He was just jogging

he was just jogging

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>>827583377he didn't take anything, despite there being power tools and boxes of goods presentdidn't damage anythingdidn't do anything other than have a look at the new housedid not trespass under georgia trespass lawdid not break any lawswas then shot dead reacting instinctively to two men who took the law in to their own hands by pulling up and aiming two guns at his stomach and chest

>>827583536Who? What?

>>827583536He was shot dead because he attacked a guy with a gun. Case closed.

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>>827583377that's why his murder is so surprising

>>827583536Nigger still trespassed FREQUENTLY. And ran up to McMichael to attack him.That Nigger is not innocent.

>>827583715provide police reports of FREQUENT trespass

>>827583377A criminal got shot but the people should have just called the cops. They will get some jail time.

>>827583536this, I have gone in houses that are being constructed countless times

>>827583831a shit ton, prison

>>827583831Nah nothing will happen. The nigger was a criminal.

>>827583640why did he have a gun pointed at him? should he have kept trying to run away? if yes, why didn't that option work the first time he tried it? how difficult would it be to run from shooters who followed him in a car while the victim was on foot? other than running away, what else could he have done?could he have surrendered to the shooters? If yes, and if the police were called instead, would the victim have been able to surrender to the police as opposed to the shooters?why weren't the police called instead?

>>827584377>why did he have a gun pointed at him?not a single gun was pointed at him until he tried to steal one>other than running away, what else could he have done?Wait for police, sue guys who restricted his freedom later or, I take that back, go to jail since he was a criminal.>other than running away, what else could he have done?Police was called and faggots were too busy enforcing quarantine to care

>>827584377He should have called the cops on his phone if he was so worried about some white dudes.

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>>827583536he was casing the place so him and his gang members could rob them blind OR ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND?

>>827584627They would be better behaved if they didnt all look exactly the same. White man is caught on camera and goes to jail, Nigger man is caught on camera and blames his 12 cousins that look just like him while wearing the same clothes in the video and still gets off scott free. This Black Privilege needs to be checked.

Why do nigger trash keep throwing themselves right in the dumpster like they belong?because niggers are subhumans

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Why do black people have white people so much?

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>>827583739There are videos available you dumbass. Nigger thought he wasn't being recorded. How fucking dumb would you have to be to enter a private property not just once, but more than 4 times even at night.Just "jogging"Yeah no.

>>827583377>reacting instinctivelylogical thinking people do not charge at people holding shot gun.

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>>827584820and they refuse to follow white people example

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>>827583640>I'm a pussyForgot it's natural for faggots to turn belly when presented with intense situations. Must be one of those modern men issues.

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>>827583536Instinctively runs at guy with a SG nose down having words, Instinctively tries bum rushing from the side of a pick-up using it as cover Instinctively get's KTFD for putting hands on the old mans SG.Much Instinct The year of Jogging Hole up leme jus grab dat TV while out on a JogLeme grab dat shotboom on da jog.Just strolling and jogging not nignogging.

>>827584559These two guys chase you down in a truck whilst you're out jogging,They pull up and are both packing guns, giving you commands, and wanting to surrender to them? Man i don't know about you, But those two white trash looking mother fuckers roll up on me when i'm running, I'd act complacent, but first chance i get my CC is in my hand, or i too am going for his long gun.They escalated to lethal armed force. The nigger was acting in self defense. These white trash wannabe cops who'd probably never pass the fitness qualifications but wanted to get high on power and get hard at being big dick sheriff in town, deserve to have the fucking book thrown at them, I'd throw premeditated murder in there too, attempted kidnapping. So what would happen, Lets say Everyone's white so we've got no racial shit here.>Guy out jogging, >Two guys roll up in their pickup truck, >One riding on the back>Guns drawn. >Jogger pulls his concealed carry and shoots one dead. Does the Jogger get stand your ground law and self defense because a pickup chasing you with two guys who are acting aggressive?Or do the two guys get their Citizens arrest?

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>>827583377Trespassing is a misdemeanor in Georgia.You can only citizens arrest a person if they committed a felony, and you witnessed it. The law is specific on that. That keeps yehoos with shotguns from arresting you for jaywalking or letting your dog poo on the neighbors lawn.

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If you haven’t wandered through a house being built then you’re likely not a homeowner looking for ideas. As always the poor people don’t understand.

>>827583536>trespassing isn’t a crime>burglars don’t scout out places they plan to rob.

>>827587251The typical black jogger

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>>827583377you should stop spreading this pic, user.if you look, you will see that nig has SNEAKERS on. Not boots, like you other faggots are saying. So, if he's Arbury was wearing boots, then this pic ain't him; but if this pic is him, then he was jogging with related attire on. this does you no service.

>>827583831Someone actually did call the cops, they didn’t show up in time.That same 911 call the MSM cherry-picks out the “I need to know what is he doing wrong” line proves that the cops were informed beforehand and that people in that neighborhood had seen him trespass before.

>>827583898> I go into places I have no business being in all the timeSounds like something a nigger would do

>>827587251He gets to stand his ground with his OWN firearm. Hadn't he stolen enough already, did he really have to try to steal the shotgun as well? Joggers, man, I swear...

Y'all just pissed cause the white trash got caught. Cry more fags.

>>827587251Nigger jogged straight into their parked truck.Nigger passed the parked truck and could've just ran awaybut no. He attacked McMichael and went for his gunWhy?Because he got caught red handed trespassing someone else's property.

