Audio players for GNU/Linux

I'm at a loss here. I have set up an Ubuntu machine with 16.04 for my parents and they have been using Banshee for managing music. Everything was working fine until a few days ago, and I suspect it was because I updated Mono on the machine from the PPA. Now Banshee keeps crashing; the UI appears for like half a second before the entire application crashes.

I was trying to remove Mono (it was installed from the official PPA) and either I'm too stupid to do it, or Mono broke something in apt, because every time I try to uninstall it apt tells me that mono is not installed. I also tried uninstalling and installing Banshee, but it keeps crashing.

So I figured that apt's idea of dumping everything straight into the system is broken by design, and decided to give Nix a shot. However, Nix tells me that Boo is marked as broken (why the fuck is this a dependency anyway?) and if I let Nix installed broken decencies the build process crashes.

Banshee development seems to be effectively dead, so what alternatives are there? Ideally we should be able to to keep the old music and just switch the player. Or alternatively, if someone can help me to get Banshee working again that would be great as well.

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have you tried dpkg-reconfigure?


if banshee development is dead you can just use VLC until you find something better. it's bloated but development isn't stopping anytime soon. It has a media library. I don't know how well it pans out if you have 500k songs.

DeadbeeF or bust


I just drag folders with songs I want to listen to into mpv.

Deadbeef is made by a retard.

* I've already mentioned Quodlibet.
* Qmmp is pretty nice if you liked Winamp.
* Cantata is a nice mpd frontend.

I use cmus, but it'd be nice knowing a nice GTK+2 player.

Works for me on oBSD

All Linux music players are fucking terrible. I've had that problem ever since I first set foot into GNUland, like 7 years now.
Try Clementine

Why is it that something simple as a good music player doesn't exist on Linux?

And for those of us who aren't building from source, deadbeef is still the best player. I'm really shocked that it's so unheard of, given it's basically a clone of foobar2000.

I use mpv, but I've heard mpd is another great option.
If you are a guifag maybe try amarok.

music123 is great

opencubicplayer for that extra .nix feeling


mpd + ncmpcpp (mingus for emacs) is the only way to go.

Are there any good upnp clients for music? Kodi isn't so great on desktop

It does, it's called mpd. There are several interfaces for it.

Don't kid yourself, there's no such thing as a good music player application at all.

i really liked foobar2k and mediamonkey on windows. on linux i just use cmus, because it does its job and i don't like the other gui players. they are all good music players, but not what op needs

cmus doesn't support streaming music over https.

I have mpd running on my home server and just connect to it with whatever machine I happen to use (desktop, laptop, phone).

My nigga
I really wish there was a Linux version, I have a VM just for running it on my server.

is there something like winamp for linux? it would really whip the llama's ass.

I use rhythmbox. Also, I use rhythmbox to sync music to my phone through Syncthing and a fuse bindfs mount.
It does podcast management well. It plays music well. It syncs music and podcasts to my phone (though I don't use MTP). It has playlists. That's all I need.

They all suck in their own way so I just use VLC and try to ignore the problems.

fuck off foobar shill

Have you tried sudo apt-get install -f?
Have you directly tried installed mono?
Have you tried sudo dpkg --configure -a?

If that didn't work, you can always refactor their playlists to VLC if refractoring is needed. Will your parents give a shit. If you really want something not VLC:

D e a d b e e f master race reporting in

How the hell is yours looking like that? Mine's boring. Functional, but, yeah. Boring.

just grab some extra plugins from aur specifically made for deadbeef, also deadbuff is pretty customize on how you want it to look.