People who say trans women are real women are the true problem

people who say trans women are real women are the true problem

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>>827582340yes they are. but the main problem is the existence of trannies in the first place

>>827582595noif people want to do whatever with their own bodies, that's their own businessif these people weren't filling their heads with the idea that doing something like that is legit, they wouldn't get so upset that they kill themselves afterwards

>>827582340the main problem is also the faggot enforcers, who make every sexual degeneracy normal. Pedo- and Zoophiles are becoming a normality and everyone who critisizes their "sexuality" is a bigot and belongs in jail

>>827582595I don't give a shit if someone wants to be a trannie. The only issue is when it impacts society in the form of "positive discrimination", impinging on everyone else's free speech, creating an unfair environment in sports etc.

>>827582723noyou cant say the main problem is two entirely different thingsfrankly, its none of your business who is gay or notthat doesn't even have anything to do with thisshut the fuck up

>>827582780>>827582681>no>its none of your business>shut the fuck upwhen you're less of a faggot than the average Holla Forums poster. gtfo homophobe

>>827582919I literally just said its nobody's business who is gay or notyou came in here to call me a homophobe to remove traction from my original argumentmust mean I was on to somethingTell me, when I say trans women are not real women, what do you feel?

>>827583026I feel like you haven't the damnest clue what you're on about. debate me faggot

>>827582780nah, but 41% would have rather sought another treatment to gender dysmorphia than cutting their dick off. I agree that it was bad wording, you can't have two main problems, and I also agree that it's not my business who's gay or not, I completely accept homosexuality in itself, but trans is wrong. We need to find another treatment, people with body dysmorphia also can't cut their hand off.You know when it's our business though? When trans people convince our children they should be the other gender, just because they think there's not enough of them already. Sorry I hurt your feelings there, bud, but trans is a mental illness, not anything we should accept.

>>827583143oh I'd love thatWhere should we start?I'll let you pick your favorite

>>827583172Spoken very maturely.I acknowledge your intelligence.Thank you for apologizing, my feelings were hurt, but I feel very warm in knowing that you did it for a good cause.

>>827583197I would like to start with how many times you posted this on Holla Forums and how you haven't realized what a bait looks like. We all know trans are faggots who needs electrotherapy, yet you act like this a personal echo chamber.

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>>827583453first of all, I've posted this maybe 3 times in the past 5 yearssecond, if you believe "faggots" deserve electrotherapy, you are an idiot who will never solve your perceived "issue" with gay peoplethird, if you had even half of an artificial womans brain, or specifically the ability to read, you would know that my issue is with people who refer to trans people as real women, and not with the trans women themselvesthanks for sucking my cock so hard

>>827583643>you are still not getting itI'm amazed by the mental acrobats you have to do to think the issue isn't the degenerates but the morons who decide to play along. One requires meds while the other needs to stop instigating their delusions.

>>827583969I dont even have to put a drop of effort into thisall I do is reject your falsehoods in favor of the truththe one doing work here, is you

>>827582681Cope and dilate faggot tranny, here are some columns for you.Your normal functioning dick will never grow back.You got scammed by a jewish quack doctor.your parents cry about you every day.You're gonna kill yourself within a few years probably.Deny reality and nature some more, you are very amusing while you're destroying yourselves

>>827583969so if I go to a middle school and get all the kids addicted to cocaine, it was never my fault, but the kids?

>>827582340Only a bigot would hate on these beauties.

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>>827584040I am the OP who made an anti-trans threadI am not anti-gay so you hit me with all that dumb shityeah, I dont want to be on your side either

Pure feminine beauty.

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>>827584032Yes yes, shun the light. You say you put no effort, yet you still reply to me thinking there is something to gain. Dance to my tune puppet.

>>827584343its fine if you think thatthanks for bumping

god has a penis

>>827582595Passable = Fuckable

>>827584448Oh come on, don't wisen up now. I thought you were so happy to debate me on how you think trannies aren't degenerate. I mean if you can't articulate it enough I'll understand

You gained my respect

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Fags who want to be women should get treated like them>beat raped sold as sex slaves and do house workBut if i had kids i wouldn't let them neer them

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>>827584655There is plenty to be gained from making people like you look stupidI thought you were quitting lolThe truth is, I don't care if people want to get crazy surgeries get 7 arms, see if I carethe problem is when they start saying its legit (trans women being real women)its the equivalent of letting people who get 5 extra arms surgically attached participate in the olympics Got anything else?

I agree we should not compare trannies to actual women, we should acknowledge them as the deranged fags they are.

