Hey Rabbi

These shitlibs are getting very lazy with their bullshit stories.

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Also doesn't it seem pretty badass that swastikas are coming back with a vengeance even if it's only leftists drawing them? Makes us seem like a legitimate resistance movement fighting against tyrannical forces, as true as that happens to be. Thanks for the street cred faggot.


Such bad liars

Another false flag. How cute

wait do they honestly expect normal people to understand what their open to fag safety pins mean???

Very poorly drawn.

This is fucking ridiculous.

It's full of tells.
That means he thought about it.
He also spells swastika correctly and draws it correctly, implying research.

Perfect time for a spray job.
Posting on twitter?

He mentions his kids twice to add extra gravitas to the post.


>we meme'd a resistance that isnt even real yet


You can watch people mentally break down when you wear a MAGA hat. It's great

What is the significance of the safety pin?

They are going to drive themselves into a mass hysteria fighting phantoms of their sick minds whose actions they manifest in a trance like state brought on by the need to signal to each other on social media.


lol we memed the safety pin as a joke to laugh at them and they took it seriously. How do you guys forget this? It essentially means they're a bunch of babies who need their safe spaces and can't take it when something hurts their feelings. They are idiots and children. Next thing we'll get them to wear is diapers.

(((They))) are wearing them to publicly identify themselves

Is that really what happened? I must have missed it.

Telling all your friends about it on facebook.

oh ok then.

It's the newest version of the yellow star.
Soon the RWDS will be instructed to hunt down safety pin wearers and drag them to the mass graves

This cunt is a fucking bitch. White absolutely is right. It's as far from wrong as you can be.

What is a safety pin? Never heard of it


Am I doing this right?

under-appreciated post

Why would she point to her safety pin? It couldn't have been visible to someone in another vehicle.

Cry babies wearing safety pins, how appropriate.


Because ive never heard of a chant called "whites right" I decided to create a new one just for Holla Forums

March along, sing our song, with the Army of the free.
Count the brave, count the true, who have fought to victory.
We’re the white man and proud of our name!
We’re the white man and proudly proclaim:

First to fight for the right,
And to build the Nation’s might,
And The white man Goes Rolling Along.
Proud of all we have done,
Fighting till the battle’s won,
And the white man Goes Rolling Along.

Then it’s hi! hi! hey!
The white mans on its way.
Count off the cadence loud and strong; 1 2 3
For where’er we go,
You will always know
That The white man Goes Rolling Along.

Simple rule for dealing with these faggots, and for their normie enablers:

What's so frightening is that because they have chosen to focus all their efforts on a subject which fundamentally can't respond, they're locked into a loop of simply trying the same thing that failed, but trying HARDER. They keep acting out like they expect reality to suddenly turn into a nurturing mother, but reality's face is always still. Most likely they will continue amping it up until they finally do get a response of some kind, even if that's just Trump rolling in the tanks.

those "two men" should have gone the extra mile and changed the 221 to an 88

tips safety pin




Just what it sounds like, a corporate meme that liberals wear to signal to each other and normal people that they are part of the communist cult. Like jewish stars.

This would be funny as fuck. Like anytime someone espouses some inane leftist comment, people should just reply with *points to safety pin* or *tips safety pin*.


When I was in highschool there was this kid who had some sort of safety pin fetish. He had thousands of them all over his clothing. Hundreds hanging off each cuff of his jacket, a hat covered with them, etc. He also had some sort of weird goth/metal aesthetic going on. Weird kid.

I wonder if that sort of extreme safety-pin fashion could become a new lefty fashion meme.

Hey…that gives me an idea. There is still time to co-opt the safety-pin thing.

Forget the frog, the new NAZI symbol is safety pins!

Hey Normie: if you see one of those safety-pin NAZIs, be sure to report them to DHS right away!

The Young Turks talking about the safety pin meme.

I am convinced we have opened a door to the American History X universe

At least he got the direction right.

Yeah, sort of. But more like those colored ribbons you wear or changing your facebook avatar. It's a zero-effort way to virtue signal.

