Doll thread: The future is synthetic

Doll thread: The future is synthetic

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>>827549611I want smaller. Doesn't have to be loli, but I want to be able to store it in a small space.

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>>827549611The future is cringe*

>>827550428zoomer detected

do they make goblin ones?

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>>827549611The past is plastic?

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>>827551061sorta, a lot of it isnt so much "where can i find this exact thing" so much as "what looks close enough to what i want that i can make it that thing"a lot of manufactures will do custom coloring if you ask and a few will do custom molds on heads at least for a fee. gotta go straight from mfg for most of that though and not through 3rd parties.

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One from yesterday of her new thin cotton onesie I got recently. This photoshoot ended with her jumping head first off the bed and landing on the floor..

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>>827552098I love her onesie! Sorry to hear she took a tumble tho :(

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> drop these in Africa> Rapes go down 50%> 49% less pregnancies

>>827552285but what if they are witches that steal their dicks

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Is this now a doll onesie thread?

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i lack onesies so have an oversized shirt instead.

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>>827552222Thanks! Nice quads!Love her unicorn onesie also. I have like 6 polyester fluffy onesies, so thought i'd try a tighter, cotton one for a change and love it. The TPE feels so good under it. She survived without even bending an eyelash thankfully, but it shook me up a bit. She was in a kneeling position, but must have been leaning forward slightly and fell face first into the bed, then rolled off and landed on the floor. Going to be way more careful in future, thats for sure!

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>>827550041>>827551071>>827553061>>827553127a cute :3

>>827549611That one is like £6000Why? I don't know. I would expect it too fucking clean up for that price.

>>827553316Damn shes stacked

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>>827553367Just the one?

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>>827553783that one is around 4k burger bucks, not 6k bongs. puts it around 3300 bongs or 3700 capable of anything close to what you expect would run 10-20k minimum.

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>>827553899a singular cute :3that one not so much i'm afraid.

>>827553999Nice trips. >4k burger bucks, not 6k bongslooool

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>>827554552Would become a Mormon if these cuties came knocking.

>>827552222I have missed seeing this cheeky monkey :3

>>827552285If women want free all kinds of free shit with their health care, does that mean men should be aloud to get free sex dolls? And of course robots in the future

>>827551233that fucking thing looks like a gremlin

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>>827554648Bro what? Dolls can’t fucking knock on doors.

>>827555335I was unaware of this, thanks for the info.

>>827555450dont let him fool you, you never know what a doll gets up to when your not looking.

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>>827555335>his dolls don't come to life when no one else is aroundsucks to be u man

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>>827549611more if this one?

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>>827554552the little one has some serious cankles. You might want to look into a low protein diet to help that.


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>>827556128LOL she has her pants stuffed into the socks.

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>>827555594I’m not a richfag bro, I don’t have any dolls.

Can we have 1 doll thread without loli doll fag, fucking it up? Fuck off dude

>>827556754>Thinking that there is only one.

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>>827556754the loli dollposters are the only ones who bring new people into these threads.

>>827556754Go to Reddit. no seriously. Loli doll owners hang out here, and adult owners hang out on reddit. now fuck off.

>>827557355Both older and loli dolls hang out here. Fuck reddit.

>>827557355There's several obviously grown-up dolls in this thread, and there usually are. I've got a doll nobody would ever mistake for a child, I just don't want to risk doxxing myself by posting pictures. I think you're confusing "people who are supportive of other people who aren't actually hurting anyone" with "pedos."

>>827557503My dubs overrule your gibberish. fuck you. Kiss my dub 5's.


>>827557765No. I'll continue to post my older doll along with the loli bros. if you want to fuck off to reddit then go ahead.

>>827549611why would they make dva fat

>>827551061A MAN OF CULTURE

>>827552285brillant. Fund it.


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>>827549611never ran into a man this big, can confirm

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>>827550280>>827550041ruined with the freak ears.

