Italy: old hotel owner forced to take in migrants

Italy: old hotel owner forced to take in migrants Sorry, no webm since I'm a clueless luddite.

This is one of the most surreal things I've ever watched. The hotel owner, who looks like a centenarian, tries to block the door, police overwhelm in and in literally the next second the cultural enrichment streams into the room and immediately makes itself comfortable on the sofas.

Can you imagine the rage the poor hotel owner must have felt?

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never seen anyone say that on Holla Forums tbh

Kill them all in their sleep then call the polizi in the AM and say you run a hotel, not a dead nigger storage facility.

It was wrong of him to try and keep all those syrian women and children out.

There are a few web services that let you download a twitter video.



My heart was not meant to feel this much hate.

Any Holla Forumslacks speak italian here, or familiar with italian 'refugee' policies?
I'm not following how they can force an owner of a private business into accomodating people he doesn't want in his business?

I have the same question. I can only make out don't enter, don't enter but I also want to know specifically if you guys have a rule where you have to give up private property for government projects?

Thank you.

If that enrages you check this out

A homeless man has been found dead in the centre of Bolzano. The corpse was found by some passers-by in a makeshift bed made from cardboard boxes, alongside the wall of the Hotel Alpi, which is currently being used to house refugees. According to the investigators' initial information, there were no traces of violence on the man's body.

I speak spaghetti, I'll give you a transcript.

Old Man: (yelling) They aren't coming in! I will go to the hospital before it happens.

Lady: Have you gone crazy? I'm going to sue all of you! What are you doing? If you make him go to the hospital…

Old Man: Stop it! You are going to send me to the hospital. They are NOT coming in.

Old Man (inside hotel): They are not going to touch my stuff. Do you want to put them in my apartment too?

Old Man: There are no keys, they will not turn the lock. I've been here since 1972. You stay over there with them (to cameraman).

The traitors will all face the rope when the time comes, just keep that thought in your heads lads. We will all get justice in the end.

Forced, what a shame. Imagine the problems he's going to have, especially to his current tenants.

This is exactly what the Mafia came into existence to fix. Callous officials violating honest Italians' rights by shoving a mudslime agenda. The only recourse is to the friends, who will find extra-judicial methods to encourage the refugees to find another flop.

I chuckled, but seriously though, where the fuck does these "refugees" coming from? They dont even remotely looks syrian.

Easily. Police and other law-enforcement agencies have guns. Italian people on the other hand don't have guns.

While I watched the video, I saw his nice bar, all clean and tidy with spirits plus the big coffee machine, it made me sad to think these fucking immigrants will ruin it all. So much time and dedication to acquire all these products just to have it destroyed in the future.

this is what happens when they take away your guns

Lol "property rights" wut r those move over for the enrichment.

"Denunciare" isn't filing suit, it's filing charges.
Not that it makes any difference, he's getting enriched.

Europeans are getting what they deserve, for they gave up their right to defend their rights, and thus gave up their right to exist.

Pic related.

Reported for legitimate D&C bullshit. Italy was one of the people on the right side of history, something burgers and britcucks can't claim.

We must supply this man our full support. Kill evefy fucking nigger there. Who has the popes number?

New op. Uncuck the pope, or cut off his fucking kike dick.

Cry more faggot. All your crying won't do shit when jamal and ahmed rapes your sister and beast your parents to death.

And guess what? You have no one to blame but yourself eurocuck.

The absolute shitiest parts of Africa, primarily somalia, but these guys are ultra black, so probably the deep dark shitlands pf the dark continent.

This is a fucking invasion and the left are providing support.

The Italians better vote against the Constitutional reform in December and oust Renzi. Then leaving the EU is all but sure and the whole thing will fall apart.

lmao leftypol pls, you lost give it a rest

Actually it was taken from them at gunpoint from American and Russian troops.

You may as well say that the Confederate States of America willingly rejoined the Union.


Let this serve as a lesson for all the retards who think zogbots are on our side. Kill every single one of them.


This is wrong.

No it's not. It's what europeans want.

Fuck off D&C. That doesn't make a bit of difference on how wrong or right it is. And it's objectively wrong.

Fuck off kike.

It's what Americans want, if the Europeans reject it, USAF will bomb their cities. Remember Serbia?

I am pretty sure he was joking

Couldn't you just shut down the hotel, at least until they stop asking you to take in refugees? It may be worth it to live off savings for a while instead of having to risk portions of your property being damaged. If they call to ask to take refugees, just say, "My hotel is no longer in operation and cannot house anybody."

Says the cunt whos country will kill europeans if they resist.

So I asked reddit and they're calling me a troll.



Light a match, burn it all down. Atlas Shrugged was a stupid book, but in this case. Burn it all man. FUCK THIS GAY EARTH.

Wouldn't it be possible to identify the hotel, call the owner, and ask some basic questions like under what authority was his hotel used?

Yeah the government probably only has this control over commercial property (that level of control in itself is a problem, for example in the UK hotels were forced to rent rooms to queers). But if you're dependent on income and so are your staff that's a crazy thing to have to do.

What did you expect?

Is this national news in Italy? If not, how do we make it? This really should go viral.. this isn't some tent city under a train bridge, this is forced relocation to a private residence and wrecking this man's livelihood by government force.

you have to go back

how would I red pill others?

AHAHA, just look at pic.

This Geezer suggest toe force people to take in rapfugges into their private homes.

He further complains that to do that you have to change some rules and that that is the worst part.

