Trump planning 'victory tour' of states he won

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Good. Keep the energy high.

I hope he uses it as an opportunity to shore up and deliver the final working version of his policies so he can force the left and media to eat crow.


Nice. Unlike his campaign rallies, the media will have no option but to cover this tour, and thus show the true level of his popular support that they have been desperately trying to hide all this time.

They will never pan the cameras.

"They still won't pan the camera, folks."

And, it gives lefties more excuses/chances to chimpout. They were already becoming low energy.

I never thought I would get to see a Triumph, but now that dream will come true!

That's a horrible idea. It gives assassins more chances to kill him.


it's an excellent idea because it forces trump supporters right-ward more

it gives Trump more chances to kill assassins

Bloomberg reporter:
Will happen between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Trump should hold up a mirror so they'd be forced to show the crowds.

They got away with that before only because rally coverage can be as intermittent as they want. Now they no longer have any plausible excuse, and they will only be making their bias even more blatantly obvious if they try to pull that same shit like thirty times in a row. They're in checkmate; there's no way out for them.

The moment they kill Trump, he becomes an immortal martyr to American nationalism and they forever lose any claims of legitimacy.

prepare to get comfy

Good. I'm going through rally withdrawl.

We did it. We won the United States Championship. We are now the greatest people in the United States.

Wew the God-Emperor will hold a Triumph?
Arch of Trump erected when?

that would shatter the illusion of Hillary being equal in popularity. They won't dare risk it, even at this point.

The entire background should just be one big giant mirror

Even more, if they off Trump then Pence becomes President and we get mandatory electroshock therapy for homos country-wide

I hope he builds some bomb-ass monuments as a part of his infrastructure plan.

He was doing rallies constantly, and Hillary was struggling to keep up. He wore her down as a result of her trying to imitate his high energy campaign. Same thing will happen to Sorosbux protestors. They won't be able to keep up, and will get tired. They'll be back to smoking weed all day and watching cat videos on youtube before you know it.

I hope you guys let me know how it feels to win.

Heh. Poor califags. San Fran and L.A. fucks you again.

Losers aren't winners, user.


Thank god.

The God Emperor knows we are going through a withdrawl process from not having any more Trump Rallies

I look forward to this and I will watch every single one.

Only thing that could make this better is if the Holy American Emperor Trump comes to Commiefornia on his last celebration tour to pour salt into the wounds of the bleeding heart liberals… and also to give us the command to start the rwds


He will hold glorious rallies in LA after all the illegals (and other spics) have been deported back to where they came from.

I hope Trump chooses me to be a part of or to lead the deportation squad.

Really looking forward to this, I miss hearing that glorious bastard speak.

He plans to continue rallies during the presidency. Shitlibs are already triggered by this. waaah muh nuremberg

Awesome. Sort of reminds me of something…


I bet even the retards will see how beautiful these rallies can be when you have time to plan them well. If Trump can keep half of his promises most Americans will love the emperor by the end of his first term.

Now where are we gonna find fuel for all these fires….


What a surprise

Minnesota cucked again.

this triggers the kike



t. New Yorker

The fact that he could just do a speech from the white house, but still chooses to go out and meet the people puts him at the top of the cool list.

wow, some kind of duality in that image.
the thumbnail looks like Trump is insincere and laughing at wojack, but when you enhance the image, you can see the feels.

jews pretend to be christcucks on the internet in order to divide a group of people that are hostile to them? Why would anybody ever do that?

The only dividing I see here are the people spreading hatred of Christianity, something the Jew engages in more than any race.

I can't wait to see what he says to Michigan. We did you proud, Trumpenfuhrer, against all odds.



Holy shit, Mr. Trump, please. We're tired of winning so much. Can't we just lose for a little bit?

I never thought this day would come.

Fuck king county
It will be worth driving out to Idaho for Trump's victory rally

Daily reminder that Paris Hilton is /ourgirl/.



Doesn't that mean that he actually likes the people that he governs?

That's fucking new when it comes to someone in Washington.

Your state, and in particular Chicago, is beyond pozzed.

