Favorite pornstar of all time? I’ll go first, Angela white

Favorite pornstar of all time? I’ll go first, Angela white.

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>>827569569I really liked her until every other video was her with niggers. Moreso than other porn stars. It really ruined it for me.


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>>827570241It ain’t that serious bro

>>827570241but isn't that literally every modern pornstar? pretty sure almost all of them do a blacked.com nigger film where they get pilled up and some retarded ape prods them with his prosthetic peeder. Even way past their date ones like lexi belle, ham sleeve and all got on that jew train. its disgusting and I dont see the appeal, but it means money for them since most of them are one missed payment away from being homeless anyways

Jeanna Fine, but only when she had short black hair and fake tits

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>>827570545A man of culture as well

Sasha Foxx for sure!

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>>827570351Assuming your're white and have standards, I'm 99% sure the white girls you know who fuck niggers to the proportion that Angela White does, you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.I wouldn't fuck her with _your_ dick, user

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Mia Malkova

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>>827570455Lmao fragile white boi?

>>827570702I fuck who I wanna fuck as long as it’s consensual adults and we’re both physically healthy (ie no diseases) it’s not that serious bro, get off the incel/racist train

>>827570820A very strong contender in my top 10 list


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>>827571085Second all time fav girl

>>827570700I love her so much. I want to see her edge multiple guys at the same time.

>>827571170Currently waiting to pull the trigger on her asshole fleshlight

>>827571085She has a glorious set of tits and a weird vagina bracelet.

>>827570700Same Brother

>>827569569Lexi is waifu

>>827571225Can’t unsee now

>>827571295Forgot pic

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>>827570657She was so fucking sexy, and a good 'actress' as far as pornstars go. Here's my very close second

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>>827570241No one cares about your insecurities

>>827569569Traci Lords and her pointy tits and squealing

>>827571189It’d be like spinning plates. So fun to watch.

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>>827570820More Mia pics?

Foxy Di

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>>827571598Ava Addams is fantastic. Waiting for they day they make a sex toy modeled after her

>>827569569I know that I will get shit on but fuck it... Is their an IMDB for porn actresses? Where a list of the films is posted

>>827569569 Honey Wilder before she got her hair all permed up and shit. Was hot in her prime.

>>827571730iafd.com or .org

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>>827571730Honestly IMDb sometimes has their history. Maybe not fully but it might be a start. It helped me discover that some of my fav girls shot for studios I never would’ve expected/heard of. Plus when they’re in movies lol

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Karla Lane, Riley ReidI fucking hate Victoria Secret. Her face is so fucked up.

>>827571993>I fucking hate Victoria Secret. Her face is so fucked upGreat lingerie though

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Remy Lacroix 100%

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>>827569569>>827570820>>827571085Overrated nigger fuckers>>827571818Eh>>827570700Shit besides handjobs>>827571598>>827571701Muh nigga

>>827572322Overrated as fuck


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>>827571492>insecuritiesYou have your facts wrong. Or head


>>827571324You're welcome. I'm in the same boat as you.

>>827572151Wow. What a stunning woman. Too bad about the tattoos though.



>>827570241Why do faggots like this care about who internet whores fuck? They're not your wife, you virtual cuck.

>>827572707Right after you neck yourself, cuck

>>827572773Exactly, just beat your meat

>>827572773I think he was annoyed that she's fucking black people. Not sure how you couldn't pick up from that. It's simple racism: They don't want their race mixing with others regardless they have no chance.

>>827572854Says the guy who uses “nigger” and cuck unironically lmao. Project much? Fucking redpillers

>>827569569Xev Bellringer

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Charmane StarJasmine ByrneSativa RoseAll absolutely gorgeous.

>>827572964Oooof. Many a nut busted to those tits

>>827571492No one cares about your love for niggers

Anyone who argues in these threads is a pathetic loser. Please disappear from this earth.

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>>827572932They’re called niggers.

>>827573237“ThEy’Re CaLlEd NiGgErs”

>>827573237Silence, monkey.

