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Attached: cabbage.png (600x498, 113.06K)


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Attached: 4062ace5b63a278e047914221fcc4685.960x721x1.jpg (960x721, 80.5K)

Attached: e8bcceed70fad08ddd24d561b581e925.625x468x1.jpg (625x468, 55.82K)


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Attached: 1484922960845.jpg (750x750, 89.21K)

Attached: 1587575146742.jpg (235x287, 17.31K)

>>827577853fragile nigger ITT

>>827577998I'm white and enjoy these, keep them coming my brown friend.

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Attached: 1587575064238.png (500x436, 92.45K)

>>827577898imagine being a braindead spick enough to find this funny. white people are better than you, you know it and youre angry. now get over it

>>827578010Oh wow what a knee slapper

>>827578105you're not a white peopleprobably some mud creaturestep off faggot

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Attached: 1485542684035.png (623x622, 468K)

Attached: 4b83e774efa9d0389861f02ba68375af9ab286dcdefb374c5b4970461acc0be4.jpg (625x415, 45.21K)

Attached: 251.png (500x499, 141.55K)

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Attached: 1489457104201.png (448x441, 228.53K)

this thread sucks

Attached: 8c8.jpg (392x418, 25.27K)

>>827578268Gtfo Patrick this is my thing

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Attached: 1490574514158.png (700x597, 507.82K)

Attached: funny-white-people.jpg (620x533, 43.89K)

>>827577528I don’t get it

Attached: 1491936780408.jpg (640x725, 98.78K)

Attached: 1573366017000.webm (640x360, 1.91M)

Attached: white-people_o_1845205.jpg (640x972, 410.52K)

Attached: magatard_jumper.gif (400x228, 1.87M)

Attached: 1492419024469.jpg (1031x890, 278.8K)

Attached: 1588114055745.jpg (750x743, 75.31K)

Attached: cbd41a26-cd7b-44c2-b0c0-3fca62ec6a3a..jpg (1280x644, 142.51K)

>>827578010Funny and original


Attached: 1494000806594.jpg (640x715, 54.48K)

Attached: 1586513919700.gif (400x286, 876.32K)

Attached: 1495889956554.jpg (628x587, 55.04K)

Attached: 1500207066061.png (689x767, 493.08K)


Attached: 1586187460242.png (311x479, 264.98K)

Attached: 1535004717331.jpg (490x437, 64.42K)

Does it have to be “fuck white” or “fuck Jews”? Is nothing else funny?

Attached: 5D01179A-3B2F-4EC8-8F61-1E417F9788FE.jpg (627x437, 76.11K)

Attached: 1550509073930.jpg (640x503, 25.73K)

>>827578906No, it has to be "fuck off".

Attached: 1553436123453.jpg (1242x1690, 335.9K)

>>827578906Oh cool my risperidone comes in this form


Attached: BA5335DC-FE1E-4AA0-BCEC-97DD41BCA46E.jpg (750x1022, 141.53K)


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Attached: 7422AD62-7350-48E8-9139-FE819A176D24.jpg (750x936, 57.03K)

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Attached: 70366E5C-EC9E-4A2A-8420-4765A652DAA9.jpg (750x890, 60.77K)

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Attached: 81D1F2B4-A414-4062-BE83-9078FB22E6C0.jpg (800x800, 58.61K)


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>>827579480Still better than most of the stuff in this thread. Racist humor is great but this stuff is just getting boring. Haha white ppl r dumb. Haha niggers r dumb. I have a million racist joke pictures. Can I get anything else please?

Attached: BF30FC62-3961-4233-BD12-04700B5E2E44.jpg (720x720, 228.45K)

>>827577973The idea for They Live came from a short story called "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" by Ray Nelson, originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in November 1963, involving an alien invasion in the tradition of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which Nelson, along with artist Bill Wray, adapted into a story called "Nada", published in the Alien Encounters comics anthology in April 1986. John Carpenter describes Nelson's story as "... a D.O.A.-type of story, in which a man is put in a trance by a stage hypnotist. When he awakens, he realizes that the entire human race has been hypnotized, and that alien creatures are controlling humanity. He has only until eight o'clock in the morning to solve the problem." Carpenter acquired the film rights to both the comic book and short story and wrote the screenplay, using Nelson's story as a basis for the film's structure.


