Ever fuck a friends girlfriend,daugther or wife...

ever fuck a friends girlfriend,daugther or wife? or ever let someone perv on your wife and maybe play with her while shes drunk or passed out? drop ur stories below

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Can you tards just go find this content on the internet somewhere and jerk off to it? Why do you need a bunch of fat kids to make up stories to help you nut Why do you have to read this dumb gay shit on an image board

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>>827550387Why would you enter a thread you dont like and then complain about it?

I've fucked a couple of other guys wives, but they didn't know about it. Would love to fuck some of my wife's friends

>>827550277i fucked a friend's ex gf for a year and a half and it was glorious sex. she was in great shape and loved getting dicked constantly. she was a total bitch and an alcoholic, so it fell apart

>>827550277Got drunk with my wife and our roommate while watching movies. While she was in the bathroom I told him to start feeling her up as soon as she got back. Then, i texted her while she was out of the room and told her to slide her pants off under the blanket we were sharing so i could get her worked up for later. Plan went perfectly. She thought it was my hand fingering her until I pulled the blanket back. She mightve been angry but she was drunk and getting fondled for about 15 minutes. We ended up spitroasting her for the rest of the night

>>827550894damn haha nice

>>827550277I let a friend creep on my wife so he could get to see her naked while she was taking a shower.

I was banging a friends gf in collegeShe came onto me first. we used to sneak away at parties and she would blow me, then back at the party I saw her kiss her bf.Later I used to pick her up from his house and take her home and fuck her.They broke up a year or so later, dunno if he ever found out, we are still friends though live in different cities.

>>827550984how did ya pull it off

>>827550277fucked my mate's younger sister (which was another mate's cousin as well). Several times at their family home, on the living room's table, and in their shower for the few months where we were FWB. We wondered if we should tell my mates, and we decided commonly that it was not worth the hassle.

>>827551539Easy. My friend was over and my wife had just got back from the gym and my friend was about to leave but I told him to wait, my wife went off to take a shower and I let him watch when you are in the bathroom/shower it's impossible to see back into the bedroom if the light is off so I let him watch for a couple of minutes.

>>827551926what did he think

>>827552018He was very happy I'm sure he fapped when he got home.

My friend cheated on his now ex twice, and after it happened the second time and she broke up with him, I messaged her, basically just saying that I’m sorry he did that do her, I hope she’s okay, and I hope there’s no hard feelings between us. She replied like, immediately with a bunch of stuff about how big of a cunt my friend is, he much she hated him, and I kinda just let her vent. Within about thirty minutes she was asking if I could come over and get some of his shit he left there. So I did. And she opened the door in just her robe, saying how she’d just gotten out of the shower, she didn’t expect me to get there that fast and all this bullshit. Took about five minutes before we were fucking, and the whole time she’s screaming about how much better I fuck than my friend, how much bigger my dick is, how he didn’t go down on her enough. I’m fucking diamonds, tearing her up and shit, when she gets a call from my friend. No fucking clue what he was gonna say, but she threw the phone across the bed and got on her hands and knees so I could blow her back out. After I nutted inside her, she told me a few more times how bad my friend was and how much better I was, and how she wishes she’d been with me and not him. I ended up leaving shortly after, and immediately called my friend. He starts complaining about losing her and how he wants her back, and I’m fucking rock hard all over again. To this day I don’t think he knows what happened. But every time I see him, I remember her screaming out for me.

I unknowingly fucked a friends gf now wife when they were first together they weren't fully committed for the first few months of their relationship due to being long distance some of the time and I had a one night stand with her not knowing she was my friends gf I didn't realize until about a year later when we were at a party and he introduced his fiancee to me and it was her, we agreed not to tell him the look on her face was priceless.

>>827552555That's hot.I live in a pretty isolated area so its not all that uncommon, but it still turns me on.

