What's the worst thing you've ever seen on the internet Holla Forums...

What's the worst thing you've ever seen on the internet Holla Forums?My top 5:- Dude fucking dead deer- Chechen soldiers beheading Russians- Mortician cumming in dead chick's mouth- 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick (particularly the part where Luka uses his severed hand to masturbate)- Video where a raped woman's corpse is recovered from a river and the stench causes onlookers to gag and cry simultaneously

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Cp of two particularly young girls.

bump i saw a video of a guy cutting his dick off then eating it >inb4 source


>>827580430Describe it.>>827580475Nice meme.

>>827580475you really think there real?

some guy rape a girl and kill her and rape her corpse and then eating it raw the dark web is a wacky place

>>827580305Daisy's destruction. Admittedly I came buckets but it was horrible.

>>827580305This thread.

>>827580305Any OP, literally the worst and gayest thing to ever witness.

>>827580574of all the things that didnt happen, this didnt happen the most

>>827580560Was a wacky place. Flooded with normies and feds

>>827580618I wish that were true user. I really do.


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>>827580574Can you still find it online? I wanna see it dude

>>827580430Were they in a bathtub?


>>827580305Link to 1 lunatic 1 ice pick?


>>827580647Nice try agent smith.

>>827580305Kek. Well, at least Virashnu doesn't have one more mouth to feed. I'm certain that 10 is more than enough already.

>>827580665Yeah, OP here. I'm gonna dig and see if I can find it for ya.

>>827580305Pic related. It doesn't look like an ordinary autopsy to me. All the blood is still oxygenated, so this baby couldn't have been dead very long.

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>>827580636well considering this happened last month user still is a wacky place

>>827580305>Chechen soldiers beheading Russiansisn't it that video where one young guy cries while seeing others being killed ?

>>827580506>>827580651They were on a bed. One was nude the other was merely shirtless. I estimated there age to be about 5 and 6. One of them was given a much older guy (who’s only body part in the picture was his dick) a handjob.

>>827580305that one were they melt the guys face off with acid

>>827580890Yeah. I think one of them calls out for their mother. It really got me in the feels because they were so young and all they wanted to do was help their country win.

>>827580766Nigger what the fuck>>827580665www.documentingreality.com/forum/video/direct/luka-magnotta-1-lunatic-1-ice-pick6.mp4For me, it was either a pic of a man skinned by the Mexican cartel or a CP pic of two girls

>>827580665Hey user, here it is:gore.tube/watch/1-lunatic-1-ice-pick-video_CMQ4MSLus87sEgJ.html


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I really wish they would live stream torturing peter scully, get isis and the mexican cartels to do a colab

3 men 1 hammer will haunt me to my grave. Rough as fuck

>>827581135Oh no no, ISIS isn't necessary, the cartels are more than enough. They'd Funkytown his ass, most likely even worse

>>827581239as long as its nice and slow spread over a few days if not weeks


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>>827581110Dude as soon as you posted that I was banned, then suddenly the ban was lifted. You're cursed, bro, and you need to get on /x/

>>827580766Dubs checked

for me it was probably the mask off videoor the other video where the guys face is skinned and hands cut off and hes still fully alivetrying to grab his face with his non existent hands

>>827581415All new funky mode

>>827581447funkytown/sweetchild of minewhat weird songs to be playing lol

>>827581415I know the second one you're talking about but what the fuck is the mask off video? Describe it in detail because I'm not googling that shit

The video the cartel members dogs ripping a guys dick and balls off or the cartel video of the guy having his organs ripped out whilst he's still alive. Good old Mexicans

>>827580305>- Video where a raped woman's corpse is recovered from a river and the stench causes onlookers to gag and cry simultaneouslyinterestingsauce plz

>>827580305that isn't a cartoon frog is it?

>>827581509its simlilar to funkytown one ,but less brutal I guessone mexican guy holding up another mexican guy that has no face and talking to him and the faceless mexican is answering back through choking on his own blood , asking for water the other guy is just talking shit to him basically while the guy is just laying there with no face

>>827581489I think they did it so they could pretend they weren't depriving a human being of its most basic senses and slowly, painfully ending its existence

>>827580305Sawing a dudes legs off and beating him with them.

>>827581563There's a ton of videos where some bitch in India gets fished out of the water, but for you user I will try

>>827580305screencap of discord servers


>>827580956It also had kinda poor video quality from what I remember, it wasn't the gore but the desperate crying before dying..