I'm literally shaking right now, let me tell you what happened. I was at a local family run store today where I've been shopping for years and never had any problem. As I was packing my bags into the car I overheard two men in a van nearby having a 'private' chat about how blacks are responsible for all sorts of crime and that whites are also responsible for crime. I coughed loudly to get their attention and pointed at my t-shirt (pic related). I think they got the message. When I got home I unloaded my bags full of Twinkies bars and tins of Mac & Cheese to feed my self.

It was a lovely day so I decided I'd walk to the local games store to see if they had made Sonic's arms white again, when I got there his arms were still blue! I'm still enraged, the corporate hatred for tradition is strong and alive in our stores! Please try and be safe.

safety pins were apparently a way the gays used to see if someone was cool with safe sex so i dont really want anything to do with it

I'd rather have a swastika than that shit

Well you could make it spraypaint but then you'd have to paint the whole garage door.

They are not that dedecated to the cause of virtu signaling.


So in this image of Trumps Walk of Fame star, does the Swastika mean that right wingers drew it saying Trump was a Nazi and praising him, or was it by lefties that think Trump is a Nazi and trying to shame him?

The image in the OP could mean that Katie Dunne is actually a Nazi. Her safety pin could have been 'pic related' and some SJW's followed her home to attempt to shame her

>People give you signs all the time of their aggression and their hatred and what they're gonna do to you

Yup, a nigger down to the marrow of his bone

Lefties, a right winger would know which way the swastika spins.

I've been thinking about this safety-pin meme recently and began developing what could be a potential exploitation of it.

I'm thinking a message ala "A Prayer for Tray-Tray" which implicates the safety-pin wearing cucks as signalling that they are part of a RWDS so they know when they can attack a minority as long as they have a number advantage. My thought was to come up with something along the lines of safety pins being frequently used as fire control group retaining pins in homemade AKs, the signature weapon of any RWDS, so people wear them to let others know they're ready to unleash hot death at a moments notice


Maybe they were wishing him good luck


I wondered what was holding up their diapers…

Is this her? It would be pretty typical


University of Oregon


Oh, you mean they could have been Hindus or Buddhists and they were thankful that he was going to usher in an era of peace?

The OP is either A) fake or B) concealing facts. She either knows the people, or is making up the whole thing.

The user in question lives in a residential neighborhood in a dead end street. So to her contention two guys (she presumably doesn't know), were yelling white is right in a mostly white neighborhood. They just so happened to spraypaint a swastika on the door of the presumably only jews in the neighborhood.

So why were they driving in this neighborhood (do they live there), why would they be yelling white pride when she is the only audience (does she know them), and why would they put a swastika on her door aside from her "safety pin" (how did they know she's jewish?).

Make her sound racist in front of her friends. It will destroy her.

If they existed at all (doubtful), it was probably just a couple of guys singing along to The Clash's "White Riot".

You've got the wrong house, m88.

It's obviously fake. There is no question to that. Shit, how would people in a truck even notice her point at a fucking safety pin. The fuck even is that shit about?




Who the fuck would even chant 'White is Right', I've met plenty of people that lean varying degrees to the right with some being out right boots and braces neo-nazi thugs with little or no political insight that are just in it for the 'lifestyle' and violence. Even they wouldn't chant something so idiotic, they might shout Sieg Heil, White Power, NF, and do nazi salutes etc. But I've yet to hear a single 'White is Right' chant. Although the dumb bitch in the OPs post could have just meme'd in it into existence.


They are weak with the memetic forces. Remember Freeze Peach?

Both of these. Believe it or not, there are some people who have actually gotten it as a tattoo.

It's the definition of insanity. The only ones I feel bad for are their children, whose already warped upbringing is being further affected by their parent(s)' neurosis.

Have some sympathy user, he was STARE RAPED by having some white guy dare to glance at him for two seconds. The white guy might even have SMILED!

Oh, and don't forget to donate to his patreon mixtape.

Is this real life? I lived on the street for a while and the fact that this nigger tries to make this a race thing is almost unbelievable, even for a nigger. You would have to be so incredibly brain dead to come to the conclusion that this was about him being a nigger and not the way he walks, looks, and carries himself. Every group that decides to go against the grain has to deal with people acting that way towards them, if you can't handle getting funny looks then put on some grown up cloths and act like an adult holy shit.

Sometimes I feel like actually doing something like this just to see how the leftists would react.

niggers can't even.

You mean in after