He had enough characters to say 'family', fam.


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Fam's been an abbreviation for family long before the niggers brought it into the mainstream Vine culture.
The fact you don't know this proves you should gas yourself.

thats tru tbh fam jam

No way, "fam" is an antisemitic dogwhistle that infamous neo-nazi Don Jr is using to signal his White Nationalist friends in the Breitbart comment section.

Does anyone use this term apart from SJWs?


Kazoku will always be the patrician synonym for family.

Yes we do fam, smh tbh fgt.

I just googled it to see what the left has to say on the subject.
Holy shit, they're paranoid.


Always. Remember the pepe shitstorm with the dyke ?

These Jews will say absolutely anything to make Donald look bad, even more so than they did with any other Republican President. They're losing their shit because he wanted to eat dinner with his family without a bunch of kikes asking him shitty, insulting questions. When my family eats dinner, we don't even answer the fucking telephone. These journalists are so entitled.

That meme caused so much fear and controversy that it's hard to answer yes.
Rather: which dyke?
I'm having an overwhelming sense of foreboding, like a powerful new meme is about to be unleashed.
I can feel it, its presence is so mighty that it is casting echoes of itself back through time from a point in the future.
Mark my words, a meme on the order of pepe will manifest within a week.

Rachel maddow.

I did not catch Rach having anything on Pepe.

Yes, democrats have been using that term before SJWs even became a thing.

Why would would wanting to maintain a civilised society mean targeting a specific race? Unless there are some inconvenient statistics out there regarding crime and muh precious POCs?

Did you miss vid related ?

I guess I didn't, thanks user

any sign that one of the clan shitposted with us in the days after the victory?

10 minutes of absolute butthurt, watch until the end.



Yes everyone knows that Don Jr. is a Holla Forumsack. Hell the Jew he married is only Jewish on her fathers side so she actually isn't considered Jewish by other Jews because her mom was 100% Scandinavian.

And his wife doesn't even look Jewish, Hell she looks whiter than me and i'm 100% European.

you must be pretty brown then



Yes user this woman is a complete shitskin and obviously of middle eastern descent.

Are you irrationally afraid of the brown people, bigot?

It always amazes me how liberals cannot see that a majority muslim area would turn to their relgious laws and enforce them. Yhey truly believe in the peace and harmony bullshit.

what is that u under her left arm pit?

Seems like he just abbreviated the word out of habit, being a frequent Twitter poster. This thread reeks of a slide.


This meme needs to die. The bitch has children with Don Jr. you massive fucking autist.

Oh, they concede that it exists eventually. Once it becomes impossible to deny (UK for example.)
They fall back on their next answer, always said in a smug, "why are you worried about nothing? *rolls eyes*" or "Oh look, it's Stuart Little - the sky is falling, amirite? *rolls eyes*" kind of way.
Answer is this: "Sharia is just a religious formality, the law of the land still applies and overrules it, so Muslims are completely free to choose not to follow decisions made in a sharia court."

Smug leftist completely ignores that being _physically_ "free" to ignore the sharia ruling doesn't stop acid being flung in your face, or you being beheaded by your family.
Leftist: "Well then, the perpetrators would be arrested, convicted and sent to prison. :3, obviously they won't do it, because no one wants to be locked up for 20 years :3 stop worrying about brown people and their symbolic court with no actual power :3"
What actually happens: The woman (usually) is murdered to restore shitskin "honor" and the entire community is silent. Like cops have their "blue wall of silence" when they witness one of their own murdering someone, so Muslims have their shit-coloured wall of silence.
No muslim ever goes to the cops, or acts as a witness, or gives evidence, they simply refuse to cooperate, even the victim's own family, because fundamentally, they believe Sharia is right.

It is a woman, albeit one with poor facial symmetry.
Shoulders are too narrow to be a man, if that's what you're implying.
Can't change the shoulder width.

I know what you're implying, and I don't doubt it, but I'm not seeing the scar in that picture.

Please, what is he implying?
What scar?

Fam is nigger talk


He's implying fake tits.

Not saying she's not white, but if she's whiter than you are you must be Portuguese or Greek or Sicilian.

Actually, now I really don't know.

Ok, I wasn't aware that left scars in the underarms.
Of course she has fake tits. Most women do these days.

It's more obvious here.
I hope. Those are fake.

The guy you replied to was doing a satirical impersonation of a SJW you stupid fucking dipshit.

Double digit IQ posters need to leave.

The fuck.
Compare the size of the forearms between pictures.
This one has been photoshopped to make her arms thinner.
FFS user, why did you ever bring this up? I'm a sucker for a good tranny conspiracy.

Look at that man face you fucking faggot. I'm not saying it's a tranny I'm saying it looks like a fucking man and may as well be one in drag.

So why are you here?

lefties so butthurt everything on that page is insane like alex jones before his ramblings became reality levels of insane.
Where were you when Alex jones became the voice of reason?

I thought this was just some anti-Trump slander but a closer look has thrown up a number of red flags.

Can confirm. Heard and used it way back in the '80s. Source: Am probably one of the older people who lurk here.

That dress looks like shit. I can't believe that's what Rich people wear.

This one looks like shit too. Seriously, what's up with this bitch's fashion sense.

Yeah she really likes white user…

Sick burn

Women have masculine features just like men have feminine features. This is Don jr's wife though, show a little respect.

All the more reason for extreme vetting.
She isn't a Trump by blood.