Take heart that Trump still insists the rally was never cancelled, but only postponed.

Consider yourself lucky. I'm in california and would have to drive 900 miles to get to a red state.



The whole point of leftism is to destroy American nationalism, so they sure can do it.


I live in one of the states that flipped from 2012. Chicago can be made great again.
Look to the future, friend.

>Now I am HERE

What rallies in states next to yours?

Hopefully he comes to NH too. Shillary rigged the vote and won by 0.3% because of Masshole transplants.

I don't know if there's enough bullets in IL to make Chicago great again

At this rate Shadowrun's fate for Chicago might be an improvement tbh

Watching the battle for the soul of Michigan was one of the greatest experiences of my life.


Are you fucking retarded? The only citing that is in the Old Testament is Leviticus. Romans, Galatians, Matthew, Thessalonians, and Acts are all New Testament.
Don't you fucking kikes know anything?

NO, bad idea … he needs to get to work.

I'm sorry, user. At least you get to swim in liberal tears.

But he won't be in office until January.
Also doing rallies is technically work. It's important to keep the energy going and to get involved with the people.
This will likely be after his cabinet is ironed out.

I hope he doesn't forget that he's everyone's President, not just a select group. He may not have won my State, but he's still our President.

Made me laugh.

What are you talking about? He has people protesting that he's #NotTheirPresident


Wont matter what he does, MSM will spin it negative.

Does that mean we'll hear "that" RightSideBroadcasting song again ?

So kick them out of the country. Don't punish an entire state for the actions of a few twitter babies.

Dammit. If only Northern Virginia wasn't so cancerous.

Who /GRTedTrumpRally/?

Good, I've been watching his rallies pretty much every day for 1.5 years and have nothing to do now.

he just needs the glass wall

not sure you get it. The entire congress is still full of cuckolds. The more time he spends winning over the loyalty of individuals, the easier it is for him to send out a twaat telling people "call and write congressman cuckold x and y who are blocking my ideas.." and have them swamped and shaking over their next election.
Trump's power will come from his ability to connect directly with people and have them get their own cuckold congressmen in line. Rep. Schlomo wants to vote against something? a thousand angry calls and 10,000 angry goybook tirades will change his mind.


I just hope he has a body double or two

Pence looks like a mannequin here.

Was watching Big Black Cock coverage of Trump victory just to see how they covered it, and they kept saying over and over "Trump had White men voting as a minority block."

Translation- for once, Whites are actually putting our own ethnic interests first. These congress scum live and die by a few thousand shekels from AIPAC Jews, who can then order them around. Won't be so easy when, with one twaat, Trump can direct the entire rage of the cuntry at whichever cucked Republican he wants. Republicans have the House and Senate. My hope (and I think he will 100% do it) is that he'll weaponize twaater and after congressman cuckold gets a few thousand Merchants on his twaater, his tune will change.

I remember old interviews where Trump would brag about how well his daughters are doing… compared to some other famous ones in the media. If you read Art of the Deal, he doesn't have a lot of nice things to say about Baron Hilton… but perhaps those sentiments were mended after the book was published. Trump did name his child Baron after all.

What is he just going to be a pretty face that runs around the country giving pep-talks while the Neo-Cohens in his cabinet continue business as usual? Starting to get nervous guys. It looks like Pence is going to be running the country and he is shady at best with all the Jew worship and Neo-Cuck ties.

Please come to the Panhandle of FL when you visit us again, President Trump.

You got Minnesota wrong.


Much as I dislike Howard Jew Swine Stern, he really did Trump a solid by not playing or selling the old tapes of him. And there are hundreds of hours. Of course, in exchange he'll get a White House invite, but if anyone remembers some of the Trump stuff on Stern from when you were young, he was fucking brutal about a lot of things.
Stern could have probably sunk him. Obviously, he was promised something in exchange for not playing them or selling them (he owns the rights personally).

Stuff like what? I'm curious what OG Trump had to say back in the day.

Always say San Fran, because it annoys the hipsters.

I remember Trump talking about how crazy girls are great in bed. As they were talking about Lindsay Lohan. Locker room stuff.

