Since Holla Forums is too full of feds to allow anything this important to receive any kind of notice...

Since Holla Forums is too full of feds to allow anything this important to receive any kind of notice, I'll post this here. So this is happening now.

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>>827584513How can this possibly be constitutional?

>>827584513This better not be true. If it is, it's time for revolt. Fucking Republicans, this is what they want the US to be. You have to be an idiot to support this. Fuck that shit.

>>827584617It isn't. But neither is the Patriot Act and that's been around for 20 years. Neither is civil asset forfeiture, yet cops steal more shit from people than actual burglers do.>>827584618Oh it's true. Look it up. And democrats helped. Bernie Sanders could have even been the deciding vote, but he couldn't be bothered to show up.

hows big brother gonna get hold of our browser logs? no one with a brain uses Chrome

>>827584801You are an utter retard if you think using a different browser makes you any less harder to track to the government.

>>827584801What browser to use? Asking for a fren.

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>>827584513Fake and gay. Op is a faggot

>>827585091Its very much real...

>>827585005It literally doesn't matter.>>827585091Do a google search, lazy ass.

>>827584801>hows big brother gonna get hold of our browser logs?call your ISP.but it's even easier than that. they trace your IP once you visit a honeypot site, and that tells them your IP. Then they use automated backdoor access to internet history databases provided by your ISP through an earlier National Security Letter. That simple.And Republifags rolled over for it and licked the boot.

>>827585091Can you not search this up yourself and see it's true?? You must be a fed yourself, glowie.

>>827584513Haaaaa. No more lolis faggots.

>>827585297What makes you think the fedos weren't the ones making all those threads to begin with?

>>827585329A rational thinking brain. The opposite of the thing that makes YOU think everything is a jewish conspiracy.

there a big difference between looking and using what they find

>>827585615>A rational thinking brain.Oh yeah, that's definitely a rational thinking brain. You don't know that much about the character of fedos, do you? I would say there's a very strong chance that literally THE ONLY """people""" posting CP on 4chan are federal agents. And they're not doing it as a honeypot either. They're doing it because they like CP.

>>827585734So you're saying it's a jewish conspiracy? How did I predict that, broke brain? Also idiosyncratic language is a sign of mental illness.

>>827585839Who said anything about jews?

>>827585189This, mother fucking this. Canada is looking better and better, eh? I'm a 2 tour vet saying this and I love the US but enough is enough, that's not what the US is and not what I fucking faught for. It's time to right the wrongs of freedom. It's not acceptable. We have to stop giving our freedoms away in the name of safety. Cause safety is a fucking illusion. It's time

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Soooo let's get this thread back on track! Is there any protesting going on about it? It's pretty lame that coronavirus isn't allowing for protesting either, especially when this gets pushed out.

>>827585690Lol, wut? Do you really believe that if they look they won't arrest? Shut the fuck up. You're part of the problem

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>>827585894"""You""" did?

>>827585950There probably will be. I don't know. This just happened.>>827585991Quote me.

>>827585690American citizens literally have an entire constitutional amendment that is SUPPOSED to protect these evil fucks from even spying on us to begin with.

>>827586067*protect us from

>>827584513The NSA already does this. So what's the bill actually about?

>>827584618It's fucking Democrats. Or specifically. Just government.Lobby for blockchain based voting representation, directly tied to the populace they affect/are speaking for.

>>827586191Now it admissible in court

>>827586067Agreed, what the fuck is going on? Fucking Bush Jr was the start of this fucking shit and the Republicans have not stopped trying to pull shit like this. I'm not a Democrat either, I choose no party because they are all crooks and liars. Let's be honest though the Republicans are the major problem in US politics. They want to keep the blue collar people poor and the white collar rich, and at the same time slowly without opposition take freedoms away from US citizens. Why won't any politicians fight for the people? Why do we continue to let these politicians decide what is right and wrong , what is best for our "safety", let them take our American rights that my family has faught for dating back to WW1? Wtf is happening to Americans, does a nice house, cars, and money mean more than freedom? Fuck! I'm ready for the end times, fuck it..

