Can I make things work with her?

Can I make things work with her?

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Do I gotta go fast?

Is c the one?

Will I die virgin


>>827570281will i get to fuck and humilliate this bitch or she just wants to sexchat

>>827572217>>827570281i know it's possible, but will it happen?

>>827572217>>827572303dale culiao

>>827570281Will I get a gf by 2021?

>>827572429alright i guess i'll do that then :(

>>827570281Lol, here we go


>>827570281do I jack off or go to sleep? yes for jack off, no for sleep

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>>827572588oh no

Should I trust everything this Sonic Totem says?

>>827572688Alright, lemme see.Will I have all the power I want by the end of this month?

Will i see that band?

>>827570281Will I die by suicide?

Will I be given one million US dollars by each of the one million currently wealthiest Americans within a short time-span?


Should I kill myself ?

>>827572760Will this Sonic Totem give me all the power I want?

Will I have gf?

Could I have made more lucrative and satisfying decisions about college?

Will Jessica regret everything she has done over the past 5 months and have everything blow up in her face?

>>827570281Will Jocelyne be my girlfriend when the quarantine ends?

Is this as good as my life could get?

>>827570281Will I get a gf in 2020?

>>827573438Okay, but that doesn't answer my question.

>>827573472Will it get better within the next year?

>>827570281>>827573462how about me? Will I get a gf in 2020?

will these cunts neck themselves?

>>827573504Will my life noticeably improve between now and next May?

will these coonts neck themselves?

>>827573139I planned on doing that. Should I jerk off to an old video of her blowing me?


cute girl in class

>>827573575Thank you wise totem

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Should I leave my wife

Should I make my wife leave me

>>827570281Will Jocelyne be my girlfriend when the quarantine ends?

>>827573531Will my life stay at that level of satisfaction for a long time?

Will she message me in the next ten minutes?

Should i have killed that spider

will I wake up as an adorable woman?

Will the woman I love message me tonight?

>>827574094Will the woman I love message me tonight?

Is she into me like I'm into her?

Will she and I talk by this weekend?

Will she and I be physically together by the end of this year?

>>827570281should i buy a ticket for tonight of lord of spode

>>827570281Will Jocelyne be my girlfriend when the quarantine ends?

>>827570281Will I finally get a gf this year?

Will she post something tonight?

Will she flirt with me tonight?

Will she talk about the universe with me tonight?

>>827574644Will she talk about the universe with me tonight?

>>827571866>fucking rip

>>827574684Will she talk about the universe with me tonight?

Should I continue trying for Zoe?

Will the woman I love and I be together physically by November of this year?

Will the woman I love and I be together physically by December of this year?

Will I be forever alone?

>>827575261Should I kill myself then?

Are things already over between her and I before they even really started?

>>827575416Uhh that doesnt answer my questionReroll

Will I eat my soulmate's asshole out by this June?

Will my soulmate message me tonight?



Will my soulmate message me tomorrow?

Will my soulmate message me this weekend?

Well sonic?

Will she forgive me?

Am I an adorable woman?

>>827570281Should I stop bragging about the fact that I have a Rider-Waite tarot card deck from the 70's?

>>827570281Am I seen as a nice woman

is she what i need

>>827570281Did that woman still see me that way after she saw my face

>>827572217Good luck partner

>>827570281Am I supposed to be this way

Am I one of the unluckiest human on this earth right now ?

Will I kill a child someday ?

>>827570281Is Steph ever going to get better at sex?

>>827577041With me?


where will nazbol gang go/will they rise

>>827577137awesomenazbol revolution 2025 baby

Will I get into MIT?

>>827577330Chill the fuck out Sanic I just want to get into a good school.

Can I fuck Kayla tonight?

Do people want to tear me open and take advantage of me

>>827577433Will I be fucking her tonight?

Is she interested?

Should I masturbate?

does she really love me?

>>827570281Will I get to bang the girl I want to bang?

Does she want me to fuck her tonight as much as I do?

>>827577798Is that maybe?

>>827570281Does she have very serious feelings for me?

>>827570281Can cats have salami?

Will I ever fuck kate

>>827570281How long will it take

>>827570281Will being in the army be a positive experience for me?

>>827570281Should I drop out of uni?

>>827579810The fuck does see you soon mean?

>>827579848Suffering awaits? Is that a yes or a no?

>>827570281Will I be a fucking ripped pussy magnet in a year?

Will I commit

>>827579898Suffering awaits again? Listen here you little shit. Yes or no?

Roll.... i guess

>>827579930You'll see me soon? Aye fuckin will ye? Mon then ye fuckin lil clay cunt.

>>827579862He's your drill Sargent

>>827579988Yes at great cost? Aye for fuckin you. I'll smash you to dust. Add water. Reform you into a fucking toilet. And take a shite in you.

>>827580102No? You don't get a say you spiky bastard.

will i get another gf soon

>>827580180You'll see me soon? Not if I see you first.

>>827570281Will i ever see her again..?

I feel tied down and tired all the time. Should I break up with him?

Would Jennicas ass feel good crushing my face?

>>827580533Will it happen in the soon future



Do we have a chance for a threesome with her?

Will m an I have good sex soon?

>>827570281will she ever want to talk to me again

>>827570281Will I get a bj today?

>>827580793fuck you mean maybe i didnt come here for a maybe

Will I ever have friends.

>>827570281Will this be the time when I retain motivation to lose weight?

>>827580858Suffering is already here.

>>827580929Time to suffer and jerk off for you then

Will I get to bone my friend?

