Start a rekt thread pls

Start a rekt thread pls

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>>827571307I fucking hate Chinese

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Rekt?That shit is fucking delicious. That's why most of big turtles are almost vanished around the world.

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>>827571692Added to the ban archive.

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>>827571441Nuke these fucks already. I'm not a chink apologist, either. The goverment AND the people are rotten. If china doesnt pay reparations, we can assume this is nothing less than biological warfare.

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>>827571826Captain pussy, bitch.

>>827571826But did he ever get pussy?

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>>827571307>>827571896Please nuke this shithole

>>827571307I hope that filthy fuck gets a tumor in his throat and dies of suffocation

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>>827572635High level vs low level kek

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>>827571875You: *Gets rejected by Chinese girl once*Also you: I hate chinks! They are all awful!

>>827572077Asshole acted like hot shit and got owned

>>827571307I don't find the meal disgusting, but the fact that she has scattered scraps all over the table and floor and has food on her nose after 30 seconds of eating is fucking awful. What a ham beast.

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>>827572853Yeah bro, totally not approaching a depression because these people HAVE to eat bats and pangolins because communist countries are shitholes.

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>>827571826Topfukin kek


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>>827572742Yeah I'd scream like a bitch if a snake broke in like that too. God damn bitch.>>827573663What is that? Hacked meat with nerves still firing? Or a little animal freshly skinned?>>827571809This always makes me lol. And then I feel bad. Stupid kreb.

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>>827571692nobody is eating big turtles, dipshit.

>>827572853You: *Does a lazy meme script*Also you: *Roleplays in my own meme*Also you: *Takes existing meme and puts my opinion on the bottom*Still you: *Posts it to reddit and facebook*That's right, you: "That'll teach the alt-right to mess with me"

>>827571875Chinks deserve a (lab created) deadly virus. This is going to be the future apparently.

>>827573450Looks like they used the taser and one of the wires hit some kind of combustible (prolly alcohol) and it ignited.

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>>827571307Chinese "people" are disgusting.

>>827571896Ozzy Osborne would turn in, his grave

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>>827573123god i hate kids

>>827573123what the fuck is wrong with this child? die.

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>>827572939And das how a baby is made. And if its one thing Karl Malone knows, its how to make dat baby.

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>>827571761RIP scientist guy, you were only trying to prove the earth was flat

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>>827574377She got her face violently shoved into the cake. You expect her to not have a tantrum?

>>827574434fucking animals

>>827571307"Tastes like bat!"

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>>827571809self kooking krab

>>827571875That lab wouldn't exist without American funders like Gates. Anyone who funded it should pay reparations.

>>827574266You sentence somehow makes no sense.

>>827574515If he had taken the curvature into consideration... or not use parachute 1 second after launch.

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>>827573663Shows how barbaric Chinks are to animals. It looks like they killed it in extremely distress and served it raw like they slaughtered it just minutes ago.

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>>827572939woah........ so this is Jamaican culture....... so interesting.........

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>>827574434Animals in heat.Nice wedding

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>>827571681chinese are the only thing mcconnel is afraid of

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>>827572246gay. no sound.

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>>827573749is this ylyl? this one got me

>>827575547newfag detected.

>>827571692This is what chinese actually believe.

>>827572246I would expect this level of retarded from a nigger...


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>>827574637Nerve gas strikes again

>>827575149>uncle philkek

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>>827575149Fake and Gay

>>827573592nigguh wot

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>>827572246that silly bitch was on Tosh.0 because of that video.

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>>827572742what the hell kind of devil snake is that?! I thought they were supposed to be "as scared of us as we are of them". That thing is out for blood!

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>>827573358Pyromancer. He lit his own car on fire, with audio he says "i'm gonna light it on fire".

>>827574637Was that Dr.Cox from scrubs?

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>>827572635niggers gotta nig

>>827573859lol nigguhs with that sneak attack

>>827572939>>827575052is it Jamaica where to do this breeding dance? seen a ton of these videos and wondered where it was. what kind of music do you suppose is playing?