>>827586327Yes, Government in general, agreed. But, let's be truthful, it's a Republican based want to keep the rich rich and the poor poor and fuck your rights campaign. The Republicans are literally ripping the fabric of what America is founded on and the principles we are supposed to hold dear. This is fact. I'm not saying that some dems don't support that or aren't all fucked up, they are but at least they don't try to pull BS like this, that I see.

>>827584617The sacred paper hasnt meant anything for decadesIts just used as a propaganda piece now

>>827586412>does a nice house, cars, and money mean more than freedom?Most Americans don't even have that.>>827586581No. The democratic party has basically left behind all pretense this year. They've just finally dropped the mask and admitted they're republicans too. The government of the United States no longer represents anything resembling the average citizen, and hasn't for a long time.

>>827585189This is why so many American providers give static IPs


>>827586636>Most Americans don't even have that.Exactly, my b/ro. Money means more than anything. It's always been the have and have nots but this is new level shit. The gap is widening and it's done on purpose.>No. The democratic party has basically left behind all pretense this year. They've just finally dropped the mask and admitted they're republicans too. The government of the United States no longer represents anything resembling the average citizen, and hasn't for a long time.I fuckin agree, what are Americans with a brain that see this BS going to do? Why are we so docile like a fucking cow? Imagine were we will be in 10 years. I can fucking tell you it's not good. And that's for either side of the fence. We need to stop fucking falling into their hands of fighting each other and we need to fight against this taking of freedoms. Because this will not stop, only escalate..

>>827586856I honestly don't think there's a solution. The future that's been predicted many times will come to pass because humanity is too evil to escape it. Those in power will seize more and more power and descend further and further into evil and decadence while the majority suffers and the biosphere collapses. Ultimately, global war, starvation, disease, etc. will break out and destroy the human species. And that will be that. I don't see any kind of positive outcome. And the attack dogs of the rich that are the fedos and the police and the military are all too happen to bring about the apocalypse for their ghoulish masters.

>>827586993The military is not how you just wrote it to be. If you haven't served then you really have no idea what you're talking about. I do agree however with everything else you stated. That's why I have taught my kids survival skills, Gun safety, and the ability to see the shit storm coming. I have guns for protection when it's gets so bad that people are so desperate they will steal from their neighbors. Everyone for themselves type thing. I reject social media it's all a distraction from reality. I reject self driving cars because no matter what you believe "they" will shut your car down and lock you in until the police arrive. All these convienves are at a price. We now welcome the ability to be spied on from alexa to siri to your internet connected refrigerator. It's all spyware that is known that is what they do and nobody gives a fuck. The mentality is well, if "you're not breaking the law then you have nothing to worry about ". Never, ever trust anyone that tells you that. That is not the point, the point is we give up the right to privacy, the right of burden of proof. Wtf, literally wtf?

>>827585917Well, before you get too excited about moving here, the Prime Minister just made 1500 guns illegal without a single word of debate in Parliament. I am now the proud owner of $7000 worth of guns, ammo, and accessories I can do nothing more than look at until they're either seized or bought from me (and we have no information yet on which of those two options he intends to proceed with)

>>827584513>7 proxies/pol/tard, Holla Forums solved this problem in 2009.

>>827586856It's about time for Boogaloo 2, user. The government seems to have forgotten that they serve us, not the other way around.

>>827587338Oh yes, the military is real freedumb loving and not brainwashed faggots willing to kill anything just for fun. Nope. Fuck the military. Scum of the fucking Earth. Who the fuck volunteers to go rape brown kids and kill goat herders in the Middle East?

>>827587392Fucking shit. You were my only hope, Canada. I didn't realize Canada was going that far in that direction. Shit, b/ro, wtf do we do now? I'm being serious.

>>827585917The reality is we never really had many freedoms that the rest of the western world didnt have.Our leaders saw how effective propaganda can be while watching the rest of the world at war, and they became the masters of it.The things our citizens defend the most aggressively tend the be the least true

>>827587477Every country is. People think it's better somewhere else. It isn't. The filthy vampires that rule this world (currently, but not for fucking long) have insisted on creating global structures that ensure there is no escape from the hell they've created for every living thing on this planet. They are literally infernoforming this planet into hell.

