Secrets! Let’s hear your kinks or dirty shit you’ve done

Secrets! Let’s hear your kinks or dirty shit you’ve done

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>>827578437I liked Adele when she was fat

>>827578437i snooped through my roommate's closet while he was out of town. i found some of his girlfriend's bras and panties as well as a set of dildos and a strap on they use with each other. needless to say that was a fun weekend in by myself.

When I was 14 my sister dated a black guy. I once found a used condom in the trashcan in her bedroom and licked the outside and shoved it over my cock imagining it had my sisters pussy moist on it. I eventually got bored licking the outside and poured the cum inside it over my cock and fapped with it. When I came I immediately had immense regrets about it. The black guy was actually kind of an asshole and I don't know why I ever felt like rubbing his jizz over my dick

>>827578575Lmao I did this too in college. I found a gag. But that was it. I also snooped through his letters and pics of his gf looking for dirty stuff or nudes. Found nothing :/

>>827578437I let a couple of friends of my Gf to have fun with her while she was passed out drunk. I knew they had the hots for her since they saw her sleeping in panties once so I just pretend to be sleeping and it didnt take long until they were in the room

>>827578602Damn that’s a first bro

>>827578649This makes me hard. More details?

I haven't fapped in 110 days

>>827578437I discovered the only thing I want is real friendship and companionship where people care about you for who you are.Not romantically, just close friendship. I already have a gf I adore but it's a different thing altogether. But if I didn't have her I'd probably wanna kill myselfI realized every goal and huge dream I have is really just an elaborate roundabout way to get that companionship in some way.

>>827578744So you grew up in isolation too huh. I feel you user

Tits that don't match the face. Not actually shopped. Fucking cum every time.

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>>827578437I was once sooooo close to actually raping someone. I was in her apartment building. She was waking home obviously drunk. I was hiding... I only needed to knock her out. But I chickened our at the last second.

>>827578692Well the time they saw her was in summer she was taking a nap and they came visit that time were only 2 of them. At some point I realized they were going to the bathroom really often so I went to check what was going on and I realized that she took her pants for the nap so she was just lying there in her black lace panties it was warm but I never expected that.So from that day onwards I realized that they started checking her out a lot so thats why I decided to see what they were capable of

>>827578959I wish I had you as a friend


>>827578997Lol but I didnt let them do much I had to intervene a couple times cause they were crossing some borders

>>827578790Homeschooled most of my life until Highschool. I made some of the best friends in 9th grade. Then the next year I missed the homeschool freedoms and how easy shit was. So I went back and I remember nothing from those years at all. Until I realized my mistake and came back in senior year. Everyone accepted me back in and it was the best time of my life again. Then I got anxiety/lazy bullshit and went back to do homeschool halfway through the year.Saw my friends at graduation and never again after that. I deprived myself of what I wanted most and missed out on most of my life and best years. All basically just because of sheer laziness and not being willing to go outside of my comfort zone.It's been 4 years since I graduated and I'm still not over it. I've since vowed to take every chance I can to go outside of my comfort zone and befriend everyone, along with being the kind of friend I wish I had to other people.Still just as alone as always despite that.

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>>827579128Reading this makes me realize I have a duck fetish because if that were my girl I would’ve jacked off as they had their way with her

>>827579128tell us what they did user.

>>827578632wearing nothing but his gf's bra and panties around the apartment with one of his dildos up in my asshole was amazing.

>>827579211>I have a duck fetishthat is pretty weird. I just have a kink for girls molesting or exposing their friends.

>>827579077Pic Came from profile for Felka_mitchelle. Never bothered to see if it was legit.

>>827579193Ever heard of Dungeons and Dragons? I know it may sound gay or whatever. But it’s actually strangers coming together and hanging out. Like a real party of friends. I’ve made so many friends playing

>>827579263That does sound amazing. Any other snooping or voyeur stories?

Any femanons here? I’m just wondering if y’all ever into little boys the way some guys are into lolis? Ever had a bf that was into that?

>>827579295I have nothing against it, in fact I'm pretty interested in it and it'd be totally up my alley. I love detail-oriented storytelling and worldbuilding and just being creative in general. I just don't know where to start I guess.I'm part of a discord group where a good amount of them play DnD together but I feel too intimidated to join in and possibly hold them back by not knowing shit about it. Also I'm pretty shy with VC but I need to overcome that. What do you recommend?

>>827579211Yeah tbh was hot af but still I wont feel comfortable with someone actually fucking her>>827579241They didnt do much tbh but that happened a few times they groped her completely tits ass and pussy and ofc fapping next to her with her bra or some dirty panties from the hamper. A couple of times I let them finger her a bit but then at some point I moved and almost "woke up" When I had to intervene was when they tried to get her dicks in her mouth and once one of them pulled her panties down and was trying to get in the bed with us that way really wanted to fuck her lol

I used to have a younger girl with a lack of parental supervision on my cock all the time.I really miss her.

