What's the most degenerate fetish you have, Holla Forums?

What's the most degenerate fetish you have, Holla Forums?

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>>827583253to like everything mainstream

interracial black male white female

>>827583253Looking at 4chan every day.

Is this a subtle alien discussion thread disguised as a porn fetish thread so we can discuss it without getting fed agents attention?I see that desert landscape pic.

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I sniff my girlfriend's butt, armpits, feets, and pussy

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>>827584191I'm australian, thats just where I live . there are definitely no aliens and you shouldn't look into what tony abbott has been up to since he left office

>>827583253I'm sexually attracted to dogs and horses. It is my lifes mission to swallow a stallions load

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>>827584247i know what desert landscape pics mean.this is an alien discussion thread since you can't openly have them anymore on 4chan.

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dunno about aliens but i looked after a hobby farm once. not much company where i was. one of the animals was a female goat. after a couple of weeks the thing was giving me a hard on. what made it worse was that after 3 weeks it got its head stuck in a fence. fark me the only thing that stopped me is that a neighbour was close to that fence line otherwise would have poped my beastiality virginity.

>>827583253I have never been turned on by any person in my entire life. Only animals, mainly dogs. I'd say it manifests itself as more of a sexuality than a fetish, but it's a fetish for some.

>>827584550What are the odds, right while I'm typing my post. Zoo, or just a fetishist? Preferred species? Humans as well?

>>827584843yeah been with plenty of chicks. preferred species - asian. never been with a white chick. as for goats it was a fleeting desire as like i said i was far removed from society, reality. never thought about it since until this post. aussie desert brought me back. never thought i would think a goat was attractive until boredom and isolation put me in that situation. understand why it would happen now.

>>827585018>species>AsianLolThat's cool, and funny how that happened. I don't think any amount of isolation could get me to be attracted to a person. I've had girlfriends, but never did anything intimate with them because I didn't feel that attraction.


>>827584262Favorite breed of dog?

>>827583253Degeniracy it self is muy fetish so theoretically the sky's the limit here also im into feasterism

>>827585307yeah i had the same thing as a kid. only whities in the neighbourhood. im white as well in case wondering. met an asian chick who moved in down the road with her parents and had a hard on for weeks. no reason just happened. glad i was too shy back then at 12 yo as it turned out to be a step cousin of mine. didn't find out until bout 15 years later.

>>827583253i'll vote for Joe Biden

>>827585535>im whiteSameWhenever I have a gf, I really care about them as a person, and love them, but not in a romantic or sexual way, so it's kinda like how you'd love a best friend. Not really love, but something else. Always weird because after a while they'll make clear advances, and I'll just avoid it, and never take it further. Eventually they leave because I won't make out or have sex. For some reason, I have no issue getting people interested in me. I've been told it's my total lack of interest in any sex that makes it appealing, like I'm not pushing for it at all like some people.

>>827583253Since I view sex as just for pleasure, and if you want procreation in this era, I find nothing wrong with hot wifing. I think cucking is a bit too extreme, but then again nihilism is a thing so who am I to judge? I like to double team and sometimes sit back and watch, or get head from the others girl while I watch mine get destroyed. It's like porn. Nothing of real value other than imaginary man points, but most of the people who vehemently denounce it probably couldn't even run a mile, so why give a shit about their opinion?

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>>827585999only my 5 cents worth and might not make any sense. i agree as i felt the same way, actually i didn't even recognise the clear advances. just thought it to be friendly. when i did find a girl attractive, boner growth within a proximity of 5m i was too shy to reciprocate. took a while to let go and be myself, become comfortable with the uncomfortable. dunno if that makes sense. plenty of girls will like you and vice versa. just be careful of the ones that take advantage of you for their own gain. i acutally worked as a brothel manager for 6 months and it was a hard lesson to learn but well worth it. its their job to take a customer for all they got. milk that dick for every favour/dollar. for what ever reason i found that more attractive and paid the price until i became the manager and played the game back. you want to manipulate the boss then sure, until i got the goods then i am the boss again. Pimp 101. became a bit of a fetish in itself. gotta fuck the new girls before the customers. yes an asian brothel.

>>827583253I've always wanted a room full girls to watch me fuck my fiance.


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>>827586364That's where I'm very different, I've never had a boner from any person ever. I have never had a sexual thought, dream, or fantasy involving a person. I don't want to have sex with a person. It's not a fear of doing it, it's gross to me. I'm very comfortable around people of either sex, I am just very uncomfortable with intimate contact, so I don't do it. That's funny with working in a brothel, I'm sure that gave you a lot of funny stories. Their games don't work on me, I can't be seduced, at least by a person.

>>827583253Love fucken dirty abos

>>827586989well you got me stumped. dunno my man. somethings gotta turn you on? back to animals? what other than humans gets ur boner working. fark when i was younger i had fantasies of raping the milk bottle. even the vaccuum cleaner was fair game, quick clean up too.