>>827583898Crime. Learn to respect other peoples property.If the deceased had been taught that at home, he would be alive today. Never smart to assault a man holding a gun on you, just saying. What if the deceased had just calmly waited for the police? Cleared everything up? The construction boots and dropped tool just make it look like exactly what it was, neighbors trying to protect their community. Too bad for them their appearance fills the need for election year casting call for "white southern racists." Have to motivate minorities to polls somehow.Not honest they shrug, "it is a living."

>>827587391From his Facebook Social Media?

>>827587483>Someone actually did call the cops, they didn’t show up in time.Shotgun rednecks ignored police orders, all they had to do was sit in the pickup for a bit and suck on some Red Man until a unit showed up.Now they're in prison.

He tried to wrench a shotgun out of someone's hand. Now he's kill. Big surprise

>>827587391That's a .22. Baby's first AR-15 w/training wheels.

>>827587251Yes he was “jogging” around the neighborhood and just “jogged” into someone’s house and when an ex-cop interrupts your “jog” in someone’s house you logically run at them and try to grab their gun. newswars.com/surveillance-videos-show-ahmaud-arbery-trespassed-into-mans-home-before-shooting/

>>827587762>newswars.com/surveillance-videos-show-ahmaud-arbery-trespassed-into-mans-home-before-shooting/Trespassing is a misdemeanor.

>>827583715then shoot him on the property on which he is trespassing.If you break the law, you are no better.

>>827583377Picture of some guy in a construction site somewhere, sometime.1) What is the proof this guy is Arbrey?2) What is the proof this construction site is in the area Arbrey was shot?3) What is the proof this picture was taken at the time Arbrey was shot?4) Where is the proof something was stolen?

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>>827587710[Citation Needed]And considering that the criminal was already on the run, do you really think the police would have showed up in time? You know, one of the reasons why citizen’s arrest is legal at all?

>>827583536this is true, but i feel like we shouldnt even need to say this. even if he had stolen something there was no need to murder the lad

>>827584627they should have called the cops on their phones if they were so worried about some black dude.

>>827587844You cant shoot someone just for trespassing as much as rednecks love to think so but even trespassers have a right to due process. And even then you cant get the death penalty for tresspassing.

>>827583640He was shot dead because he was attacked by a guy with a gun. Case closed.

>>827586402Imagine posting this unironically when statistically you are the type of fuck who doesnt care about keeping the planet clean.

>>827587952>You cant shoot someone just for trespassing as much as rednecks love to think so but even trespassers have a right to due process. And even then you cant get the death penalty for tresspassing.You can't for a vacant house that belongs to somebody else. The white guy who owned it said he's never had anything stolen from the worksite since he began construction.

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>>827583715Under US law, a person must be found "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt". Why do you hate the US constitution?

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>>827583377I used to check out construction sites like this all the time when they were building new homes near mine. All. The. Time. Never was confronted, and still haven't been confronted by armed white trash mother fuckers.

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>>827584627pools closed

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>>827587930kek. you don't understand the true nature or spirit, if you will, of the chan. we're nihilistic anarchists… with a twist.we don't care if they were "innocent" (who is truly innocent, anyway?)not to sound cliche, but we just want to watch the world burn.

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>>827587391He will not even hit you. He will fall over his laces and shoot 10 random pps around you.

>>8275878961) Guy in picture matches the guy in video confirmed to be him (clothing, ethnicity, 911 call description, etc.)2) The construction site is the house he trespassed into.3) This picture was taken before he was shot showing the crime he committed beforehand (I don’t know why you’re making a straw man stating people were saying he was shot in the “construction site” and that is somehow not the crime he committed earlier that day)4) No one is claiming that he stole anything but burglars are known to survey the homes they plan to rob and trespassing is still a crime.


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>>827583536found the NOG

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>>827587946They did, see>>827587762

>>827587930>even if he had stolen something there was no need to murder the ladHe wasn't killed for trespassing or theft. He was killed because he attacked the guy and tried to take his gun. The guy acted in self defense just as I would have


>>827587952They shot him because he grabbed one guy’s gun and tried to use it against him. How is this that hard for you to understand?

>>827587391those are legally owned weapons and he lives in an open carry state and has trigger discipline. Do you hate the 2nd amendment?

>>827583536>this is how it happened in my mindLol

>>827588084> China > IndiaNah, whitey is the real problem

>>827588498All law abiding gun owner pose for the camera like gang banger wanna be tough guys.

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>>827588295Trespassing is a misdemeanor, you cannot citizens arrest in Georgia for a misdemeanor. The law is specific on that.



These threads are going in circles.>niggers spam bullshit>anons post the facts>niggers BTFO>niggers chimp out>nigger abandon thread>niggers spam same bullshit in next thread

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>>827583377we know

>>827587974He charged at and tried to steal the gun and got shot like the stupid nigger he was

>>827584559>Police was called and faggots were too busy enforcing quarantine to carethis line proves you are an idiotplease don't reproduce, especially like your inbred parents did.

