Analysis 'Cuck,' 'snowflake,' 'masculinist': A guide to the language of the 'alt-right'

The LA Times is onto us, lads.

Stephen K. Bannon's fringe brand of conservatism is suddenly front and center, after he was named to be chief strategist in Donald Trump’s White House. As the chairman of Breitbart News, Bannon turned the website into, in his own words, the "go-to platform of the alt-right” – a far-right ideology that promotes white nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny.

This week, we examined the general worldview of the alt-right. But how can you identify someone who considers themselves part of it? Like most groups, the alt-right has its own code words and slang. Here are some terms they use, and other hallmarks to look out for:

Ethno-demographics: Despite the fact that racism is at the heart of its platform, the alt-right is very sensitive about being called racist. They use the term "ethno-demographics" as a more scientific-sounding way of referring to issues of race.

Libtard: The alt-right revels in the rejection of "political correctness," so embracing an outdated term for a person with an intellectual disability ("retard") serves the double purpose of insulting liberals and deliberately using a cruel word.

Masculinist: A word meant to embody the opposite of feminist. To the alt-right, "masculinist" principles are ones that serve and advocate for men, primarily in ways that reinforce antiquated gender roles.

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Shitty forced meme
Also I have never heard ANYONE use the term Masculinist, where the fuck are they getting their notes from?

from the sites that wrote articles about alt-right before. it's a big circle jerk.

Live together and do what you piece of shit?

I wonder how Chinese or Israeli would view it if they were invaded by niggers or muslims.


They think they got /pol, they apparently don't. All they do is spread our propaganda, making people curious about us.


(chequed and kequed)

I have literally never hear the term "ethno-demographics" before.

so not us

That time is over. Racist and antisemite have lost their power as shame words.
Fed protest user brilliantly showed us how accepting these terms and embracing them causes kikes to lose their shit, because their weapons no longer have any effect

But you just did before posting that

i have never heard masculinist used anywhere ever

fukin wat m8


Nigel is funny 5 minutes in

jesus christ they have no real idea of who we are do they?

this is why they lost the election

Read Haidt.
They just don't get it.

I guess the sub human that wrote the article really enjoys his crumpets and tassels.

What a fag.

I don't have it saved but I found the liveleak version
www dot

I guess I am not alt-right then.

next you're going to say you've never used the term ethno-demographics. I mean cmon pol is the heart of the alt right you must be new

No audio it would appear.

Wow, a few years late to the party, nrx is officially death.

No, special snowflakes are people that paint their haires, do gender studies, think their marxists, don't identify as either male or female and who think it's ok to be fat.

Still most of the alt-right sites don't even have an issue with being called racist. Its like they think the alt-right is kikebart.

strange. the audio works for me

Look at the image in their article. That's exactly what they think, despite namedropping the hacker known as 4chan and his cool cousin Hatechan.

The irrelevant MSM is still trying to push this made up shit. When they get tired of using it, they'll find something else to replace it. As long as it keeps push the left vs right narrative instead of the true fight currently taking place.

Gas the kikes! Purge the globalists now!


Literally what?

I know the moment Trump takes office so much bullshit we've had to endure will stop. I can't wait for January the days are going so slow

I feel bad now. This should be it's own thread

Meme Nigel as ambassador for America to EU! It's legal.


I want this meme to die

They really don't learn, forcing their shitty memes to people certainly didn't help shillary.

The left can't into memes.

Holla Forums is pretty mtgow to be honest.

That and masculinist are two new terms for me, been around pol etc for years. Next they're going to tell us our secret handshake and favorite drink.

No, pol is get a White wife and have a bunch of White kids for the demographic war.

I think this really speaks to the effectiveness of our natural defense mechanisms. We have evolved on these message boards with a syntax, language and imagery that immediately frightens and repels our opponents. They cannot stand even briefly to come here and read what we write because it causes them emotional trauma. They are so completely unprepared for what we are.