>>827587460You are very lucky we are not face to face because I'd rearrange yours. I'm not a tough guy or a badass but, I did serve as a Cavalry scout for 2 tours. You are the scum, you know nothing but talk like you do. You are under 20 years old, amirite? You think you have the world figured out and in reality you don't know shit. I'm sure you're just a troll but I know you have no balls to say that shit to any combat arms personal. We all know how that would end for you. Go somewhere else and spread lies from your baby mouth, bitch.

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>>827586067Are you sure?Quote it and well see what it says exactlyA lot of people assume these things withiut really knowing anything about it

>>827584513Hey man if you're going to post something as controversial as that then I'm posting this. Wont post his name though.

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>>827586993the universe is on our side but as long as you think there is a people or group that is above you...

>>827584513I have nothing to hide so I'm safe.

>>827586581How quickly it becomes left vs right, rather than this is wrongThey've already won

>>827587631>You are very lucky we are not face to face because I'd rearrange yoursNo you wouldn't you fucking>The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularity describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.Not that anything in the constitution is paid any attention anymore.

>>827587783>the universe is on our sideIt really isn't. The universe belongs to death. Most of it is a dead void. Death is everywhere. Life is sparse. Life's only virtue in this is that it is the stronger force.

I seriously hope mitch McConnell dies fucking painfully

>>827587854who taught you the concept of death?

>>827587477The only thing left. Start our own 'Blacklist'.You get on the list by abusing power, oppressing the poor, hoarding wealth while the people that work for you suffer, enacting policies or laws that restrict freedom or rights of citizens, or make choices that signifiicantly pollute or destroy the environment.Getting on the list necessarily mandates a death sentence, so no petty violators of the above can be included. Flagrant violators, those who are causing the worst for our countries, must be put to their end.The best way to achieve that is to recruit anyone that wants to an hero to do so by "death by cop" after succeeding or attempting to remove someone from the list.

>>827587551>The reality is we never really had many freedoms that the rest of the western world didnt have.Our leaders saw how effective propaganda can be while watching the rest of the world at war, and they became the masters of it.The things our citizens defend the most aggressively tend the be the least trueI can not argue this. The illusion of freedom like the illusion of safety. I suppose "they" are just more bold and in the open now.>Every country is. People think it's better somewhere else. It isn't. The filthy vampires that rule this world (currently, but not for fucking long) have insisted on creating global structures that ensure there is no escape from the hell they've created for every living thing on this planet. They are literally infernoforming this planet into hell.I know this to be true also. It was always just a illusion of comfort to believe that Canada would be the better option when the US finally goes off the rails with this shit. But, yes, I can't agree more with it's a world with the wealthy conspiring to fuck the poor as much as possible and to tighten down on the control. Propaganda is the main weapon and it's hidden but yet right in our faces. I accept we all that are not wealthy and I mean Bill Gates wealthy, we are pawns and we are most definitely fucked.

>>827587895Being alive. What a stupid question.

>>827586674Eek, braindead retard.

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>>827587811Divide and conquer

>>827587903Problem is, pretty much every single politician and millionaire on Earth would be on it. And what does that solve? Now what?

>>827587823Kek, oh I bet I would and I'll also say in less then a minute I will have you pissing your pants and crying for forgiveness. I guarantee this. So, talk all the shit you want, I give zero fucks. If you're so brave go on TV and state your beliefs on the military. Or how about live stream it, tough guy. We will wait...

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>>827587982lol ok

>>827584684To be specific, this is a direct renewal of the Patriot Act bill, but with an amendmant that expands FBI legal abilities to stop thoughtcrimes

>>827588019Now post the navy seal pasta.

>>827588007It would put the fear of the people back into those who do the worst to oppress them. If politicians spend their time fearing for their lives, they can't spend it enacting laws that ruin ours

>>827588001Exactly. "They" want race conflict, they want us to fight and disagree on everything. Why can't we see how politicians have changed so quickly. Why are we accepting this fucking shit? How do we stop it and reverse it? I know in reality we can't and it's done. It's fucking sad with the potential the US has to truly be great and we just give up to power hungry politicians. Cabin in the woods is where I'm going, I will not depend on technology that the government can and will use against us. Laugh at me if you want but, let's find out who laughs last..

