On phoneposting

This is not an entirely serious post.

BUT...... do you think there is a conspiracy to turn everyone into a phoneposter and destroy the desktop?

What is wrong with phones?

Nothing wrong. But having everyone always use phones for everything is wrong.

The desktop won't be destroyed, if for no other reason because it's impossible to (efficiently) write or code from a phone.

It kind of makes me sad that the only people emailing me nowadays are Chinese spambots. Every online service expects you to have an eMail account, yet people invest less and less value in them. Same with RSS. People would rather just maintain a feed on their account on some centralized, proprietary platform at the expense of media diversity, perhaps in part because they're infatuated with the idea of being witnessed by other people, and a centralized platform lets you passively broadcast the feeds you consume.

It's so tragic that adults aren't letting their children use actual computers. It's sad enough as it is that there are children in this World stuck with lobotomized, proprietary platforms on their hardware. If only for half an hour a week, having a real operating system is way more fulfilling than a cell phone. Makes me think of the daughter of that Apple engineer who got fired. That girl grew up on the product he made, and it shows, in that, despite her father being at least vaguely smart--enough to be an engineer, at least--she's so blatantly vapid. If I were an engineer, I would want to make a product that I'm comfortable with my children consuming. That would be my legacy, after all.

Mobile devices are here to stay, and have already surpassed desktop workstations in number. However both serve entirely different purposes and the distinction between both is blurring more and more as devices such as tablets and foldable laptops become popular.
The question is, what activities are best served by either a phone or a desktop computer? It's easy to see that both will continue to each serve a purpose.
What I do believe is that the Web will be less and less relevant as time passes, and as information is disseminated in different formats. This is particularly true for mobile devices. The webapps of yore, in phones, are replaced by standalone "Apps" you can download from the vendors' (iOS, Google) stores. Google, Wikipedia, Tumblr. I believe this is to become the "Web 3.0" (good riddance to javascript and bloated ass web browsers).
As for desktop-specific applications, the same has been true already for decades, for the software that people use for work (be it spreadsheets, audio/video/image editing or CAD applications) have been delivered as standalone applications (indeed, there was no other way before html5+javascript) ever since their conception. The proliferation of web-based applications is just a consequence of the "Web 2.0" hype and even those are considered to be less performant than their binary counterparts.
What I am trying to say is that new services will emphasize the web less and concentrate more on providing their own frontend in the form of a binary application over which a vendor has better control, and hopefully, the web browser will eventually be nothing but a memory, and a lesson for future developers as to what happens when you start bloating a single application to provide all sorts of contents possible.
Another way of saying this is that, with the growing dependence of everybody on networks, the OS itself is mostly reduced to be a web browser in itself, with standalone applications taking the place of old webapps.
People are starting to detract from javascript, either by blocking it altogether, transpiling from other languages (Elm, clojurescript, and myriad others), and proposing stuff such as ASM.js (which if you think about it, is far less efficient than, say, android bytecode, with pretty much the same development cycle).
I for once am happy, for soon we might do altogether without disgusting web browsers.

I'm posting from a phone right now because it's the only electronic device I have that I leave on perpetually. Even my desktop I always turn it off and unplug it from the wall when it's not in use. I should turn it on now though. I do like having a miniature computer with me at all times, because it's easier and more discreet than carrying around a map (says I'm incompetent or not from around here), notepad (advertises my inability to remember things), or copy of Mein Kampf (i.e. I can read whatever I want in public and nobody can judge me as long as it's not chinese cartoons). Search engine results are helpful too. The privacy trade-off is awful though.

(((They))) are definitely trying to get people to buy a phone though for easier tracking. Look at how you can't sign up for most shit or buy things without giving a phone number. The biggest kikes send you a text for verification and do one account per number, and making a new account with a number invalidates the old account so you can't use free sms services or burner phones. kikerosoft

rss-bridge needs more developers if you're interested in keeping rss feeds alive.

Saying the desktop is going to die because of phones is like saying console gaming will kill PC gaming.
There was never a single person who said it who wasn't a completely out of touch retard.
Desktops will always have their place because at the most basic level phones are too clunky to use and therefore useless for anything other than messaging Brad and Angelina about how many boys you fucked last night and watching The Big Bang Theory.

It's not PocketCHIP, that's what's wrong.