>>827554951also reminds me of that bitch antagonist from borderlands 3 somehow


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>>827558487better, but i dont think that's dva.

>>827560277Fuck that bitch Carol Baskin!

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>>827551061glad you asked

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>>827554552I'd drop kick that little bitch's head right off

>>827562875Come at me bro.

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>>827562875D: wtf man... Apologise.

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>>827563013>>827563448>>827563734I only did it because I get turned on by dolls with weapons

>>827551071videos of her in action?

>>827549611some dolls look ugly as shit

>>827563839Not quite an apology, but I guess it'll have to do. As you were.

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>>827563974That reminds me, I really should get back to building a lightsaber for my doll.

>>827563839do you fuck them?

White fat gringo thread

>>827554779No that makes no sense at all faggot. They are not comparable. One is healthcare and the other is recreation.

>>827564168Your mom is in the thread?

When pokemon breeding are IVs random or based on the parents?

>>82756449615 seconds of google says its a random IV from both parentItems held by parents also can influence which IV stat is inherited in particular.

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>>827564421Too easy virgin... Please try again

>>827553880That ass

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>>827549611I actually just had the opportunity to fuck a torso toy but I just couldn't find it appealing. I could see why you people find your dolls appealing, it would be extremely pleasurable plus they're posable I bet I could fuck an actual full doll with little issues but I don't know how much I would enjoy it.

>>827565967in my experience it's not exactly like fucking a real woman, but not in a bad way. Both doll sex and real sex are cool, like apples and oranges.

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>>827565967I'd imagine a torso is kinda pointless with out at least a face. If I'm grabbing onto something I gotta see at least a face. Might as well stay cheap and use the onahole/porn route if you can't get an actual doll

>>827565967Well, just a single datapoint: I don't have sex with my doll, I cuddle with her, play dressup, and now that I'm working from home, she keeps me company -- far better than any co-workers, in fact, because she's attractive and isn't inclined to engage in useless chatter.

>>827566410Yeah I think I kinda get that. Its not a woman in a good way. I just don't like the lack of dynamic touch like you get in real sex.

>>827566585I agree. A Onahole would be better.>>827566685I would find those aspects more appealing, especially the cuddling. Personally i though I would snuggle at sleep time because I have a hard time with overheating with actual people unless they're small.

>>827565037Is she wearing a diaper too?

>>827567145Yeah, sleeping with humans is a pain in the ass, ultimately not worth it for the cuddling. In the winter, my doll definitely requires a heated blanket and heated mattress pad, though, because otherwise I get chilled to the point where I can't sleep. In the summer, though, having someone cooler than yourself to cuddle with is refreshing. Also, no snoring, no worrying about waking her up, no being woken up by her moving or wanting to do some obnoxious thing like talk, etc. She's an awesome cuddle partner at night, or just whenever I feel like it.

>>827567253I'll leave that answer up to your imagination.

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>>827564899Man I have a fuckton of Adamant male bunearys but only one female with high Attack IVs thats already a Lopunnytheres some porn potential here but fuck I need to do fucking something here to try and make an Adamant/atk IV Buneary

>>827567469My imagination says shes wearing pullups, just in case she has a little accident. VR will probably take off before dolls do.

>>827550428Kill yourself fucking pathetic degenerate

>>827566702Understandable. Personally I fuckin hate cuddling and prolonged touch, I'm indifferent to actual sex, so a doll's perfect for me. I get to bust a nut, and be left alone after.

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>>827567922Joke's on you, I suck dick in VR with an avatar made to look exactly like my doll

>>827567469>>827567849I feel like she's wearing some kind of protection because she looks like a bed wetter.

