Loli time!

loli time!

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you're all going to hell

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>>827587683See ya there

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straight girl into loli, fucking kill me.

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>>827587683already here

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>>827588686Straight guy into loli, wanna team up?

sure lol

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>>827588781previous post was meant to reply to this one


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>>827588781>>827588884>>827588921"Team up" as in sex?

>>827588686i wish there were more of your kind

>>827588921Cool you got discord or something?

>>827588977Straight guy here, wasnt the implication. More of enjoying it together. Not out here tryna catch a Chris Hansen

>>827588993me too! it’s lonely and no one believes me. >>827588994how about wickr

>>827589050I'll get one setup and add you

>>827589050not gonna lie, i don't believe you either. but i still wish there were.

>>827589050Please tell me you dickheads aren't believing this tranny glownigger is an actual female lolicon.

>>827589089why would i lie hmm?


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>>827587683God is a loliwe are just inside the cunny

>>827589120why wouldn't you?

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>>827589109Even if it ain't real, I'm allowed to believe for just a moment

>>827589050Add me: altspecWe can masturbate to cute lolis together :)

>>827589050>>827589074Wickr: stlucerin

>>827589235Fair enough but do not try to fucking CONTACT them...

but why is it soo hard to believe :(

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>>827589342post tits with timestamp and

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>>827589369i have a skin condition i’m not posting my nasty tits. not just so some fag believes i’m a girl lmao.

>>827589400Then don't bring it up in the first place.

>>827589400your call. this is why nobody believes, user.besides, even if you did post them, we'd just comment on how devoted you must be to your agency job to go to such great lengths.

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>>827588686I had an internet gf like this back in the late 00s/early 10s but she was 'pansexual', masturbated to guro daily and said she wanted to sew my pp up. I miss her, she's full on normalfag now lmfoa, I don't even know if she even lurks 4chan or shit anymore.


How do I keep from popping a boner when hugging my 5 year old cousin?

>>827589622you can't.same for me with my lil sister since she is 3

>>827589686>3 year old sisteryou must be underageb&

>>827588686>straight girl>into loli>straight

hi there /loli/, got a questions for yousay one was writing a childhood sex story where a 11 year old boy and a 10 year old girl were going to have sex. how would you propose sex be initiated between them? >where do they do it?>who initiates it?>attitudes of both of them? thnx in advance

>>827589896boy puts the ponos in girl vagoo???profit


>>827589857Maybe she identifies as the loli in the pics.

>>827589896>One of them finds porn>Shows the other>The one who was invited to watch asks if they should try it outThen>>827589935

>>827590037The only "girls" that get off on the idea of being little girls are trannies.

>>827589857i mean... i don’t want to date women. i’ve only been with guys. this is just a strange outlier.

>>827590122so you like men and little girls


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>>827589622How are is she hugging you

>>827590203sexts is unfair

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>>827589896>be playing doctor with childhood friend>we examine each other’s privates>hole & penis>hmmm....>say it looks like puzzle piece, they might fit together>lots of hot sweaty rubbing until it’s lubricated enough and slips in>hot sexThat’s what happened with me at least, my brain interpreted my dick as a puzzle block

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>>827590716Did she cummed?

>>827589896whatever as long as they should be saying lines from Shakespeare's works and speaking in Old english

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>>827590716nature at its finest

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How the fuck is this legal? What happens when animation advances and life like kiddie porn can be faked in a computer like this crap?

Wicker creatureoflight

>>827590950Then maybe normalfags will stop being assholes and let us watch the porn we like

>>827590752I ghost-nutted inside her, idk if she did

>>827590950i hope that real life children are spared from literal hell.

>>827590950hopefully Karen kills herself over it

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>>827589896>Tomboy + boy plays near river.>Girl slips in mud and get shorts all muddy and gross.>Strips to wash in the river.>Notices boys boner. Teases him.>proceeds to show herself up close.>Sexual exploration commence.

wick drinktea23

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