I love how a fucking porn thread turned into a nigger hate thread. fucking hell

>>827573373Yeah well look where we are. Lots of angry insecure losers.

>>827573373The first comments are always about black dick.Curious.

An absolute queen. I love her right pussy fleshlight

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Pure perfection.

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so fucking many I can't remember. Yihvi was a fav of mine thats not how you spell her name though.

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Big tit and bbw fan. Samantha 38g

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Cassie Young all Time Fav

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Tori Black

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Riley Riley Riley

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>>827574447I love her enthusiasm she brings but that’s really it besides a cute face, personally to me

>>827570990shut the fuck up with you and your train you neckbeard soyyou can shove that metaphor up your lose rectum

>>827572151What's her ethnicity


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>>827574594Uses soyboy unironically

>>827574594What a sad little boy you are. Your parents must be assholes.

Annika AlbriteAlexis TexasKelly DivineProxy PaigeAngel WickyJenna HazeTiffany MynxKarma RXAugust AmesAnnette Schwarz is the undisputed GOAT though

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Rip to a queen

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>>827574826An amazing list user


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>>827571598The epitome of the acronym MILF.

>>827574779Aw poor girl. She was so perfect. Would have loved to see her do a lot more but she hated the business so much.

Selena Vargas

>>827574977It’s a shame. It’s like women either have the whole world in the industry or they’re abused and hate it. It never seems to be an in between

>>827572397Shut the fuck you excuse if a human. Rot in fucking hell nigger

>>827575024There’s lots of in between. We just don’t hear about it.


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Carmella bing is a staple from my teenage formative years. Love her bbw stuff

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She had some hot signature moves

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>>827574864Thanks bro. Its rare I see anyone enjoying the same ones on here.

>>827575151Oh god how could I forget her? Fucking love her

>>827572364Ava has fucked like 30 bbcs what r u on about

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>>827575247I find her boring but she has the best bodybig tits, small waist, big hips, big ass, cute face

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>>827575276And I love her for it

>>827575276That ass is fucking nasty

>>827575394She has a scene where she fucks a fan. Super hot

>>827575482Obviously that wans't a fan but shit, her body is ridiculous there, probably her prime in terms of her weight, she keeps getting bigger and her stomach is slimmer lol

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>>827575718I wonder if she’s going full bimbo-fication with her body progressively getting that way

I'm gonna count this one due to spilled seed statistics

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>>827575823As long as she keeps it natural (besides her tits ofc) im all for it

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aria alexander sucks the best

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>>827575918Im ready for it man. She’s so fucking hot. I need a sex toy modeled after that fat ass

This is now a favorite DJ thread

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Also the biggest disappointment for never taking dick. Not necessarily mad that she got her tits done, but getting them done and never showing them blows.

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>>827577074im so glad she never to dick. especially nigger dick. i would've have lost all hope in humanity. but she stood strong. god. bless her for making more pedophiles. our pedo ranks rise bois

>>827577074Yeah man maybe if she would have been from somewhere else than from russia she wouldn't had quit since apparently porn ruined her life back at home but I know she's got a patreon and probably is gonna do some lewd "artistic" photography or some shit like that

>>827578039I've heard the patreon isn't worth it

>>827572151I hope she swallows, whoever she is

>>827570990shut yo bitch ass up


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>>827570990Hi shoeonhead no blacks aren't equal and you can't choose freely who you fuck. Neck yourself.

>>827571085The best

>>827579214Lmao fragile 4chaner

>>827579198Name please?

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cherry crushis very weabo isn´t it?

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>>827569569Siri was great

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>>827579364lanie morgan

>>827579590Fuck I love Siri. Too 5. A real shame she got a breast reduction. I miss her natural gifted tits

>>827579722It's a damn shame

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>>827580584My nigga


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>>827580163At least we still have her old stuff to jerk off to

>>827579392Is it? I think she’s super hot and I hate weeb shit. Never associated her with it.

>>827579214Go outside, damage.