>>827588134I wasn't a seal. I was a Army Cavalry scout, I do recon, and I do it fucking well.

>>827586993So the whole argument about having guns for overthrowing a corrupt government was in fact fantasy, and that rebellion will never happen becasue people rely on stability?

>>827588124This. It needs to stop. This can not be allowed. What do all Americans need to see to see what is really happening? What does it take, honestly?

>>827587338Get off it anonThe militaries job is to do what it's told.Billions is spent on conditioning to get this resultThey will do what they're told, it's literally their job

>>827584513Proof that Republicans are not our friends.And a reminder that Trump isn't a Democrat nor a Republican which is why we elected him.

>>827587761>Wont post his name though>literally in the file name

>>827588408Yes, unfortunately and ironically, yes. It's all lies and forms of control when the people don't exercise those rights. I'm not saying grab you gun and head to Washington, I'm saying that was only ever possible in the way back when before the Government learned how to use us, against us.

>>827584513This is why we need to vote for green party or third parties in general

>>827588241No I mean what the fuck are you going to do? Literally overthrow every single government on Earth and kill every single millionaire? I don't see how that's even remotely feasible.

>>827588485Ok, did you serve? Are you speaking from experience? No, you're not. So how about shut the fuck up. Talk about something you know, if you actually know anything besides believing BS.

>>827588356Please shut the fuck up. Nobody cares.>>827588408You're learning this now?

>>827587338>burden of proofYou misunderstand that every person in jail or on bail restrictions is technically innocent right?The burden of proof is bullshit, always has been

>>827588594This, it's to far gone. There is no stopping this train. You have to see the storm coming and prepare you and yours. It will be everyone for themselves and nobody will care about morals, it's survival.

>>827588644>dubs of butthurt checked>Please shut the fuck up. Nobody cares.Actually people do care, it's you that has the problem, skippy. Eat a bag o' dicks, my friend.

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>>827588714>The burden of proof is bullshit, always has beenI understand what you're saying and I can't argue with it. Makes me fucking sad for the future. "We" are on the path and there is no turning back. Prepare your lids if you have them, don't let then down. Teach them the wrongs and fight the battles they can fight.

>>827584617might makes right

Is there anyway they can remove this now?

>>827588885*prepare your kids

>>827586581The seperation of rich and poor is a natural consequence of not living as communists... Some people spend. Some people save.

>>827588888Right is might. What is right doesn't need to be defended. What is wrong cannot be defended.

>>827584617everything is constitutional until the supreme court says it's not. the problem is the supreme court doesn't here every case so unconstitutional things stay around sometimes for decades.


Just one of a thousand reasons I supported Ron Paul and the semi-brain-dead nazis here should have supported him as well.It would be nice if more people were redpilled on both the bullshit propaganda that is WWII history AND on the misunderstood but brilliant principles of classical liberalism.Somehow nazi poltards cannot hold these things simultaneously in their little brains.And the black pill gets blacker every day...

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>>827589031My quints confirm that might makes right. It's the only thing that matters in the world. Never forget it fatso.kek. you just don't understand the true spirit of the chan. we're nihilistic anarchists… with a twist.we don't care if they were "innocent" (who is truly innocent, anyway?)we just want to watch the world burn.

>>827588786How do military retards actually talk like this? Are you a boomer or do they train every grunt to talk like you've lost 20 IQ points?

>>827589086i voted for him and his son this country is beyond flushed

>>827588888checkedThe winners write the history books. And the masses chose ignorance because freedom of thought is to painfull.

>>827589013Of course but just because you are wealthy doesn't mean you get to nor should shit on the poor. We are supposed to help each other, believe it or not. I'm not saying hand outs, I'm saying give what is right, help the less fortunate succeed. Why is that so hard for the wealthy to do? Because they horde their money and use the poor to become even more wealthy to the point of they truly have more money then they need. I'm talking about the true power players, the ones that truly run America. If you think the president really runs American then you bought into the lies, into their propaganda and they play us like puppets. And nobody gives a fuck.

>>827587631>I did serve as a Cavalry scout for 2 toursHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

>>827589162I'm the best recent generation, Gen X. If you want to find out, how about join and find out. Don't take what I say, what you read, go find out. Oh wait, you can't and won't because either you can't pass a physical and you're scared. I know you will just talk shit about things you have no idea about and pretend you're smart. You are pittyfull and I do pity you.