>>827581604is it strange that I feel like I would really enjoy doing that same torture to pedos?I would honestly and whole heatedly love to do that

>>827581298I saw this on my first day on Holla Forums around 10 years agoTime flies

>>827581415That video haunted my nights for a long time. Apparently he was one of those students who were kidnapped by the police and handed over to caetel

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>>827581690will that shit get me banned or anything?just go on crazyshit and search mask off I'm about to fall asleep and don't need another dose of gore

Just head over to TheYNC and spend an hour or two disturbing yourself. 2 videos came out recently of 2 separate people committing suicide in front of their crying children. That really got me

>>827580305A pic of OP's mom

>>827581735fuck , now you have to make it more real I can still hear him gurgling Agua

>>827581763oof yeah that was horrible, why the fuck would you traumatize your children like that , what in the fuck

Three guys one hammer. The sounds...

>>827580305Video where a group of Mexican cartel members are executing a couple. From what I saw, the girl was laying down on the ground and she wasn't wearing any pants or underwear and a cartel member had his foot on her chest. She just stared at him silently, probably because she was in shock. Meanwhile you can hear her boyfriend scream in horror as he is gutted or beheaded. The way she stared at them stayed with me for a long time.

youtube.com/watch?v=dqYEn2W9faM. This

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>>827580305Pic of baby that was aged 6 months - 1 year. The mother pretty much killed him by stuffing him on a washing machine and turning it on.

>>827581763I'm not amused but the guy chokeing on his blood got me off thanks for the gore website

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>>827581921I remember seeing cartel execution, son and father. Apparently the dad was a cop and snitched on the cartel somehow, they were both tied up, the dad was being hit with a big wooden log then beheaded or gutted dont remember, all the while the son watched and was the next in the process. It's very strange how people behave when they are gonna die in few minutes, not so heroic like in the movies

The video of some guy squatting over that tied-up infant and shitting on it's chest while it lays there, bound and crying.

Russian dude on whatever drug eating his own baby. I think the mother was filming.I feel sick remembering it, fu OP

I searched some of this i feel sick my head hurts fuck

>>827582201I think I've seen it. If I'm not mistaken, one of them gets their chest carved out and then one of the cartel members proceeds to pull on their rib cage in order to yank it out.

>>827580305haaa Daghestan massacre, good ol time on /b

>>827580766God damn it i feel fucking horrible why the fuck do you poste shit like this ?

>>827581690The video is in one of the archived threads in /gif/ right now, i just watched it

>>827581704Well that’s just you wanting to protect the “innocent” so there’s no problem with that, however the real problem is YOU deciding who is the one to be punished and what is an acceptable punishment - you may believe a thing, but you may have been given the wrong information, so how does that make your actions correct?

>>827581704Personally, I would fuck a teenager if it wasn't illegal. You'll need to elaborate on "pedo" a bit.

>>827581735Is this actually the guy from the mask off video? Cause there's no red shirt in the video.


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>>827581735>normalistano se perdió nada de valor

>>827582516>>827582593If ones willing and happy why should you intervene?Only if one is actually being abused and crying for help should you care and intervene.


>>827582511I'm just saying hypothetically,if I knew and was 100% certainI truly would enjoying torturing pedos

>>827582301Hehe sorry. The world is a truly awful place sometimes. But then I go outside and see beautiful, neat landscaping. The sun is shining, birds are singing. I eat a fucking sandwich. I watch some normie YLYL on YouTube. You know, the people we see dying in these videos probably had a lot of that before they kicked the bucket. Take it all in, because any of us could be the next car accident on Best Gore.

>>827582677Would you torture a pedo even though him and a little girl were in a romantic relationship and his death would be terribly tragic for her?

>>827580305The one that fucked me upthe 2 Russians that had a guy in the woods and they were just beating the shit out of him with a hammer and stabbing him with a screwdriver, and all you hear is him drowning in blood

>>827582769Yeah. I can't watch the whole thing because the victim reminds me of my dad. :((

>>827582642why should you intervene? because even if they think they are ok with it they don't truly have the mindset to make proper decisions and really rationalize what is happening

>>827582752You raise a good point. That just seems cruel.


