Donald Trump went to dinner guys. How are we ever going to recover from this?

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pick one


stupid yid. making this out to be some huge scandal with her "this is very important, you don't go anywhere without the media knowing"


Don't care, tbh. Webm or fuck off.

Webm or get the fuck out, no shekels for you.

You cared enough to post about it :)

I love how she's trying to act like these are Secret Service agents with notepads, fuck these Yids lmao


This reminds me earlier seeing a headline that Bernie accused Trump of breaking campaign promises. The thing is, Trump isn't even sworn in.
How can he break his promises when he hasn't even taken office? Somebody needs to explain this, because all the shills are jumpy lately.

It's time to stop.

Hahahahahhahaa, this sorry slag doesn't get it.

You don't make the rules anymore.

He's being a progressive and breaking with tradition, since when is this little dyke an Evolafag?

Check em

Sorry. I'm a fag and still learning how to squeeze webm to microscopic sizes. Anyone got a reference for that stuff btw?




Wasn't this a Simpsons episode? Or something close? The one where Homer gets called a molester and the media follows his every action.

These assholes better get used to it. They dont deserve better treatment after all the shit theyve pulled.


It will sound stupid, but upload the video to either vimeo or spankbang and then redownload it. The file size gets way smaller because of how those websites encode video.

Yeah, because the press totally are looking out for Trump's best interests, no way they would want him to die or anything.



-use xmedia recode
-use webm encoding as it has marginally better compression than mp4
-cut the fat from the webm by
-slimming the audio bitrate until its noticable
-cutting the video bitrate to taste

webm for retards used to be good about automaticlly getting the files under the specified size, but an update years ago cut that shit out, and i dont remember what version had that feature (this is one of the many reasons i desipes autoupdates and nagware)

I knew the butthurt would be enormous after Trump won but even I didn't think it would be this satisfying.

when I thought I couldnt like this guy more he goes and does something like this.

Trump is smart for leaving the press in the dark. These people want him dead.


How can it be protective if a would-be assassin could spot where the president is by following the trail of shit journalists leave behind in their wake?


Yeah, good luck with making that one stick after the past few months.



The dyke sounds like a battle axe wife bitching about her husband. That's the closest that thing will ever get to being marriage.

fuck is this dyke ugly and annoying


I'm waiting to get tired of it but the left won't let me

Rach, you ignorant tranny slut. He hasn't been a "private person" for decades now. Just come out and say what you really mean: "We want to catch him doing something evil and the absolute madman won't let us!"


Hey, Rach! I think he might have had a big ogre shit without letting you know, as well!

Remember those times when Obama would duck out of the white house, go to one of the cafes near the White house, and got take out?



Silly jews, Bush wasn't swimming on 9/11, he was orchestrating the attack.

It's incredible so see how self-important these faggots are.

She makes it sound like he snuck away from the Secret Service. Are they seriously so butthurt about not being invited to a steak dinner that they try to make it seem like he's acting recklessly?


I like how she mentioned there was no law at the very end, after the fake outrage would have subsided in liberals.


He is going to keep ditching these losers. He doesnt need the media, he can take his message straight to the people. Now they are whining and crying that they can be apart of the club.
They really expected there to be no repercussions after spending day and night twisting words and stories to try to sink him. The bad news is on them, this is just the beginning.


The only people that matter are the Secret Service. The media can go fuck themselves.

>It's not illegal but it is tradition


This is a pretty big red pill for me TBH and it shows their desperation needing to drop it. Did you guys all know about this "protective pool" that apparently gets to tag along with the president with no exceptions because of "muh tradition". Seriously, I consider myself fairly well educated on American politics but this mindblowing fact was somehow a dark spot for me.

She reminds me of an obnoxious highschool girl. If she got some dick, she'd probably feel like a real woman

"Protective" press pool? I don't get it, how is it protective.

And they will of course say it's for "your protection goy" because of "muh fourth estate" which we all know is not even a matter of debate at this point with domestic propaganda being legalized within the past 3 years and the entire media shilling for #her #pizza #treason #whitegenocide #femininepenis #etc. It's all so fucking tiresome. I hope trump tells them slavery was a tradition too until it was ended and then tells the SS to implement a restraining order and shoot on site if unpermitted media members approach within a 30 ft distance.

LOL at the expression on that dykes face, she looks like she's on the verge of tears and begging for her job

webm nigga

Jews are mad because they missed an assassination opportunity…

Because they have his best interests in mind…

Are all former Rhodes Scholars unmitigated cunts?

And diddlers

They are incredibly adept at making me hate them more and more. Remember, Trump is going to be criticized for EVERYTHING. The media needs to be ignored. Just don't look.


based james woods

There is nothing remotely appropriate about the way she is conducting herself. This isn't an unbiased media report, it's a fucking satirical news show like John Kikewitz or that English current year cunt.