Degenerate whore is NOT MY GIRL.

I was only 9 or 10 but..oh christ, women evaluations, fights with AJ Benza over a girl Trump stole from him, Stern asked Trump if he would ever let Ivanka date a nigger (this was on E channel) and Stern just looked at him and made a face like he smelled shit.

Never really liked him as a guest, that's just what I remember. By March, all the Stern tapes of Trump had been purged from Jewtube. A lot of stuff. Oh, about him wanting his Ivanka to marry Tom Brady (though that's not bad). What makes a woman good in bed, how to spot a woman who gives a good BJ. Why a girl should never go to the bathroom when you are in the house. tons of stuff.

I know, it's wonderful. When they announce the dates, I'm gonna try to get the day off.

This is impressive. I don't remember any other president doing this. It's as if Trump has the class to be grateful for his win and actually likes the American people, rather than seeing us as a fucking obstacle he has to work around.

This is a good sign, fam.

Don't (1) me faggot.
RMoney… are you kidding me? RMoney as secretary of state? Looks like we are invading Iran, Syria, and North Korea goys! What next? McCain as Secretary of Defense?

I hope he comes back to Montana. Somehow I missed his only rally without even knowing it was happening.

do you not get by now the Jews are trying to use their media and papers to meme their own candidates onto his staff? After the speech he gave about Trump? Never in a million years. He'll meet with him and make him grovel.

I missed my chance to see him the first time
Now is my time!

You are the retard MSM aims to fool with their baseless reports.

tfw Trump wont be coming to your state because of a single county/city.



Priebus is already Chief of Staff(I can't believe I had to just type that) and don't forget tag-along Bannon from Kikebart. MIKE PENCE is in charge of the transition team, the Neo-Cons are lining up out the door while Trump does a stupid victory lap around the country.


You better be baiting user. I don't want some retard to be using anime to make shitty posts about misinformation.

A bit off the topic of the thread but time magazine is doing their person of the year award…I think it would be great if we all voted Trump.

What about Maine where he won a CD?

Yeah we should.

Split states don't count user.

Trump is losing pretty bad in the poll because of mad libs but I think if we all voted for him he'd be winning it.

Watching "right wing" faggots tongue-bathe kikebart and the neocons surrounding Trump is a never ending source of hilarity. Long may it continue

Yes, Priebus was a pick he had to make to keep the establishment cucks from a literal mutiny. Do you think he'll have any real power? Trump owes him and the RNC nothing. He could make him get Bannon's coffee and nothing they could say.

And don't forget, while we consider Bannon a cuck, the fucking SJWs are unironically calling him a Nazi. Let the picks be made. I'm not blind. If he picks genuine neocons for Sec. of State, I'll be first in line to start ripping into him.

The thing is, people bitch about his picks but never say who they'd prefer. The scum at the AP are already predicting Sessions is going to have a hard time getting confirmed for anything since he used to allegedly call 2 niggers "boy." So he's kind of fucked because if he picked someone we would all agree on (like Dr. Scheuer), the fucking senate would never confirm.
We will get one neo-con in a fairly high position (though thank Christ nothing to do with Kagans). Just pray to christ it's not Sec. of State and that whoever it is, it's someone he can keep in line.
But this is why the "victory tour" is such a great idea. Any cuckold senators holding up any of his appointments? Trump sends out a tweet telling people to "contact" the senators holding it up. And we can fucking torture him and his office over phone, email, and twaater.

I think you were in the thread I started the other day about this then got banned for making a "duplicate post". I had types up a few potentials with links and stuff, but by that time I couldn't post.

The long and short of it was that Trump said over and over that he "had the best people" who were going to run the country with him. Looks like that was a bold faced lie. Looks like the Neo-Cons are the people he meant. Didn't see that coming. Really I didn't.

It will get worse. He's having a hard time finding competent help at the top level. There are still hundreds of undersecretaries for what-have-you to find, and you can be sure the ones he does find won't know where the fucking bathroom is, let alone be any good at the job.