Attached: 53EBF3F7-129A-4E6E-8251-F7814E789E98.jpg (540x728, 68.12K)

>>827579642You can have Haha jews

Attached: 1556485960189.png (1006x964, 298.93K)

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Attached: 1573679118737.jpg (645x468, 28.05K)

Attached: 1558323302524.jpg (512x911, 53.51K)

Attached: girl-01.png (1024x1024, 194.92K)


Attached: 1570757595369.jpg (542x800, 40.9K)

>>827578105imagine getting this triggered over a shitty meme

Attached: 1570806426074.png (640x629, 557.56K)

Attached: 1570806632989.jpg (505x533, 76.36K)


Attached: 1588652151298.png (1080x1321, 1.14M)

Attached: 1570853653210.jpg (770x768, 104.41K)

Attached: hubba-01.png (1024x1024, 135.32K)

>>827579825That’s so boring. I want to laugh. I haven’t laughed at any pictures in this thread.

Attached: 8A465A76-9B1D-4247-8B53-1930072E66AB.jpg (540x496, 20.76K)

Attached: 1574357164130.jpg (618x775, 91.36K)

>>827577899corvus corone

Attached: 1530809229615crow.jpg (950x534, 138K)

>>827578083Did NaziGerm actually try to ally Britain prior to WWII


Attached: RF Crow.jpg (400x399, 21.76K)

>>827580317Even after Britain declared war to them, yes.

Attached: Double nigger.jpg (570x526, 40.73K)

Attached: rules1-01.png (1024x1024, 699.47K)

>>827578402Nigger is butthurt about Ahmaud

>>827580291>>827580277These are only things I’ve laughed at here

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Attached: 1573686170655.jpg (494x375, 72.08K)

>>827579535>It seems

Attached: 1574796181865.jpg (750x592, 110.56K)

>>827580417Crop your shit you fucking degenerate.

>>827580418Fuck the Jews, but there’s more shit to laugh at than that.

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>>827579739ok retard

>>827580610Sir, appreciating jewish related humor demands an elaborate and developed taste. You are being analog to a person coming to an expensive wine tasting event and complaining because there's no sodas.Don't behave like an american in France, please.

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Attached: 1584245803777.png (714x536, 249.93K)


Attached: 1584353920126.jpg (500x500, 36.61K)


Attached: 1587664523636.png (1014x874, 1.47M)

Attached: affen.png (474x730, 571.39K)

>>827580836I was born in France fuckin tourist

Attached: 3AD22F70-AE84-461F-8022-4D27F36124A5.jpg (1024x768, 91.24K)

>>827577998who the fuck does high fives anyway? faggots, thats who

I dont see anything wrong or mean here...4chan is broken I think

>>827581015Alors on se comprend...

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Attached: 1588496615865.jpg (1440x1511, 179.67K)

>>827577478A whole thread of nothing funny. No laugh. I win. Goodbye.


Attached: EX1dTXhWkAA5WoW.jpg (2047x2018, 401.21K)


Attached: 1553371274916.jpg (1200x719, 528.32K)

Attached: 1556815537125.png (735x490, 575.36K)

Worst ylyl ever


Attached: 1485000094201.jpg (1308x1636, 336.74K)

Attached: Hello fellow bird.jpg (1079x1588, 265.24K)

Attached: 1589214045318.jpg (1024x922, 347.68K)

>>827581259Guy made up shit his whole life and Jordan Peterson think's he's god. Try harder faggot.


Attached: 47d.jpg (680x408, 33.56K)

>>827581162there is nothing to discuss


Attached: PROSIMIAN PRIMATES TREE FAMILY.jpg (1515x2079, 911K)

yeah the niggers and the kites hijacked a thread once again !!!

>>827581031white people


Attached: EXm6Z-RUcAEeVmV.jpg (2048x2048, 244.41K)

>>827581503One side considered the well being of their people, the other didn't because it wasn't their people that was sent dying.

Attached: 1556136888792.png (650x994, 600.04K)

>>827581511>>827581511White people are so evolved.

Attached: EXV3_IVU8Acadoa.jpg (828x699, 61.83K)

Attached: 1556477360373.jpg (813x675, 415.57K)

>>827581602So, in response you post more made up shit.

Attached: EXibhPSWkAIfCjk.jpg (2048x1500, 229.17K)


Attached: EXhghQgU4AABkjP.jpg (565x834, 79.9K)

>>827581639I lost

Attached: 1556008816103.jpg (309x751, 100.04K)

>>827581691Responding to yourself lol

>>827581741Jews are more educated, so they would obviously understand Socialism more than kraut-shoveling unwashed German plebs.

