Asian girl thread

asian girl thread

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>>827568688Please have nudes

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>>827570747God no... enough of her


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>>827572573to be fair i havent seen that one yet

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Fake tits and all, she really does it for me. I wish there were nudes.

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>>827574769holy hell we need more of this whore

>>827574996There is plenty

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>>827574904Oh hell yeah

>>827575159>>827568688stop posting dumb instagram girls. at least post shalysa's tits. dont make me find that shit on my phone and come back

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>>827575903There we go

>>827575945lol fag

>>827575903That's an American and a French.

>>827575903more pls

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>>827576345Mah princess... Fark. I'd hate to be her Dad...

>>827576436You know her?


>>827576483No. I'm just a dad myself, with a 10 yr old half Japanese Daughter. Dudes gonna Dude on her, and I'm gonna be an old cunt with shotgun and rockingchair/10.

>>827574653She's a fucking annoying c-word. I used to follow her Twitter because she seemed pretty based, but then after a while, you see how she turns into a screeching bitch if someone disagrees with her. Lot of whiteknights in her replies

>>827574904got nudes?

>>827576729Double unfortunate. She both looks unfortunate, and acts such. Easy to ignore then.>inb4 2/10 would not bang face.


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>>827576729>C-wordOh my!

>>827568812*did i leave the oven on?

Nude game for this one. You know the rules Holla Forums. Number is 5. Dubs don't count unless it's also 5. Trips definitely count

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>>827577350nobody gives a fuck, just post it you faggot


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>>827576729oh no, not the c word. geez

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>>827577389Gotta play for it if you want it. Put a little effort in, don't be lazy

>>827577350you're gay. also 5 get

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>>827578231Depends, nudes? If yes, post em. If no, well, post what you want


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>>827578231pls more

>>827578928continue need moar


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>>827579177dump it all

>>827579177any videos?

Whos everyones favorite regularly posted/overly exposed asian Holla Forums slut


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Where the Filipino chicks at?

>>827579443jesus fuck more.


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love how this one hugs all her friends, lucky to be one. Do asians usually have big tits?

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>>827579652>>827579796more dont stop

>>827579821more of her?

>>827580044based, more?

>>827577350let me try

>>827580044>>827580211yes to these please!

more gooks pls

>>827579171got nudes?


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>>827579652>>827579796>>827580044>>827580211any more user?

>>827574653who is she?

>>827577350MOTHER FUCKER, i know this girlgagu ka user

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>>827577350she looks nice. ROLL

Why is every "Asian" thread just Hapas?

>>827581805>>827577350And we have a winner

Some vietnamese tits

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>>827577350I shall roll for this girl


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>>827581805of course a kshitter is pinoy


>>827575903Got IG?


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>>827582465Wow! More?



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>>827578553j lee?

>>827577350last roll



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>>827583096>>827582465Wow. 10/10 girls

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>>827583490any nudes?


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>>827583490Body? Don't stop the posts

>>827583563Keep it coming! For Kazakhstan

>>827583563Well She's made me hard


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>>827583891Nice ass

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>>827584224any feet?

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>>827577350didn't someone get a 5 already? roll

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>>827584444Sexy digits mate. Quad fours UNNGNNGNGNG


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>>827584795hnng post all you got

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>>827581805Shit sorry, fell asleep, I'm backHow do you know her? Prove it. What's her profession?

religious friend i jerk off to

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>>827578432I have more of her I’ll trade for cum tribs of someone I know Kik: lindseykc9

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>>827577350quads rolled release them

>>827577350>>827581805>>827582125>>827584444And since I'm a man of my word, here's one. You guys can still roll again if you want. Place a request, I got lots (ffwf, cum on face, pussy spread, etc)

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>>827586562You know we like the cum in face or blowjob face user

>>827586562cum on face definitely

rolling for that spread dawgg

Forgot to say, number is still 5

>>827575085Keep it going

>>827586562rollin ffwf

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>>827586562make a thread for her? we can roll there

>>827586795>>827586875damn ffwf pls


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anyone have nudes of ?

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>>827568688More op?

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>>827586875An unusual roll request for a 5 get, perhaps if someone starts a nude game one of these days, i'll participate

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>>827582667>>827579720>>827579443best in thread, there has to be nudes.

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>>827573958Anymore of her getting fucked?

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>>827583490Aviation hotties ftw!>Be me. Business trip in Singapore for an airline>Lots of stewardess training going on, always>Meanwhile, wife calling me regularly, being a giant bitch, always.>Walking back from lunch. Super hot hottie, in casual because it's graduation today. White hot shorts. Good lord, those thighs.>In lift with hottie "Hey user, are you coming to the party this afternoon?">Me: I'll see if I can make it.>Young hottie makes cute face.>Get out of lift, phone rings, better get it. Bitchy wife yelling down the phone like the psycho she is.>Hottie says "Is that your girlfriend?">Me, reluctantly "Um, yeah.">Don't bother going to party. >Destiny lost. True Holla Forumstard.

>>827585670don't stop user, stroking my cock to her

>>827581805Dumb pajeet insults

my aunt

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Any Vancouver based girls?


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queen joanna

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