Creep or voy thread

Creep or voy thread

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post 3 fag

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>>827569580this is not /gif/ fag


Little Sil

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>>827569339So glad I learned of hidden cams on Holla Forums, my life has been so much better.

>>827569783who have you gotten since your revelation?

>>827570356Four of my wife's sisters along with her mom and brother but those don't count. In the near future I hope that they bring friends over or their hot cousins.

>>827570705Will you share in private?Anonontariob on kik

>>827569783Same, I have got three friends naked and a tons of upskirts and downblouses of my cousin.

>>827570705good for youI just finished my collection of SILs as welltook long enough hah19,20,and 22 y/o

>>827572056any surprises? piercings? shaved? weird nips? traps?

>>827572129I was surprised that all 3 are shaved, and surprised how good they all looked honestlygreat tits, asses, and pussys on all 3.

>>827572167Any chance of sharing here or in private?

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>>827572768Nice, more?


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>>827571439Looking to trade voy content Kik me randomdude9709

>>827570705>>827572056What’s everyone’s setup like? Also would love to see some pics?

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>>827569783What cams are recommended?

>>827574393Any cam can work you just need to find the right spot. I got some footage with a cellphone

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>>827569339This isn't 2006, post a higher resolution clip, cunt.

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>>827574655Good shit user. Thanks.

>>827574974Oh yes please

>>827574655I heard about German nudist beaches too bad I will never be able to convince my girl to go one of those lol

>>827575187but this is not in germany

>>827569708There has been a SIL poster here recently with a really slim looking girl with small pussy in bathroom shower. Anybody know and can repost? Or OP, are you here? I need to see and this time save....

>>827575255Oh sorry the Pulmoll made me think it was

>>827575408so you are german? where r u from

>>827575173I'm, continue pls


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>>827575483I am not but my girl is

>>827575173yes. More outside? Really anything will do. So fucking sexy!

>>827575367What other details can you give?

>>827575623post it all

>>827575659I have this and only this pic from the set

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>>827569595This is very nice. Your oc?

>>827569708>>827570705>>827572167Something amazing about capturing SILs. Don't know why but it feel extra thrilling.Have you guys created a side-by-side single pic to compare all their bodies?

>>827574583Now that is a fat fuckable ass.

>>827575947That's the poster who had pics of his SIL and wife to compare. Preferred the wife tbh!

>>827576204I dont have SILs but I think thats for the best because for sure I would have tons of pics of them lol

Does secretly recording count?

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>>827570705Start dumping, faggot.Btw, op. I was just thinking about one of my great wins. I hid a little cam in a flower pot RIGHT before this Mormon older lady friend with smoking hot body came over. So happy I got to see her cute little ass. Came twice to that just today.I have gigs and gigs of wins. I must have bought $500 worth of cameras over the years.

>>827576303Right! Do you have the pics?

>>827576315That is a sexy, open for dick pose.

how'd i do guys?

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>>827576402post post postI remember seeing one pic of a Mormon woman with fabulous perky tits. Not sure if same.

>>827576407No, sorry, user did not save but OC OP tends to pop up round about now in the day. Better save em while you can.

>>827576405Your wife right? Does she know you post her here?

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>>827576674>>827575947Hope he comes. That hottie is making me diamonds.

>>827576703missed it

>>827576204Yes, I also create side by side pictures of them from their social media vs naked in the shower. That really gets me to cum buckets.

>>827576204I havent but sometimes I fap with my sister´s shower pics while I ´m seeing her in the living room

>>827576825Me too user

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>>827577009Lets check her

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>>827577117Her ass

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>>827576953Got any pics to post? Faces blanked out if necessary.

>>827576953Lets see

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>>827577257Would need anything more

>>827577257Think I have seen this girl before - the one on the toilet. Nice thighs and a little bush. 7/10Next time get her in the shower!

>>827577323I can only hope

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She was hotGirl deleted was very cutetheb Holla Forumsthread/827569339/#827569339

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>>827577273I have better side bobs than her. And I am a guy.


>>827577545Post pic here? Link not working


>>827576315No joke. I went bar prowling maybe 18 months ago and I'm trying to talk up some girls while some other dude was too. He got their number, I didn't. But they left. He later told me he would try to fuck them and bet wins. I explained how I just whip out my phone and start recording from behind. And he literally pushes a button on his glasses and a tiny circle of white lights comes on. And he explains how he wears those fake glasses to record himself fucking bitches.Speaking of, I should see if they sell those in amazon.

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>>827578654I like where this is going

>>827578584find some and post here

>>827578654those are some nice tits, got a front view?