>>827582837Sorry user :(

>>827582733Kek, cheers OP I forgive you. Bout to havet some pasta, have a wonderful day


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>>827582851Do women ever have the mindset to make proper decisions and really rationalize what is happening?

>>827582965I can't tell if you're joking or not

>>827580657I didnt doubt that it exists, just that user saw it.

a video of a cop in south america beheaded next to his teenage son then watching them just gut the son's stomach while he's still alive... i still have nightmares of that shit

>>827582851Right. So it's on you to be the angel of death and not only take a human being's life, but also inflict maximum pain on them for the horrible crime of being born fucked in the head. Maybe if it was my kid I would do it. Otherwise, it's wrong to be judge, jury and executioner in the way you're describing dude. Besides, didn't you know Maya Angelou's brother killed her rapist when she was little? She didn't speak for years because she realized telling her brother what happened got a person killed. It's cliche, but often two wrongs don't make a right.

>>827582627Menos tu cara quando te toca

The thing that always annoys me is when truly evil people are killed quicklyI don't understand why they don't really take their time skin them slowly , pour in salt and vinegar then repeat more the next day and the next

>>827583000I'm actually not.I don't condone the sexual abuse of young boys but I do promote grooming young girls into marriage.Pretty much what went on for all of history until 200 years ago when feminism started to gain traction.

>>827582901Wholesome interactions on a gore thread. Life really isn't so cut-and-dry as hell or heaven. You have a lovely day too, user.

Anyone remember the one where a grown man takes a shit on a crying baby's face?Classic.

>>827583060I never said I was right morally , I'm just saying I would really enjoy it

>>827583116Does true evil even exist? In my experience, evil is just untreated mental illness.

>>827582642I'm wondering about your distinction here. Are you wanting to brutally torture all pedophiles, or are you at least clear headed and reasonable enough to specifically mean pedophiles who have actually harmed children?

>>827580903Ah shit I remember that. That's an old one. Probably the worst I've seen as well. Sad sad.

>>827583185That's the thing. By engaging in an act that does more harm than good for your own pleasure, you're doing just what a pedophile does.

>>827583118Well I have to say I completely disagree with your opinion but it is yours we seem to have polar opposite opinions so I doubt we will find common ground here

>>827582627Anon Latino, que es normalista?

>>827582677Anyone who is certain about anything is wrong - know that life is grey and base your judgement accepting that information from any side of an argument is correct from the person stating it as they believe it to be correct

>>827583294Are you certain about that stance though?

>>827582733You’re not wrong

>>827583230I am just saying hypothetically , if I knew 100% without a doubt a person sexual abused a child and it was legal for me to do so , I would really enjoy torturing that pedo to the full extent I'm not saying I am right or anything like that

>>827583288It's either a socialist or a schoolteacher

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>>827583373Ya know, you've grown on me. I can vibe with that. Good opinion

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>>827583473Thanks for the civilized debate , gonna go fall asleep

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>>827582490why the fuck are you in this thread?

>>827580766nice pic fren

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>>827582965Would you attribute those same concepts to your mom or sister?

>>827583373I was just wondering if you had a distinction. Most people don't seem to view a difference between people who are pedophiles (have the attraction) but have done nothing, and people who actually have absused children. I can agree with your own sense that you would enjoy it regardless of its moral or legal implications, I just wanted to clear up the pedophile vs child molester thing. Anyway, I feel that way about people who harm kids also. I feel intense anger whenever I hear about people who hurt kids, let alone people who kill them. That shit gets me riled up like no other.

>>827583642This isn't a celeb thread.

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>>827583428I do NOT want to watch that.Then again...DAMN YOU MORBID CURIOSITY

user stop sucking cock for tay tay

>>827580305>What's the worst thing you've ever seen on the internetGreta Thunberg

>>827580305A puppy being cooked. I have a heart still after 4 years on this website.

>>827583165It’s funny in concept and hopefully the baby won’t remember it, but if it really fucks up that child then that dude will rot in hell

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>>827583668Of course why wouldn't I?


>>827583751no u

>>827580636Rip. I don't give a fuck about the feds anymore.