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>>827574962I was hoping she would get sharked after that

>>827576360why is someone feeding their baby mud?

>>827574535Right,now no one has cake! Perfectly acceptable at that age.

>>827576488little shitty sociopath... one day your sister will not take that knife pnged in your diaphragm while you drown in your own blood

>>827573663its energy still in the muscle making it twitch

>>827576601did she died?

>>827571307Is there no limit to what they'll eat...


>>827575007fucking lost it.

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>>827575764Hell yeah. Fuck fortnight

>>827574434this right here is why the carona virus is spreading faster through the bugaboo communities

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>>827576801>Dont touch my big mac

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>>827574521Should have kept driving, not like dindu would be missed


>>827574521Omg why not just keep driving? Not like dindu will be missed

>>827576435BWUHAHAHA god danm nigger. god really hates this man wtf did the poor bastard do


>>827576801Breed with me, Big Beast. Give me sons like human breeze blocks.

>>827571307ive eaten turtle soup, at a damn vfw hall lmao

>>827576488please fuck i need audio for thisi need to hear the mongoloid singing happy birthday and the little girl scream as a candle pops her eye ball

>>827573123based kid. That cunt parent got what they deserved. Dont fuck with a kid enjoying their cake


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>>827575533Held that on way too long. Fucking idiots. That scaring will never be good.

>>827574434>we wuz kangz

>>827573663those animals believe the more the animal suffers before death, the better it tastes... really.

>>827572077Wtf happened?

>>827573358nerve gas

>>827575473Just another day in the 'hood US and A> Vote Democrat

>>827576488Anon goes to a birthday party


>>827575764I mean, ya that kids clearly a beta fag, but what’s this angry fat cunts problem?

>>827574702It does if you read it in Christopher Walken's voice

>>827571307Asians are fucking insectoid subhumans.

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>>827575533ha! stupid dicks!

>>827574816Was it suicide or just stupidity?

>>827577666Stupicide, hail satan.

>>827574330crowd on knees at gunpoint, dude is fuck this, straight knocks him out, head bounced ground, then he bends to fucking yeet his ass

>>827577531she probably thought he was fake humping her....or maybe it's just her time of the month

>>827577633tru dat


>>827576850You sound like an actual retard

>>827576801OH dear god that dude laughing in the background got me dying

>>827577835no u

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>>827576801I would titty fuck that cow.

>>827576883don't poke the bear!

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>>827576801That was a whole pro wrestling throw.

>>827577476That's not how nerve gas joke works newfag

>>827578139Fucking BRUTAL

>>827578176nerve gas is no joke. its fucking brutal


>>827571307turtle really is pretty good to eat but she eats like a fucking starving pig

>>827576601let's put the hood on

>>827578139This just reinforces that Volvo's are the safest vehicles ever made.


>>827571761It was an inside job.

>>827577014hahahahahahahahags hgv agsgdssgfhahahahaha stop posting this dumb facebook shit

>>827573663that's one smart piece of meat.

>>827575007based chimp

>>827571998I don't care what the fuck happened, this man is a pioneer, and a legend. Pic related.

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>>827574637zap zap. lol. I love how the one dude just walks away.

>>827574748I could watch dindu's get shot all day.

>>827572635and black people wonder why they're treated differently on occasion.

>>827571307is this like a chink midget? or bitch is just ugly?

>>827574962hahahaha kid trolled tf outta her

>>827571809is there a longer version? like the crab trying to jump the fuck out?

>>827571809Imagine training animals to do this

>>827574673COVID-19 isn't even mad made, we now this because Covid-19 has a slow and natural mutatiton rate, but let's say it was made by Bill Gates or whatever, so why not make it a better bio-weapon? ACE-2 isn't even the ideal receptor for SARS-CoV-2

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>>827571307can we please blow china the fuck up already

>>827571896We need to nuke these fucks and snipe them the fuck out of our western countries


>>827577415He got stung a lot and died

>>827575963>>827574330French people paying respects to victims of bataclan terror attack. An immigrant doctor or engineer decides to join in, in his own special way of course


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>>827573859ahh what a fine establishmentgood ole fort liquordalethey had to change their name after this, was some big trouble for them

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>>827576801That gay nigger in the background, lolz

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>>827580696bro everyones seen this shit a million times i just want to see the original

>>827579442You would never be more grateful to circumstance then being in that idiots plane and already wearing a parachute.

