New Celeb Thread

New Celeb Thread

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>>827583039Pounding my dick for Dua edition


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What happened to the other thread

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>>827583161I dunno but I was scared ;-;

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>>827583161There was no other thread?

Some lily james ass pls

>>827583196Baysed on what?>>827583202Yeah me too '.'>>827583203Stop it.

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jesus wants YOU to tell me the truth and to come up and learn to code . and then to tell me the truth . ok ?

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>>827583330Stop what :3

>>827583330twas spooky ngl :(

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>>827583360Jesus wants you to post Dua lipa so I can nut

>>827583402noo..... from the start u didn't want to do what your supposed to . so we will try again another time, but im glad you got to have sexual fun and chat ok?

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>>827583362No user. You have to stop. >>827583391They're doing it on purpose, they're trying to scare us.

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>>827583468you're scaring us by not doing what we ask .

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>>827583528We?>>827583559>.< It'strue.

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>>827583665yea. if i ask you you will just dissapear like a ghost tho so whats the point?

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>>827583665that's such a cute picture

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my holy grail

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jesus wants YOU to tell me the truth and to come up and learn to code . and then to tell me the truth . ok ?

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>imagine getting spanked with wonder girl's lasso of truth>>827583813cute

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>>827583984OKay arethra franklin

my holy grail

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>>827584039whats wrong tho ?

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>>827583990You have a lily folder too right?

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>>827584133you want to tell me the truth first or comeup first ?

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>>827584194yis, but it's a bit smol.

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>>827584203u gay nigga

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>>827584252y change the subject buddy ?

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>>827584222Check! I thought you did, I think I remember seeing you post her a bit ago :pand lol at that pic

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>>827584347do you really think thats a suffient answer to tell your friend who loves you?

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Dududu...The things I'd do with Kenzie's bf..Dududu

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>>827584384I think I got most from you, so... thanks :p

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>>827584552What kinda things?>>827584564Well I probably got most of mine from db lmao, so

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>>827584664i like to stroke to tay. why u rather lie?

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>>827584738>Well I probably got most of mine from db lmao, soKek. Not all. Like my favorite Lily tong clip is full on youGetting him ready for her or to make sure he's not filling her I'd take the load...Ahem... Did I say that out loud?

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>>827584738Oh lol>>827584832o.o oh my...

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>>827584832> to make sure he's not filling her I'd take the load...Jeez ! you slut :p I would post the tongue clip but it's too big :'(

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>>827584889Woops...>>827585031I ate a big banana this morning already and am still hungry for moreI downsized it but only have it on my computer :/

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>>827585126it's ok tho...

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>>827585126Hah you fatty ! I actually have to head to the store soon to pick up a few things. I'll find the biggest banana they have there just for you :3That's okay, I would downsize mine if I wasn't lazy.

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>>827585575Is it..? It's naughty and lewd at...>>827585644Kek. Imagine getting fat by eating bananas. I'd roll through my flatYay! The most inches possible

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>>827585730;p it's healthy to be lewd sometimes. right...?

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>>827585783You see what happens when I haven't been in a few days..It's very lewd tho

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I wanna play the bongos on Athena’s buttcheeks

>>827586018I see :p

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>>827585730heh I'll come over and keep stuffing bananas in you until you get as huge as possible.

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>>827586070KekWelp, how are you?>>827586096Lewd as heck...I so wish she was not wearing heels there...Do you have to wear a mask for doing groceries?

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>>827586432oh! morning user

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>>827586493Give nudity pls

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>>827586473I'm alright, finally got to expanding my folders. have around 20 now instead of my 5 before lol.way easier not having to rename files :p thanks for asking though, how're you?

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>>827586686hmmm sexy

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>>827586473I wasn't being lewd ...I don't haaave to wear a mask, so I don't, but most other people in the store wear masks. I don't shop that often so I'm not worried :3

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>>827586724The body yearns...

>>827586733hope you slept well, user!