Sure he says that it all has to happen on a volunteery basis but we know how things use to turn out.

fuck off retard

Things in Europe work a lot different to America, etc. The bureaucracies of the EU mean that if he wanted to shut down his hotel, he would have to go through so much bullshit it just wouldn't be worth the trouble. I remember there was one story in Bavaria where some guy managed to actually shut down his own hotel after having migrants squat in it for 2~ months. After only a week of it being shut down, "refugee resettlement officials" (or some other title, Germans can confirm) and other administrators came by and told the man that if he didn't open the hotel migrants he would be going to jail and the hotel would be open to the migrants anyway.

This is really an isolated case that's happening everywhere. It's not newsworthy in the sense that this same scene is playing out writ large throughout the whole country. Also the EU kikes have a stranglehold over the media in Italy pretty hard because they know how racist we are deep down to the core.

Honestly from the shit I'm seeing lately I'm so glad I live on the opposite side of the planet from the clusterfuck that is the EU.

I thought that too. In a short time, it will look like a pigsty in there. That poor fucking man. How do these officers and officials feel about doing this? Do they see something still nice and intact and say to themselves "Hey, we could stuff a whole bunch of niggers in there, right?"
Aren't they kicking citizens out of their homes in some countries to stuff them full of niggers too? I know it's the kikes, but city officials and police have to make this happen, right? Why do they do it?

Yeah, luckily in the USA we still have some constitutional property rights, though they were designed to keep the military and government from housing troops in our homes, rather than foreignors, but it's something.

don't listen to them. you have to break containment by going to the cucknet - reddit & twitter to spread the truth.
Limiting yourself to a Vietnamese cartoon forum isn't going to spread these red pills.

Reminds me of this book.

I would take and sell everything I had of value, wait til they were asleep, glue the fucking doors shut, and burn the whole thing down while all the gas burners were left on high. Take a note from the russians. Leave NOTHING for your enemies.



If youre a burger id like to remind you that your jewish goverment and the soviets pretty much forced Europe to cuckold and if any nation resists youll bomb them into submission. Hopefully The orange POTUS will finally stop that bullshit and allow us to be strong again.

Look at all these fucking traitors who need to die.

This is absolutely crazy, they behave like communists. The police officers are retarded, they need to reject these orders, because they are signing their own death sentence. Either they or their family members will be raped or killed by the subhumans, or they will get killed by the people if resistance and revolution happens. How can you go against your own race like this, the state of the western countries is so bad. The old guy would do best to set the whole hotel on fire at 02:00 am.

These days I'm not sure something like that matters much. Even if he had guns, what would he do? Go up against the entire state and defend his hotel until they give up?

No, they're Vatican-Romans who push for "multiculturalism" everywhere so that the Mexicans, same religion, will move more easily into the United States and take this country over. They're consciously making a sacrifice of parts of Italy, and basically all of France.

Ausfag actually

Cops are not our friends… ever. Orders are just orders until one of these zombies carries them out for a paycheck.

Disgusting. The Jews will pay for this.


No they're Jews.

This is fucking communist tier what those so-called police are doing, can't the hotel owner just fucking burn it all when it is anyway impossible getting back from those filthy niggers?

New form of kike warfare.

I would just pull one of the migrants aside and offer him a few grand to burn down the hotel. Better have it go up in flames and collect a fat insurance check than have it be a refuge for invaders.

What is it's gender?

I have no words for this.

Nigger how new are you, the government does what it wants in every European country, they dont care about the laws.

They ARE communists, friend.

What in the fuck are you talking about kike? Europeans never agreed to give up anything, it was done by force by (((THE UNITED STATES)))

nobody ever said that

Oliver Cromwell did it before the United States existed you history illiterate fucktard.

OMG I spit out my coffee laughing.

You are the illiterate fucktard holy shit. Fucking end your life you Jew.
How did Oliver Cromwell ruin anything else than England and Ireland you stupid, braindead loser. USA has ruined the ENTIRE Europe by force, so take your head out of your ass and go hang yourself kike.

Welcome to the EU.
Enjoy your stay.

There must be more to this story.

Also, fuck off you Burger fuccbois. You have been THE cancer of the world along with Israel since WWII. Your shit country created this whole world order. Stop acting like you're somehow above this because you have a rifle in your garage.

Will you guys be okay?
It looks like living in the EU fucking sucks


All those "benefits" had a price after all.
Looks like entering the EU is the same as selling your soul to the devil.
Only good-goy cosmopolitans are unable to see how fucked things are.


The allies ruined Europe and the west and have been suffering ever since.

And so forth.

Took you almost 80 years to realize Hitler was right and elect someone vaguely reminiscent of him.

Every time you think a German is a cuck, remember that you are tallking about Alliedfied "reeducated" Germans.
Aka, German speaking Anglos.

I'm not doing the D&C, ignorant Burgers and co are doing the D&C by virtue of either willfully ignoring this, or by being ignorant.

We can work this out by working together, but to begin this process, things must be realized as they are.

And yes, this thread is about Italy, but Germany is the crux of the whole Euro situation.
Even more so than France.

And The EU is the reason why all the members are being shafted.

Fucking disgusting. Can any of you translate?



Haven't they learnt from Trump's Ascension to be less OVERT with their little White Genocide Project? Do they still think they can get away with shit THIS Blatant? Don't tell me they are that retarded.. they ruled the World for 70 Years!
Bullying an old Man on camera is really gonna please the already near Breaking point Europeans isn't it?

What fuels cuckoldry of this magnitude?