>>827579532For getting started during the pandemic I don’t know, unfortunately. But I know a lot of people are playing online for sure. Definitely look into that. As for learning the game, nah don’t worry about holding them back. It’s dnd culture to throw you into the game. There’s just no way you’ll know all the rules before starting. Try watching some online streams on dnd to get familiar with the rules just a bit. Critical Role is pretty famous and responsible for a surge in dnd players. But yea man, you seem to be halfway there. Most people know how to play just don’t have many friends that do. You have the opposite. Which is soooo much better. Try it out. What will you lose?


Sure thing. This ain't easy, though.>9th grade>There's a sweet, pretty girl who had her lost her legs in an accident and uses a wheelchair>Has very few friends due to her condition>She's a fantastic artist>My friends and I decide to prank her for shits and giggles>I pretend I want to be her friend and she warms up to me instantly>We start to hang out outside of school>Sleep over at her house one night>We play video games, playing some Twisted Metal>Ask her if she can show me her portfolio (she was in the advanced art program in our school and needed to create fifty or so amazing art pieces to pass)>After a game I say I need to go to the bathroom>Pull out big-ass scissors from my pocket (big pocket I was wearing jncos) go into her room, and cut the bottom-half of all of her art pieces off and trash them>Leave>The next day, she rolls up to me in the middle of class, on the verge of crying, and asks me what happened to her art>I said, "I made them look like you">All my friends laugh heartily>She rolls over to her table, alone, and just stares at her hands in her lap for the rest of the dayIt was less than a month before that art was due, too. There's no way she made it up in time. Sometimes I look back and think, "did that make her a stronger person? Or a weaker one?" Sometimes I have a desire to find out. Maybe I'll call her some time.

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i´m virgin not an interesting secrect tho

>>827578602Youre gross. Also i saw you posted the other day too

>>827579797Nah you’re too much of a pussy to do that

>>827579700Makes sense, I'll check out Critical Role. I'm into Cosmonaut Variety Hour and they have a DND podcast so I'll try getting into that and learn what I can from it. Then I'll see if I can join in with the Discord buds.I appreciate it user, I'm going to get into DnD now just because of you. Just wanted to give you those convert points so DnD God will bless you for your good work

>>827578437>I was in a military summer camp in early teens>for lunch one day they gave us cupcakes >I half ate mine and had to go take a piss. >Left the cupcake by the sink while I pissed. >When I was done I washed my hands but forgot to grab the cupcake. >10 minutes later entire camp was told to form in front of the washroom>motherfucking guy in charge of the camp comes out of the washroom with cupcake in hand.>hollyfuckingshit.jpg>the typical "just say you did it and nothing will happen" talk>don't say shit>100+ people got in trouble cause I ain't about to rat myself out over a fucking cupcake and my bad memory

>>827579797there is an anime movie about that but the girl is deaf and the guy is not a complete piece of shit as you

>>827580032Glad to hear that :) Trust me it’ll be worth it. Especially if you crave companionship. That game is purely companionship :)

>>827579797This is a great copypasta but an old one. 6 years later and still makes me mad

>>827580074Fucking private piles!

>be horny teenager>neighbour MILF and her two jailbait daughters are on vacation and asked my parents to watch the house and gave them the key>mom tells me to check the neighbours house for mail>go into their house and spend like half an hour looting the daughters closet for panties and stuffing my head underneath their bedsheets and sniffing it while masturbating>felt high as fuck and shot a fat load

>>827580348Mmmm I totally understand you user I would’ve too

>>827578602I was on board with the first half. Not so much the second.

>>827580074Who stops halfway through eating a tiny-ass cupcake to go take a piss? Then proceeds to set it down by the sink in the restroom to eat afterwards?Are you fucking actually mentally retarded?

>>827579879I was 14 at the time and yes I've posted it before.

>>827580379It was amazing I can still remember the smell man i was such a pervy little shit back then

>>827580348>>827580379I would’ve as well

>>827580348I was about to judge you and then I remembered basically doing that same thing in my female cousin's room when I was 12.Guess I was actually worse. You win this round user

Femanons, if you had a male teacher that was hot while you were in middle school, would there be any scenario where you would fuck them for real?


>>827579797You sir, are a cunt of the highest order. I salute you.


>>827580534We’re all dudes here Lol

Sister made me sniff her asshole when we were like 10 years oldGave me a butthole fetish for the rest of my life

>>827579372i was once at a (platonic) female friend's place for a party. ended up getting wasted and crashed on her couch. the next morning, she had to leave for work, but she told me i could stay as long as i needed, shower, etc. i ended up looking through her hamper and found her dirty workout shorts as well as some other used panties. had a field day in her bed, sniffing the workout shorts and jerking myself off with her panties wrapped around my cock.

>>8275804411. I was like 13. So ya pretty retarded2. It was one of those big ones, like fist and a half sized

I'm a landlord. It's not because of money, I have money. I was born into money. Money is not a problem for me.It gets me off.Think about it. All BDSM revolves around power -- dominant, submissive. A lot of BDSM isn't even outright pornographic. My kink sure isn't.But what's even hotter is that it's unwilling. Every pay check, which keeps you from growing your own personal wealth, goes to me. A person who doesn't even *need* that money. Not only that, but I hold your financial future in my hands. Your future, and your children's future, and even your children's children's futures are all cradled in my hands like a delicate baby bird.At any moment I could wrap my hands and suffocate you. Your hollow little bones snapping like twigs. It would be so easy. But I choose not to, because hurting you isn't just what gets me off. It's your fear that does. It's you living every day knowing how vulnerable you are. And you're going to say vulnerable, because you are paying a totally unnecessary amount of money just to have a roof over your head.I make you squirm, and I let you float just enough to where you think you might have a chance. My cock is hard and dribbling as I think about it. I'm gonna jerk off to this later.