>>827552555haha damn thats nice


I fucked a friend‘s sister a couple of times, don‘t know of that counts


>>827550387i've never seen such a 2008 picture in my life.




let my friend jerk off and nut across my gfs cheeks

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My wife and I have a semi open relationship. We are both bi. I once had a husband and wife on their knees for me, I've had a "straight" guy have a threesome with me and my wife who claims he's a serious Dom suck my nuts. She spent an entire party on my friends lap and sucked him off the moment we got some privacy. I've pulled her top down and shoved her at friends and then lock them in a room together on a couple of occasions. If you get past jealousy you can really have the best of both worlds. Really feel like a badass too.

>>827555115howd that happen?

>>827555402he offered cash when his gf left him and it was easy money

>>827555509did she agree to it?

>>827555746yea, she just set the rules and didnt really care

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>>827550277Had a threesome with my friend and his fat gf one night. About a year later they had broken up and I was going out with a girl in college. He was visiting one week, so fair was fair and we had another threesome. He definitely got the better end of the deal though

Fucked a married friend after she lost a bet

>>827556679go on

I haven't but I know my friend wants me to

>>827550277Girlfriend, sister, and mom. In that order. Long story short I hooked up with the gf when drunk and she said stuff to the sister. My buddy never found out. The sister talked to me at a party we were at about what happened and somehow we ended up fucking. A few months later I was helping clean up their house after a family bbq. The mom was tipsy and mentioned how things were rough since her divorce ya da yada. She asked about how I was doing with the single life and how she missed the fun of those days. I took that as a hint and made my move. At that point I had sex with every single woman that lived in that house and every bed. Honestly amazed that nothing got back to my friend but I don’t mind.

A friend of mine fucked my girlfriend at a party after they got drunk before me and her started dating


Fucked an ex while she was 'on break with her boyfriend'. She was a complete cum-guzzling whore with perfect tits. Busted my load all over those cans and got out of the car. Never called her again. She's since onto another guy.



I let a friend of mine mess around with my ex. I had caught him staring at her tits many times. I had "accidentally" let him see pics of her on my phone, but one night she passed out so I got her naked for him. I let him feel on her tits and pussy, and she started to get turned on. I made sure all the lights were off, and I let him fuck her while I laid beside her and talked to her to make her think it was me.

I fucked my friend's younger sister twice. I think he knew about it but never said anything. She was hot and had amazing tits.

>>827558721holy nice lol




some good stories

>>827558721tommyjohn2000 on k ik if you want to hear more or see her

>>827550894Any more details. Or pic of her. Kik wazzup_mahomi1

I fucked my best mates sister - she was fucking hot

>>827550387sure is fucking summer in here

>>827550772thats never gunna happen unless you make her and youre alpha enough and youre not cause youre married to the worst looking of her friends, start by getting a divorce

>>827550277I did fuck a friends girlfriend once but they were officially on a break and she told me she was going to break it off with him anyway. At first it was weird being in the same pussy that my buddy had fucked but I got over it pretty quickly. He still holds it against me to this day even though he married another girl and had 3 kids with her. He's happy with the family he has now but still holds a grudge. Not sure why, that ex of his that I fucked? We dated for about 6 years and she left me for another guy. So in the end, I got fucked over anyway. Guess karma is a bitch. heh.

>>827555806nah seen this pic so many times with a different story fucking nigger


I had a dream last night about a cuck's girlfriend i fucked. She broke up with him but i think she's with someone else now. I stopped talking to both of them cause i hated her bf. I'd like to maybe cause she was cool but she's super loose. It's honestly gross but maybe over lookable.


My wife fucks her friends sometimes... Part time les shit. Hot to watch. She won't let me touch them. But I've been fucking her best friend for a while now. I think the friend fucked my wife to get to me but what ever.