I believe that this is part of our momentum. Those who can objectively analyze us through our defense mechanisms invariably end up either converted or at the very least demoralized from their previous position.

As an 8 year oldfag of these boards I am sometimes tempted to write a manuscript on the true story of our journey and the mechanisms and tools that organically formed to propel us forward despite the immense perceived scope of our opposition. One of us will have to eventually chronicle our existence, but for now I believe our relative obscurity remains our advantage.

Regardless, it has, and ever will have been, a pleasure to have shitposted all the way to the whitehouse with you all. may kek guide us forward to a bright future.

Haidt has been such an enlightenment on political relations for me. Finally I understand, and am vindicated in believing, that they truly are wearing blinders.

Liberals use that too, or they should, to call out their idiots. That's primarily why they lost the election, because of libtards being libtards. When will they learn?

oh shit

No newfags are. Back when there were quality threads mgtow got btfo on a daily basis for being cowards that dont have the backbone or wisdom to take back what us rightfully theirs


They forgot "nu-male"

You know you will get tired of winning when your enemy looks like this


Once again Harry Potter proven to be the SJW fantasy franchise of choice

lotr forever the best

That picture makes no sense, a tank on a mountain.

Never seen that anywhere as for the definitions, it's strawman upon strawman.

we're islamphobic too. this bitch is racist as fuck forgetting that

They probably based their research on reddit and making a point that they're afraid is a shaming tactic to give the illusion that crying racism is effective.




Naturally when the bad guys rely heavily on racism and supremacy, its bound to attract SJWs.

How about fuck no.

I think they have to include this non-sense because they have described alt-kike as "misogynistic".

that sounds like Colin Liddell lol. also very adamant that the jews are not a problem

Mainstream society is adopting our words…

Holla Forums, when did you ever become so influential?


also people having been using special snowflake for fucking decades. did she neve;r really fucking hear it before writing this shit article?

All those buzzwords in that second sentence.


I was more impressed with the Jew turning into a lampshade.
I'm a little worried it took me a longer than it should have to get it.

wut? I should start visiting our "go-to platform"

top kek
These retarded kikes are still under the impression the PUA subreddits are somehow related to us.

Just curious.


I'm disapoint


What, do you expect them to leave their gated communities in their gentrified neighborhoods and actually TALK to poor white people?

They have no interesting in knowing us, user. That's why a significant majority of working-class whites have collectively decided not to listen to the MSM anymore.

Maybe we need a proper glossary? Trump has won and it's time to WOLOLO

Probably one of the worst analyses of the movement I've yet seen. Utterly clueless.


Lame af tbh


No. All are like that. That's how MSM is.

I dunno, I can recall a few that were slightly more based in reality although still off target by miles. This one however is appallingly bad.

Where do they get all this shit?


I don't know how the fuck this happened in the end, but this stupid shits became our useful idiots.

What did you expect? she'd be literally shaking if that she would come here, so she had to make up her own set of buzzwords, and for fuck's sake, Masculinist was an insult by feminist cunts to MRAs who "hated equality"

Make shit up like a good old art school girl, like fuck, those all sound like shit from leddit's r/redpill and some dumbass hacking movie



We will now take you on a tour of the hive of scum and villainy known as the Ult-Right (named because they think whites are the 'ultimate' race).
Here are some terms they use to signal to each other.

