YLYL corona edition

YLYL corona edition

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a bunch of jewish kites posting trap stuff as usual hell yeah i come from an nazi family and proud of it

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>>827582116Where does your family come from? Where in Germany I mean?


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>>827581034Bet you wish you didn't use your repellent politics to drive all the conservatives off of reddit. People here are even sick of your garbage. The left, so cancerous even Holla Forums finds them repugnant.

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>>827582330Since this thread is not going anywhere, also, grandpa was a Nazi... ask me anything


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>>827581034still funny every time i see it


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>>827582116Example of a jewish kite.

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>>827582868How many guard towers did he fall from?

>>827582976She's cute, do you have a name?

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>>827583045None that I know of, thou I never asked that specific question

>>827582976Best tits I've seen in a while

>>827582650Be on the look out for "whoever the fuck asked"

Actual true story inbound>be me>17 at the time>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me>have a younger sister, 16 at this time>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone>announces that she's "seeing someone">father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.>few days later, brings the dude home>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses>visibly nervous>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom">discuss for a few minutes>they go out>dad tells me "it isn't going to last">sis comes home>announces it was "fun">around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother>"We're not a thing anymore">tryingtoholdbacklaughter.jpg>tell my father this>laughs uncontrollably>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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Redditfags and logposters are ruining ylyl on this trashfire of a board. All that is left are fagots spamming degenerate crap and shit tier normie memes.rip Holla Forums

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>>827583855I fucking knew Gengar used 4chan

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>>827581034"they" obviously got to him


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>>827583114>>827583162>>827582976Paweena Phasri


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>>827586145help me out here, why is that funny?

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>>827586183Jews want to abolish physical money to increase their power over the population. They use the fear of an imaginary pandemic for this reason (among other things).

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>>827582650you realize before storm front 4chan was a lefty place. Pol was invented to keep the right wing scum in containment.

>>827586331you wish shlomo

>>827585251I though robocop shot that dude in the dick

>>827586331No, 4chan was not always left. Not by a damn sight. There was always a slight right lean, but it encompasses all political views.Only newfags say what you said.

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>>827586273Are you retarded or high? Why is everything Jews too? Pandemic is real people have died of it.

>>827586423Jews just can't help themselves trying to rewrite history...

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>>8275863314chan was never a lefty, comfort zone respecting, space

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>>827586461Because they can't help themselves. You think China and ((them)) aren't working together at this point? They love each other.

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>>827586527He's just a jew who recently got a job to spam 4chan, how the hell would he know?

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>>827586545She definatley accomplished more eating than any of us will in 100 years.

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>>827586273Look at these websites these dudes are getting this shit from. Fucking lol, that tells you a lot...

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>>827582933Were not even at noon on may 14th this tweet is fake. Couldnt have tweeted it yet

>>827586663>misuses “living under a rock”This world was too much for her I guess

Most of the dead are either old, obese or black. Sometimes all three

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>>827585272the fuck is wrong with your toes?

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>>827583820Why the fuck do you keep posting this? It's not even that funny 9f a story...

>>827584046Wait until you find out Gallowboob is a 4chan Jannie

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>>827586755You literally could have checked twitter

>>827586663the fact that she is literally named Karen is a nice cherry on top

>>827581034Of or with?

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>>827582116>hell yeah i come from an nazi family and proud of itYou lost, Nazi homoThe USA flogged your mistaken racist ass

>>827582868>Since this thread is not going anywhere, also, grandpa was a Nazi... ask me anythingWhy would you admit this?

>>827586456Spoken like a true newfag

>>827586585Soy obviously destroys your immune system

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>>827587188The USA became the Nazis

>>827587165I'll have the tranny please

>>827587387Not the majority just the losers

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>dies of virusyou mean his death certificate has that on it, along with anyone who tests postive even if they died of blunt force trauma in a car accident. leftists really need to stop breaking the rules every 5 minutes because it's morally warranted, it kinda makes your case fall apart because you look like a cheat. the idea the right wing will be in in power forever is really only broken up by eras where leftists didn't cheat at everything. your moral imperative gives you permission to do anything, we get it, it's impossible to trust and the tiring beat of is itself the doom of left wing policy. you're constantly proving you can't be trusted with plot after plot, nothing is ever business as usual. more staunch right wingers don't even fear you, they regard "pointless" anti-authoritarianism as the background radiation of being human and consider left-wingers to be unthinking, emotionally-derived cancer, something to be killed off, to be cured. this is the worst cheat yet, a lot of credibility will be lost this time. the next trump wins and the next after that because you bankrupted and unemployed so many with your dumb Trump obsession.

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>>827586461The Jews is just the right wing version of the patriarchy, pay it no mind


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>>827587454Sadly thats not how the world views the old USA. Land of the free is the funniest phrase of all time.