Holy crap this woman actually thinks this is big news.

lol the butthurt is astronomical

it can't

I could listen to this guy verbally shitpost all day

What film?

Basically it's one of these "hidden rules" like in baseball where you SHOULDNT steal when your team is up by 11 runs in a ball game…. Except the fact that the media has treated you like shit for the past 16 months and now they expect some respect? Lmao.


Why the fuck would he need to inform the press for his own protection? Are the reporters going to take a bullet for him if shit hits the fan?

Does she fuck dogs?!


How do you even do that effect? At this point I'm curious.

Please God let Trump revoke CNN and MSNBC's press access.

didn't you know that the fourth estate is a bastion of free speech and the only hope of the citizen to maintain a vigilant watch over politicians?

Because I shit you not, that's why they call it that. It's to protect US from the president doing shady things. The press as it stands it such an insult to the public, in actual fact, that it needs to be put on a decomissioned cruise ship and pushed into the sunset. The press is dead and we have killed them.

If dubs, it may happen
If trips,


Then we're done here. Next question dyke.

Presidents lie to their presstitute retinue all the time, this is just them being scared that Trump isn't going to run his administration for their benefit.

This is the (((News))) now.

Kek wills it!!!

I don't know, but I guess I'll never find out if she fucks dogs.

It's called content aware scale

Pretty Persuasion


The Clintons were Rhodes Scholars, so yes.

What a fucking cunt

yesssssssss do ittttttttttttt

kek is not needed for this one, should be a no brainer

lol at desperate cunt maddow. 8 years of BTFO these (((morons))), just getting started



Holy shit that
banner. These people are hysterical.

Bush was in a primary school. He was reading a book to kids. What the fuck is he talking about?

Could these kikes get any more desperate?



This must be the new hard-hitting, end-of-politeness era of progressive news programming. Trump is done for now!

Actually, I just remember how all White House food is sourced from secure, secret suppliers. I guess that might make the SS worried, but of course, they work for their charges, not the other way around, so they just have to deal as best they can.


This. Just to drive them up the wall. She shot herself in the foot too by claiming it was not against the law. This will make people like Trump more and hate the media more. Maddow looked like a butthurt cunt.

Barry used to sneak away for fast food and take out. I'm sure the SS has guys in the kitchen whenever that happens- tough to poison the president with a guy in a suit watching you over your shoulder.

I'm glad Trump is already cucking the shit out of these faggots.
Their inability to understand their new, lowered position is laughable, but expected.
I trust the Don to serve out justice in the most humiliating manner possible.


It must be hard to hear that your self-importance is unwarranted.


He should just deny them access if they suck. Stream stuff directly over the Internet for free.

Oh yes it was. In my weaker moments, I almost feel sorry for what we did to them.


I think he means after the attack he was put on AF1 and kept in the air for safety.

user they've always known meme magic.

But truth is always the best meme.
And memes are naturally selected :^)

Sounds good, just have some intern or something stream whatever happening is happening while it is happening.


I can't handle all this smug

Pretty much this, plus it is more like a tradition that started with the avent of 24/24 news channels. There is no requirement by law.

Trump has lobbyists and neocons on his transition team, promise broken to drain swamp.

Trump has Pence remove lobbyists and neocons from transition team in STALINIST-like move of power.

Trump ditches press and ruins cherished American tradition of taking press to dinner.

I have had to perform ZERO redpilling since election on anyone around me thanks to the media going to full lugenpresse.

He was talking shit user.

haha, do you think you're convincing kike? You're not even close. Your emotional IQ is WAY too low

James Fucking Woods

So what is the literal translation of "Nazi," anyway?

Is the Applied Memetics bot glitching again?

One thing I've noticed since the election from my fellow employees at work is that the centrists are seeing through the media lies and warming up to Trump and at least want to give him an opportunity to prove himself, whereas the far leftists have double-downed in their insanity and are staying in their echo chambers. As for the far-right, well our quiet smiles have grown more smug.

I really can't believe they're still taking his bait over a year later.
-America first
-neurotic journalists
-these 14 generals and 88 vets are endorsing me, let's tour my hotel for 90 minutes. By the way, ObamawasbornintheUSokaybye
-international bankers and the media are destroying this country

More like cesspool, amirite?