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once i had some friends come over to my place. one of them brings over a new girl he'd started dating. well we are all playing video games and smoking we weed and he noticed the girl he brought over was missing.>has anyone seen the girl i brought?someone says he saw her go upstairs with my roommate>should i go check on her?then the sounds of her moaning came from upstairs.we awkwardly consoled him and he mentioned that she drove them there so he couldnt leave...eventually my roommate finishes up with her and they leave awkwardly.we gave my roommate a lot of shit for doing that to our friend.fast forward a week later, the girl is over and upstairs with my roommate. me and the girl match on tinder, she messages me saying she thinks im cute, while upstairs with my rooommate. she asked if i was still downstairs and wanted to hang out.i say no thanks, cause i wasnt trying to ride the town bike and i was already getting laid fairly consistently. sometimes i wish i would have just done it thoughshe nearly fucked every single guy i knew after a year or so

I would like to do this with my girl

When I was 17-18, I fucked my friends sister, then his mother (separately). Then I fucked another friend's aunt.About 10 years ago I fucked a friend of mine's sister.


catfished my friend's mom senior year of high school

One night after my friend's wife's office Christmas party they rode back to his house with another couple. I think my buddy was going to swing, but his wife passed out. So did the other guy. Friend banged the other chick. After they lrft6 his house he called me over. When I got there he told me be what had happened. Told me his either way passed out naked on the bed and told me to go get some of that so I went and knocked it out. Nutted all up in her. Good times.

>>827565596 howd that go?

>>827550277My friends always hit on my wife because she’s pretty hot and flirts a lot. We were all out drinking and she groped one’s dick through his jeans. He was speechless and she just proceeded to laugh at him.

>>827566677pretty easy to do a few years ago. find them on a dating site and just create fake profiles with different emails. finally found a guy she seemed to like and kept talking to her for a few weeks, got her email address, more chatting and then some bra pics came, sent a few of a guy i found online, then nudes came. same bedroom, same everything. i almost drowned in cum jerking off that night kek

We are both in our 40s with 2 kids and we ve both started to turn all plumpy. any attempt to get others involved would probably be met with derision. But her boobs still hold up, she's always been on the chubby side and after two pregnancies they became even meatier.She is incredibly prudish and now with the kids getting older and all she won't even walk around the house without a bra like she used to, I ve never pressured her or had her do anything unknowingly that I knew she wouldnt have approved of. But now with the quarantine, indolence messing with our heads, I ve become quite a bit more daring. There is this dorky 16 year old I tutor via zoom so one day I seemingly "accidentally" left laptop with cam still on in our room while she was changing after taking a shower. When I returned I could tell that the kid had seen everything he was so flustered stumbling for words. Felt some weird sense of pride from this whole thing

I fucked my cousin's wife while he was working in Iraq as a civilian contractor. He said he'd rather have her fucking me than go out and look for some stranger to fuck. We'd had a threesome before they got married so it wasn't awkward or anything.I'd usually come over about two or three times a week under the pretense of cutting the grass or fixing something around the house. I'd hang out for dinner and put it to her after their kid went to sleep or was playing outside.


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>>827567948That's hot. You going to try it again?

>>827568272Wife would probably caught on to my voyeuristic schemes, seeing the laptop always open in our room would raise her suspicions. But in a few weeks when schools reopen we ll finally get some time alone and I could maybe get her to change or fool around in other parts of our house. I ve thought about exposing her to some friendly couple of hours with which we Skype a lot. I already accidentally exposed myself to the wife last week she is wife's best friend and she acted like it didn't happen.

>>827550387Based protector of virtuous Holla Forums



>>827550277Lol, my roommate in college actually, we are really good friends and his girlfriend was fine as fuck. She broke up with him because he cheated on her but they were still “working things out” One night I went out with some other friends and my roommates ex’s friends and she was with them.Basically, our whole friend group got pretty drunk and I ended up walking home with her and roommate (who I used to hookup with). I had no intention on being with her because she never showed me signs and we were good friends. Once we get back to the girls apartment her roommate went to bed and I was pretty drunk and asked if I could chill at her place so I could get more sober before I went home.So we go to her room and she goes to the bathroom and puts on a big t-shirt and underwear on... like ok, that’s a sign. I didn’t think much of it though, I just thought it was weird. We ended up talking about nothing for like 5 minutes and then she asked me if she wanted to lay down in her bed... ooookay that’s THE sign. As soon as I laid down with her we just started making out, it all moved pretty fast and she started sucking my dick without me saying a word. That led me to fucking the absolute shit out of her. I was too drunk to cum so it took me a minute but I eventually I came all over her stomach.As soon as we were done my roommate started blowing up her phone to see if she got home safe.I instantly felt the guilt and we agreed to never tell anyone, and after like a year we haven’t but we still talk from time to time.


