it wrong.

Also, read about their interest in certain historical and religious artifacts, like the spear of destiny. You should be able to start making some connections for the starts.

This should be really simple…
Also Dr. William Pierce
And Heraclitus

Benjamin Franklin was more racist than ol'addy

You are as racist as your surroundings demands.

the founding fathers should have codified their personal beliefs into the law tbh

I'd say Corneliu Zelea Codreanu.

Just look at what he had to say:

Fascism is preoccupied by the clothing (namely the forms of state organization), National-Socialism by the body (namely the racial eugenics), whereas Legionarism is preoccupied by something much deeper: by the soul (namely by its strengthening through the cultivation of Christian virtues and its preparation with final salvation in mind, salvation dealt with by the Christian Church in the most perfect fashion).

The law of silence: Speak little. Say only what you must. Speak only when necessary. Your oratory should be deeds, not words. You accomplish: let others talk.

The Politician's goal is to build a fortune, ours is to build our homeland flowering and strong. For her we will work and we will build. For her we will make each Romanian a hero, ready to fight, ready to sacrifice, ready to die.

Democracy makes Rumanian citizens out of millions of Jews by making them the Rumanians' equals. By giving them the same legal rights. Equality? What for? We have been here for thousands of years. Plow and weapon in hand. With our labors and blood. Why equality with those who have been here for only one hundred, ten, or even five years? Let's look at the past: We created this state. Let's look at the future: We Rumanians are fully responsible for Greater Rumania. They have nothing to do with it. What could be the responsibility of Jews, in the history books, for the disappearance of the Rumanian state? Thus: no equality in labor, sacrifice, and struggle for the creation of the state and no equal responsibility for its future. Equality? According to an old maxim: Equality is to treat unequally the unequal. What are the reasons for the Jews' demanding equal treatment, equal political rights with the Rumanians?

From this Legionary school a new man will have to emerge, a man with heroic qualities; a giant of our history to do battle and win over all the enemies of our Fatherland, his battle and victory having to extend even beyond the material world into the realm of invisible enemies, the powers of evil. Everything that our mind can imagine as more beautiful spiritually; everything the proudest that our race can produce, greater, more just, more powerful, wiser, purer, more diligent and more heroic, this is what the Legionary school must give us! A man in whom all the possibilities of human grandeur that are implanted by God in the blood of our people be developed to the maximum. This hero, the product of Legionary education, will also know how to elaborate programs; will also know how to solve the Jewish problem; will also know how to organize the state well; will also know how to convince other Romanians; and if not, he will know how to win, for that is why he is a hero. This hero, this Legionary of bravery, labor, and justice, with the powers God implanted in his soul, will lead our Fatherland on the road of its glory.

I could quote him for hours on end.

(btw someone has created >>>/spoonfeed/ which is useful for newfags)

You're off to a good start, OP.

They probably didn't think people would end up this batshit insane and willfully attempt to genocide themselves

Are you the mentally ill guy from yesterday that was spamming the threads with "I AM UNBANABLE FAGGOT"? Why are you spamming this now?

You can't be more red pilled than Adolf was

That's like trying to be colder than absolute zero, its just not a thing

Hitler though of white Slavs as subhuman yet allied with the non-white japs. This right here is one glaring fault in his ideology.

checking these fucking dubs

No, my friend. But it is true that he didn't get anything out of his alliances.

Take you nigger and like-loving kosher cuck and sod off

He thought good of Stalin until Stalin went crazy and paranoid.

We'll it's a fact that himmler thought of Slavs as subhumans, and yet he was one of the most powerful men in the reich

That is the most redbilled man.

Slavs are subhumans and he allied with Japan for strategic reasons. He had to choose between China and Japan and he chose Japan because he knew that Britain was dragging the US into the war.

Not all groups of people are equivalent. And he only cared about what happened in Europe.

Himmler was always more hardcore than Hitler and others in the NSDAP. Don't see him as a large authority on ideology, he was only in his position because he was fucking brilliant at administration.

You want to know how I know you're a kike shill?