Rachel Maddow should do a piece where she goes to Comet Ping Pong and interviews James Elephantiasis about why he could have been named as one of the most powerful people in Washington and goes on a tour through every hidden bathroom and then make fun of the Alt-Right boogeyman for devoting such a great effort to trying to get dirt on a hipster local business run by a successful gay man. Except she won't because it's all real and it's been going on for a long time right underneath their noses all through their city while they report on trivial nonsense while pretending to have journalistic integrity/intellectual capacity. Rachel Maddow has always been a golem, a soulless enabler of the worst kind of evil. She could redeem herself entirely with one easy little interview and tour of a pizza restaurant. But she knows some stories aren't allowed. Because she isn't a journalist, she's a propagandist working in the PR department of the money trust.

JMO GUYS this story is actually kind of important not for why she says tho

I'm not even american and I can't stop grinning like a dumb smug faggot right now holy shit

100% this.
Centrists buddies text me after election:

Leftist Can't give up on family

A family member sent me a site link to bullshit instead of rationally communicating with me about a president elect's policies.

These people figuratively have their fingers in their ears yelling, LA LA LA LA TRUMP IS STILL HITLER while reality happens all around them.

They completely forgot how to argue due to the bubbles they have self imposed on themselves AND been placed in by modern social media technology.

Snark. It's not an argument.
Picture related

Rachel you dumb bitch, Clinton and Obama dumped the press all the time.

I dunno man you gotta admit that snake looks pretty fucking cute.

Cheney was in the bunker, Bush was at a school.



Just imagine for a sec how it's gonna be on Inauguration Day. Gonna be mass libtard suicide day–I hope!

James Woods has like 170 IQ or something.

He should go into politics or something.

As an aside, where was this spooky pic taken? I like it. And reverse image search isn't helpful.

Bush could barely eat pretzels without choking to death, he wasn't orchestrating anything, he was an idiot princeling put on the throne and controlled by neocohen advisors.

Unfortunately James Woods is a militant supporter of Israel as America's greatest ally

He's a great shitlord, but blames only muslims for current problems.

I don't know for sure I saved it from some spooky abandoned places thread and I think the person said somewhere in eastern europe possibly Romania or Ukraine. I'd like to know too, they said they didn't go in because bears are a risk wherever it was.

My understanding is that nazi was a slav term for a boorish thug, but the term existed before the NS. Guess what else has that word in it that's been around longer? Ashkenazi. Coincidence?

As if the press would still be alive to see Trump's second, third and fourth term.

Hahahaha, what the fuck is wrong with Americans, topfuckingkek
They literally invented this today



This is great user thanks for webm, fuckin' saved

If I were Trump I would consider the press a security risk, given the shit they've been running.

That's what I don't fucking get. They seem to think it's be safer for everyone to know where he is 24/7, when just like how obama likes to announce our military plans for no fucking reason, the obvious common sense is that if nobody knows where you are how can they kill you.

It's fucking baffling until you realize it's only a false premise to just keep tabs on the racist misogynistic bad goy.

It's also bullshit considering Obama snuck off for smoke breaks all the time. Of course the press always covers for filthy globalist democrats.

Look into his first run for Texas rep, he wasn't always a chuckling jester. Either he had a stroke between that and the presidency or he updated his strategy.

It's hilarious how they have absolutely no leverage left. They could publish literally anything about him and it won't matter.


Yup, still haven't learned a damn thing. They don't seem to understand they work for the audience and even the lefty audience doesn't give a shit if Carole's cat was the cutest at the dinner party or if trump was extra rude this week. They look like petty, insular, elitist irrelevant, airheads, afraid of doing any reporting that requires more than firing up Twitter or reviewing a restaurant.

Here's the /a/ guide.

Cute enough to brainwash you into denying reality for another ten minutes at most. This is why they need cute animal pictures, food, drugs, freemium games and coloring books on a constant basis like an IV drip lest the creeping depression of the reality they are charging toward and living in overwhelm them.


I think he had a trump like strategy to get folks to underestimate him before he would strike when their back was turned. Either that or the cocaine and alcohol finally ate his brain away and he had everyone in the CIA covering for him to be their best patsy ever.

I think you mean whom.

He could rape Maddow on air and nobody would believe it at this point. Being a hyperbolic liar tends to hurt your credibility.

But why are the pickles on top?!

Probably so people who dont like it can throw it away.

I have dreams about Trump making a nintendo-direct sort of thing where he talks directly to the people and the lying press dies.

Then what the literal fuck are you going on about you angry twat. Is there nothing else worth talking about?

Listen, I am not a technical wizard, but that man's genuine desire for that fucking sandwich is the tip top reaction image for the year.

Can someone make it so we can place other images behind his excited visage, Like each image be Trump electoral votes in Florida, Indiana and Ohio on images of the states.

That nigger just cums in his pants when he sees those pickles on top of that bun.

It's incredible.

Does that man's face look like he is going to toss those pickles user?

Since when do leftists care about tradition? You can smell the cognitive dissonance on this male woman through the video.