>>827567534Sounds like you're gonna have to go though a bunch more broods just to get your rights parents. I never bothered with pokemon breeding myself I just catch, train, evolve (sometimes I delay for movesets or no eveolve for stats), and put in pkmn box and never use it again. From some of tip my red beaded best friend gave when I was college was certain items (flame cloak) make eggs hatch faster if held by a party pokemon but I'm sure you know a lot more about IVs than I do.that's all. Just one user reaching out to another in a completely unrelated thread. Have a nice day d00d

>>827567422That all makes sense to me user. >having someone cooler than yourself to cuddle with is me hope that I could be good to cuddle with for others lol.>>827567945I'm the opposite, I actually am extremely sensitive to another's touch but never actually cared about having it and someone around until recently. Its like my brain finally figured out it really, really, likes that lol gonna have to find a femdom gf who loves to be handsey I guess.

>>827569219Good luck, man. I'd trade you one of my significant others if I could, given I'm in a polyamorous triad with one fellow non-cuddler and one Stage 5 Clinger who I wake up to find either halfway atop me or with arms around me like god damn you're fuckin grown gtfoA fair bit of advice though, as a woman myself: be real fuckin careful cause all the women looking for a man to cuddle and spoil and take care of and be mommy to are literally fucking insane, and not the sexy "ooh wild rough femdom sex uwu" I'm talking undiagnosed mental illness with no pills insane. Female predators exist and be real fuckin careful when looking for mommy.

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>>827567422No farting, no extra heat and sweat in summer, no bad breath in the morning, looks the same in the morning as they did the night before. Also doesn't turn around 100 times a night and get up to pee. Doesn't ever say "i'm not in the mood" or "I have a headache". I wish I could trade my wife in for a doll lol...

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>>827569628Not the user you responded to, but as a guy who isn't into what might euphemistically be called "traditional gender roles," I can honestly say I've literally never dated anyone who wasn't insane. Don't get me wrong, some of them were quite nice and I'm still friends with them -- those were the ones who actually let me help them get the meds they so desperately needed, they're all doing pretty well now. Most of them were of the leave-permanent-physical-and-mental-scars variety. I eventually realized that (1) the lowest common denominator in all of my relationships was me, and (2) the most salient flaw in my strategy was clearly dating humans rather than some sort of consistent and invariable string of curiously similar bad luck. Also, I do like cuddling but I cannot tolerate noise of any sort and utterly detest unnecessary talking. I'm so much happier with my doll.>>827569666Why not both?

>>827570428Understandable asf, man. I hope you and your doll/s have many more happy years ahead. Personally insanity was never a factor for me, because I'm fucking batshit bonkers myself lmao, though I take my meds and take full accountability for my own bullshit, none of that "but I'm siiiicccckkk" bullshit over here. In addition my fiancee would happily beat the shit out of me if she caught me bein a codependent cunt to someone. In all that I'm happy with my doll too, had her since 2018 lol

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>>827571513Cheers. To be clear, I don't claim to be in perfect mental health, myself -- I also take meds and have to put conscious effort into taking care of myself. I'm fortunate to have some friends who will call me on my shit as needed. Anyway, I wish you joy as well.

>>827569628I honestly know those kinds of women are dangerously insane but I highly appreciate your warning. I wish I could trade you for that clinger she'd be perfect lolI literally had a fucking stalker who would do stuff like that - like crawl into my bed and sleep with me and fix my hair up and stuff like that - give me blowjobs or even fuck me and she had friends too. I think it was because "I smell good" I was like her night husband or toy and by the time I figured out what was happening I was kinda trapped then the drugging got worse, then I'd forget what was happening, discover it again, get drugged or hit in the head again unless I was complacent and just got the drugs. Been even tied up and treated like a sexualized toddler they'd even spoon feed. I might have a some children even - yup the mommy's are scary AF just as you sayBeen a prime target for those predators too. Its like I'm a magnet to them sometimes. Its like I got stuck in some strange custody situation. I moved away from the lady of night house and I'm certain she found me again. One time I was assaulted around here and the girl talked about how I used to be more fun to do this to and asked what was wrong in life. Been kidnapped a few times also.I'm cautious and scared user but this happened for so long it like I got conditioned to like the mummy type. I don't really know what to do though.