Parts of Africa so black that people from there have no hope of integrating into Italian society. These are people who were left by behind by evolution.

Americans can't face the fact their nation is helping the problem.

You sound like you are disgusted with your history involving the Jews, dirty Redcoat.

Of course it probably never occured to you that letting the Jews back into England is the #1 reason Jews got to the USA. It's your fucking fault because Oliver Cromwell.

Literally who says this?

try harder kike, you're almost fitting in

And don't pay him, of course. Make sure he dies.

I'm German.

Did the Brits send a record sum to Israel a while ago or was it the states?

Not saying the Brits back then didn't have a hand in it, far from it, but I don't see any Brits talking shit right now.

But England needed the Sassoons, goy. How else would they get into the opium trade, and get the empire blamed for "oppressing china" for securing jewish opium sales.

Because there are no more white Christian Brits.

Hah. Pic related for you. Pay close attention to a specific feature :^)

You are a kike, but what I really don't want to hear anyone saying is, muh based mafia. Not only do those degenerates not lend muscle where it could be needed, but in many cases they work hand in hand with the smugglers.

Cromwell was a Puritan. The USA was founded by Puritans.


Yeah it would, IF anyone gets to see it. No news site will pick up on this, so meme it.

Severely underrated post

wtf am I watching

I'm shaking in rage right now. Traitor police forcing jungle monk- fuck this shit


At just after 1:09 the person filming starts laughing. Is it at the owner, or something he says about the "migrants"? Need an Italian here to translate.

I'm sorry but I can't keep up on all the acronyms and terms being thrown around anymore. What is D&C?

Tried my best.


who said this?

Praise kek

Also, please everyone read this. There is a copy of it in /pdf/ I believe.

it's a very good book. Has RWDS as well.

Thank you.

Thank you for the bump, CTR

By the Lord, what is this filth? This must be stopped at all costs. Our struggle won't be for nothing.

So is he going to let these rapefugess into his home and daughters? Or is that only for the plebs?

lurk more

He most likely has private security and his family is in either a 99% white / 1% jew (after all he's living there) area or in another country.

Thanks for the transcript, it's insane they're doing this to this poor old man.

I live in Sweden, as far as I know they can't force anyone to house invaders against their will. Most hotels/lodgings here freely open their doors to invaders because the government pays in full for their stay - effectively meaning their businesses are at full capacity for years at a time and they're getting rich off of the taxpayer.

This whole ordeal is forced upon people. People fucking hate these shitskins.

I know. He reminds me of george clooney. You know who he was pro as fuck rapefugee until they ended up in his rich and pristine city. Then he changed his tune once it affected him and his place of residence.

Burn hotel with shitskins and traitors inside it :^)

Then you dont know much because MANY people in Sweden who own several houses have been forced by the government to house niggers in their summer homes

From every article I can find, it's a suggested plea from the government which is voluntary, not forced. No one is having their private property seized, the government is trying to get homeowners to rent out their holiday houses to the invaders (without much luck I might add).


This is the same tier of "shit no one ever says" as "putin is a white nationalist" which inevitably end up being strawman'd into russian & syrian threads

Italy is actually swimming in guns…the only reason there has not been mayhem is because "Il Capo" Doesn't browse the Internet. Somewhere out there is a mob boss with a serious lack of Internet skills lol

yep. the mafiosos would be crazed with rage if they browsed the interwebs every day. they would be dumping bodies like mad.

I realize Italians are not considered white in the US (and that "white" does not apply to any People outside the US), but I am touched by the cries of this aging hotelier.

Are we biracial enough, in terms of deracinating with other Europeans, that I'm inclined to feel more and more sympathy toward the Other?

Please help.

Could you imagine if that was Capones father they were harassing?

Wait, in Europe you can be forced to house people?

Here in America we have a constitutional amendment for that.

Also, supposing the Chosen Ones get their world government and manage to force interbreeding among the unwashed, coffee-colored masses, depleted as per Agenda 2030. Is it not still the case that environment, genetic mutation, and unchecked personal preferences will once again manifest racial differences between peoples?

That is, how would the Kalergi Plan actually pan out? Similitude would not last, only long enough to secure total economic and military domination of the world's Peoples. And if that is to be achieved, what in the fuck do they need to intermix for? Might makes right, regardless.

Italy never change.
We were Romans. Mixed up and wild musts who decided to get up and live life for ourselves. Mad men on a mission for greatness.


This is new to me, what in the actual fuck? I tnought it was only possible during a declared state of emergency.

Italy changin' like a motherfucker before our very eyes.

It is an emergency goy, gotta help out our friends!

Life would not be worth living in a civilization which is basically Gattaca or Minority Report. I guess that's where virtual reality would come into play. Nevermind, I'm suffering from a lack of imagination.

MEME IT! Let's start a meme war to redpil the mob and get them on our side. No matter how old the don is, he had kids, and his kids have kids, and some of them must be online. We can make them cool again, if they help save the world.

What the fuck are the Italien fascists doing, where the hell are they? Trying to get themselves elected? FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!! SAVE YOUR FUCKING NATION.
I can't take this weakness anymore, why is no one arming and starting the fucking civil war……………..!!! Every Arab and nigger (foreign invaders) should be executed on sight!

I'm not sure if the mafioso's love of country is stronger than their love of power/business.
If the invaders got in the way of business, they'd be taken care of, but if they're going to be potential consumers of their product and expand the mafioso's grip on power, I don't think the dons would care. The only exception I can think of would be if their families women were getting enriched, then there'd be war.