Pepay: Anti-mestizo slur. Used because Mexican food is peppery and they also believe Mexicans don't 'pay' enough taxes.
Snowflake: Used to denote someone of European heritage due to their proximity to snow. Also elicits a connotation of 'whiteness' or white robes like the Ku Klux Klan wore.
Cuck: Term used to disparage other racist conservatives they deem "not racist enough" for being cowardly like a chicken, which goes "cuck cuck cuck".
Memes: Pictures with words on them in arial font. Usually images of racist cats or Hitler.
Political correctness: Sarcastic term often accompanied with air-quotes. Used because the Ult-Right believes themselves to be truly correct politically.
SJW: Social Justice Warrior. Many Ult-Righters are avid fans of LARPing (live action roleplaying) and see themselves as knights, dragons, and wizards who must defeat the enemy warriors.
Multiculturalism: The view that all cultures are good and must be preserved.
White genocide: Untrue conspiracy theory. The fear of their culture being destroyed, which must take place as Europe isn't going to be the monolithic society it once was.
Wakey wakey: A term used to ask non-racists to "wake up" to the destruction of their race. Also mocking Asian-Americans for the way they talk.
Harambe: Reference to a gorilla who attacked an innocent youth who didn't do anything. Nazis worship this gorilla as they believe he was racist.
2D: "To Die". Enemies of the hate movement are labelled as "2D" when it is decided amongst the leaders that an assassination attempt should be made.
14/88: Racism disguised as numbers. Sounds like "For teen, hatey hate". They believe they should pump their ideology into the soft heads of young students which is disgusting and wrong.
Ben Garrison: Barely spoken of, and only then with hushed tones. Racists seem to fear him but treat him as a leader of their movement. Little is known about him. Some believe he doesn't exist.

Dark enlightenment are fedora reactionaries from reddit

The true reactionary's enlightenment is that of tradition, not of edgy darkness and le rebellion against the french revolution


what a fake smile. it's like being in a human body is physically difficult for her

I have no sides and I must kek

actually most of Holla Forums are whiteknight pussyworshippers

The only time I've ever had to use it is when I'm debating policies with friends and need to distinguish whether or not I'm talking about racial or economic demographics in a specific instance. Certainly not a common term here.

kek. keep 'em coming!

the MSM is frantic
the natsoc right owns them
all they can do is make up terms like alt right and neonazis and white supremacists

Let's make the most of it. We know that these sorts will false-flag their own social media platforms with the vitriolic hyperbole they imagine us comfortable with, so let us make the utmost use of the nuances of the English language,

In the employ, Jessica Roy
yourself now find thee
tethered to the most vicious goy
I remind you with glee

that your face is fat, yet the skull is not
The teeth even become you
even if ye rockbottom butt
could behove the hottentot!
It's not enough!
Now begone you slew of a shrew!

I mean, i use "demographics" as a word for race when trying to flip normies, but ive never used "masculinist" - bitch ovbiously didnt do a lick of actual reaearch, ive been called out as a channer before just from how i naturally talk.


you fell for the la times article or what? read and see for youself, more than 1 post by one author.

I have never heard these terms in my life. God these faggots are insufferable.

Not masculine enough for a boy, nor feminine enough for
a girl; as a nigger is before 'tis a felon, or a
gorilla when 'tis almost a meme: 'tis with her
in standing diet Coke, between boy and girl. She is very
well-fed and she speaks very jewishly; one
would think a nigger's dick were scarce out of her.

Stop projecting. I want five kids.

Better known as MGTOW.

This is rhetoric, not poetry. Improve your form.



Wasn't 'snowflake' their term? Our usage is ironic, not that they'd understand that

Who the hell identifies as "alt-right"? Please kill yourselves if you do.

It's just edited Shakespeare copypasta.

Excuse me, Holla Forumsemic.

jews and faggots… The jews are using it to try to steer the rightward shift in thinking… even by their own statements on what the "alt" right is gives you a glimpse on what they want it to be.

I know niggers invaded by Chinese feel pretty much the same as us about being invaded by niggers and mudslimes.


Nail on the fucking head

I always thought Alt-Reich made more sense for Holla Forums

Is she a fucking clown?

I take great issue with this. The noble Gorilla Harambe was killed because of his name!

This was done to obfuscate the prodigious efforts of the military intelligence services of the German Democratic Republic in east Africa in the seventies, making it ungooglable. Dicks out for Harambe!
He died for his name.