>>827574594poor virgin

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>>827569569Chloe Nicole. Nobody cums like she did. Authentic, eye-rolling, whole body shaking orgasms, and not a hint of fake or exaggerated moaning. Sort of semi-attractive, but it's not her body that's so sexy - it's her genuine orgasms.

Any love for Allison Tyler? A true amazon goddess

>>827582093yeah that bitch is like 6foot

>>827569569I could watch Perri Piper getting fucked by men twice her size all day long

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>>827582226I’m not into ir but she’s gorgeous and a great performer.

>>827581840Never heard of her. For sure going to fap to her when I get home

she got a shitty boob job recently, so gutted

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>>827582214Love tall women. Taller the better,

>>827579198Who is that? Name !!

>>827582514lanie morgan

I've been jerking to Hitomi for so many years

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>>827569569Tori Black

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>>827579198Thank you. !!!

Esperanza Gomez

>>827582661Fuck hitomi is amazing. Wish she did uncensored stuff here in the states

>>827582664nice thumbnail, faggot

Oh my god the insecure obeses incels in this thread, thanks for the laughs

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Maria RyabushkinaValentina Lashkeeva (Gina Garson)

>>827583649Nice taste user. Does Maria fuck on camera though?

>>827569569alison was a god!

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>>827569569Imagine if you would get to meet your favorite porn star?

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>>827575276The more the better.

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>>827569569a tie between sasha grey and lily thai

>>827570623Get off bitch I want suck his cock

>>827571085She’s from my hometown,Seattle. Worked at a Dicks Burgers on Broadway in Capital Hill.........there’s a joke there somewhere.

Britt Morgan

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>>827570700Anyone got the video where she edges a guy until he cums and looks completely disinterested and says "whoops"?A lot of hers are similar to that, I know. So I'm hoping someo.e recognizes the one I'm thinking of (only saw it once, years ago, in a gif thread.)

>>827583397fucked up dick but otherwise pretty hot

>>827572964I have been beating my dick like a gay man in a Muslim country to her videos.

>>827576119real talk. She has legit talent and her presence is incredible

>>827573654Those eyes, and that fucking accent!

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>>827584155Killer tits on her. Truly.

>>827570241dicklet detected

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>>827575143God, I want to fuck her in that costume........

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>>827569569Kasey Chase

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>>827585163One of my favourites too. Perfect in looks, personality, performance. Really wish she’d done a blowbang with that godlike deepthroating talent of hers.

Ava Devine. Scared I might catch a disease just breathing the same air as her.

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Some of you have the weirdest tastes. So many fat plastic masculine looking women.

>>827584424That’s my dream! Me and my girl are plannibn to go to Vegas for a lil getaway and plan it when theirs a convention that Angela will be at

>>827585288Damn that’s a pair of tits I have not beaten it to in a long fucking time

>>827585412Post your taste then faggot

>>827585539Then fuck like animals right after?

>>827585620I already did, waterhead.

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>>827570623Basic af

>>827585925Popular doesn’t equal basic, edgekid.

Stella Cardo, Brianna Anderson, Baby Jewel (prob fav), Aria Sky, Ornella Morgan, Nekane, Apolonia Lapiedra, early Gabbie Carter

>>827585875Fucking incredible.

Anyone a Jasmine Caro fan?

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>>827570990>consensual adults and we’re both physically healthy (ie no diseases) it’s not that serious bro, get off the incel/racist trainwhy do reddit fags come here now?

>>827585720Hell yea, maybe pick up a girl or a guy to join who knows!

>>827576648Yeah buddy

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>>827587169Maybe take something to enhance the experience.

>>827585875Pure perfection

>>827584155She was an amazonian goddess

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>>827586873Been coming to 4chan before you were born summerfag

>>827587278Whatcha thinking?

>>827569569Tiny Tove

>>827587412Perfect tits on that Amazonian

>>827587452Some Viagra and some Molly?

>>827583938Never seen her fuck, but it’s not essential to see dick all the time.

which pornstar has fucked the most niggers?

>>827569569Cherry Torn for ever

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>>827587924True, but it’s nice to see them handle it.