>>827580588Checked. Of that day I dont have I can post a pic of her ass in panties so you get an idea what did they see

Anal raped this chick at a party after she passed out drunk and came in her ass. She was trying to get me to stop but I just stuffed her face in a pillow. When I was done with her she locked her self in a bathroom and was sobbing for like 30 minutes. One of my friends went to go comfort her knowing she was blackout drunk and started undressing her in there and she was resisting. So he threw her to the ground and took her panties off and raped her in missionary. She ended up passing out from the shock and when he was done he just left her on the bathroom floor so the rest of the frat could bang her. This girl ended up dropping out and deleted all social media and we never saw her again.

>>827580783Ever think about being a teacher? Students futures in your hands

>>827580819I hope one of you fucks recorded this

>>827580788Yes plz

>be 6'2>gf 5'10 for a long time>break up>date 5'2>never been hornier and harder than everTall women are no longer attractive to me.

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>>827580917There you go just imagine that ass half covered with a lace panty

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>>827578437Pretty sure I was born hypersexual.I have almost no memories of being younger than 5, like most people do. Except everything I do remember was me smashing my dick into everything because it "felt good." I used to hang off the edges of couches doing that shit and everyone was around. I did it often.Fuck, that part was a repressed memory and I'm ready to an hero just thinking about it. What the fuck?Anyways, when I was 5-7 I remember my mom would sunbathe outside and I'd peek out of the blinds watching her and playing with my penis.When I started going to school, I used to smash my dick up against the little cubby under the desk as I sat there, staring at the female teachers. I'd orgasm but was too young to have any cum.I literally masturbated every day before even reaching puberty, as far as I can remember. Because of that, I remember the day when my dick started getting hard around 8-9 years old and it was messing with my smushing routine but I kept doing it.Around 9-10, I cummed for the first time and though there was puss coming out of my dick from smushing it all the time. I Webmd'd "puss coming from penis" on the family computer and freaked out thinking I'd have to tell my mom. After narrowing my google searches down I ended up learning what semen was.Then eventually I learned how to fap like a normal person when I was 12-ish and for the most part haven't stopped. I mean, I probably masturbate less than I did then. But it's always been a part of my life and I've always been overly sexually attracted to almost every woman I see.Over time I've really tried my best to function as a normal person and almost no one should be able to tell now. I just really hate it and I distinctly remember being so upset I wanted to cut my balls off to make the constant horniness stop when I was 13-15 years old.So yeah, I doubt anyone can relate to that but let me know if you're out there. Or tell me what the fuck is going on with me and why I'm this way

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>>827580971just get caught and you wont have to wish for it anymoreI've solved your life crisis you faggot

>>827580971What’s holding you back? Is it that you just don’t want to hurt him by dropping the break up bomb? Or do you feel animosity towards him hence the cheating? Or simply not happy?

>>827581041Shit I realized all the unaware redditspacing I did made me look like a fucking psycho. Gotta ease off the enter button

>>827581030Thank you not bad any tits?

>>827580348On a similar note, I was in a student exchange program, went to Germany, and German students came to our school and stay at our houses. Normally guys got paired with guys and girls with girls, but the German school had more girls than we did so 3 guys got to pair up with German girls. I got lucky as fuck and my German partner was a hot as fuck blonde. There were a few times that the German students would all travel around the city, so I was left alone at my house. I had a copy of their itinerary so I knew exactly what time she'd be back home. Oh boy was I like a kid in a candy shop. Had hours to just go through everything that she had and jacked off so fucking much. Licked so many used panties. Had enough time to go through everything and put everything back so she never knew that anything was moved.

>>827581041Dude this is just like me. I remember I used to hump the floor and masturbate in prek when I went to the restroom.

>>827581078he leaves me = getting back together someday possibleI leave him = not possibleI also just don't like the idea of being the one that gave up I guess

I once edged my gf a few times early in the day before she saw 3 different clients later on throughout the day (she's an escort). I told her she's not allowed to cum until I let her when I see her again later.

>>827581114Sorry bro thats all I can share and now I go to bed.

>>827578437Data mine threadHide it, and keep scrolling

>>827580783this, but I get off on managing peoples finances. I get a sexual thrill from taking someone who doesn't know shit about how to manage spending, organizing their savings, giving them an allowance, and gradually fixing things for them. fixing their lives and making them powerless at the same time, so they have to come to me anytime they want to buy anything. I considered being an accountant but doing it for work would probably ruin the fun of jacking it while gently reprimanding someone for the amount of meals they have delivered.

>>827581146that's definitely the wrong way around. if you leave him, he'll be wanting more and will be more receptive to getting back together. if it's the other way around, then it'll likely be because he's not into you anymore or he's upset with you for some (big) reason, so he wouldn't want to take you back.