Ok, we get it, you're edgy. After the past 8 years where SJWs and their Jew leaders have taken over academia, further strengthened grip on hollywood, clamping down on net, did you really think we'd see a reincarnation of Hitler overnight?

Allegedly, Bannon is redpilled on the JQ, but he can't be that open on it. Yet. And I agree, kikebairt is shit, but what the fuck else is out there? I like the DM better, but I know how to "filter it" where the DM writes articles that are basically trolling and then let the comment section tell how they really feel.
Even Hitler's rise took a few years to consolidate power. Give it time. If he sucks (he can't be worse than fucking Clinton) you can bet people on here will be expressing their displeasure.

Hey, is Holla Forums invited to the inaugural party?

How will Trump survive without the protective pool there to save him?

You know its going to be Hillary. It was Merkel last year.

Most pozzed county?

I can see it being anyone other than the Don, but if it's Hillary expect it to not sell for shit.


The God-Emperor WILL be coming to Pennsylvania.
If I possibly can, I'd love to go to his rally.
But business is terrible right now, and money is tight. I may not be able to make it.

But I'll be there with him in spirit, and I'll be supporting him by putting pressure on my so-called "representatives."

All hail the God-Emperor!!


pure negro, I bet 800+ of those Trump votes are negro too

I'd rather have a cabinet of incompetent chads that supported my goals and shared my vision than a (((top-rated))) team of industry professionals looking for ways to put the knife in my back.

user, you are hearing this from a Jewish media in unchartered territory and scared shitless that they have lost their control of the lemmings. Dr. Pierce always said, the day the Jews lose their grip on the lemmings through the MSM is the beginning of the end for them.

give it fucking time. It's come this far. And don't believe ANYTHING a media outlet is reporting (even the AP has turned to shit, partisanism) because they are terrified if he follows through and does "drain the swamp," they are up shit's creek. Northern VA is now literally the wealthiest area in the nation based on lobbyists and all the other fuckng leeches, most of whom are part of some post-9/11 unnecessary apparatus.
tl;dr- the media Jews are fucking cornered. They've lost control of the lemmings are terrified. Don't believe anything in MSM, wait to hear it from Trump. If he were going to be a cuckold, his first major political meeting would not have been with Farage.

was for (You)

I went to his rally when he came here in eastern PA it was truly a thing of beauty I hope to see him again…If not I can just go to his inauguration.

PA was the state that sent him over 270, the energy from his upcoming PA rally will power the American made Caterpillars building the wall for a whole year

Don't laugh at my pain.

Am from Kentucky; Can confirm, very similar experience
at least i don't live in cali


With the protests and constant MSM antagonization, he really needs to lay low for a few months. I seriously doubt the (((Establishment))) would try and make a move at this stage, but some butthurt spic just might.


What makes you think he wont?

You're fucking retarded if you still don't realize there will. Its already been proven Trump can order to begin the construction on day 1 of his presidency and congress won't even have a say in it.

California checking in. All our shit was fucked up and bullshit on Election Night, with a bunch of vile piece of shit referendums passing easily. What really hurts is the background checks for buying ammo and the unbelievably dishonest repeal of English-only instruction in schools. That hunk of shit was worded so that a Yes vote seemed to be in favor of continuing English-only, when it was really a repeal for Paco and Jose's kids to be mollycoddled with special teachers so they wouldn't have to learn to fucking assimilate. In other words, good-bye Los Angeles, have fun as a Mexican colony forever now. The fucking thing passed by 72 percent. We also overwhelmingly approved a $2 a pack cigarette tax, which means absolutely jack shit, except that now we'll be ordering from online dealers, rather than supporting our local hajiis.

Fuck this goddamned state. I mean, it's a nice place in the white zones, but the fucking kikes have pozzed us the hell out. We'd vote for compulsory circumcision if the Hollywood yids wanted us to. It's as if we have no self-respect left.

We also banned plastic bags statewide. Fucking California.

leave that dreadful place user

CA is so POZZED!

