Justice for Waco

Now that Trump has been elected, will we finally see justice dealt to those men and women responsible for the siege of Waco?

Obviously this goes all the way to the Clinton's, but I'd love to see these wannabe-cowboys seen posing for their trophy shots persecuted to the full extent of the law as well.

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well the wookie janet reno croaked… so there is a start.

You know Janet Reno died on the 7th?

how about 9/11 or sandy hoax

Don't forget Pedo Joe Biden, who helped with the Waco coverup.

Can you give a tl;dr?

What about Ruby Ridge?

The FBI burned several whole families (including children) alive by firebombing the Branch Davidian ranch in Waco, TX. This was done because the Feds merely suspected they were guilty of "weapons violations".

Oh and Ruby Ridge happened about a year earlier, and both events were the motivations of the Oklahoma City federal building bombing.

The tl;dr is that Waco, Ruby Ridge, and bundy ranch were being bad goyim that questioned the government that they tried to cut themselves off from it. Bad goys deserve nothing more than death. :^)


God bless Timothy McVeigh. A real hero.
Fuck the Fed for what they did at Waco and Ruby Ridge. He brought justice that day.

ATF are the culprits you fucking retard.

Waco was less of a deliberate atrocity like Ruby Ridge and more of a colossal fuck-up by a bunch of retarded FBI cowboy wannabees. The negotiators would get remarkably close to resolving the situation until the fucking morons outside the compound would do something unbelievably retarded like running over the people's cars with tanks or blasting noise at 12:00 at night.
Basically it was the Hostage Rescue Team's fault, and they should have taken all the blame for it.


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Millenial Canadian faggot here, what are the Branch Davidians? I see this constantly pushed as a point on them being crazy.

Look at this bluepilled faggot.

Some branch of Seventh-Day Adventist, which is a little cookier than most of Protestantism.

In what manner?

A pretty messed up christian sect. ATF needed to get street cred and make trials for how to approach a NWO takeover of the US and thought no one would give a shit if they roughed up some cultists. When it went wrong they killed everyone inside and made up lies about it being a super fucked up dangerous cult so that people would not feel sorry for them.

Saturday is the sabbath and investigative judgement are what come to mind. Investigative judgement being that God opens up the "Books of Record" and investigates every believer's case on the day of judgement. Not sure about the issues that split normal 7th Dayers and Branch Davidians, though.

People who wanted to be left alone. ATF didn't like the fact they wanted to be left alone, with guns, and women, and children.

ATF agent shoots himself climbing over a fence, then the ATF claim the Branch Dravidian's shot the ATF agent, then it proceeds to spiral "out of control" until Clinton's hostage rescue squad aka the cleaners, wipe out as many people as they can in the compound.

They flood the compound with different kinds of gas, such as tear gas, it gets saturated, then they ignite the gas and torch a bunch of men, women and kids.

Later they try to make the cultists seem as evil as possible, to justify burning and suffocating children for pretty much no reason.

nice album cover. band?

I've seen reference to them making out the Branch Davidians set themselves on fire also.

However much is truth or fabrication, it was obviously a monumental fuck-up at the very least.

End the feds.

sky seems to be the limit right now.

Janet Reno is getting raped by Koresh in his Heavenly fort, and every single official and ATFaggot involved is going to get a place in Dividians followers' rape harem

That cunt Reno used CS gas on the Branch Davidian compound. Watch the videos of Sonny Bono grilling her. Janet Reno is burning in hell.

Not nearly painful enough

Timothy McVeigh was a hero


The fucking chink sniper they had there needs a rope like nobodies business.
What sort of person shoots a woman as she holds a baby in her arms?
What kind of person shoots a child?
Oh right, a jack booted china man with a license to kill direct from the ZOG.
I fucking hate the Clinton era government, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Somalia, Bosnia, they fucked everything up.

Two hour documentary here. Not a fringe doc. Quite thorough and fair imo. Includes Congressional hearings and interviews with local non-Federal lawmen.