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>>827586778..........what’s your point?

>>827581034was thinking about posting this on r/awfuleverything. Should I do it? dubs decide.

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>>827587454Look how fresh-out-the-packet that swastika is

>>827587473>I really think that doctors will list coronavirus as cause of death if a person died in a car accident

>>827586273He asked why it was FUNNY>>827586273Go post this stuff in a different thread, this is a thread for humor. We don't care if you hate Jews. Not that it offends us or we disagree, we just don't fucking care buddy

>>827587473This is so so stupid

>>827586517God, I remember a time when if someone tried to turn a thread into a political clusterfuck, left OR right, the thread would be swarmed with gore. Then it was pictures of Spider-Man. Not long after that, this site started to slip.

>>827587526>low-effort coward replyyour fear mongering will eventually be revealed to everyone and it will be the 10th time this term you've completely shit on everyone including the working classall these people that lost their jobs and shit are gonna drag you out and hang you, shill

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>>827587473>Trump obsessionI mean granted Trump chimed in on the Obama administration a few times here and there at a handful of key intervals...

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>>827585978No nudes. Shame. Not gonna follow a clothed bitch

>>827587902what ever will i do ohno! lel

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>>827587523Kek, basedWe all need someone to blame for our problems, couldn't possibly be our own fault/the cold indifference of an uncaring universe.


>>827587902Its the Führers fault and hes done already. Not one single other country had this much unemployement by missmanagement the ronachan

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>>827587979i'm guessing some more low-effort coward replies to fill space, because if you actually argued with anyone your posts-per-hour would go down and you wouldn't earn your 14 bucks from American Bridge 21st Centuryinfluencewatch.org/person/david-brock/>David Brock is a political operative, author, commentator, and founder of Media Matters for America and American Bridge 21st Century. Formerly a conservative journalist, Brock became famous as a critic of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Brock later published several confessional pieces denouncing conservative media before becoming a close ally and consigliere of the Clinton family and Democratic politicians. >Between 2007 and 2010 Brock was identified as a member of JournoList, an online secret society of left-center media professionals.>Brock formed True Blue Media, an investment group, in 2015. He then purchased an 80 percent stake in Blue Nation Review, now Shareblue Media, an online news outlet.>Brock was involved in a high-profile legal dispute with his former boyfriend William Grey in 2007. In the civil lawsuit, Grey accused Brock of having taken $170,000 in possessions from their once-shared Washington townhouse. Grey threatened to go to the IRS with damaging information about Brock, Media Matters, and the organization’s donors. Brock paid Grey $850,000 to keep quiet. cool guy, your boss. nice wig.

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>>827582446the socks


>>827582650Yeah, except Tumblr's adult pages shutdown forced a ton of lefty trans-trender trash our way. We've got plenty of malignant leftoma killing our once-great board.>>827586331>thinking 4ch had any political leanings early onGoddamn, how new are you!?4ch used to not have a political identity; Anonymous was born here, and they used to stalk ALL of the wrongdoers because they done wrong; they didn't target people/orgs simply out of any political bias until a couple of years ago.4ch used to be the haven of non-biased politics (aside from Holla Forums, which has always been a cesspool of edgelords)... Politics here used to be VERY centrist, VERY logical, VERY unbiased, and those posting extremist views got kekt and/or rekt.Unfortunately, most all of the good logical oldfags have gone, leaving nothing but a cesspool of trans-trender Tumblr trash, Holla Forums edgelord "nazis", and a huge void in between.

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>>827586273Wait. I thought the jews print money?

>>827587248because amerimutts like to think they're white aryan descendants. especially on Holla Forums where the greatest aspiration for an edgelord is to be a nazi

>>827587789>BLAH BLAH I DON'T CARE DIDN'T READ!!!!In 99% of cases this type of answer comes from a jew.

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>>827583114Yes, my name is Jeff


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>>827588215Wrong. A difficult to check fact but incorrect, the EU has both more deaths and more unemployment. You people carefully avoid this by framing things like 'the US vs Italy", a European state smaller in population than just California instead of a fair comparison like "the EU vs the US". Most virus 'facts" are careful distortions of this nature to justify your actions over a relatively trivial virus that amounts to a more virulent and immunologically novel version of the flu. It's all about distorting little known facts against a background of panic and hopelessness. I can't help but notice the roads around the Wuhan lab have been closed since August, I can't help but notice almost everyone in my community suffered a severe "flu" in early January, right after the Christmas travel season. I'm consideralbly less afraid of Covid, having already had it last fucking year.Anyway whatever you assholes do the sentiment you've stirred up is going nowhere, we know you're authoritarian creeps and we're not going to let you do jack shit. Most people already distrust your media outlets and I can't help but notice they're not making much money, the quality isn't set to improve anytime soon so you'll keep having this problem anyway. Might help if the people you sent to convince us weren't total freakshows, then again, you don't have a choice about that, do you? If you say no they'll destroy you, so all your important positions get filled up with coke loving trannies who push others aside with the same white male blood I have. Trannies are in charge and you know it, if you defy them they'll just football tackle you and scream for an hour.

