SJW "Aboriginal" triggered by a comic

Strayan shitposting at it's finest

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Acknowledging the issues of the people is bad.

Kill yourself

I know that cunt, she's a quadroon but looks white as a sheet. Doesn't even have Iggy Azalea's dead, soulless eyes.
She was at uni when I met her, six years ago, and will be on the public tit in one form or another for the rest of her life.

Oddly enough, isn't particularly interested in aboriginals as romantic partners. Unmy how that works.

Polite sage for blogpost.

She is not abo nor european/white so she should not be called as Indigenous Aborigines. ABC literally support the abo-genocide by promoting racemixing them out of existence.

Reminds me of the picture of the first "aboriginal graduates" in some Aussie university and they're all 1/4th or 1/8th abbo.

Almost makes me pity them.

I knew a guy-white as all the rest of us-from my first year who would milk the scholarships and use the special "abo only" amenities and computer lab the uni gave them. Not like you can prove it anyway, might as well abuse the system. I saw his parents one time and they looked just the same as he did, only their house was full of abo-signalling finger paintings and degeneridoos.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say she's milk-bottle white with a cute little button nose.


I hate cunts who cry about racism against boongs and shit but have never even lived among them, I live in perth and I have to deal with one sleeping in my yard at least once a week

What the fuck user. use a sprinkler or get a dog

I was walking through a subway and I heard a fella playing "Dancing Queen" on a degeneridoo, and I thought to myself "that's Abbariginal"

I usually give him an old goon bag and he'll go away

Nice trips.


so she's like 1/8th native and 7/8ths english convict?
if she was a full abo she'd be too busy huffing petrol and eating her children to get offended by anything.

I should make an interactive Holla Forums thread next time I go out to a community. Turned them against the Jews the last time I went.

they know what theyre doing

These are the six graduates from the uni of NSW that are apparently niggeriginals
captcha failed 6 times - I must be blind

On the third girl she got some weak African features on her face.

muh bandwidth

well at least thats an improvement from being a gin

Yea, her eyes look like they are a bit too far apart and that fucking nose ruins everything. Shame


'Oly fuck, I think I might be an abo if this lot is.

Magical abo flying hats

Those fucking crypto-abos infiltrating and subverting our hospitals so they can hang more of their shitty dotted artwork in the waiting rooms.

Anybody have the story about the guy who accidentally rammed a feral abo with his truck in the middle of the night, then when he stopped at a police checkpoint or something they basically just told him "Aye m8, shit happens. Just make sure you clean your bumper and grill off good" and sent him on his way? That was a good read.

End women's suffrage

End your fucking misogyny

that was a nice lil raid

trips of truth

Abo's are fucked. I used to work in an abo community for 7 years. They're truly shit people.

We all know they are the niggers of niggers

They're like evolutionary precursors to niggers. They are horrible.

OY VEY how dare you compare German cattle to these vibrant peoples?

What did you do there?

7 Years?!?! I have respects for you m8. I don't think I would last longer than 6 months. Abo is too shitty to be around them.

Worked in primary health care. They are a scum race.

This white captain cook dog isn't a true budda

White yes, but good lord is she ugly. Definitely can see the abo cheekbones. Oddly wnough, makes me wonder if Jennifer Lawrence isn't so ugly and stupid with fat face because she is part darkness. Would fit in with the whole jews pushing our race down plan.

Also, I have an abo in my law school now, probably 3/4 pure, God he is an ugly fella, seems to know English and hygiene, nice enough guy. I just can't imagine him passing tests, he looks like an orc.

That's even uglier.

Yes, they come from stock that was able to leave Africa, cross Asia, and travel down South-East Asia all the way to Oz. Yet, then they began the process of devolving right back into desert monkeys. It's absolutely night and day when one compares Abos to the Maori right next door in New Zealand.


should have kept them as fauna

We require stories.


Arent these papuans which may look similar bit are another race actually?
(Just like a blonde berber=/=a blonde pole)

Story time faggot.



She should do it. If she's dumb enough to get "triggered" over this shit, she's too dumb for a degree.


