Fb IG social

Fb IG social

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Anyone wanna stroke to her?

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left or right?

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who wants her?

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wwyd to lucy?

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>>827586938more of these sluts? ass?

got any more>>827582091

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>>827587239fuck she looks hot wearing thatmore please

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>>827587348Heres more >>827587257


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>>827587414Any ass?

>>827587419Any interest?

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>>827587390saw it


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>>827587497Wwyd to this slut

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>>827587443YES! came bucketloads for her last night

>>827587482Which butt will be fucked first


this milf never uses a bra

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>>827587563More left



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>>827587424She's on the left. Savanna.

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>>827587582Fuck what a sexy slut. Keep posting

>>827587384She’s pretty


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>>827587398Mmmmmm more?

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>>827587501Fuck yes>>827587510


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>>827587443>>827587535I had fun writing the smut, got pretty hard just typing it out.

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>>827587735Oh yes would fuck her brains out


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>>827587752You certainly have a gift for it


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>>827587775close to quads...

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>>827587797Take those sunglasses off?

>>827587615Damn. More of her!

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>>827587757Super cute


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>>827587809great legs


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>>827587827Keep going


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>>827587886fuck shes so cute and has a nice ass. more

>>827587798great looking group


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>>827587852bottom left

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>>827587909Lovely tan too

>>827587752>>827587801Should I again or nah?

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>>827587968Yes go

>>827587933nice ass too

>>827587928Here they are again.

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>>827587956Yeah you should

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>>827588005Keep going please

>>827588023fuck what a tease

Thinking of marrying her

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>>827587978She looks hot keep going


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>>827588086share ig?>>827588082moar!ig?

>>827588082Hnnng that strap makes that high-cut swimsuit so much hotter

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>>827588094Alright I'm jerking


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>>827588182these bikini photos make me diamonds. keep her coming

>>827588144Don’t stop

>>827588162Good, you would make me very happy if you finish with her aswell

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Mum and daughters

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Wwyd with her at her job interview?

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>>827588183looking good

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>>827588246gorgeous family


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>>827587985>>827587986>>827588024You wake as groggy as you've ever been and slowly remember where you are; still bound and gagged in her bed.You moan a bit as you feel your wrists sore from being tied so long. Dawn has barely broken and there she is, completely nude,"Oh, finally awake user", she sits at the bed side and removes the covers from your sweaty body."Wow, that's some morning wood right there"

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>>827588238Shes fucking hot so sure I'll cum to her


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>>827588246Oh fuck


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>>827588304Yes they are.

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>>827588246Wow more

>>827588335fuck so damn cute


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>>827588351I'd love to fuck her mouth.



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>>827588329"Want me to take care of it for you?"Still groggy, you take a sec to answer but nod"Should I take my time? Remember, blink once for-"You blink twice, letting her know to take her time.She leans over and whispers in your ear, "I'm glad we're on the same page user"

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>>827588446wanna fuckin pull her shorts down and rail her

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>>827588350>>827588379>>827588382>>827588380Fuck this guy.

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>>827588537I understand why you might say that, but he helped create those sexy sluts.

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>>827588471blink twice, every time.

>>827588560so tight

>>827588597fuckshes so cutei want her legs wrapped around me


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>>827588471>>827588618She slowly pulls down your underwear and takes your throbbing cock in her hand, "Almost looks bigger each time I see it"She starts stroking slowly to, making sure not to let you climax. Doesn't take long for the precum to start leaking, her cue to stop for now. You let out muffle groans through your gag. After an extended pause she licks the precum off, then another pause.

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>>827588537>>827588608I know. He gets to go to the beach and see this. I'm jealous as fuck.

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>>827588755fantastic ass. need it in my face. would not stop licking her

>>827588697By now you're panting and she starts to caress your face, "shhh"She rolls you over, laying behind you and embracing you with one arm. With her other hand she takes your cock in her hand but doesn't stroke yet, instead she starts gently nibbling your ear.

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>>827588795got any more like this

>>827588796nice tits


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>>827588873fuck yeah

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>>827588741God damn I'm jealous too

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>>827589021wow wow so damn cute. cant get enough

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>>827588815She moves from your ear and starts gingerly kissing your neck. Now she's stroking but only lightly. By now your cock feels like its about to burst."Your cock is mine to play with isn't it?", you nod and let out a muffled "yes"She starts to stroke haarder but only slighty but its more than enough by now and you blow your load."Aw user, a little early" she says as you're panting and moaning."That's alright though, don't worry", she gts up and change, making sure to do so in your view."I have lab today, takes about three hours. I can let you go but if you stick around I'll make it worth your while. Blink once if you want me to let you go and twi-"You blink twice without hesitation.She leans over to whisper in your ear "That's what I was hoping for". She finishes changing, "be a good boy while I'm gone okay". She rolls you over then pulls out some rope "but jsut in case", she then ties your feet to your hands in a hogtie."I'll be back soon"

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>>827589193she has an amazing smile. makes me diamonds for her



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>>827589251Please post more next thread


new thread>>827589265>>827589265>>827589265

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>>827588618Maybe I could start a thread just for this since I'm really getting into it.

>>82758793 oh fuck. Moar!!


>>827589045lol that nose ring.....Oooof!