Austrian girl molested by shitskins - everyone walks free

Austrian girl molested by shitskins - everyone walks free.

An Austrian girl was molested and beaten up by a gang of shitskin girls and boys from chechnya (some of them refugees) other countries for no apparent reason. The video was posted on her facebook as a future threat. The girl stood there and took it without any resistance out of fear of receiving more beating.

She was forced to spit blood on the ground so they can film it. When someone approached she was forced to say that "everything is ok", while the shitskins continued to beat and hummiliate her. The video ended before another shitskin boy delivered knockout blows where she suffered multiple fractures to her jaw.

Media reported it was about a "headscarf" but the victim refuted official media articles in a personal interview where she said she was beaten because of nothing.

Austrian media went full damage control.

Austrian authorities confirmed that none will be put into jail because they are mostly minors, hinting at sentencing them to a few hours of anti aggression courses.

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who cares we all get molested and beaten up at some time in our lives

every fucking time.

Why the Fuck is she just standing there? Seems like something is missing here. Who wants to translate?


I want to break their faces

Spread it far and wide, and holder is gonna win

I wanna break your jaw and see if anyone cares.

Are you that shitskin D&C spic who makes anti-european posts.

It's a fucking "art project" by soulless communists
Sage, report and hide this fukcing shit we're being raided for fuck's sake.

I imagine she's probably too scared to run but i'm not sure.

This is how they learn. They think its cool and like the disney shows mixing with other races. They learn how other races are disgusting pack animals. We dont share the same values.


How can we meme this better?
Shorten it.
Put in a preface text to explain what happens
Add some dramatic music
Stylize to encourage anger, surprise.
End with smug text.

praise kek

whiteknights dont understand that girl would have been involved with them and most likely a race mixing slut.

she deserved more tbh. death.

Where are the proofs?

See, this is why we need to meme the far-right to leadership in Europe.

Usage of things like this is far more effect than facts and statistics as we usually do because leftists do not follow rationality or logic, only appeals to emotion.

Make a collection of these sorts of videos and every shitskins beating, raping, and murdering women then share them and they'll start quickly singing a different tune. I've seen it thousands of times.

Stop talking out of your asshole

Shut the fuck up faggot, she supposedly pulled the headscarf from some mudshit girl and was beaten for it.

Can't embed, already posted.

Demoralization. Bolshevik by which I mean Jewish propaganda teaches "majority" members that their values are wrong, their lives are worthless, and their honor is nonexistent. Repeat as necessary until the best have lost all heart.

In a proper white society, this incident would trigger a pogrom that would see self-respecting Austrians wreak such vengeance that shitskin parents would beat their own children out of fear of what the Christians might do if they're provoked again. In the decadent, declining, post-nationalist Europe, however, we ask the Jews what we should do and the answer comes back: "Nothing, goy. Violence is wrong!"

I obviously don't know what got this all started, but I honestly don't have to. If I was that girl's father, boyfriend, or brother, I would test those lenient Austrian laws that are turning a blind eye to Muslim violence by bringing violence to the Muslims who did it. I'm sure the girl knows who these "kids" are. If she had men in her life the way she would have 100 years ago, this would be a hilarious story about how half a dozen immigrant rats got drowned in the Danube.

Osterreich, erwache!

Rootless cosmopolitan spotted and reported for board invasion.

They threatened her somehow. That's why she just stood there "waiting for it to be over".

The dude is from Chechnya and one of the girls hitting her isn't even muslim, she's from South America somewhere. Fucking MUDS.

She is a Polish girl called Patricia according to this:

The article also warns not to say anything bad about the attackers on Facebook:

Can anyone here explain why almost 3 years have gone by and people are still tolerating these shitskins?

Can anyone prove to me that western Europe isn't dead?

There's 42 Million niggers in your country and countless other shitskins, how are YOU still tolerating them?

I'm not from the US, and even then I highly doubt Caucasian Americans are tolerating niggers and other shitskins, especially with the recent election results.

Get your shit together, Europe.

What are you talking about dude. How you never seen black on white crime statistics from the US?

Yeah, I've seen it. I'm advocating the idea that 'whites' are sick of it.

Yeah, and it's been going on since they set the niggers free, basically. That's pretty tolerant if you ask me.

Pretty sure they were segregated fine until recently, but then again I'm not disputing that the US isn't degenerate or cucked to shit, but at least we know it'll recover with Trump.

Can't say the same with western Europe.


I'm sure they will recover fine with a pro-affirmative action civic nationalist as president that want's to restrict abortions (more muds).

Fuck off m8.