>>827571089thats hot

>>827567948Kinda out of place for this thread but I'm in a similar situation hereOur son recently hit puberty, I ve noticed him getting lost when catching some incidental downblouse glimpse of his mom or when she is wearing her strap tank top which really pronounces her breasts.Kid is not actively trying to check his mom out or anything like that.. it just happens. Wife is clueless still hasn't come to terms with son's growing. I know she'd freak out and start dressing up as a nun if I were to bring this up.my libido has already hit rock bottom due to quarantine, watching her walk around in baggy clothes and ugly pj's is not exactly aphrodisiac. The only thing that gets me going is her rack, especially the few rare occassions when I notice she isn't wearing a bra and I can see her jugs swayin to and fro as she walks.I ll go crazy if I lose the last trace of real life stimulation I have left

>>827573265thats hot ngl

>>827573265Sounds like you should bond with you son over the appreciation of the female form. Maybe you should encourage you wife to dress even looser.


>>827550277neighbors daughter, she used to house-sit for me

>>827575164go on

>>827573745Don't wanna cause the kid some trauma or complex

>>827575264got kik?

>>827573649I agree as well and it happens more often than we think or care to admit

>>827575300No but I can download it whats yours?

Im a payed Bull.. So yea i fuck wifes

>>827575227started when she was 15, her and her friends were allowed to use pool, and she was kinda flirty and got to talking about sex, she was pretty active and knew her way around cock

>>827562767prob because if he and his wife ever have marriage problems he doesn't want you going in and trying to fuck her, so he sees you as a doomsday level threat

>>827550277fucked a friends girlfriend, he wanted to watch, night of dancing and drinking and back to their place

>>827566762>flirts a lot.oof, when do the gang bangs start?

>>827568112imagine expecting your wife to cheat. Jesus Christ what happened.

>>827571089did they get back together or no?

>>827550277No. Some women like it though.

Friends birthday all go out. He blacks out and me, him and his gf go back to his place. I help put him to bed then chat with his gf. Keep drinking then end up having her suck me off and then pounder her while he was asleep.

I once made out with and fingered a friends gf at a sleepover. She initiated it so I went with it.

>>827576344Nice. Age, details?

>>827576399god, we must have been around 17/18, there were a few people at the sleepover, and she just got into my bed and went to sleep, then her hands started roaming and one thing led to another.Pale as fuck, nice tits, great ass, slightly hairy pussy

>>827576574That’s awesome! No alcohol and that still happened? Did user ever find out? Lol

>>827576270That’s a piece of shit thing to do, user. I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same thing though. ;)

I fucked a co-workers daughter. I had hooked up with her mom a few times previously , she had been cheating on her husband. a few years later I ran into her daughter at a local bar, shared some drinks, but kept running into her almost every week, and eventually we ended up fucking

>>827550277I let a couple of friends play with my passed out sister once and sometimes I let friends to have fun with my gf

>>827576672It was fun. Did some coke too and that kinda just set the mood

Went to the movies with my friends gf. She said she would meet up with me there. When she got there her bf dropped her off. She gave me head the whole movie then fucked her afterwards. When we finished her bf picked her up

>>827577204so your friend is a cuck?

Friend's mom fucked me when I was 19 and she was 43.

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>>827577402Yeah neither of them want to admit it though haha


>>827577586maybe its a hotwife thing


Fucked my buddys wife, which is my wifes bestfriend at a costume partyPic related. Blonde is my wife

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>>827578328Nice. Does your wife know?

>>827578466Nope no idea

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I'm still a virgin but I know that both mom and dad fooled around against each others backs when I was younger

>>827578516You need to do FMF with them

>>827578691damn, how did you find out about mom? are they still together? do they know about each other's infidelity or no?

>>827578738Funny enough they did with each other, while i watchedTook a few pics

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>>827578328what the fuck is the context of this picture? is the girl on the left the friend's wife?