This is actually good.
Italians will totally vote for "Out" on the upcoming referendum, which will make the Italian stock market crash which in turn will bring down the Euro.

quality post

That man is a private hotel owner. He worked his whole fucking life in that hotel, only to have his legacy ripped out of his hands. Holy fuck I cannot wait to kill those responsible.

reported for trying to break Holla Forumslack unity

Why not force registered democrats to house refugees?

You really expect them to keep their hands off those bella donas?

They can't keep their hands off males (Norwegian leftist who got raped) so no, I doubt anything will a vagina will be safe.

Wait… They took GUYS?!

Meme it? Let's find some mudslimes who are talking shit on the mob. We are amazing trolls, we can start a mob war. Shit, I can spread rumors through the underworld stateside to lend credibility, so let's get some ammo.

Kek, inspire one of us with a dank meme, the mob war must start.

Muslim gangs planning to take over their territory or some shit like that?

Pic related. It's not uncommon for them to rape little boys (they do have chai-boys back home).

tbh I'm a little surprised there hasn't been any word out already from any old families that are displeased with the huge amounts of africans swarming into their lands.

The lack of talk about the mob in this matter might actually point to something else. The mob might actually be profiting by trafficking the invaders into europe in the first place. That said, meming the mob onto our side is still advantageious at this stage, as the media response should help answer my above question of mob involvement.

Like the tea? What?! WHAT!? For once I am happy I don't have perfect blonde hair…

Brownies 4 life.

What timeline is this where people can't walk safely home in Europe?! You know what…some things never change… look up the Janissaries. That will make you rage for years.

I am starting to think we should abandon Christianity and go full Empire again…Jupiter almighty.





You've got to
these rats!


We need to get em here , to mold them, if any of you pizzafags know any Godfather by any chance try to get them on their pride. Try to redpill them , to incite that good ol Italian YOU MESS WITH ME YOU FUCKIN DEAD KIDDO


Italianon here, he said "Do you want to see my apartment too? Do you? Do you want to put them in mine too?".

Anyway, this video makes my blood boil but it's not something new here, they've been taking over hotels and giving them to these subhumans for some time now… We need to start buying ropes and sinking boats asap.



Nobody calls italians white.
They're more honorary than japs though.

fuck sake the "no" seriously has to win, in happier news a couple of southern italian youths broke into a refugee center injuring 2 subhumans whom allegedely stole their cellphone


Thats not happy at all

: /

Idealy cellphones stay in your possession in the first place.

oh sweet summer child

Unless written otherwise each line belongs to the elderly owner of the hotel. The policemen and other assholes are mostly unintelligible because they deliberately try to not be heard by the reporters on the scene. Probably trying to make the owner look like a crazy screaming nazi when they are ruining his business.

It's nice to know we are not truly at Camp of the Saints. If the (((government))) did not have its current power, the people would savage these fucking niggers. hope exists. There is only one thing barring retribution and reconquest.

I think they already seized power, and this is just petty revenge against whites for pograms and nazi germany

Literally italos have discussions about who's more of a shitskin than the other, just fuck off CTR

I can fill you in but I'm too lazy to time it, also some of it is kind of hard to make out or to fully translate but alright
Gramps: "They're not coming in! I'm going to the hospital (lit. he means 'I'm gonna need an ambulance')"
Gray-haired nu-male: "No need to, no need to…"
Woman(it's his daughter): "Are you people crazy?! Look, I'm suing all of you."
Gramps: "You do not own any of this! When have you- DON'T MOVE FOR GOD'S SAKE" (lit. Porkish God, a common curse in Northern Italy)
Faggot Carabiniere: "Calm down."
Woman: "Look, if you make him end up in a hospital…"
Gramps: "Look-"
Faggot Carabiniere WHILE OBVIOUSLY HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN: "I'm not doing anything."
Gramps: "If I end up in a hospital I'll make you pay for this!"
F C: "I'm just doing my job, just doing my job."
Other Carabiniere: "Out of the way."
G: "You're not coming in, they are NOT coming in!"

G: "No, do not touch any of my stuff!"
F C: "Please do not push me, please do not." (Yeah, right, some eighty-something year old pushing around a cop with ease)
G: "Do not touch my stuff!" - migrants pour in - "…oh well. Do you also want to check my apartment?(Ironic) Huh? Do ya? Do you also want that one to hold them in?"
F C (to the kaffirs): "Okay now just go sit down over there" (obviously on the well kept sofa and not on the chairs)
Gramps (after apparently being asked to give them keys to house them): "There are no keys in here! THERE. ARE. NO. KEYS. IN HERE."
Other Carabiniere: "Yeah, okay, but we're all in here-"
Gramps: "No! Everything must be kept shut, everything."
O C: "But we're here-"
G: "You're gonna stay here in twenty…seventy-two…"
(can't make it out but apparently someone's asked about food)
G: "What the hell do I know-just stay there with those guys!…So you get to live a bit with them…"
Other Guy: "Yeah, right."
Woman: "What the heck, are you also getting some coffee? You're just gonna feel worse. (nervous laughter) Dad…you're getting coffee…"

Well…all I can really say after reading that post is:

When it first started I repeatedly said people need to be making diy torpedoes to stop them before they reach shore.

Niggers are likely to burn it down when they start a campfire inside one of the hotel rooms.

Just let the natural thing happen.

This old man and his family need our fucking help. They are the people we meme and die for,, faggot!