Not very redpilled, but an interesting Holla Forums before Holla Forums:


So you support the labelling of your fellow white Europeans as subhuman? That's prett Jewish, user

I hate those asiatic mongrels with a passion.

Kill yourself

Keep spreading your Jewish lies, you obvious like. The only subhumans around here are those of the Semitic persuasion (I.e. You)

I definitely consider them severe jew victims. Pre revolution russia is like a wonderland.


Just noticed the OP is titled, "fashyppl." I'm guessing you are from TRS. It would certainly explain the "intellectual" and "philosophical" premise of the thread. I'm not trying to sound like a dick, but there's a reason why people here are leery of you guys.

Showing up on our board and claiming that the discussions aren't up to par, and saying that you, in your infinite wisdom, are going to condescending to enlighten us is like something Holla Forums would do.

OP seems to have gone, but we are having a decent discussion anyway. Seems more like a newfag than TRS to me tbh.

Go back to your tent Genghis

You sound like a bitter, old Asian man.
Humbleness is an Aryan tradition.

Negative temperatures is still hotter then the 0K. Negative temperatures has to do with the energy potential of the particle and not the motion of the particle.

Who are theses guys?

The Catholic Monarchs

From left to right:
Don't know the last guy on the right. Could someone enlighten us?

Thank you user

Evola, Bowden, Pierce and Stoddard, to name a few.

Cant find anything. Anyone know who it is?

from shittipedia:

seems pretty relevant to the infighting going on in this thread

Are you an esoteric hitlerist?

He never had to deal with the insanely that the West is facing today. In the end, I harbor no doubt that he would resemble us in form and function had he been contemporary to this era rather than the past.

How can Europe survive millions of non-white flooding in from everywhere?

How can Europe survive the millions of Jews and communists whose daily chore is the preaching of the extermination of the white race?

Only a massive genocide is the answer

He may not be a shill, user. He simply may be one of those neo-nazis who don't know anything about ns and stick to the jewish stereotype that states "Hitler wanted to kill everyone who wasn't from western Europe"

The most pertinence gained from his expansive discourse is on the requirement for eugenics to, at a bare minimum, maintain the health of the race. Few bring themselves to this level of understanding due to "ethical/moral" inconvenience.

The reality is that financial incentive/disincentive will boost those most healthy within society, and cut the proverbial head off the unhealthy, respectively. At a certain point, assuming both parties are racially identical and each culture is not incompatible whatsoever with the other, "immigration" could technically thrive. Such examples that made sense include the likes of Handel moving to London. However such immigration still strikes at the very heart of cultural uniqueness. I still maintain the position that no immigration whatsoever should be allowed under any circumstances. Otherwise the limit on such immigration would have to be set at less than 50-100 people per year, or something similar.

Seems most reasonable tbh. But i find Celto-Germanic types to be superior to Nordic ones. (I'm SE European so don't think it's because i'm one of them).

Yes, but there is actually a -slightly- less /fringe/ explanation for all of that.

Nice trips btw.

It's important to note that he is speaking of a very different time and a very different class of people. Until the recent insanity that took over Sweden, as the most striking example, the Anglosphere and Germanic cultures have had continuous unhealthy trends with regards to "progressive" ideas in politics and unhealthy abstractions in the arts, to name just two of the most alarming. I should imagine that were Stoddard to look upon these modern times his solution would make the NSDAP shudder.

I like Oswald Mosley. He was a tad socialist for my liking, but if socialism can work, it'd be by taking a page from his book.

You can't blame only genes for that insanity. It's much, much more complex than that.

While Germanics might be superior to, let's say, central Africans or Arabs, they are certainly not the pinnacle of evolution. There is a lot to be worked on there.

The giants are long gone from this world.ız

Bobby Fischer was among the most redpilled men who ever lived.

Jim Jones was a marxist, masquerading a political movement as a religious one to take full advantage of the 1A.

That he was.

A man with thrice the IQ of some and a proven intellect and yet as soon as he spoke some truth they had the gall to call him a fool or “mad”.

I don't blame only genes. I blame all Liberal forces working throughout the political sphere, the educational sphere, the economic sphere (particularly disgusting in this regard), the social sphere and throughout the arts.

