Bernie - "Hillary has 2 million more votes!"

This whole deal with "The Popular vote" meme is starting to get out of Hand. Bernie is shilling it, protesters are shilling it, The NPV is almost finished.

I'm honestly petrified that, after this election, the left going to cement their political sway. Nobody, and I mean nobody mentions the fact that 75-95% of Hillary's PV numbers are from California ALONE.

They seem okay with the lives of others and the fate of the nation being dictated by out of touch urbanites, and a state that has no ID requirement.

How do we kill this in it's cradle?

i like your numbers. but user, i dont think you're thinking right. trump is going to make America great again within 4 years. this means he has an easy win for another 4 years. thats 8 years of trump. now what if he does such a great job one of his kids runs afterwards? theyll win and that another 8 years.

we're in a fucking dynasty, son.
its over for the Globalists.

Comrade Bernie sold out his supporters and made the same deal Clinton did with Obama in 2008, right now he's a fucking attack dog under Soros, and conveniently making peace with the same Liberal establishment that attacked his supporters as "Bernie bros" and fucked him in the ass, the guy is a cuck that won't live long at this rate.


Don't use that phrase.

But to answer, get this out there:

Whats the NPV and how is it finished?

My point is, he's using his supporters as a catalyst to bring states that aren't liberal shit holes, into serfs.

Coupled with the fact that nobody is going to check the legitimacy of the extra votes hillary got (nor will point out the fact that Hillary's leading votes are all from one state) we have a potentially nasty situation brewing as soon as 4 years from now, or 8 years from now.

It's bad enough as is that Commiefornia gets 55 electoral votes.

I've been talking to people about this a little bit, there's a very simple argument that even retarded leftists can understand.

#1 All parties went into the game knowing what the rules were, and all parties consented to the rules.

#2 Many people did not vote, simply because they knew that their state was overwhelmingly going to go either one way or another. This caused at least millions of people, for both sides, to not vote. In what proportion is absolutely unknowable. How many times have you heard: "Whats the point of voting in XXX? We both know its guaranteed Republican/Democrat."

#3 Because potentially millions of people knowingly did not vote because of how the system was set up, it impossible to say what the real popular vote was, because it could have easily been swayed by millions of more votes in either direction.

Therefor, the "popular" vote isn't really a true popular vote, it's a heavily distorted reflection of the electoral college.

You can also mention that the whole electoral college thing was a total non-issue to them before the results. If they had been concerned and brought it up as a legit point before, maybe they might have some ground, but at this point, its 100% whining.

Also, you can mention that its easier to rig large population centers (i.e. democratic strongholds) through rigging an individual polling place that serves 10,000+ people, rather than a small rural polling place that serves >1,000 people. And also the Project Veritas videos exist, we need to bring those up. It's not like they can't claim they inflate the numbers by busing people around, which is also easier to do in the cities, rather than in rural areas.

NPV is a contract that a state signs, which tells the electorates of each state that they must switch their vote to whomever gets the national popular vote.

It will go into law once they get states that are equal to 270 to sign it. They have 10-12 states already, commiefornia being one of them. The others are also all blue.

Sounds unconstitutional will it happen before December?

You don't do anything because you have no evidence (which they'll accept) that they're wrong.

Instead, you ignore it, like the kvetching it is. They're sore losers. There's no option to do otherwise until there's evidence of Trump actually winning the popular vote.

If they wanted it to be based on popular vote, they should have demanded that before the election, not after they lost it.

With the current protests and shilling from the left? It's a possibility. The ORG that is spearheading in has (with no real shock) ties to Soros.

Though, that'd seem stupid, that'd be begging for retribution, and the media would be unable to demonize trump supporters for lynching faggots over it. Due to the positive coverage they've been giving Shillery's paid agitators.

It'd be all out war.

Let him, if this shit will not die by 2020, you can use it against him.

He already lost some of his diehard supporters to Trump and wiping Shillary's ass and still trying cater to the fucking extremists is not gonna win them back. And we need to meme Calexit into reality, may not be the Nuclear holocaust or San Andreas reckoning we want, but it'll be glorious to watch all the illegals poo in their designated shitting streets and watching the Blue state turn brown.

From the news I heard from few berniebros this commie's campaign for 2020 is getting kickstarted again in june/july targetetting the blue collar and he may win it in 2020.

Alright so this NPV thing actually sounds like the worst thing ever how do we kill that right away now?

Write Trump, as it's a State level law that is unconstitutional based on previous rulings that the Supreme Court has made. They ignored state sovereignty for fag marriage. They should ignore this as well. Due to the fact that it interferes with a constitutional rule.

Stop fucking saying that.

I'm sick of this shit. I know you're from Reddit, it's not "the globalists", it's the kikes. Lurk more.

he's just quoting a line from alex jones. calm down hitler.