>>827578837HA! Awesome. :DPlease share more

>>827578837is this what people in small towns do?

>>827578909From vegas buddy. Sincity>>827578890Sure>>827578890

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>>827550277Had a friend come to visit and he always brings his girl with him. I have a guest bedroom but they never use it and always choose my couches which is just fucking rude but anyway, got them drunk and went to the kitchen to make a snack. Offered to make them some which they said yes, she was playing with my kitten at the time and followed it walking on all 4 into the kitchen while he was gaming/falling asleep holding the controller. I had been thinking about mouth fucking her or atleast busting on her face as she slept and had gotten hard while i was wearing sweats. Decided just just say fuck it and stood next to her to prep the snack while her face was near my crotch. Pulled my sweats down and had the hard rod right in her shit when she stopped playing with the kitten and looked up at me and made eye contact. I just had to smile and give her that look and she started sucking. She was pretty bad so that tells me she doesnt do it much or he was alot smaller than me and she wasnt used to the size. She swallowed though and we never showed a hint afterwards.

>>827552555Go to bed nick

>>827579032are you positive your wife never fucked your buddy? you guys seem very close

>>827579202Honestly ive been wanting a full swap so my wife and fucking relax and enjoy an orgyPic from our chaturbate. Never swapped tho

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caught my mom cheating a few times

I fucked a friend's mother. He moved about 30 minutes away and she had been divorced for quite a while. Good looking older gal. All of us friends always had the hots for her growing up. Fast forward to being older. I was a bouncer at a local college/townie bar during the evenings just for a little side cash that I used for my partying. She would stop in with some of her older gal friends often on the weekends, especially Sunday Fundays. I always partied there on Sundays because I didn't have to work there on Sundays. I always flirted with her and she'd flirt back and have fun. She has a great personality along with the looks. We both got drunk and I asked if I could crash on her couch so I wouldnt have to drive home. She indulged and said that was fine. We got to her house and she brought pillows and blankets out to the couch and thats when I joked with her and told her that is her bed and that I was taking her bed.I walked into her room and laid in her bed and she brought me water and told me I can't sleep in bed with her because her son would kill her. I made a couple more smartass remarks about it and she caved. I think she hoped for it too but wanted to play it off like she's proper and would have never thought of doing it.After she changed and laid in bed it was all she wrote. Had her clothes off and pumped her for quite a while before busting my nut inside her.She made me swear not to tell anyone and that she admitted that she hasn't been fucked like that for a long time. It became a regular thing for a while. My buddy still has no idea that I've left his mother with 100 or more creampies.

>>827578829I think mom does because dad had an affair with my godmother prior to getting married and she d always bitch about her, whenever she bought me gifts she d always make disparaging comments saying how cheap they looked. I realized they were seeing each other when I was 12 and my mom's animosity towards her finally made senseAs for mom I kinda caught her in the act with our neighbour one day when I had come home from school early and she had no idea. Luckily she didn't realize I was there

>>827579540Should have blackmailed her and made her service your dick from then on.

>>827579686I was too busy watching her get fucked, but yeah probably should have

>>827579576how were her moans? was dad just fucking your godmother non stop? or just 1 time? do you think your mom kept fucking him? ever try to come home early again? why didn't you tell dad?

>>827551499Is that you Brandon..Jesus, I know all about you and Jen.See you after the start at home situ

>>827579953She was blowing him, it really rocked my world because it was the thing I had least expected mom to be doing in bed. I think dad must have been fucking her non stop she lived in the apartment next to my aunt so he had an excuse to go thereI think moms affair was rather fleeting because neighbour moved out after 4 months or so

>>827580330they still together? did she actually fuck him or no?

I started having an affair with a co-worker. We flirted for a whle, and things got more and more graphic in our messages. So one day she suggested that we would stay at work after hours to "catch up" and let me fondle her the way I had described I wanted to do.We got a meeting room, closed the door, and we immediately started making out. I was groping and fingering her, and she pulled me in to a HC toilet across the hallway. Before I could close the door, she were completely naked, and wanted to suck me. And told me that she wanted to let me come in her mouth, I'm married to a woman that never let me do that, so I came buckets after a very short while.Since then she's divorced her husband and moved in to a house by herself. I see her a couple of times each week, and sex have only been getting better and better for the year or so we have been seeing each other. We go away to spend a night at hotels every now and then, and I also stay the night at her place from time to time.