I feel like I'm gay because I naturally have a bubble butt, a tiny cock and am a 25 year old virgin, but anytime I've tried to stuff a lubed up toy into my ass I absolutely hated it. I don't really find men attractive at all either, but for some reason I like looking at pictures of dicks. Idk.I have trouble interacting with women in any social setting, and it stems from my deep seeded insecurity about me being a tiny dicked, ugly, 25 year old vrgin. I pretend I'm anxious but in reality i'm scared of social interaction with the fairer sex, i'm not anxious at allI'm not gay, I'm just a loser who thinks he's gay to cope with the fact that no woman has ever, or will ever love me.

>>827581146You gave up already by choosing to cheat on him. That part is already done. Unless you stop what you're doing and tell him and ask him for a second chance.

>>827581146and what part of the current situation makes you think you haven't given up already?

I had sex with my brother for a few years in high school and college. 31/f

>>827581146Well speaking freely, it seems you’re putting yourself in this category where you have no way out. And that mentality is what makes it reality. Breaking up doesn’t mean you’ll get back together. If you think that, it only means you’re admitting you’re open to getting back together. Maybe feelings are still there? Maybe he’s what is familiar and the unfamiliar may not be what you want?You can break up with him you know. You can decide to break free of what you don’t want. Or just be honest to him and tell him. Ask for a deal where it can end up being an open relationship. But don’t violate his trust like that. That, I know, is wrong.


>>827580783Currently a poorfag, though my dad owns multiple properties, so I'm pretty much just waiting to inherit it all to become someone like yourself

>>827581129Maybe we're evidence of incarnation? How does a fucking child without the need or ability to fulfill sexual impulses still get them anyways, and how does masturbating become a thing before puberty?Maybe we died dick in-hand in our past lives. Or maybe I'm just fucked up in the head

>>827581265Tits and time stamp

>>827578437I crossdress in seceretI let my gfs dogs fuck my ass almost dailyI hook up with older guys sometimesI have molested a few peopleI fucked my best friends gf twice at his houseI wear anal pleasure toys almost 80% of the time

>>827579436I am 36. I get extremely wet at the sight of 11 and 12 years old, just while they're on the cusp of starting puberty. I would love to get naked with them and show them just what kind of pleasure they can derive from their smooth little bodies, and the thought of having one (or a few) cum inside me is a life long dream.I'm renting a beach house this summer, and i plan to spend a lot of time on that beach, wearing a tight and very skimpy bikini, and I'll be on the lookout for any boys who might happen to notice me or show any interest. And if any do, I'll strike up a conversation, make them feel as comfortable as I can, and then do everything I can to fuck their little brains out before the night is through. If it's like last summer, when I met up with a group of 19 year olds, it'll be fun. I slept with most of them - boys and girls - and there was even some minor group action a couple of times. And while it was great having bare 19 year old cock sliding in and out of my pussy, I'm gonna be on the lookout for some of those younger boys, eleven or twelve, with their smooth little bodies and who might just show an interest... and, if they do.. well, I am not even going to try to stop myself. After this Covid shit, life is too short. I'm gonna teach some nice young gentlemen just what their bodies can do and how much fun they can have. I get soaked just thinking about it.

>>827581270>trying to reason with a whorethe only honest reaction you can get from someone like her is by slapping your dick into her face.

>>827581146post some pics, will rate.

>>827581330 Nahh. I don’t view it that way. I understand why you would think that though. Being scolded soooooo many times in our youth to not do things like that. But no. Humans are still animals. We have needs and desires. Kids are still sexual they just hide it. I bet you more than anything that there’s some little kids out there with phones passing shit around. It’s their nature. Our nature

>>827579797In my country, we have different difficulty levels of school. So after elementary school, we get separated based on our performance. I went to school for "smart kids", no one there would have dared to do that. Even if you did, you would never have a friend again, no one would talk to you.We had a girl at school, she was like 2 feet tall, her body was all crooked, she needed leg prostetics and sat in the wheelchair most of the time. We didn't befriend her because she was a grumpy bitch...

>>827581388Bruh you would totally cheat on your girl too if given the opportunity

>>827581480I already do, but that is my right as an alpha male to take what is available.the slut you're replying to just cant walk past a man on the street without almost dropping to her knees

>>827581370Kik meanon27469

>>827581370Did you by any chance do sexual things at age 13?

>>827581530Hahaha you speak like someone with horns. Now I know why she bugs the hell out of you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>827581370What would you do if you had kids?

>>827581450Sounds reasonable, I get that. I guess I can understand some basic horniness being a part of all of humanity, even from birth.But I've been horny to an extreme degree my whole life, especially pre-puberty and I just can't figure it out. Like, I'd do voyeur shit like take all my clothes off and stand behind a couch. Or smush my dick on the end of anything humpable. I made all my toys have sex. And It was never a private thing, people would always be involved with all of the above. I didn't have shame built into me yet or something, because I acted on every single impulse like it was just normal.I don't know anymore but I'm trying to find a reason for it all. Could I have been molested really young or something? Did someone watch porn with me in the crib? Should I see a psychiatrist?