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Attached: Jewish IQ lie.jpg (1676x1050, 737.32K)

>>827581885Yo I ain't reading all that shit.

Attached: EXmaMbKX0AAmQKJ.jpg (1117x720, 67.14K)

Attached: 1556666275699-1.jpg (2047x1582, 558.08K)


Attached: Talmud (1).jpg (720x450, 73.78K)

>>827579901retains heat /= even heat distributioncopper master race.

>>827581885>the jews are inferior and occupy all top positions of humanityagain with this nazi shit

>>827581980Another wall of text no one will ever read


>>827582010>>827582010Blatantly made up lies.

>>827582064Right really can't meme

Attached: EXgD2PAXsAQHEEo.jpg (827x1416, 234.23K)

>>827582010>>827582072Kike detected.

Attached: Talmud.jpg (714x2801, 359.64K)

>>827582139Nah I'm a Buddhist descended from Protestants. Troll harder faggot

Attached: EX0tdDEXsAAMg2r.jpg (1200x675, 152.52K)

>>827581759Hello newfag, coronafag or summerfag. This is called samefagging. Thank you for your service.

>>827578165>you're not a white peopleguess you're not either.

>>827581632Don't ignore the Household Appliances, tho. They be there too. Ignore them at your peril.

Attached: Your Monitor is Warm Like Flesh.jpg (492x279, 37.56K)

>>827582194I was on here in 2000s and left because it's a toxic cesspool of the worst of humanity. I know what samefagging is. If you think I care that you pointed it out... YOU NEED TO TROLL HARDER FAGGOT

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Attached: images.jpg (263x191, 8.23K)

>>827577973Fucking lost


Attached: 1556478100672.jpg (960x952, 99.82K)

>>827581162this is dumb as shit

Attached: 1555193748187.jpg (1489x712, 307.18K)

>>827582567Here's your (you), you fucking retard.


Attached: a997942a3fbcc5c8253116515e83ba58.2.jpg (488x366, 24.75K)

>>827577528um sauce

>>827582567Jews didn't even exist in 2000 BC Although Judaism as a religion first appears in Greek records during the Hellenistic period (323 BCE – 31 BCE) and the earliest mention of Israel is inscribed on the Merneptah Stele dated 1213–1203 BCE, religious literature tells the story of Israelites going back at least as far as c. 1500 BCE.You are literally an inbred retard.


Attached: 1529317682713.jpg (500x470, 72.17K)



Attached: 1556666275699-0.jpg (1024x1024, 175.16K)


Attached: unnamed.jpg (512x341, 50.27K)

Attached: Feminism.jpg (1600x2812, 356K)

>>827582773I'm samefagging. Haven't you read? I'm also not Jewish. I'm just not an inbred hick who thinks Israel = Jews. I guess that's about the only point you can make when you dropped out of school to go fulltime fucking your sister.

>>827577836That's quite sweet actually


Attached: fe55480a42440019.jpg (1052x1237, 215.15K)


Attached: gay-creampie-gangbang-black-porn-black-dick-creampie-gangbang-porn-gay-creampie-gangbang-black-porn.jpg (1920x1080, 131K)

>>827582278You obvioulsy do care, otherwise you wouldn't have replied, trying to validate yourself by boasting about being here when you were not.


>>827582683>Implying jews didn't subvert and alter history to favor their kind in the long game.

Attached: 1589118746743.jpg (720x698, 47.2K)

Attached: 102340123.webm (1056x720, 1.35M)

>>827583020Keep telling yourself you know how to troll faggot

Attached: 643113433.gif (489x268, 1.06M)

Attached: F32A3E7C-8A01-4A10-B8AC-941D302DFB8B.jpg (746x826, 203.78K)

Attached: 49734688773.webm (720x1280, 1.7M)

Attached: 1587954678800.jpg (668x776, 54.73K)

Attached: android_video_1-VideoToMp417.webm (853x480, 1.18M)

Attached: b.webm (1280x720, 1.93M)

Attached: b2.webm (853x480, 1.08M)

Attached: crocodilehunter.webm (320x240, 1.76M)

Attached: freshcream2.gif (141x142, 1.15M)

>>827583058I'm sorry your Jewish girlfriend broke up with you because you're totally uneducated. That's the only explanation for your posts and how retarded you are. Maybe a Jew fucked you in the ass and you need revenge now? Whatever the story you're a fucking pathetic loser. I'm just listening to Chapo Trap House and having fun with you losers.