>>8275882951) This is not proof - the best you can say is it might be Arbrey. [Guy in picture matches the guy in video confirmed to be him (clothing, ethnicity, 911 call description, etc.)]2) So you say - what is the proof? [The construction site is the house he trespassed into.]3) So you say - what is the proof? [This picture was taken before he was shot showing the crime he committed beforehand]4) You acknowledge nothing was stolen - i.e. no crime was committed. There is however video evidence of the crime of murder.Let's face it: Arbrey was murdered for the crime of jogging while black

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>>827588614He was suspect of burglary and it turned out to only be trespassing. You are allowed to arrest people suspected of a crime even if it turns out to not be the case. Even if he actually did burgle that house he would still be presumed innocent until a court finds him guilty.

>>827583536Fuck off with this bullshit you fucking nigger lover.

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>>827587391He has a pool filled with Diet Coke. That’s pretty cool.

>>827588857There is video showing him entering the house multiple times. The first 911 call suggests that they had been trying to catch him for weeks. He then chimps out and tries to grab a guys gun. The DA then gives his professional opinion that the killers used self defense and should not be charged. But of course you know all this because you stupid niggers get BTFO out of every thread you try this bullshit in. Fuck off and don't come back.

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Dirty fucking jig got what he deserved, a shit stained death. I just wish every fat nigger bitch who films herself attacking white people got bleached and soaked in kerosine

>>827589170>filled with Diet Cokei'm sure trump will be stopping by for some

>>827583377He was a nigger with charges. One reason more than enough to get shot.

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>>827588857>Let's face it: Arbrey was murdered for the crime of jogging while blackThat's some nice NPC programming there, CNN_bot_87048582.Now the reality:>McMichaels observe stranger entering construction site suspiciously >police are called>suspicious individual leaves the scene >McMichaels follow to make citizens arrest and detain the individual for the police >Arbery attempts to flee but then attacks one of the men who was holding a shotgun >man defends himself from Arberys attack by shooting himIf you believe that the McMichaels woke up that morning and said "let's hunt and kill some nigger today" then you have unfortunately been brainwashed by the leftist media and race-baiting interest groups who want you to believe that blacks have no self-determination and if anything happens to blacks it's the fault of white people. There are just as many retards on the left as there are on the right and looks like you're one of them. The McMichaels should walk free as two men who attempted to protect their neighborhood from crime and acted in self defense.

>>827587391You won't jog far with those laces.

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>>827589270Not really much of a point in soaking someone in kerosene. Shit don’t even light on fire with a match. It has to be vaporized or heated to flash point which is warmer than air temps normally get, and also warmer than body temps get

>>827589432>McMichaels observe stranger entering construction site suspiciously >police are called>suspicious individual leaves the sceneIf you listen to the first 911 call, it sounds like the owner might have been in the house when he entered it that time, and when he realized that he took off running like a bat out of hell. That sure is the act of an innocent jogger.

>>827587708>From his Facebook Social Media?>Facebook Social Media?1: Who says that?2: Are you stupid enough to think that is Arbery?3: If it was him, pretty sure gunfire would have been going 2 directions4: KYS. Dumbass

>>827589457>never used a kerosene heater in his miserable life

>>827589432>>McMichaels follow to make citizens arrest and detain the individual for the policeIf you believe that, I'm sure you are dumb enough to vote for a reality TV star for president

>>827589607Can't wait until you chimp out and get shot. Post your lies somewhere else.

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>>827589676>Can't wait until you chimp out and get shot. Oh look, another racist assuming someone else's ethnicity.>Post your lies somewhere else.Oh look another trumptard doesn't like someone's opinion, so it must be lies.Keep being ignorant, you excel at it.

>>827588857>posts a pic that you can’t see the irony of.You’re acting like you didn’t get the dindu nuffin narrative from twitter and not evidence taken from the scene like this thread has presented. You are shown evidence but reject it since it would mean you don’t have an excuse to virtue signal and push your dogma. 1) It is proof, unless there was another black dude with the exact same clothes also suspected of committing a crime in that neighborhood (which, spoiler alert, there wasn’t) and you’re just rejecting it because your dindu dogma can’t accept the truth.2) This was the house that was trespassed into by Arbery see >>827587762 for more details.3) It was taken inside the house Arbery went inside, again see >>8275877624)Trespassing is a crime you retard. And do you seriously think when police or anyone has to go after someone suspected of a burglary they first think “We need to check if there was any video evidence of him taking things despite the fact he broke into someone else’s home and is getting away” before going after a suspect fleeing a scene? Also even if the mountain of evidence through video did not exist, Arbery tried to use someone’s own gun against him and got shot in self-defense. Case closed.

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>>827589738I like those>work boots

>>827589811you write like a narcissist

>>827589811>Oh look, another racist assuming someone else's ethnicity.What only black people can chimp out now? Fucking RACIST>Oh look another trumptard doesn't like someone's opinion, so it must be lies.Except your opinion is irrelevant to the facts. FACTS>Keep being ignorant, you excel at it.Oh my, this is just precious.

>>827589811"Ignorant" thanks, Michael Jackson!

>>827589811>defending the nigger for being a nigger in white people's neighborhoodWhat a dumbass. KEK

>>8275898161+ YES. Thanks, user

>>827586402Fucking monkeys

>>827588443Have you seen the video? They parked in front of him as he was jogging, pointed their guns at him, and moved into his path as he tried to run around the car, if I can shoot someone in "self defense" after chasing them down to point blank with a gun out maybe the logic is a bit lax there.