2 are already in jail

I'm not Austrian, but in the context of the upcoming election over there, it is paramount that things like these get made into small redpills. Don't go overboard with nazi references or overt racism, but simply show it as it it, and show it with German subtitles and shared via local media, not as something orchestrated from outside.

As polls seem to have Höfer and van der Bellen head to head (assuming that the polls are accurate and no fraud takes place this time) small outrages over stuff like this could pull people over the edge.

If there is any Austrian here up for the task I'd be willing to help with ideas / editing / storytelling or otherwise.

You try fixing America without being called "literally hitler".

It's in the hands of vigilantes now, if they get away with it people have only their selves to blame.

Kid got a father?
The father has the responsibility to murder the kids that beat her, and their families, then…if time allows…murder the authorities that did nothing.

Only blood and death can redeem his honor, his life may be lost in the melee, but it would be well worth it.

Kill them all, every filthy one.


I'd actually take out the traitors first.

Is this a gang initiation?


That would be pretty hard if they take the 'she pulled her scarf off her' story since it's an extreme taboo for muslims. Luckily she wasn't killed yet.


This is the only answer and the way forward.

Every last shitskin and traitor needs to hang.

I'd love to walk past one of these little events so I can go berserk on the fucking subhumans.
The excuse of it would be alsolute rapture.

All we need is to be given free reign to react appropriately, and all these desert niggers will be swept away in a matters of days and weeks.

If you see this stuff happening, break their legs and feet first.
If you cripple them, that's for life.

Kill every shitskin.

Who gives a fuck? That's completely normal and besides, that's what her parents wanted and chose for their children.

How much longer can this go on now with Trump elected and videos of this kind of shit happening more and more often, each Time with more notoriety?
How likely is Hofer to Win as well?

jew orchestrators and traitors first.


The future is bright, the future is WHITE!

If people spread this on social media, he is more likely to win. If this stuff continues he will win.

The FPÖ is in fact quite advanced and saw the potential of memes and new media years ago. They actively propagate their own memes, slogans, comics, and have their own new media outlet with a youtube channel and everything. In addition to that they use normalfagbook extensively. This is one of the reasons that they are the most successful right wing party in all of Europe.

Even if Hofer loses it is not that bad tbh. The presidency would be more of a symbolical victory. The parliament is where the real power is at in Austria, and the FPÖ will win the parliament next election with a solid 10% lead.

Europe take your fucking country back. As a South African living with countless shitskins around me let me give you some advice.

You have to put fear into them, if you see something like this happening you have to go full on violence mode, not a couple of punches and its done. Stomp their heads, break arms, breaks legs, if they give up and plead for mercy, which they will (they always beg for mercy as soon as they see you are winning) break a foot, rip their ears whatever the more gruesome it looks the more they talk amongst each other and the more they leave you alone.

Never ever leave another white defending himself/herself alone. Crowd psychology: people will stand around and do nothing because people are cowards, but as soon as one or two people starts helping others will join and they will try and out do each other filled with anger and feeling safe in the group. Then when they see a group of whites they get scared if you applied these principles correctly.

In clubs/bars make it as uncomfortable for them as possible, seek out confrontation inconspicuously with them, then kick their shit in if they try anything.

Then when they see a group of whites they get scared if you applied these principles correctly.

These things will make them avoid places filled with lots of whites. Never ever "snitch" on a violent white, if you see a person that does next time you quietly fuck them up where nobody can see you like a bathroom etc and inform them why you did it.

or you know you could go on criticizing violent whites for being like niggers and write a letter to a local newspaper describing your dissatisfaction with the current situation

On the right track my boy

This is nothing. These videos of shitskins beating whites tend to really piss me off and make my blood boil. Mostly because it's usually just a group of them jumping somebody or a sucker punch to the back of the head to start the "fight"

This isn't that however. This isn't a fight, or a jumping. This isn't even bullying. This is just some kids doing stupid shit. It's the equivalent of watching some retard let his friends all kick him in the balls so that he can get hits on Youtube.

This girl isn't emotional distressed at all. She's not defensive at all. Her hands are in her pockets most of the time. She's calmly and in what seems like a friendly manner talking with them. All of them are using slaps, not punches. None of the slaps are even violent, they are more akin to an open palmed jab.

She's never forced to spit blood onto the ground. At the very end, while standing and in good spirits, shows the camera that one of them bloodied her lip a little bit.

It's just attention seeking crap, not a racial assault.




You might die taking out the traitors, so the gibbering ape-spawn & the rest of their herd have to be euthanized first.

Nothing makes me sadder than a puppy being mistreated, except maybe the plight of my SA brothers and sisters. Are there any White only charisties that I can donate too(money or clothes)?

She has been threatened beforehand. She has to live through this shit all her life, pretty sure this is nothing exceptional for her.

