Darthmouth College Harboring Illegals

= Announces Refusal to Respect ICE Immigration Policies =


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Where did colleges get the idea that they were sovereign states?

Yo click that link we need to flood that cucked 'petition'

Sounds like more then Sanctuary Cities are going to have their funding cut.

Cut funding

it already included liberal indoctrination camp user
it probably includes many high/middle/grade/pre-schools too

So, as a recent alumn I can tell you - this is all signalling, showing shit. The true powers at the school are the alumni donors and the frat houses (which are really just ibanking recruiting centers) who SEVERELY disapprove of this type of shit.

This is more SWPL shit - and most of campus (after a white chick was just attacked without reason during hte BLM shit) is not onboard with this.

WOW! It's almost like the universities are the origin of these problems and have been unveiled as such!


It's going to be funny when Trump cancels federal student grants to Dartmouth in response to this

>WE WONT WORK WITH ICE G-GUYS please come save us, they now have tenure so we can't do shit

Pull their accreditation as well.

It's funny that they think they can hide. Dartmouth has 8% and 17% hispanic and asian class demographic, respecitvely. A simple google search shows that students get apartments in near by Lebanon, which is probably where the illegals live. Hell, the easiest way to find exactly which house they all live in is to check out the last census and see which apartments had 5+ residents.


And charge those in charge for aiding and abetting.

psst hey … Trump can't do that.

Maybe if you went to college you'd understand the scope AND limitations set on the Office of President of the United States.


I have two degrees from a better school than you dumb faggot

ppppssst after Obozo shit all over the limits in the constitution Trump is going to do anything he damn well wants. What goes around comes around.

LJL @ "scope AND limitations" - where the fuck have you been the last 8 years, faggot? All it takes is a pen and a phone now. Get with the times.

Until the government takes action against them, then watch how soon they will cave.

Neither can Dartmouth. And in a contest between Jews and our God emperor, Trump will win.

We are literally going to have right wing death squads soon. Holy fuck.

There's a ton of ways the government can take action. There just needs to be political will.

Once Kang Nigger is gone I'm sure they will be hiring, gonna take a lot of manpower to tackle 3 million+ illegals.

Alright listen goofball dullard. Universities raise a significant amount of funds off foreign students. Trump can limit the inflow of them to something near zero. Does that satiate you, or are you going to continue wasting our time here?

This is cornered animal shit that the left is doing now. I never thought that they would just happily or even glumly comply with a new government that's going to shut down all their anti-white muh feelings bullshit. Announcing that you're going to refuse to comply with ICE orders though? What are they going to do? Form a human chain? The ICE agents will just knock those scrawny numales and fat Tumblrinas on their asses and continue to remove taco unabated.

right wing taco deportation squads

I for one can't wait to see endless videos of libshits getting maced and beanbagged in the fucking face while the shitskins get dragged away screaming

They're going to try the same propaganda route as the civil rights movement. They'll force the feds to come in to drag these peaceful hardworking undocumented through no fault of their own people. They will have cameras ready and show heart wrenching pictures of people being dragged off by Trump's horrible racist ICE agents. Think the pictures of niggers being attacked by police and dogs broadcasted all over the newspapers in the 60's.

The problem with this tactic is that they do not control all of the means of communication anymore. They used to, but not anymore, and it is because of this that they lost the election. Now here we are with Trump entering the whitehouse and their reputations in tatters and they're choosing to double down. These are not smart people folks, they can't adapt to the new reality.

shut it down

buckle up fella, its going to be a magical 8 years


Then Trump fucks with their funding and more for breaking the law. Dartmouth was always the biggest joke among the knowns.

The only difference today versus the 60s is the internet. That shit won't work today because there will always be people with their phones out filming the full thing. Back then, you can only trust the TV and the radio to tell you what's going on. Not so much today so they will fail at this shit.

Yep, it's coming. Children in tears, women weeping and wailing. They'll make sure to pick the biggest, Whitest ICE agents to photograph too.

Funny how colleges buy into the lie that they are safe spaces.

Colleges are not safe spaces. Colleges cannot harbor illegal aliens.

Trail of Beans, when?

It'll be glorious when they find out their criminal actions have legal consequences.

>tfw I had a friend going to a community college in Dartmouth

I truly hope Academia and the media go all out against Trump. They could lie silently like endospores for the next 4-8 years and with full force resume their cultural campaigns once the pendulum swings back to the Dems. Trump has a culture war to fight and needs the opponent to show up in the ring.


Three Words
Men with Guns.

https:// twitter.com/icegov?lang=en

How about Kids With Guns? We need to train the next wave of ICE agents now, we have a shitload of beaners to toss out of this country.

Dartmouth isn't the only place. Penn had this in their newspaper today:


Upon further investigation, Penn also provides illegals with information on how to apply, con the system, and get everything paid for:


Is that P. cubensis?

probably within the genus.

And I thought colleges being Liberal indoctrination centers was an anti-liberal canard.

I guess it's true.

Rahm Emanuel (Obama's former Chief of Staff) got up and openly declared that his city, one of the most dangerous and violent in the entire country, will refuse to cooperate with federal agents seeking to remove criminal aliens. It's absolutely beyond imagination and he should be arrested first.

I have yet to see an example of anybody defying Trump and getting away with it. (((Emmanuel))) is grandstanding for the Democrats because they've owned that city since it was built. I think I read once that before he was Odumba's handler, he was an honest-to-God Mossad agent in Israel. When push comes to shove, La Migra's going to kick down whatever doors they have to in order to execute warrants against criminal beaners, including that of this kike's office.

These kikes will not quit pushing their luck.

Probably. I believe his dad served in the IDF and his middle name is literally "Israel". And Illinois isn't exactly a blue-state's blue state outside Chicago and I don't imagine the rest of the state is thrilled with this type of declaration.

It's pretty ridiculous. This place is completely pozzed. They've put a giant diaper pin on an iconic sculpture on campus because Trump, they're constantly sending out emails on how to join the "Confronting white privilege" "society" and there are fliers all over the place since Trump won about how to "be an ally".


It truly is disgusting what the left has done to higher education in this country.