Simple, ask for a recount. Especially in Florida where shenanigans is expected to have gone down the most. There is a reason the demorats havent been shilling for one, and that's because they would be exposed by showing they rigged it and still lost Florida is a pivotal state in the electoral college and the lack of recount inquiries smells fishy to me

Deporting illegals (who can vote in California) and instituting national Voter ID or some law that tightens up the voting process will alter this significantly. Most of that surplus that Clinton has came from California, and we have no idea how much fraud is going on in the big cities.

In fact, I think that's the reason why Clinton didn't order a recall on any of the states in the election, even though she was well within the margin to call a recall in several. Doing so and putting intense scrutiny on each and every vote would reveal fraudulent activity in a state like Pennsylvania, which would totally discredit the Democrats for decades.

Also, I think the main reason that all those Democrat mayors of sanctuary cities are willing to fight Trump on their sanctuary status is that they need to keep those people around to put them to work on Election Day for the Dems, either through busing or through filling out fraudulent ballots.

The long term survival of the Republican Party is dependent on restoring the honesty of the vote and reversing/restoring the demographics that vote for limited government. While other things certainly need fixing before too long as well, the voting and immigration issues need to be addressed swiftly and decisively in order to avoid getting swamped at the ballot box in four years.

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That's not how constitutional amendments happen, and to change the rules of the Electoral College would require that. States can change how they distribute Electoral Votes, but they can't change the whole fucking system in every state without a constitutional amendment.

Go on, I dare them to get rid of delegates. Okay, Bernie would have won over Hillary as well, so that's a no-go for her. And exactly what happens when the cities and the farm don't have equal say? Revolt. And when revolt happens who exactly starts to starve? That is correct! The cities will die or dissolve, and then who is elected president? TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRAMP TRAMP TRAMP TRUMP.


It's funny because Hitler referred to them in codewords as well such as 'international clique" or "marxist parties".

He didn't call them a slur if that's what you think

Except that Michigan gave Trump not just 306 in the EC, but also hundreds of thousands in the popular vote over Hillshit. There were also several million illegals and an additional several million dead who 'voted'. Trump got it all.

keep an eye on this

Youre getting cocky.
Its only over when all of the jewish influence is purged. Banking, Hollywood, Media, etc
The Federal Reserve is trashed and an amendment put in place that never allows it again.

Just these two things are a herculean tasks and there is more. There will be other countries to fall to the same jewish banking bullshit and if they form a union, then they can strike back like what they did to Hitler, Trump is the beginning and to be honest I dont know if his kids are willing to go as far as we need. Dynasties can be dangerous because of complacency and it may lock into stagnation.

youre right. but i have complete trust in trump and his ability to fix our issues in 8 yrs if not 4. im just here to spread trump love m8

2.000.000 votes
-3.000.000 votes by illegals

Is cheating allowed now under common core?

He DID obviously name the Jew, though. He didn't use slurs because when discussing Jews none are necessary, "Jew" is sufficient.

As for the (((globalist NWO clique))), though, stay vigilant. If John Bolton of (((PNAC))) notoriety is appointed Secretary of State, I'd say it's an indicator Trump isn't dedicated to draining the swamp as he said he was.

I trust in him as well but we must crush our enemies. See them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women.
We've gotten a taste of victory, let it not spoil future meals.

They're waffling on Michigan, still not called, and might be close enough for a recount.

Trump will not have an easy win. Lots of old conservatives are going to die and will be replaced with memelinials. The minority population is growing a lot faster than the white population. What makes you say he will have an easy win when we barely scraped by this time?

It's been a week. If they can't officially call it, maybe it's time to investigate the investigators.

I don't know why people want more political dynasties in America. Especially here.

As far as the Federal law is concerned, the electoral votes still exists, BUT, the electorates are beholdened to a new state level contract (like they already are with faithless fines)

It's a loophole, a loophole that would give 270 votes to whomever won the popular vote during the electorate vote.

Now, it's entirely up to the electorates to follow the contract.


This is a good post. Also, the candidate themselves knew the rules of the game, and planned their campaigns accordingly. Trump didn't even hold rallies in his home state of New York.

Didn't the Judenpresse initially expect That Trump would win the popular vote?

Can King Nigger still impose martial law if it's the salty left rioting?

The Democrats are trying to figure out who's going to lead their party in the future. And one of the names that has surfaced is Keith Ellison. He's a congressman, and he is way out there on the left. You've got that look on your face that says you've got something to say about Mr. Ellison. Speak.

DAVID RUBIN: Keith Ellison is a Muslim, is a convert to Islam. And he's, yes, a congressman from Minnesota. The problem with Keith Ellison is that Keith Ellison's allegiances are more to the Islamic civilization than Judeo-Christian civilization. When he was sworn in, House Speaker at that time Nancy Pelosi allowed him to swear in on the Quran which speaks – the Quran is the so-called holy book of Islam – which speaks of jihad, calls for jihad against all of what they call "the unbelievers," which means all Jews, all Christians, anyone who is not a Muslim.

That is what jihad means and that is the core of the Quran. I know there's sometimes Islamic spokesmen who you hear on television who will say, "well, Islam doesn't really mean holy war against the unbelievers. Islam means self-reflection, spiritual self-reflection inside." Well, it's nonsense, kind of like indigestion.

