Dick rate thread

Dick rate thread

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>>8275620106/10>>827562274Lovely cock and nice Bush 8/10How’s mine?

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Rate me please?

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Go ahead rate my cock

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>>8275639218/10 very pretty

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>>827564500Thanks. Nice weapon

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>>8275648347.5/10Is it important to use an actual cock ring or will any elastic ring do?

More if this cock.

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>>827565005took what was near at hand, guess it’ll do


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rate eer

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rate me

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>>827565655>>82756277310s all day. Rate me?

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>>827565655>>827565314>>827565135>>827564500>>827564384>>827563921>>827563728>>827562773i want to be spitroasted by all of you

>>8275639217.5/10>>8275643268/10. have anymore to share?>>8275653149.5/10kik is ct1764 if anyone wants to send me dick pics or wants a rate

>>827562010Imagine being like 35 years old and posting your dick to Holla Forums every fucking day for two years

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>>827568371Yes and?

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>>827569436I’d be down. Haven’t been laid since the Bush administration.

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ugh he's back, your dick is fuckin gross dude

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>>827570390At me next time.

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>>827570450Mmm would suck/10


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Beautiful cocks. Would love to have you all fill me with cum. ;)

>>827564384More please

im a big dude but so is my cock lol

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Literally the same dicks every time

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>>827571886Does that surprise you? 8/10

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>>827571974sexy cock 9/10

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>>827572432Thaaaaank youuuu~

>>827573108would worship

>>827573446thanks gaynon

Got circumcised a year ago but missing my foreskin. A good photo I found of before

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>>827571517Fuck. I’d love to have that in my mouth

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>>827574016Fantastic cock 7/10. Would challenge you to a sword fight

>>8275622748/10Hope chastity is ok

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>>8275716957/10. Would definitely suck

>>827574103What are the appeals to a chastity? I’m really curious. My girl doms me so maybe it’s the next step

>>8275716958/10 for shape, body, head and race. Would love to DP a fleshlight with you

>>827574016Holy fuck I'd suck that cock, love my hairy guys with big dicks9/10

>>827574278What i like about it is that I’m surrendering control of my sexual behavior to someone else also there’s a certain feminization you get from it

How do people deal with having so much damn hair? I got Bush and a treasure trail and that’s it. Wouldn’t want more than that.

>>827574808Does it hurt getting an errection in it?

>>827574884Same here, but my bush is thick af lol

>>827574981I wish I had a thick bush. Mines kinda soft and wispy.

>>827575161Mines thick and coarse lol. I used to try and keep it looking good but now I’m just like fuck it lol. I haven’t shaved mine in months lol

>>827575322May we see?

>>827575933I would if my cock was hard. Got a kik?

>>827576034Deleted Kik when I heard it was dying

>>827576388Don’t blame you. I heard that too but I figured I’d just stick it out. It’s been a while lol

>>827576476Sorry I really wanted to see it ;-;

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>>827576573No need to be sorry. I wanted to show you. Just don’t want to post it here lol.

anybody near cinci want to have their dick sucked?

>>827576677Fuck it I'll make a Kik, what's yours?

>>827576872Send me yours and I’ll add you

Rate wwyd

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>>827577059Eat your ass while I milk you from behind

>>827576893dumbisexual on kikCorny I know but it's the truth

>>8275770598/10 drop to my knees and deep throat you

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>>827576893Also this if it's easier

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>>8275774008/10 I'd burry my nose in your crotch

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Geez you guys have some big dongs, jelly af

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>>8275775407.5/10 Id love to lick that precum up for you...


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>>827577629Thanks would love that

>>827577816do you have more pics? Getting turned on just thinking about it.

>>827577713Deep throat you to the base

>>827578082Getting me hard again

>>827577957Sorry im at work right now, maybe ill take one in the bathroom, thinking about you sucking me off right there.

>>827578226fuckk I need that bathroom pic. A sloppy bathroom bj, using my throat to get off quickly, would be my pleasure.

So I’ve never posted myself , would y’all be kind enough to rate mine ?