I wanna kick her in the teeth

Harambe was killed because a NIGGER

Well, Kenya is quite black. Consult the White House for references.

You know, I used to argue with you fags, but I think it's high time we did a little rebranding.

We will have our revenge.

Alt-right simply means «not mainstream right», like «goy» means «not jew». Nobody identifies as goy.

More please. What of his should I read?

Interesting guy, a definite neo-Nicomachean. Involved in relatively scientific work on innate reciprocity.

go fuck yourself retard

maybe cuck/pol/

Good post.
Do it user. At least you can get the ball rolling with a first draft, and from there we can crowdsource it here among us anons.

Where do you think you are?

I did google him and he has a large list of works you retard. If you suggest an author suggest a starting point.

Did you find anything interesting you would like to share?



Let's not kid ourselves, the mediation of information is an important job.

They're doing us a favor. The more disinfo they spread, the more it's easier to detect a shill.

You best be joking

80k in CA. Not particularly much, which I think is the problem. There is no incentive to be good or hire talented people.


It's obviously satire

Thing is the cunt doesn't have to live in Santa Barbara or Hollywood to report for the LA Times.

We must therefore be content if, in dealing with subjects and starting from premises thus uncertain, we succeed in presenting a broad outline of the truth: when our subjects and our premises are merely generalities, it is enough if we arrive at generally valid conclusions. Accordingly we may ask the student also to accept the various views we put forward in the same spirit; for it is the mark of an educated mind to expect that amount of exactness in each kind which the nature of the particular subject admits. It is equally unreasonable to accept merely probable conclusions from a mathematician and to demand strict demonstration from an orator.

Anita's put on some weight.

Is it still alive btw?

Fair enough, it's still not very glamorous at any rate. These people are just fucking stupid and are cocked and loaded with a useless degree to do nothing but parrot the marching orders they've been given.

Good. There is no such thing as bad publicity. This is just free advertising for right wing ideology. It will make people curious enough to check it out on their own. Thanks, LA times!

Masculinism is an MRA satire of feminism that the media thinks is real

This threads going to get derailed to shit over autists arguing over a word.


Then hopefully our Hun army of the internet will prod these cows, by the sharp end of a stick, unto a mighty pasture of literature and ultimately a more wholesome public discourse

wtf man this graph is 2DPD


Worked best for murica, now it should be expanded to european nations accordingly.
Some nice little buzzwords that stick, just like the left did it.

Haidt is really great, it's nice to see him mentioned on Holla Forums.

Wow, they really love making up shit.

Don't you mean Meninism? I literally never once heard the word "Masculinism" in my life before I read that article.


Watch from 0:00 to 1:15

Holla Forums is ugly ex-mall-cops who act like drill sergeants on the Internet.

Holla Forums is always demanding that every other white man should get a wife.

Holla Forums is never about leading by example and bragging about the wife that you have.

because 99% of Holla Forums doesn't have wife or gf

So how is that plan working out for you?

Do you have a wife?

Do you have any kids?

Or are you just TFW NO GF guy who WANTS five kids but has no chance of having any kids?

First we figure out how to jew the system in a way you have never seen before.

Well, the Chinese are building a super mutant clone army..



Anal sex and cum, evidently.

This CAN'T be real. I think she's trying to b8 us into a raid so she can get victimbux.


It's like they're parents trying to understand what their kids think is "hip" and "cool". There aren't even any anime girls in that article, what a failure.

Roosh and return of kings.
h ttp://

Well america is building a supra mutant clone army. :^).

Oh fuck, they know about the Ginger Beer?

Shalom, Chaim.

Good times.


Maybe 4chon, likely reddit, and quite possibly from some shitty youtuber e-Celeb that we all hate.

Don't confuse us with 4chan kiddies m8

never, ever heard that before. I think they mean "Meninist" which is a troll Twitter some nig runs to fuck with people. I guess using the actual term would make it too easy to search that up.