Holy shit she's so fucking mad and flustered, this is hilarious. I always assumed POTUS travel was a generally secretive matter, certainly not something you keep the press perpetually informed on.

This is great. Not only is he ditching them, he's also feeding them false intel so they really have no idea what to expect.

Top Kek

No one gives a shit about the (((media))) anymore. Trump's way of saying fuck you to them. Good on him.

This image has not been doctored.

Trump going out to dinner last night was BREAKING NEWS on CNN

That's why we need to put red pills on pictures of cure animals.

there was a megathread on that a couple weeks ago.

lugenpresse are you ready for the noose? ?? ??


I want James Woods to be the next president.

And people thought dimension jumping wasn't real.

he's gotta be redpilled on jews. you don't get politically blacklisted in hollywood for simply being a cuckservative neocohen.

Wasn't that just an old interview posted recently?


Literally no one cares and this story only makes more people hate the media.

pick one




>all those girls who want the D even the one guy

Even those two guys, im not sure if the second from the right is in drag or just a ugly kike

His approval rating would go trough the roof


Sorry, the media is not privy to the President's schedule and whereabouts precisely for national security reasons. The media is not the Secret Service.

I doubt even radical feminists hate real rape. What they hate is their definition of rape, basically cucks and betas breathing air.

did you just call Trump gay?

Rape is not about the sex :^)


But all sex is rape.



If I'm remembering correctly his decline in eloquence was due to his alcoholism.

This is fucking gigantically rich coming from a person who belongs to a group that has never ever reported on what's going with the secret lives of other presidents and politicians, e.g. GWB's connection to Skull & Bones, (((world leaders'))) affairs with the Bilderberg meetings, Bohemian Grove, blood libel etc.

Seriously, in kike doublespeak, telling them "for your protection" really means "open up for the assassinations, goyim." They are afraid of people on here for the same reason–we can't be controlled.

post more smug chef pix

after this i start charging

totally worked for Princess Diana

Trump wanted to fuck her so badly. Wtf.

Quick, I have to alert the media that i'm taking a shit and cleaning my ass with toilet paper, the media must know!

I just realized just how Jewish Fiddler is.
And I was in a production of it at a Catholic high school.

It's probably just an abandoned root cellar. People in Eastern Europe still store their food for winter, so you see lots of those around.

Some dude needs to bang Maddow back to sanity. Make Rachel woman again.

I've finally figured out what it is about her dumb kike face that annoys me so much aside from her snarky condescending expressions.
The bitch's face isn't symmetrical. The left side of her face seems like it protrudes further out than her right. It's really fucking annoying to look at.

Also, fuck these people. They deserve nothing.

Holla Forums press passes when

They be the only ones not called lugenpresse, actually Trump should hopefully purge most of the (((media)))

I love that fucking guy, my favorite chef too

Asymmetrical faces, specifically the cheekbones and orbital floors, are very common in (((them))).

I made an even better one

Theory: The reason some people have lesser symmetric faces is because they sleep sideways.


This is derailbait


ok i dunno why its doing that

It's cool man, looks good

naw nigga, i always just say the first thing that comes on my mind when browsing Holla Forums.

usually people don't mind.

Also if I were to guess, it's because as the gif cycles through the images it is just stacking the images. If you see it starts as one then it just keeps stacking up like a deck of cards. I'm sure you know how layers work, and the problem is that at each frame it isn't erasing/making invisible the previous frames and it ends up a big stack.

Yea im being a faggot but most people sleep sideways

Funniest part is that even if he did that, he can just claim Slick Willy set precedent of doing it first :^)

If it's not on topic and it's not something anybody would reply to a thread about, it doesn't belong on Holla Forums.

I cant wait til he announces press conferences and directs the msm to the wrong location and then meets with only independent sources and when the msm is sitting there wondering where he is press secretary Steve Miller comes out and gives them a long winded cocktease before telling them they are at the wrong place.

This needs to happen.

Underrated comment.

Henceforth and not withstanding all media cunts shall STFU and deal with it, whatever it is.

All media from here on out should be considered in the same light as any 3 card monte dealer rattling on in the street. All facts presented by them should be considered tainted and put forth for the sole purpose of manipulation.



Wow, look at what Adolf is wearing. Could he have been a nazi?!


flashgot plugin can rip most youtube vids directly to WEBM then it's just a preference of downscale or more compression.

Hold up.

If you look closely, you can see Adolf has a toothbrush mustache. These mustaches were popular among those who had to wear gas masks. WW1 had lots of chemical warfare. Is there a connection here?