>>827589892>>>827589811 (You)>>Oh look, another racist assuming someone else's ethnicity.>What only black people can chimp out now? Fucking RACISTEither you are new HERE, or being disingenuous>>Oh look another trumptard doesn't like someone's opinion, so it must be lies.>Except your opinion is irrelevant to the facts. FACTSThere is no FACT that they were >follow to make citizens arrest and detain the individual for the police.>>Keep being ignorant, you excel at it.>Oh my, this is just precious.If the suit fits....

>>827589607>Burglary isn’t something that should be stopped.I’ve noticed you ran out of arguments and have resorted to accuse others of being MAGApedes despite even centrists like>>827589432 refuse to smoke the tinfoil you’re smoking. Now seethe somewhere else, you can’t achieve anything here.

>>827590029if he kept running, they wouldnt have been able to shoot him. its too bad the chimp brain cant just be like "woah woah guys, theres been some misunderstanding" with his hands up etc.he dies like so many chimps because he cant communicate properly and just decides to attack.


>>827590056>Lie>Get BTFO>Act indignant >Wait for next thread>Rinse and repeatI'm sorry that the facts hurt your feefees, but your imaginary hate crimes are a hate crime in and of themselves.

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>>827589811Oh look, another leftist queer assuming everyone is American and Trump supporters

>>827587896This post is too damn funny

>>827589887>you write like a narcissistI don't think so.our president is a narcissist, and I certainly write and speak better than he does. Not saying much I know.

if a nigger lunges at you while you are holding a gun for protection. would you allow him to take your gun and potentially shoot you?he is only going to disarm you for his own protection, right?

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Damn, when did Holla Forums get so many college kids who follow the CNN narrative?

>>827590171>in thread about a chimp out>TRUMPTARDS

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>>827590156I heard that you can’t bully retards under the Americans with Disability Act of 1990.Does >>827589816 violate it?

>>827590115this. worst case, if he wasnt guilty of shit. he just talks to the police for a minute, then goes on with his life but no.im not saying its a nigger only trait to act this way, its a stupid trait, more niggers just seem to have this trait vs any other race.


>>827590029Yeah, they were attempting to detain him in a citizens arrest. If they just wanted to "kill some nigger" as you seem to be implying, why not just run over him? Why not just shoot him from the truck? Why wait until he attacks you and tries to take your gun?Could it be-oh I don't know- that they hadn't INTENDED to kill the guy?

>>827583536In what world are your instincts when faced with a gun to charge at said gun?Just wait till you hear about the water company called out to the property he was caught in.

>>827587896You do yourself a real disservice if you really think this portrays everyone on the right. Don't really care, but you're deluding yourself if you think these are the only people who disagree with you.

>>827590151>Oh look, another leftist queer assuming >assumingPot, meet kettle >everyone is American and Trump supportersNot everyone, but probably most of the idiots here defending the retarded duke boys.

Imagine being one of the dickheads who says "THey shouldnt have pointed a gun at him end of"..HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A CRIMINAL.


>>827590029Show me where they pointed the gun at him?The video shows a parked car. A man gets out of the left side of the car. A criminal runs TOWARDS the car, AROUND cover (a large truck) and TOWARDS the armed man in OFFENSIVE mode. Without context it actually looks like a black man just ran up to a car and tried attacking the driver who had just got out to check his tire pressure.

>>827589816Trespassing is only a crime in GA if someone actually tells you to go away you’re trespassing. Dude left on his own accord. And since it’s an open home, he didn’t break in. His crime was being black in a white neighborhood.

>>827583536They had recently had a gun stolen from one of their vehicles at the same place that had construction materials continually stolen. That is why they assumed they may need a weapon.Doesn't excuse how it went down, but this party is often left out of the conversation.

>>827590285You needed spellcheck for that reply, didn't you?

ThirdItappears Travis McMichael,Greg McMichael, and Bryan William were following, inpursuit burglary suspect, with solid firsthand probable cause, in theirneighborhood, andasking/ tellinghim to stop. Itappearstheir intentwas to stop and hold this criminal suspectuntillaw enforcement arrived. UnderGeorgia Law this is perfectly legal,OCGA 17 -4 -60 A private personmay arrest an offender if the offense is committed in his presence or within hisimmediate knowledge . If the offense is a felony and the offender is escaping or attempting to escape, a privateperson may arresthim upon reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion .”FourthIt clearly appears Travis McMichael and Greg McMichaelhad firearmsbeing carried in an openfashion . The investigation showsneither of them to be convicted felons or under felonysupervision , they were in a motor vehicle owned by Travis McMichael. UnderGeorgia Lawthis is legalopen carry .OCGA 16- 11- 126) Any person whoisnotprohibitedby law from possessinga handgun orlonggun may have or carry on his or herperson a weapon orlong gun on his orherproperty or insidehis orher home, motorvehicle, orplaceof businesswithouta valid weaponscarry license.(b ) Any personwho isnotprohibited by law from possessinga handgun or longgun may haveor carry on his or herperson a long gun withouta valid weaponscarry license, provided thatifthe long gun is loaded, it shall only becarried in an open and fully exposedmanner.”2 of 3FifthThe video made by William Bryan clearly shows the shooting in realtime. From said video itappears Ahmaud Arbery was running along the right side of the McMichael truck then abruptlyturns 90 degrees to the left and attacks Travis McMichaelwho was standing at the front leftcorner ofthetruck . A brief skirmish ensues in which it appear Arbery

>>827590308Yea, I agree. What got him killed was his dumbass reaction. I have been in many sketchy situations, some of which could have ended in my incarceration or possibly physical harm. That didnt happen because I kept my cool and talk. Not chimpout and try to grab a firearm/ fight a cop or whatever else these idiots do.pretty simple.