So you're a childless man who *doesn't* masturbate to anime, is that what you're trying to say?


You got that right, genius.







that pic reminds me of middle school tbh

the good old days

this. I take it as a compliment when im called racist in real life. Its now a word for "someone thats normal" as oppose to "someone that hates every race thats not his own" or whatever they want that buzzword to mean at the time.

Nor do they explain "dindu", "poo-in-loo", "red/blue/black/etc. pill", "pozzed", "libshit", "subversion" and many, many more. I'd go on, but I think the kike monitoring this thread has enough homework in this post already.


I bet they never heard of sprooging

they arent getting their info from here, firsthand or even a credible source. its probably just some faggot at their office rambling what he thinks the "alt right" is based on facebook, the news, and republicans that actually call themselves alt right because they dont know any better. These commies are still so far out of touch, it still blows me away. Great times. as soon as they start to even grasp whats going on, we are already lightyears ahead again. Jews are smart and sneaky, but they are very slow to catch on.

I think they didn't want to explain "dindu" and "subversion" because even knowing about these concepts makes you somewhat open to the idea that CNN isn't telling the truth.

Shh dude don't let every cat out of the back.
Although if they did find out about sprooging we'd be fucked.

If they ever ask you to help explain the movement make up as much bullshit as you can get away with. They can't effectively attack what they don't understand.

Someone hasn't been reading up on Sun Tzu recently, now have you, you grabass bag of potatoes?

So in fact the problem remains: although the men of 8ch/pol don't *want* to be childless, we still *are* childless.

It's great to sacrifice for a larger cause - your race, for example.

But most people who sacrifice for a larger cause never get paid back.

So it's entirely possible that you will be a good soldier of Holla Forums and still never get a qt3.14 and your personal genes will vanish from the gene pool.

This is not to say that self-sacrifice is wrong. But don't pretend that you are getting paid back. You're doing it all for free.

to be fair we did get raided by those NRx faggots a lot in the past
they must have confused them for Holla Forums natives somehow

Boo hoo.

Someone from TRS made a bunch of shit up about the echo meme when asked by a journalist. I think someone's also done some sly bane-posting.

Too far fam. Not cool.

I don't understand how people do that to themselves… I almost feel sad.


The power delivered unto us
Is somewhat incredulous
the fabric of reality
we can split as we damn please

Howitzer - Artillery; instead of tank, armor. barrel seems to long for a tank…

Little-known (suppressed) fact: In the 70's and 80's, large amounts of nigs descended upon Nanking, as well as other areas in China, and proceeded to chimpout as if on cue. The Chinese countered this foreign assault with a chimpout of their own, which helped spark the mass protests of 1989. (((Researchers))) and (((historians))) refer to this event as simply "anti-African demonstrations" as a result of the "unfamiliar dating habits" of the Negroes. Of course, we all know what this actually means.



Waaait a minute … doesn't that chick have a redtube video?

I take my motivation mostly from sheer and utter contempt. The previous generation was shit, a bunch of peddled fucking imbeciles for the most part, and they brought that shit on us since they are soft retarded motherfuckers.
Not to say that i hate them entirely but i do not have much respect from them at all, unlike i have for the generation before them.
And if you have a little gift you should use that.

'ethno-demographics' are they referring to just those terms separately or as one thing? Because I've never seen anyone use the term "ethno-demographics". They literally have come to the point where any form of White self-identification and interests, policies is regarded as and branded as "racism" directly associating it with racial supremacism. Having a completely different standard for Blacks self-identification and pro-Black groups, movements or even the supremacists shouting "Black power" at BLM rallies they cherich as an ally against Whites. Kill them all. Stop accepting this cancerous labelling of anything pro-White as "racist" by these genocidal anti-White racists.

redtube /1335819


"The language of the alt-right". They are so far off the face of the earth high on J*w media, "virtue" signalling dictatorship that they have to pretend not to understand plain English, American. They literally pretend you speak a different language because of their disinterest, willful ignorance towards what people say on the internet as they now try to re-categorize it all as "alt-right" and undoubtedly co-opt it with things like Breitbart. But I don't see how someone who runs a news site like Breitbart in the White house isn't a win. Just make sure you all still speak for yourselves.