It's not like you've got much to work with. Probably the only thing you could do is figure out who are the middlemen bureaucrats distributing niggers within Italy. You can't directly target the traffickers because that's the gov't themselves, but you could break down the chain of command.

Romans were once white, but then they decide to mix and mingle with the Jews and other middle eastern mudslime. The Italians you see today are nothing more than half-breeds that think they're white. I'm just surprised Hitler didn't learn about that.

We have always been this colour since our leak time. Olive skin, brown hair, green eyes. Ffs….

Nope, the olive skin came from our middle eastern ancestors.

Demoralization + Divide and Conquer = national Suicide

Yes but during our peak we were brown hair with green eyes.

Kill the police. Kill their children!
What happened to the fucking mafia?

They are too busy selling drugs and weapons to shitskins.

american education, everyone

Disgusting! Shame!

when do we get Berlusconi back?

Good goys, get angry and attack eachother instead of the jews responsible for this!

They are only attacking subhuman shitskins and I don't mean the Italians.

user, if you can't be fucking bother to jewggle "how to make a webm" and spend 5 minutes learning, don't even bother posting. What would people like you have done if you were 12 years old in 1996 trying to nigger-rig a cheap computer on a 28.8 line where there were no real "books" or instructions and it was just a process of learn on your own as you go? I suspect you'd not have been on the net, which is why it was so much more fun back then. A natural barrier against idiots/unmotivated to learn.

Wow you are a massive faggot and hopefully you kill yourself.

He's like 90 years old. He should have off'd the cops to help his younger generations

Italy has some great Whites-only music.
The Kikes have tried to put this band out of business multiple times, attacking venues and writing venomous articles.

This. Fuck the pigs. They are bred to be the best goyim.


The cops look only to infiltrate backstab and get arrests by any means possible. One famous example is the narc cop that befriended an autistic soley to have him buy drugs for her so she could arrest him.
They have almost no morals, and most have no empathy, and this evil they do and turn blind eyes to are for a pension that will most likely stolen from them at last minute by some greedy kike.
Personally, every cop I've ever dealt with is a coward covering his weakness and lack of skill with highhandedly arrogant behaviour. Watch this vid at 1:58:15 and watch a cuck cop explain how low the training standards are to be an armed cop.
Already imbedded.

Is he getting paid for this at the very least?

If it's anything like other parts of Europe he will receive payment for taking them based on what the government thinks his rooms are worth, in other words drastically less than what he would get if rented them out to white people even with a discount.

Also, the government won't cover any damage to property and will hold him responsible if any of the invaders get hurt since it happened under his care; he is basically responsible for them now.

It won't matter anyways some shitskin is probably going to murder him. RIP old Italian guy.

I can’t speak for this situation, once it get’s down to the Government sending armed men to kick down your door and shove Africans into your property all bets are off however…. Usually the Government pays a premium (hey it’s only tax money right) to those that rent room/ provides services to invaders.

That is why landlords are often willing to kick out long standing native tenants and replace them with invaders whom they know nothing about. The invaders have created a massive growth industry for the private business sector, traitors have made tens (and in Sweden hundreds) of millions of $£€ in servicing the invasion force.

Italy’s geographic position I suppose creates more of an immediate demand, it is a port of first arrival and those that don’t decide to travel further for a fatter payload can claim immediate asylum based on the fact that they didn’t fancy working for a living back home. They need to go somewhere, maybe Italy either can’t afford to pay traitors to build housing for the purpose or maybe they have just decided they will snatch it from native citizens.

Whatever the case, this is biblical level treachery. Truly unspeakable.

That's why he should burn it down, preferably with the "cultural enrichment" still inside. Fire solves everything.



What about contacting Leo Zagami and showing him the vid, ask for advice. Dunno, he's probably all for it tbh, just the messenger to the masses.

Source? Somehow I doubt that. Human rights wife and all. He'll probably build a mansion for them at the other end of the lake so he could continue virtue signaling.


Have you seen Italy during WW2?

Hopefully every Italian can be shown this video. Once the government starts actively shoving shitskins down your throat, into your property, that is the time for an uprising. And these cops need to be skinned alive along with their families to make an example of traitors.

You know, those can apply now.

Would you stroll into and make yourself at home in a hotel where the owner was begging and crying that he didn't want to host you, and had to be physically restrained. If these nogs had human values, they'd want to stay somewhere else any way.

yeah, your dead mother's rotten cunt thrown to a pack of wolves. If you're too fucking stupid/unmotivated when you can go on jewggle "how to convert to a webm" you shouldn't fucking post here, period.

the place keeps a higher standard than your usual kosher fucking board because people know what they're doing here. Wake up and find your mother's yellow, bloated corpse waiting on the sofa in her Sunday dress with a cup of warm tea in front of her.

I like it, I like this idea a lot. But you've gotta change their uniforms so that they're hip clothes.

Forced prostitution when?

have you been living under a rock m8?


I know about that.
I'm talking about literally police coming to restrain women so muslims can rape them.

What is the difference between all rapists walking free and government tying down women for them? None. One is only more obvious than the other.

There is so obviously, clearly some forced directive coming down from on high and no one seems interested in finding out specifically who it is. In England working people are paying upwards of half their wages in taxes, children are living with their parents until 30+ because there is often a ten year waiting list for housing. We have a chronic and terrible homelessness problem in the inner cities.

This is not an accident. This is a plan. Someone is trying to accelerate the genocide.