>>827572215Damn, and here I thought dating the woman who liked to play musical-psychiatrists and would randomly lose her shit violently was bad. Where do you live? Can you get a restraining order? Do you have anybody in your life who you trust at all?

>>827549611if i wanted to waste 2k on silicone id buy your mom a dildo

>>827561135Where can I get these?

>>827572594Holy shit, we haven't had the pasta yet.doll mfgsgood mid teir dolls, priced 1-3k or (1-3k)dh168 (1-2k) (also sells other mfg including catdoll, piperdoll, d4e, ect, approved vendor 1-2k and often cheaper due to deals) (800-1.5k) (1-2k)d4e (1.5-2.5k)jydoll (can be seen on hgdoll 1-2k) (500-2k, reseller for silicone at markup)axb (generally supercheap, if you find random ones that dont match any other seller it might be an axb) (500-1.5k) (clones, 1-2k) (lot of sub 1k, iffy quality) (500-2k) (alloy skelly, 1-2k, details somewhat unknown)silicone:dsdoll or (sister sites, all models available from both, also (2-4.5k) (2-4.5k)gynoid (4-6k)(recent material and construction issues, order with care)aikodoll(US based, 60/80cm) (500-800) (2-2.5k) XYColo advanced skelly(~$4k)3rd parties(can be cheaper or more expensive, check with the mfg site) DS distributor) (good as an infodump, not great as a seller, does have some uncommon stuff) (some are slightly higher than oem, but lots of options in one spot)sexye aliexpress store (moderate quality knockoffs of stuff like DSdolls but in TPE) (seems decent, prices are about right, unkown) (unknown/newish, seem to have good variety and prices)

>>827560571fuck that cute little blondie bitch or at least get her stripped for us mongoloids

>>827572682Do you have links to those specific dolls?

>>827572813Sorry, mate, I don't. I think you might try looking at Catdoll, but that's a guess based on a very hazy recollection.

>>827572215Seek therapy dude. Not making fun of you, but you can't do this recovery shit on your own. Shit's tough right now but you can go get set up and get seen over camera or some shit. But you're gonna need some help in that, man. I would also say to find yourself a gentle and sweet professional dominatrix [not some thot offa Fetlife], but that's a lot to throw on a woman who isn't a mental health or recovery specialist. But what you're NOT gonna do if you wanna get better is wallow in it, shrug and just be like "guess I just like mommies" and keep reenacting your abuse. That's how you fuckin wind up eatin a bullet. Now you're grown, I can't tell you what to do with your life, whatever, I'm a dollfucker on 4chan lmao, But that's my two cents.

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>>827572934I'll have a look. Thanks.

>>827549611The future of white genocide, today!

>>827572215I rather concur with >>827572995You've had some appallingly shitty and harmful experiences. I see a therapist myself -- one who is in fact open-minded enough to be totally cool with me being completely open about my doll, in fact. There is really no dishonor in that. You have some serious problems, and I'm not saying that to be mean or to put you down, but because the most important DIY skill anyone can have is knowing when to call a professional. And it's time to call a professional.You seem like a good person. I believe in you. But you've gotta get some help from people who actually know what they're doing. Good luck....and with that, I'm up way past my bedtime. Goodnight, everyone.

>>827572385What you have does sound legit bad. That kind of stuff gets hard on the head after a whileI live in Canada. I can't get a restraining order because I don't know their true identities - they just use other peoples names. They've even talk to me through 4chan when I used a tripcode and play any free online game I happened to be just to remind me they still exist - I have had a chance to actually play games with my potential children but I won't get into that rabbit hole because I worry about them. I don't understand how they keep finding me on the internet though.I do have people I can trust but they have turned a blind eye when copious amount of drugs in my system made me extremely nasty to everyone and thing - and I can't blame them, because I was almost like my oppressors. Other people have given me hints of what was going on or what was about to happen but usually I couldn't figure it out until it was irrelevant.It seems like if I'm nice everyone and all sides treats me better.It gets hard when they slip you a mickey though - just a small one and it gets hard to tell this person is actually another person and WHAMO next thing you know you're dressed in a sailor suit and being beaten for something they just broke before the more sexual things happen.Hoenstly, you'd think I'd want a doll after all this but not really plus lots of money too.