And i want to them to feel that, and i will make them experience that. I want some of those boomers in the same room with me and then i will rip their souls out.


What do you call that affectation or lilt in his speech? Vocal Smug?

WTF do I care? I'm not alt right.

Look, you're an organism. So are they. They will use their words and whatever else at their disposal to make sure you and your kind do not exist, at best enslaved. And this is fine! This is ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY NATURAL and we Westerners should conduct ourselves in accord with this state of BEING.



I've never heard of that word in my life until I read that article.

Come the fuck on, what's so hard about using the word "collectivism"?

Please complete the security check to access

Fuck your sacred cow, Holla Forums

At least doesn't cuck you with cloudflare

I assume you are an immaculate individual, completely divorced from the rigors of this corporeal being?

I drink diet pepsi and I'm not fat, sugar pop feels like I'm drinking salt water (just makes me more thirsty). I started because it's all my over weight parents would drink so I got accustomed to the taste

Yes, but that's beside the point.

"Groupishness" still sounds K-12.

They should just know that they arent boss anymore. Now we da jews.

I don't get it. Aren't these people in their 20s and 30s? How can they not know what anime is?


HOW soon until JOJO bizarre adventures MEMEs and quotes labeled a alt-right symbol?

I'm not against AnCap (better than Jewish globalism), but I'm fine with collectivism as long as it's NatSoc. I'm fine with the right sort of purges, and subsequent boost to the soap and lampshade market.

What happened to the pro aggression principle?


ancap is shit tier.


The last quote is so much fucking horseshit that i wonder if the only method of "correcting" this retard is with a shotgun or a crowbar, if he fancies that instead of an neutral explanation. IT is not exactly smart neither strong to allow the state to control your shit or accept being a shitbum because "times are hard man". "this new man is just the same fucking idiot like the feminists." Delusional.
It is just fucking retarded.

Again, I'm fine with AnCapistan if I can have a platinum subscription to the black-market RWDS service (NAP only works as long as consequences exist). Either no government or a moral government. A moral government is what I'd like, but waiting is tiresome.

Transform our young mens directionless aggressiveness into assertiveness, and our young womens vanity into virtue.

This is the measure by which you can know when we have emerged from this dark age.


THe government idealy directs the motivations of the goyim into usefull shit, avoiding intrusiveness like survaillance and other smug shit. Once you have survaillance you know that those retards are doing a shit job and that also means foreign policy. The more survaillance the shittier the whole thing is otherwise they wouldnt need that. If you accept refugees in big numbers for petty reasons, you have to be either genius (psychological component, eloborate psychological mechanisms put to use) or you are a fucking retard. And i assume it is the latter.

Ye because it is that easy without any working reward/risk system. Top kek.


Libertarianism and an-caps are both as jewish as marxism. I see what you're saying though, Whenever I see images like that i generally assume lolberg.

I think this is a better image regarding Fascism, I have to shit so I'll re read it later. Giovanni Gentile's works are generally what I would concider to be rule of thumb on what fascism actually is.


shits addictive, I really don't like regular water either I have no idea why.

Does everything need to be a snack? Even drinking? Are you that addicted to dopamine? Lift and drink water.

Yes, all humans are.



The reward centers of your brain can be rewired.
Someone smack this skinnyfat faggot on the nose until he puts down his candy and picks up a dumbbell.

Try filtered carbonated water. Unless you're addicted to the sugar (and you say you drink the sugar-free diet shit), it's the fizz in soft drinks that makes them palatable. Whenever you crave a diet-soda, have some sparkling water instead.

Helpful advice chief. Now how about you go a head and tell him why?