Hence the pertinence of eugenic systems enacted throughout all Western civilisation, as described in the very first line of my post

We should start calling the democrats "the Jim Jones party". They're a multicultural suicide cult after all.


Not a bad idea at all.

Hitler was quite literally the ninth avatar of Vishnu.
He was Man against Time.
You cannot be more redpilled than him because, as a god, he forms reality and truth, and so all redpills lead to him and his words and actions.

NEETSoc's who won't bow to the God-Emperor need to be gassed; they're part of why the right hasn't mobilized until now.

Jim Jones was a CIA operative.

Aurelius just peddled some buddhist stoic pessimistic bs nothing's great about that man.

Seems more KGB than CIA to me, but I haven't any evidence other than general impressions.


I don't think their are any who understood the world better than Hitler. The key to "the red pill" is understanding the natural laws that govern humanity, and putting the application of natural law to problem solving rather than using ideological bases, and key to politics and humanity, from a natural law point of view, is Darwinism. Hitler understood that the key to macro genetic success is ethnic unity, cooperation on a familial basis, strength and self-sufficiency, and expansion to get more and more resources for your genes.

While these were understood on some level by philosophers before him, Hitler was, I believe, the first to use genetic success as a ruler to measure the fitness of government policy. I believe he honestly viewed government as a strategy of reproduction for the German people, though I'm not sure if many historians would agree with me.

Only recognise these 2

quality post.

Is the image in OP legit nationalist flags? I mean all of them?

Good except the Christianity part. Got to understand Christians have been destorying European religion to the point we believe its our original religion.

Varg Vikernes is more redpilled.

No they are just rune symbols seemingly randomly assigned to the picture.

Are you bullshiting me right now or are you 100% serious?

Now I'm not saying that Trump is more redpilled, but not even Hitler wanted to build a wall.

He's BSing you. Those symbols all relate to the man underneath them

Show evidence then.

Smartanon, can you give me a list of names from left to right?

Aren't you the one who's supposed to prove that they are in fact runes?

You may be right actually just found this when searched benito mussolini symbol


Trump is, at most, Jared Taylor level WN. Which would still of course be 1000x better than anybody else we could even dream of having.


this handsome aryan man

I actually hate that Codreanu quote. It's pure civic logic

Shit I'm sick of

Shit that is actually redpilled but most of you wont care to read them

If anyone had been more redpilled than Hitler, they would've been the one the kikes would screaming shoah about.

No one has ever threathened the kikes as much as he did.

Civic nationalism is just less autistic nationalism. I hope you'll see it one day.

1st one is priest Tiso from Slovakia
2nd Roman Dmowski, ONR-Falanga Poland
3rd José Antonio Primo de Rivera, Falange Spain
4th Duce
5th Cornelius Zelea, Iron Guard Romania
6th Le funny mustache man from austria
7th Oswald Mosley, BUF Britain
8th Léon Degrelle, REX Belgium
9th ???
10th Arrow Cross Party Hungary
11th ???

Who is the 9th and 11th one?

Nice meme.

Mods, before you ban me again, please read this:

Hitler's main problem in my mind was his mercy. He actually believed that if he sent the Jews to Madagascar, then the rest of the world could be safe from their infection.
That isn't so much him being a cuck as being a bit too naive, a bit too hopeful about how things could end up. If he had seen 2016, he would have probably changed his tune to the actual "kill all kikes" Hitler that the Jews make him out to be.

Please get banned sooner rather than later

Anti gun cuckold faggot.

Schopenhauer maybe? I don't know. I can't think of anyone more redpilled than Adolf honestly.

Darwinism is about blind reproduction attempts and whatever works in contemporary environment, not about creating anything superior. Because to have an idea what is superior, you need consciousness/reason. And reason is the highest product of nature and evolution.

Your views have more to do with Talmudism than natural law or what Hitler actually believed.

The thing about Hitler is that he was so incredibly well read and knowledgeable about so many things so he's hard to beat in redpillness.

It's just a funny meme. If anything he's bought us some time.

4chan is literally JIDF hell right now.