Oregon would riot if they tried to pass background checks for ammo

Better yet, lead a succession movement. Break CA up and contain this shit

No not that song please oh god no


kek'd and check'd


lel ur gonna die by spics.
your state wants to secede.
and take in more spics.

For those who are unaware, in Shadowrun Chicago was
I'm in disagreement, but only barely.

Imagine how a Jew yorker feels.

Ques- if the entire state didn't know it was pozzed and Clinton was getting it all anyway, would more people vote Republican do you think if their vote would actually count? Trying to figure out how Trump would fare if the Jews ever managed to do away with the electoral college (which they never will, the fucking dem. party is literally falling apart. Amazingly, entire thing is almost a mirror image of Brexit and the Brit election from the year before.


(fuck should have linebroke)

I wish I lived in Los Angeles.

this is the most outrageous part of this post tbqh
Everything else I expected from Cali but that's just inane

Man, Fuck Northern Virginia.

Cigarettes are already more than $2 a pack tax for over a decade. In 2002 I used to buy cigarettes for something like $2.10 a pack at the commissary or BX (I don't remember) on an Air Force base in California. They were at least $4 (more I think) outside the base. The difference was tax.

Look at Nevada. Las Vegas should be glassed.

He's saying you have to pay a $2 tax on top of what it already costs for a pack of smokes in Commiefornia.

If you remove the illegal vote Nevada goes red



I guess any amount of tax is okay because "you shouldn't be smoking anyways" as they say


They STILL haven't called Michigan. It's hilarious.


Fucking nightmarish tbh I though IL's taxes were bad
7 dolla for a pack of spirits ffs

AFAIK it's worse in NY, and has been for a long time




Well, now that buying ammo needs a background check, crime will be eliminated

Shit, I know they're fuckin' bad for you but I'm sorry New York

that's fine. let them tie their own noose

Maybe I'll take a "business trip". Keep heart though, dems lost the super majority in the house this election.

I want Trump to do what he does, I trust his judgement and want him to succeed. Secret Service better do their job, if there was fears about assassinations before it will be tenfold now that he won.


Trump's based. He's going to be the most in contact with the people of any president in recent history. He should have an hour fireside chat every week on Jewtube when he is president. Speak directly to the people so the media middle man can't cut in and spin it.


That is every state that went to Hillary. Even commiefornia is red outside of the cities.

First pic is lyrics from song called "Jesus Hitler", by Carnivore, definitely worth a listen, and a good laugh. Peter Steele = Aryan man with fantastic music.

Maybe the left aren't so wrong when they call him Hitler.

You know know why the Electoral Collage exists.


Could have gone to Sacramento or Redding during the primaries. Those were fun.

He actually came to the bay area twice. One was when he had to go in the back door (san francisco), and the other was where leftists attacked trump supporters coming out of the rally (san jose)

I was there, I saw the God-Emperor. It was the greatest moment of my meager existence.

This is where the assassination will happen. They better have a good guard detail on him at all times. Anyone want to volunteer to patrol the outer peripheries for libtard gunman?


The heat was worth it, it was glorious.

It should be in New York City or Washington.

It should be called the Arc de Trump

Better yet, Make Detroit Great Again and put the arch over the river so Canadians have to acknowledge Trump every time they cross the river.

He should hold a rally at the Greek Theatre in Berkely for maximum butthurt


I miss Pete so much
He deserves those heavenly trips, I hope he's doing alright up there

And the keep padding Hillary's popular vote count

Proud to be a part of turning MI red :^)

∞ chess

Did you watch that last rally?
Holy fuck, they were pushing so hard to turn MI red.

You can thank wayne county (detroit) niggers for that.

Hell no user he can do that at 3 in the morning.
I want him to go on network tv prime time once a week for free.
Squeeze them kikes by the balls no ad shekels for you when the prez is on tv.

No, but I did watch the Warren rally.
In person.

And Caesar parades through the streets of Rome victorious.

The question is, will he be offered the title of dictator for life?

Go back please.

With so many death threats against him, the security entourage on this trip will be incredible. Likely more involved than anything the SS has ever done before.

TFW, this one victory lap alone adds measurably to the economy.