So she's not shocked and offended by the abuse, but a cartoon talking about the abuse.

See? Abos are just as smart as the rest of us.

you cheeky cunt…

This is the darkest reality.

Even women are implicitly aware that the majority of them aren't suited for male environments because they complain about mansplaining and door-holding. However, instead of personally adapting or leaving the environment, they want the male environment to be more tailored to them.

Even when it's fixed, they STILL aren't content.

Mixed race folk tend to be anti-white for some weird reason.

So what's her abo blood percentage?
Actual pure blooded abbos wouldn't give a shit about something like this because they're not nearly cognizant enough to care about it.

Ayyy, I love posting in on hack's Facebook.
So many lefties to trigger, it's a shame others from places like Holla Forums are also catching on because it's driving people away.

I saw so many fights like the video in this thread. Luckily not nearly as many though. One thing I can't forget is how easily they all start fighting.Especially the girls can't really call them that

Once I saw three obese abo buffalo's do battle over something I'm not sure. It's shocking at first but you become very normalised to it all very quickly. They're truly another breed.

I see at least one abofight a week from my bedroom window.

Nice channel.

Maybe someone would give a shit if abbos ever contributed anything of value to the human race.

Obligatory for any abo thread.
the metalcore song is especially hilarious because the sound engineer became a massive cuck whipped pussy and regrets mixing the song.

2nd and 4th girls have clear eyes.
3rd girl and 6th girl have vaguely some abo features.

Only one of them has curly hair.

It's not 1/4 or 1/8 more like 1/16 1/32…

Not gonna lie, this picture is kinda disturbing to me. They look so white, and yet they are counted as abbos.

When I meet the woman who will bear my children, I might have to get a 23andme test from her to be safe. This stuff is downright freaky.

23 and me will deliver the news that you and she are part jew, part black. It's a scam.


It wouldn't really matter if she did have abo genes, they're weak as fuck

Dilution is the solution to pollution they say.

Australian Aboriginals aren't human.
They are a separate species.

Negroes aren't either.

i do a lot of work in promoting safety and safe behaviors among primarily school aged kids, but more or less for everyone. Pedestrian safety is one of the biggest areas we cover.

The fact that this exists, and that someone said alloting resources to make a video that says SLEEPING IN THE ROAD ISNT A GOOD IDEA is beyond me. I'm fucking completely and utterly astounded

even the niggest nigs in the poorest areas I promote safety in would think this is absolutely ridiculous and unneeded.

FUCK even animals don't sleep in roadways

I would dilute the fuck outta her, if you know what I mean.

Looks like a white gorilla. Jeez some of you have such low standards. Feminism has demoralized the fuck out of you guys.

Don't judge me until you have seen the women of my country.

It's laughable that (((scientists))) can call negroes and Whites the same species with a straight face, when animals with much smaller physiological differences get slotted into entirely separate species.
Example: Carrion crow and Hooded crow.
The only physical difference between the two :plumage pattern. They even interbreed and form fertile hybrids.
Compared with Blacks and Whites, which have hundreds of biological differences, as well as being from separate geographical areas and never interbreeding in numbers worth mentioning until modern times.

A workmate of mine is from Darwin, Northern Territory.
He witnessed a drunken (goes without saying really) fight between a couple of abo's at a house party.
Abo A took a baseball bat to the head of Abo B, causing a piece of Abo B's skull to become detached and rendering his brain exposed to the open air.
My mate saw Abo B's brain hanging out.
Two weeks later, Abo B was drinking and fighting again.
"They aren't human" was his honest opinion as someone with a degree in biology.

I'm pretty desperate and lonely and I still likely would not hit that.

I did 23andme and I came up at 99.6 European with a little Asian and less then .1% African so maybe your actually part Jew?

it's like watching those natives from the king kong remake. but more intra-body dysmorphic while inter-body an-dimorphic. their bodies have broad humpback shoulders with no back muscles - neither traps nor lowers, nor abdominals too. the women are men, the men are just titless women - there's no sexual dimorphism.