>>827590381There is VIDEO FOOTAGE. UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE of him WALKING in to the home, a neighbor catching him and calling the police, then him HAULING ASS out of the home. Get fucked. Why was a water company called out to stop a leak at the property he was in? Fucking criminal was trying to steal pipes.

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>>827590432>>827590432. A brief skirmish ensues in which it appear Arbery strikes McMichael andappears to grab the shotgun andpull it from McMichael The shot is through Arbery s righthand palm which is consistent with him grabbing and pulling the shotgun at the barrel tip , the2nd and 3rd wounds are consistentwith the struggle for the shotgun as depicted in the video , theangle of the 2nd shot with the rear of the buttstock being pushed away and down from the fightarealso consistent with the upward angle ofblood plume shown in the video and that McMichaelwas attempting to push the gun away from Arbery while Arbery was pulling it toward himself.The 3rd shot too appears to be in a struggle over the gun. The angle of the shots and the videoshow this was from the beginning or almost immediately became-- a fight over the shotgun .Given the fact Arbery initiated the fight, at the point Arbery grabbed the shotgun, under GeorgiaLaw , McMichael was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself.Just as importantly, while weknow McMichael had his finger on the trigger, we do notknowwho caused the firings. Arbery would only had to pull the shotgun approximately 1/ 16th to1/ 8th of one inch to fire weapon himself and in the height of an altercation this is entirelypossible. Arbery s mentalhealth records & prior convictions help explain his apparentaggressive nature and his possible thoughtpattern to attack an armed man .OCGA 16 - 3 - 21Use ofForce in Defense, once confronted with a deadly force situation an individualis allowed to usedeadly force to defend themselves or others OCGA 16 - 3- 23 . 1Georgia' s NoDuty to RetreatLaw , an individualisnotrequired to back away from or submitto an attack; OCGA 16 - 3- 24 [b ]

>>827590463OCGA 16 - 3- 23 . 1Georgia' s NoDuty to RetreatLaw , an individualisnotrequired to back away from or submitto an attack; OCGA 16 - 3- 24 [b ] The useofforce which is intended orlikely to cause death or greatbodily harm to preventtrespass on or other tortiousor criminal interferencewith realproperty other than a habitation or personalproperty is notjustified unless the person using such force reasonablybelieves that itisnecessary to preventthe commission of a forcible felony.OCGA 16 - 3- 24 .2 A person properly and legally defending themselvesis immune from prosecutionFor the above and foregoing reasons, itis our conclusion there is insufficientprobable cause toissue arrestwarrants at this time.As to any further issues on whether to presentthis to a Glynn County Grand jury, that willhaveto wait for thenextDistrictAttorney s review . Please consider this an OPEN file until thatdecision is madeand restrict the release ofany information under Georgia Open RecordsActrequests.SincerelyGeorge E . BarnhillDistrict AttorneyWaycross Judicial Circuit

>>827590338>HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A CRIMINAL.and they should have called the cops and not escalated a possible misdemeanor into murder

>>827590432lol. unfortuanately these people dont care about the detailed report investigators produced a few months ago. they already had all this information, nothing new.just people screaming das racsis because the prosecutors tried to follow the law.

>>827583377Stupid nigger broke in the dudes partially constructed house dozens of times stealing shit. Let's be honest - that disgusting nigger Ahmad got what he fucking deserved!

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>>827590400Their story is they had a gun stolen. There were no reports of a stolen gun. The neighborhood had no break ins for months. Are you going to listen to what murders said to justify their actions or are you going to look at facts you stupid faggot?

>>827590505Someone has to tell them that FACTS>FEEFEES

>>827590523that shit was satisfying. nice.

>>827590288They were instructed NOT to do that and chased him down anyways, they also had no right to a citizens arrest as that would require he was committing a felony, which trespassing is not. They illegally detained him and shot him when he resisted. I'm certain you would have quietly gone with them if a couple rednecks rode up with shotguns and told you to come with them.

>>827590534a huge amount of breakins and thefts go unreported user. many, many people dont want to mess with calling the cops filling out reports and shit for some petty shit stolen.

>>827590585SEE>>827590432>>827590463>>827590484int.nyt.com/data/documenthelper/6916-george-barnhill-letter-to-glyn/b52fa09cdc974b970b79/optimized/full.pdfSorry that your feefees are hurt, but you're wrong, as usual.

>>827587251Niggers will kill both of these inbred hillbillies in prison.

>>827590585they had pc that he was committing a felony, they were within their rights, even if they were wrong. just reasonable suspicion is enough, user.the court case is going to hinge on whether their suspicion was reasonable.

>>827590458Yes he walked in. But again, trespassing in GA is when someone directly tells you to go away. The neighbor calling the cops isn’t the same as telling him to leave. Nobody told him to leave. Are you stupid? Also it’s an open property, so he didn’t break in or anything. Anybody can just walk around. There’s no signs or doors. Are you stupid?

>>827590380If you watch the video carefully the driver gets out on the left side and Aubrey immeadiately runs right, the camera is obscured for a moment, and then we see Aubrey running into the driver who's now on the right side of the car.He clearly moved to intercept and Aubrey at this point had nowhere to go as the dad was in the back of the truck with another gun.