I can see it both ways, either he's bought us time or the masses will keep being pissed off and the Bolsheviks are gonna be the ones leading the revolution instead of natsocs. If that's the case and Trump fails stopping it, the US will turn full blown commie.


Why the fuck is there a picture of a mullato kid under the hitler quote?

Nazi's didn't confiscate anyone's guns.

Another lie

That place has been mind poison for years.

Even a quick visit will derail your health.

It's a bit ridiculous how bad it is now.

It was unbearable 2 years ago. Don't want to see how bad it is now.


You've seen how constantly worse this place got in the past 6 months thanks to those refugees not lurking? Cuckchan is 100x worse, which is why they left at that point instead of 3 years ago.

Research gold and you will find you answer.

I'd like this answered as well. Can a more knowledgeable user weigh in?

Anyone that says "unironically" is a faggot that needs to be gassed.


I have no desire to derail this thread, but this needs to be addressed. Nobody's pretending that it's Europe's 'original religion' (which doesn't mean anything since even pagan religions were predated by other rituals) but Christianity has defined Europe (and America) for millennia. We have a strong tradition of uncucked Christianity. The modern Christcuckery you see is the result of Jewish subversion.

All in all though, the question of Christianity is generally d&c designed to derail threads. One can be Christian and still be extremely redpilled - in fact they two complement each other, as acceptance of Christ is the true redpill, despite what the Jews are trying to push on us. But I have no major issue with pagans and atheists, as long as they don't try and militantly convert the board to their beliefs. Discussion is fine, but we must remain vigilant of d&c and shit-flinging.

I hope you're not serious.

Democracy destroys the unity of the Rumanian nation, dividing it among political parties, making Rumanians hate one another, and thus exposing a divided people to the united congregation of Jewish power at a difficult time in the nation's history. This argument alone is so persuasive as to warrant the discarding of democracy in favor of anything that would ensure our unity–or life itself. For disunity means death.

I reject republicanism. At the head of races, above the elite, there is Monarchy. Not all monarchs have been good. Monarchy, however, has always been good. The individual monarch must not be confused with the institution of Monarchy, the conclusions drawn from this would be false. There can be bad priests, but this does not mean that we can draw the conclusion that the Church must be ended and God stoned to death. There are certainly weak or bad monarchs, but we cannot renounce Monarchy. The race has a line of life. A monarch is great and good, when he stays on this line ; he is petty and bad, to the extent that he moves away from this racial line of life or he opposes it. There are many lines by which a monarch can be tempted. He must set them all aside and follow the line of the race. Here is the law of Monarchy.

When we speak of the Rumanian nation, we refer not only to the Rumanians currently living on the same territory, with the same past and same future, the same habits, the same language, the same interests. When we speak of the Rumanian nation we refer to all Rumanians, dead or alive, who have lived on this land of ours from the beginnings of history and will live on it also in the future.

To you, who have been struck, maligned or martyred, I can bring the news, which I wish to carry more than the frail value of a casual rhetorical phrase: soon we shall win. Before your columns, all our oppressors will fall. Forgive those who struck you for personal reasons. Those who have tortured you for your faith in the Romanian people, you will not forgive. Do not confuse the Christian right and duty of forgiving those who wronged you, with the right and duty of our people to punish those who have betrayed it and assumed for themselves the responsibility to oppose its destiny. Do not forget that the swords you have put on belong to the nation. You carry them in her name, In her name you will use them for punishment-unforgiving and unmerciful. Thus and only thus, will you be preparing a healthy future for this nation.

Now, Varg is by no means a slouch, but he cannot compare to Codreanu.

9 is Dimitrije Ljotić, leader of ZBOR in Serbia. Don't know 11 though.


Himmler was an antigun cuckold doesnt mean everyone there was. And they did confiscate guns from commies and kikes before shipping them to camps, you humongous retards. Only Germans in Germany had rights to firearms,

I recognize the symbol on the 9th I saw it on a channel that has fascist songs I'm going to look for it.

Going by that logic then the image is missing 9 others. Now who is missing?