1. get youtube-dl
2. get ffmpeg
3. type 'youtube-dl [youtube URL address]'
4. take file and do some math:

Max file size = 12 * 8192
Length of video * 64 per second of audio = X * 64 = 64X

12*8192 - 64X = Amount left for video information

Amount left for video info / length of video in seconds = video kbps

I'm sorry user…. watch the video, the kids are reading to him, that was the wrong timeline

I don't understand. Why would he want to alert them for the dinner? Media are arseholes to him so I don't see the point for being kind to Media.

t. Aussie.





I like medium rare cooked streak. It is so juicy and tasty.

Reported for intl

I am not from Intl, you dense idiot.

Only intl likes uncooked steaks

I said medium rare cooked steak, not raw streak, you fuckin' bogan.

Next you're going to tell me drop bears don't exist, intl

Ouch, that's what happened when you didn't wear the Vegemite behind your ears. I have no pity for you, boogan.

Only fucking niggers eat their steak well done. If you eat your steak well done you are an uncivilized heretic and should be deported to Africa where you can be amongst your own unevolved monkey subhuman kind.


Reported for intl

Next you're going to say sweet potatoes aren't the best potato

Go back to Holla Forums with this shit D&C. This is Holla Forums. We have more important shit to discuss.

Hello newfag

Know how I know you're a nigger?

Fuck no.

Reported for intl

What a fucking retard, adding "muh conspiracy theories" only makes the CT-leaning normies suspicious of her allegiance, possibly even redpilling them on Trump - "If she lied about conspiracy theories, did she lie about Trump?"


Media are extremely salty. That is all I can say for.

Hello newfag. One BLM chimpout got 17 threads that hit 750 thanks to a bunch of retards arguing all night about what kind of potato and onions were the master race.

There was no argument as you cannot deny sweet potatoes and shallots are GOAT


It's retarded, the way she puts it : 'The press has to know where you are all the time'

So if the President was in his private bedroom having sex the media must be on hand to film it?

TOP KEK, that is exactly what i was gonna write before I decided against going down that path yet again.

Got anymore comfy Pepe pics/gifs? For the comfiest time in the comfiest Year in history? I already have the christmas house one.

They've done exactly the same with Brexit. It's all misinformation designed to get the public to regret voting him in and either be comfortable with their attempts to overturn the result, or in Trump's case failing that, vote him out next term.




Hahahahahahahaha, "the press" still thinks they are relevant.

It really isn't.

Hahaha, that's funny. This is why we need population control.

They cannot help themselves to be gabbling retards because the proper logic do not exist in their malfunctioning skulls.

Throwing that $35 in a bonfire would be a better use of the money, at least it could potentially attract a Jew to the fire.

Pleb. Rare is for poorfags who can only afford round steak.




You cook high fat steaks (all high end steaks). Only retard poorfags who don't know what they are doing eat that rare.

user you can make america great again but you can not make a woman out of a man.

Hey hey buddy there. You are totally wrong, everyone decide what they want to eat. I like juicy streaks. There is nothing wrong with the streaks because after all it's where we got to evolve if it wasn't streak then we would never had a computer today.

Boy they sure are full of themselves and realizing how irrelevant they are now. This feels like it belongs on the Daily Show.

Bitch looks like a giraffe with that neck

I know that you're wrong.


MSM, realize that you've been kicked out of the party, and you and your brown friends aren't coming back in…

What the fuck did she mean by this


matoomba is that you?

Why does that look like pineapple pizza?

This is an excellent meme.

It's like they want us to hate them.

I'm not buying it

Disgusting things tend to look similar


wtf I'm a #JebHead now


user pls I can only laugh so much



you never realized that everyone in it is a kike?

Tradition? Only because WH was occupied by a social media whore nigger during last 8 years.

Liberals care about nothing except themselves. They only pretend to care about anything else if it can be used as a sledge hammer to attack their enemy, Western Civilization, and its manifestation, the White male. This accounts for 100% of Liberal behavior, this predicts 100% of Liberal behavior before they act, and there is no other theory which comes close to such power.

*red ruby master race**
yukon gold fags get gassed

Is english not your first language or have the hydatid cysts made it to your brain?

I'm a cook, I know damn well that overcooking your fucking AAA aged strip steak is gonna make most of that delicious fatty goodness leak away. You want it no more than medium rare so it stays juicy and keeps most of its flavor. It's even more important with high-end meat than with low-end cuts like rounds or chucks, which plebs who order them usually drench in sauce anyway.

It really is the only good use a thread with such a shit OP has.



Back to flipping burgers with you you fucking luddite

/r/ that one picture of the well done steak with bananas and Ketchup. You know the one.

Red Russet potato master race.

stop reminding me Jeb married the family basement goblin my sides just cant take it anymore

I usually eat mine medium rare

I'd image that on 20th these progressive (((snowbirds))) from Jew York and bean town will be going northbound instead of southbound from trying to escape the Emperor's rain of terror

We need to a side by side pic with Trump eating steak like a King and Guac man there eating his slob of green paste.

well at least you know how to embed a video so thats a plus.

obligatory ==LURK MOAR== for archiving and WebM-ing sheit.