>>827590381We’ve already gone over this.See >>827588890Also, what kind of logic is “since you didn’t say the magic words of ‘get off of my property’ I didn’t trespass. Don’t mind me looking for houses that don’t have cameras and I can get away with maybe robbing possibly later when no one notices”. That’s not how it works even in Georgia.

>>827590146NOWHERE in any of my posts here did I LIE.The mere fact that you "think" opinions are lies shows how stupid you really are.

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>>827590626Thank you for providing the biased statement from the DA who recused himself after being called out for having connections to the McMichaels. Very credible.

>>827585432that's not accurate. not even close

>>827590620These people worked 8 years with the local police And 30 yrs with DA office. You’re going to tell me they wouldn’t call cops to report a stolen gun? Are you retarded?

>>827584627All I saw was 2 joggers

>>827590443It was easy to find out why Arbery did what he did.So he had a previous criminal record for a serious crime. Gets caught breaking probation for..theft lol..in 2018. He knows if he's caught he is doing jail time. Key link - McMichaels were involved in his prosecution previously - carrying an illegal firearm and resisting arrest, broke a policemans hand. They pursued a potentially armed criminal and whether they recognised him or not doesn't really matter - what matters is the fact that Arbery DID recognise them. He KNEW they KNEW him. He knew that even if he ran, they would inform the police and he would end up caught. In desperation, his only way out was to go on the offence. The saddest part is that all these mindless NPC media simps would not have a fucking WORD to say if Arbery had managed to get the gun and killed both of them. Even though he was a criminal caught in the act. THe double standards and hypocrisy I've seen this week is disgusting, truly. This entire case has really exposed just how weakminded and retarded people are - just waitting to be spoonfed information. IT's lockdown, most of us have all the time in the world and I still have cunts saying "Can you provide the evidence to back up your claims he was a criminal"... instead of just spending 10 mins using their fucking initiative to look it up themselves. People are fucking dumb cunts. The world does not deserve saving. I have gone from full blown spiritual save the world leftie to hard centre right in the space of a year, simply by observing the state of the left and their hypocrisy. People should apply to the state and prove they have full financial capability and MENTAL capability of raising a child - so that no more fucktards are brought into the world.

>>827590485Another npc retard response. If you want to play the historical blame game is STOPS at "Arbery shouldn't have been commiting a crime." End of.

>>827590745Just because the dindu mom is crying about it, that doesn't make it true. I find it easier to believe someone with the proper education and years of experience than some cocksucking faggots on 4chan and a nigger playing the race card.

>>827590767why would you assume they would?

>>827589738>>827589853I've noticed none of you racist fucks that were saying>he couldn't be jogging in workboots.Have NOTHING to say about the video in the house.He must have changed his shoes, right?

>>827588278If that's him, that's definitely suspicious

>>827590585Will you condemn white people and virtue signal on Twitter with the rest of the NPCs when the justice system rules the McMichaels acted within the law? Can't wait for your fake tears, faggot. What's it like to lose again and AGAIN and AGAIN? Has the penny not dropped yet?

>>827590727That’s literally how it works all over. You ever notice an employee has to tell someone to leave or they’ll call the cops cuz you’re trespassing. And you can’t say you’re a customer anymore because they told you to leave. It’s literally how it works, sorry you’re retarded and don’t know how laws and consent works.

>>827587661>If the deceased had been taught that at homeor had a job. why wasn't he [arbery] at work?

>>827590743Every single one has been lies. At no point was armed robbery killed for jogging. Just because your feefees were hurt, that doesn't mean we have to pretend that you are correct.

>>827590534Another cunt that just gets his information straight from headlines. Look it up. Media says "no burglaries reported in last 7 weeks" .. Go to 8 weeks and look at December 2019. You cunts all need to die. Fucking pathetic drooling lapdog simps for the MSM. Pathetic! Zero self respect for your own intelligence.

>>827590670I'm also nearly positive citizens arrest doesn't give you the right to threaten someone with a firearm, which they definitely were.

>>827590745The DA had connections to a former police officer? SURELY NOT. THIS MUST BE A RACIST CONSPIRACY

>>827586402This describes perfectly Western aid to Africa.

>>827590534The facts say that a criminal got what he deserved and those white boys are heroes.

>>827590146Do not blame dishonesty on something that can be more easily explained as stupidity.

>>827590825If you seen the Other video, not more than a few min after the cops were called, two cruisers passed the neighbor. But these rednecks wanted to play cops and robbers.

>>827590848>Assume black guy is in the wrong because he immediately flees "crime scene">White DA recuses himself after being called out>"Can't possibly be wrong"

>>827590915you are wrong. a citizen can pretty much do whatever is needed, at least in georgia, which is where i lived for the first 25 years of my life.people routinely put beatdowns on criminals that are trying to escape and 100% use physical force to restrain them till the police come. not agianst the law.

>>827590585WRONG. Does ANYBODY actually have critical thinking ability and think "maybe i'll look into this more and not take my information at face value?"

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>>827590432Bro add spaces next time please

>>827590964Then everyone claiming he was killed for simply jogging must be the dumbest people on the planet.

