YLYLFirst pic = the actual state of 4chan

YLYLFirst pic = the actual state of 4chan

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The true story >be me>18 at the time>tall, scrawny chad with brown hair and glasses>previously dated college girls>have new gf, 16 at this time>gf was boy crazy, really wanted to date someone>after meeting me announces to her fam she's "seeing someone">few days later brings me to her home>father and brother tell me I walked into the "courtroom">cringy as fuck>discuss for a few minutes>father pulls me aside>I tell him "it isn't going to last", just want the cookie>tells me to have fun and allows me to leave with gf>sex was "fun">around a week later, I tell gf that I previously dated a college girl>she's worried that I secretly wants this college girl back>breaks up with me>tryingtoholdbacklaughter.jpg>mfw I predicted exactly how this relationship would go

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>>827583902Thanks for confirming to everyone what's going on with jews.(Hide post)

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>>827584084Your threads are shit and you should feel like shit. Go fuck your sister, hick.

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Jewish strategy: (try to) ruin every place where people can have some freedom of speech (therefore say the truth about you) with disgusting filth.No wonder so many people want to exterminate you guys...

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>>827584114yeah! Sure showed us there, bud. Whatever will I do, someone replied to my post with interracial porn...

>>827584180Fuck your freedom of speech. If I had my way you'd be starving in a gulag.

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>>827583886fuck you i love it

>>827584221So you like it? Thanks I'll keep going

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Jewish "logic": if we spam enough homosexual and interracial pictures, those damn white goyim will become homosexuals and interracial cucks, they will totally not be disgusted by our vile actions and hate us even more!

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>>827584321You're still in the thread, so you must already like it. I didn't even have to try to turn you gay

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Imagine being so disgusting there has to be laws trying to stop normal people from hating you.

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>>827584292no, I hide it. Just wondering why you have gay interracial porn saved on your PC. Any answers, or are you just an annoying faggot?

>>827584373gotta give it to you, you created the funniest ylyl thread ever. It's such a failure it's funny

>>827584153Youre spam posting a bunch of gay porn not to mention you have it saved in the first place. Literal fag go to your gay thread

I intended last YLYL thread to be the last, but thanks to you filthy kikes: I'm going to create at least another 10, today (I won't name them YLYL, so have fun searching every thread for pics revealing the truth about you)...

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>>827584412Quick google search, and I'm saving the best ones for your very special thread. This shit is sexy tho, might beat it later.

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>>827584470I've got all day dude.

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>>827584483yah, get yourself a chair and rope and end it. Do our society a favour.

>>827584412This, them kikes don't understand that we look at thumbnails from the corner of the eye and click "Hide post"...

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>>827584532They are doing really good right now, by standards of the israeli society.

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>>827584515What a life. Staring at gay porn all day every day.

>>827584532No reason, too busy having fun>>827584412Yeah right, you're beating it, I know it.

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>>827584585Check out this one where he busts

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>muh racist bigots

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>>827584624Bored trolling you fags, goodnight. Fuck your thread. It's easy to post antisemitic shit when you're anonymous. I'll stay for like 5 minutes to see if you will actually post your name and own the shit you post, but I bet you're too much of a coward.

>>827584714you call that trolling? You're nothing more than the 'Hide' button, faggot. Grow up or go to sleep forever, degenerate

>>827584768Looks like you are a coward.

>>827584714>lol i troled u!!!Look at this post: >>827584724This is what I'm going to do now, post stuff about you guys in unrelated threads, so each and everyone understand what's going on! Have fun screening EVERY thread to detect this kind of pic and send your gay spammers, etc. to rescue.Have fun, losers!Fuck it, I'm losing the YLYL at my own idea now!

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>>827584797I dunno if a German name is really important to you. You can fly over but I don't think you're so desperate for me


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>>827584890Nah, gimme the name. I want it. Also, timestamp and face so we know it's real. Or are you too much of a coward?

>>827584714Post your name and address faggot juden.

>>827584881Great idea, I'll do the sameKeep in mind those guys are PAID for this shit, yet a 13yo kid would do better than them without getting paid, just for fun

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>>827584881Keep posting walls of text I won't read dipshit.

>>827584977Seethe more triggered gay baby jew hahahah!

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>>827584943I'm not the one posting antisemitic shit. I did nothing wrong. I have nothing to hide. You fags on the other hand HAVE to post on here because you're too scared to share shit shit IRL. Especially if you're really German where this shit is a hate crime. LIKE I SAID: NAME, TIMESTAMP, FACE PIC, or you're a fucking coward.

>>827584977>wall of text>less than 3 linesJews confirmed retarded.

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>>827585069The pic you inbred moron.

>>827584943juden is plural

>>827584977we know you are unschooled so cant no read

>>827585066Kikes are so stupid I still get amazed even after years of studying this strange parasitic specie...Explain pic related now.

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>>827585094Cope harder kike. Every dog has its day

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>>827585118Like I said, a bunch of cowards.

>>827584881>Their face when

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>Hide postThis kills the jew

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>>827583802Its so fucked to see something from so far back in internet history bastardized and adapted into racism.

>>827585206Nazi cowards hide behind anonymity. Come out in the streets and I'll hit you with a bikelock faggot.

>>827585278LMAO!Kikes are the biggest cowards and the most fragile and inept creatures of all humanity. You would get crushed in a nano-second and you know it, so quit the bluff, gay-nigger-loving hook-nosed ugly inbred subhuman.

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>>827585384youtube.com/watch?v=meHyJduFqKAEven donkeys hate them...

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>>827585142>>827585254>>827585278Butthurt kikes BTFO ITT!

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>>827585384This is what happens when a government forces everyone to serve in the military. Some people are just not cut out for it. The same thing would happen in any other country.

>>827585903I don't think so Moshe. Not all conscripts are cowards who piss themselves and must wear diapers. Even less when they have ten times the technological/material advantage against their ennemy.

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>>827585513That infograph should add that many of the people that go around preaching the horrors of the holocaust offically died in the holocaust and does nothing to change that.

>>827586050Holohoax*It's over, no one's buying it anymore. You can go back to spamming interracial.

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Now what the fuck is going on here

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>>827584515because niggers don't work

>>827586226Because this jew is getting paid for this.*

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>>827586040I didn't say all.

>>827586310no, he is just a seething nog

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>>827586387Damage control attempt.

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>>827586449Bruh the nose

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>>827583802thx for the first thread i didnt laugh at you unfunny retards

>>827584209yesterday they voted a law in France to restrict internet free speech aka dictorship we can't do shit anymore here thx god website like 4chan exist

What's hilarious is that all they can do is post gay porn and nay say."durr didn't read your post""hurrr here's a pic of you" *[gay porn]*"fake, wow, racist"You couldn't pay me 200 a year to do what they're doing.Are they really having fun here?

>>827586613Pourquoi crois-tu qu'ils se démènenent autant pour souiller les endroits où il est encore possible de parler, comme ici ?

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>>827585135ha you restart! this only works as a gif, not as a webmI could pause the movie on the first image and I didn't see the niggers!sucks to be you

>>827583802>t shills being mad for a non porn thread

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>>827586656>Are they really having fun here?That's a deep question. Are they even having fun in this life or do they only hate, defile, parasite, and shit everywhere?

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>>827583886Lmao ive seen this shit before xD

>>827587380Lost at the cup and the painting.

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>>827585130wow how original. You sure got em with that pic you keep reposting over and over again, kike.

>>827588342It's their fantasy, let them fap to it you antisemite!!

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Will kikes ever recover from this?

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