Lurk more you fucking monkey


Has to be on a separate line by itself, new friend. Try lurking moar.

Nigger confirmed

It's a mockery of the NS and never used by them to describe themselves.

When I started watching "The Man In The High Tower" show I realized that the the NS were referring to themselves as "the Nazis".

I turned it off shortly after.



I'm far from having enough money to have my own restaurant. I guess sous chef would be more appropriate than cook, considering what I do, long gone are days of flipping burgers and deep frying chicken for niggers.

Enjoy your cancer.

Oi m8. Watch it. I will concede Yukon gold a very close second.

the audacity of these fucking media kikes. they treat the guy like shit for the past 16 months in the hope that he wouldn't get elected, and now that he's president-elect they want to pretend like nothing fucking happened and they can go on with getting their scoop and shekels. perhaps if they had treated the position of a journalist as an objective reporter instead of a biased blogger, they wouldn't be being treated like the latter.

you reap what you sow, you fucking cunts. i hope he keeps it up

I love those pics where you really cant tell if they got edited or not. Its like those pics of this chick I cant remember the name of


Her name is gondola

The rutabaga is a far superior vegetable.


Who is this guy and why is he so mad?

What retard made this.


Didn't gawker lose an empire over that

Obvious nigger food
Yams: Native to Africa and Asia
Sweet potato: either Central America or South America.

Shallots probably originated in Central or Southwest Asia, travelling from there to India and the eastern Mediterranean. The name "shallot" comes from Ashkelon, an ancient Canaanite city, where people in classical Greek times believed shallots originated.

Ashkelon, an ancient Canaanite city


So nigger potatos and jew onions…

aye begorrah its another potato famine.

Don't hate on my /comfy/ food.

Also because I never get a chance to post it.

Let's not fool anyone here dyke.

The fuck is this neet shit


I think even Maddow is getting semi redpilled by now.
She spent all those years developing public speaking skills to report on pepe the frog and trump going to eat dinner?

She obviously feels her higher ups are idiots

diced beef, sliced bananas slathered in ketchup
fucking hell america this isn't even burger food its just autistic

Trump lied about getting tired of winning. Bet you feel bad about voting for him now


Holla Forums pls go
and yes i know you're the same guy
i wouldn't be surprised if you're gonna claim Holla Forums should like a certain really really really common thing on your steak

Are you stupid ? She's a shill, she know exactly what she's doing.


It's well balanced patrician food.

I bet you eat pasta with walnut sauce.

These anti-well done steak faggots sound like liberals to me. So they like the taste of uncooked rubber. WELL GOOD FOR YOU you pretentious faggots. But some of us like the taste of mans triumph over nature. We harnessed fire and used it to make nature our bitch. But you primitive medium-rare cunts think we're the horrible ones here? No. you're all insane from mad cow disease, Meanwhile we've killed everything that could possibly fuck with us with the power we stole from the Gods. The power we acquired from Prometheus. So go ahead and eat your raw bullshit, all it means is you don't appreciate the power and majesty of propane.


Fuck, I thought that was a kid at first; holy shit.

No I eat medium rare steak marinated in diane jus, with hand cut fries in onion gravy with a side of salad drizzled in balsamic dressing
Im not a neet leaning from one drainfly infested noodle cup to the next

that picture isn't OC user
you'll probably get more bites anyway though

It's honestly the best a maddow thread deserves.

not to mention the fact that barely a week ago they hated all the things Trump proposed and now they lament the fact he isn't allegedly following up on them. even if they were honest all this does is make them look like petty little faggots.

Now I like the taste of char as much as any man, but mad cow can't actually be cooked out. It's more resilient than the connective proteins which hold the meat together.

what you actually wanna talk about Man-Mad-Now?
I kinda wanna see her dildo a V2

Sooooooo, does she fuck dogs?

You got to be a hue.

I hope your memeing, because if not youre being a massive fag.
meat that has not had the fat burned away is objectively better suited to how your body is supposed to function in the hunter gatherer sense

Nigger, it's been 9 hours. Why didn't you go watch the fucking movie if you're so curious?

Yes. But the order of her higher ups are getting too stupid and have sound of incompetence. Hard to believe she didn't cringe inside when reporting on Pepe the Frog

You could have at least gone all the way and put ketchup in your milk too. So low energy.

I'm sure she didin't cringe at all, she's convinced the anti gay bad goyim army is coming to put an end to all of her degeneracy and lies.