What is your euro breakdown?

I think someone should double check that they aren't part kike


51% British/Irish, 15% French/German, 3% Scandinavian 25% "Broadly NW European" What ever that means (Slav?) then a little southern European. They say Americans are mongrels but at least I'm a European Mongrel

The .3 is because I supposedly have a little Indian in my blood, My grandma said she used to have a family bible that proved I had ties to Pocahontas but idk how true that is, she did have a son with an englishmen but not much info on what happened to him

Never mind I read that as North Eastern instead of North Western

This is incorrect, even by the standards we regularly give to animals.
If we were a different species, then we would either be unable to intermix or the intermixed offspring typically would be sterile.
We are however a different subspecies.


Ironically saying "subspecies" is more """RACIST""" then saying race. This is why when scientists say "only one race" they are correct because race is an incorrect term. But if subspecies is used they change the subject and try to say the differences aren't that big. Bunch of semantics

Homo erectus.

There are species where two close species can intermix and have fertile offspring

She is laying it on thick.

every aboriginal here is actually amerifat 1/16 aboriginal muh heritage tier

However in those instances it is significantly luck based, with it usually resulting in them being infertile.



Are they not even doing the Dolezal half-assed makeup job now?

You can tell they have admixture, some less than the others.

Speaking of which, was there much mixing in Australia in colonial times?

nah they're abos, you can tell by the facial structure, new Guineans look like this.

So that vague Australian "look" that white Australians have might be caused by 1% abbo blood…?

They tried to breed abos out at one point so you'd have allot of white looking ones around with only a pinch of abo blood.

I know a girl whos a red head and shes got abo in her, her mum was like 1/4 abo and the dad is a rednut. She looks 100% white, you'd never guess it.

The broad nose, kinky hair, and wide faces are the best indicators.

Emotions trump science these days.
If abos had gone extinct for whatever reason before the discovery of Australia they'd be classified as separate species without any problem.

we had pygmies at one stage, no one gives a shit though because they all died out before anyone had white guilt.


I know someone with Down Sydrome and that guy is exhibiting similar facial patterns that they use

I wonder what the Dutchman is saying

There was mixing but to what scale I can't be sure. I know in Western Australia they specifically wanted to breed them out when they realised that abo genes were weaker than European ones. At 25% or less abo blood they were legally considered white and if they were born in an abo community they would usually get moved to a white family because abos abusing their kids is well documented.

As far as the scale of mixing is concerned I'd say it was small. Aboriginals make up about 2% of the Australian population and that includes people that are 1/64th or whatever because all it takes to be aboriginal now is self identification, you don't even need genetic testing or anything.

Maybe they're North Queenslanders
IE being part Papuan part abo

Thank you. That's good it's not much. Still a shame some pioneers got thirsty.

They look like they've actually devolved since colonization. Inbreeding?

Honestly it probably was the convict part of the population

The politically correct factions of science and academia detest Pygmies; I should imagine that they would be rather happy when they are all gone. Which is probably why there is little effort to prevent the current genocide they are being subjected to.

Alcoholism and obesity more likely.
If you ever go near a reservation in the united states you will find something similar, obese alcoholic criminals.
They literally cannot cope with modern society and live off the dole.

Right. It goes back to that argument that if you're going to conquer a people, it's actually more compassionate to kill them rather than let all their descendants live in squalor.

Also they got cut off from their natural way of life. They're meant to live in the bush where they're masters of surviving in absolutely nothing. Their state today is the result of white attempts to civilise them.


It's kind of sad, honestly. They had a culture, however primitive. They should have been isolated somewhere in the bush and let live how they chose, instead of trying to breed them into white people.

True, ever heard of the pintupi nine?
They were a bunch of abbos that escaped being rounded up and lived in the bush for decades.
when found they were perfectly healthy.
After they were found they fell ill, grew obese, began abusing drugs and huffing petrol.

Weren't they the ones that hunted by burning down whole forests, and the main reason Australia has no huge forests? I mean I understand Megalania was big and scary, but Early European Modern Man had the short-faced bear, mastadon, and sabre-tooth tigers…

Nope, but that story doesn't surprise me in the least.