Do you think they would have helped him if they saw what the world would look like 70 years into the future?

you don't say? People have only been screaming it from the rooftops for hundreds of years. Why do you think it's against the law to criticize Jews in France and most of Europe?

I know user, but my point is that people tend to couch it in sort of soft, vague language like, "Oh it's just Jewish influence" or some such.

There's just no way. This is something much harder. Jews are specifically putting the orders in or at least ramming these EU laws through and someone has to find out names.

Subtitles when?
Yo no parlo parmesano, OK?

oy vey that is racist but because they are slightly white I will allow it.

No shit!

You know, he is an old man. He might just not have too much fucks left and do something like that.

Shut the fuck up you dumb nigger
He clearly says that no one should be forced to take refugees in but he wants to courage people to start to rethink the way they are being treated consider letting them live with you

Spreading misinformation is not going to help our cause


Are you asking whether the Italians would have thrown in with Hitler?

Well, I don't know, maybe?

Mods, you have to step up your game

How generous of them to donate their time to flooding a country they don't live in with foreigners.

Pic one and only one.

Context taken off of's website, it->en google translate because Holla Forums loves to ignore context:

He had promised to chain himself in order to prevent his hotel in Ficarolo (Rovigo) , arrival of the migrants . But yesterday morning the owner of ' Hotel Lory , Luigi Sheets , nothing has been: 15 asylum seekers - who could not be accommodated at the former sugar factory in Cavanella Po , which already houses 120 - were accompanied by the police within the structure that has been requisitioned by the prefecture last November 1st to set there by a migrant cooperative. As well as showing the movie Public Service . Upon arrival, the hotel owner - who has tried to barricade themselves in the structure, together with her daughter Barbara - has also suffered a mild illness from which you are immediately taken. "Do not I give you the keys, I will make you pay for all damages ," yelled Sheets to the authorities. And for a few hours the man was able to prevent the migrants could enter the rooms.

The requisition of the hotel by the prefect of Rovigo comes from a manifestation of interest the same owner that a month ago he had asked at the prefecture on scale immigration system, since his company is in crisis. Sheets, a few meters from the hotel operates, in fact, also a restaurant and a nightclub with adjoining private room. But when man has discovered that for each immigrant would receive only 7 euro a day considered the deal no longer affordable. The prefect Enrico Caterino is, however, went ahead anyway arranging the kidnapping of the entire structure to host 50 refugees and sparking protests of Sheets. After two weeks of negotiations, which was also attended by the mayor of Ficarolo Fabiano Pigaiani , it seemed to have come to an agreement: 10 refugees accommodated in the hotel for a month while waiting to find a structure or housing vacancy rates in the country. "The prefect, however, would have wanted me to sign a commitment not to resort to the TAR against his decision. But I said no," said Sheets. So yesterday morning, the blitz of the police put an end to any possible mediation. And after two weeks of the garrison Lega Nord, Forza Nuova and Casapound , Luigi Sheets is left alone. "It 'a sad day for Veneto and for all entrepreneurs of the hotel sector who see their rights trampled upon by a state in disarray on emergency migrants. Now no one is safe. "So the leader of the Northern League in the Veneto Regional Council Nicholas Finco said the facts of Ficarolo where in recent weeks appeared drawings, swastikas and obscene phrases on the walls of public buildings against migrants.

- See more at:

tl;dr his company is doing badly, so he decided to agree with housing immigrants, but later discovered this deal only nets him 7eu/day/immigrant, which is not affordable. he tried to strike a new deal instead, didn't work out (see above for details) & then the police just seized his structure to force him to house migrants which he already signed away to do

tl;dr of tl;dr: don't make deals with jews thinking you'll be better off you fucking retards

You go there and troll them even harder. Day after day, week after week.

traitors first, enemies later

One of those jews has a cross on her neck.

he would have manned up and burned London down instead of being a pussy and not attacking them because "we are all anglo brothers"

Explain yourself.

well shit, he fucked up

Funny, reminded me of this guy. There is also a video he did earlier.

Yes, the comment section is disabled. The one for the channel itself is not. Drop by for keks, I wrote a message there replying to a video and he was all butthurt about it in the next one.

I have somewhere a newspaper clipping from a few years ago.
Basically they bulldozed a gypsy shanty town because it was in front of some apartment buildings they owned, and made them leave Italy.

WTF, I am Spanish and I look whiter than that guy.



Watch as the (1)s work together to build a false dichotomy.

I mentioned that he dont want to force people, but what those assholes say and once they put everything in place do is completly different.

There also was an article from another guy (dont remember if CDU) who said that if neccessary (if not enough volunteer) people should be forced to give up property (if they dont permanently live there)

Also OP just posted where someone was forced to take them in.

Und nenn mich nicht Negger du verdammter Jude.

don't you know, user? The kikes are now convinced we are in a "post-Christian era," so a cross–for the cosmopolitan Jews– is just an interesting piece of jewelry for them.

the orthodox Jews of course still still keep to their ritual of spitting 3 times and crossing the street when passing a Church. Luckily, Hollande is going to destroy..what is it, 2,000 churches? To make way for mosques and "true diversity."


wut? she looks jewish as fuck


Somewhat offtopic but who the hell is this Joe Owens character?

I've his watched some of his videos a few months back and he slanders almost everyone from the Identitarians to David Duke and always on the basis of muh PR.

Who the fuck is he and why should we care?

I do think Owens has a good message about getting involved with local politics and helping the people around you with meaningful issues, but he tends to take it too far in slandering and his sucking up to social democratic parties leaves me cold. It's even sillier coming from him because in the UK there isn't a meaningful controlled opposition party. UKIP is not right-wing, they're actually pro-immigration. Putting UKIP into power would quite possibly make things worse.