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>>827578845Who is she to you? Also more

>>827578845omg please drop her vid

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>>827578968Oh fuuuuuck. More! Also, gf? One clothed pic?

Wife snapped this pic for me. She's the best

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>>827579369Who is on the pic then?


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>>827578654Story? Who is she to you?


>>827579397Her sister. They were staying together in a hotel on a recent trip.

>>827579633Frontal? More?

>>827578968This activates my almonds

>>827579369Yes, you are the lucky bastard who's wife snaps pics of other women for you. Repost your sis in law's giant floatation boobs please.


>>827579773>>827579660One of my faves

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>>827579847Keep going. Also face

>>827579369Nice ! More of her ass ?

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>>827578654Ok, this is new. Post more? I gibs

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>>827579847I would cum all over those continuously.Got any of your wife's tits for comparison?

>>827580027I have seen this webm so many times but never the part afterwards. She is really pretty.

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>>827580027hell yeah dump them all please

>>827580027Keep going

>>827580027This guy literally never delivers

>>827580107More and story


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>>827572410nice tiddies and nipsmoar

>>827580175Nnnnnghh dat ass man it makes me hard

>>827580175Noice moar

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>>827580169Friend stayed overnight

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>>827580107Your OC? Who is she to you?

>>827580286Sadly that's it for the sister

>>827573323This... this so muchPerfect imageI see this on girls so often and I cant describe it, its like a bad ass, but worse than that its all towards the middle. There's no shape. I tried to draw it once but failed. This picture though, perfection.Absolute, Picasso, Michael Angelo, Dicaprio perfection. Thankyou user

>>827580252Yes we've all seen the three with no tits

>>827580308what a nice bush

>>827580282I agree. Her ass is amazing

>>827580252Come on dude, show those tits. I am sure you have them.

>>827580308Got to say, I do really miss a good bush. Not by the pussy lips but on the mound.


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>>827580038I'd love to cum on her titties

Wife mooning me on our hike

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>>827580660That is one round ass. Would fuck from behind and admire the view.

>>827580796Yeah, I came in like two minutes. We hadn't seen anyone on the trail at all so we felt pretty comfortable


Wife (top), two friends bottom

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>>827581217Will need faces and more

>>827580660Would Fuck her ass in this position

>>827581217Yeah, comparison shots are the best! I would rate your wife 1st but need to see bottom right from the front to check.

>>827581217Also appreciate how this comparison has them all in the same position. Good work :)New oc?

>>827580927She a bit of an exhibitionist? Got any tit pics?

>>827580252Never any tits ... :(

>>827569708eww dat feet wound

>>827579389Missed this one. What a great ass!

>>827578584Reminds me of an old porn site that ran with the same idea over 10 years ago

>>827576575Holy fuck, that's an important female figure, nice going user

Creep I took at work . I got such a hard on after taking that

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>>827581400Not gonna happen.>>827582205Bottom right moves like a ninja. Didn’t get one clear frontal shot unfortunately.>>827582259Thanks user. Yeah I captured it a few months back.

>>827582867Damn, would have liked to see more of bottom right. Bottom left has big tits but big everything as well.Got more of your wife? She has great breeding hips.

Does anyone have tips for hidden camera setup? Also, what's the worst penalty you can get for this?

>>827583198Depends on which country and which state. There was a fag who would come on every single voy thread and post the penalty but they disappeared about a week ago.I think most people would suggest a good quality Mobius 808 cam.

Been looking for a hidden cam set i saw months ago if a girl using a yellow towel. There is something red obscuring her face.

>>827583005Believe me, so would I lol.Here’s wife.

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>>827580504I bought a new model go pro to get more of her and then coronavirus happened

>>827583800Yes please! Who is she to you?

>>827583595Wow. More?

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>>827580660quite similar with mine

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>>827583595I would wreck your wife and not pull out

>>827583854How do you plan to hide the go pro? They are quite big right so would you be placing it in some other kind of container?

>>827583944>>827583951These are very promising

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>>827584063Wow, mooning is always best with girls who have the "gap" because their pussies are right out on display.

>>827584299Inside a modified wash bag or a shampoo bottle

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>>827584374More of these lovely big saggy tits


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>>827584418She looks hot. More.

>>827584524You got kik bro? Need more gf of yours

>>827584102Great pic. Does she know you were recording?


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>>827584607"Great pic. Does she know you were recording?" ---> Nope!>>827584596"You got kik bro? Need more gf of yours" ---> I havent sorry dude

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>>827584380agreed>>827584063same girl

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>>827584612now take off those panties

>>827584805nice orientation retard

>>827584740oof, nice saggers. would watch them fly around as I fuck her.Who is she?