>>827573360lol Imma take my ass to sleep too

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>>827549611this is so sad. alexa play I WANNA BE TRACER

Im sure these things would feel great to fuck but its pretty gay and autistic to dress them up and take pictures


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>Just gonna mash these responses together>>827572995>>827573360>Seek therapy dude.>Call a professionalI did. Got turned away but gonna try again soon. I got like amnesia and subsequent PTSD from whatever the fuck happened last time so that why I got trapped in the reliving the exploitation AGAIN *sigh* - but it has gotten a a lot better.>You seem like a good person. I believe in you.Thanks user. I wasn't a good person at the worst of this but I recovered that part of who I was thank god.> find yourself a gentle and sweet professional dominatrixbrilliant idea! Oh god I wish I thought of that years ago. I can keep a lot of psych issues in check in that venue. Mostly it gave me really weird turn ons like headpats and simple stuff like that but not the twisted roleplay they made me be sometimes. Still, I like to be told what to sexually do. I like aggressive and forceful women - but I know I can be who I am in that regard without being much of a nuisance.

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>>827549611All of these are fucking terrifying. Remind me to never get a sex doll

>>827574629Lmao I'm a pro-domme and lemme tell ya there's fuckin gorillions of people who say that they've been better healed from trauma at the end of a leash than lounging on a chaise while some boomer takes notes. In BDSM everything is indeed controlled, ain't shit happenin without YOUR okay. But I'm sure you've already nutted several times at night to the knowledge of exactly that lmaoBUT my second piece of advice is to recognize that yeah man you're paying someone to provide a service, but they are also human. Don't be callin your Mistress thirstily at fuckin 3:40AM on a work day, sendin dick pics while you know she's doin her day job and shit. Lots of male subs, they get their first taste of a real Domme and go fucking bananas. So above all I think it's important to not get tunnel vision about it lol

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>>827575280> In BDSM everything is indeed controlled, ain't shit happenin without YOUR okayPrecisely. I admit I even liked some of the kink and bondage they did but still not he same when I don't give my consent. The times they drove me over the edge and I started being dom and doing awful things back to them made me feel awful for similar reasons, even if that's what they wanted in the first place.>paying someone to provide a service, but they are also human.Totally got you there. Could only imagine how annoying it is when someone gets uncorked and becomes desperately enamoured like that wanting mistress to come hither. Must get old fast.Think I'm gonna go half-way for a bit and try to just fool around with some of the more nice aggressive women if I can manage. Out of anything, these people haven't taken away my positive notoriety.

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Bump Anybody still here?

>>827578194Just a guy hoping to see dolls wearing diapers or pull ups.

>>827578194>>827578819Hi anons. Are you having a fantastic day? I got just this one diaper pic but it's a good one.

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Please keep this thread up

Did they ever make a preggo loli doll yet?

this doll shit is gay as fuck

>>827552098>rday of her new thin cotton onesie I got recently. This photoshoot ended with her jumping head first off the bed and landing onHow do you even order something like that. Though I saw an article awhile back of some dude in canada or maybe US that got arrested for ordering one like that. Think they labeled him a sex offender as a result

>>827579518I knocked up my doll once, but luckily she miscarried like 4 months later.

>>827578946asking for a friend, did you have to do something special on your order? Thought I saw an article where a dude was arrested and labeled a sex offender because of his purchase. Granted I think this was canada.

>>827557613how would you dox yourself by posting a pic of your doll?