>>827583275cope harder, pedo scum

>>827580647Trash quality like 144p video

>>827580766Fuck is that even real?

don't play around trains

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>>827580305The one where they kill the dog with the shovel or the other one where the dog is being boiled alive

>>827581298Holy shit user thanks for that memory

>>827583668uh... they're women, so yes?My mom has somewhat of a brain on her shoulders but my sister is an extreme example of a typical fucktarded woman

>>827583275check out the big brain on brad

>>827583890Just checking, because frankly, they are terrible at seeing the world as it truly is


>>827583849I couldn't give a fuck about human suffering, most have done something to deserve it. It's animal torture that gets me. Anyone who treats animals so cruelly is a coward and deserves death. Worst ones I've seen is either the crushed kitten videos or a dog having it's legs cut off alive and still trying to walk. Fucking sick bastards.

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There was a camel, I think, and a dude slit its throat. The reaction of the camel...it was so real. Say what you will about animals being dumb or whatever, about them being less self aware than humans, but they know when they're dying and they still don't like it. And the sound that thing made as it died. It was unexpectedly brutal. Far from the "worst" I've seen, but it was rather intense.The WORST I've seen probably comes down to ones like 3 guys one hammer, or this one video where a couple dudes murdered a dude with a pick axe I think it was.Umm, the video of a group of dudes dredging out the corpse of a girl who was half skeleton half decomposing flesh.Not visually brutal necessarily, but any gore videos where some random thing happens. Like, I saw this video where a vehicle veered toward some people. Dude ran away, but the vehicle hit a pole of some kind. Okay, so they're fine. Pole falls down and brains the guy. Things like that where the person seems to get lucky, but then suddenly gets incredibly unlucky.Not as much as that, but just unlucky deaths in general always get me thinking about mortality. Some things are visually hard to watch if they are gross or very up front nasty, like watching a dude get his junk chewed off by a dog, somebody getting their head cut off, people having faces peeled off, those are gross to watch and make me question what is wrong with people. But then you have a dude in a vehicle who suddenly has to outrun shipping containers that are suddenly falling over, and fails. A dude driving a vehicle, stops, and whatever heavy thing they were hauling (presumably) rushes through the cab of the vehicle and presumably the driver. People driving, normal every day nothing, then a brick falls out of the truck ahead smashes through your window and kills your mom/wife. Things like that, while not hard to watch, really break my ability to accept that reality can be so cold.

There was a pretty nasty one from Africa of these soldiers taking a load women who had babies in papooses on their bodies and executing them. The women just slowly and solemnly carried their own children to their deaths. Thankfully Steve Harvey popped out of a near by cave and did confused face afterwards so I wasn't too upset

>>827580766in the old days, someone would have postes "fap fap fap" by the second replyyour softness disgusts me

>>827582405back when gore threads were actually gore threads

>>827580305Clip of a necrophiliac. the body was decomposing dude that's fucking disgusting

>>827584137that's some good grilling meat right there

>>827583277old enough to bleed, old enough to breedThere is merit to the saying. If a girl CAN get pregnant, anatomy allowing, does that not mean they are ready for sex?

>>827580305>- Dude fucking dead deer>- Chechen soldiers beheading Russians>- Mortician cumming in dead chick's mouth>- 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick (particularly the part where Luka uses his severed hand to masturbate)>- Video where a raped woman's corpse is recovered from a river and the stench causes onlookers to gag and cry simultaneouslyLINKS????????????????????

>>827583857"Why did you kill this person""Well I got shit on as baby..."Kek, thats not gonna fuck anyone up.

I don't think I've missed a gore video since the 90s. Morbid fascination I suppose. Back in the early days it was Bud Dwyer's suicide, the Chechen beheading video, didn't think it could get much worse. These days cartel members are ripping people's organs out of their live bodies in front of their families. We've come a long way.

>>827580305This thread made by some kid.

>>827583245You guys had to have been searching for it lmao. You dont stumble across that shit accidentally

>>827585017We still haven't reached the pinnacle user.

>>827581298>>827581709>>827584162Was that an actual video posted on Holla Forums in 2007? Did you guys see it? Holy shit

>>827581921I saw this one too, would like to see it again - the girl was quite pretty

>>827580305>Mortician cumming in dead chick's mouththe one in this set?

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>>827585351At least he wore gloves I suppose

>>827585214It was literally one of the first images I ever saw on Holla Forums in 2011 or so. It was a black man in a bath tub having sex with a decomposing child. the child was so decomposed that you could see parts of his penis through her flesh, and she was covered in maggots. Haven't gotten it out of my head.

>>827585544that sounds pretty accurate. Now b is tamer than usual. Normalized if you will.