>>827581370I'd love to talk to you more about this! kik:anon8325

my uncle molested both me and my sister, lot of years of therapy to get over that


>>827582354Did you like it tho? Grown dick at a young age. Must’ve been nice

>>827578437found out my wife used to fuck her brother, thinking of divorcing her now

>>827582489really messed us up for years. He would sometimes use both of us at the same time, or have us perform for him and friends or share us with his friends, its really bad when someone you trust does that

>>827582504not really

>>827580783thank god for rent control, I barley even give them 1/10th of my pay check a month, feels good, esp with tenant laws that protect me from anything

>>827578437found out my mom and dad were into swinging and she had cucked him

>>827581188your not her bf, your just a client that pays in other ways.

>>827581450>Kids are still sexual they just hide it.this is so true. I was so incredibly adept at hiding it from adults, and I was a bit of a master at finding kids who would be willing and open to playBut I knew how to keep my mouth shut and play nonchalant and innocent while the adults were around, but when they were gone I turned into a cock hungry slut who could never get enough. And, really, still fuckin' can't. But when I was lucky enough to find a young friend who was open to playing the kind of games I wanted to play - we got off to a slow start, just jerking each other off for weeks, but finally I got my lips around that cock and convinced him to do the same, and in about six months we were fucking. .This continued for a couple of years until he had to move upstate to look after his grandma, who was getting sick. I had a really hard time adjusting when he left, because I had grown really attached to him, and, hell, I just might have been in love with him, which might be why . I actually let him fuck me that last night. He was leaving in the morning, and we were lying together on the twin bed, cuddling quietly, while he started to stick his hands down the back of my shorts, feeling my ass and really turning me on. When his finger connected with my hole, it felt like my whole body was on fire, and I almost came right there. And I knew right then that I absolutely had to have that cock inside me, and I needed to feel its juices pumping into my ass.

>>827582871how were they swingers and he was a cuck? also sorry your mom is a whore

My adult life has veen spent being cucked. I met my wife and she didnt want to do it.Eventually she saw the merits of it n 3 years into the marriage she started fucking others.

>>827582999started off at swinger swap parties, but then just turned into her getting fucked by various black guys

moved to a bew town when I was 22 and recebtly single. Got a new circle of friends and went very sissy and gay.Most of the guys yad a bi curious side they quietly explored with me. Mainly having their dicks sucked.

I lost my virginity to a transwoman when I was 20, it went terribly wrong and I feel like a fucking disgusting looser for it. I'm BI but I feel like a disguting fag anyways, I cannot tell this any normal person without feeling like a creep.

I was a virgin when I met my wife while she on the other hand was very promiscuous. it didn't bother me at all and she is very loving and completely loyal,when we got married she said she felt bad that she got to sleep around while I have only been with her and that she feels bad that guys who her friends have married had slept with her while I didn't get to sleep with her friends.she offered me the chance to sleep with her friends as a way to "make up" for what she did before we met. I said ok and next time she had her friend with big tits over she got her super drunk and started to make out with her. her friend was into it and my wife lead her to the bed room. I pretended that i had come home quietly and walked in and my wife faked to keep me from leaving her i would get to fuck her first it was just a threesome but then my wife slowly started to back away and then just watched and masturbated while I fucked her friend the way she taught me how t fuck. I think her friend realized she was being set up but she didn't care and fucked her for the next few hours. she has come over many times and I've fucked a total of 5 of her friends who married guys who fucked her. its pretty great for me and she likes to watch me please them the way she taught me

I was molested by my mother and am too ashamed to even tell my psychiatrist about it. At the same time I've masturbated to memories of it and don't know why, it just left me even more ashamed and messed up.

>>827582737Both girls?

>>827583556Lies, women cant rape men

Wife and I got in to cucking after new year. She found a bbc bull tbat she fucked twice before lockdown happened.Yesterday as first day after lockdown he came over at lunch. She insisted they wear masks and went to our guest room.Listened to her cum time and time again as he pounded lockdown frustration out.

>>827582871How do you feel about that?

>>827581554yes. But I had already been doing sexual things since age 8, when I used to jerk off my brother, who was 10

>>827583618no, my sister and me ( guy)

>>827583743little shocked,, not something I would have ever guessed that my mom was into or like that

>>827583556>very hot if girl>moderately hot if guyhow old were you at the time?

My sister and I used to have a standing booty call

anyone know what happened to that girl who posted about cucking her husband with her boss? last time she posted was January and told us about how her boss and a co worker double teamed her in an elevator at the Christmas party

>>827583936cousin and me hooked up a few times over the years, usually when we were both single

I feel you too user, I always wondered what it was like to have friends and not doubt their love for you

>>827584017Yeah that was basically us too. Only when we were single to get off. How did it start with your cousin?