>>827580790Does he have to call you 'Daddy'?

>>827581234Will user have to call you 'Daddy' when you come to bone him?

>>827570281Is he actually my friend?

>>827570281Will I be happy?

will anything ever disturb me

>>82757028 should I triple text?

>>827570281should i triple text

>>827570281>>827581771Will it work out if I triple text

>>827570281>>827581815you sure?

>>827570281>>827581852but will I smash?

>>827570281Should I go trap mode then?

>>827570281would a music career be successful?

>>827570281should i go for it?

>>827570281should I an hero then?

>>827570281Is the fbi agent trying to finish the job?

>>827570281>>827582061Were any of these answers correct then?

>>827570281am I gonna get laid this week

>>827570281will I ever truly be happy?

>>827570281will I fuck aiyana lewis

>>827570281will I become rich?

>>827570281Will I fuck the other girl, the short one?

Will I get to fuck Y?

>>827570281will I ever go to prison/jail?

>>827570281am I gay?

>>827582322But I jack off to traps, thats not gay?

Will she ever come back?


>>827570281>>827582351so doesnt that mean Im gay?

>>827582357Fuck.Should I make a move?

>>827570281so im gay?

>>827582357>>827582397Fuck you totemWill I ever find someone that impresses me as much as she did, and genuinely wants to be around my shit?

>>827570281Will it happen in September?

>>827570281will I go to my school of choice?


>>827570281do i get to go to the army

>>827570281Is everything youve said true

>>827582498oh shit

>>827570281Hey sanic can i fill your womb

>>827582486Hes gonna get offed by a school shooter isn't he?

>>827570281Is my fate sealed?


>>827570281will my feelings ever be requited by her?


Are long term goals the answer?

>>827570281Will the short girl stay short?

Will we stay together?

>>827583061Fuck yeah thank you sanic totem, we staying together!!!Will tomorrow's food be good?

Does she love me?

>>827583464Does she really love me?

Will S and I met again?

Will I get a girlfriend this year?

>>827583610Sonic totem will be your gf

>>827570281Will I ever be happy?

will short girl come back from Nebraska this month

am i making the right desicion tomorrow

Will I kill myself by 21?


Plz saniz

>>827570281Will i be happy?

Will I be with her for the rest of my life

Will old Holla Forums come back

>>827570281but does she still like me

>>827570281but does she want to date me?

>>827570281IS she too good for me?

>>827570281am I too good for her?

gf pls

will I get into tulane

>>827570281 OH SANIC!!! Will i ever find a good gf?

>>827570281can I get her to fall in love with me?

>>827570281is it worth waiting or should i just go

>>827587044OH SANIC!!! You retard! Answer!!

>>827570281were my amazon purchases good decisions?

>>827570281would I have to change myself to get her to fall in love


>is she the same girl ?

Am I making the right choice?

>>827570281Should I eat 50 reese's cups

>>827570281Can I die now please?

>>827570281Is it possible to get her?

will I graduate this semester?

>>827570281sup my totem, those were real right

Should I take over the world?

Should I a stain diligently from porn?

Should I avoid porn to the best of my willpower?

Sanic totem, are you always sincere to me?

>>827570281Should I fuck a kid

>>827587763Okay well it would be a girl, does that change anything?

>>827587790Uh oh

Will I ever see myself as better than Bekzinski?

>>827570281sonic totem should i raw f and is he bf material?


>>827570281I'll ask the same

Will I get better results if I focus on game over building value?

>>827570281should I go back to sleep

>>827587622>>827587988Damn... Can I get anything for free?

>>827588036Sorry you had to hear it this way

>>827570281Will I die this year?

>>827588097it's for the best

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>>827588036>>827588122Dann, sanic is harsh man

Will I manage to have sex with 1000 women in my lifespan?

Will my penis penetrate one thousand individual vaginas belonging to different people, before I die?

Will I ever kill an animal (Cat, Dog ...)?

Will I fuck over 1000 women while alive?

>>827570281Should I learn C?

Do dubs, trips and the like contain more truth than normal?

Should I Jerk off rn?

>>827570281But should I learn C?

do work and eat pankuk or just eat pankuk

>>827588551Twice now. I think you know what this means


>>827588584Damn I'm so glad I went to hiscole and learned the negative numbers.1 no and a yes means yes.

Should I buy a bluewater sailboat and do a transpacific crossing?

>>827588526>>827588555Wow Funni

Will I die from suicide?

>>827588628First Post is dubs

>>827570281Will I get a stable life by 2021?


>>827588710How about me?

Will I ascend?

>>827570281Will I ever find luv again?

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Am I gay?

Does she wanna fuck me?

>>827570281Should I take meds for this stomach ache or should I tough it out?

>>827588881Lol you gay

Go to bed?

Is a good idea to be with her?


Will she ever come back?

will she miss me and come back?

Should I do it with porn?

>>827570281Will she date me?

>>827570281should i msg back or just leave this shit as is

Will I get better?

>>827570281Should I poop now or later?

roll for new tinder match

>>827570281Will i pass?

Will I ever be happy


Will i ever get a gf?

>>827570281Should I try to suck my dick?

Will I make it into old age?

>>827570281>>827590999Will it be worth it?

>>827570281>>827590999>>827591077Ok, thanks I will do it then.

>>827570281Will I be free from my anxiety and mental ilnesses one day ?

>>827591028Alright. Will that suffering stop?


>>827591139well shit, guess my therapist was wrong

>>827570281Should I move across the country for a 15k moving bonus?

>>827570281will it work out?

>>827570281as you insist, will it work?