>>827585630We need old Holla Forums back

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>>827583118>wants "grooming women for marriage" to be a thing again because he can't attract a girl naturally.Fucking neckbeard

>>827585544of course that was a nigger. i hope this scum is in darkest pits of hell right now

>>827583510Got that g-spot angle down. He should fuck from behind.

>>827585757Along with the child. Probably raping it again. F

>>827585672You are fucking stupid.I don't to attract a girl that shit gross and stupid.Fathers should pick their daughters husbands.

>>827580305I saw one video of Moroccans beheading two Swedish tourists. The entire country needs to be glassed.

>>827585757Its always those violent niggs right? Most of the dumb shit here is usually them

>>827585932Ah yeah the two Scandavian girls. Tbf pretty much everyone on the planet warned them not to wander up into the mountains above Morocco because of extremists who would likely rape and kill them but they knew best

I have seen a lot of things. Animal cruelty, other things I won't even mention. But truly, the one video that fucked me up was Funkytown. Not even because of its visuals (albeit they were horrendous to see!) but because hearing him groan in pain. I nearly vomited.

>>827586034Why would you go if someone warned you? especially of shit like that. Served them right

>>827585844Of course that's what you want. Having a girl against her will, because other wise you're a forever alone beta. Fuck off faggot.

>>827586129I know. The information about how dangerous that area was is overwhelming and they would have had to research it in order to travel there. Idiots

>>827586109The Mexicans really need to learn how to sharpen their box cutters

>>827585932one danish and one norwegian. they were brainwashed by their leftist parents

>>827586299The mexicans need a bloody chill pill. They make ISIS look like kids playing in the sandbox.

>>827586229I want to protect women and give them good lives.They need to be wed off virgins to mature men and not allowed to be self destructive and fuck immature young boys and ruin their pair bonding.This is to make sure they have a good life and family.You don't want that though you rather women be self destructive and never be capable of having a good long life and family that cares about her.God forbid we men make sure women are kept in check. Men in the past controlled their women to make sure they had good lives but the weak men of today don't want that responsibility and let women run their own lives and that's why women are so fucked up and unsuitable for marriage today.

>>827586396Cocaine is one hell of a drug


>>827582879So, causing a little girl to suffer is ok when you do it. Gotcha.

>>827586430Is this part of an ironic stand-up comedy act you're working on?

>>827586637So that's all you got?I was hoping for maybe a little bit more dialogue but I guess you are literally braindead.It's unfortunate most fathers are so uncaring and irresponsible letting their daughters destroy society. They are so weak.

>>827586785Is this still part of the routine?

>>827586396>They make ISIS look like kids playing in the sandbox.Although ISIS gets points for camera work, editing, and originality. Cartels make up for their potato cameras with sheer brutality.

>>827586430i agree women shouldnt have rights but im not sure if child marriage is the answer

>>827584976>Dude fucking dead deerpretty sure it's up on zoox18dotcom, the rest is random gore so it's run of the mill shit.

>>827580305EdGey aS fUcKCringe

>>827586866>camera work, >editingits almost like those sand monkeys wouldnt be able to do this just like another mass scale event from 19 years ago.

>>827586866Agreed. Lot of effort in some of the ISIS videos. Mexicans still using Blackberries but their brutality is on another level

>>827580574I watched this back to back with The Grifter and I’ll never be the same

>>827586951welcome newfag

>>827586934Just checked out that site out of curiosity as I've never heard of if before. Holy. Shit. That's fucked up!

>>827586970Balance fear with video quality. To be honest, I get less of a reaction with ISIS videos because they're so HQ, meaning they feel fake. Whilst on the mexican cartel videos, the potato quality and brutality seriously creates that feeling of real-life. Horrible!

>>827586863You have no idea how to respond because your world view is shattered.Otherwise you would at least tell me why you think I'm wrong.>>827586915Fathers should still be allowed to wed their daughters off when they think they should.If I were to have a daughter I would like her to get groomed by a trusted valuable friend of mine when shes little and by 7-10 shes married. Once she reaches puberty her husband can teach her stuff about sex and such safely, I think this is the best way sex ed can ever be done.They can start having kids once her hips have widened around the age of 13-15.If you wouldn't want to marry your daughter off that young then that's fine but fathers should have the option.