Yes. They also (possibly) wiped out an earlier group of intelligent hominids who were living on the continent. I'm just saying it's cruel to force them to live in a civilized environment where they obviously can't cope.

Yeah, 60 thousand years of fire hunting.


Well they backburned but to hunt I'm not sure. Backburning is important to help stop massive bushfires and our trees and shit have developed around being burnt. Ancient abos probably huffed the smoke.
We have forests (aka bush) as well as jungles and expansive plains. Maybe less so in the south, but here in qld it's bush for as far as the eye can see

God. Put it in a zoo,

Modern abbos could be an adaptation to that change. They have really good sense of orientation for example which is a beneficial trait in completely barren land of nothing. I'm not an expert on that hypothesis though.

Isn't it funny how by being horrible racists we're actually more respectful to other races' cultures? I mean if niggers are better off in small hunter gatherer villages of mud huds let them live like that too.
I've had arguments over this with aggressive civic nationalists elsewhere - while they're smarter than the average leftist by recognizing that some cultures are better than others and for example Islam is barbarism, ultimately their lofty goals are just as destructive because they think all races will get along if they just adopt Western culture, which can't and won't happen.

I can't tell if they're fucking with them or not. The guy on the left looks like he's starting to crack up at the beginning.

For some reason people are pretty keen to be socially abo when their great-great grandmother was an aboriginal. Official certification is harder to get as you have to know what tribe your ancestor was in and then meet them and prove it, but most companies/scholarships are just looking for filler to satisfy diversity quotas so they don't ask for tribal certification.

I think they're just high.

This thread needs some Abbocore.

she doesn't look that bad

That's a lady, user.

I don't even need to watch this for my sides to be in orbit, I just need to remember it

Lel, is it really? I've watched that at least 10 times and always thought it was two old abo men.

I don't accept that.

You find a fair chunk of forests in Vic and NSW if you get out of the pozzed cities

As far as I am aware Abbos reproduce through division, like all bacteria

It's an extreme case of sour grapes.

You can see the flower of her beanie. That denotes sex.

i can see it for 5 and 6, they're probably 1/8
1, 2, and 3 have sort of a subtle innsmouth look but i wouldn't have called them abo
4 just looks like a low tier british girl

once they inhale a critical level of hydrocarbons they begin to bud and budlings sprout off their bodies

Ah, so that is why they sniff petrol so much. And here I thought it was because they were retarded.




i, for one, am grateful for this.

This fucking drives me nuts. There is no reason whatsoever that

Lord, it is. I didn't even notice. Hard to imagine.

(Polite sage to avoid necrobump.)

user, no, please stop…. think about the diversity…

Nope, they island hopped across Islands that no longer exist during a period of low sea levels.

Abos are not related to niggers, they have as much to do with them as whites do.
They're less problematic than niggers because they're much less violent only commiting petty crimes at most, and there isn't that many of them.

I would as PM. 2% is 2% too many.

They sit/lay on the floor all day, its like an entire race of retirees waiting to die.

and who do they hate pygmies?

reminder that abos literally are not Homo Sapien Sapien


I don't get the problem. If they're happy to sit around in the outback, why not leave them alone to be wild and free like any other animal? Shit, hitler liked animals and was nice to them, why can't you aussies be nice to your ONLY pet land ape. You guys let all the other shit go extinct, you can preserve the abbo.

No this isn't satire, I fucking mean it. You guys are being bad stewards of the weirdest part of the planet for wildlife, and i want to be able to go here someday and see all these things in the wild, and spend all my american tourist money on food and no souvenirs, just food.

The abbo is the only known living bipedal ape that is not remotely homo sapiens, AND YOU'RE MAKING IT GO EXTINCT! We need to study them damnit. They're the proof that out of africa is complete bullshit and that evidence can help our cause.

m8 there's nothing to fucking study, they sleep in the gutters, sniff petrol, drink shit beer and live off of centrelink