How do I change browser habits or use some addons or something?

how do I change browser habits or use some addons or something?

here is what happens now:
also in the past I used addons for tab groups or something, but those didn't help me, I ignored them often anyway

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Start closing tabs, retard.

Install x64 version?
I usually have 200~ tabs open with 8GB RAM I manage

They all are important. Also, closing would take a lot of time.

Cannot install x64 on x86-32 OS. Also, if x64 version would allow me to open 500 loaded tabs, I would just do that so it wouldn't work again. This is not a solution.

I need some kind of system how to close/bookmark tabs and sort/manage them

1. Read all the information in the tab
2. Close it


This: and

Use palememe or wait for a webkit browser with built in umatrix capabilities.

How exactly does one get to this point. Pls explain


I think it is some sort of mental illness similar to compulsive hoarding.

I've struggled with this same problem basically since the invention of tabs OP. I have 355 currently, down from about 460 earlier in the week. You just have to get aggressive about going back and aggressively putting things in bookmarks. Make sub-folders, they help. What seems to help me a lot is making it a goal to go back and close a few tabs before I go to bed at night. If the reason that you are finding yourself with so many tabs is because you feel the need to finish digesting a webpage or article before closing it or bookmarking it, then I suggest making a bookmark folder labeled "to be read/organized" or something and put them all in that. Doesn't solve the problem of needing a tab left open because of its stored history, but it can help.

I get distracted easily and always feel the need to complete a research tangent before closing all the tabs associated with it. When this becomes too big a task, I leave them and try to convince myself that I'll get back to it later.

in your case, serious answer? adderall.

nibba just close your tabs

anything more than 20 when I'm not jerking it is too much clutter for me

Just use a kiked browser like palemoon, or water fox ;^)

i didn't know this was a problem to more than 1 person on the planet. this is rediculous. Close the fucking tabs, bookmark / save the page.

this is a mental illness

maybe you should be on drugs OP.

i mean i'll open up a lot of tabs, and then i'll have a subconscious thought: "hey this is a fucking mess, let's close some of these tabs". some people must not have that light go off in their head, and/or feel guilty when closing them like hoarders feel guilty when they throw away trash.

I kek'd long and hard. Close it when you finish reading a tab, OP. If you think it's useful, bookmark it. Group your tism bookmarks into a big folder for your autism, then subfolders for whatever they were for, so when you are out of shit to do and feel like it you can pick a single (important) subject and open that shit up again. When doing research there's no way 150 tabs of Yahoo answers, quora, or stackoverflow is going to be useful. Pick the best 5 tabs and if it doesn't help you in the end, start another search. Also, seconding some medication. In most cases I believe ADD is normal genetic variation in human behavior and a Jewish social construct, but you're obviously not a normal case. Get some help. Try completely erasing your browser history too, session and all, just to prove yourself you don't need all those tabs.

You can't do that...
How about chan-tabs? where threads can get more replies? You need to keep them open and reload them.
And even if tab is just some article or knowledge, then I might want to do something with it after reading it, like write my thoughts, or save it, or something, but I may feel not ready for this now and keep the tab to do that later.

Bookmarks. I used to have a real problem with keeping tabs to a minimum -- I've got down to just 5 tabs to load on opening the browser.

I use a pretty ghetto bookmark management system. I use an extension to copy all the open URLs to the clipboard and then run an Emacs command that takes details about: what directory to put the file in: research, music, etc; a description of what it is; if relevant, a paragraph about why I need them. It writes all that to a file and I have them organized.
I then have another Emacs command that queries which lot of bookmarks to load, and loads them. I look through and delete stuff that's not relevant anymore. Really keeps it out of the way and organized.

Some imageboards have a watch list which you can add all the threads you are in. Anytime someone posts in one of those threads you can see it in your watch list.
You probably do not need that many. Try to only pick the best results. For example, if you are looking up the pinout for a PIC12F629 you can do an image search and you'll probably only need to look at a couple of the good diagrams before you find the one you need. Now that you've used it and are all done you can close that tab.
If you have hundreds of tabs, what makes you think you won't forget about a tab you have instead?
Keep a local archive of the webpage / website. This way you permanently have the information at hand even if the sites go offline and no one else mirrored it.

I used to be a tab hoarder, I still am to a degree with having around 50 tabs open at once as opposed to the 100+ I used to. Start an elaborate bookmarking system and close each tab at a time after skimming and bookmarking the tab in case you'll use it later.
If you're really interested in whatever it is you're learning you'd write down a plan on getting through it before approaching it with less than 10 tabs at a time. If you're not doing that you're just wanking and not actually gaining information, just getting excited at the mere prospects of all the info you want to learn; instead of actually learning.

The most embarrassing thing is when I have several image board tabs open waiting for replies and then I go do something else and push them off the visible tabs with new ones. And then they just sit there, and things happen and then I'll close the browser or restart my computer at some point, and eventually I'll end up with tons of unloaded 8ch tabs adding to my tab count that have no content loaded and by the time I finally get around to loading them again the thread has already 404'd.

Update scanner

1. Unloaded tabs aren't stored anywhere. If you open that tab and the original page is gone, you'll still see a 404.
2. Mozilla archive format (MozArchiver on Pale Moon). You can even save collections of tabs, not just one file per page. Includes the original link to the page it was archived from as well.

No, they aren't. There are dumbed down answers, too in-depth answers, answers without images, answers with images, all-encompassing answers, highly specific answers, entirely wrong answers, outdated or obsolete answers, and so on and so forth. Learn to pre-screen your search results to only open the ones that look useful to you RIGHT NOW. Afterwards, go through and skim them to find out which is the most helpful depending on what you're looking to learn. Close duplicate or shittier answers, close answers you can't effectively read, and bookmark or archive the rest. Then either get it done now or close them and read more later.

Start and keep a bookmark folder called "My Projects" or "Stuff to do", then make a subfolder for each related collection of tabs like "Learn to cook hotpockets" for example containing search results related to the cooking of hotpockets. Now, every day, check your "My Projects" bookmark folder and pick one project and open that folder and do something with it. When you're done (doesn't have to be all in one day) then go ahead and delete the bookmarks and folder. If you find something that's worth keeping, archive it and store it on disk, then remove the bookmark. Use an RSS feed reader for most updated content, watchlist for 8ch, and update scanner for other shit. On open, have your browser display your rss feeds, and manually check your bookmarks and updates every day for shit to do.

Most importantly, keep trying therapy and meds, Jesus fucking Christ.