>>827587168Yeah it's only ever been animals. Not sure why or what caused it, although I was never exposed to it or experienced anything. The first sexual dreams I ever had were of animals. I saw plenty of normal porn before I knew I was into animals so I would have expected that to get me working right, must be something I was born with. It sounds crazy, but I can only fall in love with a dog. Several species turn me on, but dogs the most, and I feel a much stronger connection to them than anything or anyone else. Other than sexuality, I'm completely normal, like no autism, no mental issues, have a job, do great in school, and get along with people great. This one thing just makes me feel shitty sometimes, because it makes me look bad, and it makes my family look bad, like they messed up, when they did nothing wrong.>fark Dude you're hilarious, honestly this is making my day talking to you

Any Oc? Or done anything with a dog? I'd love to know!Kik: 420_johnnyblaze

>>827583253Being a total sissy cuck to my fiancee. Not getting anything from her other than beatings, not even kisses, and just scrubbing the floors as she fucks someone every night.

Posting my wife all over the place

>>827587779Actual OC inbound>be me>attracted to animals since always>have a dog>never did anything because I'm not a degenerate who shares my private life like that

To be with a women

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>>827587712wow yeah that's like the complete opposite to me. shit at study family basically disowend me. dont have a job atm. been to rehab for weed and alcohol. not far off from going back. but on the bright side addiction got me a lot of chicks and found the right outlet for it. life is what it is i guess. we all deal with our interests as we see fit. take it as you see fit. being alive is just a ride. enjoy it while it lasts or becomes to fucked up. then recover and have another go.

Violent women, preferably killers.

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>>827588425Well I always tell people to enjoy it if they have a hetero or at least common attraction, thos world just isn't setup for people like me. I'm very happy and in a great mood most of the time, I enjoy life, and all it has offered me, but still, it must be so nice to be able to talk to people, and be open about your love. Not like ramming it down others throats, but getting married, family getting to meet your partner, and all that. I have to be quiet, and it requires I lie to people, and be fake, when I hate lying, and I live to be honest with family and friends. I'll never give them grandkids either, I don't want kids, but they do, so I'll let them down. Other than that, this life is a dream. You just have to learn to live it. I haven't been beaten down yet, and I won't. Graduated with honors, no issue, working on college now. Tried weed a few times, didn't enjoy it. Alcohol isn't really my thing but very rarely, maybe two or three times a year I'll have some. I just keep hoping to find a rare woman I can spend my life with so I don't live with just a dog. I still want someone to go to concerts with, someone to walk with, someone to talk to, just not someone to have sex with or kiss. That's a rare person. It can't be a guy since my family would hate it if I were gay. It would destroy them to know I love dogs this way. So we all have our problems, I know I said it already, but I've found it to be so true>life is a dream, we just have to learn to live it

>>827588942gunna start sounding gay now but here goes.> concerts, walk, talk = friendsyou said it urselfcan't expect ur family to understand who you are. youre you. live it, experiment. you will be an old wrinkly fart before you know it and sit with regrets that eat at ur subconciousness. find urself whatever it is and ffs white lie comes in handy if you do buy a dog. not for me to judge on that one. as for dying lonely, spend more time in company. don't have to be with a partner male or female that u feel obliged to fuck. what's the point in that. enjoy people for what they are as ur doing right now. alright enough of the gay tard stuff. if you do decide to fuck a dog i did hear that its essential to put socks on their paws first. saves the scratching, like hickies. just jokes, gotta laugh.if not too personal what did you graduate in? interested cause i never studied.


>>827584150>oy vey

>>827583253Degenerate fetishes are a result of porn addiction causing brain damage.

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>>827584247Is it true there’s someplace in the outback thats a portal hell or another dimension? Like people disappear into caves n shit?

>>827589581>sounding gayHey it's anonymous and I only like dogs so you don't have to worry about that with me>friendsI'm just worried about when all my friends get married and head out, I won't have anyone left. I've done enough experimenting with people to know I am definitely not looking for anything more than friendship, I've had so many failed relationships because I used to try to force myself to be normal.>just jokes, gotta laughLol yeah, they actually can and do enjoy it though if you care about them, too many people just do it for themselves with no care for their partner, dogs are very loving if you are too>not for me to judgeYou seem like a genuinely great person user, what do you do on this site? Most people will not have a conversation with me if I mention the dog thing first. If I don't mention it, I can talk to all the people I want, but that part just makes me subhuman to some. Ask anyone on this site of I should kill myself, and you'll get an overwhelming "YES!", but ask anyone who knows me irl, and they would be devastated that you even asked. I guess some things are just too far for some people to even give me a chance.>what did you graduate inHonors was high school, currently working on an a B.S. in Engineering. Have 3 jobs currently, one is in my area of study, to get experience for that, and I love doing it.

>>827590361Yes that's true

Biggest degeneracy for me is fucking young guys periodically. I’m mid 40s decently muscled. I like young guys that are femme or athletic. Banged guys 16yr old n up - legal here. I was initially amazed they’d be interested but came to discover that a segment of them love older guys. Other than that intermittent itch I date appropriate women and have 2 kids in their 20s

I want a dude to force me to watch him fuck my little sister

>>827590455What’s it called? I tired looking for info but came up blank, thought maybe it has a local name

>>827590263amen circumcision. Anyway why would she say that. Nerdy babe never seen a dick before. Age before the internet.


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>>827590632>circumcisionTruly degenerate

Animals. Particularly the four legged ones or Snakes. Idk what caused it. Probably Disney.>>827590968This but the opposite. Never been attracted to the female face just the female form. Chicks with masks, helmets, TVs for heads, hell no head at all just makes my dick mighty

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>>827591182Zoo, or just fetish bestiality? Otherwise, straight with people? Snakes is a funny one. Not personally into snakes, but 4 legs, and goes woof gets me every time.

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