Attached: longdick.jpg (360x480, 21.91K)

>>827582991you nogs are boringalso, faggot

Attached: 1561901503401.jpg (680x383, 38.81K)

Attached: original.gif (320x212, 1.51M)

Attached: osk.webm (853x480, 1.82M)

Attached: peachspin.gif (504x686, 268.29K)

Attached: teeth.gif (360x480, 338.1K)


Attached: 2527789_14_o.jpg (1200x800, 206.74K)

>>827583257why are you such a raging homo?

Attached: 2.jpg (1280x720, 81.73K)

Attached: 1555882891004.jpg (960x705, 75.36K)

>>827583320Because he's a kike. They are the ones spamming filth 24/7 here.

Attached: 1553333188704.jpg (3666x3284, 1.12M)


Attached: unnamed (2).jpg (512x288, 37.96K)

>>827583320I've had more sex with women than you ever will. A real man isn't afraid to look at two men fucking. Plus I've sucked dick and had my dick sucked by a dude. Your insult means nothing to me.

Attached: unnamed (1).jpg (512x288, 38.74K)

>>827583366Still not Jewish. Just posting some loving dudes have fun :)

Attached: 27.jpg (1063x1600, 505.54K)

>>827581663>Everything I don't like is fakeVery Trump of you.

>>827583366I have nothing else to do. So you can leave or continue to look at gay porn. I know you really like it though so you can stay ;)

Attached: images (1).jpg (275x183, 7.91K)


Attached: Raw-and-Rough-Champ-Robinson-Lukas-Cipriani-Knockout-Tigger-Redd-BBBH-Amateur-Gay-Porn-20.jpg (1920x1080, 169.49K)

>>827579852what does this mean

>>827583071I'm not trolling. Why do you think I am?.

>>827583410>Your insult means nothing to me.yet you keep crying lol

>>827583322nigga boi

>>827583575It's antisemitic bullshit. Look at the rest of the thread.

Attached: unnamed (3).jpg (512x341, 45.31K)

>>827583615I'm just listening to my podcast and posting some gay porn. Where are the tears. No one on here knows how to troll anymore.

>>827583504your bait is trash, lurk more faggot

Attached: 1542120536378.png (360x361, 70.42K)

>>827583710Then leave

>>827582192kek, typical normie

>>827583748How about no? Especially when I'm destroying this fucking thread.

>>827583802>>827583802>>827583802New thread! Come and have a laugh! Do not let jews ruin your fun with their gay nigger filth.>>827583802>>827583802>>827583802


>>827578476>Hates white people >Wears munsing

>>827577478Based thread. Fucking butthurt kikes as usual...

>>827583178Butthurt kike

>>8275831786 million tearsCry harder fucking kike.

>>827584232>>827584562>>827584656 Samefag samefaging hard

>>827577596sacue? for economic purposes of course

>>827584959you only wish it was just one guy hating you pieces of shit, but nah, you just know it's everyone with a brain



>>827578105White people? Thats not even a race you fucking idiot lol

>>827578268I'm on my phone smoking a cigarette outside after literal hours of rough sex. Yes we hi fived. No I'm not proud of that but protip, marry your best friend kids.

>>827585295>but nahbrain

>>827577478Does it count if I lost not to a specific post but about how much losers kikes are?

>>827577528The left still can't meme

>>827585360thanks, found it

>>827577946>827577898Checked what?

>>827578060There's are so awful


>>827577998If you hate casseroles something’s wrong with you


>>827582128more likely that old people can't meimey

>>827581031more like people with friends, lonely faggot

>>827582064I don't think that's a hit from the right i think it's just silly.

the JDIF is very active in this thread.. just kill yourselves retarded jews.Jews are even a bigger threat for the world than islam is

>>827577528This is the niggerest cope of all time, kek. At least we come out of it alive, shitskin!

>>827579321>Hey Earl.>Hey Crabman.

>>827582801>I hate white people>let me pic out some gay porn to post out of my mega faggot folder I have on my desktop to piss them off!You people really are sick in the fucking head and will be sent to very nice camps.

bump so I can browse while popping

>>827581885Do you even know the difference between "being educated" and "having a high IQ"?Jews do not necessarily are smart, but sure are an educated people, enough to recognize socialism as an alternative

>>827580938Traps have been on 4chan forever faggot

>>827580317not ally but submit pact of nonaggression

>>827581162Go to /x you faggot