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TL;DR: I on the whistleblower who is mentioned on page 23, foot note 51, on the recently published SEC whistleblower report. The SEC chose to remove all of my whistleblower tips from the report and have engaged in a number of other questionable activities.

EDIT 1: Here is the link to the report:

If you are interested in learning more I would invite you to file FOIA / PA requests about exactly how many whistleblower tips were removed from the report. The SEC will not even tell me and a portion of my records were lost.

I am a long time Whistleblower who has recently suffered some setbacks. Despite helping the IRS, CFPB, FBI and others take down financial fraud the SEC appears to be taking a rather destructive stance.

While I will not get into potentially sensitive details, I will say, within the past 2 years I have reported over $3 billion of fraud to the SEC in the form of highly detailed turnkey whistleblower tips - that on some occasions are nearly fully written legal complaints. The SEC has turn the other way and even stated that my numerous tips, even though credible, were slowly the SEC down and that I should stop reporting items to the SEC.

I am writing this now to both vent as well as raise awareness to the public and other whistleblowers. While the SEC regularly publishing big rewards and pushes out how "successful" its whistleblower program their public position is in irreconcilable conflict with internal problems and bad actions plaguing the SEC whistleblower office and its enforcement divisions.

There is more to be learned about the SEC's operations but I have been pretty much stonewalled - I do not know - at a minimum I hope this post can raise awareness and provide knowledge to other whistleblowers who go through so many hoops in the search of justice.

EDIT 2: Mods let me know if this is the write place to post. Thanks in advance.


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If you're indeed real, maybe you should get it to a trusted 3rd party like wikileaks, so they can confirm it and pass it on?

anywhere else you've shared info about or discussed this? would be curious to hear more, at least some hint of the genre of fraud you're reporting.

$3 billion is a lot of fraud to report. Seems it would entitle you to substantial reward and substantial danger. seems a bit LARPy for one user to have details on so many cases and then resort to 8ch for answers.

perhaps your fraud is more of a gray area? just curious, i used to work in finance and love hearing about tax evasion schemes.

The frauds generally exist within cross border investment schemes. There are many - the highest scheme is $750 million in almost pure embezzlement - and there are a few others in the $100 million to $300 million range. I do admit that it is difficult to describe the fraud by monetary values because in some instances millions of dollars are being raised off false statements about not really straight embezzlement.

I have reason to believe that my identity will be leaked out sooner rather than later and that is not good for me. I have tried traditional whistleblower channels to no avail.

Without getting into too many details, I am on 8ch to at least one something out to the public and create a potentially useful papertrail. As well as helping inform other whistleblowers.

I am not a normal person and believe my person skills are killing some of my other attempts to get this out. I'm not a savant but I find comfort in computers, investigations, and numbers rather than people.

have tried, as well as setup my own insurance delivery mechanism. i have seen some pushback similar to what the Panama Papers source described.

What kind of public leverage do whistleblowers need? Obviously, simply being aware of leaked information will hit a civilian legal wall when it comes to initiating official investigations, so what kind of structure can the public create that would ease the threat level involved?

It sounds like it may be a thing that should be crowdsourced somehow, to skirt around them red flagging someone for sending a high volume of tips individually.

wait a minute

interesting. without knowing any details seems plausible, lots of room for shenanigans in cross border activities. i used to do some (legal) cross border tax evasion but sounds like you're describing pure fraud.

you've probably already thought about this but have you tried to contact any of the lawyers that have successfully worked with other whistleblowers in large cases to see if they could help? it sounds like you already did everything and would be somewhat distasteful to pay 'vig' to lawyers, but maybe getting some of the 'right' people on your side could help. you vs a bunch of guys that stole $3 billion doesn't sound like good odds…

Here on Holla Forums it is customary to provide some sort of evidence before making outlandish claims. This can be in the form of insider information (predicting unusual events within the next few days is useful) or a verifiable - but not identifiable - snippet of ID.

my situation may be a bit extreme because I did not really understand the process and didn't play "the game".

not only have I submitted enormous amounts of info to the SEC about fraud in our financial markets but I also heavily criticized and discovered much wrongdoing in the SEC - which in hind sight isn't the best way to get action to be taken.

above all else, whistleblowers need to be supported and listened to. time and time again when I contacted law enforcement or whistleblower offices I would send a letter and would receive radio silence. it is only after multiple phone calls, letters, and emails that I got a response.