>>827584901Oh come now you can't be serious. Comparing trannies to 5 armed freaks and seeing nothing wrong with that. Im surprised you ignore that but cant help replying to shitposts. You let me down son


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This is a tranny would you let IT neer your kids...?

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I would date one, just somewhat pass for female. You don’t have to be Bailey Jaye, just put some fucking effort into it. If you are six foot four and just threw on a dress and wig from a thrift shop, I can’t fuck you. If you have no interest in me, we got no problem. But don’t go guilt tripping into dating you.

>>827585286>5 armed freakswho's the bigot nowwhy are you so full of hate broI just wanted to not date a guy on pills demanding I call him a girl

>>827584091The faggot version of this

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Trans women are real women


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>>827585782and the sun revolves around Uranus

>>827585673Im not the one comparing trannies to wannabe sheevas, that creative work was cited from you. Its hilarious pointing out your own bigotry and you trying to put it on me. You truly are a work of contempary art.

Normalizing degeneracy is the main problem all of this shit is just a side effect.

>>827586125Well, there are some underlying similarities, are there not?They both have artificially enhanced bodiesThey both have bodies that can no longer be considered normal or naturalhonestly I wouldn't date either of them lolnot surprised you couldn't see the connection I was trying to make, you people aren't usually very smart, unfortunately

>>827586301Oh no, I see the connection clearly. Even you see them as grotesque abominations. The only problem here is that you deny your disgust. Admit it, you'd wish them gone just like everyone else.

Even rebuilding your genitalia doesn't result you into magically becoming the other gender. It's so damn fucked up, the chromosomes still exists, bone and muscle density and much more. Like what the hell we can't pretend these people are females. :/.

>>827586826I wont deny that it disgusts me, at all.I would never, ever, EVER, date someone like that.But my gentle soul is pained by all the mistreatment these people receive, so I will attack what I perceive to be the cause.The cause being that those people are mislead into believing that doing those things will make them into anything "real".

>>827582340Wrong.Ignoring or pretending that having a mental ilness is ok and forcing it onto others is the peoblem

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>>827587015this is one of my favoritest images of all timethanke you


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>>827587186oh I love youplease stay warm and safe and know in your heart that I love you

trans men arent real too

>>827587236No problem bro

>>827582340 U r real problem

>>827587713no U

Fags go die

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>>827582340Yup, their practically men in drag taking female hormones

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Fags have aids fags are from CaliforniaCalifornia has pools Pools have water stingrays live in water>OH Shit Fags killed Steve Irwin

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>>827582340Speaking of trans, we need help defending the flag from Russian,1741,-10996,28,1741,-10996,28,1741,-10996,28

>>827587812u r horrible stink cunt

>>827589394I will fight for your right to get whatever surgery you want in lifeI will not let you believe that it will make you a real womanif that's what you believe, you should not get the surgerybe sure to eat a balanced breakfast todayunless you got a big day ahead, then you should get some extra carbsor, if you had a rough day yesterday, some extra protein will help

>>827589531why I want stinky bitch cunt fighting for me? I am Proud Beutiful Woman. U can’t afford me honey.

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>>827582340That's really true. Propagating those who have a terrible mental illness rather than help them seek the proper medical treatment is only hurting the person with the issues.

>>827589941is that your artificial vagina?either way, you shouldnt be proud that its for salepeople arent just their genitals, you are worth more than thatI hope someday you can rise above this and not be defined or controlled by your sexuality

>>827590112I bet yo still beat your pathetic little Weiner to my lady bits though! Lol I made you cum you stinky little boi and you will have to live with that for the rest of your life

>>827590112>taking this seriouslykek, look at the bottom left, tranny

>>827582340theyre not women, its just a play and pretend gameits not my fault i dont view them as their preferred gender and im not "transphobic" for it, i cant just view somebody i know is a guy, passes for a guy and has a penis, as a female that just opposes logicthe only way i could is if they heavily passed but im honestly a little doubtful

>>827582723This unironically. this is the beginning of moral decay

>>827590227I wasnt gonna say this but since you are so rudeNo, I dont find artificial vaginas attractive at all, and none of my cummies are for youhope you can find someone who is into that,without having to trick them into thinking you're a real woman

>>827582340>entire internet perpetuates the running joke that trannies are real women>op thinks they're actually seriouslollearn to read zoomer humour

>>827591219its not a jokepeople really believe thisand too many unfortunate souls are led to believe that drugs and surgery can fix their emotions