Attached: gina valentina.jpg (640x960, 84.01K)

>>827588272Gina is a goddess

>>827587868I was actually thinking about lying to my doc about getting the blue pills lol

>>827588017Your mom

>>827588635you dont need to. blue chew, roman etc are so easy. can confirm.

>>827588635Would be well worth it if you saw Angela in person.

>>827574826Annette is top shelf.Kelly Wells was also an hero

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For me, it's Cody Lane.kek. you just don't understand the true spirit of the chan. we're nihilistic anarchists… with a twist.we don't care if they were "innocent" (who is truly innocent, anyway?)we just want to watch the world burn.

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>>827574447Her fleshlight is awesome!


Attached: DSC_0669.jpg (2592x3872, 1.3M)


>>827574442very based. I met her at a porn expo once.

>>827576648I cranked out so many loads to Carter Cruise, despite her ugly tits.

>>827582814keep wishing, kike. she only fuck japs. she will never come to the US and take shit nig dick. good on her.

Any of the huge tittie ones like angela white, other than that probably adriana chechik, they both fuck too many niggers though

>>827572448Friggin Carlos is at it again!

>>827589055100 percent agree. If she was getting ruined by blacks I dont think I'd be into watching her

>tfw your favorite porn star will eventually have to take nigger dick to stay in the business because jew producers will blackmail them like the scum they are

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Wifey ever since she started fucking niggers. Its so HOT

Attached: Wifey goes BLACK 006.jpg (1280x720, 99.09K)

>>827569569the time to stop getting fatter is already gone

>>827572397complain about aids and niggers as well - we rly need that hot take

>>827589198Not at all true

>>827573654100% butter

>>827572964Goddamn I’ve cum to her too many times to count

>>827574442dont u love how she stopped wearing heavy make-up and looking young and started bein boringly "natural" and mature instead? Do u like mature? I found it funny how i saw a bunch of jennifer white "hot barely legal teen" vids and then the next day "jennifer white mom" was a thing

>>827575228like "being paid"

>>827575394is she dropping those kilos, is this an old pic, or is this "instagram filter"?

My first, and best. Ginger Lynn.

Attached: 99A3A5E9-41A0-4A5B-9620-2015E21D1813.jpg (300x200, 10.02K)

>>827577967shes a slav, so shed probably have been doing only anal, cuz u know - pussy is special, u can spare the shitter. Seems like a common thing in europe - lots of anal, cuz u dont catch herpes, or that "pussy is for my bf" mentality, i think

>>827584424johnny sins rly let himself go, huh? >

>>827575394Hate the voice, love the body and attitude.

>>827576119Legit my favourite. I'm surprised to see her in this thread, people usually forget about her

>>827582408she also fucks dogs, allegedly, lmao

>>827580163The GOAT! She is literally the one pornstar I would actually marry. Plus she's on record as saying she prefers average cocks. That means my 7x6 would actually keep her satisfied.

>>827582408Name? Search pulls up nothing

>>827590310Dude read the fucking file name. Katrina Jade.

>>827590236cytherea likes medium cocks too

>>827573603She is hot

>>827573603as opposed to left pussy fleshlight?


>>827590382That may be true, but she looks like a bag of smashed assholes. Tore up!

>>827588770Hoping for my gf to be able to grope her and kiss her tbh


>>827590529Might even be able to see her tits in the flesh.

>>827590522nah. Only her tits look wonky, cuz they were always small, then she got pregnant and then got implants. U can see how her nips-ends dangle

>>827569569Hope Harper

>>827584707Did you take a nose-dive off an apartment building? Cause that's how a "gay man in a Muslim country" would do it.

>>827590611Nah dude that bitch is all around ugly.

>>827591163and u drool over a fat cow. Ok.

>>827570702#1: you don’t fuck.#2: this racist edge is old and boring.

>>827585288She was my first fap.Definitely gave me some fucked up fetishes with all the fucking anal and bimbo whore shit she was up to.Not to mention fucking fans randomly.

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