in one instance, the SEC took 11 months to inform me that their whistleblower portal is incapable of handling multi-part zip files. (they previously told me to submit large tips in multi-part submissions and I asked them to confirm that they could open these files - they never responded until 11 months later). It is this type of behavior that will discourage whistleblowers of the future.

on top of that, Mr. Vincente Martinez of the SEC, a week before leaving the SEC, contact me to tell me that a number of my whistleblower tips had been corrupted on SEC computers - and there was no backup.

to me, it felt like they really did not value whistleblower tips and have such a large ego that any fraud they pursue they want to find themselves and give themselves the credit.

in terms of public, non-government support, that an everyday non-techie could use, i would say more attention by media and more willingness for media to take a tip and investigate it themselves. many times the tipster does not want to talk with media or field questions for fear of having their identity revealed. but unfortunately, as it is not, most journalists and reporters will not publish a story based on an anonymous tip no do they seem inclined to investigate it themselves.

at the same time I would like to see more recognition of whistleblowers by everyday people and some rage about how many whistleblowers are treated wrongly. even though the SEC states that it's program has awarded over $111 million, the fact still stands that you are more likely to win some lotteries than get a Whistleblower award.

it is not sound policy and once attorneys and whistleblowers know about the SEC's incompetence the only thing that will encourage them to come forward is a helpful, supportive, and understanding public.

above all else, whistleblowers should never be forced to sacrifice themselves to the point were they are living in borderline poverty. in many cases whistleblowing can be a full time job and its stresses financially, physically, and emotionally are enormous and not readily recognized by the public.

Why would they. SEC is just a tool to fool the goy into believing that their a system in place to "protect", "safeguard" the system from corruption. I would bet money a lot of these scams are paying people in the SEC to look the other way.

user keep yourself safe. Because if you make to much of a ruckus you might become suicidal with blunt force trauma to the back of the head while your hands where retrained behind you.

as you wish…

1.) within two weeks, the SEC will post the full 2016 FOIA request logs here: assuming some of my foia requests are not redacted from the release you will get some insight into my claims.

2.) postal shipment EA015163946CN is a shipment to the SEC containing a 1TB hard drive of organized data in cross border investment scams, tax evasion, ponzi schemes, etc. It was delivered to an H Green at the SEC.

3.) Attached is an email from Vincent Martinez, a former SEC employee.

4.) I can provide more as necessary.

thank you. for better or worse the ball is already rolling south.

Archive of this post so far

Why didn't wikileaks take your information? Also are there any political ties to your information, that could be especially useful as the Trump admin kicks out the old regime.

Be careful at the train station, if financial whistleblowers aren't jumping off buildings, they're commonly found being "pushed" into an incoming train.

I have contacted many lawyers, a few who have represented me on a part time limited scope basis. Now I am on my own.

A lot of lawyers dont want to touch it because 1.) I tried to play ball with the SEC and burned many bridges there in my frustration 2.) there is so much fraud that is is nearly impossible to ensure that the attorney has no conflicts with other clients - at least for the big firms in my area and small guys won't do contingency. 3.) because it deals with international matters it also scares some law firms off.

I do have a few tricks up my sleeve insurance: insurance files, records, and collaborators, but you are 100% correct it is not a good battle and I am here because events in the coming months may limit my ability to continue my work.

for better or worse i believe it is past the point of no return, but that doesn't mean whistleblowers can not learn from my position get some tips on how the system works, protect themselves, and if they desire continue some of what I started.

there are a variety of options and noble lies that could be utilized, thing is, people need to be willing to put in their own independant analysis otherwise they will just realize its my tips, exhibits, and writing submitted under a different name.

Could you not just create a digest and send it to them in full, so they stop whining about being overworked?

No response from wikileaks despite repeated contacts. provided public key, otr chat, and was regularly on their chat page - no response.

Submitted information on their submissions portal a number of times - uncertain if they are analyzing it.

There is a sliver of information related to this:

(FYI - Anthony Rodham's other regional center is gonna get terminated too.)

already did this. uncertain if they are utilizing the information or just ignoring it.

i would not be surprised if they are wrongfully claiming all of my information is "privileged" and then just deleting it from SEC records despite the fact that I (and my former lawyer) provided them detailed information about how the information was uncovered.