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When I met my gf I was just looking for fun and wasn’t planning on doing anything more than fucking and hanging out for a few months.Showed my best friend loads of her nudes and videos and he used to talk about what he’d do to her.She’s now my fiancée and we’re due to get married in September (coronavirus permitting).

>>827550277Fucked my old bosses daughter several times.

>>827550277 my friends wife she loved to get drunk and flirt with me any time her husband left the room. She got really drunk one night and let me play with them.

>>827580632Well knowing mom she isn't someone who would just let someone use her mouth for a quickie, they probably fucked but that day was all they did, mom thought I'd be home from school soon and that's probably all they had time for

>>827552083pics of your wife in the shower?

>>827580835think your wife is catching on?

>>827580908what did she do that made her want to be your gf?

>>827580835is this her? if not sauce? i love her skin

>>827581286did you ever try to spy on her again?

>>827581518I had accidentally seen her naked once or twice prior to that incident. When I found out she was cheating I kinda spied on her from my rooms window going over at neighbours house

>>827581464No, don't think so. Shes got no libido, so she's probably just happy not getting nagged at any more...

>>827581502Yup, that's her on our christmas party at a nearby hotel :-)This picture was taken only moments earlier, when we got back to the room from a restaurant. She wore this, and a tiny dress over, just to get me on fire. It worked.

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>>827581808so did you ever see her getting fucked or no?


>>827582032god damn she has a fine ass, no wonder you fuck her so often, does she ever talk about getting together or is she fine being divorced? does she ever fuck other guys? also more pics please

>>827582257how hot was your mom? describe her. did you know if the guy jizzed in her mouth?

>>827582032keep her pics coming

>>827550894Lol, that's some oceans 11 shit. Good job

>>827582280We've talked about getting together, but since we both have kids, it's not so easy. She's exclusive to me for now, but might have to start dating again sooner or later. And she doesn't want me to end my relationship at home because of her, because that's how she was dumped. And I agree. I love my wife, kids and family, but since my wife has tottaly stopped having sex, I need to vent sometimes. I'm enjoying the ride while it lasts. I know that if I am to split with my wife in the near future, this woman will be more than willing to get together, just wants to wait with moving in together and introducing each other to the kids.>>827582344One more for you here, from a trip we made. After we went out for a meal and some beers, i tied her to the bed and played with her.

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>>827581484She’s just an awesome person. Will be honest and say facially she’s average but she’s a great human being.

No but my friends girlfriend started daring me and him to take off clothing during a night of drinking.She eventually got us both naked and horny plus teased us by leaving all her clothes on even though we both were trying tit for tat.It worked since we gave in to her dares when she would touch herself under her jeans if we did more.Soon enough we were streaming gay porn she picked on the TV and was doing what that guy was doing - which was sucking my friends cock until he came in my mouth.She was basically laughing while I walked down the hall to the bathroom to spit cum out of my mouth for the first time ever.More happened because we kept drinking...

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>>827550277Came home one day to find my brother piss drunk railing our roommates gf in their bed... threw him out into his room.. found his clothes in her room and hers in his and switched them just in time before the rm came home. Those two are happily married now.

>>827582950I want this some day :(do you regret sharing the photos? did she know you only saw her as a fun piece or did she think you were commited?

>>827582280>>827582344Fine ass and body alright. This pic is from before we headed out for meal and beers. We sometimes go in to the big city to enjoy each other and the anonymity we get from a hotel room in a big city where we hardly know anyone.

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>>827582887damn she has a great post birth body, did her husband stop fucking her or something to make her cheat?

>>827583099damn you are a lucky man, what a total milf

>>827550277fucked a co-workers girlfriend, he had went home early and left her with me at the bar

>>827583145Yeah, he kind of lost interest and found someone else. He's a dickhead that needs to get his own ego boosted all the time, so when she started having her own meanings and got an education and a career, he was no longer "the man". He lost interest in her and she started having affairs. I was one of them, but ended up as her exclusive one. Have been exclusive for almost a year now.

