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You guys are amazing. I love you~

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>>827584897I'm ugly both inside and out. It's ok. I know what I am.>>827584859>>827584737Hold on to what you've got.

>>827585001Would you still want to kiss me?

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For reference, the same panties while not as hard

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>>827585036>>827585055I probably should have shaved my legs for those but whatever. And same panties but a different color, obviously

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>>827585036>>827585055I love your little belly~ You are very cute!

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>>827585123Thanks but I wish I didn't have it. I've lost about 15 pounds since then too

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>>827584918I tried. It didn't work out. I tried again. It didn't work out. It's never going to work out, user, but thanks for your spirited words.>>827585001Probably not. I can barely look people in the eyes anymore. All I feel is pained shame.

>>827585155Lucky fag otter

>>827585216He is a lucky boy

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>>827585155I hope you don't mind, I put your photos on my nightly slideshow rotation (computer wallpapers). Only I see them tho ;)

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>>827585403Half the fun of crossdressing is getting to show off

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>>827585192Yeah. I'm doing the same fucking thing user.It never has worked out yet.It will though. I will make it work out.I didn't go through a shit and confusing childhood and then a terrible and confusing military career to give up.My current words are not spirited. They are what I have learned for myself.Please keep trying. Failure is only a learning experience.It took me 31 years to figure that out. You can be better.

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>>827585460I'm so glad you see it that way. Night~

>>827585481>then a terrible and confusing military career to give upAh so you are meFuck supply, fuck TBS and fuck IOC

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>>827585481I hope you find your happiness user. I don't see it from where you stand, but I also don't want to argue against your optimism.

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>>827585524If I'm you then why are you not giving a shit?

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>>827585524And yeah fuck supply...

>>827585460is true, thought i haven't done it in like 6 months

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How popular are femmy boy doms here? I really need to bone someone

>>827585618Because I'm in the middle of that career right now and can't do a fucking thing about it because I'm stuck in Korea in an MOS I fucking hate and never wantedBut that's how fucking TBS works. You go, shit happens and you get an MOS you would have rather been dead than do. I guess that's what I signed up for being an officer. Whatever.

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I'm going to go sit in a bath for a while.

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>>827585713It's not for everyone; me included.I know some people over there though.O or K?

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>>827585817>O or K?Not tracking, what do you mean? I was detached from TBS a little more than a year ago after I got rhabdomyolysis and got dropped from infantry officers course.My new MOS was supply officer. I hate my job.>>827585792I'll be that guy and phone post

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>>827585713Sorry, typo.

>>827585890More accurately, I got removed from MAT platoon because they wouldn't let me pick up and then decided I was too much of a "liability and couldn't be trusted to be in infantry">>827585910Ah gotcha

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>>827585934I hope you saw my deleted post.

>>827585930Neither although I go to Osan occasionally because it's the largest servmart on the PenI'm on an installation no one ever goes to or really knows about. We get ignored by our parent command and the other commands here don't give a shit because we're not the army or air force and don't fit into their systems

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Bath time yay

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I think I have ideas about where you are.Sorry dude.Do it up and go somewhere else if you want to continue your career.They'll know you're persistent at least.Make yourself stand out positively.It can get better; you will always embrace the suck, but you have everyone else doing it too.

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>>827586222I'm in the reserves. I can't lat move to any of the MOS I want to be in because the one I'm in is already short. A recon screener is my only way out. I'll go home and drill after this but realistically it's either a transfer to the nasty girls or getting out.I've already told my monitor what I want when the time comes for another service obligation. Infantry, recon or A&S or I'm getting out

>>827586029This is for you.>>827586222

>>82758631Tracking, I know

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>>827586359Fuck phone posting this shit is ass

>>827586431phoneposting always sucks ass

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>>827586316Do you want to be spec ops?Also fuck that NG shit that AD give you.I was always Active and I didn't like it.I wish I knew about that shit when I got in.It's not what you want now, but think of it as a bridge to where you want to be.You don't have to prove yourself to them.Prove yourself to yourself.

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>>827586453Yeah I'm giving up on it>>827586584I always wanted to go active, but given the situation I've been put in, it's better that I'm a piece of shit reservist.At this point I just want some action. I wanted to be a platoon commander in a rifle company, that transitioned to a heavy machine gun platoon commander once I started acquainting myself with CAT platoons and heavy machine guns. I got orders to be a heavy machine gun platoon commander. I got rhabdo a month alter, got held back in MAT and then got redesignated to 3002.At this point I may as well go for broke and do Raiders or go NG and do SF but reserve officers can't get orders cut or lat move to A&S. It's active only. Recon is my only realistic way to move but I don't think I'll ever get a chance to go to a screener because I've had rhabdo and because my Bn won't give me up for a weekend. As much as I like to tell myself this is just a bump in the road, the writing is on the wall for me. I'm either going to continue being a supp-o or get out. >Prove yourself to yourselfI only would have been able to do that if I got to go to, and passed IOC. I will never get to live up to the goals, dreams and whatever else I wanted for myself. That was it, and I'll never get it and I'll probably never get a chance to prove myself wrong

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>>827586316You are acting like you still can't prove your worth to yourself.Being a marine isn't the end all.Do you have friends over there to hang out with?Don't tell them this stuff if you don't trust them, but do you?

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Anybody wanna chat with a germanfag on kik? ;3Add me: cyberzodiac

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>>827586992I have one other Lt here, we're no shit joined at the hip for almost everything. What about my career and shit? He knows, all the other Marines know. I don't hide my unhappiness and dislike of my MOS. >You are acting like you still can't prove your worth to yourself.I never wanted to do or be anything other than an infantry officer in the Marine Corps. That's all I ever really truly aspired to be and I hinge a lot of my self worth on that. I don't know where else or what else to do after this. Live the rest of my life knowing that I couldn't live up to my own expectation of myself?

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>>827587189Do you have discord or some other method we can chat with?

>>827587279Telegram is the best way to get a hold of me or whenever you catch me here

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>>827587303How can I contact you without giving anything?


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>>827587456Assuming you have telegram

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good morning!!

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>>827588691He was always really cute. I wish that comic turned into a series

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>>827588736TrueThere might be stuff on the patreon - the fa account is down.

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>>827588935Eh, maybe. I would love it if there was.

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>>827588976You ok?

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>>827589004As good as I can be

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>>827588976>>827589004Wrong pic. Still not the right one, but better I hope?

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>>827589056For the most part. It'll all just start over tomorrow like it usually does

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>>827589131Only for now.You can and will change things eventually.

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My pp is getting hard... fuck, am I a furry now?

>>827590164>>827590164YES. NOW GO FURRRRRR EVERRRYTHING!!!!!!