He only confiscate yid guns

Found it
It never had a significative percentage in the elections, but when Germany invaded Serbia in '41, it selected many of its politicians to form the Government of National Salvation of Milan Nedić.
So it's either Dimitrije Ljotić or Milan Nedić.

see the end of my post here

Hitler was a Christian.
I am sure there are anons here that have done more then Hitler did.


It's amazing how many anons here overlook that fact.

if those quotes are true, then hitler was a fucking idiot.
national socialism is not a "christian movement". it was always a nationalist movement meant for all europeans. the man had pagans, atheists, and fucking MUDSLIMES on board and he claims its only a christian movement?

They are.

Calling Hitler an idiot here won't get you much love, Jew.

It is predominantly, though it had outside influences.

It was a German movement meant for Germans. Similar (but not identical) movements existed in other European countries. It is possible to tailor NatSoc to a specific country, but this is the German incarnation, the original.

As I said, predominantly.

Observe these sources, if you doubt me.

Hitler was in fact a Christian, and this is contrary to Jewish propaganda which portrays him as a Christian-hating, Islam-loving pagan.

Now if we could get back to the topic….


It's just a belief that was redefined by white Christians, stop being so butthurt. You can be a national socialist with or without religion as long as it doesn't not stop or defy the state. Read a book.

white Europeans*** woops

Except it isn't true. Hitler hated that metaphysical Bolshevism.

wew lad

I bet you get your sources from Albert Speer.

He looks like a untermensch.


One can be more redpilled in ideology than Hitler though, it's just that Hitler was the guy who came closet to actually achieving things.

He changed his mind the more he learned.

Doesn't look very Christian to me either.

What's the original photo?

Why hasn't anyone checked these digits?

Pinochet and Mossolini were faggots, much like OP. Get this "alt-right" big tent nationalist pan euro shit out of here.

This isn't primarily political, this is fundamentally racial, which is why Adolf above all is to be respected more than the rest.

He acted.

Also didn't intend to sage, just left over in the name field from different thread.

no need to ban you because you die by your own

You are forgetting one pretty important which have made big changes in the world

Holla Forums - Politically Incorrect


Hitler was Christian. Others, like Bormann and Himmler, weren't. I never claimed otherwise.

Literally who?

The #1 problem is that he believed that peace with the UK and France was possible, not realizing how (((compromised))) the latter was.
Had he realized that, Germany would have started preparing Germany for the coming total war from the beginning and the outcome of the war would have been radically different.

Face it, ((())) could never have achieved what they did (get the UK and US into WW1 and WW2 for example) without the ==White traitors== that knew the deal but still went along.

Not likely Hitler said that but that quote is 100% true, early "christianity" was Marxism 1.0.


It was a CIA op. They did it on purpose to see how far they could control people via cults.

It turns out, cults are basically root access to the human brain and you can turn them into effective slaves.

CIA then started digging into and subverting every single existing cult they could, and created their own cults. The satanic pedophile cult ruling hollywood and the elites makes them easy to control.

So now that the CIA have control over the elites thanks to their ability to control cults, what have we seen the CIA do?

By all appearances, they have been trying to exterminate the white race.


I don't know. This is where it can easily go full tinfoil. The one I like to entertain is that it really is ayylmaos and they're subverting us via groups like the CIA so we can be easily controlled or cleared off the planet so the biological resources can be taken (because the material resources are so commonplace in the universe as to be worthless, and robots obviate the need for slaves)

Earth's greatest value to an alien race is its biosphere.

It could simply be megalomania on the part of whoever's in control of the CIA. It could be that the CIA in turn is beholden to (((globalist billionaires))) who want their biggest competition on the planet wiped out.

Part of the problem is this war is that we don't know what the other side actually wants. All we know are what they are striving for in the short term, and that's a mongrelization / genocide of whites and their culture.

I've noticed that Holla Forums has been shilling this argument a lot. Reminder that Holla Forums is trying to push Holla Forums away from Christianity by trying to connect it with Marxism.

It's a retarded argument anyway. Please tell me where Christ calls for redistribution of wealth.