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>>827587165you think they'd just roll their house to a place with more libety

>>827588803No one's reading all that, faggot

>>827588789yeah, we don't need to hoity toity facts smelling up the place

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>>827588988dubs of truth check em

>>827588495>4ch used to not have a political identity; Anonymous was born here, and they used to stalk ALL of the wrongdoers because they done wrong; they didn't target people/orgs simply out of any political bias until a couple of years ago.>4ch used to be the haven of non-biased politics (aside from Holla Forums, which has always been a cesspool of edgelords)... Politics here used to be VERY centrist, VERY logical, VERY unbiased, and those posting extremist views got kekt and/or rekt.This is a summation of old Holla Forums that only someone who was there could describe. This is exactly how it was.

>>827587655I'm not black, obese, or old so why should I care?

Average age of person who dies of Corona virus is older than the average age people die

>>827588803The EU isn't an entire fucking country you mongoloid.

>>827589191>imagine believing this

>>827582468You don't even see the irony of comparing this to 9/11.>Please gov, we need more shitty laws that won't prevent anything!Have fun paying for your HRT in a recession, fag

Number one co factor for death in New York Corona cases: obesity

>>827588988so 2g1c is so old that it is new again?

>>827587188Fuck off. You are obviously a Nigger or Nigger tier

>>827587296Soy also damages the Endokrin system, certain hormone levels can get all fucked up

>>827587523"Patriarchy" wtf are you even doing here, you soy chugging Nu-male?

>>827588215I guess the economy will do best when Biden is in charge of the recovery, not the guy who had just built the best economy in our lifetime before this disaster blew in. We'll all be better off when we start shopping jobs back to China.


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>>827586854And people praising the lockdown have died, too. And millions have criticized the lockdown and not died. No clue how this has anything to do with anything. Not to mention? There's no real way to know that this guy actually died of coronavirus in the first place. Pretty much everyone dies of coronavirus nowadaze. Whether you have it or not.

>>827589477>Endokrin systemkekWhat would you know about the endocrine system?

>>827589633Go outside then.

>>827586839Newfag detected

>>827588215Lol, check the statistics please. Italy is way, way up there along with several other European countries. My country (Sweden) should be up there too but we fake our stats alot. It's hovering around 10-12 percent atm but if it did include all the immigrants who work less than 8 hours a week in subsidized "no-jobs" it would jump to 20 percent, at least

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>>827587454So that's a picture of every Republican?Have you guys ever seen what a trump rally looks like?

>>827588495KILLDOZER! Day of retribution

>>827586663Guess she's the one living under that rock now

>>827587902No one is going to waste effort arguing with you because it’s obvious you’re either a troll or Holla Forums - and there is no such thing as winning arguments with those types of retards

>>827588988This is great boomerbait

>>827589836sans the living and this is almost funny

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>>827581034>>827586621>>827586634>>827586663>>827586718>>827586854So you're trying to tell me that people who publicly oppose the official narrative end up dead? This whole "pandemic" might actually be a scheme to get rid of dissidents.

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>>827589972KEK>Don't mutilate your bodies you degenerates>Please get boob job


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>>827583825Americans. They really are this dumb!

>>827590182This is pretty much exactly what’s happening in New York with everyone except EMS workers and doctors. Nursetards have no idea what’s going on and are just collecting likes on sm

>>827587802>hurry durr YU STOOPID! Haha we got em biosFuck off>>827587802

>>827589904You probably have a log folder on your desktop you degenerate

>>827590245>>827583825wtf is happening in this video. is he using that thing backwards??

>>827590011permission is all you have ever had.

>>827590732He is digging a hole with plough for planting. But there is no wheel on the tractor, only a rotavator.

>>827589836I see what you did there


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>>827586456Not him. But I've lurked Holla Forums and /g/ as of like 2007. This website was _much_ more leftie back then. Seriously, can you really imagine genuine anti-scientology action organised by present-day 4chan? Modern alt-right numales just think Hubbard was cool for having a harem, and roll over whenever their favourite YouTuber tells them something new to think.

>>827582321fucking got me lmaoooo

>>827589972 women who meet an unrealistically high beauty standard are typically retarted , silicone brained children. I would trust even fat fucking Rosie O over any of those mindless miss America sluts.