(National Action really is a honeypot the size of a small moon, though)

Too bad europeans are too cucked and weak to do anything about it.

What I find suspect about Owens are the following two things:

1. From what I gather he used to be a fairly high ranking BNP member, the same BNP Owens calls "full of spies". So how do I know Owens isn't one of those exact spies?

2. He thinks the Nordic Resistance Movement or the Identitarians are too aggressive in their appearance and should concentrate on local politics instead. OK, fair enough.
But why would he then slander someone like Angelo John Gage who has done nothing but give tips on effective rhetoric and persuasion for nationalists? Why would he call someone like that a "fed"?
Inciting people to violence might very well make someone a fed but since when does giving tips on rhetoric make someone a fed?

To me, Joe Owens comes off as a classic shill trying to demoralize, fragment and spread Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

Was bored.

Many did, from all over Europe. My own grandpa was a volunteer in the Blue Division. Came back with a medal, malaria and speaking fluent Russian, and hating communists even more than he did when he enlisted.

Yeah, I have similar suspicions myself, user. Unfortunately I can't help much as I really don't know all that great a deal myself.

So much this. The fact that the subhumans don't even show the slightest sign of shame or remorse for being a burden demonstrates little dignity they have. Hell, the concept of dignity is likely beyond their ability to comprehend.

Thanks, user. We need more pro white sex stuff. It's very powerful memetically; anything involving sexual energies spreads like wildfire.

And these moralists are really harming us by wanting to censor porn because >muh degeneracy

What? She looks white AF. Ignoring the hair, which could be tinted for all I know:
Straight, slightly concave nose and too young for surgery, I believe.
Forehead is "flat", not curved back.
Forehead forms a straight line with the front of the mouth and the chin.
Strong chin.
Ears are close to the head and have lobes.
Everything is the correct size and in the correct place.

The dude is a straight example of concern trolling m8.

A concern troll visits sites of an opposing ideology and offers advice on how they could "improve" things, either in their tactical use of rhetoric, site rules, or with more philosophical consistency. The "improvements" are almost exclusively intended to be less effective.

A typical formulation might involve the troll's invocation of a site's espoused ideals alongside a perceived example of hypocrisy (such as contrasting "we value free speech" with the banning of a "dissenter"), and with a call for some relevant reform by the troll. This reform will frequently be burdensome or silly - the concern troll's message is: "I have some concerns about your methods. If you did these things to make your message less effective, it would be more effective."
One common tactic of concern trolls is the "a plague on both your houses" approach, where the concern troll tries to convince people that both sides of the ideological divide are just as bad as each other, and so no one can think themselves "correct" but must engage in endless hedging and caveats. This preys on a willingness to debate critics and allow dissent; everyone wastes time discussing the matter and bending over backwards, so as not to appear intolerant of disagreement, all to the great amusement of the troll.
Sometimes outsiders will come by and make concern troll-like statements sincerely. Some are sincere but stupid. Some may be insightful, and justified iconoclasts, merely making valid observations unwelcome to the dominant ideology or culture of the forum (the Cassandra syndrome). Often, of course, the person is misguided, wrong, and not intending to troll. However, an unsolicited tone argument is, in practical terms, not really any different.

She's jewish. Her and her muzzie BFF went as superheroes for Halloween - The Jewslims or something like that



I didn't look that far up the thread faggot.

I guess this is good we need more videos like this. They seem to be the only tool to convince the normie mass that everything isn't alright and they can't stay out of the political circle. That their whole way of life will soon be threaten by force.

Sadly a lot of people on our side will have to get hurt or be hurt before the pain feels cannot be held in any longer.

I wonder if the Jews have that setup so when Europeans start to rebel they bring in their "Equal Opportunity Military" full of non-whites to police those hot zones.

So here's a question Holla Forums how are we to judge the various police forces of Europe after regaining control? In many places such as Sweden cops are resigning by the day in disgust. However, here we see police following orders and forcing this man to take in these fucking scum bags.

Basically what I'm asking is (and bear in mind this is a gross generalization). Do we treat the remaining cops as traitors who would have resigned had they really cared? Or do we treat them as people who simply had to follow orders in order to keep food on the table and as such merit some sympathy?

The answer is the creation of a new force. They can exist alongside one another but the old one will likely need purging since a lot of traitors are in high positions.

The rapefugees will destroy that within the first night. Probably a few thousand euro worth of booze. Thanks EU!

But really it will not end until citizens across europe nut up and slaughter the invaders by hand. Your government has forsaken you, your police have forsaken you, you have been sold down the river. To arms, to arms!

Milgram experiment.

Ding ding ding. Remember the kikes are literally trying to start an on-home-turf war across europe. Think of the rapefugees as sleeper cells. The bell goes off when all of the rapefugees are snuggled next to citizens who forced to house them in their neighborhoods and homes. And then the slaughter happens. Remember, the kikes want every single white on this earth to be dead. The rapefugees will start killing people at the bell. Heh, you think the kikes and upper echelons have rapefugees taking their living room? They live in gated communities or outright mansions with security. This death is for you, not them.

It's unfortunate but that's the best solution at this point.

The police are just the king's men in modern times, do you kill all the soldiers under the king if you take his throne from him? Of course not, but you should eliminate all troublesome spots, like generals and the like.