Just got done making some chocolate peanut butter lentils


yeah, 700 degrees or something mental it takes to kill it. Mad Cow disease freaks me out.

Your body runs on fat yes. Yours. Which is made of sugar, which you convert to fat when you have high blood sugar.

And when you eat fat, you break it down to glycogen. Then glucose. Just like if you had eaten carbs, only you have to deal with the glycolysis metabolites as well.

Hunter gatherers subsisted energetically from the GATHERING and got PROTEIN from the hunting.

tl;dr, you're a biologically illiterate retard trying to act smug.

Prions- not even once.

Is that the actual story behind it?


No bitch. No more challenge us to open duels so you can poison our food. We're ninjas now. You won't see your killers eyes this time. Death from above.

You're a stupid asshole.

My sides.


What are you even ranting about?
You're using meme arrows incorrectly.

They think they're entitled to it because the past three presidents let them tag along. Essentially, they're mistaking privilege for right.

Muh Tradition


Man I want to see these media kikes fry

So you are saying that the media has to check their privilege?

These are the same bastards that undermined western civilization's social norms and "traditions" lecturing us about tradition……
Right go tell obama that he should not have campaigned for Hillary…..
"jews they cry out in pain as they strike at you."

Fuck off you cunt, remember how you were IN HELL the morning after the election? You're irrelevent now, anyone else does your job but better with the internet.
Squirm in your irrelevancy before getting fired, and take your avatar-fagging autist with you when you disappear.




potato confirmed master race choice. side salad fags BTFO

i love rare steaks though, the rarer the manlier. Like a fucking lion.

Good god, Maddow is so butthurt, and all over the media too. Every time I see her now, she looks like she's just about to burst into tears.


and jews turned on him when he directed jesus christ superstar. which most would consider trivializing the gospel. but whenever jews are reminded of that little series of events that took place in palestine two millenia ago, they go apeshit.

Or the potato wars of summer 2016. Yukon golds for best potato.


Try medium rare you fucking plebs

You fucking dumbasses are destroying the flavor going well done. With medium and pink, you no longer need steak sauce.


God damn, I think I've spent too much time on the chans.

Why do drawn images of cartoon women going insane with lust arouse my passions more than all the world's lusty 3dpds glaring hornily at a camera?

You answered your own question:

What we expose ourselves to heavily influences us.

Yes indeedy.

I knew you were going to say that.

You have awoken to the truth behind truths, the primacy of 2D. Now erect your shrine and walk the path of waifus.

The first thing that popped into my head upon hearing that was 'protection racket'.

I don't get it. Why do you guys say that the flavor gets destroyed? Blood doesn't taste good. Just seasons it with whine or some source and it's good to eat.

They're being kicked out of the Cool Kids Club and don't like it one bit, nosiree.


I now can't get out of my head the image of Trump smugly staring at a mango

It's like cooking an egg, applying heat to proteins changes their structure.
Change the structure too much and you physically can not taste parts of it anymore, the tongue can't register it.

My god. Did we just find the one thing Holla Forums agrees with bluehairs on?

That is the gayest, most brosciency shit I have ever heard.

Because of the word protein?
Go read up on how the neurons in the tongue detect taste.


This is it. No irony. He knows they need a Donna Brazille to tell the operators where he'll be so they can kill him.

Their motive is clear and has been clear; they incentivized assassins when they gave that one asshole airtime.

I really hope the main streem media keep this shit up, it's waking up the normie faggets in droves.

Some semi-related asshurt.

NYT: Donald Trump Trolled Us All. We Should Learn From It

Wow, he must have really impressed them with his steak eating technique

But that was wholly memed by the media themselves, they've learned nothing.

When Trump makes anime real will media-chan be tsundere or yandere?

He obviously just let everyone know about his solution to the JQ. If only the press was there to catch this hate speech on camera.

Wew, these are some angry ass niggers.

Fuck you. I was about to post that somewhere kosher when I noticed the ticker had been changed, too. You’re a master, motherfucker. Kudos.

He’s not leaving the country, you fucking dipshits. What the fuck can that statement mean EXCEPT to suggest assassination?

He promised to pass a law making all steaks well done.

He's not even president and the media is already dying.

His plan on how to deal with the merchant issue is pretty solid
Without the goyim dying for free, it's over for (((Our Greatest Ally)))

And of course the precious media has done everything in their power to make sure it stays that way.

This is unreal engine 4.


I always hated that fucking arrogant line, it's not that the people want to know it's that you want a fat scandalous scoop for a pretty paycheck you self absorbed fucks.

It's important. The White House press corps is going apeshit over this and it should be discussed. Into the filter you go.

Thank you for the bump.

Great journalism. If this guy goes on like this by the end of the month he will double his viewers and will probably have 10-12 individuals watching his show.