THE CROWDER Taliesin.pdf

inb4 ain't clickin that shit, you already fucked up by visiting chans



these two posts sum up perfectly Holla Forums and Hitler.
Yes he is our beloved uncle Adolf, he moves us from beyond the grave, he was a fuckin avatar of the Hu-ite race, but he never had to experience the disgusting pit of decadency that we have had to live in.
After WW! in germany the jewish dwgeneracy was confined to a few big cities in germany, in the west it spans a quarter of the globe. Not even taking into account the fuckery going in in the ME and the (((refugee crisis))).

Yes Hitler for his time was a radical, but modern times call for desperate measures. Im sure if he were to come back and spend even one week in todays world he would have wished he actually gassed the jews when he had the chance.

you cant be serious, especially after he cancelled almost everything that made him get there

Cuck sensor readings are off the charts wew

Céline, the author, he had the ultimate redpill.

Stop spreading this lie. What he said to the public has no bearing on what he actually believed
the file already exists here so I can't embed sue me

okay, but the literal cuckoldry of paying people their own tax money to take lebensborn into their homes is pretty cuck-tier


Somebody needs to make an English translation print of Trifles For A Massacre

Anyone that says "anyone that says x is a faggot that needs to be gassed" is a faggot that needs to be gassed.

Charles de Beaudelaire.

The world's first Nietzscheian. Before he was even writing.



Where there even enough kikes in the camps to actually make any difference on global scale?


Last picture is not Codreanu. That's Horia Sima, his successor.


Lurk more you fucking newfag

Go to >>>/spoonfeed/ if that's what you want

Checked and heiled
Adolf mistake was being to optimistic, beliveing in live and let live, he knew not the price of failure as we do, he underestimated the stakes
We are far more extreme than him because kikes doubled down on their kikery after WW2
We know how worst it's gotten since then, and we do not doubt it will get even worst if we fail to stop them now

I never understood what the hell is that tic-tac-toe grid supposed to represent above the guy to the left of Hitler.

Read the thread

It represents the prison cell grid.

Is there any book that does a good overview of all these movements without going into too much detail on any single one? Like a general overview.

I would love to know if one of those exists as well. On a side note, his book For My Legionaries was pretty good, and copiously footnoted.

Amazon for you

What was the name of that one french journalist who got banned from writing in German-occupied France because his articles were TOO anti-semitic?

go fuck yourself you anti-anglo non-white piece of filth

Japan is far more civilized than Russia for better or for worse.

Holla Forums, name my band

That's just the thing.
Marxism is the broken, materialist form of Christianity.
Its a total inversion, a mirror image. However, like a cancer, it spreads because it emulates the same thing which it will destroy.
Leftism is a secular religion which deconstructs the noble aims of Christianity and reconstructs them centered around the Self rather than around the transcendental Creator.
Leftists follow an evil. Like every evil it the perverted and corrupted form of a good. Just as all good and natural things can be twisted into horrific forms, so can man's impulse to see morality and meaning.
Like the worshippers of Baal, they all must be purged.

Marxism and all Leftism is Christianity for materialist atheists, remove.

(sorry for shitty meme)


Christianity is metaphysical bolshevism.

I'm not saying this to convince you, I'm saying this to prevent you both from ending up as useful idiots one day.

Christianity has been highly subverted in 50s-60s. The Christianity you see today is one that was infiltrated by its sworn enemies and acting as the infiltrators want.

It has a lifespan of 2000 years. Survived many fall and rises of civilizations and empires. It has its own cycle and duties aswell. And it has the duty to uncuck itself just like western "values" have.

If you pick current western values, with a spice of "it's the current year", you get metaphysical bolshevism aswell. You need to understand the enemy has infiltrated in every cultural channel possible.

But then vietnamese noodle websites and waifus happened.

This. Is Father Coughlin a "christcuck" too ya fuckin autists?

Let's see… you want historical figures that were more red-pilled than Hitler?

Let's start with Genghis Khan.

Martin Luther

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Andrew fucking Jackson

the miracle of sharing of loaves and fishes, perhaps.


So what you are saying is that Meme-Hitler is more redpilled than real life Hitler?