Really the boots on the ground will follow you or the other guy, you need to give them a reason as to why you have a better offer for them.


The amount of police officers in every European country has been dwindeling with every passing year. This is both diliberate sabotage, as it a fatal flaw.

It'll make both the take-over, of the traiterous and corrupt governments much easier, as it'll increase the likelyhood of the rapefugee hoodlums chimpouts.

pic unrelated

Good post.

And here we see the Belgium police fighting the military.

My thoughts as well. At the very least, the more edits like that would anger and trigger (((them))) immensely and get them to expose themselves more of who they really are and what they're trying to push on us.

It's a case by case basis and also a bit of column A and column B. It would need a through investigation on which ones were remaining due to want to protect their family from this fate and keeping food on the table, and which ones are truly working for the enemy for (((their))) cause.

This is completely fucking false. Anyone who says italians/greeks aren't white is a lying D+C kike.

It depends whether they did everything in their power to subvert to the right side from the inside, or if they just went along silently. I wouldn't kill them, but there should be trials. They should be barred from any future power.

I would have quit, wife and kids or not. It's better to live with dignity and be in poverty than bow and scape as a traitor. But before quitting, an internal sabotage.

Also side note on this, Would rather us not have to rely on this, but we're running out of options. Maybe we could drop in some moral guidance along with the edits (could make our enemies more angry and triggered along with it as well)

polite sage

The more time that goes by, the more polarised the situation will become and more extreme what the government will be asking the police to do. What starts as asking them not to talk to the press about ethnicity of victims and criminals will eventually become 'don't arrest person from X ethnicity because it's too troublesome'. What we're seeing here is pretty extremely - forcing a man to accomodate immigrants against his will. Personally if I was a cop, I'd refuse to do so and quit if it came to that. The longer the time that goes by, the worse the quality of police is going to be.
Hope that makes sense.

Indeed, certain (((moralist))) posters on Holla Forums are really trying to weigh us down with the failed platitudes of the cucked right, who naturally recoil at seeing anything sexual or outside of proper norms. It's very strange saying this as a Nationalist, because it reminds me of liberalism. We must understand though, that liberalism grew so successfully because it initially sought to oppose those anti-fun pedants who hated the internet and young people. We must wrest from this what comes to us naturally in order to spread out ideals.

My inner convictions are that sexuality is beautiful, and should be portrayed in art for its own sake, and preferably mixed with other positive things, like love for race and nature. We're a bit different on this matter it seems. I do concur though, that while the internet is a fun place and sexuality is divine, we should also say to kids that promiscuity is destructive.

For some reason, this just makes the whole thing extra Italian-y to me. Really wraps it all up.

Absolutely not but then again I wouldn’t leave my nation to go and be looked after like children by another race either.


I would walk; I don’t give a brass fuck about “mortgage and responsibilities”. At the point where you are being ordered to attack your own military n behalf of globalist scum. I would just strip my uniform off wherever I was stood and I would walk out without saying a word.

This. I do not remember it exactly, or who or where wrote it, but I once read something along the lines of nudity having become a destructive and subversive force BECAUSE it had become sexualized and fetishistic due to the taboo on it. I immediately extended this to sexuality itself.

Like this song says: a glimpse of stocking was once seen as something shocking

Also there was talk of the unrealistic image people get with pornographic material as their (only) source of nudity for reference.

Might want to throw that one in the trash.


Look for dead soulless eyes and inhuman movement when deciding. As things uptick and start to get REALLY REALLY bad, the choice of kill in battle, kill by rope or recruit will become easier as the ones trying to feed a family will see the words in the air yet unspoken and realize he's chopping up their future to feed their present. The zombie cops with nothing but their job? You preferably give them a proper death in fighting, an improper death by rope as they sold their souls a hong time ago.

We don't even have to be specific, just the words morals, ethics, metaphysics are enough to trigger liberals.

Even something mild as, "practice sex only when you believe a relationship has a future" would be enough. I couldn't believe it when people were triggered irl while I was specifically trying to be mild and hide my power level.

He should burn it down for the insurance money. Blame the shitskin animals. With the insurance proceeds and money from selling the land he should retire. Sure he could just sell it as it is, but the neighbourhood he loves would still be pozzed and a sale could take years.

This has happened to me too.
Often it is important to remember, particularly if your native language is not English, that news take a while to got around after you get them online. So saying something which would not be all that extreme after, say, the Paris attack, right after it has happened and not the next day and a half latter. And that some news do not go around or are extremely sanitized, like Rotterdam.

how many fucks does it take to drop some rat poison in some alcohol and serve it up as a nightcap? pretty sure most hotels keep rat poison no hand too (I used to work setting up banquet rooms at a hotel as a teenager)


Sometimes I wish Holla Forums weren't always right

This is why the US has the 4th Amendment, just for this shit.

shit I meant 3rd amendment


Absolutely disgusting.

This is what happens in Italy, too, that old man just stood on principle. Everyone gets a slice, especially the mafia (muh based mafia is a false meme, they just care about money, they poison the fields with cancerous waste to make a buck for example), everyone except the everyday italian man who just have to deal with the enrichment and pay his insanely high taxes, and if he loses everything he can go sleep in his car or under a bridge, nobody gives a fuck.

I really hope that the fire of MEGA rises soon.

/leftypols/ detected. Cops are dogs, if there's a bad dog, it means there's a bad owner. Traitorous shitty leadership makes for traitorous shitty cops.

if they are strict mudslimes, they won't take coffee or alcohol.
best just to put it in their food and be done with it