Steve "the White Man Should be" King exterminates MSNBC lugenpresse

This dude is probably one of us in secret tbh. Either a closet Holla Forumsack or at least Steve Bannon/Ann Coulter tier.

BTW, I think we need better rhetoric

More Steve "get rid of skypes, and also dykes" King

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BTW, I think we need better rhetoric to combat the "country of immigrants thing.


yeah…fuck Bolton…but not everyone's perfect…I mean, Trump has a bunch of jews on his team. Still Steve King's pretty good imo.

We need to push where we can. Unless you were one of those faggots going DURR TRUMP IS NOT DAVID DUKE DROP HIM SYSTEMS RIGGED ANYWAY, he's fairly good for someone who is somewhat mainstream.

We just need to push on Trump and other politicians now like what SJWs do to the Democrat party.

check the catalog

You are shit and your thread is shit.

What, exactly, is the point of this thread?

I agree that's faggy, but skypes rhymes with dykes better than kikes.

I should've embedded this sorry.


Muppet ass nigger has nothing to say, as usual. Bitch may need to see what triggered really means.

Do you see why we tell you newfags to just lurk? Do you fucking get it now? You stupid nigger cunt.

Oh? The pagan Greeks and Romans (and other "barbarians" that had civilizations of their own) were Christian? Thanks Steve, I didn't know that.

Lest us not forget Alexander the mother fucking great.

Into the oven you go.

This is not just newfaggotry, this is pure retardation.

A country of white immigrants.

Until 1965 came around.

Ask them if opening your door for a guest means that everyone in the world now has a right to be in your house.

1) look how it worked out for the Indians
2) basically a nation of Anglo/NW Euro immigrants by law until 1965
3) immigration always was / should be limited to the benefit of those already here
4) immigration has always been limited to those who share values (democracy, limited gov't etc)
5) allowing some immigrants in doesn't mean allowing everyone in
6) rope

personally, I prefer #6 but some may find it unpalatable

Christcuck DNC

America is a country of settler's and pioneers, not immigrants.

Major fail.



That's the counter meme.

Why is this tactic so common? It seems obvious.

I'm going to have to check these dubs.

Kek has answered. America is a country of WHITE immigrants.


Point out that they also said that America was never great and that they sarcastically asked when Trump wanted to reset America to. If we were a nation of immigrants from the start why can't we go back to the naturalization act of 1790, America's first immigration law, which allowed only whites of good standing to gain citizenship? If we were a nation of immigrants who cared for all, then why did we genocide Indians? They let anyone who wants to dilute us into extinction a platform to speak on, and they give anyone who is prone to conservation of culture the illusion that this is our culture. This is jewish doublethink at its finest, but you can point out the contradictions with their idea of the past and the actual legislation. In fact, we can even abuse the fact that the left wants to be a perpetual victim. They can't both live in a nation that was historically kind to them and be historical victims at the same time. They may be our greatest asset in dispelling that rumor.

I still blame you dummies for not castrating your slaves. Even the mudshits knew well enough to do that.

I'll never truely understand why some old white guy (Esquire) wants the white race to no longer have a voice. I don't care if he's a marxist or whatever, I'll never understand his suicidal motivation


Phrase it as "European immigrants".

With that point made, how do we convince them to meme themselves as defeated?

If you want to trigger cucks then say white.

shitty thread