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>>827589086Liberalism is literally how we fucking got here. I'm not even going to bother trying to explain that to you though, because if you have anything nice to say about liberalism, you're already too far gone to understand why it's bad. I'll just say this, personal freedumb is not the highest concern because individuals are not the center of the universe. Then you need to understand that politicians lie, so when they say they're protecting everyone, that means fuck all because they're ALWAYS just protecting their own power. That is LITERALLY the nature of liberalism.

>>827589302Believe what you need too. I'm telling the truth so I care not what you think.

>>827587823>against unreasonable searches and seizuresThe undefined word unreasonable is where it all falls apartWho decides what is reasonable, or what potential eventualities could consider something reasonable?

>>827589128Anyone who has left their teen years and still thinks in terms of "I just want to watch the world burn" is a poser idiot. Grow up and stand for something you shell of a nothing.I'll respect your nihilistic philosophy the day you go to the nearest street corner and light yourself on fire. Until then, STFU.

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>>827589331No I'm not signing up because I have zero fucking interest in serving the most wicked empire's war machine in all of human history.

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>>827587982Cat doesn't know it's aliveIt just knows it is cat

>>827589385No it doesn't. All politicians just lie and do whatever the fuck they want now. Judges are now being paid to say that donations are "speech". Literally every fucking person in this country knows that's bullshit. It has nothing to do with wishy-washy definitions. That's a bad faith argument you're using and you should be fucking ashamed.

>>827589437You think cats don't know what death is?

>>827588019The original navy seal midget edition

>>827589410Topkek. Ya, sure buddy. I'm sure that's the reason. You make me raff.

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>>827588356So you were a horse babysitter?

>>827589516Kek, you can't help but to post. So butthurt you are. I can feel your anger, grrrrr..

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>>827589586Yeah, kinda. I fucked your mom and she looks like a horse. Your weak attempts bother me not. Keep going so I can laugh at you more

>>827588310What are you going to do about it?Nothing...If you know and plan to do nothing, what else can you expect.They let you keep your guns because they knew youd never use them.

>>827584801Please. Websites can track the previous websites that you have gone to using cookies that store information as innocuous as the resolution of your screen, the number of tabs you have open, the dimensions of your browser window, the placement of a photo on the page, etc. This can be followed from site to site and used to curate a profile of the user. You'd have no idea that you're living in a little bubble of information and that all your data is being saved server side.

>>827589529Yeah, that is the reason.

>>827589346Liberalism is not how we got here, you dolt. You're exactly the problem I'm talking about. You know jack and shit. The media/politicians willfully lie about the classical liberal tradition because they despise and fear it.Across the West we abandoned the racial immigration and citizenship laws, which were perfectly compatible with the classical liberal tradition.We gave up control of our currency and allowed collusion between central banks and government, which is not classical liberalism/capitalism but a perversion of capitalism. We allowed governments to take control of every Western economy by meddling in every sector from big finance to big agriculture to pharma and so on, which is also a corruption of the classical liberal tradition. We allowed the education system to be centralized through government, allowing a system of propaganda control that the general public was compelled to pay for. Also NOT classical liberalism.But in that very education system that promotes government at every turn (eg Roosevelt's New Deal "saved" us from capitalist abuses! Socialism is great!) the poltards learned principles that made them susceptible to an unwarranted idealization of national socialism.Again, you have no fucking clue what you're talking about and neither do the other nazis on the chans.

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>>827589645What am I going to do? Nothing but have my guns and go off grid as much as possible. I live in reality and reality shows there is no stopping it. I accept the things I can't change and I adapt and survive. That's my freedom and it won't be taken away.

>>827584513Remember moscow Mitch and his team wanted this. Every day the us becomes more authoritarian. The current Republicans are do not hold the same values of small govt and more civil liberties than their predecessors. The current group need to know EVERYTHING that you're doing and are going to do.

>>827589672Oh, I believe you user. How old are you? 20? You know nothing of the world right now, you only know what your parents taught you and the BS you read on the net. Your life experience equals dick.

>>827589692America is a stinking pile of degenerate shit.