Don't forget that this is Austria. We are not downtown Detroit, we are one of the safest and richest places in the world. Here this video is outrageous and close to anarchy. Cultural differences, never forget that. Interestingly enough all of the crime and the assault did not hit the Austrian public as hard as you'd think. What did stick with us however is the trash they leave behind. The videos and photos of their left behind camps and the trash they leave on streets and the autobahn went more viral than any physical assault. People living like animals is regarded more "problematic" than a violent crime here and there in the Austrian psyche.

That'd be illlegal.

Only if you're moron about it.

I don't see why you guys are getting angry. They're creating a deus vult monster. The look on her face confirms it.

This is why we just gotta let it happen. Gotta let normies wake up, just be sure to remind them who it was that put the poopskins there to begin with.

he tried to warn you

First post every time.

As an Austrian I'd say it's very very likely. Hofer lost because he didn't get enough ÖVP voters (our semi-cucked conservative party) but recent polls show that a higher percentage of them want to vote for him now. My cousin was a Van der Bellen voter and is now considering to vote for Hofer, so there's that. And pretty much everyone else in my family has already voted Hofer and has no intent to do otherwise this time.

How big of a problem is this nigger?

Such a mass slaughter cannot be done without others noticing, not in a city, anyway.
Your time would be limited, you must kill as many as possible before you're stopped, and the monkey families must be slaughtered right down to the last ape-ling.

And slaughtering the apes is an innocent act, killing animals is not murder.
But killing the white authorities, no matter how much they deserve it, is still homicide…you would still have an inkling of remorse for their families.

Better to destroy the feral animals first, then commit justice on the human traitors.

Europeans don't want to have their countries, and they want to take their countries back even less.

All I hear are hoots and screeches.
Put the feral down, no matter how cute you may think it is that it's wearing a red cap & trying to imitate human speech.

Yea, slaps fractured her jaw.


Why are eurocucks such pussies? I've never in my life seen a shitskin that weighs more than 150 pounds. I could have kicked their asses when I was 15, nevermind as a full grown adult

Until citizens start lynching these people, things won't change. Where are the parents and relatives? I can guarantee you if that happened to my family there would be nothing that could stop me from killing the nigger. So where are they?

If that's the European response then Europe is dead, lost and gone.

Exactly. If Europeans won't stand for their own families, then they are already effectively dead and gone.

What if it`s a MAGA hat?

Satan go home you're drunk

Nah, people just have it too easy. And when shitskins are driven into the shadows people get more complacent, letting shits regain their morale. More violence will solve this peace problem.

Only a month or so until Austria has a far-right president. They're lashing out because they know their time in Europe will soon end.

no thats what they always do
they look for the weaklings and gang up on them

if you wonder why the girl didnt do anything it is because there is a whole group of them surrounding her and only waiting to beat the shit out of her if she tries to punch back

kebabs dont start shit alone because they are weaklings themselves, but there are many of them and they have big families thats the problem even if you manage to defend yourself the next day 10 more will want to kill you and the police does not care because its to much of an hassle


How is the second one even remotely something anyone here would wish for?!

Are you shills getting paid FOR THAT?

I want to speak with your supervisor kike. We have certain standards here and this is way too far from them!

serial killers go for decades without getting caught, many never do, same goes for spies, assassins, over half of all homicides go unsolved, you name it, but when it comes to situations like this there's commentary like yours, acting as if the only scenario that exists are retards who go out in a blaze of glory doing one hit wonders killing innocents and that bureaucrat nobodies, media faggots, a jew orchestrating moguls are all equipped with a security detail that of a president 24/7, only the moguls potentially fit that bill and even then are not untouchable.

The video is legit, it's all over Austrian media. They are chechens after all, not exactly shitskins.

d&c shills sometimes try to act like they are "proud Americans" and say Europeans deserve to die. They are probably Jews though.

literally asking for RWDS


This is why you don't ever eat at Nandos. They actually fund the EFF who've essentially promised a genocide.

Electronic Frontier Foundation?

See, I told you free software is communism.

Economic Freedom Fighters.

They are worse then shitkins. They are traitors.

Chechens come from the Caucasus, being ethnically related to Georgians, Circassians, etc.

They could've had their place in Europe. Instead, they chose shitslam and killed their brethren for Allah.

Traitors deserve death before everyone else.

This is the best meme you've got? Sad!

The best organization helping us at the moment by far even though they are not 100% great, they still are good and do a lot of good.

It's a shill image, but for other reasons.

If whites had kept their spines and told the Skypes and leftists to fuck off back in the 40s, we wouldn't be where we are now.

So the right hand button should be "All leftists and Skypes need to be thrown in an oven" and the face would be all smiles, because the buttons would be the same action.