I'll give it a shot, maybe I'll put a little bit of fruit or something in it for flavor

you /fit/ autists need to go back. There's nothing wrong with keeping healthy but you don't have to be such a hipster faggot about it. Also stop posting that dune coon.

oh thank god. LA times confirms I am not alt right

top fucking kek

fucking everyone still uses the term retard as an insult. even most shitlibs. furthermore, many common insults were formerly medical terms used to describe people with mental disabilities including idiot, fool, imbecile, and moron. isn't it hypocritical to criticize people who say retard but not people who say those other words? :^)

Who gives a shit about this? Why is this important? Why should I care? How has this changed my life? How has this changed your life?

Me in the middle right now.


I think I saw this bitch on the subway yesterday.


user's they are not capable of "getting it" or they would have joined us already.

nice projection there, cunt

You are what you drink.


They're not getting it from researching, I think that's pretty clear.

Most of these glorified bloggers just spend their time on social media reading comments from their friends in order to learn about subjects that they later go on to write about. So I would hazard to guess that they just see some of the accounts that go out of their way to troll them and base a fair chunk of their articles on that, filling in the blanks with other articles or BS pulled out of the asses of their friends on social media.

Like you could pop on twitter right now, check Jesse Singal's twitter and make fun of most anything about his opinions or articles. He may not respond, but there there's a high chance he'll go into some series of whiny comments regarding what you brought up which will lead to exchanges with others he's friendly with. What will then occur is a series of exchanges where they basically fawn over each other while distressing over this subject that "they can't even" over.

From this, you get articles written by one or more of the bloggers about how deplorable this group is that they've associated with the troll.

Kek the (((MSM))) is obsessed with us nowadays although they don't at all understand us. But the more they report on us the more normies will be exposed to our dank redpilling meemees, so bring it on.

Maybe it's time to go deeper into the internet. Into the dark encrypted places.

fairness is for the fair.
unfairness is for the unfair.

fairness, as a concept, if it ever was a concept, is no longer a concept. it has been a non-statement word salad tautology for quite a few centuries now. i'm always surprise when people use it, or even think with it such a term. it's just not thinking, really. an identity matrix multiplied by anything equals the original anything - and thus the children self congratulate each other for their sense and sensibility as reasonable rational humanbeans.

loyalty has been targeted as a sjw term with overt intent only recently. ex: the-bad-misogynist-man says 'women aren't loyal any more' in every film and medium since 2007.

that map is the left's manual in a nutshell.

Nah, we can shitpost in the shade. Being inaccessible to outsiders is no good, we need converts.

What the fuck? Go away, Jim Jones!

do they know about the frog worship?

do they know about the Memeteor?

Only thing I'm annoyed about is that Holla Forums isn't redpilling on cuckchan and everywhere else like it's supposed to. This whole Trump thing should have ended after he won, at least in the sense of toning it down. You need to redpill, boys. Spread things like these

Nicely put, I'm sure that's how 90% of these half-assed OP-ed social commentary pieces are written

Or we do it in plain sight, since these friends love to come here, and they will get sucked in the more attention a bunch of fucking frogs get it.
Of course there are some downsides, depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to make propaganda well you do it here and then drag them it. And they will talk about it, perceive it as a threat or as some autistic shitposters, but every now and then there it will strike them when they see something that will stick. A word, a word a meme, a context that isnt just by the chance of luck, and in a way it will define them, just like a smart quote from einstein about women, an authority without a source, an authority that will emerge later, each and every time so it doesnt need a source or an authority.

My gut feeling after reading her blurb about white genocide is that she's read enough of our .. literature .. that she realizes there is no rational or reasonable retort to our arguments and the only honest response is to acknowledge the accuracy of our fears.

Quite heartening.

Somehow i think i times of great (percived) uncertainty people will move to the boxes that are most suitable. More bias so to speak.