I actually own one of those things but I don't understand why you'd present them as a stellar example of quality and/or freedom.

But how many Normans actually use computers for anything but that, and social media or browsing?

Isn't the software on these phones made on desktops?
Just like this user pointed out. It really is just fear-mongering. Console games are made on PCs so the idea that consoles can kill PCs is really laughable.

I use my phone more than my laptop, deal with it fatties.

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not many, which is a good thing
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have you watched the last miss universe? they removed all the 'ilerminaty' symbols from previous pageants and there's this sublte 3d rotating crystal at the background that looks like the shape of smartphone.
Coincidence? I think not

I really don't know much about iOS, but I hate Android more and more with each year. At this point I just don't want to get another Android device but there aren't any real alternatives apart from jumping onto Apple's dildo or paying $600 to become a volunteer developer of Librem.

Typical Android device features:

Basically, even Microsoft Windows is more pro-consumer and pro-freedom than Android.

iOS is even worse because with iOS you don't even have basic filesystem access or the ability to sideload apps unless you have in Jailbroken, whereas even stock non-rooted Android can do these things.

Google has been trying to fix Androids update ecosystem by basically abstracting the kernel from the rest of the OS more and more so OEMs no longer have to go through the painstaking process of making updates specially tailored to their device linups every time a new update happens. The kernel acts in this sense as a stand-in for ARMs complete lack of platform standards so users can now just install "stock" updates which is basically the userland without the kernel and install it on top of the existing kernel. That's the goal anyways.

Regardless, phones will never replace desktops. The "post-PC" meme is an industry buzzword that, at this point, is an artifact of early-2010 enthusiasm over the once-new Smartphone trend. All those "hopes and dreams" of low-powered ARM servers never fucking happened. AMD pulled out of their ARM R&D. ARM simply cannot compete, and now it's even getting its ass kicked on its home-turf with Intel Atom chips. If only Intel wasn't fucking retarded when it came to marketing their Atoms to smartphone and tablet OEMs, then again, it could be them wanting to avoid a race-to-the-bottom scenario where Atoms are sold alongside cheap Allwinner Chinese shit. The PC market is making a rebound, mainly driven by laptops. Nvidia sold over 20 million GTX 9 series gaming laptops between 2015 and 2016. That doesn't sound like much until you consider gaming laptops typically run you over a thousand bucks

Even if Google will eventually fix kernel updates, Android is still shit until Google does something about it's Safety Net API.

Why do you even want a phone in the first place? Would just getting a regular dumbphone be enough? Would just a regular handheld linux device also work for you?

How dead do you have to be to want to be connected to the internet all the time? Only mentally ill NEETs and phoneposters do this.

Mostly because of cheaper & more accessible communication and navigation, dumbphones are really shit at those.

Personally, I can't stand touch screens. Even an old Nokia 1100 is better than all these big screens without keypad. Also the menus on that phone are simple and efficient to navigate. Later phones that add all kinds of clutter and features aren't an improvement for usability. I need to make phone calls and occasionally read/send SMS, that's it. Oh and the nice LED flashlight on that Nokia was another plus, and the battery life was great. Phone was nice size/feel and very solid too, you could drop it and bang it up and not worry. Newer shit is bulky, brittle, expensive, and very unsatisfying.

dumbphones are decent enough for what they are, but even so, the same issues of proprietary firmware and chipsets, phone and sms vulerability to stingray type spying, geotracking through cell towers still apply.
personally, i prefer the "smartphone" concept without the "phone" part, which could be substituted for any libre voip apk you choose.
But the tablet form factor is clunky, "ultrabooks" with touchscreens are the memiest of memes, and phone sized devices that arent actually phones are nearly nonexistent.
laptops major improvement over phones is the keyboard, otherwise there is nothing (battery life, convenience, portability, discreetness) that phones do not improve on, which was why the ubuntu convergence thing was so appealing.
Since convergence is dead in the water, id rather run desktop software on an actual desktop rather than a laptop.

Not him, but the first person to mention dumb phones. Geotracking is an inherent vulnerability of pretty much every communication method.
I personally don't have a need to cellular service and could do with a wifi only pda. I don't have any friends in real life or on the internet so who would I even call LOL

No, op. People are just stupid shills when everyone tells them to be. Corp make money on this.