>>827589385Kek. This. A few years back I had my house searched at gun point. Why? I lost my wallet and about a week later it was found in a graveyard behind my house where a crime was committed (some kind of assault). Why was my wallet there? I'd walk around there and smoke. They found nothing in my house but I was arrested. Eventually I plead to disorderly conduct because I found out hiring a lawyer is expensive af.

>>827589716You like cock, that's cool. What effort you put out to do that. Imagine if you put that effort into something that really matters? You won't though because your just a pussy behind a keyboard.

>>827588640Yes, i amStop suckling the milk of uncle Sam's lies.Conditioning is the main focus of trainingNeed reliable pieces in the game, and that means following orders no matter what.

>>827589410>Willingly admits he never heard of ghengis Kahn while also trying to tell us what to thinkThe white girls sides are in orbit user

>>827588644Ive been saying it for years, dont get cranky at me thats it's true and nobody listened.


>>827589875>following orders no matter whatThat proves you have no idea what you're talking about. Ah, teenage rage, kek.

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>>827584617It's no more Constitutional than this, but you're all to scared to do anything about it. At least one state got it right, though.

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>>827589839>In socialist countries, you have to admit to crimes you never committedThis "country" is fucking disgusting. you think that's bad. For two years the food standards agency in Britain has known what porn i watch

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>>827588594You don't need to kill everyone to put the fear of the people into anyone. A few key politicians, billionaires, etc. and all of a sudden the rich and powerful don't feel somsecure anymore

>>827589893What the fuck makes you think Genghis Khan was more wicked than America?

>>827590016You have to kill enough of them that fear is instilled in them. Good luck. Not going to happen. What has been prophesied for years will come to pass. I just wish mankind would hurry the fuck up and go extinct faster, because this shit fucking sucks.

>Holla Forums gets BTFOExcellent

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Did you ever find a listing device in your residence, and instead of destroying it you get together with some friend around the bug and preform a skit about thee most ridiculous and untrue conspiracy you have ever heard of and act like its a real thing???Well its not a bug this time, its the internet

>>827590092>Well its not a bug this time, its the internetBingo and yahtzee. I'm guilty of a smart phone. Why do you really think it's called a smart phone? Think about that with logic.

>>827589979That's not even the best part user. From what I've gathered it was a couple teenage adults (like 19 yo or something) had a fight back there. Neither of them wanted police involved, they weren't talking, but some Karen called the cops on them or something. So even though nobody felt as though they were a victim a bunch of people were arrested and charged with shit

>>827590019Boiling people alive might be a start

>>827588729If a people watched the storm coming for decades and did nothing, the chance they are capable of doing anything after is minimal at best.Its done. The last few decades have been spent telling people on the internet how much freedom.we have and how oppressed they are...Uh oh spaghettio... it was a bait and switch all alongIt can be fought now, but I doubt those capable could organise something

>>827590070If you establish a pattern (through direct communication of the purpose of your actions to the public, or by consistent, obvious action), people will soon take notice and fear will steadily start to creep in. Soon after, behavioral change will follow.

>>827589211I understand it form the poor peoples side, and i understand it from the rich folks side. If they just start giving money away and shit, people are going to start breeding even more. Humans do dumb shit like that. Then the rich folks have a bigger problem to deal with. IMO I wish rich folks would start throwing education against single motherhood and start fighting a cultural war against feminism and their destruction of the family unit.

>>827588445>What do all Americans need to see to see what is really happening? What does it take, honestly?People see it, dude. Just like they knew the Stasi was doing the same shit for decades.The problem is your whole fucking paradigm is wrong if you think people knowing about it, presumably because you think there's some democratic recourse available to them, is wrong.That's not a game you can ever win because you think that people not doing anything about it must simply be because not enough of them no about it. Ad infinitum.There's no systematic connection between the mechanism enacting this law and the people. The misapprehension that there is was marketed to you as misdirection so that the actual mechanism will never be challenged or reformed.

>>827588885Or organize and oppose itActually fight for those freedoms we were always told we had but was actually bullshit.Thia is the tipping point.Instant global sharing of information ajd we pretend its not happening because the friends we laughed at for not having muh freedoms will say I told you so?Its now or never

>>827590423> If they just start giving money awayBut by removing the gold standard from monetary value, it allowed the rich to give themselves more money.