As they have no counter argument to our ideas they just present our idea and just wow just wow it without ever engaging it

At this point. I'm waiting until mainstream media labels Dragon ball white suspermacy propaganda.

That File name…

Gracias user. These facts are really overwhelming. anons have been doing extensive work.
But it would be best to place all these facts into a video, citing each article or fact, and giving a brief discussion of it.
Ppl are just not going to read all of this.

They are so entrenched in the narrative ideas of their anti-White cult that they consider all the facts and ideas that pertain to the rights and livelyhoods of Whites that they consider it a foreign language they have to interpret. This is the legacy of Whites losing all right to self-determination in the wake of a J*w victory of WW2 and the complete demonization of White nationalism in it's association to a completely demonized Nazi Germany.


They have to carefully frame, introduce reality to their cultist anti-White audience as if it were a foreign language. That's how "sheltered" these people are in their echo chambers.

Haidt is a jew and a hack (but I repeat myself)

I agree. They really don't know how to lurk and understand the ebb and flow of the boards (or be autistic enough to do it.) Let them spread the info cause we know the shills we be so easy to point and laugh at.

gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 no h8

Literally "hello fellow Nazis"

are you talking about this?

especially that unreliable junk that was konigstiger


I have never heard a single fucking user say "ethno-demographics". What the fuck are they talking about? Hahaha.

Isn't that greg johnson code for perpetually in the closet gays who reject faggotry? Not too many people here are hip to obscure NPI centered lingo.

Panthers never had an armament that big nor would a pilot be stupid enough to navigate that terrain with their barrel depressed like that. They would snap the gun off if they pitched forward even slightly without their barrel up. The tanks weren't doing the National Socialist salute, they were keeping their guns from digging into the dirt.

If they are firing, there is no way in hell they would angle their tank downwards like that losing all the benefits of sloped armor. That looks retarded.

Holy shit that article reads a lot different than it did last time I read it.

That's what I was talking about but that page has been heavily 'corrected.'


Needs to be a thing

I can't help but wonder if they feel silly writing about this as if they are spying on modern day nazis or something.


that's good but go for the classic



This is great. I don't want them to understand us. I want them to keep making mistakes.

Also, when people stumble across the truth they will once again say "the media was lying to me yet again".

It is hilarious that the MSM and all these silly leftist groups now behave as if we infiltrated them and caused them to implode ;^)

11 year oldfag here. You're pretty much right. cuckchan's failure came from an influx of people to the point where the "lurk moar newfag" mentality got washed away and the syntax, language, and imagery became tame and relatively inoffensive. Inoffensive enough that most memes ended washing up on the shores of Facebook.

Holla Forums is different in that it contains a nucleus, a core of people willing to say dumb shit and the most outrageous things, to double down on the offensiveness. Through that we achieved such superiority and meme-advantage that we got Shillary to declare war on a cartoon frog.

The Lurk Moar mentality is alive on 8/pol/. There is still hope left in man.


like this

All the bitch can do is deliver skewed/basic bitch interpretations of our definitions in a condescending tone. She can't even attempt to offer a single counterargument.

Did anyone ever wanted to have sex with that thing!?

Stop explaining the memes you fucks. It's all a trick!

Oh shit that fucking hurts like a bitch

How can one offer a counterargument when one literally can't even?

Nah m80, progressives don't give a shit about proportionality, only muh oppresion. Its:
Progressives -> Liberty + Care
Libertarians: -> Liberty + Fairness
Conservatives -> Balanced Ubermensch

Holla Forums is volkish Travis Touchdown, fuck off skinwalker.

fucking this. ever since the day of the trumpensieg we've had a massive inflow of animu faggots from 4cuck

You are not even trying to fit in, SA.

Can you even
▲ ▲?

We are the terror that flaps in the night.

even NRx faggots will use the nigger-word and don't shy away from being called racist (they do dislike being called white supremacists or white nationalists, though, largely because they think kikes and chinks are superior to whites)

Ahahaha. As it is written, so is it done