>>827590745The retardation though.. "Biased statement from DA who recused himself to avoid bias"...BRUH you are another level of simple

>>827590847>If you want to play the historical blame game is STOPS atNot how it works, son.If I kick over your garbage can (vandalism) and walk away and you chase after me and assault me, it's still AN ASSAULT.Blame stops, when the infractionS stop.

>>827590984Please explain the relevance this has to what was said in my comment?

>>827583715No sane human would rush a person with a shotgun empty-handed unless they thought it was their only option. They literally followed him.

>>827590996>>White DA recuses himself after being called outhe has seen the unfortunately results of chimp outs in the past, costing good people their jobs to appease a zombie like horde of niggers.prob doesnt wanna lose his next election.

>>827583640Dude with gun should’ve never been there in the first place. He’s not fucking Batman. He had no right to go play cuck lords and try to be mr vigilante. Just bc you own guns doesn’t mean you’re all of a sudden John wick mr. Badass and you can start taking the law into your own hands. Period

>>827591038copy and paste from the NYT pdf file. Sorry.>>827590996Look, we have another candidate for the "too stupid to breathe" club

>>827591029there we go. it was absolutely necessary to have a gun, clearly, to keep this person who they reasonable suspected of committing felonies from escaping.

>>827583377Off topic but those guys in the sleeveless shorts look so faggy. I hate when guys who have no muscle show their arms

>>827587251Internet tough guy.

>>827588890>He was suspect of burglaryYou can not perform a citizen's without "immediate knowledge" of an offense. (OCGA § 17-4-60)> it turned out to only be trespassingNot by the legal definition. It's only criminal trespass if he was doing so to commit another crime or if he had prior notice from the owner he was not authorized to be there. (OCGA§ 16-7-21)He did not commit a single crime. The shooter committed multiple crimes.

>>827591068Where did they assault him?If you kick over my garbage can and I say "Hey stop" and you run and then I pursue you, use my speed to sprint ahead of you and cut you off, then you sprint AT me and swing punches.. you are assaulting me. If I punch you back and it breaks your head and you die.. who's fault is it?If you are white - people will say "well he shouldnt have kicked over the garbage can"If you are black - people will fucking throw all reason and rational out the window and rage for a week whilst ignoring the ACTUAL hate crime of two elderly people being fucking sniped in a graveyard by a racist black man. Fucking sit down and come back when your brain is switched on. Dense cunt

>>827591058"Oh shit, i'm being called out for having baseless autistic opinions""UHH, YOU'RE RETARDED"Have a good one, bud.

>>827590906You can’t burglarize an open construction house, because it’s not enclosed. And you can’t trespass if nobody tells you to leave. Literally broke no laws. Can’t be citizen arrested if not witnesses breaking any felonies. Dude technically didn’t do anything wrong. Was he shady? Yes, but illegal? No. But chasing somebody down and brandishing weapons is.

>>827591103actually, according to georgia law, they do have that right. assuming they can prove they had a reasonable suspicion this person committed a felony

>>827587661How do you not see how fucking retarded you sound? How do you know they even mentioned calling the police, how do you know what he knew at that point in time? Whether he knew if they were chasing him down the road with guns for this reason or the other? You’re absolutely fucking stupid he wasn’t defending his life dude bc he felt it was in danger and clearly he was right


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>>827586307The videos don’t show him doing anything wrong, you massive faggot. Innocent until proven guilty. Eat a dick

>>827591158Your bullshit was debunked before you even came to this thread. Bye.

>>827587919Citizens arrests are fucking stupid. Period. Not their place, not their job, none of it. Period

>>827590825>The saddest part is that all these mindless NPC media simps would not have a fucking WORD to say if Arbery had managed to get the gun and killed both of themNot to mention the complete lack of outrage for the countless ACTUALLY innocent white female ACTUAL joggers attacked and murdered by blacks over the years. Why bother crying over innocent dead white women and condemning their black murderers when you can defend a known black criminals honour andfabricate a racist narrative against 2 law-abiding white men protecting their community and their lives.


>>827590883>being kicked out of a store is the same as walking into someone’s house.>Showing signs you plan to steal something in house you’re not supposed to be in is legal.When burglary fails for some reason and person is caught, they don’t get off free of any charges because they failed to steal anything, they still faces charges. You accuse others of not understanding the law but think what Arbery did was okay because “he didn’t take anything”. That is astoundingly retarded.

Niggers looking for any reason to burn down their neighborhoods again.

>>827590903>Every single one has been lies. Post ONE, I'll wait.>At no point was armed robbery killed for jogging. I made no reference to jogging in any way.>Just because your feefees were hurt,You just heard>feefeestoday and now keep repeating like an autistic child. >that doesn't mean we have to pretend that you are correct.Yet you >pretendto know everything else

>>827591078>They literally followed himThey literally parked their truck so they could catch that nigger and talk.Yet nigger ran up to the parked truck and chimped out.If he actually was a jogger, he would’ve run off.

>>827591231Armchair lawyers on 4chan are fucking stupid. Period. Not their place, not their job, none of it. Period

>>827591075Clicked on wrong post lol


>>827590115very privileged logic user. you only think you wouldnt get shot because you aren't a minority.