Trump enjoys a tasty 5 star meal in peace with his family while the press mills around in the dark next to a smelly dumpster.

Mom, please, stop posting, you're drunk.

I wonder if short periscope streams would be acceptable. Maybe that's a little too unprofessional.

Or he could post to twitter like "check out this steak fam"



These tabloid whores really have an inflated sense of importance.

Maybe if you had actually done your jobs in a credible and non-biased manner you wouldn't be relegated to the status of ugly groupie now.


top kek


What is a slide thread in your view?

you animals it's

have a wallpaper

Colluding media outlets bitching about not having the insider scoop on what the fuck did the president elect eat last night is not "strong backlash".

This story has been great for our cause. Even normalfaggots are bashing the MSM for getting upset at Trump for this.

Remember…always let the enemy hang himself with their own rope.

Any and all threads he doesn't feel like reading at the time.

Don't know if anyone posted already, but relevant

Those faces are great, especially Kristol's.


Rach is such a disgusting fucking cunt, I can't stand that retarded voice and face of hers. It also reminds me of Rachposter, which makes things even worse, hope he killed himself by now

You mean learningcode.

oh god Trump isnt alerting the media about what he's doing after we lied, defamed, and talked massive amounts of shit about him, his campaign, his family, and everyone he's associated with! WHAT AN ASSHOLE!

You mean autistic piece of shit



I mean the autistic piece of shit Canadian Jew who killed Wizardchan and 4chon and now sits pretty on /newsplus/ and allegedly here.


"Protective pool".

As if one of these reporters wouldn't be wanting to have a gun or knife and shoot or shank Mr. Trump.

Why the fuckdo you want vultures and faggots following you? For these oh-so-natural and "spontaneous" moments?



Lamb is bretty good actualy

When did Donald ever have a "private life". He's a billionaire, celebrity, always in tabloids, movies, selling steaks and hotels.

(((Who))) could be behind this?

Thank you. Seriously, fucking thank you.

Thanks so much.

user, serious question.

What did you do with this image? I have been having it enter my dreams and random thoughts, making me laugh for no reason.

It's so absurd.

I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to find out if breaking chocolate is something chocolatiers actually do to quality control product.


As a matter of fact, high quality chocolate does snap. Really shitty chocolate is bendy.
Something about the Lindt guy is memey, I'll agree.

no it's not cool. fix it or it's useless and will never become an exploitable. you need to hide the old layers on the new frames, right now it's just stacking.

Shit like this makes me kick myself for losing my screencaps. Keep on the good fight.

die in a fire marxist scum

Third image


Look closer, the meme was lost in you

that's a classic in our small arsenal of normalfag memes. it's a subtle redpill mocking both trannies and ahmed's bomb. lurk 2 years

Newfag out.

Trump should give exclusive press access to sites that leftists consider "not real news". Breitbart, the Daily Stormer, RT, RSBN, PressTV, etc.

That way they HAVE to get info on Trump through outlets they hate, or their beloved MSM has to cite outlets that they despise.


How about no.

Oh.. so now Tradition matters, sure didn't when you attack other traditions like Marriage.

and at this point its overused as your mother

Welll looky here. Seems like they didn't care when Obama's pool started in July 2008.

Obama did the same damn thing and no one cared


Can't even let a man have his DINNER in peace

He took his secret service, didn't he? What the fuck protection are you lugenpresse supposed to be providing?


I think if the press were honest and impartial and high quality people would be more on their side here. But you guys have exposed yourselves as lying hacks for far too long.

good work dude

It amuses me how pissed the press is that they weren't invited

Wolf Blitzer sounded like he was taking it personally that Trump didn't let the press pool take a pic of him and his family having some steak

President Trump is going to get the reverse-FDR treatment for all eight years from these (((parasites))).

Good. Keep crying wolf, your only making people listen to you less

I can't get it to work either, I tried fucking around with it. Can you fix it?

Well of course, FDR was a Communist.



I miss youtube poops

They're still out there, I don't know how many new ones are good.

How nice of your mommy to cut it all into bite sized pieces.

This moderator looks like a male.


lol no it hasn't. Literally ONLY the media cares

Its because the chef looks like he's listening to the sound of butthurt. Perfect smug reaction image.



Bush being dumb is a leftist meme.

He was a poor public speaker with a penchant for alcohol.

I say have her do the interview to save herself from the gassing, but she would forever live in a small cabin in Siberia.

just curious, why do you post one pixel image?

>dumps CNN first and tells them by Tweet
>adds INFOWARS to the press pool so he can ditch the others and get a steak with Filterman

All he'd need to do then is nationalize Twitter, get Pence to 'clean house' for them, and unban everyone who got shoah'd and 2016 would be complete.