I still eat my boogers

>>827583862I'm a guy.Don't remember exactly when it started, 10 or 11 I think. Went on til I was 16

the iceberg will not survivedo not stand with Hong Kong, Kimthis is MY thread

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>>827584033That's an entirely different thing. If you're doubting them it's just your own insecurities fucking with your head. It's likely they do care about you, otherwise they wouldn't waste their time

>>827581705are these things actually causing any damage to your life? There's nothing wrong with being horny. As long as it isn't interfering with your daily living, I don't think you have any kind of a problem, user. Maybe you have to achieve orgasm a little more frequently than some other statistical user, but you're probably up there at least a couple of times a day, at risk of exposure to this goddamned virus, no matter what you do.If you can have a healthy attitude towards sex, it should be quite simple. You can even be a bit of an exhibitionist if you want. Maybe it's the idea of getting, exercising, and maintaining control over another person. But you can flirt from six feet away quite easily, and you can build up a fuckton of sexual tension with such a distance. Maybe we'll see some really hot Covd-porn come out of all this.Lots of people have different drives, desires, and motivations when it comes to sex.Be open with your partner, have a frank conversation, and figure out what works for you. But don't be afraid to express your freedoms and your desires. Experiment if you want. Live a little. You just might find that you kind of enjoy it.

I've piled about 200+ pounds onto my gf after she had an accident. She hates it, which makes me diamonds. Now she can't stop herself from getting bigger and she's planning on stopping with smoking. The guilt is so hot.

I'm happily engaged to a beautiful young woman...but am sexually active with a 9 yr old we babysit from time to time/sleeps over, spends time at our place, etc.

>>827584337details please

>>827580416My sister dating a black guy?

I have gf but I secretly enjoy fapping to nude pictures of girls I know that I either found on the internet or through catfishing. I want to blackmail them into sending me nudes and fucking me but Im too scared I dont want to go to jail.

>>827584294I appreciate it but I recommend clicking back through my replies and reading the whole story. It's not that I'm just "horny." It's actual hypersexuality that's beyond what's normal for a person and I've been that way since birth.I've learned to hide it and be more socially acceptable with time, since I was about 15 probably. But it's still there and it's been fucking with my close relationships since then as well, and I don't really want to dive into that part.

>>827584594I don't know if that's normal or not but I pretty much do the same thing. Don't do the blackmail though, that's a terrible idea and you'll definitely go to jail just for a little tug of the old rope

>>827584398It all started when I noticed she was tickling me really very close to my crotch, almost obvious she was groping to feel "it". Happened on more than one occasion, & she'd find any chance to be alone with me and/or give her back rubs. Openly admitted to her mom that she has a crush on me; mom played it off as a super cute thing & that it shows how much she trusts me, etc.

I catfished my ex and she ended up sending me a vid of her fucking a random guy. I hate it but I can't help but fap

>>827584726gotta share that shit to help get some closure anonIf you make someone else happy with what you got it'll make it all be worth it

>>827584398Anyway, I noticed her on her phone & tablet looking up sexual stuff about boys. Also kept catching her trying to look at my dick through my swim trunks/shorts when we swam or just hanging out. She'd sit on my lap & move around a bit, made me hard a few times: she definitely felt it.

Smells great, even tho there’s been multiple visitors in my ex wife’s pussy

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>>827584782who says I havent


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>>827584398One day I decided to ease her curiosity; went to take a piss while we were watching TV in the living room & intentionally left the bathroom door open a crack.Sure enough I hear it creak open a bit & see her staring through, from my peripheral.Made my heart beat like crazy for some reason, but I liked the feeling, lol. Stood there & stroked myself a bit/gave her a show; pretended not to notice her. She left back to the living room once I was washing up.

>>827584841Fair point. How about in this thread though since it's already on the brain?

>>827584958Eh maybe

>>827584933Thats lowkey cute and dubs speak the truth

I spent two years in a mental institution for children. I was 12 when I went in 14 when I came out. My step brother had been raping me since I was 7. When I was 12 I had enough and waited for a weekend our parents were gone. I got up early and went into his room and grabbed his aluminum bat and hit him in the head as hard as I could. His arms got stiff and his eyes were open but he didn’t look like he knew what was going on. I smashed the bat as hard as I could into his groin. His arms and legs flailed around trying to defend himself so I hit those to. At some point he passed out and I spread his leg and hit his crotch over and over as hard as I could. When I saw his boxers were soaked in blood I stopped. I destroyed his testicles and did so much damage to the tissue of his penis part of it had to be amputated along with his entire scrotum which I tore to shreds. There was a big investigation but when they found out about the abuse I plea bargained into the mental ward. And after only two years I was cleared by the doctor to be released. It’s been over ten years and I have a loving husband a don’t two kids.

>>827584933Has it gone any further? Done anything physical with her?

>>827585215Long story short: one thing lead to another & we're having sex on an almost regular basis; always begging her mom to come over/spend time with us, sleep over, etc...Never in my life thought I'd be emptying my balls into a 9 yr olds' pussy, Jesus Christ.