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>>827574637I love how yellow vent just checks out like "Welp, its lunch time, not my problem"

>>827580696I'm interested in the real video.


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>>827579100just raise the ones who jumps in?are you from the future?does quantum works there?

>>827574748damn son, he str8 up bussacap in his dome

>>827571307Chinese are a disgusting people.

>>827580900>chinese>peoplenah nigga. they is insects

>>827571307Chinese are the perfect fucking communist robot. They'll do insane work, never complain, only value shallow material things that the government/media proposes onto them. Obsessed with titles and obedience, and then to top it off the fuel for this robot is literally every fucking organism on earth. Every animal, every fungus, every stone and pebble. Fucking perfect drone

>>827580821hilarious man thanks

>>827581121I was hoping for the real one too


>>827574962god i hate those staged "funny" videos. just shows how little chinks understand of humour

>>827572246yeah I'm happy with this lets post it

>>827572246fuckin fag just post the actual

>>827575764I know whitenigga faggot dancing some gay shit but i will 10/10 punch back from that stupid fat w*man. I will fucking slaughter

>>827574521Italian driver, if It was in US nigga would be dead now.

>>827573592ey b0ss

>>827576488>family = internet>retard = /pol

>>827576001Lol this nigga got upset for his own culture, fucking small Dick monkey


>>827580439This weird old scientist guy who lived near my hometown of Barstow was trying to prove that the earth was flat. So he decides to build a rocket and launches himself up in the air. Parachute didn't open. This happened out towards Daggett or Newberry I think.

>>827571307absolutely no class whatsoever jesus fuck have some dignity for yourself how are you fat in china?


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>>827572939Oh so they actually go back on the tree?



>>827578058Me too brother

>>827577984Oh fuck that shits a riot

>>827574637This is why you ground shit. All you 2-prong countries, take note.

>>827571875fuck you're a fat salty coughy boi

>>827571307A turtle has made it to the water!

>>827576488the fact that the dad didn't immediately beat the ever living fuck out of the sperg

>>827581178>>827581121I actually

>>827584868fuck man... that got me flashbacks to dailies

>>827580851I'm just on a Dab binge

>>827574377y'know it's funny, if someone did this to you I think you'd do far worse than ruin the cake. I think you'd start throwing punches, yet your disdain for this child isn't to do with her actions but rather because she is a child. Pathetic user.

>>827573592coronavirus was an attempt to create chinese xmen

>>827573592a level 1 bright wizard, scrub dosnt even have any gear

>>827576629probably a vegan

>>827579442Still can't believe none of them got any serious injuries.

>>827571307huh, well I guess is eating it so I guess that's okay for americans

>>827573663uh, what am I looking it?

>>827576360It's an argentinian tea you uncultured faggot

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>>827587531eating shit is not cultured retard



>>827574637"Look On the Brightside"

>>827582387fucking jack

>>827572635Got on a niggin spree.

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>>827573663let me guess china....

>>827586418top kek

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>>827577984this looks really fake

>>827575764bitches need to be kept in chainz

>>827575149damn uncle phil caught the butler fucking his wife.

>>827573358>when you press F5 instead of F9

>>827572939Is this art?

>>827586418top kek

>>827576582The dance is called daggering

>>827573663If I had to guess its salt exciting the dead nervesgoogle salt on frog legs and you'll know what I mean

>>827588080it is fake

>>827580726Was that a dick in the sand? Kek

>>827571761>That one guy cheering him on after his parachute has clearly fallen off

>>827571307>Aroused by thisWhat is wrong with me...

>>827577531Likely assumed he was mimicking sexy time.She was wrong so deserves a smack back

>>827571761Is there really no internal footage?

>>827573938At least she broke her fall

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