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>>827586733why what happened? you feel weird after having an orgasm? you completely forgot your feelings 4 me till 2 morrow ? u actin like a lil girl and a virgin fam

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>>827586781i miss her

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>>827586707Of whom? Or more like who do you like the most of them?I'm alright. After a month of pure stress at work I can go easy for the first time>>827586731It sounded lewd...Ah well, just stay safe :)We have to wear masks everywhere we go. Except work or home

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Nudity only

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>>827586764i did, hope you had a good evening>>827586770no

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>>827586901The Riverdale girls mostly, madelaine specifically. I'm glad you are doing alright :}>>827587001It was okay :} nothing too special

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>>827587001wats wrong maylikat ?

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>>827587041Reminds me of Raymon's shit. Still would like to see him dismembered as such. Fuck off. Here's the dick in my pants. I'm not plugging your ass with my dick. Get the fuck off. And stay out of my face.

>>827583039Oooohh yyyeeahh!Macho Man summoned!Ooooooohhhhhh yyyyeeeeahh!

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>>827587001Dem socks...>>827587054Maybe not your preference but Madelaine did a good service by showing her feet the other day :pBut nice taste :)

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>>827583161Oohohooooohye ye ye ye eaah!!!!!!

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>>827587079( • )( • )

>>827583468Nothing scarier than a life without Slim JimsOooohhh yyyeeahhh!

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>>827583826Ooooohhh yyyeeahhh!

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>>827587079I want to worship her feet

>>827586901I'll stay safe

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>>827584738Who wants breakfast?!Oooohhh yyeeah!

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>>827587208I did see that! instantly made a webm right after, saved it for the foot anons. im more of a pit guy tbh>>827587328kek

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>>827587327Booooob yyyeeaah!

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>>827587363B E S TR EAST

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>>827587311Only if I wear glasses. Good thing I don't really need themOtherwise no, not really bothering meThe hottie trainee is in today. Yay!I'd still love to share that selfie she did with you>>827587356Ah well I'm both. But way more of a foot guySo perfect. Thanks for that!

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>>827587427Why does she always dress like a cheap whore?


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>>827587555Checked, I'm a pit guy but I like soles too, i dunno why that is.

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>>827587571more Jennette

>>827587054that's good, as long as you are doing alright >>827587056nothing mayata, just don't like you>>827587208i know.. it's the only one i have of her in socks without shoes tho :(

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>>827587642Because she wants to be 1

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>>827587686Cause they smooth and soft and can have cute wrinkles? Applies to both

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>>827587736God damn user

>>827587777Quads of truth.

>>827587755I think I have a few more but can only post them once I'm home

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>>827587755I am, don't worry :D I might sleep soon tho>>827587781Actually, probably yes! I never fully realized that till now>>827587777Fuggin checked

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>>827587883She is enchanting

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>>827587882Just ask the foot expert, kek

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>>827587972I very much like that body

>>827587555This might be awkward, but.. can I add you back on disc? I love to and I wanna see the pics, but I totally understand if you don't want to. I've wanted to ask you for awhile heh..I am going to bed in just a few minutes though, it's 5am atm and I'm really tired.and nice trips

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>>827587666You are the devil

>>827588015Ofc you canIt's all my fault anyway. Well not quite fault but it was my idea so..Trips for you adding me

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>>827583161Who is this girl?

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>>827587642because thats what she was born to be

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>>827588041And looks very good naked.

>>827587841that's okay, Mackenzie is cute too>>827587882well, i hope you have a good sleep then

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>>827588079Is this a problem?

>>827587977I will now lol. Nice dubs, gonna head to sleep tho, goodnight! Night everyone/have a nice day

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Too erly

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>>827588242You are quite the fun user.


>>827588184She should be naked all the time

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>>827588297I mean, I would get sore after a while.

>>827588242love those fat titties. would love to stuff her little piggy face

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>>827588193Oh yes she isWith one of the cutest sock clips. That I also don't have on my phone...

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>>827588216Good night! Sleep tight, dream cute

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>>827588209Yes you're literally the most evil thing in the universe. that's a big deal


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>>827588431Thats just bad press. Don't believe everything you read.

>>827588327But a good kind of sore, right

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>>827588497Sorry, and empty, and drained.

>>827588376that's okay also, her smile makes up for it. gotta go now, hope you have a nice day

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>>827588418This broad is proof that dressing slutty makes you seem more attractive than you actually are.

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>>827588451being led upstairs like a cheap hooker

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>>827588573Thank youYou too

>>827588519She better put on some clothes then