>>827590226Exactly, wtf is that? Why does nobody give a fuck? First off they are fucking retarded to talk about fighting on a platform that literally records it and can be used against you. Secondly, why is that ok for Karen to call the cops? It didn't happen, talk is talk. Charges? Mother fucker that seriously pisses me off. That's not right, that's not the America I want to live and be apart of. I wish the youth of today could see this and fight, fight the fucking system and not each other. Fuck! We are so doomed. This generation wants to talk shit about previous generations how shitty they were, blah, blah, but in reality this generation is brainwashed more than any other generation there as been. They are to much up their own asses to see the truth.

>>827590367I agree b/ro. It's fucking sad to watch happen.

>>827589031If nobody defends what's right, then only wrong is left

This is why people should read Marx

>>827589048Retarded ignorant interpretation.

>>827590163Ladies gentlemen and user's, welcome to the private sectors project red herring

>>827590461I know people know about it. It's the fucking caring I'm referring to. Where is the fucking care? I see the reality, I see what is and what will happen. There is no stopping it now, it's to late.

>>827590090artist sauce and name pls?

>>827590631I say this is why people need to think for themselves and not buy into the past, not buy into what someone else says. Think fir yourselves in the boundaries of reality. Marx is not reality.

>>827585189yep, brought to you by Repulicanfags

get in the deepweb bitchwe're going to make america great again

>>827590688>dubs of truth checked We fucking brought into the propaganda and open it with open arms. Imagine if all the technology we have today was suddenly gone. No internet, no cell phone, no electronics at all. We would be and will be dead in the water.


>>827589331Are you kidding me Gen X is just Boomer-lite edition

>>827590896Kek, I love people that claim they have nothing to hide. BS we all have something to hide. Just differs from person to person. It's been proven a million times over.

>>827584513>land of the free! -giving the americans the right to have guns in order to defend themselves from governement abuses;- some years later - fuck them rights through and over the internet.

>>827590940Kek, ok. What gen are you, my friend. Let us know how you're better. I really want to hear this..

>>827589692public education came about as a result of corporations needing an educated class of Americans to operate their machinery, you ignorant twat. No one "gave up" anything.

>>827590861life did exist before the internet and computers and it will again long after its gone, its an unnecessary dependence, convenience and weakness

>>827590766Marx doesn't tell you what to think, it's just an analytical framework, which is why there are so many different sects of Marxists theory.

>>827589128the trouble with having kids is you might get a cringy faglord like this one.btw in these contexts the world is not burning, it's freezing. it's literally the opposite of "watching the world burn."

>>827589363The truth is what makes it so funny.>cavalry

>>827584513I used to believe the fed were made up of half patriots & half npc traitors. How wrong I was. Looks here like the patriots lost

>>827591081>public education came about as a result of corporations needing an educated class of Americans to operate their machinery Fucking this. Anyone that can't or won't believe this has been brainwashed in the system. That's why I laugh at the user that says the military is only brainwashed. Fucking topkek, it's all of us, all of us, everyday 24/7 in every way. At least some can see it. Soon nobody will see it or care. Sad shit.

>>827590766There are people smarter than you and it's in your best interest to listen to them in a lot of cases.

>>827591099Wrong, my friend. Everything is run my computers. You do know this right? From your money in the bank to the nuclear missiles in the silos. If technology was suddenly gone, the planet would in no time see at minimum half the population gone. No BS. I'm assuming you're young and can't see this as easily as a oldfag, but I promise you, "we" would not survive now without computers.

>>827589479Definitely not Kitten doesnt know about deathCat doesn't know about death.They only know they are catsAnybody that's had a pet put down understands this.They dont understand what's happening, and they look to you for an explanation they will never get

>>827591108I understand what you're saying. But, he does infact tell you what to think. Please tell me you see that? It's all mind control my friend.

>>827591310>There are people smarter than you and it's in your best interest to listen to them in a lot of casesDepends what they are saying. Smart doesn't always equal right or logical. Don't give me that BS. You right now are trying to push your agenda. You are a hippocrate, my friend.

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