Whoops, didn't meant to post that, meant to clear that before reading

I think a way around this would be to use redaction in visible crowdsourced material so any specific individuals or companies wouldn't be public before submission. It would be a fair bit of work unless you had a good database of names and companies to black out your side so nothing snuck through before it should.

Then again, could always just make it all public and have individuals cut off after a certain number of submissions. If it's public they can't just wave their hands around at the SEC and pretend it does not exist. Getting a lawyer to consult is not a bad idea.

This is grey area ethical, but could you feed the information to their competitors whoever they may be, and let them use it as they wish?

likely too much work at the moment, hate to say that though. i should say that it is more of a stream of information in that I am "sourced" documents on a regular basis in raw form and manually go through this information, sometimes translating, in order to discover the fraud. not as hard as it sounds because this industry is rampant in fraud.

to create a redaction as you describe would likely require me to cease the analysis of new information…. something that I will have to weigh the pros and cons to.

it is likely gonna go public as soon as I am in a safe location OR when I believe that there is no escaping imminent danger. if I'm killed there is a paper-trail and insurance files that will be released.

That sounds like an exceptionally good way to lose one's footing in the shower while cleaning your gun.

probably not my style… although I am exploring feeding it to state attorney generals under a different name and requesting they forwarded it to the SEC.

Ceasing that priority shouldn't be option one. I think you need to find a lawyer to consult on these matters. They may mostly be Jewish but they aren't all kikes. If all else fails, could just create a twitter feed of this material.

Add some archive links with some spicie hashtags related to the material. Always including #SEC, obviously.

gonna post this here, there have been a lot of questions and I will try to answer more. i am not opposed to giving out more information because I believe a partial disclosure of my identity is imminent.

if you want to help, are interested in this story, or want to keep taps on whether I am killed or not.

1.) The SEC has authorization to release a limited number of documents that would be normally protected via the PA. Whether or not they honor that is another thing.

2.) There should be enough data to file FOIA requests getting a little bit of data at a time and then digging further based off the response. Even if you don't get a response it will let the SEC know people are watching.

3.) The SEC Whistleblower office isn't the only office that I have submitted info to, all of the emails available here

4.) More to come.

If you do file these requests you may want to focus on the keyword "regional center" or "regional centers".

This is pretty sufficient given your claims, but why come here and how did you hear about it…?

Cryptome will publish anything they get sent.

lawyers shy away, too complicated, I have shown that I'm not really willing to compromise and have too heavily criticized the SEC staff and its impossible to track down potential conflicts of interest.

some people know my identity already, but creating a twitter feed, even if anonymous, would likely reduce the ongoing stream of information to just a trickle as companies proactively shore up their practices.

Ideally I want maximum impact and I do not think a twitter feed is gonna do it. this is last resort.

and when I say shore up their practices they probably will just switch the tactics they use for fraud rather than actually being held accountable.

forgive me, but to people actually check cryptome?

It's nowhere near as popular as wikileaks but people do read it.

It's not that complicated, it just takes time to get a good public defender. Always depends where you live too. Depending on state law and how spirited they are.

Right now it is just too easy to label me as a crazy outsider and ignore my fraud concerns. This significantly diminishing with numbers.

1.) I may not always be around, and although there are insurance policies that will dump most of the information, it is strategically helpful for me to create some sort of paper trail at the moment.

2.) I want to help other whistleblowers and inform them of the system.

3.) People should know how corrupt our financial system is.

4.) Anons can use this information if they want to dig into more fraud.

I really hope you will do this because even a little pressure from a group, rather than me acting as an individual would be helpful.

This is beyond the realm of what could be possible already. There is no such thing as crazy at this point, except MSM.


i see so i gather this is investment visa related fraud. most likely some fake shell companies being set up to qualify for the investment visas, some govt fatcat firm then facilitates the "investments" from chinese et al, takes a slice off the top, and boom here's your visa. no surprise really.

if i'm getting the gist correctly (?) i can see why the monetary amount is somewhat hard to nail down. perhaps the trump admin would be more interested in this based on their anti-immigration/corruption stance?

I've been trying to get our small retarded brother in on this
Spread this shit.
Thanks OP

public defenders are only for criminal cases, I have not been publicly charged with anything.

not sure i follow

trump's (branded) towers are partially funded by some of this fraud - although nothing I have gone through directly relates to his branded projects.