The real meaning of jihad is holy war against all – against the unbelievers, and you can ask any honest Muslim, and he will tell you that.


He'll die by a heart attack before that.

Isn't npv unconstitutional? Couldn't the Supreme Court overturn it?

No such a thing.

This is why I said before this got started pol n' friends need to scan the vote results for dead, illegal alien and other fraud democrat votes, they were nearly five million last election, there is going to be more this time, once found disseminate the proven fact Trump won the popular vote by millions.

They could, yes. A federal mandate can overturn state law. The issue is, not many people know about it. And the ones that do very rarely mention it, for obvious reasons. Now I've heard more people talk about it, but positively, which has me concerned.

Bush vs Gore was a different beast. Gore bitched about it more, and the race was close in one state.

This time? Trump had a 4 state lead (ignoring Michigan)

This is just a setup for attacking the system in which you get that jew proposing scrapping the electoral college check and balance.

Let them try to remove the electoral college. It exists for a reason. How many elections do you think they'll see before civil war breaks out if they effectively disenfranchise entire states? The left can't help but be stupid as hell. People smarter than they were built safety valves into the system to ensure its longevity but as soon as leftists don't get their way they try to jam these protective systems up because they constantly want to rewrite rules in their favour. It will just blow up in the faces in the long run.

Frankly, I'm glad she won the popular vote. Just like with Bush, the level of salt has just been compounded by coastcucks turning out in massive numbers for their dethroned queen.

Except she didn't.

What a butthurt fucking oven dodger.

The margin Hillary won the popular vote by is substantially less than the difference between the number of fraudulent votes she received (a fuckton) and the number of fraudulent votes Trump received (probably zero). And that's not even going into the demographic gerrymandering the globalists have been doing since 1965.

Your argument is good, but it's naive to think that it will sway leftists. They are fully resistant to all arguments, and they have no capacity for reason whatsoever. The only way to change their minds is to reprogram them through group shaming or humiliation.

They can fuck themselves. Trump won Michigan. Any recount they do is fraudulent and there's no reason why we should accept it.

Hmm… what states allow "No ID required to vote at ballot box".
Ohh, look'ie, the votes that gives the numbers to the "the popular vote" all come from those states.. What a strange coincidence…

and trump won all the states that require a photo ID.
What a strange coincidence… again…
But having a ID is "rasist" anyways so

*almost all states

I saw the local news reporting the 2 million number last night as well.

Where the fuck are they getting this?

Pulling it out of their ass.

The official numbers seem to be 900k. It is a giant bullshit that they are still somehow counting votes, though.

By the way, look at what I found at the NYT.

dude stahp
>reddit spacing, no source, OP's a fag

We need a federal law calling for photo ID requirements to vote, and a further requirement that the photo ID process entails some form of vetting to establish that the person is who they claim to be. The only politicians that are ever going to be elected in pro-voter fraud states are the same ones that benefit from the voter fraud system. They will never call for stronger photo-IDs in blue states. It cannot be done state-by-state.

Bernie's an idiot. Why are we listening to him?

If only blue states are signing NPV, it will make no difference in the end count of the EC, or am I missing something?

Exactly. Who would even sign it? Republicans are dominating Governorships at the moment.


was NC the only state she won legitimately? GG clinton no re

democrats are a cancer eating away at America

top kek



He's from /r/thedonald. These people just hopped aboard the train and think everything begins and ends with Trump. "We got Trump in, we WON. " mentality

No you idiots, only begun the race war has. Kikes still run everything, if they figure out how to halt Trump's momentum its over.



The biggest problem the R0thschilds will have is rolling over the country in the event that we solidify our political hold. They would need Russia and China to do it, and both are self-interested and not playing ball.

We need to fucking purge the illegals for starters, and we need to fucking purge as many corrupt assholes out of power. The God Emperor's initial plan are ambitious. If he is even half-successful, then we will be in a decent position.

-1 million is the amount of Jews that died in the Holocaust, you anti-semite. :^)

What was it with Nicaragua and all the leftists worldwide united to support that shitshow until the end, even when problems arose in the first year of rule already?

Yeah, winning the presidency was the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.
Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

And yet not once has any of these faggots so much as whispered the word recount.




when did this "Hillary had more votes" meme start anyway? I'm pretty such trump had more votes, and he had more electoral votes as well?

November 9, 2016.


Everybody here knows about the jews, so calm your tits. There is no need to be upset by breadth in vocabulary.


Does it trigger your autism?

No. She looks Hispanic though. Would not fuck.


Every developed nation, and even some developing ones, requires photo ID to vote.

But instead of backing a national photo ID just to sort out the "waaah I can't afford an ID" excuse, the democrats insist on no photo ID. Because, it's really just about voter fraud.


James Borne?

They want to meme it so it becomes the "obvious" thing. All media presences needs to condemn it and debate it, shitposters need to shit it out. It is a lie so it will crumble.

Though time is of the essence.