I'm sure Don jr would appreciate a group of racist shitposters debating whether or not his wife is a man or not. After all we just want what's best for him.

famposting has been completely ruined by the freech/intl faggots. It's ebaumsworld/9gag tier at this point. Then again, I don't think ironic niggerposting is a good idea, because of the whole "act like retards and retards will think they've found good company" truism.

we need to see her benis :-DDDD

My intent wasn't to disrespect the Trumps just to point something out. There has been a disturbing trend where people consider these manfaced women to be "cute" and so on which is media (Femaoist) conditioning (look at western TV/game female protagonists for example, they always feature these types without elegance or femininity). That's all. It could have been any other female and I still would have called attention to it.

Eastern european women have stronger features, but you get high-test sons out of them. It's a trade off, user.

Junior, if you're here

I'm pretty sure they each had a tab open on their phones during that steak dinner

never modify, friends

My experience as someone whose background is from that part of Europe is that they have softer features (or rather more neotenous which is why they are often cuter).


does he go on 4chan or our Holla Forums, that's the question.
as much as i don't like that place and their mods, i go there for the traffic on that website
i never post, just watch and share info to here if they have some revelations

the chin/jaw is usually strong. My gf is ukrainian and it's really pronounced.

spotted the newfag. Don't feel bad but I'm not going to spoonfeed you on this one, too many prying eyes these days.

Is her dick bigger than yours?

I'd pee in her hair.

Silver lining potential: how many of the honor killings were kebab bitches that will now never birth any future suicide bombers?


Leftist women are dogs, why do they call their triggers whistles?

I kekked

The vast majority are Kebabettes although the occasional teenage White boy gets done over.
The most infamous case is that of the Scottish lad Kriss Donald. It's a fucking sin that the average Holla Forumsack has never heard of him because it happened before their time.
Kriss was murdered because a group of Pakis needed to kill a White boy to restore honor. i.e one of ours, didn't matter who, to redress the insult they had received the night before from a White guy in a nightclub.
There's another whose name, shamefully, escapes me. He was caught walking with his GF in a heavily Muslim area and brutally murdered for being White.
In a foreshadowing of the way the media reported or rather, didn't report, the enslavement of 1,400 schoolgirls by Midlands Muslims, Kriss's murder was ignored by the mainstream media. His case was taken up by the BNP, whatever you think of them now, they did good work back in the day.
When, under public pressure, the matter was finally given a token handful of articles, the brutality of the murder was glossed over.
Kriss was abducted, driven hundreds of miles all over Scotland as his abductors looked for a place to dump his body, whilst being beaten and stabbed. Finally after many hours, they unloaded him near a river, cut his genitals off, inflicted mortal wounds then doused him in petrol and set him ablaze.
Kriss's body was discovered by a walker the following morning, he was so badly disfigured that the witness mistook him for a dead dog.
Investigation showed that Kriss had been alive at the time of ignition and had slowly dragged himself towards the water in a vain attempt to extinguish the flames.
RIP Kriss, you will be avenged.

Police disallow memorials for Kriss:
NS site discussing memorial:
Blood and Honor (Combat 18) details of the murder:

"fam" is niggerbonics. Get out faggot.

…I was not prepared for that. Jesus Christ these subhumans need to be removed from this fucking planet.

Don Jr is probably one of us. He has:
and now this.

You're not the FBI..

I don't think the gas chamber was really a wink to us.

Wow what a great thread OP

Your comment made it even better!

He said "warming up the gas chamber," a subtle reference to Zyklon B needing to be warmed up.

This meme needs to die


By that logic even DonJr shouldn't be considered white.

Niggers are gonna be so fucking blackpilled over Don Jr using their shitty lingo.

Dog owners and pet store employees.


Wow, he really looks like a Tranny.


I think Trump made them all lose weight before he ran for office. Look at Eric, don't tell me he doesn't look like supreme anonymous shitlord.

we already know Pres Trump visits imageboards

Eric looks much better thin.

Jesus christ, why did Donald let that guy get that big.

There's nothing wrong with double digit IQs. I've found that the most dangerous people who need to be suppressed immediately are from 110 to about 130; they're just smart enough to have a vague/biased understanding of reality and cause problems, but not smart enough to solve them.

tim heidecker really came a long way

I don't fault the trump's for falling victim to the Juden

I mean they're billionaire family in Manhattan. If you're going to date within your class, you're going to be surrounded by kikes


shes gonna turn full babushka, but I still like Don jr.

Actually arm pit hair can tell you a lot about the ethnicity of a woman. I really don't mind if women don't often shave so I can get their real ethnicity relatively quickly. It usually matches with that on the pussy, a quick grab of both and you'll know if she's not white.

Her's is very middle east to near eastern.

It's very difficult to notice someone is a Jew, my professor who is a Zionist supremacist kike has blue eyes and blond hair.

The Jew's goal is to work their way into the host population's genetics so that it becomes to difficult to separate our own from theirs. That is why we must go after their religion first as a way to destroy their race, I see the other way going along with their plans to closely.

I had to look up who that was.

I think you just have an armpit fetish, user

Spoken like a brown-eyed mongrel.


I was kind of thinking the same thing.
He might have had a point until he said he didn't mind it. He was trying to push the idea into being Holla Forums friendly and justify his degeneracy.

I've never known a woman who grew out her armpit hair that wasn't batshit crazy.

Kill yourself OP.

Why are you such a faggot?

u wot m8

By your logic, Don Jr. is a shitskin.


That Jewish Pepe slayed me.

i hate you people. i bet you pronounce lol as "el oh el" instead of lawl too dont ya.

Sounds like you have some insecurities yourself, but you're wrong again anyway. Nothing wrong with brown eyes.