I kinda raped my friends wife and he may have raped mine I’m not sure. We were on a vacation together and everyone was partying hard. The girls got way to drunk way to fast and passed out. He and I kept drinking and the topic turned to sex. Then we started talking about what we liked about the others wife. He liked my wife’s thin figure and plump ass and I was obviously enamored with his wife’s giant breasts. She was a natural double e. We talk more and come up with idea to check on them see how out they were and feel them up. We say if things are good we’ll undress them and meet back up. We checked separately and mine was out. So I undressed her and went back in the living room to wait for him. He’s taking awhile I think maybe somethings wrong but then he comes out and says she out but he was just to horny and he fucked so that’s why it took so long. Said he was sorry and asked if I still wanted to. Told him I did and we agreed on 10minutes alone and we could touch whatever we wanted but no more. So I went into their room and she was lying spread eagle with her tits out and cum leaking from her. The sight really got to me and I didn’t care about the rules I went up to her jammed my dick in her and squeezed the hell out of her tits. I came in her but stayed hard so I tried to cum again. I was almost out of time but I managed to cum twice in 10 minutes. When I got back out he was sitting on the couch looking guilty. I wondered if he had done the same as me. He says he’s sorry but he stuck two fingers in her and rubbed his thumb on her butthole. I sighed and laughed and told him it was fine. I said I sucked on his wife’s tits and said I noticed a huge pool of cum one the bed. And he boasted that it was him and he always came that much. I just wanted him not to be suspicious of what I added to her. First thing I did when I went to bed was check her for cum. Didn’t find any so he either used a condom, didn’t cum in her, or really didn’t fuck her

>>827585358The first time things got sexual was when she was pretending to fall asleep & moved around to grab a handful of my dick; I pretended to stay asleep & not she proceeded to feel me & explore it as I "slept". It was crazy how fast my dick got hard in her little hands. The next time we were alone, I told her that I liked what she did "the other night/last time she was here" & that she could see it & touch it anytime she wanted.It was super adorable to see how red & embarrassed she got, but I said it was okay & that I would never tell anyone, etc...later on during one of her backrubs, I grabbed plenty of her little butt & inner thighs. She was butter in my hands, lol.

>>827579436femanon here that’s into loli. shota too but not as much. it’s weird because i’m straight.

>>827585611Tits or GTFO

>>827585393Nice you have any pics of her? SFW ofc since Mr. FBI is watching

>>827585244damn, how did the parents react? how old was the brother? why did you never tell your parents? does hubby know? how many guys have you slept with besides those 2? anything you won't do because of brother?

>>827579797You sir are a gigantic arsehole

>>827585707Yeah, of course I do, lol. Would only share on Wickr though. Only ones I have of her are very lewd, or naked/getting fucked/sucking my cock, etc...

>>827580819Hot as fuck but your a piece of shit lol

>>827585764The names fruitssm there

>>827585417sounds like you got the better end of the deal. if she got pregnant would you be worried? did his wife notice the cum in her?

>>827585764You actually get it inside her? Can she take all of it?

>>827580667Please explain

Fucked my Highschool teacher at a masquerade fetlife party. I was fucking her from behind, started to pound her, could hear her moaning saying she was about to cum. I whispered in her ear “you arent allowed to cum mrs user.” She starting shake and quiver. She didn't fucking obey me. She didnt know who i was but she did know I was a student.

>>827585965At first she couldn't, but about a month into it, I could fit into her after about 15-20 minutes of going down on her & getting her really, really wet. She's almost 10 problems fitting into her. Can't bottom out though, she's too small/extremely tight, for obvious reasons. She's completely unsupervised on her phone/tablet, so I know for a fact all the exposure to what the internet has to offer in regards to sex is what's gotten her & I here.

>>827586130you’re a lucky man :(


>>827585732He was 17 when I castrated him. Our parents divorced. I never told anyone because I was ashamed and embarrassed. Hubby knows I was in psych for tape but not for what I did to my step brother. 4 total guys in my whole life including hubby and stepbrother. I don’t like anal but husband hasn’t asked for it so fingers crossed he never does.

>>827583750Did you do that all on your own or did someone else teach you first?

>>827586340Sry, no Kik.

>>827586236Thank you sir, I do feel absolutely lucky myself. It's been an incredibly amazing experience so far.

>>827585954She didn’t get pregnant and if she complained about the cum it would have been to him so I have no idea.

>>827586661Kik is shit and a trap. You need wickr if you're going to discuss this.

>>827586688I'll bite wickr: johnjay30

My husband is a cuck and he finally convinced me to fuck a friend of ours. Now it's all he talks about in bed. We haven't had sex in months and he won't even try. I don't really have any sexual satisfaction in the bedroom anymore. He just flips onto his side or asks me to go into the next room and message him about how he was cucked. He won't even cum in my mouth because he "isn't worthy"

>>827587346lol, the down sides of being married to a cuck and not being a whore. how was the friend and why haven't you fucked him or anyone else since? can you show us your tits or anything?

I had sex with my daughter on a holiday trip. She was 19 back then. It was the best sex I ever had

>>827587509The friend was fine, the first guy since my husband who made sex feel like he wanted me to be pleased as much as himself. It was good sex but I didnt like that it wasnt with my husband. but he really wanted me to do it and basically pleaded. I felt guilty the whole time and still cry when i think about it. The lockdown has prevented it but I don't want to go and fuck other men. I want to fuck my husband. I'd even take anal at this point

>>827588147damn, sorry user you married a bitch, has he asked for more people or even for you to fuck niggers?>>827587969fuck her since? how did she feel? did she call you daddy?