Yes, you got it. I do not mean to hide anything here but am currently not in a position to post supporting docs.

I will substantiate this latter but invest wise it includes standard ponzi schemes, insanely false statements, illegal marketing tactics, and generally abusive brokering of "investments".

What differentiates this from typical fraud is the cross border nature and culture in the industry where people regularly discuss:

1.) How to forge tax documents.
2.) How to circumvent capital controls.
3.) Which banks are willing to look the other way on suspicious international transfers.
4.) Instances of document (including passport and birth certificate forgery) to meet source of funds requirements, open phony bank accounts, or sponsor the immigration of an individual who is not family by faking identification documents.
5.) How to avoid US taxes through offshore bank accounts, shell companies, etc.

While reporting these items I found how complacent and incompetent the SEC was.

Attached is a screenshot of an SEC computer screen listing a portion of Whistleblower tip numbers that were corrupted and spoiled on SEC computers.

please try to spread and get anybody you know to look into this.

EVEN if I dump everything they can still just brand me as a insane person my credibility is ruined and nothing changes.

here are some example off hand (warning raw data ahead):

Pertaining to the $100+ million dollar fraud in Seattle, marketed by Path America and a number of companies affiliated to Lobsang Dargey… well… they posted incriminating evidence here: (used to be a lot more, entirely made up and false marketing materials as well as promises of zero cost site visits - the same visits paid for by stealing investor funds).

I submitted this information to the SEC in relation to their litigation, a few weeks before the public announcement here Despite emails, letters, and phone calls as well as some internal observations the SEC has chosen to ignore the info for no clear reason.

I will post more if this thread becomes active again.

Food for thought. sorry if I'm not clear guys, im really not a sociable person and usually talk to myself. not joking

@, this may shed some light.


posting all the older stuff i have one me.

not asking for personal detective… spreading info to those who may use it on their own accord.

If we get a cut we can commission a statue of Pepe

Nice direct link to a paywall, faggot.

The SEC is an interesting position to have your hand in. Effectively, "who watches the watchmen" is the problem you encountered, and it seems that "no one" is the response so far.

Is there a way to contact the Trump administration that is coming and discuss with them these options too? They would be interested in hearing them (as they are trying to clean up corruption). Is there a way to connect to foreign governments to provide assistance/an outlet to show the SEC is doing this? Acting as Snowden may work in this situation (though it would be ugly for a time).

This is a fascinating issue you got OP.


Fascinating, have a bump.

Bump for interest

Wtf you're in China?

We have a clue given how corrupt just about everything else is. You are doing god's work user.

was previously, relocated because a China-U.S. Joint Liaison Group on Law Enforcement Cooperation meeting in occurring next week. for those who do not know, there are were extraditions are discussed.

i will hide hide the ball on this, i would encourage other anons to use this information, investigate and submit tips - you could end up splitting very large rewards.

at this point, i dont even care if i get the money, i am just looking for accountability.

if you anons are motivated by purpose of money - try helping out. FOIA / PA requests are a decent way, as well as digging into the links provided in the documents i'm gonna post shortly.

1 of 3

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3 of 3

WikiLeaks is compromised. Assange is dead and WikiLeaks is currently being run by the CIA with the main objective being to identify and kill whistleblowers submitting documents to the compromised WikiLeaks.

If you really want to get your information out there I can help, but you're going to have to send me a physical hard drive with the data on it.

Did the Swedish police interview a corpse yesterday then?

The Swedish police relayed questions to Ecuadorian lawyers which were then relayed to "Assange". There is zero proof he was interviewed

The fact that the hashes don't match the new insurance files, as they have for every insurance file ever released by WikiLeaks in the past means the insurance files released the other day were tampered with. Assange is no longer in control of WikiLeaks. He's at a CIA black site being tortured or is already dead.

why a hdd, that has a number of op sec issues?

not saying you are not acting in good faith, if you are willing to help i want to explore that.

The volume of data, OP mentioned he has a TB worth.

no proof either way. however, i would bet good money on WL being compromised - perhaps for longer than we think.

not to de-rail this thread but try contacting wikileaks on its onion chat, or submit information to wl with secure contact reply information, you will not get a response. there is an entire list of wikileaks staff - you will not get a response from them either.

it has been this way for months, go ahead, try contacting them on their onion chat - you will get nothing.