>>827584804Would come up behind and push her face into the ground, kick her legs open and push my cock right into her hole slowly.

>>827584858Your oc? wife/gf?

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my wife

>>827584947That butthole is winking at me. Is this outdoors or in your house? Can't tell.

>>827584999>>827584740They bounce so well. Love how heavy they are.Fiancee.

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>>827580027>>827580252Is there seriously no fucking more?

>>827585354Godverdomme wat zijn Nederlandse meisjes toch knap.

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>>827585554Shit. So good. Kik me bluefridge12

>>827585279Very suckable. Got a video? Want to see them moving around.

>>827585050which hole ?

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>>827585636forgot pic

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>>827585704Anus for sure

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>>827582707very nice!

>>827580027Fuck off with this shit

>>827585940Do you know if there's at least more?

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Anyone got a set of a girl getting in/out of a bath with a yellow towel. There is something red covering her face

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>>827585704Still gonna go with the pussy. Those lips are too inviting.

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Little sis

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>>827586265Sorry user, don't recall that one.

>>827586383Yes, 100% fuckable. Story?

>>827585691Nice tits. Need a different angle, looking up so can see her pussy.

>>827586435I always like to stalk her, and fun on her things

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>>827586689She hot

>>827586689ha, ken's cum dump. Just the right amount of hair on her pussy.

>>827585878>>827586324two guys two holes - just right

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>>827587447Would she like multiple cocks inside her? Has she done something like that before? Either way, happily be a stunt cock in that gangbang.

>>827584063You are a lucky guy, that ass & pussy is sooo inviting! One of the best amateurs I've seen on 4chan. 10/10


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>>827587447Does she do anal? Does she like it?I would creampie that arsehole for all eternity!

>>827587634As far as I know - no, she hasn't. She doesn't like anal but fantasize about rough sex so who knows>>827587678thanks user, I'm glad to hear thatSince that's a voy thread - some upskirt

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>>827587876She does it sometimes but she doesn't like it too much. But it's kinda turn on to think of her being force fucked in her ass

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>>827588076Mmm; that has a gorgeous pussy; good enough to eat.How old is she? She looks mid 20's.

>>827588500Nice dubs; that woman is an 11/10 - I'm guessing she has no idea you're making us all salivate on here with her pics.


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>>827580107Is this MC from Montréal ?

>>827589197Know her? Post a Facebook pic


>>827587700Love SIL voysFront?


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Wife’s BFF

Attached: 1561035535080.webm (1921x1080, 1.77M)

>>827588953Yes, 25-27 yo in those pics>>827589005Thanks! Well she isn't very shy and as long as there's no face she doesn't mind

Attached: IMG_20181229_212125.jpg (1944x2541, 1.33M)

>>827589701Fuck me, she is gorgeous and that pic quality is excellent. Post more!

Attached: vlcsnap-2018-01-05-22h17m12s106~2.png (930x992, 723.93K)


>>827589728>>Thanks! Well she isn't very shy and as long as there's no face she doesn't mindMy god; I though she would be unaware of the uploads. You can tell her from me that she has a truly gorgeous body. I've saved her pic's & will be fapping later.


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Attached: 330337C4-7E2A-46ED-9F0F-4EA372B3A368.jpg (738x1430, 882.46K)

>>827589701Damn that’s crisp what cam is this?

Attached: PicsArt_05-14-03.12.14.jpg (1017x1808, 230.34K)

>>827589999Finally, a quads post that has something good

>>827589924You can tell her that her pussy has made my cock rock hard.

>>827589773Would slide my cock into there no problems. Who?

>>827579369I want to live your life.What did your wife say when she sent you a nude of her own sister from behind? Was it something you'd discussed beforehand, or did she seize on the opportunity and then 'treat' you with the pic out of the blue later?

>>827590339Now that is a lovely pair of tits. More?

>>827579847Any of your wife to compare with her sister?

>>827590495Wow, those saggy tits are fantastic. So milfy.

>>827590731Already gone. Repost?

>>827590731Oh man, no need to delete. She was sexy. Post more!

>>827590473Who dis?

>>827589999I am 100% sure I work with her!

>>827590894My gf

Attached: 4CA5F2BB-A956-4006-8D02-EF9B878E1B76.jpg (1053x843, 628.78K)

Attached: 2.jpg (1920x1080, 79.86K)

bump for webm

>>827590992That's a great shot and that's a meaty pussy. Who?

>>827589924>>827590654I'll tell her that why fucking her to make her more turn on.I gotta go so have one last. I like this photo very muchHappy fapping

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