>>827582646DO IT user, but make her re tell the stories as you fuck her one last time

>>827588447Yes, we occassionally had sex afterwards, but not nearly enough in my opinion.It was the absolute best. She had such passion, like she couldn't get enough of me.Not the first time, but the later times she did. Damn I almost came when she moaned it

>>827588447He only wants me to fuck two of his friends (both white). He is great in all ways except for this fetish. It's driving me insane since he has a 8.75 in cock but he calls it "tiny and unusable". It feels ridiculous and makes me feel like a whore

>>827588575is she married or have a bf? did you nut in her? how did you get her to do it?

>>827583556you need to get her to finish the job. It's the only way to achieve closure

>>827588688cuck him for /b send a pic

>>827588688Seems like it would be better to find the root of his fetish and fix it, otherwise someone is going to break down

I've been posting my gfs photos on motherless user so i can't take them down

>>827588876He is really insecure and has a small problem with his cock (fixable completely fixable problem he wont get looked at) that makes penetration painful. It really does feel like it will break down if i don't either a) become a whore or b) fix this fetish because though sex isnt everything it makes me feel like im not good enough for him. If I look at him while we're talking dirty he hides his face and wont look at me at all

>>827588747No, she didn't have any partner whenever we had sex.No, I didn't cum inside her, though I wanted to. But in the upside, she swallowed every time.She was the one who initiated it. It started on a holiday trip I wanted to take with my now-ex-wife. She became sick before the trip, and I wanted to cancel it. The hotel and airline would only have given us a little bit of the money back, so it felt like a waste not to go. My wife insisted I should go with her.Once we were there, it was a normal holiday. One evening, it rained and so we decided not to go out. My daughter started to ask if I missed mom, and that she's sorry I can't have sex while on holiday. I joked about it at first and said I could always jerk off while she was in the shower. We both laughed it off, but a bit later she began to rub my crotch. I didn't protest because I was a little tired and just enjoyed it. She then completely went for it and started to jerk me off at first, then sucked me off and finally she climbed ontop of me and fucked me.The rest of the holiday we were acting like a "couple" of sorts, but we stopped as soon as we came back home.

>>827584121What did she do exactly? And why did she stop?

>>827589014how many times have you fucked her? why did you divorce your wife? how old is she now? can you describe her? would you want a cuck son in law or one open to swapping and being ok with you fucking her?

>>827589269If you count the holiday as one occassion, then probably 8 or 9 times. Sometimes more on one occassion, sometimes just once.The divorce had nothing to do with me having sex with our daughter. My ex-wife decided she would no longer need a job because being a secretary is too much work and she'd rather focus on her art. She expected me to just work more than 45 hours a week because according to her "that's what you do when you love someone".I told her I'm not here to work my fingers to the bone just so she could paint while watching Ellen on TV. She got mad, saud I'm ruining her life and this led to a big fight.She's 25 now, which makes me feel old as fuck. She's quite the looker. A bit petite, dark brown hair and wears glasses (but they look cute on her).I honestly never thought about it. She had some boyfriends in between (which is when we didn't fuck), but she broke up with them for one reason or another. Not sure m, but if she'd find a guy that makes me happy I'd stop having sex with her. I raised no thot

>>827589428This totally looks like a spy picture, no way she saw you right infront of her

Fucked my girlfriends sister who was 15 whilst i was 26, my girlfriend works as a manager at a supermarket so sometimes she has to work at night when an alarm goes off.Her sister stays over atleast once a week or so because they get along really well. I've also noticed she's attracted to me because she likes to touch me alot, even lay on my chest when we're watching a movie (which my girlfriend thinks is completely normal from some reason)One day my girlfriend's sister went to our house after a party at about 2 am or so, right when my girlfriend had to go fix the alarm at work.Was watching a movie and she just drunkingly jumped on me as a joke and started rubbing my dick, she acted like she was doing it jokingly but shit got me hard real quick and she noticed.Started saying drunk shit like if i wasn't with her sister she'd fuck me and i kinda abused the situation of her being drunk and replied i'd fuck her too after which she said she'd suck my dick here and there.We ended up fucking and came in her, she had to get a morning after pill the next day.After that it just went downhill as she told my girlfriend what happened a few days later and then we broke up lol.

>>827589832why do you think she does it? do you know if she was slutty in college? why don't you think she lets you cum in her?

>>827590212why the fuck did she tell her?

>>827590261I never asked, but if I had to guess it has something to do with it being taboo. She has always had a knack for the forbidden things.I don't know for sure, but I don't think outright slutty. But I heard a few different names of guys she referred to as her boyfriend.Honestly, no idea, but I'm not mad in the slightest

>>827590405Because teenagers are retarded and bragging matters a lot to them

I usually go on the chan while using the bathroom.

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>>827590474Have a nice shit

>>827578518understandable>>827578575anon pegs himself>>827578649cucked>>827578744wholesome, but seek therapy>>827578927degenerate>>827579211anon is aroused by waterfowl>>827579666chris would like you to sit down>>827580074based collective punishment>>827580348degenerate, they trusted you with their house>>827580667a lifetime of therapy awaits