Look at it like this: an ideologically strong society is immune to Skypery. Pathological altruism or slave morality is begging Skypes and googles to come and do their thing

What the fuck does your filename imply? That we don't have real warfare currently? Or you want a MW4 instead of space shit?

Those are amazing digits but when you can't even rotate text to fit into the boxes you should not be attempting memery.

Low-quality attempt: confirmed for /letfypol/



Is this a gang initiation?

It's you who is the shill, nigger.

What we really need is a video of the most horrific rape/violence cases in Europe (headlines like "1400 girls raped in UK", "3 girls raped, rapists go free", etc), together with before/after stats of the most "progressive" countries in Europe (1500% increase in rape, 800% in murder, etc..)

A concetrated redpill nuke whose sheer magnitude would leave anyone speechless, unable to formulate a defense.

Isolated cases can be ignored or downplayed, you need to fucking BARRAGE your enemies, to the point anyone turns off the video because they just can't take it anymore.

Oy vey, that's against our agenda. By the way, we own all media sources so if it starts to gain ground we'll just shut it down as "racist" video.

here is what you wanted to post

Here is the thing. These kinds of videos/photos of rapes, heavy assaults and beatings exist, but are mostly evidence from mobile phones of the perpetrators sealed away in evidence archives of the justice system.

To my understanding digital evidence like videos/pictures are connected through a network, so theoretically it could be possible to hack, steal and release them. Just imagine all these crime scene photos or videos of gang rapes in full HD hitting social media - unedited, raw squealing victims.

Technically it's possible since police network security is far felow institutions like american FBI, which is being hacked continously.

You have to start KILLING them.

Until you do, you will continue to lose.

can anyone add english subs to that video? I'd like to spread it among some european nationalist websites.

What a jew, a girl being beaten by a guy like that, i have never seen that in my life, you fucking low life scum.
I would impale all of them all along the mediterranean coast.

No, America is far worse than Europe or elsewhere. White people literally do nothing for the most part. Okay, we have guns, but it's no use in 99% of these cases.

Political correctness, liberal dominated institutions, and hate crimes especially, have pacified the white population.

selfish bump


why are white people still complacent? because they have a job.

wait for the distraction to stop. If the markets fail and currency is worthless and people have to kill each other for food, things will start to change

niggers and kababs must be removed


They have jobs, food, porn, and (((netflix))) binges to watch.

I had 50 hours of community service and a huge fine at half their age for throwing gravel. And not at people.

Materialism was always the enemy. The Greeks knew it, the Romans knew it, the Germans knew it, the Japs still know it. It can make people trade their duty of protecting their nation for a bunch of meaningless short term satisfaction

they're retarded.
it'll pass.

Why the fuck was she hanging around them to begin with?

Oh, how I wish the Russians went with a full purge of that shithole.

girls are like herd animals

something's fishy about this. the article says she's a muslim.

So? Muslims shouldn't be allowed to practice their barbarity in civilized countries, even on themselves.

My life for Europe!
Daily reminder:

America would be nothing without European genetics and western values
American exceptionalism is an extension of European exceptionalism

Probably. One should be aware of their tactics.

Fully agree. The thought of any of this shit makes me sick to my stomach even when fictional.

That screencap is quite funny tho.
Then Trump happens.
How, by telling the truth?
Not seeing it, here or IRL.

I wish more than anything that I was there. I would defend her and win. I wish life would give me an opportunity to defend.

Muslim brags about devastating 7 man gang rape of young german virgin girl

The article says she's a muslim who was beaten for taking off her headscarf. The thing is none of the other girls are wearing them. Why?

These subhumans must be purged from Europe ASAP.

JIDF btfo for all ages to come.

I don't hear any Australian accents. Not sure this is Australia, buddy.

lmao are we still talking about this? most European counties have a minuscule amount of the population of America. And also you're taking in a ridiculious amount of shitskins IN YOUR LIFETIME. At least our 13% of niggers are monkeying around and we are getting pissed. Have fun with your demographic shift, I'll support you in the war as long as you're not a fucking muzzie. Once again we'd fuck up our own groups and you're not dealing with yours at all. Please clap.

We destroyed jewish magick. I don't know how, but we did it.


Why not both?

"Vienna police spokesman Paul Eidenberger said: 'We know the youngsters, they were already involved in similar cases in Lower Austria.' "
What in the actual fuck. Why would the police force even have the audacity to admit that? So these muslims have done this on a regular basis. Well receiving little punishment, which clearly emboldened them further.
Did this just seal the deal for electing Hofer?

Can't find the swastika.
Graphic is fucking cancer.

kek noice bait