>>827587164Yeah you do sometimes feel like you're watching a Hollywood movie with the production value of ISIS videos. In Mexico you know full well that coke snorting lunatic is filming on a Blackberry he just mugged from one of customers

>>827585544>>827585214>>827581298i saw that, its from one of the "august underground"movies, i dont know wich one

>>827580305i saw a murdered girl whose stomach had been cut out and the dick was going through the vagina and was poking out the cavity where her stomach would be

>>827587234There's honestly just too much to pick apart dude and frankly you seem rather unwell and I don't think engaging in your bizarre fantasy world is going to do much for either of our sanity so we'll just sit on either side of the fence (in completely different fields on separate continents)


>>827584261kind of cringe to say that because people are mean sometimes that they should experience unimaginable suffering. are you christian or muslim?

>>827580834this happened last month? Is there a news article about it or something?

>>827587417That picture is fake. The OG picture of that is just the girl with her stomach cut out. The dick was edited in

>>827587423If only the world was tribal and only little city states and such then everyone would have their own little community and feel more connected.Now large swaths of people are mashed together with very different beliefs and that will only turn out one way.Everything I'v said was practiced before in history and worked.Far from fantasy world.

>>827587619we just need to remove women from any powerful part of society

A bunch of dolphins killing themselves by beaching themselves.

>>827587423What he ( >>827587234 ) is describing has happened for the majority of human existence

>>827587668That doesn't really cut it and not really the problem at hand.Yes women shouldn't be in power at all but the problem is not controlling women's lives in general and making sure they are house wives and making babies.

>>827587618thats actually good to know cheers

>>827587744multiple dubs in thread. truly based man with god on his side.

>>827585071Someone posted it on Holla Forums

>>827587081Yeh, it's not the best if hot girls getting knotted is your thing, it's more a guys putting their dicks in strange places sort of site.

Worst is probably any number of beheading videos i've seen.Followed by finding [email protected] shit on Kazaa when i was a child; myself.

>>827582233I member

>>827588088Yeah right! Haven't been shocked by just a thumbnail in a long while!

>>827588176Yup. I remember being a a kid / early teen and wanting to see girls my own age, I mean mainstream porn circa early 00's was rough, 90% hairy chain smoking 40 somethings straight from the local pool hall / dive bar was bulk on some seedy, seedy sites.

>>827588499yeah i had been looking for my age range too. I still remember that video to this day. Guess that's what happens when you watch Basic Instinct every morning. xD

>>827582508How did you find that video in an archived thread?Did you use desuarchive.org???

>>827588176What is [email protected]?


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>>827589125Cheese Pizza (CP)

>>827580890Fuck that one is old, that's in the old faces of death

>>827580305Saw a dude jerk off into a baby's mouth then it started cryingSaw a pedo thread up forever on Holla Forums before it got deleted

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>>827583805Goddamn I hate that ugly little goblin piece of shit I'd love to see her on an ISIS beheading video that'll teach her for being a commie globohomo refugee loving puppet

>>827585351got any sauce?

>>827580574This but I didn't cum buckets. I contacted the fucking police because I'm not a sick fuck

>>827580647Nope. Thankfully its been completely scrubbed

There was a video posted here years ago of a British guy performing a self castration. What was unnerving was the way he was calmly narrating the process, almost like he was discussing the weather: "Roight, now I'm gonna cut me nutsack off". Dude must have been on serious drugs to be that calm.


>>827581690Go on crazyshit and hit "brutal" in the search bar

was looking for rape vids and stumbled upon a film where a guy was raping a heavily sedated woman and another one was starting to remove her feet. dont remember if it was saw or meatcleaver but i could not stomach it. that shit was way to real to be fake.

>>827585071People post that shit all the time, but usually you just see the "MODSSSS" replies to the deleted post because it already got caught

>>827581533Generations of blood libel don't die when the Spaniards come.

>various animals eating people alive>people skinned alive>baby rape/dead baby rape>suicide attempts gone wrong>animals raping peopleIt may have been the cartel guys who injected someone intravenously with acid, but it didn't actually work for some reason so they beat/raped this girl to death.IDK, it was just the way they did it.

>>827589984I don’t think I’d ever be able to hack watching that video

>>827589060he made and sold CP.

Hillary Clinton The grifterIn that order

>>827582965fucking rekt

>>827580560>>827580636>>827580834When was this? Are there any news articles about it?

>>827583199to me its corporate

Does no one have any of these to post?