The SEC and CFTC are fucking jokes when it comes to whistleblowing. I'm the one that blew the whistle on CMEGroup's FIX/FAST protocol being completely insecure. They didn't give a shit.

For that matter neither did the FBI. I still wonder how many hundreds of millions of dollars were laundered through the trading of commodities futures on all those hosted exchanges… particularly Dubai BOT. Then there is the whole thing with ICE and NYBOT (pro-tip: if you wonder why each generation of children are being more and more indoctrinated into Communism you need look no further than the history of S&P Global).

Bump for interest and visibility.
All this seem to really need a team.
One or more people fetching and ordering data,
Others to create the broader picture so that the general public understand what's going on.

Seems OP needs the latter.

That said, what could be done to prevent/limit this? Beside creating laws, or manually purging culprits?

maybe a stupid idea, but perhaps you could somehow get what you have directly to Trump?
Might be more effective than waiting for some SEC spic to do his job.

The SEC's budget has been slashed to the point to where its ineffective and impractical to get anything done.

That's the kind of stuff the guys at Zero Hedge would be very interested in. Get in touch with them. They have a much larger audience than this board.

I have to agree with this gentleman
zerohedge seems like they would be all over something like this.

Don't even think about it OP

Whoever Cryptome is, they tweeted Assange escaped that Friday of DDOS, day before Gavin died. Then they deleted the tweet.

Eat a dick shill. That said, summarizing all the stuff OP dug up into a single article could be tricky. He should start a wordpress or something with all relevant information and send it to zerohedge as a source to link to. A zero hedge article about a vague "whisteblower suppression" without specifics or evidence is not going to be taken seriously and will play directly into their hands. It is worth a shot to inform government watchdog organizations also, it will help signal boost, and since OP actually did his homework it can still gain traction without the SEC.

Cryptome is sketch as fuck. Do some research in to John Young and his partner. They have engaged in all manner of questionable behavior. Here's a mirror of a Radar online article about Young. It's worth taking the time to read the whole thing to get a feel for the guy's behavior. It comes off as rather kikeish in my opinion.

Also, bump for OP's thread. It's cliche but I'd suggest trying to contact someone like Rowdy Gowdy about this, or other prominent members of Congress. We would need to reach out to them with the OP's information somehow and get them to take a look. Still no guarantee they'll pick it up though.

Cryptome is interesting and has been around a lot longer than Wikileaks. John Young himself says when interviewed, not to trust him. So there's that

Thanks guys. Very interesting. I subscribe to their Twitter. Weird stuff. I'm a latent whistleblower personality myself. Just don't have much to say that anyone would care about. Maybe it's latent anger like Young talked about.

They have definitely been around for a while. The site makes for interesting reading but to be honest there's rarely anything of immense value on there. I don't feel like in its whole history Cryptome has had the same impact as Wikileaks. The Podesta e-mails by themselves are one of the biggest insider bombshells over the past decade or two in my opinion and I've never seen something of that caliber out of Cryptome, even though they apparently publish everything they receive. The biggest hang-up I have though, other than Young looking like a kike himself, is Natsios' connections to the CIA. That and apparently people have bought USB thumbdrive archives from Cryptome and they included full server access logs, including IP addresses.

I still haven't figured out if the tweets a month ago was Young trying to betray a real plan by Assange / Ecuador to get him out of the EC embassy, or if he was spreading intentional disinfo to send people down the wrong path, or if he just has no idea and is doing it for clicks. The relationship he's had with respect to Wikileaks is very tumultuous, perhaps intentionally so, and I find it difficult to tell if Young is an ally or an enemy of theirs at this point.

Is nobody going to check these hitler dubs into hitler trips?

checked your check

I know about 2 tweets suggesting Assange escaped from cryptome
Oct 20
Oct 22

Yours one is the third.

But based on fact that Swedish Prosecutor Ingrid Isgren questioned him on Oct 14th, Prosecutors concluded a two-day interview. She posed questions through an Ecuadorian counsel Carlos Poveda Moreno; police inspector Cecilia Redell and Assanges lawyer Jennifer Robinson were also present. And we have picture of Assange and Poveda.
I dont think all those people would be willing to lie that they talked to him for two days.
Ffs even Pamela anderson visited him on 13th.