Len Horiuchi was a Jap.

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WLP told me that survivors reported the feds cut off their power, so they started using kerosene lamps for light, and then the feds opened fire on the buildings, which led to some of the lamps being knocked off the walls, which ignited the buildings and burned them alive.

Here's the related vid.

MANDATORY watch on OLKAHOMA BOMBING, CIA and the scapegoat


Waco is all provable. The rest, like OKC, is that there is to much conspiracy theory to ever really know.

Ruby Ridge is like when lavoy got shot. HRT assholes shooting because that's what they do.

Waco had a lot more deliberate shit, and the likelihood of the fire was well known, and those assholes were proud of it afterwords.

I don't know what it would take, but I'd love to see someone in the Trump administration shut down HRT and punish everyone who has been a part of it.

Because 'the government wouldn't do that, so of course they must have done it to themselves.

I still wonder where they hid Lon.

Has Trump ever mentioned Waco before?


Answer: No.
Trump has decided that Hillary needs time to "heal" - she and Bill are "good people," user.

Friendly Reminder: When the Feds notified the county sheriff of the arrest and search warrant the sheriff told them Dave Koresh came into town every weekend for shopping and breakfast at the diner. They told them they could pick him up without any problems the next weekend.
Janet Reno told him to get fucked and she was going to have the FBI/ATF raid the compound no matter what. Then she had the entire site bulldozed before independent inspectors were allowed to view it to cover up evidence of the mass murder.


Dubs confirms

Hello, FBI

Oh, some sort of heresy. Seems fitting to be burnt.

so you believe the MSM?

Also I remember on an old episode of the Apprentice Donald introduced the prick politician in the WACO documentary as "his good friend". I would like to find a clip of that show. The dinner with the politician was the reward at the end.

What's his name?

That is pretty much the best Waco Documentary. The main thing I don't like about Rules of Engagement, is that they make no mention of the Delta Force presence, nor the top of the records vault being blown in from the use of high explosives.

If OP is FBI, then FBI is good, since he was calling for prosecution under the law.

I know its hard, but try not to be such a faggot.

He expressed regret for not targeting individuals and blowing up a bunch of civillians who had nothing to do with it

Maybe tinfoil question but anyone know if the Davidians released footage of kids being loaded onto planes at the base nearby? Anyone got links?

Any anons know of a child trafficking connection to the Davidians or know of the theory the compound was destroyed and everyone killed to cover up what they knew of child trafficking?

A vault in side the compound? So they were looking for info in the vault right?

This thread is schizophrenic and incoherent, what's the whole fucking run-down of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma.

What I learned from Ruby Ridge is that
>some gook sniper takes a shot right at his wife's head while holding his fucking infant daughter

This song always gives me the waco feels. The voice is from a branch davidian promo video.


These look like video game wallpapers.


Remember that if law enforcement officers did not come forward against what happened at waco this case against the official story would not hold any water. With that in mind lets gets em.

The took refuge in the records vault at the very end, because it was made of reinforced concrete. They never intended to use it that way, though the FBI always referred to it as the bunker. Video footage, and damage assessed in the aftermath, shows that a satchel charge was placed on the roof and detonated. When you watch the footage, there is a quick flash and then a fireball. The flash is the satchel charge going off, and the fireball is some propane tanks getting blown up by it. Pictures of the aftermath show a hole in the top of the vault, with the exposed rebar bent inwards.

While there is no hard proof that Delta Force were the ones that did it. It is a very typical MO for them, and they were likely the only people trained enough and ballsy enough to go place a satchel charge on the roof of a burning building. It also believed that the two Delta Force 'advisers' are the two people that pile out of the tank with machine guns on the FLIR video.

Its the opposite. The ATF alleged that the Davidians were doing pedo shit, when all the evidence points to there being none. I should also point out that busting people for pedo shit is well outside of the ATF's jurisdiction.