>>827591127You are in america, people have guns. It is well known criminals have guns. We can bring race into it as well if you like? A black criminal is statistically more likely to commit a violent crime against you if you are white. Common sense says "They might be armed". This is the same bastard that has been sneaking around our neighborhood multiple times. Maybe it would be sensible to approach a criminal with my own gun. This is PLAIN logic. If you own a gun and plan to c onfront a criminal, only a fucking retard would not take their own gun. Also your sentence makes you sound like a fucking room temperature IQ tard. >to keep this person who they reasonable suspected of commiting felonies from escapingNo wonder you have such a simple mindset on this case. Open carry - legalApproach someone you suspect of commiting a crime - legalDefend yourself with deadly force if being attacked - legal.There is going to be a solar system wide egg shortage after this trial comes about and the men walk on manslaughter at best. How will you clean it all up off your faces?

>>827591273I'm sorry you don't know what facts are, take your screeching somewhere else.

Attached: autistic screeching.jpg (1280x720, 70.35K)

>>827591171"Have a good one, bud"The catchphrase of the square.

>>827591231>Friend getting asshole pounded by a motherfucker. >Bleeding and crying>H-help me user>N-no I-I can't cause citizens arrest is fucking stupid>.....>friend dies of complicationsThanks user for the lovely opinion.

>>827591231the father was a retired police officer though

>>827591176Being this retarded and out of date with your information a week after the event. Bruh

That joga got confuse between what game he playin’, joggin and:Grand Theft House-OCall of DutyAnd Madden NFL 20He jogged and walkedHe sneaked and creepedHe zigged and zaggedHe did a barrel roll around a pickup truck He grabbed the wrong end of a shotgunGame Over, Jogga

>>827583739My mom told me he did.

>>827591029>>827591127nytimes.com/article/ahmaud-arbery-citizen-arrest-law-georgia.html"In the killing of Mr. Arbery, someone called 911 beforehand to say that a man was inside a house under construction. If that man was Mr. Arbery, and he was there without permission but stole nothing, then he could have been charged with trespassing, a misdemeanor, said Lawrence J. Zimmerman, the president of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. That means, Mr. Zimmerman said, the men who went after him would not have been authorized to give chase,Force can only be used to prevent a violent felony, Mr. Zimmerman said, adding, “What is not lawful is, you can’t detain somebody and then use force.”"I'm not an expert on georgia law, but I live here too, and this is what I found.

>>827591304wait what? your post seems to be agreeing with me. they were perfectly justified in bringing their guns.did you think i was being sarcastic?

Media simps with literally zero self respect are peddling the narrative like 2+2=5

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For the above and foregoing reasons, itis our conclusion there is insufficient probable cause to issue arrest warrants at this time.SincerelyGeorge E . BarnhillDistrict AttorneyWaycross Judicial Circuit

>>827591334Not retired. Worked for 8yrs left department and worked doing god knows what with DA office for 30yrs.

>>827591043>Then everyone claiming he was killed for simply jogging must be the dumbest people on the planet.Well. Yes.

>>827591029KEK, these fucking retards are trying to claim you can’t do a citizen’s arrest over a misdemeanor when the law right here shows otherwise.

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>>827586349Where did you obtain this info? I've been all over Glynn county detention center's website and cannot find a link.

>>827583739>do all the Google work for me im a lazy cuntGtfo nigger

>>827591414we know. their whole argument is das racsis. which i vehemently disagree with.

>>827591162>Where did they assault him?Chasing him down and pointing guns at him.OCGA § 16-5-20"(a) A person commits the offense of simple assault when he or she either:(1) Attempts to commit a violent injury to the person of another; or(2) Commits an act which places another in reasonable apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury."

>>827591378>“What is not lawful is, you can’t detain somebody and then use force.”"They did not detain him. He attacked one of them.

>>827590317For their narrative to work it has to be this way. Despite evidence to the contrary the only way to win an illogical argument is to paint your adversaries as awful people so you can just dismiss anything they bring to the table.

>>827587579Not him but you haven't lived till you've fucked on the floor inside an almost constructed master bedroom far beyond your means. Just fun and games really, white btw and we don't jog.

>>827591162>If you kick over my garbage can and I say "Hey stop" and you run and then I pursue you, use my speed to sprint ahead of you and cut you off, then you sprint AT me and swing punches.. you are assaulting me. If I punch you back and it breaks your head and you die.. who's fault is it?TFW: mental gymnastics.

>>827587483Hello 911, someone is running on the street. Please help.

>>827591378Stopping someone, already suspected of stealing a gun, from trying use your own gun against you is preventing a violent felony.

>>827587708Kek. This what inbreeding does to you rednecks.

>>827591445i find it amazing that if i search for his mugshot on google images, the only result is the white dudes. google has buried that shit. only like his fucking senior picture or whatever that is.not the much more recent picture showing a hard ass at least "wanna be" gangster, even if he wasn't a real one. bringing a gun to a high school basketball game so he could feel hard is a 100% playing gangster move.well, look what that gets you nigger.

>>827587307in georgia, homes under construction count as a "dwelling", which makes it felony home invasion

>>827586420Woah look how anti pussy the guy looks 6 feet under you retard.

>>827591503That is some meth head level shit right there.

>>827591444Hey faggot, did you even read the whole thing? They could only citizen arrest if they had witnessed him. Father and son didn’t witness him.

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>>827591387Yes i thought you were being sarcastic

>>827588084>>827588084China, India, brazilBut in America look at every left wing protest. The protestors leave behind mounds of trash that conservatives come clean up. But imagine being so biased toward a cause that you think you are above setting an example.


>>827590866checking out a construction site? ive done that multiple times