>>827583034damn, feel bad for the roommate for getting cucked, I wonder how many other guys marry girls that cheat on them, can't trust these hoes

>>827583250I know! Average man myself, a bit overweight and not really much to look at. But a good listener, with a sense of humor. And when I really get aroused by getting the women horny and get her to come using all the tricks from the books, she's the one feeling lucky. I was the first one that got her to squirt, and it seems that she likes my fingers and tongue... :-)

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Me, his wife, pic related

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>>827579328Nice ass

>>827583310damn i would never tire of that ass, did she cheat before or after he cheated? does she ever feel bad for being the other woman?

>>827583486any tips for a guy who also gets off on making women horny and basically being at the mercy of of my fingers?

>>827555375thats not a relationship, you are just friends with benefits but in denial.

I am into female feet.And I love the feet of my best friend's wife.Once they stayed over night, we were all drunken. He and I fell asleep on the sofa. So she decided to go to my bedroom and to sleep there.After I realized that, I went to the bedroom and just fondled and licked her sleeping feet and soles. And I jerked off.

>>827583667Nobody knows who started cheating, but they drifted apart. But yes, she feels bad for being the oher woman form time to time, but at the other hand she knows that I'm struggling in my marriage as well. Friends with benfit now, since we both need it.>>827583814Not really. Just be offensive, and let her know that this gets you off. Listen to har, what she likes, get her to open up to you. And tell her how much you'd like to lick her for hours and that it makes you horny.

>>827582969I was still super horny but my friend was out of the mood and begrudgingly went along with some of her new dares but not like before.She wanted to watch him suck me off but he wouldn't do it. I was still super hard, horny and was hoping she would blow me if he wouldn't. I just wanted my dick sucked.He had shriveled up and started putting some clothes back on and that's when she got a little control over him back. She told him he could keep his boxers on if he gave me a hand job... which was negotiated down to just 30 seconds.He wasn't into it and even though she was rubbing herself under her clothes and it was making me even hornier, I couldn't have came from a few piss poor hand strokes even if I wanted to.Things turned around though after he put a movie back on and she agreed as long as I stayed naked, he didn't put any more clothes back on and we all had to do 3 shots of vodka before 1am (or whenever).It was probably a half hour later after all the shots when she told me to put whatever porn on I wanted but not to jerk myself off while she asked him to go to the bathroom with her while she peed.When they came back out. He was naked and hard again. She was fully clothed but tossed her underwear in the middle of the couch after he sat down on the other side from me.I'll go on but spoiler I didn't get to do much with her...

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I had a friend who was girl that I always wanted to fuck in high school, but she put me in the friend zone. After I graduated from college, I randomly ran into her mom and exchanged numbers. Long story short, I ended up fucking the mom.

>>827586740As revenge for her friendzoning you or just because the mom was hot?

>>827584068Ain't that the truth.

>>827579032I'm in Vegas too! Would love to party with you guys sometime!

>>827550277A friend of mine has a well trained sub as a wife who is pretty hot and younger by a ways, he likes to use her to pick up chicks for a threesome then once things have started up introduce a bull for his wife and fuck the other girl pretty roughly. The wife gets off on watching hubby absolutely destroy some bitch, gets off even more if the girl was mostly in it for the girl on girl experience so she cums like crazy and likes getting it rough herself while screaming abuse at the other slut. Per her request we both finish in her mouth so she can taunt the other girl about not being worthy to even swallow a mans cum. I'm out at that point but I don't think they just kick the girl out straight away, one did live with them for a month or two.I have this mate whose daughter I've been setting myself up as the "cool uncle" for, I should be able to get a first crack at that which will be pretty nice.


>>827582313Average to good looking, in her mid 40s worked at a bank as an auditor, strict formal dress code so she took care of herself as much as she could.Even though I was young and It was harder for me to notice those things, dude had no condom on so he must have jizzed in her mouth