>>827580006>postingHe has a case of the dumb.

>>827579968Anything loli is illegal in canada.Found some more diaper pics that I saved from other threads so I will post those.

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>>827552222Where did you get your doll? Do you live in the USA/Canada? I heard of some guy in the USA/Canada ordering a doll that looked as young as yours and he got into legal trouble

>>827552098How tall is she?

BUMP I have a fun surprise for you dollbros soon :)Ps im a dollbro too

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>>827580456USA and Canada are not the same country.

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well shit after hours of breeding the best Buneary I could make is Naughty/Likes to fight.

>>827581202I know lmao. The / means "or" in this case, boomer.

>>827581615>shit after hours of breeding the best Buneary I could make is Naughty/LikesExclusive or, or inclusive or?

>>827581615Because they are different countries they have different laws fucking retard.

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>>827550041Aren't these illegal in America?

>>827549611>Doll thread: The future is syntheticYes. Why?Because real female advantages:>self-warming>self-lubricating>self-cleaningDisadvantages:>she speaks>she takes half your shitWhereas a synthetic bitch can be yours for one simple payment of $2,999.99

>>827563974She holding that gun wrong. There no way she can kill herself like that.

>>827555574Didnt expect woody to be such a fan.

>>827583506dabbing is cringe, but not illegal

>>827581710not sure, pokemon platinum. has solid ATK/hp/def IVs and Naughty nature +atk/-spdef and i might just have to live with it

>>827583506They have to pass a law before it can be illegal and they failed to do that because the wording of the law was in violation of the 1st amendment. If they want to pass that kind of law they have to ignore the constitution, repeal the 1st amendment, or somehow write a law that defines a loli doll without defining a loli doll.

>>827583506Some states yes.

>>827584555Just in Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

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>>827583506>>827584555>>827584753And even then, the law is unenforceable if you order from a site that offers two-stage discreet shipping. They'll ship the doll from China to their warehouse in some state that doesn't have shit laws, then ship it to you from the warehouse. The laws on intra-state commerce are much weaker than the laws on international commerce, the authorities literally can't inspect the packages without a warrant, so the package gets through even if they're aware of it, and then as long as you don't put her by a window or take her in public or post pictures of her to a social media account tied to your person online then they'll never have probable cause to search your apartment and you can keep your doll.

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>>827585009If I were looking to order a lolidoll from one of those states I would be sure to do enough research to get it done safely. Vendors offer a special shipping line when importing the dolls which means the company is the one that deals with customs but you will want to make sure that they don't place your name and address on the shipment during importation because that could expose you to risk in the random event that a doll shipment is confiscated for reasons of customs personnel executive moral outrage. There are other ways to circumvent these laws such as having an agent purchase the doll on your behalf before sending it to you.


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>>827585914the billy eilish


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>>827582805>>827582675>>827580267i love these sets


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>>827549611Explain please why a doll or dolls would be better than the real thing?

>>827588545Dolls are just different. They are not mutually exclusive to a relationship with a woman or man and they are not used solely for sexual purposes.


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>>827553316My type


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Does user agree he face of the Gynoid Elina looks

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>>827590591It's a pretty good face desu.

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they are illegal in my statewat do?

>>827561135>order my doll a few days ago>had nightmare it became possessed by demons and fucked me with a knife>just about cancelled that shit

>>827580006She's kind of customized, too many people know what the inside of my combined bedroom/office looks like due to the whole working from home thing, and due to the configuration of this room, I don't have a good way of anonymizing it or her to my satisfaction. Also, I have a relatively high-profile position, and I already push the envelope by not completely fitting the squeaky-clean upstanding-citizen NPC appearance it calls for. Also, as Douglas Adams observed, the most important assumptions are the ones you don't know you're making. Even if the odds are low, I'm not willing to chance them at all.

>>827590823There were some opinions in the thread.>>827585009>>827585217

>>827591463Sounds like you need a dedicated doll room.