>>827578389You can use mine too

>>827578488post it

>>827578138Mmmn good

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>>827578719Throbbing over the thought of you sucking it

>>827578389Here you go, its a bit shiny cuz i had to tug a bit to relieve some of that horniness love the idea of having a personal suckslut at work

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>>827578746fairly average, 7/10 would suck

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>>827578885Thank you , i have pride in it.

>>827578931Oh fuck, 9

>>827578882I’d sit on this

>>827578992Thank you

Only rating uncut>>8275789654>>8275789316>>8275788827>>8275787458>>8275777134>>8275775405>>8275774007

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>>827578777I would be honored to please you with my mouth

>>827579064That sounds really nice, I'd love that ;)

>>827579608Nice tight hole too so go easy

>>827579381I’d shoot a warm load down your throat

How's my cock?

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>>827579702Another angle

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>>827577713Run my tongue over its length until it's leaking

>>827580012Fuck that’s got me so hard

>>827580069Nice, I want you so hard when I put you in my mouth

>>827580136I’ll fuck your face until I drop

>>827580165Mmmh yes unload all your cum in my throat

>>827580243So lewd i want a nice warm wet mouth to drop a load in too

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>>827580404Would love to taste your cum

>>827580474Nice shiny head

>>827580495Wouldnt last 30 seconds inside im so fucking horny today need to unload so bad

>>827579196Half of those are cut, loser.

>>827580572I'm so horny too for that cock

>>827580655I’ll fuck your ass and breed you >>827580572

>>827580708Fuck yes, I want to be your toy

>>827580587>doesnt realize foreskin retracts

>>827580804>doesn’t realize foreskin can be just partially removed Sad faggot can’t even looks at dicks right. Drown, animal.

>>827580804DUDE UR FUCKING dumb


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>>8275812797.5, more


>>827581358Of course I'd let you fuck my tight asshole


>>827581460I would but it's not the thread for it

>>827581512I’d suggest starting an asshole thread but every thread already is one!

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>>827581643That's a good one>>827581653Mmh nice 8/10

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>>827581712You think so? My highest rating yet

>>827581935Yeah I'd love to choke on it

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>>827581985How old are you?



>>827582149Youre a guy i presume?


>>827582243Just for future reference literally no females will be found in these threads. I promise.

>>827582273Head is head. Id still throat fuck you

>>827582376Ive seen a few supposed ones on these threads

>>827582393That sounds hot


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>>827582418Those were dudes, my dude.

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>>827582463I said supposed.

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>>827570058bretty based iff u ask me

>>827582771More? Kinda looks like mine, even the bush. I don’t curve as much though.


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>>8275830987/10. We have really similar pubes.

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>>8275841327.5 nice balls. Does that curve make fucking difficult?

Anyone up to rate ?

>>827582448Would ride>>827581934 would suck>>827581279Damn that's big will ride too>>827584132Would ride>>827583098Nice buschMe

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Rate wwyd

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>>82758438310/10 cute af

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my cock, thoughts and wwyd?

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>>8275844988.5. Start sucking down to your balls as you hold my head and fuck my mouth. Then I’ll get on all fours

>>827584490Thank youI love your cock id let you fuck me too

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>>8275844787.5. Sit on you

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>>827584621Saw this dripper before. Wet head


>>827584490Would suxk 10/10 post more

>>827584538>>827584703sounds hot, would want you guys horny playing with my cock

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>>827584812Then ram it up my ass

>>827584855got any pics of ur ass? would love to stick it up ur ass

>>827562010Holy crap lol, didn’t think this would still be alive

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>>827570755You look great


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>>827585698How many hours have you been waiting on standby to do that?

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Im looking for anons to photoshop my cock so i can cheat on onlyfans, but by itself unaltered what do you guys think?

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>>827584812More like the first pic


You cannot handle this magnificent specimen.

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I’m not gay heh. But I want to be a girl

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Rate me

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>>8275887548/10, nice length, girth, and shape, but not a fan of the uncut. Still would suck.

>>8275876489/10, great shape and size, love your balls too.

Ayy Anons!

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Rate me :)

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>>82756201010 hour dick thread Keks

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>>827588754More asap 10/10

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>>827584383I would pound u silly.That cock you want to suck and the big one you want to ride is the same cock

>>827574891It doesn’t hurt to wear but it does feel tight when I get an erection


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